June 2005 

Dr Marek Glogoczowski (

(version in Polish at and in a chapter/rozdział 4 of a book “Młot na Rozum liberalno-demokratycznej Cywilizacji” – Świadectwo, Bydgoszcz, 2007)



Part One: The bizarre attitude of Philo’s “God of Separation” to the Nature

A. Philo’s allegories of the biblical Creation

B. The genesis of Plato’s myth of the Demiurge-Constructor

C. Nihil est in intelllectu quod prius fuerit in sensu – or the origin of Philo’s Logos

D. Philo’s apathetic “God” – the Great Re-Constructor of Nature

E. Moses as the high priest of Counter-Eros

Part Two: Artificial lights directing Civilization Builders (or “Masons”)

F. “Turn the whole earth into plains” (Ze. 14: 10)

G. “You shall lend, upon interest, to many nations” (Deut. 23: 20)

H. “Beware that no one makes a prey of you by philosophy” (Col. 2: 8)

I.  “Dominate the earth”… by a deceit of Decalogue (Ex. 20: 17)

Part Three: Unseen Implications of Lamarckian “Law of Hilozoa

J. The ever more flat cortex of “Chosen People”

K. Consequences of Cartesian Error in understanding of metabolic processes

L. The ever more sterile and devastated Earth

Part Four: UNITED ERISLAND (“the Open Society“) and its Natural Enemies

M. The goddess of Error, Eris (Discordia) as the model for vengeful Jehovah

N. The Eris-Mammon cabal

O. The sociobiological problem of global “Taenia solium” implementation (and purgation)


P. The Hebrew word (“logos”), which transformed the surface of our Globe into a Sore


 The deceased at the eve of 21st century French historian of science, Pierre Thuiller, in his last book-testament, titled “La grande implosion” ([1]) made a pertinent remark that the history of both scientific and religious conceptions of the universe reminds the development of new kinds of plants. At certain moment in the history, initiated by individual people, appears a “mutation” of previously existing worldview (or of a paradigm, by which we denote a representation of a limited segment of the reality). Thereafter, without any important modifications, these “newly created” view is spreading around the world, until its relatively sudden disappearance, similar to mass extinctions of whole orders of plants and animals. (Not so long ago we witnessed a sudden extinction, in Eastern Europe, of a whole “species” of philosophers called Marxists, which “species” dominated universities of this part of the Planet only few decades ago.)

Pierre Thuiller, writing in 1992 about the expected by him “implosion” of European culture, stressed that the contemporary Western science has its cognitive source in Judeo-Christian concepts of Nature. These concepts were set-up nearly two thousand years ago, thanks to the “adaptive mutation” of previously existing Hebrew (or Judean) beliefs, which become endangered by dominating at that time, heavily Hellenized culture of Roman Empire. In the domain of religion the true author of New Testamental beliefs is St. Paul, while in the domain of science and philosophy we can trace roots of the present understanding of Life back to Philo of Alexandria. This Jewish thinker (thus his official name “Judeaus”) was an author of a kind of Judeo-Hellenic syncretism, which inspired later both pagan (Plotinus) and Christian (Origenes, St. Augustin) philosophers. Today, at the beginning of the Second Millenary, we witness a truly “apocalyptic” devastation of Our Earth by a rapid proliferation of so-called Judeo-American, mechano-cultural aggression. It is thus of interest to re-examine texts of both these influential, Jewish authors, for it is evident that from their scriptures originated, after two thousand years of incubation, all these, dazzling us today with their aggressive “free market” colors, ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

Part One: A bizarre relation of Philo’s Judeaus “God of Separation” to the Nature

 A. Philo’s allegories of the biblical Creation

 Philo Judeaus lived in Alexandria exactly two thousand years ago. At this time this African megalopolis was the most important center of the Roman Empire culture, populated not only by Egyptians but also by Greek and Jewish Diasporas. Philo was a well educated, Hellenized Jew, who illustrated himself by his explanations of Biblical stories in allegorical terms. He also made a kind of convincing syncretism of Plato’s cosmogony with the Hebrew myth of Creation. This last myth is well known, but people seldom notice that the Hebrew ‘God Creator’ is not the one, which unites elements of the Universe, but to the contrary, it is the one, which disjoints them. A Polish translator of Hebrew texts, Ireneusz Kania during a colloquium held at the Jagiellonian University at Kraków in 1993 observed ([2]):

[1]    “The problem is that in elder cultures (Babylonian, etc.) spheres of profanum and sacrum are indivisibly interwoven, everything is immersed in sacrality. Contrary to it, the biblical work of Creation consists of separation of everything. God divides upper waters from lower ones, the sea from the land, etc. He finally separates himself from his creation. All godliness is concentrated exclusively in Him. Concepts of this kind created premises for the desacralization of nature and – à la longue – for its (scientific) exploration and conquest. These concepts in our times resulted, to say it overtly, in the non controlled devastation of this nature. … The man in front of Nature behaves like its true hater.

This biblical God’s “work of separation” inspired also the creativity of Philo of Alexandria. He develops, for example, the following short verse from the Book of Genesis “And there was evening and there was morning, one day” into a detailed allegory resembling the construction of walls of a prison or a ghetto:

[2]    “Not only God separated light from darkness, but inbetween them he built border walls … these separation walls were the evening and the morning; morning (when the morning star, called Lucifer, rises) announces the happy news, that sun will rise.” ([3])

In subsequent chapters of Philo’s writings the tendency to build “separation walls” is even more accentuated. For example, despite his general “stoic” attitude to the world, he negates the most important stoic belief that God is immanently present in all Nature. To the contrary, following the Hebrew pattern of thinking (see [1]) Philo claims that there is a total separation between the “God” and the World, and this feature of Philo’s theosophy was resumed the best by Jan Legowicz in his book on philosophy of Roman Empire:

[3]    “Philo builds his cosmology on the total separation between God and world. “The world, in the meaning of matter, is a complete opposition of God, in Him is the fullness of being, there nearly nothing, accumulation of mutually contradictory elements, shapelessnes, chaos, the continuous drive to become something else – this in opposition to the peace and God’s light penetrating everywhere. The matter, in its dynamics, remains beyond God, who does not create it, but only puts order into its eternal chaos. Acting according to his ideas-models, He forms from it the world. By a mean of  logos the matter, as a chaotic and shapeless “nothingness”, receives its form and at the same time its sense, which means that from the qualitative “not being” it becomes something.” ([4])

B. The Genesis of Plato’s myth of Demiurge-Constructor

 Such description of acts of “God Constructor” at the first glimpse overlaps with the description of a “demiurge builder” of the world, which description was inserted by Plato into his dialogue “Timaios”. But there is the essential difference between Plato’s and Philo’s imaginations of God’s (or demiurge’s) works. Namely Plato tacitly assumed that elements of matter, which at the Beginning were at random intermixed, were all invariant in time and thus passive; in other chapters of “Timaios” we find that these are Four Elements, water, earth, air and fire, by ancient Greeks believed to eternal. What is more interesting, the Plato’s intuition of the Constructor of the World fits well the known at present mechanism of bio-synthesis, which is the base of all self-construction of living “microcosms”, it means of bodies of both plants and animals ([5]).

This bio-synthesis – and the photosynthesis in particular – is the process of CREATION OF INFORMATION, it means the process of transformation of the inert chaos, of simple chemical compounds (H2O, CO2, O2, etc.) into their dynamic order of complex organic structures (proteins, nucleic acids, sugars, etc.). This dynamic order of Living Matter (by Greeks called hilozoa, hylos means matter), we observe not only scrutinizing (via microscope) the microcosm of plants and of more mobile micro-organisms, but also observing, with our naked eyes, the macrocosm of both flora and fauna, which is particularly rich in reserves of  Earth’s wildlife not yet destroyed by man’s industry.

C. Nihil est in intelllectu quod prius fuerit in sensu – or the Origin of Philo’s Concepts of Creation

 The outlined above explanation of the origin of Plato’s myth of the Genesis, may help us in the understanding of origin of analogous myths we find in writings of “Platonizing” Philo. Here we have to keep in mind the insistence of Plato’s disciple, Aristotle that all human ideas are recombined memories of phenomena, which people have experienced earlier in their life. There are no “inborn” ideas, as Plato, and after him St. Augustin, than Descartes, and finally Noam Chomsky imagined it. Nihil est in intelllectu quod prius fuerit in sensu, as use to argue in Latin, disposing of an excellent experimental confirmation of this fact, numerous followers of the school of Aristotle, to name only philosophers such as John Locke and Immanuel Kant, and finally, at the end of 20 century, the psychologist Jean Piaget.

