PODHALANIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE (4): „Satanic 999 Verses” of markglogg

„Satanic 999 Verses” of mark9lo99

The GOOD out of EVIL (and vice versa)

 “I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good.”Satan in “Doctor Faustus” ofJ. W. Goethe

“For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing. – Saul/St. Paul in “Letter to Romans” 7: 19

According to them (Christian leaders) the wisdom is evil, and the stupidity is good” – Celsus in “The True Word” 2 century AD

Introduction: Origin of 666/999 in markglogg

My nick “markglogg” wasn’t my invention, but I took it from my brother’s (a professional translator) e-address  “macglogg”. But one of very religious correspondents of the catholic website “Gajówka Maruchy” has remarked that the inversion ofthree letters ….g..gg, appearing in my nick, gives the sign “666”. Such a “bestial” association resulted from painted by me  a jing-jang picture of the Judeo/Christian “blind circle” of revolving mutual oppositions (see above). Such “tao” model of Judeo-Christianity was inspired by a “luciferic” Karl Marx’s opinion that “Christianity sprang from Judaism. It has merged again in Judaism.”(“On Jewish question” 1844).

I reacted, to the association of my person with a “beast” (666) that this (female) correspondent reasons like Satanists, which worship the “inversed cross of Christ”. And I added that instead of inversing the 3xg in my nick to get 666, it is easier to move these three letters a a little upwards, and we obtain 999 – it is the ALARM NUMBER in several countries and/or cities, also in Poland. Moreover, the sign “999” is a brand of vodka, called also “viperous” (żmijówka”), made in Lithuania. It is not everything. From the literature, which I’ve read, I remember that in mythology  the “bite of a snake” may provoke – by the hormetic shock it does – “the awakening of consciousness, the fall of blinders from eyes and the recall of history forgotten since decades”. (For ex. in Midnight’s Children written in 1981 by the author of famous Satanic Verses Salman Rushdie, the hero who has lost his memory hit in head, during the bomb explosion, by a silver spittoon, after a bite of a snake in a jungle, he miraculously recovered from his amnesia.)

The “hormetic effect” of small doses of poisons

Already more than two hundred years ago J. B. Lamarck in a treatise “Philosophie zoologique” has observed that even simplest animals (worms) are characterized by “irritability”: when affected by a hostile to them agent, they instantly start to move vigorously trying to liberate themselves from the noxious to them object. In higher animals – in humans in particular – this irritability is mediated by violent secretion of a hormone adrenaline,  which alert us to a danger: be it only the sight of the approaching us dangerously automobile.  Our internal organs react in the same way to particles of strong poisons which entered our body, and micro doses of these poisons (mercury in particular) are used as so called “adjuvants” exciting (“waking up”) cells of our immunological system to neutralize foreign harmful bodies, which otherwise would remain “unseen” inside us. This physiological effect physicians call HORMESIS.

Wikipedia: “Hormesis is a biological phenomenon whereby a beneficial effect (improved health, stress tolerance, growth or longevity) results from exposure to low doses of an agent that is otherwise toxic or lethal when given at higher doses. Can this really be — can something that is harmful at a high dose be good for you at a low dose?  The answer, surprisingly, is yes, and not just in an isolated few cases, but across a broad range of chemicals, energy sources, and other stressful agents.(Nuclear irradiations included – see the article “Radiation hormesis – the remedy for fear” of my elder, defunct at present colleague, professor of radiology Zbigniew Jaworowski.)

On left: A very low dose of a chemical agent (or ionizing irradiation) may trigger from an organism the opposite response to a very high dose. As remarked it already 500 years ago the father of Pharmacy, Paracelsus: dosis facit venenum. (S – Stimulation; I – Inhibition of organism reaction; D – Dosis)

In all evidence, the hormonally mediated “waking up” of the immunological system, by injections (or consumptions) of small doses of strong poisons, was known in Antiquity, for since these times the symbol of medicine become the snake of Hippocrates spiting his venom into a cup: The ALARMING – 999 – “New European” symbol of Medical Emergency: the Moses’ pole with a serpent on it

