God Loves the Greedy and the Corrupt (1995)

dr Marek Glogoczowski

The June 2013 introduction to (written in 1995) “Introduction in English to “The War of Gods: Eros contra Jahveh/Labor”

Thanks to my younger friend, a doctor of geopolitical science in Gdansk, I’ve managed to “resurrect” in the ‘Word’ electronic scripture, “The Introduction in English” to the short (only 45 pages) brochure, written already 19 years ago and titled “The War of Gods”. This small “jewel” of Bible gnosis had 3 editions in years 1990 in Poland, and in 2003 an edition in Slovakian language (see http://www.szcpv.szm.com/05/marek.html ; the text in Polish you may find at http://wiernipolsce.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/wojna-bogc3b3w.pdf.)

In 2013 I would like to add, to this my “jewel” of rational approach to the Bible, two important remarks:

1. Jesus of Nazareth, quoted in the Gospel of Luke, has shortened the Decalogue to only two Commandments: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.”  My mind nearly automatically have fused together (from Latin inter-ligare, hence the word ‘intelligence’) these 2 Commandments into only one: “You shall love the Lord your God as you love yourself”. And from this interesting association my intellectus (from Latin inter-legere, to read in-between) has deduced that THE GOD OF JEWS (& CHRISTIANS) IS TRIVIALLY THE HUMAN EGOISM, it means the love of oneself. Once I got this Aristotelian most general notion what the term “god of Israel” means, the last century discovery of Judeo-Russo-American writer Ayn Rand that the history of the world proceeds “from tribalism to individualism”, become well understandable: the “civilization under God” (as Noam Chomsky describes USA) is indeed devoted to the imposition of  God-like “Virtue of Selfishness” in all Universe.

2. The second general notion, which I would like to propagate, is the one, which rudiments I observed already 30 years ago. Namely it is possible to deduce all concepts of the NeoDarwinian evolutionary philosophy solely from pages of Old and new Testaments, this without the observation of living organisms whatsoever! The NeoDarwinian Theory of Evolution should thus bear the name of JudeoDarwinism (see the attachment copied from “Syndrome of Blind Watchmaker”, 1998). This boastful theory explains indeed the incessant movement of Globalization: The Project of “Flat Earth” and Flat Brain Cortices, as I argued in a lecture I gave during the WPFDC meeting at Rhodes in 2003.


From the back cover of “War of Gods”:

*In opinion of the undersigned “advocatus diaboli” the Old Testament contains the prefiguration of the behavior of the future St. Paul. It is the history Saul/St. Paul’s ancestor, industrious Jacob the swindler, who dressed himself in the skin, imitating the external aspect of his brother Esau, and fraudulently tricked, from the BLIND FATHER OF ISRAEL, the blessing destined for the head of the Israelites tribe. Acting in a similar manner the future St. Paul shrewdly covered himself with the Hellenist “skin of Eros, and fraudulently tricked, from BLIND FATHERS OF THE CHURCH (see Origenes) the blessing destined for the Vicar of Christ.


An Introduction to the English Edition of “The War of Gods”

The orthodox Jews assume that the Old Testament is perfect, and do not question the quality of transmission of “God’s message” through numerous Prophets and copyists. The same attitude we observe among the majority of Christian interpreters of the Holy Bible. Nevertheless a close investigation of the quality of perception of biblical Patriarchs and Scribes is absolutely necessary: were their senses defective — or corrupted by their hidden desires — the quality of the message they have transmitted would be defective and corrupt as well. This is a logical statement.

An observant reader of the Scripture may easily discover that heroes of the Bible — including the legendary King David — used to cheat not only their occasional allies and neighbors, but also their own families. Therefore it is understandable that one must be continuously aware that texts we find in the Holy Scripture might be to a great extent the product of the ruse of Scribes and Doctors, called at the beginning Levites and later on Pharisees. These extremely voracious priests of Israel — whom Jesus called “Sons of the Devil” in the Gospel of St. John —used to earn, in this hideous way, not only the social prestige among their own kin, but also to eat the weałth of the nations — by which term the prophet Isaiah designed the sacred goal of the LORD’s priesthood.

