Servants of the LORD COMFORT versus Men of EFFORT

Servants of the LORD COMFORT versus Men of EFFORT

Musings on Israel Shamir’s “Wonderings” about Gliad Atzmon’s “Wandering who?” collection of essays

I received recently two emails related to Gilad Atzmon’s book “Wandering who?” which shall be accessible[i] soon on the market. One from my old (since more than 7 years) friend Israel Shamir[ii], the second from Eric Walberg[iii], at present collaborating with Al Ahram weekly in Egypt, who made an interview with Atzmon. Neither Wallberg neither Atzmon I know in person, although I exchanged with them short emails.

As a religious layman, who since three decades is trying to elucidate dark, hidden aspects of both Jewish and Christian religions, I have several “Luciferic” (‘bringing light’) remarks concerning these emails, related to Atzmon’s latest book revolving around Jewish-identity politics”, as announces it its subtitle. In particular, as a professional philosopher I wholeheartedly appreciated Gilad’s statement, concluding his interview for Al Ahram: “For America, Britain and the West to rescue themselves all they have to do is to revert to Western values of ethics and openness. They must drift away from Jerusalem and reinstate the spirit of Athens. (…) We must reinstate the ability to think, re-think, view and re-view. We must restore the ability to ask for the sake of questioning (instead of answering for the sake of silencing).

The turning away from the symbolic “Jerusalem” (“the city shinning upon a hill” present in oath of all American Presidents), signify the abandonment of the Holy Bible heritage. In particular it means the abandonment of Isaiah’s fertile dreams about building of the New Jerusalem, in a form of a monstrous tumor-like “God’sTurmitory”, where Aliens will shepherd your flocks; foreigners will work your fields and vineyards”. The drift away from “Jerusalem” means also the end of exaltation of self-sacrifice of Christ at the Golgotha hill. This last sacrifice, according to apostle Paul was  “God’s free gift leading to our being made right with God, even though we are guilty of many sins”. Such statement looks encouraging at the first glimpse, but after an appropriate EFFORT of “thinking, re-thinking, viewing and re-viewing” we find that it surely  makes COMFORTABLE all attracted by Christianity criminals, but it does not necessarily contribute to our common good: criminals have to be punished, this in order to scare them from repetition of their offences, and not to be “saved” from persecution by their “sola fide” (‘the faith only’ – St. Paul in Gal 2:16).

The Gilad Atzmon’s proposal to “drift away from Jerusalem” is thus a truly heroic project, and with no doubt it is the result of his studies of antique philosophy, in which discipline this born in Israel, internationally known musician, got in England his M.A. diploma in 1990-ies. The present in “Wandering who?” project of abandonment of all our Judeo-Christian cultural heritage displeased my colleague and friend Israel Adam Shamir, born in Novosibirsk and educated there as a mathematician. In his “Wonderings about wanderings” he argues that Gilad’s work is not complete, for it demonstrates “the absence of God. Indeed, all discourse on Jews sine God is quite useless.” If this is really the case, I – as a Catholic born during times of Hitler at foothills of Tatra Mts., and initially specialized in nuclear physics –  I am eager to submit a relatively precise definition what the term “the God of Israel” means. This task is relatively easy, but it is not welcome by priesthood of Judaic and Christian faith: in book of Exodus Moses condemned to death a member of his tribe which dared to raise questions about his “God”, in “Apostles Acts” the future St. Paul, still working as procurer Saul marching in footsteps of Moses, arranged the stoning of St. Stephen, who dared to raise questions about Moses and God (Acts 11: 6).

1. GOD loves the Greedy and the Corrupt

The method of demonstrating the TRUE FACE OF GOD I took from Jesus teaching “By their fruits you will know them”. It means that by an observation of  doings of “God’s beloved children” we deduce the character of their God-Father, called also LORD or YHWH. First of all, “the God of Jews”, is not considering all men as equal in front of Him, for not everyone is eligible to walk in His grace. As St. Paul stressed it in “Letter to Romans” 9: 11 “Esau I hate, Jacob I love”. Why such bias? The book of Genesis informs us “Esau became an expert hunter, an outdoorsman. Jacob remained a quiet man, staying around the tents.” In short, Esau was a virile man of EFFORT, while Jacob was a “woman like” man of COMFORT, a prototype of a modern bourgeois, incessantly conspiring, under the hood of protecting him tent (extorted from his elder twin brother) how to intercept both the wealth and the glory of more vigorous than he people, this in agreement with the prophecy “you will eat the wealth of nations, and in their riches you will boast (Isaiah 61: 6).