As stresses it Legowicz (see [3]), Philo covers the “World without God”,  with postulated by him Dense Darkness. Nevertheless certain features of this “darkness” and “chaos” permit us to imagine, what kind of pre-existing “eternal matter” had in mind our “proto-Christian” thinker. In the countryside where Philo lived, both waters of  bordering Alexandria Mediterranean Sea, and the sand of limiting the delta of Nile Sahara Desert, were not making on anybody the impression of a “continuous drive to become something else”. Both water and sand (earth) belong to Pythagorean “Four Elements”, which ancient Greeks – and thus probably also educated in Greek science Philo Judeaus – considered to be invariable. In this situation we postulate that for him the very life of Alexandria, where were intermixed antagonistic social groups from all parts of the Roman Empire, was making the impression of a continuous “chaos”. Surely he observed that each of these groups was trying to become “something else” in this antique metropolis. Not to say about imagined by him god-less “chaos” of life of wild animals, about which bestiality Philo surely heard legends, in particular in form of “apocalypses”, which were very popular among Jews of his times ([6]).

We have thus reasons to formulate the hypothesis that it was precisely the life of animals, especially of these not domesticated BEASTS, which was filling this proto-Christian thinker with the repulsion combined with the desire to dominate (or eradicate) these endangering human life obstacles. These “proto-bourgeois” feelings of Philo and his co-religionists were amplified by the Logos (the Word) of Holy Scripture, where in one of its first verses we find the well known Commandment “fill the earth and subdue it; and have the dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.” All enumerated in this commandment animals (zoon) are characterized by their “tendency to become something else”, and this tendency results from the very definition of life, as the process of continuous meta-bolism, it means of a continuous transformation of matter. Moreover, the life of all animals necessarily tends towards their death, and death, according to the Hebrew understanding of the world, is something most evil. For these reasons all living matter, remaining beyond human control, for our antique Jewish thinker was the god-less, devoid of any deeper value, CHAOS characterized by Dense Obscurity and Evil.

D. Philo’s Apathetic “God” – the Great Re-Constructor of Nature

If an Animal (a Beast) for Hebrews (and thus also for Philo Judeaus) was an incarnation of Evil, thus by opposition the Full of Goodness “G-d” of this peculiar tribe had – and still has – anti-zoological characteristics: animals are mortal, G-d is Immortal; animals are numerous and varied, G-d is One and Uniform; animals are constantly moving, G-d is Immobile; beasts are driven by their unsatisfied needs, G-d is the Fullness of Peace; animals are worthless and stupid, G-d is the Value and Wisdom, and so on. Acting on behalf of constructed in this simple way Supreme Being, the predestined for their task people – whom Philo considered to be “small deities” – are supposed to transform the existing until now, evil world of chaos, inhomogeneouity, obligatory death and senseless agitation, into the god-like world of Order, Uniformity, near absence of Death, and of permeating everything Everlasting Light.

The definition of “unique god”, as the opposition of “living” (zoa), implies that individuals trying to become predestined for the Conquest (and Domestication) of Nature, have to suppress in them all reflexes, which are products of Aristotelian “animal, sensuous soul”. In this respect the man to be imitated was the mythical founder of Mosaic religion, whom Philo praises in a following verse:

[4]    Moses, who is of opinion that from the soul one has to cut of, and completely remove, its irascible part. This, what he loves, is not the restrain of passions (metropatheia) but their complete elimination (apatheia). If someone loves the virtue, and is loved by God, his duty is to think about the whole soul, and than to take the breast, it means irascible emotions, remove them and cut out, so after the removal of the warrior part, for the future will become peace. … This is the share given by God to a wise man that he separates (alienates) himself completely from passions. (Allegory of Law, book III, verse 129)

Someone, who read carefully the “Republic” of Plato, will easily notice that praised by Philo “Moses”, proposed to following him people… the ordinary self-castration of the “impulsive soul”, symbolically situated in the breast. This soul was distinguishing warriors (and guardians) of Plato’s “Republic” from fearful plebeians, frequently driven by their criminal desires. This “impulsive, irascible soul”, when it was appropriately cultivated, was the best helper of … human Reason (see the book II of Plato’s “Republic”). Without this “irascible soul” the most praised by Greeks (and than also Romans), human value called “virtue” (Greek arete), consisting of courage lead by wisdom, is completely unthinkable. In the quotation above Philo completely misuses the word “virtue” ([7]).

Not only antique considerations of Socrates and Plato are suggesting that biblical Moses has done something very vile, and counter-natural, while “taking the breast, it means irascible emotions, removing them and cutting out, so after the removal of the warrior part, for the future will become peace”. The modern science of endocrinology have discovered that the “warrior behavior”, of practically all mammals, is linked with secretions of masculinizing hormones called androgens, in particular of testosterone. In specific case of the heard of African hyenas, where females, not males, are dominant, the level of testosterone in leading female is up to six times greater than in other females, which nevertheless have higher level of androgens than this species’ males ([8]).

These simple, physiological considerations indicate that followers of Moses, by taming in themselves irascibility (which is natural for healthy human males), automatically start to behave in an “effeminate” way, trying to dominate their environment by loudly praised by all Judeo-Christians “strength of the weak”. The social domination of these “effeminates” is thus realized by means having nothing in common with Greek and Roman Virtus:

1/ by a systematic appeal to lies and deceits (as it was in case of “quiet” protoplast of Israelis, Jacob, who with the conspiracy of his mother disinherited his “violent” brother Esau);

2/ by a persistent dwelling inside “ivory towers”, insulating “chosen people” from contacts with natural environment. The preponderance to dwell only in secure places was characteristic especially for antique inhabitants of Jerusalem, surrounded by enormous walls;

3/ by an affirmation of one’s personality by an unlimited and wasteful accumulation of wealth (like this famous King Salomon).

This kind of behavior was (and still is) characteristic not only of Jews and of imitating Jewry modern bourgeois. This pathologically acquisitive behavior was also characteristic of enterprising Chinese eunuchs, who at certain moment of history sized the power at the Chinese Imperial Court. In all these cases diminished secretions of “masculinizng” hormones were (and are) responsible for the increased preponderancy to “grab (the property) as much, as you can grab” – to quote the famous American “virtue” of self-made men.

All these “Jewish” behaviors become culturally inherited through centuries, in large extend thanks to the widespread lecture of the Hebrew Bible. And all negative aspects of this “cultural inheritance” become well visible already in 19 century leading, in the subsequent century, to anti Judeo-Christian communist and fascist revolutions worldwide (with the notable exception of English and American Empires).

E. Moses as the Arch Priest of Counter-Eros

In the breast is symbolically situated not only the soul, which in all higher animals corresponds to their organ of courage, but also the heart, which action is traditionally linked with feelings, in particular with feeling of love and empathy towards the outside world. When “Moses” quoted by Philo “cuts of (his own) breast”, it means that this spiritual father of Jews and Christians orders his followers to suppers in themselves reflexes, which in all warm-blooded animals are born out of “pulsions of heart”. By an imitation of “Moses” – which represents a perversion of stoic apathy – people like Philo “cut out of themselves” not only the sympathy for Nature, but also all reflexes of empathy towards their close companions and neighbors, including persons which are of their own kin and blood. Such Mosaic “small deities” make out of themselves cool-blooded egoists, completely alienated from their environment. These Supermen, self-deprived of all higher sentiments, are thus becoming blind for the beauty of Nature, which Nature for them becomes “nearly nothing”, to be subdued or destroyed. In his fear of sensual beauty Philo enounces the following “wisdom”:

[5]    When you find a beautiful object, which seduce you, and out of this feeling you may behave in an imprudent way, than escape in your imagination from this object and never accustom to it your soul, it means do not think and do not reflect upon it, for continuous remembrances are leaving distinct traces, they are harmful for the soul, and frequently they induce in it, despite your will, the turmoil. (Allegory of Laws, book III, verse 16.)

By pronouncing such “stoic”, fearful judgement, Philo appears to be, in a deeper reality, a TOTALLY ANTISOCRATIC thinker. He escapes from the sensuous “small deity of affection” named Eros! This “fear of Eros” was not limited only to Philo of Alexandria. In the antique Israel there were popular jokes about pious “Pharisees with bloody forehead”, who marched in the city with closed eyes in order not to see beautiful women – and of course they frequently were hitting with their foreheads against unseen by them obstacles. This, conditioned by Hebrew “Law”, fear of evil, which seduces man through his senses, was in Israel so great that even in Gospels was preserved a verse of Jesus, who supposedly proposed the cruel self-amputation of hands and eyes, which organs were asking all sensuous men (and women) to touch – be it only with sight – objects forbidden by Law of Private Ownership.