The history of Judaism as a separate religion begins with the Patriarch Jacob, who is described as a man completely dominated by GREED and JEALOUSY. This “God” conducted him to an insidious robbery of the heritage, which the customary Law had attributed to his elder twin brother Esau. Moreover, the Bible describes Jacob as a man entirely dependent on so-called “female’s charms”: he was able to work for fourteen years in order to become the owner of the desired by him, beautiful Rachel.

Although Prophets and Scribes repeatedly call Jacob “the powerful”, a keen reader of the Scripture may easily conclude that Jacob was in fact not s powerful as powerfully dumb: not only, during the nuptial night, he didn’t recognize with whom he was in bed but also, while working for fourteen years to gain the beloved Rachel, he apparently didn’t noticed that the object of his desire had become an “old virgin”". (Or, taking into consideration sexual habits of Jewish females, it is quite probable that Rachel became a “false virgin” from the comedy of Aristophanes: she had fornicated with all around while her dumb intendment was toiling to get her charms in the future.)

These cognitive deficiencies of “powerful Jacob” suggest that on other similar, important occasions he was making similar mistakes: the Bible reports for example that once he was fighting for a whole night against an angel. But if we take into considera­tion Jacob’s nuptial misadventure, we can be sure that he confused an angel with an angel’s phantom born in his own imagination. He even twisted his own haunch while fighting against himself. Thanks to the information furnished by the story of Jacob’s nuptial error, we are allowed to judge that the same happened during the famous night of conclusion of the “Alliance with the God” — of which Covenant are so proud Jacob’s descendants. We have all indications that in the dark the unobservant forefather of Jews has made commerce not with the real God but with its fake, created by the culture he was grown in.

At the pages of the Holy Bible it is not only Jacob who fights against an angel, and Moses who speaks with the God hidden in a flaming desert bush. More than thousand years later, at pages of the New Testament, Jesus fights in the desert against temptations of the Devil, and St. Paul, on his way to Damascus, meets the phantom of Christ. Such extraordinary events are known even today: numerous mountain climbers have reported an impression of someone walking with them during solitary ascents of Himalayan summits, and there is also laboratory evidence that it is possible to obtain various religious visions in ordinary men, by an appropriate electric stimulation of their brains[*]. The constant feeling of the presence of invisible persons is characteristic of mental illness called schizophrenia, and such schizophrenic behavior may be induced by frequent lecture of the Scripture: there are well known stories of orthodox Jews continually talking with their God.

Various forms of mysticism, as well as an intense religious life flourish also among prisoners, who are isolated from the outside world and fear punishment for their “innocent” (in their opinion) crimes. This fact, well known in penitentiary practice, coincides with the biblical fact that both Jacob and Moses have had established contacts with their “God” while they remained lonely in a desert, and escaping the punishment for “innocent” for them (but odious for other people) acts they have committed.

Despite the biblical suggestion, that the Covenant with the God was exclusively Jacob’s privilege, the history of religions indicates that the tradition of such “alliances” was common among people remaining in the sphere of influence of Babylonian culture. Such a Covenant with an invisible Person of God was, in its essence, a kind of a “Treaty of Mutual Adoration and Protection”: I (Jacob) will bless You (the Person of God) loudly as an Almighty Creator; in exchange You, my Lord, will create an impres­sion, that I (Jacob) am a powerful man, with many descendants, blessed among other nations. (In fact, it is difficult to imagine, that the Almighty Lord might have impotent servants.)

Due to this tricky “Covenant”, biblical Jacob — who in reality was a small coward —is called repeatedly “powerful” in the Scripture, while Moses — known both to Egyptians and Jews for his bestiality — in Judeo-Christian hagiography is called “merciful”. The trick with the imaginary Almighty God, which creates an impression, that crimes and sins of his servants are simply disappearing, is marvelously praised in first four verses of David’s Psalm 32. (See the “Prologue” to War of Gods.) These significant verses, repeated by Apostle Paul (Rom.4, 7-8), indicate that “shepherds” of biblical “Jews” have a hidden face, covered by their “Alliance with the God”. The cover from their face is torn away by Jesus, who in the Gospel of John (10, 8) observes that all (shepherds) who come before me are thieves and robbers. This interesting opinion about Jewish prophets and priests, as of a community of “gangsters with a Decalogue”, is confirmed in other Gospels, where the Temple of Jerusalem is called “Brigand’s Cavern”.