The suspicion that “God loves the greedy and the corrupt” (a subtitle from my booklet “War of Gods” from 1996) is confirmed by other details of the Scripture. An another indication that “the LORD IS LOVER OF COMFORT” we find in well publicized among Christians call of prophets “Make straight roads of the Lord”. Initially I imagined that it is a demand to behave in a possible decent, “straight” way, but a friend of mine, Jan Kurdybelski, a retired catholic priest from Wroclaw, informed me that this demand was inserted into the Bible by scribes observing what antique authorities were doing, when their King was expected to pass by: to get His grace they improved roads, so the King’s carriage will not bump on obstacles and thus upon arrival he will be well disposed towards his subjects. They cannot even imagine that LORD might be much more happier having an opportunity to stroll, through the rugged, non monotonous countryside, on a horseback – or even on feet – than being eternally immobilized in his “movable house”.

2. LORD appreciates Technics & Deceit

An another hero of Judeo-Christian mythology is the cunning David, who by a deceit killed Goliath, which was expecting the knight-like “face to face” fight. Inspired by the king Saul’s offer of  the hand of his daughter to a fighter, which would kill this Philistinian (today Palestinian) mighty warrior, David disabled his foe by shooting at him, with the use of a sling, from a safe distance. This example, how in a COMFORTABLE, safe way it is possible to get rid of enemies of Chosen People, was centuries later imitated by armed with muskets European conquistadors, and than by Americans using atomic bombs for an EFFORTLESS submission of Japan. It is of interest to recall that these monstrous bombs were constructed by loving peace (Albert Einstein) European Jews, which is not an accidental coincidence. In all evidence God loves inventors of devices easing the life of Chosen People.

3. YHWH chooses Near East Wandering  Pimp as his Messenge

An another indication that “LORD” has in esteem men of an utter corruption, we find in the story of Abram, who later on “borrowed” the concealing his true personality noble name of Abraham. Discussing the “mission from god” of this Patriarch, with Michael Jones the editor of “Culturewars Magasine”, we agreed that Abra/ha/m was a wandering pimp, earning his life by rental of owned by him “wife-sister” Sarah to desirous of sexual SATISFACTION courtiers of Near East kings. Seen in a larger socio-historical perspective, Abra/ha/m was the forefather of “numerous (especially at present) as stars on the sky” businessmen, furnishing to people all over the globe objects making them feel COMFORTABLE – be it sex gadgets, be it drugs (including religious ones) be it arms, computers and other tools facilitating their life, and thus SPARING EFFORTS linked with everyday subsistence

There is no doubt that the “LORD”, which animated doings of all above mentioned heroes of Israel, was the antique Mammon, commonly identified with Money. This fact is well known at least since Roman times, but it is less known an opinion of Karl Marx, who in his short essay “Money” from 1843 wrote “Das Geld ist der Kuppler zwischen dem Bedürfnis und dem Gegenstand …”, i.e. “Money is an universal pimp between the necessity and an object, between life and the means of life … money is also an intermediator between me and the existence of an another person.”  In short, in opinion of Marx the role of Money in a society is not too different from the role of Abra/ha/m in his family: both are souteneurs of life and mediators between desiring various comforts customers. The problem is that all desires, which are too easily satisfied, tend to become hypertrophied, changing initial comforts into a servitude of incessantly growing necessities.