As documents it Kevin MacDonald in his voluminous, well documented book “The Art of Critics” published in 2002,  in particular G.W.F. Hegel in 19 century claimed that ambitious Jews castrated in themselves the heart ([9]), suppressing in themselves all feelings of empathy towards not only neighbors, but also towards their closest family members. Such perverse “superman” behavior we can trace back to patriarch Abraham, who, in order to fulfill the demand of his monstrous “Lord”, allegedly tried to roast his own son Isaac! This hostile attitude towards more socially minded people is sensible also among contemporary philosophers proud of their Jewish origin, to mention only the deceased recently Jacques Derrida (see reference 9). The promoted by this “New Philosopher” intellectual trend of ‘deconstructionism’ in practice means an effort of emptying of man’s personality from empathy towards all higher social structures. Such “circumcision of spirit” shall start from the dissolution of feeling of identification with one’s own family, and end up with the dilution of all national bonds (clannish bonds, linking so called “chosen people” of course excepted).

Summing-up, the “God of Separation”, worshipped by all apologists of the Bible, starting from antique Philo of Alexandria and ending with the  post-modernist Jacques Derrida, is literally the COUNTER-EROS, having utterly ANTIZOOLOGICAL character. Acts of worshippers of this “God of Hebrews” are purposefully directed against all higher animals, which in their behavior are driven by friendship, the endogenous curiosity and other higher emotional needs of their hearts. Already in the mentioned above biblical story of Jacob, dispossessing Esau from the family heritage, we sense the strong anti-zoological bias of the Bible. But the true beginning of this COUNTER-EROS CIVILIZATION was announced to ancient Jews by the Heartless Moses who burned, under the Mount Sinai, the Monument of Golden Calf, symbolizing the animal’s (“Beast’s”) virility and strength. This natural virility was than supplanted by artificial virility of dispassionate, robotized “Law enforcers”, trying ever more aggressively to terrorize the whole Universe.

Part Two: Artificial Lights Directing Civilization Builders (or “Masons”)

The slaughter, under the Mount Sinai, of three thousand of Golden Calf worshippers during their sleep, marked the advent of the Religion of the Tool of Conquest, called Torah or Pentateuch. The announced in this Holy Book “Law of Counter-Eros” with time become accepted by Christian Protestants, which since Renaissance become massively self-indoctrinated with the abbreviated (“circumcised”) for this purpose Bible ([10]). And the Bible, taken as a whole, is indeed the handbook of effeminized (see pt. E) Civilization builders, who in their secular mutation consider themselves proudly to be ‘Freemasons’ (while they are, to use a zoological allegory, merely “termites”). The very word “civilization” originates from Latin civitas, the city, and thus at least since Augustin’s work “Civitas Dei” we observe the tendency, initially only of Western Christians, but recently also of all other cultures, to transform the Globe into an industrious Super-City, in its biological aspect ever more closely resembling a hyper turmitory.

In order to achieve the dreamed already by prophet Isaiah, artificial “New Earth and New Heaven”, constructors of so called ‘New World Order’ have to obey few, hardly noticeable for a layman, Commandments inserted into the Judeo-Christian Bible. I will point only to four of them.

F. “Flatten the earth” (Ze. 14: 10) and “Make straight roads of the Lord”!

Striving to alienate themselves as much as possible from habits of “godless”, ever striving for something, beasts, people – at least these who hope to become “chosen” ones – have to dwell permanently in secure places, without the necessity to make “profane” efforts. In agreement thus with the well known biblical (and masonic) project “Make straight roads of the Lord!” all communication tracks (be it highways, railways, waterways or airways) in modern times are incessantly enlarged and straightened, while dangerous wild beasts are systematically exterminated, with their remnants imprisoned in zoos and in rare reserves. The similar fate is awaiting the enormous at present population of sub-humans, thriving in so-called Third World. The best example of the impending future of all Untermenschen (underdogs) is the situation of the endogenous population of the historical Palestine, at present encircled with the 8 meter high concrete wall. In United States, which closely follows practices of today’s Israel, already three million of inmates populate the biggest at present “gulag” of the Planet.

The enterprise by Chosen People ([11]) “pacification” of all the Earth is combined with the tremendous development of facilities eliminating human effort. As stressed it quoted at the beginning Pierre Thuiller, the unknown earlier on the European Continent cult of life in a total comfort, which automatically implies the necessity of cooling-off affective, interpersonal relations, began only after the French Revolution. Earlier Europeans – including their aristocracy – considered the abstaining from efforts, completed with fearful camouflage of ones real thoughts – the phenomenon known today as “political correctness” – as a devoid of nobility sign of a cowardliness ([12]).

The habit, of ever more sedentary bourgeois, to project themselves, like children,  into the role of “motionless commanders”, become widespread in particular in the second half of 20 century, with the mass development of automobiles and than of personal computers. In case of driving of an automobile we have in fact the feeling of becoming a kind of a superman, who effortlessly traverses the countryside; in case of aggressive computer games, our adolescents learn how to destroy “virtual enemies” with the only one click of a finger. The known already in Antiquity notion of the “Motionless Mover”, in modern times has become materialized in form of ever more immobilized in their (automobile) chairs “super-humans”, effortlessly conquering all possible corners of the globe with the help of their technical prostheses. Since industrial revolutions these prostheses become object of worship of ever more uniform human masses, which masses become ready to prostrate themselves at the altar of technics, giving “the strength” to ever more impotent, ugly and crippled Uebermenschen.

G. “You shall lend, upon interest, to many nations” (Deut. 23: 20)


 The very term “Immobile Mover” was invented by Aristotle in order to explain the cause of the visible rotation of the celestial sphere around the Earth. With modernity the general attitude to the universe changed, and we imagine now that it is the rotation of the Earth around its axis, which creates the impression that stars and planets revolve around us. But still the First Motor, which gave the necessary impulse for the Earth and other planets double rotation, is hardly conceived by the modern science. As earthly human affairs are concerned, since about two centuries it becomes ever more evident that it is “Money which turns the world round” (to recall words of a popular American song). And Money is indeed a being “created out of nothing” by bankers, which class of extremely sedentary people should be considered as a collective “Immobile Mover”, imposing the ever faster “rotation” of our money driven Planet.

If we look more in detail, what was the “First Motor”, which gave the impetus to subsequent industrial “restructurations” of the World, we find it in commandments inserted 2,5 thousands years ago into the Book of Deuteronomy. These commandments begin with the relatively “benign” statements, like this one in 15: 6: “For the Lord your God will bless you, as he promised you, and you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow, and you shall rule over many nations.” (repeated once again in 28: 12-13). But in verses 23: 20 of this Book we have an overt proposal of worldwide usurers’ aggression:

[6]    “To a foreigner you may lent upon interest, but to your brother you shall not lend upon interests; that the Lord your God may bless you in all that you undertake in the land which you are entering to take possession of it.

From this “God’s Law” it is evident that striving to “dominate the earth” pious Jews (and their Christian imitators) consider themselves as ALIENS in any country they try to colonize. Individuals having a lot of money are “closer to God”, and in particular moneylenders are really God blessed. ([13]) This, at present transnational, naive belief that the “improvement” of the World is realized thanks to the large scale usury, is exactly opposite to the understanding of the world taught by philosophers of Antiquity. In particular Aristotle, the inventor of the term “Motionless Mover”, in his “Politics” rationally argued that usurers have to be hated, for “they enrich themselves at the cost of others, while doing nothing”. The similar views were repeated more than two millenaries later, by Karl Marx, who advised people to hate the bourgeoisie (“the civil society”, Burgerlichegesellshaft), for this class of “owners of means of production” parasites on proletarians, which are forced to perform ever more alienate, slave-like jobs. Karl Marx openly stated that “money – the god of Israel – has become the secular god of the world, and all other gods of man has to incline in front of this alien being, which holds men in its possession” ([14]).

H. “Beware that no one makes a prey of you by philosophy” (Col. 2,8)


 According to Philo Judeaus’ understanding of the Universe, its most “evil” elements are these ones, which display the “godless” strive to become something else (see [2]). It is thus evident that in particular these individuals, which cultivate the Greek understanding of Virtue (virtus, αρετη), as the exercise in continuous self-perfection, are men of evil. Normal human cognitive ambitions (“every man wants to know” as observed it Aristotle), induce perturbations in immutable God (of Moses) Plans. Due to such type of reasoning early Christians, heavily brainwashed by Philo’s contemporary anti-philosopher from Tars, known as St. Paul, developed an attitude that “curiosity is the first step to the hell” (and the physical exercise is less important than personal enrichment – see Paul’s teaching in Tim. 4: 8; we have to remember that the term “godliness” Protestants read as “accumulation of wealth”). Due to such a religious attitude, reinforced by a perverse, biblical myth of the “Original Sin of consumption of fruit of knowledge what is good and what is evil”, the nurtured on Hebrew texts Christianity began to sink in an ordinary Cult of Ignorance. This narrow minded attitude prevailed soon after the Pharisee Saul (later known as Apostle Paul), consented with the lapidation, “in agreement with Law”, of free-thinking “Hellenizing” Christian leader St. Stephen.