A careful lecture of the Old Testament confirms this opinion of Jesus Christ: for example King David — in appearance the most noble hero of the Jewish history — has lived thanks to false alliances, which permitted him a merciless pillage of nearby countries (I Sam. 27, 8); we can say the same about the most “spiritualized” prophet of Israel, called Isaiah, who used to predicate the future in such terms: They (Israeli tribes) shall swoop down the shoulder of the Philistines in the West, and together they shall plunder the people of the East {Is. 11,14). A well educated observer is surprised indeed how primitive in their thoughts and desires were biblical “prophets” — this despite that their works were frequently contemporary of sophisticated works of Plato and Aristotle in the nearby Greece. The above mentioned Isaiah (8th — 5th century B.C.) explains for example this way how the New Jerusalem will be constructed. (In this context it is worth to recall, that the term New Jerusalem is frequently used by the present Pope John Paul II):

Foreigners shall build up your walls, and their kings shall minister to you, Your gates should be open continually … that men may bring to you the wealth of nations, with their kings led in procession. For the nation and kingdom that will not serve you shall perish; these nations shall be utterly laid waste…. Aliens shall stand and feed your flocks, foreigners shall be your ploughmen and vinedressers; but you shall be called the priests of the LORD, you shall eat the wealth of the nations and in their riches you shall glory. (Is. 60, 10-12; 61, 5-6)

Naturally, this “New Jerusalem’s program of pillage and enslavement” has been camouflaged by the subsequent “moral” statement: For I the LORD love justice, and hate robbery and wrongs. (Is. 61, 8). Using the vocabulary of the 20th century, we shall call Isaiah’s priests ” Uebermenschen of Antiquity”. As in case of ambitions of Hitlerians of our times, the Divine Message of these biblical prophets and priests can be resumed in a verse of a satirical, contemporary Polish song, ironising about the mentality of a greedy village simpleton:

No matter is, to whom belongs the property,

The matter is, that it should belong to me

It is well known, that already in the Antiquity Jews were perceived, by other civilized nations as a tribe of extremely greedy and aggressive worshippers of Money (see for example the enclosed opinion of Emperor Hadrian). Obviously, there was also an internal opposition to the theocratic regime in Israel but, as we will discuss it in detail, all men who dared to oppose “prophets” were or stoned, or crucified, or forced to exile, usually in Egypt. The persecution of freethinking Jews continued even in modem times, and as late as in 17th century the philosopher Spinoza — who claimed in public that “there is no truth in the Bible” —had narrowly escaped the death from hands of orthodox Jews in Holland.

The evident duplicity of the religion of gangsters, dressed in sacerdotal cloths of “God’s servants”, has been transplanted from Judaism to Christianity. The merit for this subtle transformation we shall attribute to the self-appointed apostle Paul, who liked to cover himself with the cloth of “Christ’s servant”. We will discuss in detail perverse “Letters” of this apostle at the end of the present essay. Here we intend to put in light two important, but usually neglected, aspects of St. Pau’s religious “practical philosophy”:

1) St. Paul is The Founding Father of so-called “Orwellian Society”. If we look at principal religious slogans appearing in his letters — for example “wisdom is stupidity” or “freedom is in obedience” — we may discover their close affinity with Orwellian slogans “Ignorance is strength”, “Freedom is slavery” and so on. George Orwell has written his grimly satirical book “1984″ nearly two thousand years later than the appearance of boastful “Letters” of St. Paul. The important problem is that until today the Christian clergy takes teachings of this self-appointed apostle (which teachings were resumed by Tertullian in a famous statement ‘credo quia absurdum est’, with reverence and not with humor.