The pictured above, antique Greco-Roman symbol of Medicine has become the symbol of both medieval and contemporary pharmacy, but in case of institutions dealing with  medical emergencies the cup collecting the snake’s venom become substituted by a staff, supposedly of a commercially minded Greek god Hermes. While searching,via google, for info linking the “serpent of Hippocrates” with symbols of 999 Emergency number, I found a Polish publication indicating that until 2001 the symbol of medical, water and mountain rescue teams were “Greek” (or “Christian”) crosses of blue colour, like the one still present at the Polish Water Voluntary Rescue below: But in 2001 the Polish “liberal” Parliament has voted to change – in case of national medical emergency – this “old” symbol for the new “European” one  looking like this:

Looking at this NEW (at least in Poland) “European” sign, in my head arouse A LOUD, ADRENALIN MEDIATED 999 ALARM SIGNAL: not only I associated the “blue six arms star” with the Star of David, but I realized that the supposed “Caduceus of Hermes” with 2 snakes on it (see below) introduced in US Army Medical Corps in 1902, during the last century has progressively evolved into the pole of biblical Moses with the copper (bronze) snake on it! The U.S. Army Medical Corps Branch Plaque. The 1902 adoption of the caduceus for U.S. Army medical officer uniforms popularized the erroneous use of the symbol throughout the medical field in the United States (and than in Europe, too – MG).

This discovery is a very bad message for all non Jews: we have to remember that all emblems linked with the mosaic religion symbolize the SELECTIVE LOVE of G-d for his CHOOSEN,  and G-D’S HATE for all other, not praising G-d humans and other animals (666), for “Jacob I love, but Esau I hate”.The prosaic origin of Moses’ sculpture of a snake on a pole

At www.jesuschrist.com/snake-on-a-pole/ I found a following UGLY ASSOCIATION of bronze (or copper) imitation of a snake, put by Moses on a pole,with a sculpture of Christ put on a cross:

God told Moses to make a bronze snake and put it on a pole. Numbers 21:4-9 So Moses made a bronze serpent and set it on a pole. And if a (living) serpent bit anyone, he would look at the bronze serpent and LIVE.

  • About 1450 years later we learn from Jesus Christ that He was the fulfilment of that strange story. He said:
  • “And as Moses lifted up the (imitation of) serpent in the wilderness, so must the (imitation of) Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in him may have eternal LIFE.” John 3:15
  • The snake represented sin. The snake on the pole represented Christ on the cross. Jesus Christ BECAME OUR SIN. 2 Cor. 5:21 Our sin was put to DEATH on the cross. Jesus Christ literally paid for OUR SIN with His own flesh and blood.
  • Mark of Mark’s Gospel fame seemed to imply Jesus was a snake.
    Mark says if we handle this snake and drink his poison we will live and not die

What all these strange verses, associating Jesus of Nazareth with a snake, mean? In Genesis the Satan took the shape of a snake on a tree, and seduced the mythical pair of ancestors of the human race with the promise of “new horizons”, which they will see once they consume the poisonous apple from the forbidden TREE OF KNOWLEDGE (“then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as God, knowing good and evil” – Gen 3: 5). If we, following such “luciferic” temptation, dare to see beyond the “horizon” of this antique Hebrew scripture, we notice that the “God’s-like knowledge, of what is good and what is evil”, characterized all mature Greek philosophers: for them the OBJECTIVE GOOD was KNOWLEDGE, while the EVIL WAS THE IGNORANCE. In particular Socrates loved to ponder this problem.

It is thus evident that the biblical “Satan” or “Lucifer” has made a good – from the point of view of future homo sapiens –  work, seducing Adam and Eve to abandon the Splendid Ignorance, in which the Hebrew “G-d” tried to keep them in Eden’s enclosure. According to ETERNAL LAWS OF BIOLOGY humans, like all sophisticated animals, are becoming corrupt due to their inactivity. The “God of Genesis” was simply cheating, assuring the SUPPOSEDLY CREATED by him creatures that in His Enclosure they will live eternally, not becoming corrupt, losing with time their specifically human characteristics, in particular the one of speech and that of reasoning, which are out of use in a solitary life limited to sex and to consumption of easily accessible vegetables and fruits.

