PAN w Z-nem (32) HEBRAISM : the Backbone of “I First” Planetary Empire

HEBRAISM : the Backbone of “I First” Planetary Empire

By “Markglogg” a Gentile philosopher from Zakopane, PL


This March 2018 I got two significant emails from my Jewish correspondents and friends.

The first one was from the living at present in London, as an “ideological refugee from Israel”, Israeli musician and philosopher Gilad Atzmon, author of “The Wandering Who?” (2011) book:

From:Gilad Atzmon

Sent: Friday, March 16, 2018 9:30 PM

Subject: Gilad Atzmon Needs Your Immediate Support

Gilad Atzmon Needs Your Immediate Support! Gilad wrote in particular: “I am being sued for libel in the High Court in England by Campaign Against Antisemitsm’s … this fight poses a real risk of bankrupting me and my family (etc.)


The second email on the same theme I got few days later from my “comrade in arms”, the living at present in Moscow Russo-Israeli publicist Israel Shamir. In a larger text “The Globalists Love Gefilte Fish” (first published at The Unz Review) he dared to express these banalities linked with the tabooed term ‘JEW’:

>Speaking about the Jews is fraught with consequences. Jews do not like to be referred to, unless in extremely flattering terms. You are likely to be banned in Facebook and other social networks for referring to ‘Jews’. You can be fired. Even a hundred years ago it was a troublesome step, likely to cause social ostracism.

>Therefore, there is a permanent demand for euphemisms.

  1. Semite” is an early and enduring euphemism of the 19th century which is still with us thanks to “anti-Semitism”.

  2. *The Clergy prefer to write ‘Masons’ instead of ‘Jews’.

  3. Khazar’ or ‘Khazarian’ is popular in the networks, thanks to Arthur Koestler, the author of The Thirteenth Tribe. He claimed modern Jews were the descendants of the Turkic Khazars who were Judaised in 12th century.

  4. The nickname ‘Ashkenazi’ originally referred to the Jews of Central Europe; the East European Jews of Lithuanian and Ukrainian origin gladly accepted it despite the German Jews’ objections. Nowadays it is just an euphemism for a Jew, with an extra bonus: not-very-prominent (outside trade and money) Oriental Jews will gladly join in Ashkenazi denunciation.

  5. Zionist’ is a popular term of use and abuse, as in “Jews are fine, it is Zionists whom I dislike”.

  6. Reptilian” or ‘Illuminati’ are the words used when all the rest fail. (…)

>The Jews themselves have proposed a few euphemisms of their own: ‘Hebrews’ or ‘Israelites’ were the preferred ones, but they didn’t make much inroad in the English-speaking world. (…) Now the US has produced a new word: “globalists.” (…) This neologism pleased Ann Coulter, and she amused her numerous readers with her tweets: “Paul Newman is only half globalist,” “How many globalists came under the distribution in the fight against male assault and harassment!”, “Israel is the last refuge of globalists.” (etc.)


The comment of the head of Podhalanian Academy of Knowledge (PAN w Z-nem) to the above e-letters

2800 words

As this vital subject of GLOBALISM and its promoters is considered, I’ve already 12 years ago, in an introduction to the Polish translation of Israel Shamir’s bookPaRDeS – an etude in Cabbala” (2005), wrote this:

>“(In PaRDeS) the grown for the first two decades of his life in atheist Soviet Union, I.A. Shamir recalls the opinion of young Jewish philosopher Otto Weininger (living Vienna prior to 1WW) that „Jewishness is not linked with race, nor with appurtenance to a nation, nor even on professed religion, but with tendency of the mind”. Hence, as a follower of Jean Piaget genetic epistemology, I would like to add (…) that in a difference from proverbial „hooked nose”, which in large extend is hereditary, it is possible to make a „mental Jew”, from every normal child grown since childhood in a „hive” consisting of self-isolated community of Old Testament worshipers. Namely, Piaget’s very detailed investigation, of consecutive phases of development of mental skills of children, have demonstrated that their cognitive faculties (a “mindset” in American scientific slang) reach its mature forms only after performing, by these children (and adolescents) of repeated for several years, demanding of them significant efforts, psychomotorical activities, stimulated by various sensory signals (‘irritations’) received from their environment.