2) The absence of humor among religious interpreters of St Paul’s “wisdom” (i.e. stupidity) results from the fact that this “Vicar of Christ” was a merciless killer of autonomous souls of Christians. According to the “Letter to the Romans”, an ideal Christian should be a kind of a mindless, happy imbecile: Happy is he who has no reason to judge himself for what he approves. But he who has doubts is condemned if he eats (and not only eats — M.G.), because he does not act from faith; for whatever does not proceed from faith is sin (Rom. 14, 22-23). Moreover, in a “Letter to the Corinthians” we find another, equally interesting statement: We walk by faith not by sight (II Cor. 5, 7).

This statement indicates that in the matter of the capacity of observation, St. Paul was as dumb as his legendary forefather Jacob: if we take in consideration the well known Kantian maxim Nihil est in intellectu ąuod prius non fuerit in sensu, we immediately discover the logical truth that all faith comes from senses. The best example, of how these “sinful” — in opinion of St. Paul — senses impose the faith, is the history of Paul’s own beliefs: in his youth he believed in truths he had heard from priests and had seen written on scrolls of the Holy Scripture. Later on he changed his mind and started to believe in stories which he heard about Christ’s resurrection. Finally he gave credence, while travelling to Damascus, to his own, sinful hearing of supposedly Christ’s voice.

The New Testament’s teaching “we walk by faith not by sight”, applied in practice, must cause the atrophy of disused, “unnecessary” and “sinful” senses. Apostle’s work of St. Paul leads thus to the intellectual impoverishment of any believer in the wisdom (i.e. stupidity) of this Vicar of Christ. Such believer, deprived of organs of an independent cognition, becomes a blind member of a flock, which “flock” is guided by “pastors” equally blinded by the Scripture. Using the forgotten by the modern clergy, Aristotelian terminology, we may say that the lecture of the Bible — with the exclusion of Gospels and the Book of Syrah up to its chapter 42, 14 — reinforces in unaware readers .so called “vegetal soul”. This “soul” symbolizes man’s (as well as any other animal and plant) purely economical needs of feeding, proliferation and domination over “the vital space” (in German: Lebensraum). This purely economic aspect of man’s activity is exalted and sanctified at the first page of “Genesis”, where the God Creator commands man be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it. On the contrary, the higher levels of man’s behavior — which are symbolized by Aristotelian “seeing soul”, “thinking soul” and ultimately “reasoning soul” — are in the Bible or marginalized (“we walk by faith not by sight”), or corrupted and enslaved to work for the glory of man’s “vegetal” (existential) needs of feeding, proliferation and economical domination. In this essay we will point out, that the legendary Jacob, who is The Man of The Bible, is the protoplast of contemporary Homo economics — which kind of a totally corrupt man tends to establish himself as a unique ruler of the Planet. It is needless to recall, that the present omnipotence of this greedy “economical man” has become not only the source of ecological and demographical disaster, but also the main source of crisis of public health — and especially public mental health — in so called “developed” countries.

At present all of us are forced to live in the beloved by the pope John Paul II “New Jerusalem”, whose outline was envisaged by prophet Isaiah about 2,5 thousands years ago. In this Euro-Atlantic civilization, any nation or culture, which dares to oppose the priesthood of “Deo economicus”, is utterly laid waste. Nowadays the biblical plan of total subjugation of the Earth is realized by an army of completely corrupt scholars and scientists, which should be called MISOLOGOS — the enemies of Wisdom. These well advertized Nobel Prize Winners, bishops of Rome, Human Rights fighters and Open Society philosophers display all their ingenuity in order to hide, from the sight of the public, the existence of plans for man’s development which are quite different from the Jacob’s family fetish of continuous demographical and economical growth.