The hardly concealed Cult of Ignorance transpires also from Philo of Alexandria divagations on mechanisms of acquisition of knowledge. This thinker writes for example, immediately after his appraisal of the “circumcision” of the Impulsive Soul (see [4]) the following “wisdom”:

[7]    Without a fatigue lives the one, whom God out of his plentitude offers the grace of possessing excellent goods. And to the contrary, the one who by his efforts gains the virtue, appears to be less significant and less perfect than Moses, who without an effort received it from God. … As the effort is something less noble and more vulgar than the lack of an effort, the same is with an object less perfect in a comparison with the one of perfection. There is a similar difference between a man who learns and the one who has in himself the knowledge. (Allegory of Laws, book III, verse 135).

Such opinion demonstrates that Judeaus, despite his vast reading, wasn’t able to associate more complex ideas. The prophet Moses was a man, and a man, as any other member of Kingdom of Animals, has to exercise his organs, including his memory. Otherwise these organs necessarily undergo atrophy. It means that also the mythical Moses, in order to preserve the wisdom he learned in Egypt, had to repeat from time to time (be it in secrecy) the teachings he learned in his youth. Opinion [7] provides an example how the “God of Hebrews” has become the cover for ERROR radiating from pages of the Holy Scripture onto its Believers.

The mystery of mythical Moses, who in terms of Philo “had in himself the knowledge, (which he) without an effort received from God” can be elucidated once we recall the opinion of Socrates that not only philosophers are happy being in possession of knowledge they acquired by their strenuous efforts. Also ordinary, simple minded thugs remain satisfied with their ignorance, which they, in fact, “have in themselves” without any effort. Judging after “works of Moses” under the Mt. Sinai, this Hebrew prophet was one of these, ever self satisfied “supermen”, about which ironized Jesus of Nazareth “And if the light (wisdom) in you is darkness (i.e. ignorance), how great is the darkness! (Mat. 6: 23)

I. “Dominate the earth”… by a deceit of Decalogue

Both Jews and Christians consider the Decalogue as a kind of a marvel, given by God, and radiating as eternal “Logos” onto the whole world. Already under the Mount Sinai this “marvel from God” become a pretext for a terrible crime, committed by Levies lead by Moses. This clan of priests-gangsters, as the “funding sacrifice” of their business, in cool blood murdered three thousand of their ‘brothers and sons’ (II Mo. 32; 28-29). The practice of genocide and plunder under the pretext of implantation of “Decalogue” become notorious since this bloody “foundation” of Mosaic religion. In fact the Decalogue – if we look at it more attentively –  imposes the never ending aggression of “God’s Chosen” not only against other cultures, but against all the biosphere.

Only thanks to a Polish ecclesiastic critic of Marxism (which godless ideology is heavily limiting human rights to the private property), I realized that in the CATHOLIC DECALOGUE full Four Commandments relate to the private ownership. Moreover, the Judeo-Christian Bible in none of its numerous Laws sets limits to personal enrichment. (So does it apparently, also the Roman Law.) The similar absence of limits, inhibiting pathological accumulation of private wealth, we have in secular, modern “Human Rights”, permitting to a handful of billionaires to amass the wealth far away surpassing riches of the legendary king Salomon, who in his royal stupidity allegedly collected thousand wives and concubines!

These antique and modern artificial “Laws”, not complemented with amendments limiting personal wealth (as it was practiced in former socialist countries), are the source of constant social tension and aggression. These Laws signify that in any country “under God” (or, respectively, obeying Human Rights), all common, public wealth becomes soon privatized, and thus not permitted not only to trespass, but frequently also to look at with desire. Ever greater areas of “civilized” nations are thus becoming, like England in 18 century, fenced-off “dead lands”, severely limiting the freedom of movements (and of making of living) of ordinary citizens. In this artificial situation, enterprising individuals must look with (permitted by the Law) avidity at “gentile” countries, in all evidence awaiting to be “taken into possession” by these God’s Chosen (see [7]). Such pillage of the wealth of “godless” nations happened many times in the history, and specialized in it the Bible inspired Anglo-Saxon empires. At the end of 20 century we witnessed in Eastern Europe a ferocious attack, of incredibly greedy “small deities” (in all evidence prepared earlier for this task by CIA/Mossad’s “invisible hand”), imposing the forced privatization of nearly all, previously owned collectively, riches accumulated by countries of the hastily destroyed by them Soviet Empire.

Part Three: Unseen Implications of Lamarckian “Law of Hilozoa

 J. Ever more flat cortex of “Chosen People”

All enumerated above biblical “Commandments” signify the severe limitation of the freedom of movements of Civitas Dei builders. These “small deities” willingly destroy for themselves the opportunity to stroll along rugged trails of wilderness (see pt. F and I); they force themselves to become drowsy bench/bank sitters (see pt. G); they avoid free thinking, which may create more mature associations (see pt. H); and of course they are supposed to turn away eyes from objects of beauty, especially of beauty belonging to a neighbor (see [4] and pt. H).

What must be the result of this artificially imposed immobility, which culminates every seventh day of a week, during the Sabbath, when Orthodox Jews are not permitted to make more than 500 steps away from their dwellings? Although the Judeo-Christian Bible is totally silent about it, IT EXISTS THE LAW OF HILOZOA, which has all three attributes of “GOD” imagined by St. Augustin: it is the Reason of Being (causa essendi), the Principle of Thinking (ratio intelligendi) and the Highest Rule of Behavior (ordo vivendi). This Law of Nature, known in elder scientific literature as Lamarck’s Law of Biology ([15]), is the Supreme Reason (causa essendi) that we ourselves exist. If any of our organs will remain too long inhibited in its functioning, it will automatically become ill, and soon dead, due to its disuse. This Principle of Physiology (ordo vivendi) implies that people, trying to live like this legendary Moses, who allegedly “had in himself knowledge without any effort”, must have substantial parts of their brains inactive, revealing “flat” encephalograms, characterizing apathetic and ‘meek’ patients. (See [4], and blessings of the “meek”, and of these “poor in spirit”, insidiously inserted into Christian Gospels).

The opposite is also true, and people, who in their youth had the opportunity to live the highly emotional life, copying with challenges demanding both physical and mental exercise, have their cortices sensibly hypertrophied. Such acquired by exercise hypertrophy permits them to make, especially during their adult age, quite sophisticated associations (ratio intelligendi in terms of Augustin). This well known psychological phenomenon was called, by Swiss biologist and psychologist Jean Piaget, “majorant reequilibration” (in more familiar terms OVER-RECOVERY) from micro lesions, which recovery necessarily occurs during the “rest” period after the exercise of any organ (see example given in ref. 15). Such chemically spontaneous over-recovery, from the fatigue after an effort, is at the base of intelligence (ratio intelligendi in most general sense) characterising ALL living tissues: our muscles – and linked with them neurons – grow when we force them to work, and the same holds in case of our language and memory capacities. Seen from this Lamarcko-Piagetian perspective, the discussed earlier biblical “commandments” must diminish both physical and mental performances of obeying them individuals. In short, people trying to live in agreement with prescriptions of the Holy Bible (see pt. F, G, H, I) with time necessarily must turn into… morons. The Bible, as observed it already in 17 century (anti)Jewish thinker Baruch Spinoza, is the BOOK OF ERROR, and no wonder that the pejorative word “cretin” was derived, centuries ago, from the French word chrétien, the Christian.

Note. The indicated above LAW OF HILOZOA forces us to question the authenticity of Paul’s conversion from “breathing threats and murder” (Acts 9, 1) disciple of Moses, into singing the Hymen of Love (I Cor. 13) apologist of Eros. Prior to his conversion Saul/Paul for decades trained himself into the role of pious Pharisee, and thus necessarily had a significant part of his cortex “flat” due to its non exercise. And neurons once atrophied do not revitalize in a “twinkle of an eye” as Paul believed it to be (I Cor. 15, 52). Due to this infirmity St. Paul was not able to see the evil in the “gospel” he preached, namely CHRISTIANS SALVATION BY CHRIST CRUCIFICATION. This “good news”, producing among naive and greedy of instant redemption Christians an artificial feeling of self-satisfaction, our moronized Paul copied from Hebrew barbarian habit of “lying up of reality” by rites of crimes obliteration by an innocent animal (“God’s lamb”) assassination (see Paul’s “Letter to Hebrews” chapt. 9, and also ref. [16]).