Such “devilish” exegesis of sacred Hebrew books, was well known in Antiquity, and the Greco-Roman philosopher Celsus “claimed that Christianity was a false religion. In his opinion, the main tenet of Christianity was “Do not ask questions, just believe” and “Thy faith will save thee”.[13](…) Celsus also claimed that Christianity was against personal betterment, as that could cause their followers to discover the fallacies within their religion. Celsus declared that Christians convert by “lead[ing] on wicked men by empty hopes, and to persuade them to despise better things, saying that if they refrain from them it will be better… ”.[16][17]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_True_Word)

In particular the Celsus’ opinion that “for them (Christian and Jewish leaders) the wisdom is evil, and the stupidity is good” helps to understand why Moses, despite the Decalogue’s interdiction to make images of living beings, put the COPPER SNAKE ON A POLE. Supposedly this “talisman” turned to be a remedy for “vipers bites” his followers suffered during their wanders towards the “Promised Land”. Like in case of the Saleem Sinai, the hero of Salman Rushdie’s novel “Children of Midnight”, who recovered from his amnesia by a bite of a snake in the jungle, Jews wandering in the desert, “bitten by snakes” were recovering the memory of what they have felt in Egypt prior to their departure. They surely felt very uncomfortable thinking that:

  • Their tribe had stolen precious items (silver and gold chalices and sacral cloths) from their Egyptian neighbours (Exodus 12:36).
  • They blindly follow Moses on the path towards the robbery of lands and riches belonging to other tribes (Deuteronomy 6:11).
  • They were becoming alert to the fact that Moses himself was a wicked, duplicitous man: once he received tablets with the inscription “You shall not kill”, he began his “sacral mission” with the murder of “three thousand brothers and sons”, which refused to worship Stone Tablets (Exodus 32:15-34).
  • And last but not least: the common Jews eyes opened to the fact that the “G-d”, to which orders constantly was referring Moses, was AN UGLY AND UTTERLY CORRUPT BEING, providing the “divine assurance” for the Mafia of Levites, which “have ordained themselves for the service of The Lord, each one at the cost of his son and of his brother.” (Exodus 32:28)

Why do than the sight of an ARTIFICIAL SNAKE was suppressing in people “sinful thoughts” indicated above? Jews (and later on Christians, too) were conditioned by their priesthood to see, in a snake on a tree, the Symbol of Evil. By putting the copper (or bronze) imitation of a snake on a pole, Moses made his tribesmen to be afraid of their own “sinful” thoughts enumerated above. Such self-suppression of THOUGHTS OF REASON was indeed salutary for Moses’ funded “Israel in a form of brigand cavern under the protection of Decalogue”. Ordinary Israeli tribesmen, suppressing in themselves “evil thoughts” concerning Moses, were saving their own lives: in Old Israel there was a law that whatever critics of Moses was punished by death (as reports it “Apostles Acts”, St. Stephen was stoned for criticizing this “godfather” of Israelites). The Israeli populace, conditioned by its priesthood not to reason too much, was the social basis of the Israel’s CRIMINAL STRENGTH.

And why has Jesus  landed also “on a tree”?

The outlined above sociotechnics of eternalizing THE PHILO-CRIMINAL ISRAELI SOCIAL SYSTEM (abbr. PCISS) was successfully transferred do Christianity, this thanks to the introduced by St. Paul (and reinforced by St. Peter and St. Augustine) worship of a cross with an image of the DEAD Christ hanging on it. Wherefrom originated this UGLY ASSOCIATION of the truthtelling Jesus, with the serpent inviting human foreparents to eat the apple from the tree of forbidden knowledge?