In this essay we will try to recall — or, using the language of physicians, to anamnese — these insidiously abandoned plans of cultivation of the species Homo sapiens — the Man of Wisdom. One of these plans of enrichment of man’s cognitive capacities has been laid down already in deep Antiquity, at the Peloponnesian peninsula, at the Delphi’s Apollo shrine. This famous Greek shrine — contrary to the Temple of Jerusalem, which was a kind of an enormous slaughterhouse — has never been polluted by the blood of animal (or even human, as in the case of Jesus) redemptory sacrifices. Delphi’s shrine was known for its tympanum inscription which invited pilgrims to look for gods not in the outside universe (as Jews did it) but inside themselves. This “endogenous God” has been called by Aristotle “motionless mover”. We may associate it with human imagination, for precisely this organ has the faculty of creation of “living” images while the subject remains immobile. An another Greek philosopher Plato has associated the idea of Perfect God with “eternal ideas”, and one may easily find that these “eternal, perfect ideas” are simply laws of logics and mathematics. These elementary laws have all properties demanded as a true God: they are perfect, immaterial, universal and invariable in time and space — they must have existed before the appearance of man and will exist after his disappearance[†]. Moreover, laws of logics, acting on data given by observations, demonstrate their POWER OF CREATION of New Worlds, in which disciples of LOGOS begin to live in. Below we will demonstrate in brief, what THE LOGICS is able to do with the biblical ALMIGHTY, which in fact is MISOLOGOS, the arch-enemy of a true Creator.

1)   Biblical “God” behaves like a cognitively confused man: at the moment of Creation God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. Little later he has changed (for how long?) his mind about his own Creation, and decided Jacob I love, but Esau I hate (Rom. 9,13).

2)  This “God” has utterly antibiological program for the world organization. The planned by him “divine order” is revealed in writings of nearly all prophets, including St. Paul: The elder (Esau) will! serve the younger (Jacob). Such “God’s wish” indicates that the brave should be a servant of the coward, the honest be a slave of the dishonest, and so on. In short, the “God” has decided that the broadminded Homo sapiens should be subdued by narrow-minded and greedy Homo economicus.

3)   Any honest man of Jewish origin should be constantly aware of his co-religionist neighbor: such “coreligionist” will not hesitate to dispose of him as of a “redemptory lamb“, for his own sins of a success minded man. Using this “just” (or “fair”) religious practice, the powerful Jacob had not only robbed the heritage of his twin brother, but also threw on him the everlasting God’s wrath. Acting in a similar manner, St. Paul has not only ornamented his cloth of Christian priest’s with the blood of poor Christians he had persecuted earlier, but also with the Calvary of Jesus Christ. In this century, rich Jews from the West have made enormous benefits thanks to the holocaust (in Greek: the fully burnt sacrifice) of poor Jews in Eastern Europe (see tile Appendix “Sie sterben so Israel Leben kann”).

4)   The Bible is criminogenous and necrophile: in the Old Testament, men of the Levi’s family, which, in the name of LORD have murdered their sons and brothers, were gratified for this bestiality by the hereditary priesthood (Ex. 32, 29); in the New Testa­ment, the enterprising St. Paul, who had insidiously substituted the preachment of the Gospel told by Jesus alive, by a preachment of Christ crucified (and thus mute), became the Vicar of (dead) Christ.

5)   The Bribie is cretinogenous because it has been written by misologos, enemies of logical reasoning. If we take for example the lengthy letters of St. Paul, we may discover that their essential message is formed in such a manner: If you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God (i.e. Lord) raised him from the dead, you will be saved (Rom. 10, 9). But is it possible that God might raise the Lord — which Lord is the same, unique God — from dead? In the state of death even God cannot act, and thus cannot raise the Lord (himself) from the dead. It means that in the Bible, the true Resurrection has not been described, but only an apparent (fake) one. (See the Appendix I.) If we add, to this important discovery, an another significant statement of St. Paul If Christ has not been raised, than our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain (I Cor. 15,14), than we shall conclude logically that the faith, with which Christians are indoctrinated, is rubbish.