K. Consequences of Cartesian Error in understanding of mechanisms of Life

 The Philo Judeaus belief that “Moses had in himself the wisdom, without any effort”, is an another example of cognitive deficiency of an antique Jewish writer, since childhood bread on texts of Greek version of Old Testament called Septuaginta. Such “childish” views are easily assimilated by unaware public, and thus persist through centuries. The Philo’s Hebrew thesis, concerning the “inborn” wisdom of particulars, was repeated centuries later by a post-Renaissance French thinker René Descartes, who believed – imitating in this respect the antique Christian writer St. Augustin –  that not only human capacities of speech are inborn, (“inné”), and thus not necessitating of training to learn them, but also inborn for humans are other important notions, for example the one of God. This CARTESIAN ERROR in the second half of 20 century become obstinately repeated by the prominent American linguist Noam Chomsky. During the famous discussion with Jean Piaget in 1975 ([17]), Chomsky assured the public that

[8]    “Essential features of our mental and social behavior, among them the language, … are not acquired in the process of learning, and even more by a training.” (Or earlier, during the same “discussion of blinds”: “Learning of a language is not an activity performed by a child, but something which happens to him, on the condition that he will find himself in appropriate environment.”)

In all evidence Noam Chomsky, who in his youth learned by heart lengthy passages of Old Testament, never heard about Greek orator Demostenes, who in order to overcome his inborn speech handicap (very similar to the one of Moses), for months exercised himself in speaking loudly, shouting over the noise of sea waves with mouth filled with stones. This “Lamarckian” history of Demostenes is substantially different from the typical Hebrew – and than typical (neo)Darwinian – tale of Apostles, who accidentally started to speak foreign languages under the sole influence of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2: 3-4).

The contemporary predominance of the “Hebrew” understanding of Nature (learning happens by accident, eventually helped by the Holy Spirit), over the “Greek” one, represented by Jean Piaget and his school of psychology, is enormous. The whole influent group of modern scientists, proudly calling themselves neoDarwinians, denies the fact that efforts can alter propensities, which are accidentally inborn (for example the propensity for eyes squint). A prominent French member of this “School of (Purposeful) Error”, professor Jean-Paul Changeaux (with whom the author had an interesting exchange of views a quarter of century ago –  see ref. [18]), in his book “Neuronal Man” published in 1984, pushed the Chomsky’s argument that “learning happens by an accident, not linked with appropriate effort” even further, claiming that “Apprendre c’est éliminer” – to learn is to eliminate one’s own axons and neurons! Reading arguments of this type one may come to a logical conclusion that the “most learned scientist” is the one, which “circumcised” his own brain so effectively that in his head was left only one neuron!

(Note. Professor Changeux scientific discovery was modeled on an earlier, Charles Darwin’s famous discovery that “novel species arise by selective elimination (extinction) of existing species”. In fact the Darwin’s imagined Natural Selection logically leads to a situation, in which at the surface of the Earth will remain only one, victorious in the struggle for survival, species. As we witness it, especially in USA, this “super-species” will consist of obese two legged mammalians, cultivating only one, highly specialized cell in their brains. Except of few races of domestic beasts, kept inside meat & milk factories, isolated specimens of other big mammalians will perhaps manage to survive for few decades more, imprisoned in zoos.)

The traceable to the basic text of the Bible (see [7]), belief in “profanity” of any effort, is a proof that for Jewish scholars animals were – and still are, see opinion of Noam Chomsky [8] – mere hilozoa, the living matter which behavior is deprived of any sense and value, except its mechanical multiplication. This antique Hebrew (and probably also Phoenician) understanding of hilozoa, as an uninteresting in itself, lawless “chaos”, not worth to be examined in detail, in 20th century has lead to the well publicized scientific conclusion that “happy for the survival (of species) accidents” are products of random genetic mutations ([19]). And this SCIENTIFIC ERROR in understanding of the Universe automatically has lead to ever more aggressive efforts aimed at this vile (and worthless in itself) Universe colonization by these “God’s Chosen”.

L. The ever more sterile and devastated Earth

The life of Naturally Self Chosen People, in particular of these dwelling in the New World, has the imposed by The Law Of Hilozoa feed-back effect. In Antiquity Parmenides argued that imagined by him, homogeneous, invariant in time and space Being (a model of Hebrew G-d declaring himself “I am who I am”), shall have the shape of endless perfect sphere, and in fact, today’s “small deities” from the New World, which Supermen (and women) remain ever more tightly locked inside their “cages of freedom” ([20]), in their general outlook are approaching ever more spherical shapes. The overweight linked with such “god-like” posture is a severe handicap for endogenous movements, and thus “choosenites” of all nations and races spontaneously select ever more powerful artificial means of individual locomotion. This habit of “motionless movements” has already led to the depletion of oil reserves of core territories of United States, and to subsequent planetary “wars for fuel”, like this one we have now in Iraq.

The essence of the scientific culture, which developed in the West since the Renaissance, is the strive for the world’s total subjugation, realized with the massive help of technical means. The subsequent scientific revolutions made the class of dominant bourgeois ever more sedentary, so it become necessary to develop the whole new industry of specific ‘clothing’, aimed at concealment of genetically acquired infirmities resulting from the effortless way of life of modern “supermen”. It is for this reason ever larger parts of New World become incessantly illuminated, for in artificial light negative aspects of urban life in large extend disappear. (Not to say that vanishes also the ugliness of modern cities, which in USA is particularly well perceptible during the daylight.)

The present artificial illumination of our Planet is very well visible on pictures of Earth taken at night by satellites. These spots and areas, which are radiating the most, correspond to economically most active regions. It is worth to compare satellite maps of artificial illumination of the Earth with photographs of human body made in infrared. On these, used in oncology photographs, areas of abnormal radiation indicate the abnormal metabolic activity, usually linked with development of a local cancer. Not exaggerating at all, we can say the same of satellite maps of the Earth at night: points and areas which are the most illuminated, are these ones, where the cancer-like human economic activity is concentrated.

Part Four: UNITED ERISLAND (“the Open Society“) and its Natural Enemies

 M. The goddess of Error, Eris (Discordia) as the model for Hebrew “male” Jehovah

Searching for the origin of the CULT OF ARTIFICIAL LIGHT (which Light indeed “destroys the wisdom of wise, and thwarts the cleverness of the clever” – see Isaiah. 29: 14 repeated by St. Paul in I Cor. 1: 19), we easily discover Menorah, the emblem of antique Israel in form of a holder of seven candles. With artificial illumination are linked several kabalistic “wisdoms”, among them the one I’ve read in “Zohar Tales”: “the best light is the one which shines in the dark”. Why do the weak light, shining in the darkness, is the best? As we argued in the previous chapter, such light illuminates only a part of the “Platonian cave”, forcing spectators to concentrate at shadowy structures selected for the public by our “enlightened” media owners. In natural sunlight these shadowy structures usually turn to be monsters of unbelievable ugliness and corruption. Here I have in mind the relatively recent opinion of professor John Strugnell, who for decades was the head of an international Commission, deciphering nearly two thousand years old Jewish manuscripts, discovered in late 1940-ies in caves in the region of Qumran near Dead Sea. In an interview for Israeli “Haertz” journal, published on Nov. 9 1980, Strugnell commented these early biblical texts, still not presented in full to the public, in one short but full of meaning sentence “Judaism is a monstrous religion” ([21]).

Already from writings of Philo of Alexandria, completed during roughly the same historical period as Qumran manuscripts, we can sense what kind of a monstrosity is hidden behind the term of the “Unique God” of Hebrews. Let’s resume, enumerated in this essay, characteristics of this ALIEN (to Nature) “God”:

1. This imaginary being (“Existing” only in minds of believers) is marked by its SPIRIT OF SEPARATION, as affirm it first verses of the Bible (see quotations [1], [2] and [3]).

2. It has a deeply ANTI-EROS, ANTIZOOLOGICAL heartless and apathetic character (see quotations [4] and [5]). Human “small deities”, trying to behave like their imaginary Motionless Commander (their “Lord”), must necessarily acquire the castrated of irascibility, “effeminate” character.

3. The atrophy due to disuse, of masculinizing hormones, automatically invites striving for power individuals to try to dominate the world by a (devoid of virtus) DECEIT AND IMPOSTURE, to quote the famous maxim of Israel’s secret service Mossad “By a deceit we make war”.

4. This “God” is thus the PATRON (or rather MOTHER) OF ERROR, for it is giving no credit to individual’s efforts aimed at the better understanding of both cosmos and microcosmos, it means of one’s own soul (see chapter J).

Professionals of Greek mythology know the name of god – or more precisely, of a goddess – fitting the characteristics of the described above “Unique God” of Hebrews and of Judaised Christians. This member of the Pantheon of Gods bears the Greek name of ERIS, the Latin name of DISCORDIA, and Polish SPÓR (QUARREL). According to Homer’s Iliad story, it was this JEALOUS AND VENGEFUL (like Jehovah – see Ex. 20, 5), goddess, which gave to Paris the famous apple for “the most beautiful”, thus starting the quarrel between top Olympic goddesses. The “quarrel of gods” at Olympus resulted in a very real and murderous Trojan War in Mediderranean. (Eris was the sister of Ares/Mars, the god of War.)