For pious Jews teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were indeed “sinful” like the voice of a Lucifer:

  • St. Paul (a pious and blameless Pharisee, according to his own proud opinion) argued “do not reason, just believe and you will be saved”, while “Lucifer” Jesus demanded the very opposite “Your eye is the light of your body …But if your eyes are unhealthy, … then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!
  • Jesus in fact was speaking like this “cunning” serpent in Paradise, arguing that the Forbidden Knowledge shall by accessible to everyone:Woe to you Scribes, because you have taken away the keys of knowledge! You have not entered and those who are entering you have hindered.
  • We have truly SATANIC VERSES of Jesus, who challenged these Judeo-Christian, full of hypocrisy demands to limit oneself “to work in peace, not acting like busybodies” (2 Thessalonians 3:11),and to deify/honor the family (Exodus 20:12). He was preaching the very opposite:Look at the birds in the sky: They do not sow, or reap, or gather into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds these busybodies.” (Matthew 6:26);Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I came to set a Son against his Father, and a daughter against her mother”. (Matthew 10:34)

No wonder thus that an observant philosopher Tadeusz Miciński (one of The Trinity of Patrons of PAN in Zakopane) was arguing that Christ was an incarnation of two other mythical beings: not only the feared by Jews Lucifer, but also the incarnation of pagan Phoenix, periodically resurrecting by “bath in a fire”…

We already argued that Moses’ sign of an artificial snake on a rod, assured the survival of the DEN OF ROBBERS, which this prophet intended to establish in the Promised Land. Similarly, the sight of a dead, crucified Christ was/is assuring the survival of THE CHURCH OF ST. PETER AND PAUL, the “sublimated” version of the antique Jerusalem’s Temple. Already in a speech “Religious Roots of American Superpower”, delivered 12 years ago during the WPCDC meeting at Rhodes in Greece I remarked:

A careful reading of “Letters” of Christ’s most prominent apostles – in particular of these of St. Paul and St. Peter – confirm the suspicion that the “Christ crucified” has become a vessel (a tool, a “God’s mindless lamb”, or – to use the American preferred expression – a “gadget”), which willy-nilly facilitates the intoxication of believers with completely perverted ideas of Old Testamental prophets. These 2,5 thousand years old ideas, once put into realization, AUTOMATICALLY must lead to the total corruption and devastation of our planet. (…)

New Testament is indeed a sublimation of Judaist thought, in particular of ideas of prophet Isaiah conceived roughly 500 years BC. The ‘mindset’ of this blind prophet transpires from “Letters” of both most prominent apostles, … St. Peter writes for example in his “I Letter”: Christ suffered for you… He committed no sin, no guile was found on his lips… He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree (it means the cross) that we may die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed.” (…) The Cross, symbolizing Christ’s Passion, has become a kind of an opiate, a kind of morphine which inactivates in believers specifically these brain centers (front lobes) where ethical conscience is localized, and which centers create the feeling of pain (so called “pricks of conscience”) when someone is committing a fraudulent action. If one believes in redemptory power of the Cross, his sins simply “disappear”. (…) It means that in the shadow of Cross the most unethical behaviors proliferate. www.esinislam.com/Articles200908/Stories2009081603.htm#poverty

“Imbecility first!”

The Holy Principle of

The Philo-Criminal Israelo–American Social System (PCI-ASS)

Already in the 2 century, Roman philosopher Celsus remarked that “Christianity was against personal betterment, as that could cause their followers to discover the fallacies within their religion.” Putting in other terms this observation, we may say that the G-d, which is believed to be the Creator of Human Species, and which one, in order to assure its own wellbeing and survival, forbade his creatures to reason what is good and what is evil, must inhibit the maturation of human faculties of reasoning: the self betterment is by a definition an improvement, thus an evident sign that the Work of G-d Creator wasn’t perfect, thus G-D HIMSELF WAS/IS NOT PERFECT too!

So why to praise such a lame Creator? There exist other gods more perfect, like this Greek Apollo for ex! (Or Allah, surely inviting to reason, for in Quran the PRIMARY SIN was the duplicity of followers of “G-d” of Jews and Christians!) The society, which collectively abhors reasoning in outlined above logical terms, automatically slips into IMBECILITY (this fact predicts Lamarck’s Law of atrophy from disuse). Which logically indicates that the “G-d of Abraham, of Jacob, of St. Paul, St. Peter and St. Augustine” is a promoter of human narrowmindness: it is not by accident the pejorative word CRETIN was derived from the French “chrétien” – Christian.

