PAN w Z-nem (21 Eng): Homage to Jean Piaget : “Professionals of No Knowledge”, the Zoological Origin of “Chosen People”, etc.

Homage to Jean Piaget :

 “Professionals of No Knowledge”, the Zoological Origin of “Chosen People”, and the Growing Ugliness of The World Dominated by Technics and Money

(This lecture was delivered, in French languageand simultaneously translated to English and German –onSeptember 4, 2016, during the conferenceMut zur Ethikhold at Sirnach (Th) in Switzerland; its under-title « the Zoological Origin of Chosen People » was inserted in a homage toPhilosophie zoologiqueof Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck (1809) – MG)

It is already a long time ago I’ve read an article titled Historical Roots of our Ecological Crisis”, written by American historian of science Lynn White and published in “Science” in 1967. Its author underlines that the development of science in the West was in a great measure affected by the Judeo-Christian religious thought, in particular by biblical demands of the type, I quote “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” Such project might be attractive for simple people, imagining themselves to be “gardeners” of the Earth, cultivating only plants and animals useful for a man, and purging it from species not apt for domestication. However the project “dominatethe birds in the sky” demonstrates the lack of an elementary imagination : already two thousands years ago Jesus of Nazareth – an authority for Christians – has indicated that instead of making imbecile efforts to dominate these lively animals, it is better to imitate them. I quote Jesus : “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?i.

In Gospels we find violent condemnations of behaviour of “experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.” This caste of professional hypocrites had a name of Pharisees, which in Hebrew signifies “separated”, it means members of a sect which isolate themselves from the society, pretending to know the Law of God, which is eternal and transcendental. With the urbanisation and industrialisation of the West rich people began to live in isolation of their manoirs and comfortable apartments. Such a change in life conditions has automatically made them change their habits, which previously were very collectivist. As observed it Maurice Joly in “Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu“, the nascent bourgeoisie began to imitate commercial habits of Jewsii. Karl Marx has named such psychological attitude, of “new chosen people”, the false consciousness of bourgeoisie, which imagines that their habits of interception of riches, belonging to others, have the divine and eternal character.

The false consciousness leads towards the SCIENCE OF FALSITY. I remember that in socialist Poland we were making fun from the term of ” bourgeois science”, a different one from the one of proletarians. At that time we were not able to imagine that in the West exist a serious science, which challenges the statement that “two plus two makes four”. What a naivety! It is only after reading of neoDarwinian thesis that “all novelty in biosphere appear by a chance only”, I began to study closer this problemiii. Especially that already in my high school I’ve learned that new ideas appear by a spontaneous association of more simple ideas at which we were previously exposed.

Among scientists contesting the dogma of “hazardous mutations” was the Swiss biologist and psychologist Jean Piaget, the author of a book “Behaviour, the motor of Evolution“. Piaget underlined that, I quote “At its scale a microorganism possess a capacity of thinking, because it disposes of a certain margin of autonomy and a certain capacity of action, when it is faced with changes of its environment.

Jean Piaget has demonstrated not only the inheritance of shortened forms of shells of snails limnea, in case they are grown in turbulent waters. While studying, this time not molluscs but his own children, he has found that the system of learning by them of more and more complex notions, consists of stages, each of which demanding an external stimulation, which perturbs the existing cognitive stasis. It is his famous formula of “la rééquilibration majorante des structures cognitives perturbées“.

I’ve only put this his statement in terms of a chemistry, demanding of an organism to answer automatically to diverse stimuli. It happens by a spontaneous IRRITATIONiv, and subsequently by REGENERATION and even a SUPERREGENERATION and ASSOCIATION (in abbreviation IRSA) of living structures which become damaged in a not critical manner. This chain of reactions has at its base the superregeneration (usually known as an overregeneration) of nuclear acids which “work” as matrices for the synthesis of superregenerated proteins, thus becoming more efficient in their performancesv.I’ve even published this thesis inFundamenta scientiae” at Oxford, already in 1981vi.

Why then is this general phenomenon of IRSA, of the growth and perfection of all tissues of an organism, genes including, due to its automatic reactions to impulses (irritations) perceived, totally ignored by “theoreticians of evolution” in particular by theoreticians of human evolution?

An automatic “rebalancing with an overcompensation” of all structures of living which are exercised – which phenomenon anyone practicing sports is able to observe on himself – suggests that animals possess a “vital force” permitting them to cope with various life challenges. To the contrary, among people, which took the habit of not venture far from their comfortable “appartments”, their vital forces pale. To recall the example of Charles Darwin, who at his adult age was permanently tired and practically immobilized in his spacious manoir at Dow House near London. Living in this way he was not able to imagine how animals manifest their, postulated by Lamarck, tendency towards perfection of their behaviours!