This unpleasant, long term phenomenon of obligatory hypertrophy of easily satisfied needs, is known to biologists since at least 200 years, and it bears the name of Lamarck Law of Zoology. Nevertheless “God chosen” Nobel Prize Winners in bio-sciences (Monod, Jacob. Medawar et consortes) turned to be efficient Science Gatekeepers, which “have taken away the key to knowledge. They themselves have not entered, and they are hindering those who are  entering” (Luke 1: 52). Resulting from this “conspiracy of blindness”, vicious circle of ever-expanding economic needs of “New Jerusalem” (USA, England, Israel and the like, Poland included) is pictured below:


The “New Jerusalem” Bermuda Triangle where Decency& Reason vanishes

It is no doubt that the life in Western Civilization is ever more rigorously limited to the service of this “Holy Trinity” of MTC: Money-Technics-Comfort (of the Ass). These pervert Three Graces* of Judeo-Christianity might be personified by “God Father” Abra/ha/m accompanied by his illustrious (grand)sons Jacob – the Industrious Ass, and David – the Inventor of the CIA/Mossad principle “by a deceit we make war”. (*Please remember that in Athenian mythology names of Three Graces were Charm, Beauty and Creativity, it is thus seducing to attach these Greek labels to their Hebrew perverted designates:  in mystic “Zohar Tales” I read that cabbalists considered Jacob to be “beautiful”!)

The ever growing “beast” (666) of desires and servitudes characterizing the life in “City upon a Hill (of Zion)”

Why all more noble human behaviors MUST VANISH in this Bermuda Triangle of Big Zion? To explain this phenomenon we have to recall one more “trick” – or sociotechnics – present in holy texts of both Old and New Testaments. It is a very childish – but socially efficient – method of whitewashing of crimes by charging with them a “suffering servant” (a scapegoat, a “god’s lamb”), which is collectively punished “he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; …, and by his wounds we are healed” (Isaiah 53, 3). Despite enthusiasm of all Churches and Synagogues for this COMFORTABLE method of obliteration of crimes, we shall not forget that it is the method any Crime Syndicate uses to enhance the social cohesion and clean conscience of its members: they do it by a collective execution of a “god damned” individuals which dare to say the truth disturbing mafia collective wellbeing: “He was assigned a grave with the wicked, … though he had done no violence, nor was any deceit in his mouth” (Is. 53: 9).

From these famous phrases a person which has not lost his “ability to think, re-think, view and re-view” (to quote Gilad Atzmon) can quickly infer that the “grace of god” stays with men which are able to put their crimes onto appropriate scapegoats. It is sufficient to recall the profiting of “god’s grace” Jacob, comfortably (for a while) installed in a tent, which he extorted from his “goddamned” brother Esau (Rom. 9: 11).

Seen in this “Athenian optics”, constructed by men of VIRTUE (it means of EFFORT), social activities of antique Jerusalem’s Temple, where crimes of believers were whitewashed by bleeding – and than holocaust (fulburning) – of redemptory animals, reveal themselves to have an utterly criminal character. This character of “Temple of Zion” denounced Jesus of Nazareth, calling this antique place of cult the “brigand’s cavern”. The incessantly praised in the Bible “god of Abra/ha/m, of Jacob, of Moses and of David” is simply GoG – THE GOD OF GANGSTERS. And this “god of Hebrews” with time has become the “God of the World”, as sadly noticed it pope Benedict XVI in his speech at the University of Regensburg in September 2006. Sordid results of this GoG’s New World Order Crusade we saw very well in the last decade, beginning from Afghanistan, through Iraq to Libya of today. It is not by an accident the term “God in house” in Old Testament meant “the death of firstborn sons, the fire, the destruction of a household”, as observed it famous historian of Antiquity, Tadeusz Zieliński in his “Hellenism and Judaism” book from 1927.

Was /S/Paul a Wandering “Kuppler” of GoG’s offered Delikatessen?

Similarly, in Old Testament the term ‘God’s grace’ has also a meaning totally different from the one we commonly imagine, associating “grace” with the Greco-Roman statues of Three Graces of Charm, of Beauty and of Creativity. For Bible writers, including Saul from Tarsus, later on known under noble Roman name of Paul, “men in god’s grace” were these ones – including S/P/aul himself – which by cheating, false accusations and even secret murders, robbed others from their good names and undeniable achievements: Jacob come to the Grace of God once he extorted family heritage from his elder brother Esau, while Moses become highly appreciated by LORD once his folk, prior to Exodus, successfully despoiled Egyptians from their sacral vessels and cloths. The self-appointed apostle S/P/aul in all evidence until now remains in “god’s grace ”. This thanks to his skillful arrangement of the stoning of Christian leader Stephen, and than demanding even greater talent, an imposition of himself at the vacant post of a leader of  “Hellenizing” fraction of Christian community. Seeing activities of S/P/aul in this “Luciferic” manner, the abundant in his “Letters” invocations to Love and Morality turn into ordinary, :god blessed” deceptions practiced in ‘Three Thousand Years War for Subjugation of Gentiles’. In one phrase of his “Letter to Romans” 11: 6, S/P/aul honestly admits that he is “one of these seven thousand which didn’t bowed the knee to Baal”. And “Baal” for this pious Israelite was all the Greco-Roman philosophy dominant at that time in Jerusalem too. In particular there was hated the lacking of personified god Aristotelism and “godless” Epicureism. Both these Athenian “heresies” become suppressed for more than thousand years by Christian clergy marching in footsteps of its  benefactor S/P/aul..