After the collapse of antique Jerusalem, biblical projects of the total subjugation of the earth have been dormant (but not dead) for more than thousand years. Foundations for the contemporary, beloved by the pope John Paul II “New Jerusalem”, were established in 16th century, with the publication of works of Francis Bacon, Jean Calvin and Martin Luther, who “loved St. Paul and hated Socrates”. The scientific “priesthood’ grown under influence of these visionaries, displays the same utilitarian approach to the world as the greedy simpleton from the quoted earlier, Polish satirical song:

No matter is the logical coherence of my theories,

The matter is that I am a famous scientific priest.

The absence of any care for the logical coherence is really impressing among scholars grown in cultures impregnated with biblical “wisdom”: the known American psychologist, B. F. Skinner has even declared in public that if my theory is invalid from the point of view of logics, the worse for the logics. One of those famous misologos-like scientists was Charles Darwin, a theologian by education. He replaced successfully the outdated biblical myth of Genesis by a scientific myth of “The Origin (Genesis) of Species by the Destruction of Species in the Process of Natural Selection“. This evident (but only for an observant person!) logical nonsense has become the cognitive basis of a powerful scientific movement called Neo-Darwinism. The behavior of these modern lovers of Genetics shows close analogy with the historically known behavior of necrophile lovers of the Scripture: we observe the same adornment of details of genealogical trees, and the same belief that the genetic “scripture” remains invariable during consecutive replications and transcriptions. We may add to it the similar belief in the existence of “(Naturally) chosen species” and “(God’s) favored races” preserved in the struggle for a domination of the vital space. Moreover, members of the economically powerful — but mentally limited like biblical Jacob — sect of Neodarwinians are proud of their strict obedience to St. Paul’s devices “We walk by faith not by sight” and “credo quia absurdum est”: these scholars not only approve the existence of physically impossible, fully random genetic mutations; they also obstinately refuse to see that the genetic material which is active in a metabolism becomes amplified and reinforced in the same way as any other tissue which is exercised. (We may even observe, by a means of an ordinary microscope, such adaptive mutations of genetic material in trained to hypertrophy muscle cells.)

Such mindless behavior of ambitious scholars and scientists is known in European literature under the term of “la trahison des clercs”. This modem CONSPIRACY OF BLINDNESS has the same, genetic roots as the ancient conspiracy of biblical scribes and prophets, whose hideous machinations are glorified in the Scripture as THE COVE- NANT WITH THE GOD. The Old Covenant concerned the conquest of the Promised Land, whiles the New one, established by prophet Isaiah, envisaged tire reconstruction of a New Jerusalem in a form of an industrious territory. Today the construction of such Mega polis (or “the City of the Lord”) is practically achieved. The commercialo-scientific elite of “Levites”, ruling in worshipping the Bible, Euro-Atlantic countries, may find that the prophecy of Isaiah was utterly right:

Aliens are our servants, slaves and gladiators,

In riches of all nations we glory

And we are called the priests of our LORD MAMMON

The outspoken enthusiast of “New Jerusalem”, the pope John Paul II in his encyclical letter “Laborem exercens” has called for the abandon of all taboos concerning the exploitation of the Earth: Words ‘subdue the earth’ have enormous scope. These words indicate that all resources of the earth can be discovered and exploited thanks to the conscientious human activity. If one has enough imagination to look at the earth from the point of view of a “cosmic observer”, he will quickly find out that the present economic development — which is praised with equal zealotry by the pope and the World’s Bank — will end up soon in a total devastation of the planet Earth. Moreover, if one knows the history of Jews, he will recall that already the biblical Jacob — the forefather of all Homo economicus on the Earth — has ended his Covenant with the God by a total desertification of exploited by him, and stolen from his brother, territories. At the end of his industrious life, Jacob’s family was forced to seek economic asylum in Egypt, where Jews have became slaves. The same happened with the Covenant of Moses: thanks to the continuous lecture of the Bible, Jews have become so cretinized that they lost to aliens all the country they inhabited for centuries. Thereafter for nearly two millenaries pretentious “Ubermenschen of Mankind” have lived as pariahs of the Planet.

