PAN w Z-nem (47: 1 from 2 parts): The still persiting strife between “Hellenist” and “Hebraist” cultures

The still persiting strife between “Hellenist” and “Hebraist” models of culture

(It is a continuation of my last year article “Is the Antique Autism at Origin of Mind-killing Emptiness of J.-Ch. Faith?” –

Part one: General Considerations

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Dear colleagues, members of “PAN w Z-nem”, and correspondents, interested with the above topics

In the last trimester we had several important philosophical and religious events, both at the GLOBAL MACRO and my “personal micro” level. I ennumerate them in short.

1. To these at the GLOBAL scale belonged the “Amazonian Council” in Vatican. It was for the first time, in the history of the Holy See, when principles of Animist Religions, were presented in this place, traditionally praising “sweet fruits” of Christ’s martyrdom.

2. At the medium scale in my country, this September we had the Polish Meeting of Philosophers, which was hold at the Catholic University of Lublin (KUL). I had there a speech titled “The Gnostic understanding of the direction of development of J.-Ch. religion”. It pleased listening to it publics, unfortunately not very numerous in the “Philosophy of Religion” Section of this Event.

3. At my personal “micro” level, I had a reported in several internet forums, strife with an owner of “grypa666” website, situated in Vancouver, Ca. Its owner, informed (via email), from one of KUL’s religio-scientific workers, about renewal of my mantle cell lymphoma , made an ugly comment, concerning the state of my ‘facial skeleton’. Its state, according to him, negatively affects the quality of my writings. How my “facial skeleton” looks like at present, you may judge after its photograph, taken Oct. 20, during the meeting of “Top Mountain Climbers of years 1970”:

4. And fimally, at the medium international scale, Poles got a message from According to it, orthodox Jews plan to rewitalize their former “paradis judeorum” in Rzeczpospolita. The message of these profiteers of TMA Civilization, was summarized, in their own words, as follow (TMA = Technique, Money and an Ass loving Comfort; in Slavic languages ‘tma’ signifies ‘obscurity’):

Poland is not the ‘graveyard of the Jews,’ but rather a vibrant and growing Jewish community that just wants to be connected to us – the greater Jewish world. (…) There is much that Jewish communities around the world can learn from the communities in Krakow and Warsaw. Their successful efforts to make Judaism and Jewish life accessible to the next generation of Jews and the wider community, both Jewish and non-Jewish alike, is second to none.

What is the purpose of construction of this “greater Jewish world, making Judaism accessible to both Jews and non-Jews alike”?

Historically, such “global project” represents an attempt to realize “a horrible dream” of a prominent activist of Polish Enlightenment, J. U. Niemcewicz(while living for a nearly decade in exile in USA, he became a friend of its Fathers Founders, masons T. Jefferson and G. Washington). Exactly 202 years ago (in 1817) he published a short futurist satire “Year 3333”. In it he prophecised that having an inclination for a mess and corruption, orthodox Jews will take the place of Polish aristocracy, which will be obligated to judaise (or to become poor servants of these parvenues). Why this idea was horryfying Niemcewicz? On this topics I wrote, last month, a longer essay, in which I poined at BIOLOGICAL roots of Judaism, which makes it look odious to mature philosophers, including these of Jewish origin – to point at Baruch Spinoza in 17th century and Karl Marx in 19th. Below is an ENLARGED résumé of what I wrote a month ago, on this topics.


(…) As the general construction of Judaist religion is considered, my younger colleague, gnostic Jan Kozák from Prague, described in his book “Roots of the Indoeuropean Spiritual Tradition”:

In it he stressed that From all cultures, which worship the low force of a reptile, in Judaism it was developed, in a fullest and most honest extend, the principle of exchange, or substitution, of everything which is right for the left, of the upper for the lower, of internal for external, and of the decent and honest for fraudulent and fake. In this religion everything, which is great, noble and human, is perverted into a thing which is unimportant, criminal and sinful” (p. 221). Such statement may look crazy and “antisemitic”. But it is sufficient to compare it with analogous statements of St. Paul, which are “embellishing” New Testament, to see that my colleague from Prague is right. St. Paul makes practically the same observations, as Kozák quoted above, only in place of the word “Judaism” he puts the word “God”: “God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are” (1 Cor. 1: 28). The capacity “to make something out of nothing” – and vice versa – characterizes circus prestidigitators, such tricks work only with children and with not-too-bright adults. Which fact suggests that the whole paulinist “Christianity” is the ordinary dupery.

