Perspectives of Eastern Partnership

The ЕСООМ-ECAG Conference in Minsk, Belarus, Маy 5th  2011


Perspectives of Eastern Partnership


 Is it possible an honest partnership of the Rich with the Poor?

Маrек Głogoczowski


To this essential question we have a good answer in the Bible in the Greek Book of Sirach. In its chapter 13 we may read:

 What part hath the rich with the poor? The wild ass is the lion’s prey in the desert: so also the poor are nurture for the rich.

Due to this danger a reasonable man shall be suspicious of propositions of „partnership” between rich Western Europe and considered as „poor”, eastern part of this Continent. I can give a good example how representatives of “democratic regimes” of rich countries mistreat representatives of “poor” ones. In November of 2010, one month before presidential elections in Belarus, to Minsk arrived ministers of foreign affairs of Germany and Poland, Guido Westerwelle and Radek Sikorski. They visited president Aleksandr Lukashenko officially demanding him, in the name of European Union, to make a possibly most transparent elections. But when Lukashenko won these elections, the European Union, believing in information invented by anti-Belarus Polish television “Belsat”, began to consider these elections terribly falsified – according to Belsat, Lukashenka has not received nearly 80 percent, but only 30-40 percent of votes. After these “fraudulent” elections Radek Sikorski, speaking at the main channel of Polish television, told the public that they during November visit in Minsk, together with Westerwelle they made to Lukashenka a very democratic proposition: in case Lukashenka arranges the victory of one of his competitors in presidential elections, he will retire from his post as a rich and living in a security citizen of Europe. But in case he refuses this proposal, he shall expect the fate of Miloshevic in Jugoslavia, of Nadbullah in Afghanistan or Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

It is evident that Sikorski behaved like a stupid gay and not like a politician, when he disclosed such “honest proposition” at Polish TV. But I suspect that a similar proposition have received, in the same time, the “dictator” of Libya, Muammar Qaddafi – still socialist Libya, like Belarus in Europe, is also an object of pressure, of so-called “world community”, demanding its full “partnership” in the process of globalization. But why leaders of these small countries have to abandon their posts, and why the “international community” is not permitting leaders of countries belonging to “civilized world” to remain at their posts for more than only two cadencies?

I already in December of 2002 in Vienna, Austria participated in a Round Table under the title  The Impact of Regional Groupings On International Relations, organized by a Libyan fundation „Jamahir Society for Culture and Philosophy”. At this meeting was posed the same question as the one we have at present at our conference in Minsk in May 2011: “Is it possible to organize autonomous regional economic bonds?”. For the Round Table at Vienna I prepared a whole lecture under the title « WESTERN CONCEPTS OF SOCIAL ORDER: fromEuropean Corporationof A. Comte (1842) toGlobal Tumorof F.A. von Hayek (1939)»[i]. I presented in it a resume of views of the author of “Bible” of contemporary globalism, the Austro-English economist and philosopher F. A. von Hayek. This “guru” of neoliberalism, already in an article published for the first time in 1939[ii], has  explained why no “sovereign” regional grouping can be permitted, and why presidents of states can remain at their posts only for two cadencies. I quote Hayek:

„Economic boundaries create regional common interests, where interpersonal bonds are particularly strong. This causes that all conflicts of interests are conflicts between these same groups of men, and not conflicts between groups constantly changing their composition. (…) It is thus evident that in the interest of the whole, taken in a larger way, these groupings shall not be durable, and in particular they shall not overlap with the territorial division, identifying themselves in a durable way with inhabitants of a given region.(…For this reason) The liquidation of the sovereignty of states is the necessary and logical goal of the liberal program“.

But what shall do people for which reasoning (and acting) in terms of “national interest” will be – or already is – forbidden? The “denationalized”  an “de-socialized” goal of “liberal” life is evident, and this goal is realized with enthusiasm by leading the world Transnational Corporations. Already 30 years ago I wrote[iii] what I repeat at present „The only collective goal of human activity, admitted in the Global Empire, should be the “giving happiness to a majority” acquisition of private property, especially of these mobile, shinning items, which are subjects of a competitive mass production and distribution.“

In this manner adult people, behaving like children afflicted with illness called “autism”, have made of themselves slaves of these shinning products of their technical development. And from money, which helps everyone to become owner of these idols of happiness, is radiating nearly “godlike” strength, which effectively destroys all “totalitarian”, socialist and national principles of collective life. This Power of Money changes people into isolated “atoms” circulating all over the earth in a search of a “job”. But money are only unanimated things, which already 3 thousand years ago were well known to Mediterranean cultures. And from these remote times it is known that behind the domination of money are hiding bankers. These ultra-sedentary men Greek philosopher Aristotle demanded to hate, for “they are getting rich while doing nothing”. From the point of view of Greek philosophy, “the liberal project of economic collaboration” simply represents the project of interception, of all power and all control of minds of capable to read newspapers populace, by World’s oligarchy – and in particular the oligarchy which is descending from the religious mafia of Old Covenant. This is due to the fact that we know only one antique scripture, which permits usury as a weapon for the enslavement of “pagan nations”. This “virus” of creeping like a cancer, financial gangsterism, is incorporated into V Book of Moses, chapt. 23, 20.