Piagetian view of the origin of the “Hebraist mindset”

A „hive”, consisting of self-isolated community of Old Testament worshipers, is not only the specialty of orthodox Jews. In particular Protestants of Anglo-Saxon origin (WASPS) had/have a predilection for enchantment with biblical texts – this up to the point that in my souvenirs from graduate studies (of geophysics) at UC Berkeley, nearly a half of a century ago, I remember that “Anglo-Saxons are more Jews than Jews”. This was not only my idea – the English philosopher and writer, Mathew Arnold in a book „The Culture and Anarchy” (1869) has divided the populace of his, remaining in “splendid isolation” country, into two very distinctive groups, called by him “Hellenists” and “Hebraists”. Hundred years later, in 1969 in a Jewish monthly “Commentary” Milton Himmelfarb has summarized Arnold’s ideas as follow:

Hellenism is mind, intellect—a free mind and a free intellect, resistant to cant and prejudice, connected with imagination and emotion, open to all excellence, past, present, and future It is mind and intellect flexible and self-correcting, the enemy of fanaticism, rigidity, and one-sidedness … that power which enables us to see things as they really are. On the other hand, “to Hebraise” is to sacrifice all other sides of our being to the religious side, it leads to a narrow and twisted growth of our religious side itself, and to a failure in perfection.”

How do the lecture of the “open Bible” may lead untrained in precise observation people to a “twisted and narrow” attitude towards their surrounding? Our “Holy Scripture” repeats incessantly that man is a creature of God, and that the classic “Hellenist” belief that man can improve himself by his own efforts – bearing the name of Pelagianism – is a sinful heresy. So what is, this despised by Matthew Arnold Hebraism in its essence? As a scholar, who roughly 40 years ago have studied Genetics of Population by Albert Jacquard in Geneva, and later on Evolutionary Sciences by Pierre-Paul Grassé in Paris, I can give a concise answer:

Hebraism is the Hate of Bio-Intelligence, the God Creator of all Universe

What is than this BIO-INTELLIGENCE, about which existence most prominent scientists of today are afraid even to think about, not to say about writing about it in their journals and books? I have thus to repeat – for repetitio mater studiorum est – that Jean Piaget defined intelligence as an automatic reaction – of every healthy living, microorganisms included – to altering/damaging its structure perturbations. This ZOOLOGICAL PHENOMENON, particularly well known among people practicing whatever physical exercise, bears the name of OVERREGENERATION of fatigued and broken muscular myofibrils, which is combined of course, with the overregeneration of damaged neurons activating these muscles. Due to the molecular necessity of use of genetic templates in processes of REGENERATION, we have (the well observed under ordinary microscope) selective overregeneration of metabolic genes, too. (The Lamarck Law of hypertrophy/atrophy is valid also in case of genetic structures). The chemically spontaneous (like in genetic engineering) association of these “chosen to overgrowth by exercise” gene sequences, leads to the appearance of CONDITIONED REFLEXES, giving to organisms – microorganisms included – the capacity to cope better with factors perturbing their homeostasis.

This is the physiological base of BIO-INTELLIGENCE (from Latin inter-ligare, to bind together, associate), which is not only responsible for long term conservation of life, but also for the appearance of more differentiated – and thus aesthetically more attractive –dynamic forms of life. Thanks to the help of my French colleagues, Jacques Ninio and Claude Weil, I’ve published a 20 pages long “Open Letter to Biologists” in “Fundamenta Scientiae” in 1981, containing the outline of this basic bio-phenomenon, providing molecular details of Lamarck’s Law of Biology.

Needless to add that this lengthy article – as well as a book in Polish in which (in 1993!) I furnished further biochemical details of this necessary bio-processes, called in abbreviation (I)RSA, it means Irritation(damage) →Regeneration →Superregeneration Association) – become an object of emotional (really so!) rejection by Hebraism affected, scientists and philosophers situated in positions of power (in France its “chief” neurologist Jean-Pierre Changeux, in Poland the “father” of local philosophers adysław Krajewski). In all evidence they were thinking, like Charles Darwin 110 years earlierLet God protects us from nonsenses of Lamarck postulated tendency of organisms for self perfection”. (Does Darwin had in mind himself, arguing about the lack of drive of organisms for self-betterment?)