Hence, just few sentences prior to this “revelation”, this self-appointed apostle informs his readers that mentally mature humans are not welcome in planned by him “Christian universe”: “For it is written (Isaiah, 29:14) “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and the intelligence of intelligent I will frustrate”. By quoting these antique verses st Paul revealed, to naive Greeks in Corinth, the “business plan” of his LORD: in planned by him (Him!) universe, under “vigilant eye” of his (His!) zealous priesthood, more broadminded people will be simply suppressed for eternity. Why for eternity? The sacrifice of Jesus-God was a necessary and sufficient condition to achieve this goal: the reported in Gospels history of the cruel execution of “seeing things as they are” Jesus of Nazareth, was fraudulently “exchanged or substituted” – to quote the phrase of Kozák above – by the myth of Jesus-God self-sacrifice (see its explanation in “Letter to Hebrews” 9: 11-14). I repeat: the celebrated during Paschal festivities, Jesus-the-God crucifixion, followed by his divine resurrection, justifies the never ending intellectual terror, of the Christian clergy imitating “acts” of procurer Saul metamorphosed into Paul: in Warsaw in 1689, by an order of Polish bishops, was decapitated, at the city main square, the noble soldier and philosopher Kazimierz Lyszczynski – this for the crime of writing, in secrecy, of a treatise titled “De non existentia dei”.

Hellenist” and “Hebraist” types of modern mentality, and the problem of “follow the Entropy” (f/e), attitude of Bible believers

The praised by prophets of Israel (Isaiah), and than by Fathers of the Church (in particular by the “trinity” of saints Paul, Augustin and Ciril), the diminishment of human capacity to discern “what is good and ahat is evil” signifies – in terms, which are becoming ever more popular among psychologists the increase of ENTROPY of MINDS, of people trained not to see most obvious frauds. The religious education, based on “truths” emanating from J.-Ch. Bible, in less resistant to dupery people (women in particular) may lead to a kind of a messy growth of neuronal connections of their brains (see the outline of the significant book “Entropy of Mind and Negative Entropy” of Tulio Scrimali from 2008). Such TRAINED by them ENTROPY of MIND becomes for such people a kind of inanimate, non anthropomorphic “God”. The best example of how such, demanding of its believers to “follow the Entropy” (f/e = God of the Death) works, furnishes the history of Jesus slowly “emptying himself”, at the Cross, in a process known as KENOSIS . It is a scary example, not to be followed by mindful people!

The term “negative entropy” was coined by a known physicist, Edwin Schrödinger already in 1944. For the sake of precision I propose to use – in a full concordance with Schrödinger’s intention – the term ‘COUNTER ENTROPY’ (C/e), which property escapes the possibility of its precise measurement (the statisical growth of entropy is a measurable thing). C/e – the Counter Entropy – is a metaphysical property of all living beings. It permits them to thrive – and to grow in size and complexity – in an environment incessantly attempting to destroy them. In Antiquity gentiles called this metaphysical property of living the ‘soul’, and Aristotle ordered these souls hierarchically: at the base of all life was the ‘vegetal soul’ (imposing on living the “desire” of self feeding, and of growth by multiplication of its copies), on this base soul was growing the ‘animal soul’ (imposing senso-motorial activities), and at the top of them was the ‘human soul’ feeding itself with sensorial data provided by animal soul, and imposing on humans complex ideas and activities – these last ones may become completely detached from needs imposed by the ‘vegetal soul’.

As texts of Old Testament testify, all the history of G-d chosen people turns around desires of the ‘vegetal soul’, of the tribe “self selected” to dominate the Earth. More complex reflections on this “vegetal” topics, are STRICTLY banished in Judaism (and, in large extend, in Western Christianity, too). This situation has lead – once the the invention of the printing press made the Bible accesible to the general publics – to the appearance of a selective blindness (it is a kind of ENTROPY of MIND!) in particular amng protestants enchanted with the Holy Scripture. This problem was raised by English philosopher Matthew Arnold, in a book “Culture and Anarchy” (1869). As recalled it Jewish intellectual Milton Himmelfarb, in an article “Hebraism and Hellenism”, written at the occasion of 100th anniversary of publication of Arnolsd’s book, this philosopher divided people into two groups, depending of education they got in their youth: ”Hebraists” and “Hellenists”.