So we have, since already 3 thousands of years, the creeping aggression of “chosen people” against population of the whole planet. This population, as demands it the Bible, shall “prize the god of Israel” and shall work as slaves for the priesthood of this antique god of money and private propriety, for the nation and the kingdom that will not serve you will perish, and these nations will be utterly laid waste (prophet  Isaiah chapter 60, 10-12). This Hebrew „virus” of destruction of all capable to reason humanity, are carrying with themselves, in their Holy Black Book, all orthodox pops, all catholic priests and all protestant pastors of our „blessed by god” Judeo-Christian civilization. And without neutralization of this virus of “monetarization” of mankind, we all will change ourselves into slaves of chosen (by money) people, wittily denominated as M-KGB – “Mammonist Koalition of Global Businessmen”.

During the Round Table at Vienna 8,5 years ago I underlined that local, regional economic partnerships, which have no acceptance for their activities from the Center of Globalization of the World (CGW) will be forbidden. And we see this today in Libya: Qaddafi, who has money from “corruption by petrol consumption” of European citizens using automobiles, for more than three decades realized – with a success – a regional economic and cultural collaboration of African countries. And this his work was evidently useful for citizens of this Continent, since the beginning of industrial times “damned by the god of white gangsters”. Realizing such “godless” program of partnership Qaddafi was perceived as MAN OF EVIL, by elite of M-KGB, playing the role of Аdоn Оlаm, the imagined by Hebrews Lord of the World. And this „god” of gangsters and usurers already 30 years ago ordered the murder of Libyan leader – on June 15 1980 NАТО fighters attempted to shot down the plane with Qaddafi flying for a visit to Poland. At that time erroneously was shot down, over the Tyrrenan Sea, an Itaviа Boeing with  81 passengers.

The contemporary M-KGB (with centers not only in Washington and London, but also in Paris and Moscow) plans to substitute the organized by Qaddafi „African partnership” with “Mediterranean regional partnership” organized by the French clown-president Nicolas Sarkozy. (Sarkozy, as wrote it my colleague from Belgium Michel Luc, is an “American neo-con with French passeport”.) Once in Libya tandem NATO-alKaida wins the war, all comforts of socialist way of life will end up, and instantly the educational system will be reoriented towards „Teaching of Ignorance by All Possible Means”. (As claims it, in a book having this title, French philosopher and educator Jean-Claude Michéa[iv]). Mammonist Owners of the Word need only simpleminded ignorants, which eagerly consume petrol products bringing money to producing them corporations, and which are happy watching TV propaganda programs of the type „Win a million”. (By the way. The simple reason, why cultural life In a liberal society ever more drifts towards accumulation of ignorance, explained very well Polish laureate of Nobel Prize of Peace, leader of Solidarity Lech Walesa already 20 years ago. He observed that “the best money one makes on human stupidity”. And this is the reason why M-KGB by all possible means feeds the populace with ordinary rubbish.)

In the post-soviet Eastern Europe, which is already divided into a part belonging to EU, and a part consisting from former republics of Soviet Union, and not yet affiliated with recognizable world powers, the problem of regional partnership still exists. In this local situation, according to plans of American “think tanks”, the place of leading force, which represents liberal France engaged in creation of “Mediterranean partnership”, was reserved for ultra-liberal Poland, an old colonial ruler of Great Lithuania (Belorussia) and Ukraine. The place of clown-president Sarkozy from “aristocratic, Hungaro-Jewish family” took flamboyant Foreign Affairs minister Radek Sikorski, conveniently married to imported from New York Anne Appelbaum from „Jewish aristocratic family”, too. All this signifies that in the moment Belarus – God save it this faste – enters into carefully prepared, already since two decades, Western trap of „partnership for the development of financial economy”, Belorussians will finally learn that modernization means only privatization, de-socialization and cretinization of every aspect of national life. This is what we see not only in Poland and Lithuania, but also in ever more debilized, by “virus of liberalism”, Russia.

Is it possible to stand up to this “globalist” trend of colective mis-development? I heard that in Benghazi, in which city Islamo-NATO-liberal insurgents rule since already 3 months, the “second front” of war for the salvation of Socialist Libyan Jamahurdia has been formed. So perhaps also in Eastern Europe in few months will appear a Peaceful Front fighting for the revival of socialist way of life?  But to realize such Socialist Renaissance we shall search, both in Western Europe and in post-soviet Russia, for capable to reason partners and not for wealthy hypocrites, of the type of Sikorski and Westerwelle, capable only to repeat, like automatons, the mantra of free, controlled only by world capital, elections.

Zakopane-Kraków, 3-9 маy 2011

[i] The lecture published in a bookThe Impact of Regional Groupings On International Relations, JSCP, Vienna 2004, Austria, present also at the website

[ii] All quoted in this paper thoughts of F. Hayek’s were translated from the Polish edition of “Individualism and Economic Order”, 1996; Polish edition by Znak, Kraków 1998.

[iii] “Wykład na temat rozwoju potrzeb” (A lecture on development of needs), Twórczość, Warszawa, nr 2/1983; also AT website

[iv] Jean-Claude Michéa L’enseignement de l’ignorance et ses conditions modernes, ed. Climats (dept. de Flammarion) Paris 1999, 2006.


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