Examples of Hebraists “conspiracy of blindness” in Bio-Sciences

Later on in my scientifico-philosophical career, I completed a doctoral thesis titled “(Antizoological) socio-political philosophy of Noam Chomsky” (2002). This American linguist born in 1928, in an essay “Looking into the future: perspectives of research on human mind” (1988) in following terms described his basic scientific belief that languages are not perfectionned by their use: We have essential, overwhelming evidence that substantial aspects of our mental and social life, among them also the language, are determined as the part of our biological endowment, and that they are not acquired by process of learning, and in particular not by a training.” According to Wikipedia, Chomsky is not only a prominent linguist, but also a “philosopher, cognitive scientist, historiansocial critic, and political activist. Sometimes described as “the founder of modern linguistics, and one of the founders of the field of cognitive science.

But why this “founder of modern linguistics” demonstrated such scorn of human efforts to excel in knowledge of foreign languages? On one hand, Chomsky during his youth, according to his memories, has made efforts not to learn foreign languages, but to memorize whole pages of Old Testament – which prophets and heroes were acquiring their extraordinary skills “by God’s grace only”. On the other hand, as an atheist scientist he is supposed to believe that in the distant past our ancestors acquired their linguistic competences by a genetic accident only (really so!). This in agreement with the neoDarwinian belief that “all novelty in biosphere is the product of an genetic accident” (Monod 1971, Dawkins 1986; more on these Chomsky’s “revolutionary views in an article recopied by I. A. Shamir website.)

Chomsky is not isolated in his scorn of typical for “Hellenists”, incessant efforts to excel in all possible domains, linguistic competences included. An another bio-researcher, of nearly the same as Chomsky age and origin, the Englishembryologist Lewis Wolpert, the author of the popular science book “The triumph of the embryo” (1991), “is credited with the famous quote: “It is not birth, marriage, or death, but gastrulation which is truly the most important time in your life” (Wikipedia). Is it really, the embryonic period of life, so important for the ‘mindset’ of an adult man (or woman)?

The scorn, of the loved by “Hellenists” activity of incessant learning lasting till senescence, characterizes “Hebraists” since millenniums. Philo Judeausa Hellenistic Jewish philosopher from Alexandria, in his opus “Allegory of the Law” (book III, verse 135), immediately after an appraisal of the “self circumcision”, of ‘impulsive soul’, being the motor of all curiosity driven investigations, wrote such an appraisal of emotionally cool behavior of the principal hero of OT:

Without a fatigue lives the one, whom God out of his plentitude offers the grace of possessing excellent goods. And to the contrary, the one who by his efforts gains the virtue, appears to be less significant and less perfect than Moses, who without an effort received it from God. … As the effort is something less noble and more vulgar than the lack of an effort, the same is with an object less perfect in a comparison with the one of perfection. There is a similar difference between a man who learns and the one who has in himself the knowledge.

The Philo‘s appraisal of “Moses, who without an effort received from God his excellent virtue (i.e. knowledge)”, in an aware follower of Piaget raises immediately a hardly “catholic” association: namely the cognitive value of biblical books (Tora), ascribed to this principal prophet of Israel, in all evidence is similar to the “modern linguistic” invented by Noam Chomsky: both these writings are constructions of non existing objects, called CHIMERAS, which only OBSCURE the reality of the world we are living in. This is an interesting “Hellenist type” association in itself, joining dubious proposals of modern linguistic with intellectual achievements of antique inventors of Primordial Sin, of God’s vengeance over challenging his presumed omnipotence heretics, and of the necessity of domination, of ‘impulsive soul’ purged God’s Chosen People, over animal-like Gentiles.