Thanks to ‘mission to Gentiles’ of this Wandering Kuppler (to say it euphemistically) of GoG”, the virus of idea of Earth total domination passed into minds of Christians, especially Protestant ones, which started the glorious Industrial Revolution. Following the Judeo-Christian “straight road” of greedy imitators, Charles Darwin become a “pleasant in eyes of God” naturalist, for he has robbed Lamarck from the primacy in elaborating Theory of Evolution, thus completely perverting its initial understanding; later on Albert Einstein become famous once he stripped both Italian Olinto di Pretto and Frenchmen Henri Poincaré from primacy in establishing of a formula m =mc2, Einstein even got a Nobel Prize of Peace for his undeniable contribution to the elaboration of American Atomic Bomb – a device which so splendidly helped USA to become the global Super Power.

Shamir/Atzmon controversy in light of GoG’s ambitions

Once we have managed to put the light at essential traits of “God of Hebrews” (Hebrews/Hapiru indeed meant ‘bandits’ in deep Antiquity) we may return to Israel Shamir “wonderings” about Atzmond’s “study of Jewish political identity”. Shamir writes “So many wonderful minds have discussed these tales (of conquest of Promised Land), from St Jerome to Edward Said, and all of them had more valuable thoughts than Atzmon has to share. Indeed, when God says: you will inherit houses you did not build and vineyards you did not plant, Atzmon says: “that’s why the Jews seized Palestine!” This is trite. We live in houses we did not build, most especially in the houses of our bodies, built by God. We enjoy many wonderful things we did not produce. For instance, we enjoy Atzmon’s saxophone, though we didn’t built it. God’s grace gave us these things. This Biblical verse reminds us all that we receive a lot of undeserved things, and that we should all work harder to justify God’s trust in us.

The remark of Atzmon surely is a trite, like it is a trite an observation that the radiation of a Sun makes the surface of the Earth warm. On the other hand, the allegation of my friend Israel Adam Shamir that “we live in houses of our bodies built by God” is a trivial mistake, the sentence “you will inherit houses you did not build” was written in a future tense, so it is directed to readers, which are not yet dwelling in houses “built by others” (this in a metaphor). These readers  absolutely must have the sight, and other bodily faculties, in order to read this prophecy. Their (and our) bodies prior to reading this “God’s bull” are not yet “built by God”, they are are built by their/our EFFORTS, this since very beginning of their/our existence. The skill of a saxophonist Gilad Atzmon has received not by “God’s grace” (it is without any personal doings, in understanding of the term ‘grace’ of S/P/aul) but by his own EFFORTS incessantly repeated since decades. I know how hard it is to learn to play well an instrument, for I have a friend –Atzmon knows about him too – Tomasz Stańko, who is an internationally known jazz trumpet player. Stanko began his trumpet training at the age of 15 during our boy scout camps, first in Gorce Mts. near Kraków, than in Pale near Sarajevo in Yugoslavia in 1957. And “God” (of Abra/ha/m, of Jacob, of S/P/aul, etc.) had nothing to do with development of his skills, eventually there were US, which stimulated him laughing, when Tomek made false tone while playing “wake up” trumpet military call.