“Christianity is a Box in Which the Mind is Put to Rest” (Veterans Today, 2013)

This COUNTER NATURE inhibition of logical reasoning had – and still has – tremendous consequences for the populace affected by this “memeinvented by  Hebrew priesthood.The hostility towards the very elementary “Hellenistic” idea that man (and woman) can IMPROVE their physical and mental performances by appropriate efforts, become the SPIRITUS MOVENS both of orthodox Jewish and liberal post-Christian societies. I will enumerate in short practical results of such Counter-Nature religious – and later on also “scientific American” – attitude:

1. As the Economy is concerned, the so-called “G-d” has supposedly created man to be feeble in comparison with other higher animals. So man become obligated to Create (at the image of works of his “G-d Creator”) an ARTIFICIAL environment, in which feeble humans can survive and proliferate: higher animals are not used to make specific shelters – by us called houses – protecting them from weather adversities and other dangers, nor they have the necessity to dress themselves in case of cold weather, nor they need artificial means of locomotion to displace themselves. The predicted by Lamarck’s Laws of Biology, HYPERTROPHY OF HUMAN NEEDS, provoked by uninterrupted satisfaction of these needs  (see author’s “Lecture on development of needs” from 1983), is at the “Historical Roots of Our Ecology Crisis”, as argued historian Lynn White Jr., already in 1967.

2. In Life Sciences in order to satisfy “the G-d of Israel” desire to suppress in humans their “sinful” wishes to know how humans originated, the filled with “scientific” bullshit neo – or more precisely Judeo – Darwinian Theory of Evolution was invented and introduced as an obligatory counterpart of school lectures on Creationism. Of course the Judeo-Darwinism negates whatever possibility of self-improvement of living beings, as the result of their efforts. These, hormesis awakened (see the beginning of Satanic 999 Verses), animals’ efforts to cope with hostile environment, are permitting animals to re-structure their genetic endowment and overcome successfully their Natural Selection: Creationism argues that all new forms of life are products of G-d’s wish, in neoDarwinism this “wish of G-d” become substituted by equally ambiguous terms ‘haphazard’ or Fatum (and Natural Selection replaced the “God’s election”). Successful with his simplist writings in the Bible obsessed England, Charles Darwin ridiculed the Lamarck’s observation of the “natural drive” of living organisms towards perfection of their behaviours and forms. (Satanic 999 Verses you read at present, are an example of such “godless” strive for cognitive perfection.)

3. As ethology of human species is considered, in USA another prominent “servant of the Lord of Human Imbecility”, behaviourist B.F. Skinner demanded the “abolishment of the autonomous man, the inner man, the homunculus, the possessing demon, the man defended by literatures of freedom and dignity.”(p. 191 of “Beyond Freedom and Dignity”, 1971). Wherefrom such “Scientific American” demand? Simply it is this “homunculus, inner demon” (Aristotle called it entelechy), which is forcing people to improve their understanding of the world around. This “godless force” automatically makes absurd childish belief of “true American Scientists” that “Man is a machine in the sense he is a complex system behaving in lawful ways, but the complexity is extraordinary.”(p. 193). It is not by accident that in most industrialized societies completely DISAPPEARED THE KNOWLEDGE that non animated Machines are devoid of internal biochemical systems R-O-A (Regeneration–Overregeneration–Association), which in animals (animated objects) are assuring the AUTONOMOUS (ENDOGENOUS) AUTOMATIC REPAIR and IMPROVEMENT of  all their, not critically damaged parts, their genetic structures included. (See “Open Letter to Biologists”, 1981).

Ignoring this banal differentia specifica between living and not living, B.F. Skinner, supposedly striving to assure scientifically the “survival of mankind” (p.205), demanded to make socially impotent all people able to provide a HORMETIC STIMULI to “wake up” ever more autistic humans in super rich countries: “We shall not only have no reason to admire people who endure suffering, face danger, or struggle to be good, it is possible that we shall have little interest in pictures or books about them.” (p. 154)

4.  It is from these, dating since times of Descartes, CHILDISH SCIENTIFIC IMAGINATIONS of “man-machine”, which even a small grain of a sable inside its “gearings” can damage, originate all these imbecile fears of necessarily provoking cancers irradiations, of vaccines provoking autism, of purposeful poising of the air by “chemtrails” left by planes flying several kilometres above the ground, and so on.