The antique scholar, which have managed to insert these fables of OT into his “Letters to Gentiles”, forming the bulk of the NT cannon, was a Hebrew of the Hebrews” PhariseeSaul of Tarsus, alias St Paul. He explained in these verses the origin of his WISDOM and COURAGE (a ‘virtus’ in Latin) to do it: The Gospel I preach to you is no human invention. No man gave it to me, no man taught it to me; it came to me as a direct revelation from Jesus Christ.… But when he who had set me apart before I was born, and had called me through his grace, was pleased to reveal his Son to me, in order that I might preach him among the Gentiles, I did not confer with flesh and blood, nor did I go up to Jerusalem to these who were apostles before me…” („Letter to Galatians” 1:11-17).

A “Hellenist” immediately remarks that this messenger of the “God of Hebrews”, avoided to meet other apostles out of a fear to be denounced by them as an imposter: Saul alias Paul simply ignored the reported in Gospels Jesus’ teachings and doings. Moreover, in the light of Lewis Wolpert’s “Triumph of the Embryo” discovery, St Paul received, the wisdom necessary for his mission among Gentiles, already at the most important gastrula stage of his prenatal life! And like in case of Moses prior to him, and Chomsky afterward, Paul’s contribution to Human General Knowledge consisted of making exist things, which do not exist, while making disappear these, which exist (please remember his bold statement from 1st Letter to Corinthians “I willdestroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of Hellenists I willthwart”).

The “anti-Semitism free” method of a subversion of the Hebraist “Intelligent Design” of Evolution (HIDE)

The “Hebraism”, with its scorn of the possibility of improvement, by repeated exercise, of our mental and physical abilities, by its very nature leads us towards progressive moronization. I remember from my ‘late youth’ in USA, nearly half a century ago that by a pejorative term “Imbecility First !” I called numerous at that time books, of the type of “Future Shock” of Alvin Toeffler, praising benefices of the Americanized world, oversaturated with easing the life technical appliances (see below) :

This is the fate of the entire Western Civilization, which in large extend, thanks to “missionary efforts” of our Judeo-Christian clergy, become “Hebraized”, i.e. colonized by greedy simpleminded folk, fervently worshiping Technics and Money assuring an effortless “like God” life. The TMA (Technique, Money & Ass) obsessed, ever more undifferentiated populace, becomes plagued by Civilization Illnesses, resulting from the atrophy of organs not used in sterile urbanized life, to mention the very recent pandemics of autism, particularly frequent in enclaves of rich.

Is it possible to dismantle this SYSTEM built on Hebraist hate of bio-Intelligence?

First of all it is necessary to demonstrate that bio-intelligence exists, this despite the intense propaganda claiming the contrary. As repeatedly argued it the nestor of French zoologists, Pierre-Paul Grassé, living beings are able to deal successfully with agents harmful to them – including damages of their genes. Here the best example of such “forbidden to know” propensity provide experiments with ionizing irradiation, disrupting our genetic structures. My elder, defunct in 2011 at age of 84 colleague alpinist, the head for decades of Radiation Protection Service in Poland, professor Zbigniew Jaworowskipromoted the idea that such irradiation isgood for our health! In his article “Beneficial radiation” (1997) we find such diagram:

This diagram illustrates the differentia specifica between “Hebraist” and “Hellenist” mindset: Hebraists are assured that living beings do not have the capacity to counteract destruction of their genetic structures imposed by an irradiation. Hence the more intense is irradiation, the more harmful it should be (The LNT hypothesis on a diagram). On the contrary, “Hellenists” habituated to precise self observations, especially medical staff working in sanatoriums using radioactive radon as a healing agent, not only noticed the increase, of the velocity of reparation of damaged by irradiation genes in their own blood samples, but also the improvement of general health of people exposed to small and even medium doses of irradiation. (It is the ‘hormetic curve’ at the diagram above;for more details of this “antiHebraist” phenomenon see the T.D. Luckey text “Radiation Hormesis: Good, the Bad, and the Ugly2006, also theJaworowski’s Remedy from Fearof2010). Such improvement of health is observed also in case of animals exposed to small and medium amounts of toxic chemicals, be it the mercury ( Also gene damages, occurring in cells of tissues activated duringstrenuous efforts, areusually beneficent for people doing these efforts.