All decent researchers, which made an EFFORT “to think, re-think, view and re-view” how our faculties develop, agree with Swiss biologist and psychologist Jean Piaget that our bodies are SELF-CONSTRUCTIONS resulting from our – usually unconscious, like breathing or blood pumping – efforts to overcome hardships of survival in an environment, which incessantly – like this “God of Hebrews” – tends to destroy our internal “household”, it means living tissues of our body, the brain included. If Gilad Atzmon, believing that he received his skills “by the grace of external God”, stopped to play saxophone for several years, his skill to do it would surely diminish and even vanish, like skills of sportsmen are vanishing, when they stop the self-exercise. As observed it Zielinski, “God has entered us” means the ruin of the metaphoric “household” of our bodies and minds. This holds in particular in case of my friend Israel Adam, who by accepting the “wisdom of LORD predicated by S/P/aul” (Cor. chpt. 1-2) has automatically ruined his divine faculty to see clearly how things really are. This sorry state of my, unfortunately religiously minded friend (it is not only my opinion) is well perceptible in his “wondering” critics of his good friend’s book “Wandering who?”. The decent philosophers of XIX century argued that “religion is opium of people” and opium indeed, like “being high on God”, for a certain time makes refusing “to think and re-think” people feel COMFORTABLE. Nevertheless in a long term it is ruining human faculty to reason in a decent (it means coherent with logics and observation) manner.

Here we come to a more general problem, onto which I wanted to shed some light in my musings. Shamir states that “Atzmon’s  greatest fault is narcissism, or perhaps it is a myopic solipsism. Atzmon remains locked in the very Jewish dichotomy of Jews vs. Gentiles”. In my humble opinion “the fault of Atzmon” is his observation of the basic cultural difference between mythical effeminized “Jacob”, by necessity living in a house which he has not built (thus dwelling like hermit crab having soft, vulnerable abdomen), and virile outdoorsman Esau, capable to sleep in fields even without a tent. In one philosophical paper on esthetic (its author I forgot) I read that similar difference existed between “man of a city” Pharisee S/Pa/aul, and Jesus, “man of fields and meadows”, whom S/P/aul has loved the best on the cross (“I wants to know nothing among you but Jesus Christ and him crucified.” – I Cor. 2: 2). It is no wonder that S/P/aul, fulfilling orders of his “God”, entered “the household” of Christian community “because he wanted to rob its riches with Talmudic impunity” – to quote IS quotation of example GA anti-Jewish rants. It is possible to enlarge this GA argument. S/P/aul by entering, by the means of his deceitful “Letters”, communities of Christians, completely perverted their initial Beauty, Creativity and Charm, changing them into dull, ever fearing God’s vengeance, serfs of Elders of Zion. Really so: “If you do boast, remember that it is not you that support the root (of Judaism) but the root that supports you. … So do not become proud but stand in awe” –  Rom 11: 18-20).

We may furnish more examples of fruits of glorious works of our “wandering Kuppler of the LORD”. He announced to his followers, “as it is written ‘the elder will serve the younger”, thus Athens will be subjugated by Zion, Three Graces will be dancing to the tune of Mammon in the “Freedom House” of ZOG, surely run by Abra/ha/m with the face of George Soros. “For the kingdom and nation that will not serve You shall perish, those nations shall utterly be laid waste”. This is not a metaphor invented by Isaiah, but the reality which we see today in Tripolis/Syrte, and soon in Moscow/Minsk – unless these cities get rid of “servants of the LORD”, also of these belonging to Orthodox branch of Jahvist octupus crusade. Is not, once again, my friend Israel Adam in error, while his friend Gilad is right, dreaming of the return to forgotten values of “godless” Athens at the cost of these of Jerusalem’s Zion?

In a contrast with described in the Bible, Jewish “Euro-Atlantic” culture of today, all other “Euro-Asiatic” pariah cultures are not dreaming of their “embellishment” by “dressing themselves in outfits which they haven’t sown, and by dwelling in houses they have not built” – to quote the metaphor of Israel Shamir. And of course, Atzmon invites “Jews by an accident of birth only” to kick out “the Book from God” containing such louse instructions how to become a successful, hardly moving, social parasite. It is not by accident these proverbial small beasts, known as crab louse, become symbols of “chosen people” insertion into any society. These small pale insects are indeed feeding, multiplying and colonizing new pastures, “working” in areas close to human sexual organs schematically represented in the “Star of David” emblem of Israel. Which emblem since 60-65 years has become the symbol of NWO Global Brothel.

Gasienica, Zakopane 19.10.2011


[i] Gilad Atzmon’s new book “The Wandering Who?” will be out in October. It is already available (pre-order)  on  and

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