The boring, for an intelligent man, history of biblical Covenants is in its essence identical with known histories of “miraculous” banking system called in Russia “The Pyramid”: the “inventive” banker proposes to shareholders enormous benefits in order to catch the greedy but naive creditors (believers); for a certain time this “Pyramid” (“Temple of Jerusalem”) works magnificently, attracting new naive creditors; thereafter appears an easily predictable crash, and the “inventor” ends up usually in jail, while his “believers” end up in misery.

The known American writer Kurt Vonnegut in his novel “Jailbird” has described adventures of one of those “pyramid inventors”. This one was in the jail for the third time, due to the same offence. The hero of Vonnegut’s book, while confined in a cell with the recidivist “inventor”, have finally discovered that this enthusiast of American freedom of enterprise was completely unable to understand that pyramid system of banking cannot work forever. We postulate that this classically plebeian lack of imagination is at the origin of success stories of biblical “Covenants. These “commerces with God”, due to their internal structure, must always end up in a mishap — no matter the object of these misadventures are Jews or any other “chosen people” seduced by fake promises of The Scripture. As one known translator from Hebrew has pointed it out: THE CRETINITY IS IMMORTAL. And due exclusively to this trivial, biological reason the Bible is so popular among all simpleminded and greedy believers. These “God^ beloved people” are irreversibly illuminated by a faith that it is possible to construct an everlasting, credito-redemptory socioeconomic system called “Jerusalem ‘s Temple” or “Pyramid”.

In this short essay we will discuss in detail insidious methods which MISOLOGOS[‡]* have elaborated in order to detour creative forces of Nature for their own vicious pleasures of not only wanton hamstring of oxen (and slaying of men — Gen. 49, 6), but also for their equally psychopathic desires to dominate over birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth (Gen. 1, 28). At the end of this introduction to English edition of “The War of Gods”, we have to stress that according to The Bible (and confirmed by neoDarwinian genetics) the quoted above psychopathic behavior, characteristic of microcephalians, is fixed for eternity in the Levi’s branch of Jacob’s family.

Zakopane-Geneva, October 1995


To obtain the wider acceptation of any scientific idea, its receivers should have their individual associative apparatus appropriately tuned-up for its reception. In the Anglo-Saxon culture men are (were) grown since childhood with the lecture of the Bible, and thus the reality they perceive is in a large extend modeled by “directing truths” of the Holy Scripture. This fact, well known in the developmental psychology and neurology, is sufficient to explain both the genesis and the commercial success of contemporary Darwinian concepts of evolution.

1. The logical conclusion of the God’s order multiply and fill the earth – which has been inserted into the first page of the book of Genesis – is the predictable overgrowth of the number of living items over their possibility of feeding. Such a “divine order” must lead to the struggle for existence imagined by an Anglican clergyman Thomas Malthus. (The Old Testamental archetype of such struggle for means of existence and proliferation is provided by the attitude of the patriarch Jacob towards Esau, and in general, by the attitude of Jews towards other nations.) This inter-specific struggle for life has become the essence of the theory of evolution elaborated by an another theology graduate, Charles Darwin.

2. The neoDarwinian theory of August Weisman, added to original Darwinism at the beginning of 20-th century, postulates the existence of qualitatively different biological substances: soma and germen. It also has its antique precedent in the naturalist thought of Hebrew theologian Saul (Paul) from Tars. In his New Testamental 1-st Letter to Corinthians St. Paul observes What you are sowing is not the body (or soma) which will arise, but the naked grain (germen)… The God gives to every seed the body he intends, for each seed an appropriate for it body (15, 36-38). The seed (germen) of the concept of such division we may already find at the first page of Genesis, 1, 11-12. For molecular biologists of to day the object of cult are genes, and in a similar way, for antique Hebrew their own semen had sacral meaning. (To mention the story of Onan or rites of purgation – Priests, 15,14.)

3. According to concepts attached to neoDarwinism in the middle of 20-th century, new variants appear thanks to random mutations of genes hidden in germinal cells. Such an idea of hazardous creation of novel forms of life converges with an idea frequently repeated in the Bible, that God acts (creates and selects its privileged people and/or victims) through the fully stochastic process. (See the “Jehovah oracle” urim-tummim or “light and perfection” of hazardous choices, Exodus, 28, 30.)