The result of the social acceptance of this Darwinian refuse to see how animals – humans including – are self-improving themselves, is well visible in works of neodarwinians. A good example of such “hole in a brain” provided the American linguist Noam Chomsky. Influenced by ideas of the author of the book “Neuronal manJean-Pierre Changeux, Chomsky pretended that, I quote “Essential aspects of our mental and social life, among them also the language, are determined as a part of our biological endowment, and they are not acquired by a process of learning and in particular by a trainingvii. The English anthropologist and himalayistMichael Thompson, reading scientific statements of this type, already nearly forty years ago has remarked that in life sciences we observea systematic channeling of enquiry in order to impel knowledge ever further from the truth”.

I am permitting myself to complete these acid remarks by giving few examples of the ugliness of the world created by the “conspiracy of blindness” of our neoDarwinians – or more precisely of Judeo-Darwinians – for their philosophy is an “adaptive mutation” of a biblical demand “multiply and select for survival only these animals which are serving youviii.

Primo. Thanks to my recently defunct colleague, Zbigniew Jaworowski, who for two decades was the Head of Radiation Protection Service of Poland, I had a chance to learn about results with experiments with colonies of small crustacean Daphnia grown in a total protection from cosmic irradiations. Colonies of these Daphnia, which were well fed and totally protected from agents which damage their structures, after a certain time were spontaneously dying – thus they were paling in a manner similar to these colonies of mice, grown in an “artificial paradise” by John Calhoun at the beginning of years 1960! In these two experiments the paling, and subsequently the death was caused by a lack of existential challenge, which was perturbing the relative homeostasis of colonies of these animals.

Secundo. The same Jaworowski – who like me, was an alpinist too – in his publications on “beneficial irradiations” has argued, supporting his claims by statistics collected in several countries, that moderate irradiations, like these in Central Europe after the fire at the Tchernobyl Atomic Plant, caused a significant diminishment of the number of cancers among children born from irradiated parents! The irritation of our bodies by small and medium doses of ionizing radiations is beneficial: this method of healing is practiced in sanatoriums which apply inhalations of a radioactive radon gas.

Tertio. A complete misunderstanding, of the IRSA system – it means of the chain of automatic reactions of Irritation, Regeneration, Super-regeneration and Association – leading to the maturation of highly differentiated organs of animals, become the origin of typically “bourgeois” fears. To mention the fear of vaccinations (which, among other beneficial results, diminish the number of children affected by autism), or the completely idiotic fear of “chemtrails”, supposedly left by the spraying of populations with toxins by planes flying at high altitudes. These eventual toxins, falling from the height of several kilometres are becoming so diluted, that they may improve only – by the effect of “chemical hormesis” – the health of people which inhale them: it is the law of Paracelsus, “dosis facit venenum“, which is known already since 500 yearsix.

And the most important thing. Our individual cells learn their functions in organism by interactions with others. In case we separate them and grow them in culture “in vitro”, they are forgetting their reflexes, which were characteristic for their original tissue. And when we insert them back to the tissue from which they were separated, they are not recognizing it, and start to behave like an egoistic tumour, parasiting on its paternal tissue. It is a good model of the behaviour of antique Pharisees, imitated by “professionals of not knowing” of today. In the light given by zoology, it is evident that first pages of the Bible, demanding the subjugation, by humans, of everything which lives, were written by hypocrites of far antiquity, self-isolated from “the community of men, of nature and of gods” imagined by Plato as a social ideal.

These antique Pharisees were considering others to be “the sheep” good for furnishing them the meat to eat and skins to dress in. It means that their attitudes towards their original societies, were similar to these cells taken from a tissue and grown for a long time “in vitro”, and subsequently reinserted back into its parental tissue: they are not recognizing it anymore, and thus consider it as their game. Such a pathological differentiation of Jewish society was remarked already two centuries before Christ: the author of the Greek book of Sirach of Old Testament wrote in particular Sir. 13:19 :As the wild ass is the lion’s prey in the wilderness: so the rich eat up the poor”.

So there are these super rich of our times, isolated in their “ivory towers”, which are buying services of “scientists ready to sell themselves”. By their theories of “Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life” (it is the under title of Charles Darwin book “Origin of Species”), these “scientists by an accident” help to preserve – for eternity? – the wealth monopolized by “race favoured in the struggle for life”. And as observed it Lynn White, quoted at the beginning of this text, it is this struggle for survival and dominance, which is the source of incredible devastations of the Earth, including the disappearance of numerous species. The ugliness of behaviour of ever more numerous people, incessantly drugged by technics and money, people which want to look as “chosen”, is expressed the best in a refrain of a French song for children, which I’ve heard while working as an instructor of alpinism during summer camps organized by Service des Loisirs of the Canton of Geneva:

Bourgeois are like pigs, the more they become rich, the more they are driven by greed”.