Using the method of Aristotelian induction we constructed the very general notion, suggesting that Hebrew “unique God”, known as YHWH “I am who I am”, corresponds to Greco-Roman evil goddess called Eris-Discordia. From this general notion, by a method of logical deduction, we can arrive at several interesting conclusions, putting new light both on events related in the Bible, and on these we witness in the world of today.

First of all, from the point of view of Greek mythology, heirs of biblical Patriarch Jacob – who was not only an effeminate tent dweller, but also an honestly dumb individual, not able to recognize with whom he spent his nuptial night – shall be called CHILDREN OF ERIS. And children usually do, what their progenitor taught them to do (see the opinion of Jesus of Nazareth on this topic – Jn 8,40).

The ill goddess Eris according to Greek historian Hesiode was “daughter of the Night, mother of the Famine, of Sorrow, of Imposture and Crime. Acting like instructed by this nasty Eris-Discordia the “Unique God” of Hebrews illustrated himself in tormenting Egyptians with seven consecutive plagues. Moreover He (or more precisely, She) – by enhancing Israelites’ sense of vanity – separated his (it means, her) Chosen People from the rest of the human species, which instantly has lead to described in the Bible wars for the possession of the Holy Land. Children of this specific “God(dess)” act as their progenitor used to do, and thus since millenaries specialize in division and dissolution of every more sophisticated social structure, which earlier was solidly bound together. The recent destruction of Yugoslavia in large extend was achieved by a conspiracy of effeminate “children of Eris”, organized in Soros Foundation and Human Rights Watch. The realized at present division, in ever smaller units, of remnants of the Russian and than Soviet Empire, is assured by “rose-orange-tulip revolutions”, organized by the above mentioned “Foundations of Love”, helped by less visible, “making war by a deceit”, CIA/Mossad effectives. If we look at Palestine of today, which 50 years ago was a united country, we see how Missionaries of Eris/Jehovah have managed to make this tiny land continuously in turmoil, with its two parts separated by several hundreds of kilometers of ugly concrete wall 8 meter high.

The general notion of Jewry as “Eris Chosen People” sheds new light at major historical events of last two centuries. In particular the economical extraordinary development of Germany at the end of 19th century was possible, in a big measure, thanks to “Semitic” owners of German banks ([22]). United Germans, thanks to their banks become conscious of their economical and scientific superiority, and in their vanity of God Chosen Übermenschen, they began to fight with older Powers for the Living Space (Lebensraum), which they imagined that they deserve, as the prize for their civilization achievements. This quarrel for ownership of colonies has lead to two consecutive World Wars, which ended, after the lasting for four decades “cold war”, in imposition of the UNITED ERISLAND – it means of the tandem USA-Israel – as the “Sole Victor” at the end of 20th century.

N. The Eris-Mammon cabal

The mythical Eris is the goddess of disjunction, and thus her apostles – like the discussed earlier Jacques Derrida (see chapt. H) do not desist in efforts aimed at “deconstruction” of all natural national, tribal and even familial bindings. These bindings, by their sheer existence, are giving the sense of security and of “belonging” to every human individual. “Liberated” and atomized in this artificial way people must thus turn their attention towards substitutes giving them the feeling of safety and of meaning in life. Such substitute institutions, giving the artificial sense of security, (and of belonging to the “superior” social group), are at present Banks and Insurance Companies, not to speak about the ever more demanded “material goods”, artificially assuring rich men’s preservation and dominion.

The inscribed already in the last Commandment of Moses’ Decalogue (Ex. 20,17), reification of interpersonal relations, in heavily Judaised England of 17 century become so deep, that political theorist of these tempestous times, Thomas Hobbes imagined that cupiditas naturalis (the natural greed) is the manifestation of human strive for self-preservation! In short, by the reification ([23]), promoted by the Last Commandment of the Decalogue, we logically obtain the society in which the happiness is realized not by the intimate “being together” (sobornost’ in Orthodox Christian religion), but by an accumulation of material goods, which cupiditas already in Antiquity was considered as the religion of Mammon, the Aramean (old Syrian) deity of Wealth ([24]).

Eris thus, by separation of humans (and whole nations), into isolated monads, helps to establish the Kingdom of Artificial God called Mammon, the Money. This Mammon in turn, by the work of its effeminate “apostles” called bankers, is ever widening the gap in wealth between individuals and whole nations, thus increasing both the individual and collective sentiment of jealousy and of revenge of these economically (and culturally) downtrodden. Due to this necessary effect, which is the logical product of the Bible blessed practice of usury (see [6]), all mammonized, so called “OPEN” SOCIETIES (Gesellshaften in German) must come ever closer to the worldwide KINGDOM OF ERIS. This “unique god(dess) of Jewry” in the Bible is known under the term YHWH, “I am, who I am”.

O. The sociobiological problem of global “Taenia solium” implementation (and purgation)

Not only the positioning of Eris – as the “Unique G-d of Hebrews” – among Gods populating the ancient Greek Pantheon, may be of help in neutralizing this “god of vengeance” worldwide ambitions. The modern science of biology may also be of help, once we manage to place our “Children of Eris/Mammon/Jahveh” inside Augustinian ordo vivendi, it means on the “ladder of beings”. According to philosophers of Antiquity, all Living Nature – including human societies – has not the “flat” democratic, but the “vertical” hierarchical structure. The thriving at lowest level of organization, practically immobile plants feed themselves passively assimilating inorganic compounds, which they encounter at random (see ref. 5). Forming the higher level of organization animals, thanks to their senses and organs of locomotion, feed themselves with lower organized plants, which nutrition they find not “at random”, but by actively searching for it. This hierarchy is very well perceptible also inside the Kingdom of Animals, and big predators are neatly superior, in their senso-motorical skills, to phytophagous beasts, which serve as aliment for them.

The same holds in case of every healthy human society, where men (and women) of virtue are supposed to form the “guardians” class, fed and dressed by more flabby and prone to corruption “feeder” class of citizens (as imagined it Plato in his “Republic”). For the individual accumulation of wisdom needs years of possibly broad training, so both Plato and Spinoza argued that in state politics shall be accepted only persons of age over 50 years old.

In the Bible this ordo vivendi, called by ethologists “natural order of pecking”, has been inverted, as proudly declares it St. Paul “the elder will serve the younger”, pointing at imposture of “cunning Jacob”, by which this protoplast of Israelites have managed to kick out his elder brother Esau from their common family heritage. The situation, in which more mobile and perspicacious individuals are forced to serve these more flabby and slower in spirit, is the situation of classical parasitism, when species of lower internal organization feed themselves on these more sophisticated (and thus, in optics of ordo vivendi, more noble) ones. For example the very simple in its structure, and practically devoid of senses and of organs of locomotion, long intestinal tapeworm (taenia solium), once it manages to colonize the most virtuous hero, is able to live and multiply inside him in full tranquility, leading to this hero chronic hunger linked with his noticeable physical deterioration.

In modern society such blind “tapeworms” are surely our “blind and immobile” banks, which are indeed extremely simpleminded in organization of their business. Like in case of any other “vegetative” organism, the sole purpose of banker’s activity is to make subsequent bank branches in all places on the earth accessible to capital penetration. People living in countries infested with these monstrous worm-like, bank parasites, must of course lose their spontaneous strive, characteristic for all more complex animals, for the constant perfection of their senses, of their strength and of their associative faculties. The banking monster, by stealing (usuring) its host’s financial “aliments”, forces masses of people in “free to usury” countries to abandon their higher animal curiositas naturalis, for the sake of their artificially hypertrophied financial voracity, which indeed develops into a chronic “cupiditas naturalis” as observed it Hobbes already four centuries ago. This ARTIFICIAL GREED, ever more amplified by the Global Banking System, must lead to the ever more aggressive, competitive devastation of the Earth.

This sociobiological comparison, of Banker’s Associations (run predominantly by so called Chosen People), to a monstrous Taenia soluium, is indeed very instructive. On one hand it permits to imagine zoologically, what was in fact this described in the Bible “exodus” of Chosen People from Egypt. On the other hand recent “multicolor revolutions”, inside the former Soviet Empire, can be considered as examples of external “skin camouflages”, made by the Global Banking Solitary Worm, in order to “take into possession” countries, which for nearly whole 20th century have managed to live free of this Bible produced parasite! This is not everything. By pinpointing the source, wherefrom the corruption of both people and earth originates, we can start to think about this corruption limitation, of course in agreement with principles laid down by Aristotle in Antiquity.

In particular the short “Communist Manifesto”, written by (anti)Judeo-Christian philosophers Karl Marx and F. Engels in 1848, in its concise 10 point program proposes that not only Banks must be nationalized, but also the General Communication System, the Education, the Health, not to speak that Big Enterprises and Oversized Farms should remain under the state control. (Like it was practiced in antique Egypt or China, and like it is in case of agriculture in today’s European Union). The author from his youth remembers that the life in so called “communist” (in fact only socialist) countries was much more stimulating and optimistic 50 years ago than it is now, after Eastern Europe “liberation”, by the World Bank’s “emissaries”. (In Bulgaria and Russia population loses in last 15 years become comparable in numbers to losses of Russians during the 2nd World War!)