This truth was known in the past to every exercising himself in an antique stadium Hellene, but prominent Jews, living next to these Hellenes in Alexandria, had different opinion. Philo Judeaus, whose “antizoological theosophyin large extend had a determinant impact on Western culture, argued “the effort is something less noble and more vulgar than the lack of an effortWithout a fatigue lives the one, whom God out of his plentitude offers the grace of possessing excellent goods.In light ofHellenist” understanding of life, the long term “life in God’s grace” should result in generalized loss of an intelligence. An example of such deterioration provided in 1984 the already mentioned here “computerized neurologist” Pierre-Paul Changeux. In his quickly translated into English book “Neuronal man” he assured his readers that to learn is to eliminate” superfluous neuronal connections. These, inherited from our pre-urbanized past neuronal interconnections, coding our youthful (at least mine) “dreams of life in civilization free environment”, are detrimentalin intensively sedentary conditions of subsistence in “G-d blessed” countries, which populace “is ingrace of possessing excellent goods.

The limitation of the number of accessible excellent goods” (be it only pocket calculators), enforcesthe need to use one’s intelligence, and by efforts of using it, contributes to a higher density of neuronal interconnections in brains of living in scarcity people.Permitting thus them“to see better how things really are”.Here of course comes to the mind the lasting through the major part of 20th century, history of the Soviet Union, where not only the “good” banking system and commercial institutions were purposefully underdeveloped, but also religious services, Judaism in particular, were persecuted by the State. THE SOVIET REVOLUTION HAD AN ANTI HEBRAIST CHARACTER (see Post scriptum 2019) this despite the heavy participation in it of “self hating” Jews, following the Karl Marx observation that “Jews will vanish once disappears the purpose of their existence, namely huckstering(1843). No wonder thus that Lamarckian and later on Piagetian concepts were considered in Soviet Union to be moral directives how the decent life should look like – and these conceptsshould be promoted also today. Otherwise the ‘radious future’ of “Imbecility First” (in abbr. I-First) Americanized Global Super State will take shape of a GLOBAL HUMAN CANCER, whose‘Intelligent Design’wasoutlined on first pages of the antique Bible – andit wasreinvigorated in 1981 in encyclical letter “Laborem exercens”, signed by “Slavic Pope” JP II. For details of this HIDE project for Humanity see the attachment “Declaration of Rights of Human Embryonic Society (Geneva, 1993).

Zakopane, 11.04.2018

Post Scriptum 10-03-2019.

As the number of Jews in the first Soviet government, I quote from my general email of 2017-12-19:


My colleague, prof. of physics Jean-Claude Manifacier from Montpellier, France asked me:

(Is it right) that the first Soviet government included just  one (1) Jew – Trotsky?
It goes, anyway, contrary to Alexander Soljenitsyne later book (Two centuries together, Fayard 2003), many  authors and  Poutine declaration (youtube) talkink of 80 to 85% jews in the first bolchevik government.

So, I did a not-so-small research, and that’s what I find:

- I’ve looked into Wikipedia, and i found that in the first Political Bureau of Comparty, between years 1917-1924 (Lenin’s death) were only 5 permanent members: Lenin, Trotsky, Krestinsky, Kamenev, and Stalin (two noblemen + 2 Jews + 1 “low classs” Stalin in Russian Empire terms; supplementary members were changing frequently).

- My friends in Moscow informed me, that indeed in year 1918 among circa 20 members of Central Committee, were probably 17 Jews (it is the number given in Andrei Diky book “Jews in Russia and the USSR, published in New York in 1967) but Diky ommitted the fact that during 1918 through CC Comparty passed 40 people – it implies that in any case the number of Jews in CC was greater than 50%!

- And here is the composition of the first Soviet governement formed on October 26, 1917:

Первый состав Совета народных комиссаров Советской России

Below is the list of members of first Soviet governement, with duties of its ministers / commissairs – it suggests that the only Jew in this governement was Trotski, indeed 

