Declaration of Rights of Human Embryonal Society (1993)

Dedicated to Professor Lewis Wolpert and his discovery of “The Triumph of the Embryo


of Human Embryonal Society



of “Down with the Mind” All the World Movement

We, the Embryonal People of all Races and Sexes, We declare as follows:

1. Being fully conscious, that our ideas are in a full contradiction with the Reason and Biology, we declare that it is an obvious truth, that all men are created equal. We thus claim that Cain is equal to Abel, an idiot to a genius, and a common gangster has the same rights as a saint. Moreover, in agreement with the teaching of the New Catholic Church, we declare that the human embryo has equal rights to the life, and to the pursuit of happiness, as an adult man. In short, we claim that A (FERTILISED) EGG IS EQUAL TO A CHICKEN – and this is our New, Radiant Thought, which enlightens all our strivings and actions.

2. We declare that our God, Creator of Equality, has provided us – in a contrast with other mindless animals – with natural rights to live in safety, to bee free, and to be happy. We intend to execute these divine rights at the cognitive level of an innocent child, or even at the level of a not-yet-differentiated embryo. We have right to do it, for it is a self-evident truth that every adult was once in his embryonic state of personality. This is his own fault, that he has abandoned – against the Will of the Creator of Equality – this divine state of primordial idiocy and happiness.

3. In order to enforce the divine laws of The Infantilized Man, we intend to reproduce on the Earth the conditions of safety and happiness which are characteristic for the womb. We will thus cover the earth with our air-conditioned structures, which will protect us from evils of the bad weather, and we will provide the People with endless supply of food, clothing and transport facilities, so nobody will be forced to perform any destroying him, physical effort. We will also organize our Society in such a way that nobody will dare to force us to do a cognitive effort – which effort might eventually draw us away from our God-blessed state of continuous idiocy and happiness.

4. We declare that in order to realize this grandiose project of a permanent infantilization (or even of embryonalization) of a man, our God, Creator of Equality, has provided us with the right to exploit, up to our desires, all the richness of the Earth. We have also the right to exterminate (or to imprison in cages and reserves) all other animal species, including the Homo sapiens, which might put into danger the realization of our aggressively infantilized projects of total domestication.

5. We thus declare that our Human Embryonal Society has the Right to organize itself into politico-economical bands called parties, Mafias and corporations. In order to ease activities of these God-blessed bands, it has become necessary to dissolve – or to transform in an appropriate way – all previously existing, social justice, beauty, and truth seeking, human associations. Their crime consisted in stimulation of desires and actions different from the obligatory in our society, new born babies drive for a comfort, safety, and an  imbecile happiness.

6. We thus declare, that the Enemy no.1 of the People are followers of Karl Marx, whose program has effectively limited the production of God blessed machines, which in an effortless way give to people the feeling of freedom, happiness and domination.

7. We declare, that the Enemy no. 2 of the People are followers of Socrates, whose ancient teachings have undermined in the past the idiotic, childish enchantment with democracy and equality.

8. We declare that the Enemy no. 3 of the People are sincere and averted followers of Jesus Christ. This son of the bitch has managed, for nearly two thousand years, to lure the people, claiming that the happiness one might find eventually only after one’s death, and that we should not care neither for food nor clothing, neither for business, neither even for our own families.

9. We intend also to liberate Mankind from the merciless teachers, who spoil our youth declaring that one cannot jump over one’s shadow, that two plus two equals four and that every action causes reaction. Students of our schools, instead of learning the dull logic, mathematics and physics, will joyously play computer games and learn about Mickey Mouse adventures.

10. In short, after the liberation from our historical oppressors and enemies, we, the Uniformized Society of Non Differentiated Human Embryos, we intend “to multiply and to dominate the earth” – as our God of Israel, present already at the first page of the Bible, teaches us to behave. Needless to add that we thus intend to behave like an aggressively growing, human planetary cancer.

(Elaborated in 1993. The text drawn after the “Declaration of Independence of North America” of 1776, and the encyclical letter “Laborem exercens” of 1981.)
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