If someone likes to put the program sketched above into Biblical terms, we may say that ORDO VIVENDI NATURALIS has to be reestablished. The symbolizing vital forces of Nature Esau (the “animal” or “beast”, in Talmud understanding) should come back, and take away means of production from his idiot brother Jacob, moved only, like an ordinary blind worm, by his cupiditas naturalis ([25]).


 P. The Hebrew Word (“logos”), which transformed the surface of the Globe into a Sore

As we argued above, the uncontrolled hypertrophy of the “blind” banking system is surely the backbone of the present, incontestably lead by USA, sprawl of World’s industrious devastation. Ever more waste parts of the Globe’s look sore, like stricken by a particular kind of leprosy. The notion of leprosy appears also in the very context of the Holy Bible origin. Roman Jewish historian Joseph Flavius in his “Contra Apionem” quotes for example the Egyptian priest Manethon, living in 5th century BC, who in his chronicles suggested that their famous Exodus Jews have modeled on a known in Egyptian history event, dating from 12 century BC :

The pharaoh Amenophis, after the victory over Hyksos, rounded up 80 000 of leprous in the city of Avaris in the Delta of Nile. There these leprous organized themselves under the leadership of archpriest Ozarzif or Moses, fortified the city, but Egyptians conquered it, permitting leprous to leave the Egyptian soil.” ([26])

Why does this story of the Exodus of the City of Leprous – which “city” St. Augustin ([27]) took as a model of his Civitas Dei – recurrently appears in texts related to the history of Jews? Thirty years ago the author of this essay had a chance to visit a big leprozorium, located in Puri, in the state of Orissa in India. He learned there that bacteria of leprosy attack at first neurons conducting signals to human skin, and than also to extremities like fingers or noses. These, not stimulated by nervous system organs, remain insensible and immobilized, and thus quickly undergo atrophy, their tissues are rotting and finally they are dropping off, leaving on hands and faces cicatrizing with time wounds. The subsequent stage of development of this illness is less visible, for bacteria of leprosy attack neuronal cells inside the brain, heavily damaging them, cutting connections between diverse brain centers, so the ill person loses the sense of reality, begins to hallucinate and so on. Perhaps Moses, who heard the voice of his “Lord” at the desert, was in fact afflicted by this illness, which made him hallucinate that he will lead his Chosen People towards the land “flowing with milk and honey”.

The similar effect of the loss of neurons, connecting not stimulated brain centers, occurs when people (or any other cerebrated animals) are inhibited for a long time in their spontaneous movements. As we argued it already in chapter J, due to this “Lamarck’s effect” men trained since childhood to behave in agreement with exigencies of “Law of Moses”, must have substantial parts of their brains atrophied, and thus they are not able to see structures, which existence is evident for people grown without “Biblical” blinkers ([28]; see also Note concerning St. Paul in pt. J). This specific “spiritual leprosy” of community, which generation after generation become accustomed to a devoid of criticism reading and re-reading of the same “Holy Scripture”, was well known in Antiquity. The contemporary of Philo of Alexandria, stoic philosopher Seneca considered Jews as the “most criminal tribe” ([29]); another Roman writer Celsus, in his critics of both Jews and Christians, commenting Christian rites of worship of “the dead corpse”, remarked that “a new pestilence originated once again from Judea” ([30]). Even in medieval times, prior to the mass intoxication of Christians with the Bible translated into national languages, catholic Popes warned their subjects about misdeeds of the “blind tribe of Judah”.

This “spiritual leprosy” we can observe also in writings of Philo of Alexandria, who was relatively isolated from narrow-mindedness of Orthodox Judaism worshipped in not so distant Jerusalem. Philo studied only Septuaginta, the translated into Greek version of Old Testament. Nevertheless this “Hellenized” version of the Bible was sufficient to mould neuronal “wiring” of his mind in such a way that things normally perceived as meaningful become for him meaningless, while completely pathological reflections become “beacons” to be followed by everyone (see quotations [2] – [5]).

The source of ERROR, which thanks to Christians become dominant in all former Roman Empire, is located in the very first Commandment of the Decalogue (Ex. 20,3): “You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in the heaven above, or that is in the earth beneth”. This First Commandment become enlarged, in Deutoronomy 4, 14-19, into a lengthy description of all natural objects (males, females, beasts, birds, fishes, sun, moon, stars, etc.) which is forbidden to worship and to bend in front of them. If people are not aloud to admire the excellency of wonders of Nature, they are logically invited to consider these objects – as did it Philo – as “nearly nothingness” filling the universe (see [3] and chapt. D and J). These senselessly and at random moving objects are supposed to be transformed into something useful – or eradicated, as understood it in modern times Anglo-Saxons colonizing North America. (see [1]).

Due to such “First Commandment”, radiating like immutable “logos” from pages of Deuteronomy, only artifacts having utilitarian application are admitted in Judaism to be objects of fervent veneration, for these artifacts facilitate the “taking the earth into possession” promised by the Bible. The adulation of various utensils was in antique Israel so unashamed, that one of manuscripts found in Qumran practically consists of enumeration of ordinary household’s gear, each item preceded by the word “God’s”. Not exaggerating at all, we suggest that in case automobiles were known already in Antiquity, the object of worship of the Chosen People would be also GOD’S VECHICLE ([31]), providing an effortless transportation to “small deities”, as Philo called his co-believers.

The adornment, in Judaism, of utensils of ordinary household has made representatives of this religion, although widely despised for their voracious cupiditas naturalis, very useful helpers of every ruler trying to be “like others”, and thus dreaming of dwelling in apparent material comfort, secured by riches (and arms) of all kinds. This was the reason, for example, of the decision of King of Poland Kazimierz the Great, to open the country, in late 14th century, for rich Jewry flying from Germany at that time. Such pragmatic, utilitarian considerations were surely also behind the incomprehensible for laymen acceptation of Old Testament as the “spiritual beacon” of the expanding Christian faith, which was done during the Council of Nice in year 325, immediately after Christians sized power in the Roman Empire. But the Church, which out of greed of its leaders, accepted Abraham’s children cupiditas naturalis as the “beacon” directing this Church earthly adventures, quickly become sucked down – like the Jewry it despised – into the never ending pursuit of wealth. This Catholic (Common) Church predilection for riches automatically have lead to (the Eris-Discordia driven) separatist Protestant movements, than to bloody religious wars, than to Protestant massive participation in the development of capitalist cancer, and finally to the encompassing at present the whole Globe Transnational Religion of Mammon. The Germano-Jewish psychoanalyst Erich Fromm was really horrified, in the middle of 20th century, when he realized, soon after his arrival to USA, that Judeo-Christian elites of this “super” country rally dream of the “second creation”, of the whole Solar System, along pattern of world’s “improvement” outlined in the present essay on Philo’s of Alexandria theosophy.

Mimicking the famous exclamation of St. Paul “No salvation (of Christians) without ugliness of Christ’s assassination!”, we may say that there is NO HUMANITY SALVATION WITHOUT BIBLE ABJURATION. This is the program proposed already 18 centuries ago by Marcion, the son of bishop of Synope, but abandoned few centuries later thanks to efforts of ambitious cretins like this famous Tertulian, who believed the invented by St. Paul “logos” so much that he proudly announced credo quia absurdum (or ineptum) est. In other terms it means that God, which Tertulian believed in, is hidden in the logical rubbish. And once this LOGICAL RUBBISH took the place of Plotinian ABSOLUTE, it started to radiate downwards, creating subsequent, enumerated by Plotin, hipostases.

In this particular, Judeo-Christian ordo vivendi, the hypostasis, following the LOGOS of St. PAUL, became the SPIRIT OF JUDAISATION, known today the best as Calvinist “American Psyche”. This penetrating everywhere “Holy Spirit of Free Enterprise” creates on the earth below the LUMPENCULTURE of Junk Food eaters, Shopping Malls customers and consumers of the Rubbish Religion and Rubbish Science. Formed by this (lumpen)culture individuals create, by their industrious activities, the ultimate hypostasis of the “Absolute” in form of a GIGANTIC HEAP OF GARBAGE of the planetary dimension. This “New Creation” (Nowotwór – in Polish this means Global Tumor), is the END OF TIMES PROJECT of inspired by the Bible Judeo-American “solidarity” of bankers with lead by them masses.

Footnotes and references:

[1]  Pierre Thuiller “La grande implosion; le rapport sur l’effondrement de l’Occident en 2002-2005”, Fayard, Paris, 1995. Historian of science Pierre Thuiller was a member of staff of “La Recherche” scientific revue. During his stage at Paris in 1979, at Laboratoire d’évolution des etres organisées, directed by Pr Pierre-Paul Grassé, the author of this essay had the opportunity to make few interesting exchanges of view with Pierre Thuiller, who was very skeptic concerning the direction which took the modern science.