  • (-)Председатель Совета народных комиссаров — Владимир Ульянов (Ленин)Russian of multinational origin
  • Нарком по внутренним делам — А. И. Рыков(from Russian farmer’s family;executed in 1938)
  • Нарком земледелия — В. П. Милютин (from Russian teacher’s family; executed in 1937)
  • (-)Нарком труда — А. Г. Шляпников(from Russian “old orthodox Christian” family; executed in 1937)
  • Наркомат по военным и морским делам — комитет, в составе:
  •  В. А. Овсеенко (Антонов) (?)
  •  Н. В. Крыленко (from Russian inteligentsia; executed in 1938)
  • (-)  П. Е. Дыбенко(from Ukrainian Cossac’s family; executed in 1938)
  • Нарком по делам торговли и промышленности — В. П. Ногин (from Russian poor bourgeois family)
  • Нарком народного просвещения — А. В. Луначарский(from mixed Russian intelligentsia-aristocracy family)
  • (-) Нарком финансов — И. И. Скворцов (Степанов)(from Russian worker’s family)
  • (-)Нарком по иностранным делам — Л. Д. Бронштейн (Троцкий)(Bronstein/Trotski)(evidently Jewish)
  • Нарком юстиции — Г. И. Оппоков (Ломов)(from gentry; executed in 1938)
  • Нарком по делам продовольствия — И. А. Теодорович(fromPolish gentry;executed in 1937)
  • Нарком почт и телеграфов — Н. П. Авилов (Глебов)(from craftsman family; executed in 1937)
  • (-) Нарком по делам национальностей — И. В. Джугашвили (Сталин)(from Georgian craftsman family)
  • Пост народного комиссара по делам железнодорожным остался временно не замещенным.

Three months later, in January 1918, in the second edition of this first Soviet Governement from the initial group of 15 members remained only 6, marked (-) above.

The 12 newcomers:

  • Исаак Захарович Штейнберг (Steinberg, from Jewish merchand family; in 1923 he left SU and subsequently lived in Germany, England and Australia)
  • Борис Давидович Камков (настоящая фамилия Кац; from Jewish intelligentsia; executed in 1937)
  • Владмир Дмитриевич Бонч-Бруевич (from Polish-Lithuanian aristocracy)
  • Владимир Евгеньевич Трутовский (from Russian gentry; executed in 1937)
  • Прош Перчевич Прошьян (Прошян) (from Armenian intelligentsia)
  • Александра Михайловна Коллонта́й (урождённая — Домонто́вич; from Polish-Russian aristocracy)
  • Кокшарова, Елизавета Константиновна(?)
  • Николай Ильич Подвойский (son of Ukrainian orthodox priest)
  • Николай Петрович Горбунов (from Russian inteligentsia; executed in 1938)
  • Владимир Иванович Невский (настоящее имя Феодосий Иванович Кривобоков (Кривобок) (from rich merchand family, probably Jewish (?); executed in 1937) 
  • Александр Васильевич Шотман (Schottmann, from Finnish worker’s family; executed in 1937)
  • Георгий (Юрий) Васильевич Чичерин (fromBaltic German aristocracy)

And here is the photo of Soviet governement in in January 1918, at which Trotski (and Dzierżyński) are absent:

Post Scriptum, March 8th

My colleague (and also a colleague of Israel Shamir), Come Carpentier de Gourdon has emailed us the following information about authors of Soviet (and Polish as well) Pierestroika, exactly 30 years ago:

[shamireaders] As a supplement to the discussion on Jews in Russia and in the USSR

The article, from 2015, begins in this way:

It’s obvious that there is a strong Jewish influence in the West opposed to Russia, particularly noticeable among the Israel Lobby and the neoconsVictoria Nuland‘s family ties and her role in the Ukrainian revolution come to mind. (etc.)

As the “transformation to capitalism” of Poland is considered, exactly 30 years ago, in February 1989, during the so-called “Magdalenka meeting” of “POLISH INTELLECTUAL OPPOSITION” with Czeslaw Kiszczak, the Minister of Internal Affairs  of the last SOCIALIST GOVERNEMENT of People’s Poland (PRL), the following scene was filmed during this “official plot to subdue Poland to Owners of the West”:


Michnik w Magdalence

PS. The “PAN w Z-nem” mini organization would eagerly accept popular at present DONATIONS, for its Organizer periodically falls into financial troubles (with his retirement pension of circa 450 /month). No. account: Marek Glogoczowski 92 1140 2004 0000 3202 7618 2247  – thanks,

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