4. In no point of its teaching the Hebrew Torah admits the idea that the collective, critical cognitive effort (similar to the one which is known from Plato’s Dialogues) may lead to a better understanding of the world, and thus to a better life in it. The interdiction of questioning of “revealed” dogmas leads to the functional atrophy of whole range of brain reflexes of human populations grown in the artificial world created by the frequent lecture of the Holy Scripture. Such (past and present) societies have a tendency not-to-see particularly those absurdities, which in their logical structure resemble the fake orientational truths, inoculated into the Bible in a form of cultural “mind viruses”.

5. The archetype of the neoDarwinian idea that from harmful heritable infirmities called mutations, appear novel, better adapted to the environment variants, we may find in theologico-naturalist thought of St. Paul, in the same Letter to Corinthians we quoted above: is sown in disgrace (the seed of evidently infirmous theory) – is grown-up in glory (the body of a new, world-encompassing infirmous religion or science). We have here an analogy to cognitive inventions of cabala: there is no better good than the one, which arises from an evil.

The whole neo (and ultra) Darwinian theory we may thus reduce to the natural selection (see pt 1) of bodies grown from hazardously created variants of seeds (pt 3). It means that the totality of contemporary concepts of evolution we may deduce logically from few simplified sentences incorporated into both the Old and New Testament. Those concepts are cognitively “empty”, but nevertheless they are impressing laics in a similar way as the ordinary Jews were impressed by the empty interior of Jerusalem’s Temple. And we are invited to hate all those who demonstrate the cognitive emptiness of Darwinian sciences, in the very same way as Pompeius was hated by Jewish priesthood for his act of tearing-down the cover hiding emptiness of the famous Hebrew Temple of Misologos.




[*] See for example results of experiences of dr. M. Persinger of Laurentian University, Canada, reported by Ian Cotton in “The Hallelujah Revolution: The Raise of the New Christian”, Little Brown and Co, (G-B), 1995.

[†] During the last century there have been temptations to develop new types of logics, which would overstep the classical, Aristotelian one. One of these “new logics” is the probabilistic logic. But if we look closer at these novelties, we discover that all their statements are formulated with the help of the old, Aristotelian rules. Such situation is analogous with the probability calculus which is done with the help of the classical set of numbers and operations. The proof, that the Creator of Logic doesn’t exist is very simple: 1) to create logics, its creator must use beyond logical means; 2) beings (persons) using beyond logical means of argumentation (argumentation = creation of opinions) are called misologos by definition; 3) a misologos — an enemy of Logos-logic — can not exist before the existence of the object of his hate. See also arguments of F.G.A. Hegel in „The Science of Logic”.


[‡] The term “misologos” — the enemy of Reason — is used with reverence by Lev Shestov in his book “Athens and Jerusalem” (1-st edition, Paris 1938). In this significant book Sestos uses all his capacities of logical reasoning to convince the reader that he shall abandon the “enslaving and horrible” exigencies of Athenian Academy in exchange for the true liberty offered by priests animating the (blood soaked) altar of Jerusalem’s Temple. If we take into consideration that at the entrance to the Athenian Academy has been carved an inscription prohibiting the entry to all those who don’t know mathematics (and logic), we may understand that Sestos’s proposal must be enormously attractive for all these Nobel Prize Winners who are eager to abandon the necessity that 3×3 = 9 which is enslaving the freedom of their thoughts. (To quote the famous economical argument of Polish ex-president Lech Walesa.) The Shestov’s fight against the horrible necessity the 2+2=4 (really he fights for this cretinism in his Scripture!) has its less humorous meaning. It is precisely from the logical development of the truth 2+2=4 we are able to deduce that it is impossible to organize the everlasting Pyramid banking system. By a denigration of the value of mathematics and logics Shestov tries to hide from the eyes of public the trivial fact that the Jerusalem’s Temple of Merchants has been built on fake foundations.

The “God-like”  Triad of the Global Power

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