5. Finally in politics this scientifico-imbecilist (scientologist?) VISION OF A MAN IN FORM OF A DEVOID OF CAPACITY OF SELF REPAIR (AND THUS ALSO SELF-IMPROVEMENT) MACHINE, has resulted in a worldwide American program of “pre-emptive wars”, about which was speaking Armand Cleese in a lecture “The classical security dilemma and America’s search of a new world order” delivered during the  WPFDC meeting at Rhodes in 2003: “Americans pretending that they are making the world more safe (see B.F. Skinner above),  do everything in order to make it increasingly insecure and insane”. The full text of this remarkable speech is in Addendum.

The Summary of Satanic 999 Verses of mark9lo99:

The author, relying on the authority of Plato, Aristotle and Lamarck, argues that both Testaments of the Holy Bible are products of GOD CREATOR OF UBELIEVABLE HUMAN STUPIDITY.

Already 45 years ago, during my graduate studies of geophysics (and history of science) at the University of California, Berkeley Campus, I realized that most prominent American scholars (Skinner, Scriven et consortes) ARE NOT ABLE TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN LIVING AND NOT LIVING OBJECTS. At that time I’ve wittingly remarked that in the NEW WORLD (North America) the NEW MAN has been born, which should bear the name HOMO IMBECILIS.

Only after reading, in late 1981, the encyclical letter “Laborem exercens” of John Paul II, I progressively realized that the PROJECT OF HOMO IMBECILIS was laid in the famous “Hymen of Love” composed by St. Paul in “1 Letter to Corinthians” around year 56 AD. This “hymen” in all evidence was inspired by “Laudation of Eros” pronounced by Athenian orator Agathon, and reported by Plato in “Symposion” written exactly 441 years earlier. The future CHRISTIAN HOMO IMBECILIS is praised by St. Paul in following verses:

(Homo Imbecilis) bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Imbecility never ends; as for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away. …  So faith, hope, imbecility abide, these three; but the greatest of these is (the human) imbecility. (I Corinthians 13:4-13)

Such an interpretation of  “hymen of love” appears to be mean, but Socrates, during this famous “Symposium” argued that Love is a kind of a desire. The “love”, about which this “little, poor man” (‘paulus’ in Latin) wrote his impressive hymen, in all evidence desires to belittle the attractiveness of rational reasoning (‘prophecies’), of mastery of languages, and of knowledge in general. Such an aversion (it is the negative form of love) characterizes, indeed, “poor, little in spirit” (opposition of megalopsychos) simpletons and imbeciles, which CHRISTIANS, according to St. Paul (literally “little, poor man”), are supposed to be. They should be like these described in books of medicine “human creatures, incapable to distinguish what is right and what is wrong”, i.e. cretins.

The evident imbecility of “Letters” of apostles Paul and Peter, which imagined that Jesus took the role of a scapegoat (“god’s lamb”) on the cross, by his self-sacrifice redeeming crimes of his “donors”, found its way into Gospel of St. John, written at the end of 1 century or even later. In this Gospel Jesus himself announces his will of “coming to thee (my G-d)… so the Scripture might be fulfilled … As thou didst send me into world, so I have send them into world. And for their sake I consecrate myself, that they also may be consecrated in truth”. (And so on, John 17.) This text of a prayer, attributed by St. John to Jesus, is indeed touching, but reasoning in it is dubious: by precociously – only after 3 years of teachings! –  abandoning his apostles and followers, Jesus himself created a situation, in which a FAKE APOSTLE (in occurence Saul alias St. Paul) took the leadership of the early Christian community. And he successfully perverted the planned by Jesus religion: in Gospel of Matthew (around year 65 AD) Jesus teaches I desire mercy, not sacrifice”, while in Gospel of John Jesus overtly plans to commit a self-sacrifice “so the Scripture might be fulfilled”. Did this self-sacrifice of Jesus healed souls of desiring Salvation Christians? Please look once again at the picture below:

Apostles Peter and Paul assertion that Jesus wanted himself to be executed in order TO PAY FOR OUR SINS WITH HIS FLESH AND BLOOD makes me sick – IF JESUS REALLY INTENDED THIS, HE WAS AN UTTER IDIOT. As I am personally considered, my sins are my private property, and I do not wish anyone to pay for them, impoverishing in this manner my personality. (My cousin, a mountain guide, argues that Christians put crosses everywhere as a warning for these, which are trying to imitate the truthtelling Jesus.)

And what about more “common” people, which evident crimes are automatically obliterated by “faith only”, thanks to the salutary bleeding of Christ on the cross, For we hold that a man is justified by faith apart from works” (Rom. 3: 28)? To this REVELATION OF ST. PAUL, an anonymous writer of “Letter to Hebrews” added an explanation that “without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins” (Hebr. 9: 22). This HEBREW BLOODY BULLSHIT was purposefully inserted into New Testament, and “our” clergy is supposed to instruct children about it!

The pretended obliteration of sins and crimes, by blind faith in ARTIFICIAL (usually wooden) CHRIST ON A CROSS, necessarily leads not to the  moral health, but to illness similar to these which suffered Jews approaching, under the protection of an ARTIFICIAL snake on a pole, their PREY in form of NATIONS, which “God of human Imbecility” offered to them: As Waldemar Januszczak in his BBC lectures points out, it took seven centuries since the Council of Nice, before the cult of the Cross, and images of Jesus suffering, become dominant (for example, the banished in 5 century from the Church Nestorians refused to worship the suffering Christ, they preferred swastikas, symbolizing “the joy of life and its constant resurrection”). But once the Dead Christ on a Cross become the sign of Christians, “The Criminal History of Christianity” began: to recall not only Crusaders and Conquistadores, but also the USraeli conquests of today:

Already in 2 century Celsus observed that that people which strive for self-betterment automatically are forced to abandon the belief that they were created by God:  arriving at adulthood, by an observation of themselves they realize, that THEY CREATE not only their own inner “homunculus”, which later on is imposing on them their inquisitive behaviour, but also that by their own efforts (or lack of them) they alter their own forms – as did it their parents and grandparents. (An indirect proof that our both physical and mental faculties are developments of faculties “trained” in preceding us generations, are civilization diseases, being hereditary “memories” of lack of exercise of various human organs: the latest of them is autism, resulting from intensely sedentary, solitary life of rich people imprisoned among their gadgets – this “acquired and inherited” handicap characterizes in particular the Anglo-Saxon culture.)

Since religious wars five hundred years ago, in Continental Europe we observe the steady trend towards the secularisation of the culture. Even in United States this trend is ever stronger, especially among bio-scientists (about 95% of them are at present non-believers!), as documented it the research of Edward J. Larson and Larry Witham (1998). The Church – I have in mind in particular the Catholic Church dominant in Poland – is indeed in a difficult situation. The close friend of pope John Paul II, priest and professor of philosophy Józef Tischner told his colleagues philosophers that at Vatican, about two decades ago, cardinals did a semi-secret survey, how numerous are, in their milieu, these who believe in God. And they found only 3 such individuals, among them one Jew, Emmanuel Levinas.

At the contemporary Holy See, which evidently lost the compass of its mission, and tries to invigorate Christianity by its “communion” with Judaism, we witness ever more sordid spectacle: the sudden retirement of Pope Benedict XVI, who wanted to say something in his last, not permitted to be published encyclical letter “On Faith”, and subsequently the willingness, of the actual pope Francis, to retire soon, too. These are transparent signs that the Sedes Apostolicum feels very uncomfortable as a puppet of Lords of Global Finance, combined with the terrorising the World Jewish Mafia, which is vigorous like a blind aggressive cancer, trying to establish its metastases in every cell of the Global Society.

Marek Głogoczowski


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(Addenda will be published in a separate post)

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