[2]  Ireneusz Kania “Peruurweru czyli dwa programy Jahve” [in] „Biblijne korzenie ochrony i niszczenia przyrody” (Biblical roots of protection and devastation of Nature), Biblioteka „Zielonych Brygad”, no. 8, Kraków 1994.

[3]  From chapter „On creation of world”, verse 33 [in] Filon Aleksandryjski “Pisma” (Writings), PAX, Warszawa 1986. All present in this text quotations of Philo Judeaus are retranslated into English from this Polish edition of Philo’s writings.

[4]  Jan Legowicz “Filozofia okresu Cesarstwa Rzymskiego”, PWN Warszawa 1962, pp. 80-81.

[5]  For example, the slowly growing from their spherical (or spheroid) seeds plants chemically “select” and assimilate chemical compounds, which they encounter “at random” in their environment: they uptake water (H2O) from the ground, CO2 from the air, the necessary for their auto-construction elements (K, Ca, etc.)  from the soil, and the heat (Q), which is necessary for photosynthesis, from the sun (or other, “accidentally” substituting the sun source of light). Once the process of photosynthesis is accomplished, we see how these previously relatively at random intermixed elements become arranged in a strict way, far away from their previous “accidental” distribution. Biosynthesis is thus the process of Creation of Information, making Order out of Chaos.

[6] . One of these fantastic stories was preserved in the Christian Bible under the title “Revelation” of St. John.

[7]  Since Philo’s times the lack of comprehension of the notion of “virtue” – which is essential for the understanding of Greco-Roman military culture – have become ever more common in the West, up to the point that in 20 century the famous English philosopher, Bertrand Russel complained that he does not understand why Socrates was so obsessed with this, devoid of any sense (for it has lead only to his suicide), “virtue”.

[8]  This information was given by the Polish edition of French “Science et Vie” scientific monthly.

[9]  Kevin Macdonald “The Culture of Critique; an Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish  Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements”, Calif. State Univ., Long Beach, 2002. On p. 204 Macdonald quotes the opinion of Caputo J.D. in “The Prayers and Tears of Jacques Derrida: Religion Without Religion” (Univ. of Indiana Press, 1997): “By presenting in the most loyal and literal way what Hegel says, Derrida shows… that Hegel’s denunciations of the Jew’s castrated heart is a heartless, hateful castration of the other”.

[10]  Protestants, in order to be as close as possible to “God’s light” emanating from Jewish Scriptures, decided to “purify” the Bible of texts shedding an unfavorable light at “wisdom” of Israeli Patriarchs and prophets. In particular Protestants ignore the “Book of Syrach”, in which we find remarks that “it is wiser to have less children but better educated, than to have them many, but of bad manners.” (A clear allusion to Patriarch Jacob, who had 12 children, two of which, Simon and Levi, turned into psychopathic gangsters.) The Book of Syrach also warns against “solidarity” between rich and poor, for “a wild donkey is the prey for lions, and the poor is the nourishment for rich”. This, present in Septuaguinta, Book of Syrach was removed from the Hebrew cannon of Bible by rabbi Ben Akiva, the most prominent supporter of Bar Kochba uprising in 2nd century, which uprising against the “Beast” of Rome put an end to antique Israel.

[11]  More details on this topic in article of Marek Glogoczowski “Globalization But No Dialogue of Civilizations Ahead” published in “World Affairs”, no 4, vol. 7, New Delhi 2003.

[12]  French journalist Maurice Joly in “Dialogue aux enfers entre Makiavel et Montesquieu”, published in Brussels in 1864, observed that “From all these revolutions (1789, 1830, 1848) arouse a cool commercial society, which took as a model the society of Jews”. The forbidden in France book of M. Joly, allegorically criticizing liberalo-democratic despotism of Napoleon III, forty years later become a model for “Protocols of Elders of Zion”.

[13]  As many authors observed it, imitating Jews Protestants gave to the term “godliness” the meaning of “accumulation of wealth”.

[14]  Karl Marx “Zur Judefrage”, 1844

[15]  French naturalist Jean Baptise de Lamarck formulated the Law of Biology in his “Philosophie zoologique” published at Paris in 1809. In this book he insisted that evolution of animals is a product of their own habits. The preponderances for these habits with time are becoming inherited, giving thus the stimulus for the development of completely new organs. For ex. in Lamarck’s opinion horns of sheep are result of sheep heritable habit of striking with forehead, which initially has lead to heritable over-secretions of periosteum in areas of frequent scull lesions, and finally to fully developed horns in places of frequent striking. Similar, lasting till our death (and thus in all evidence genetically acquired), over-secretions of peristeum we can observe also on our own feet in case of too long use of not comfortable plastic ski shoes.

[16]  More comments on St. Paul’s uncomplicated theology in author’s lengthy essay “Lord of Ignorance and its Opus Dei”, published in 2004 at

[17]  Noam Chomsky, Jean Piaget et al. “Théories de language, théories d’apprentissage. Colloque d’octobre 1975: débat entre Jean Piaget et Noam Chomsky”. Quotations in present the text are taken from Polish edition of these materials, published in 1995 under the title “Noama Chomsky’ego próba rewolucji naukowej” (Noam Chomsky’s Attempt of Scientific Revolution).

[18]  Details of discussion in 1981 with Pr. J.-P. Changeux are recalled in Marek Glogoczowski’s book on the subject of evolution of biosphere “Atrapy i paradoksy nowoczesnej biologii”, (Impostures and Paradoxes of Modern Biology; Theories of Differentiation and Dedifferentiation of Living Organisms) Kraków 1993.

[19]  This is the bold statement, summing-up achievements of modern molecular biology, made by Nobel Prize Winner, Jacques Monod in his super-publicized book “Le hasard et la nécessité” published in 1971.

[20]  A Swiss sociologist Willy Dietrich, who was a climbing partner of author of this essay in years 1970ies, used to repeat with disgust “Man is the most stupid of all animals. Not only he voluntarily enters cages prepared for him, but even locks himself inside with a key!

[21] John Strugnell quoted in James C. Vanderkom’s book “Manuscripts Found near Dead Sea”. (Polish edition Cyklady, Warszawa, 1996)

[22]  One of these German Jewish (Askenazi) bankers invented in 1860ies the very term “antisemitism”. This in all evidence in order to deflect the attention of numerous Judaism haters towards racial component of Jewish creed.

[23]  Reification means the treating as “things” of all living, surrounding us objects, including close friends. Very young children do not distinguish between living and not living objects they play with, and the same is observed in case of cats playing with mice they caught. The reification of women and servants in the 10th Commandment is an example of such a neoteny (“new youth”) of antique Decalogue writers.

[24]  In the Deuteronomy 26, 13 we find a remark that Abraham was of Aramean (Syrian) origin, and thus no wonder that directing him in his wanderings “unique God’ was Syrian Mammon, the same “deity”, which makes industrious Albanians of today wander around Europe, offering to rich bourgeois sexual services of their “sisters”.

[25]  Jacob’s cupidity has lead to desertification of overgrazed lands owned by this industrious Patriarch. During an ordinary draught his oversized family was forced thus to emigrate, out of hunger, to Egypt. This sinister fate was spared to Esau, dwelling in crude mountains near by.

[26]  Joseph Flavius “Contra Apionem” 1. I c. 41; also Eusebius: “Preparatio evangelica” 1. c. 13.

[27]  In “La doctrina christiana” (book two, XL 60) St. Augustin argues that Christians – as New Jews – have to imitate “old’ Jews, who prior to their Exodus “borrowed in order to never give back”, from their naive Egyptian neighbors, “(liturgical) vessels from gold and silver, and also cloths”. Subsequently these liturgical utensils “borrowed” Christians, from despised by them Jews, so today we see, during Catholic Mass, still the same, stolen three thousand years ago in Egypt, liturgical golden chalices and priest’s white chasubles!

[28]  This is a well known phenomenon linked with the mind development of all mammals: for example cats, which in the “critical period” of their growth are forced to see through blinkers with vertical holes, in their adult age are not able to see obstacles having the “horizontal’ structures, while kitten, grown during first three months after birth with blinkers permitting them to see only horizontal structures, in adult age do not recognize fences made of vertical bars!

[29]  Seneca quoted by St. Augustin in “Civitas dei” VI 11.

[30]  Roman Epicurean and Platonic writer Celsus quoted by Orygenes in “Contra Celsus

[31]  After writing this supposition the author realized that antique Jews in fact worshiped “God’s vehicle” in form of “Arch of Covenant”. This “arch” was a miniaturized, prepared for transportation in the desert, copy of Arch of God Ra, which Jews admired while it was travelling on Nile during antique Egyptian God of Sun festivities!

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