(les bourgeois sont comme les cochons, plus deviendront riches, plus deviendront cons)

dr Marek Glogoczowski, Zakopane août 2016



i   The « immoral” remark of Jesus, who gave an example of birds in the sky, which do not work, means that the apparently pious efforts of humans, aimed at the subdueing (this word appears 22 times in the Bible!) of all possible species, are exalted by hypocrites not worrying about the cognitive value of their inflated statements (to indicate the encyclical letter „Laborem exercens” of John Paul II on this topic). As Jesus remarked it, psychologically mature humans, equipped with REASON, are superior to other living beings by the very definition of homo sapiens. (Nousit is a human divine organ, which appears only thanks to a training, assisted by appropriate teacher; enthusiasts of the Hebrew Bible, as well as Cartesians and Judeo-Darwinians are deprived of it – see the case of B.F. Skinner.)

ii   Maurice Joly in his “Dialogue in a hell” from 1864, has written in particular: “From the weariness of ideas and from the shock of revolutions were issued these cool societies, which have arrived at the indifference both in politics and in religion, which have no other stimulus than the material pleasures, and which are living only for business, and have no other cult than the gold, which their mercantile morals make them quarrel with Jews, which they took as a model (to follow)”. The same idea, but in an inverse form, appears in a pamphlet of Karl Marx “On Jewish question”, published twenty years earlier: “The Jew is perpetually created by civil society from its own entrails.

iii   It is already in 1979 thanks to a scholarship of French Government in the Laboratoire d’Evolution des Etres Organisés, directed by Lamarckian zoologist Pierre-Paul Grassé at l’Uni Paris VII, I had the possibility to verify these “proofs” of accidentality of adaptive mutations, dating already from 1943. These results were obtained by an omission of existence of an obligatory period of latency – frequently of several weeks – before appearance of bacterian colonies fully resistant to “selecting” them agents. Moreover, it was already in years 1940 when Barbara McClintock in USA has observed, under a microscope, changes of nuclear acids in grains of maize grown in stressful conditions – but this discovery was recognized only 40 years later and even honoured by the Nobel Prize in 1983. This signifies that in the bourgeois society, exercising its virtue of “false consciousness”, the ignorant notion of “accidentality of mutations” has obscured the very numerous data, demonstrating the capacity of living to change, in a certain measure, its genetic patrimony in situations of persisting stress.

iv   IRRITATION of an organism results from its hormonal excitation in face of invading it foreign agents – this phenomenon in medicine bears the name of hormesis (chemical or physical).

v    The superregeneration (known to sportsmen under the term of overregeneration), not only of muscular fibrils broken during the exercise, but also of the genetic material necessary for such an automatic synthesis, was observed, under microscope, already more than half a century ago! See G. Goldspink, Differentiation and Growth of Cells, London, 1964.

vi   It is with the publication of my “Open Letter to biologists” published in Fundamenta Scientiae (no 2/2, Oxford, 1981), my dating from 1976 studies of genetic mechanisms of conditioned reflexes came to a halt – this in agreement with the forecast of my colleagues, microbiologists from Geneva, Philippe Anker et Maurice Stroun, that such a project is a “scientific suicide”. After my lecture titled “Do cells are learning?”, at the University of Paris VII in January 1981, its organiser Jacques Ninio has informed me that his chief, François Chapeville (of Polish origin and an acquitance of my family) forbade him to organize conferences on this subject in his Department of Molecular Biology. At the same period my application for a scholarship to study more in detail this subject at the Institute Monod in Paris, was violently refused by its director Jean-Pierre Changeux : during an interview with him I had imprudently admitted that I am disputing his revolutionary thesis that it is the natural selection, which is at the basis of appearance of advantageous reflexes of an individual!

vii   It is the opinion of Noam Chomsky published in « Théories du langage, théories de l’apprentissage : le débat entre Jean Piaget et Noam Chomsky», its version in Polish has the title « Noam Chomsky’sAttempt of Scientific Revolution » Warszawa 1995, PAN IfiS.

viii   See « Biblical Sources Of Darwinism»in « The Syndrome of “Blind Watchmaker” » (1999)

ix   As works of Zbigniew Jaworowski are considered; it is worth to read his “Radiation hormesis : a remedy for fear“ ; after the accident at Fukushima Nuclear Plant in 2011, on this subject of pathological fears of poisonings with irradiations and chemicals, was published an excellent article under the title “Nuclear Radiation – friend or enemy?»

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