Hellenism is mind, intellect—a free mind and a free intellect, resistant to cant and prejudice, connected with imagination and emotion, open to all excellence, past, present, and future. It is mind and intellect flexible and self-correcting, the enemy of fanaticism, rigidity, and one-sidedness … (Hellenism is) that power which enables us to see things as they really are. On the other hand, “to Hebraise” is to sacrifice all other sides of our being to the religious side, it leads to a narrow and twisted growth of our religious side itself, and to a failure in perfection”.

Himmelfarb underlined that Arnold’s ‘Hebraism’ was “a sectarian Protestant bibliolatry, and that it is different from rabbinical egzegesis of Biblical texts.” Biblical texts are as they are, both Judaists and Judaized Christians, are supposed to believe that they were created by a God and hence, by a “divine Providence” they are predestined to rule the world. Such a simplist – not to say childish – understanding of the Universe, has of course its competitor, which exists, despite combined efforts of “Hebraists + Judaists” to make it vanish. Among educated elite of European societies, after the fall of Byzantium to Turks in 1453, the knowledge of Greek philosophers flourished, and intellectuals like Arnold become enthusiasts of antique Greek culture. One of these enthusiasts was Polish historian of Antiquity, Tadeusz Zielinski. As underlines it Clare Cavenagh in her book “Osip Mandelstam and Modernist Creation of Tradition” (1994), Zielinski’s lectures on antique Greek culture, at the St. Petersburg University prior to the Soviet Revolution, provided a “historical basis” for establishment of communist regime in the former Tsarist Empire. In particular in his, translated into several languages books Zielinski claimed that “ancient Israel was the exact opposition of Hellas”.

Considering this opposition, Cavanagh in her book from 1994 recalls affairs at present nearly completely forgotten:

In the light of the above disclosures, I permit myself to recall, once again, the easily predictable future towards which is heading this TMA globalist lumpenculture, worshipped in particular by Americanized “Judaists+Hebraists”. Namely “J+H” religious people are convinced that God created man at his own image. So all – literally all – inferences in “created at the image of God” bodies of humans, especially of these very young ones, are leading to irreversible damages of these “images of God” (the circumcision of newly born males of course excepted). From this “holy superstition” we have, lasting already from several centuries, relentless “masonic” (i.e. builders) drive to built the most comfortable housing, the best possible communication and defecation easing facilities, strenuous efforts to purify the environment from all harmful agents, and so on. In short, we are advancing this never ending TMA (Technique, Money & Ass) global spread. In such hyperurbanized environment the use of human organs of locomotion, of perception and of direct contacts with other people, is ever more limited, and hence neuronal human structures, which general pattern we inherited from our ancestry, are ever less exercised, psychologists used to say that people are becoming INFANTILIZED, affected by a kind of neoteny. Of course such “G-d of Israel” demanded progress, leads to the predicted by Lamarck’s Law of Biology, increase of the Entropy of disused organs. We may say that in the TMA obsessed Civilization, the statistical ENTROPY OF MINDS necessarily grows (see the “Inanimate Animator” by M.G. in Moscow, 2009). This Entropy is prone to measurements, and since times of Darwin it is known that domesticated animals have brains circa15-30 % smaller than their wild cousins. We may say that the “G-d of Israel”, imposing on its (His?) “H+J” followers the f/e system, pushes us towards the ever more pronounced COLLECTIVVE BLINDENESS. The growing Entropy of Collective Minds may end tragically in not-so-distant future, this without even the necessity to use nuclear arms for this purpose.

How does, this complete misunderstanding, of Eternal Laws of Biology, manifest itself among f/e afflicted Jews and Christians?

During this September Meeting of Philosophers at KUL in Lublin, I had a friendly exchange of views with one of its relatively young workers, previously known to me only via internet. Agreeing with me on several minor topics, he expressed his hope to make me believe in “creatio ex nihilo”, both of man and of Universe. Later on from his email I learned that he strongly supports the antivaccination campaign in Poland, represented in particular by (retired) professor of neurology Maria D. Majewska. She worked for 20 years in USA, and prior to her retirement for 10 years at the Cardinal Wyszynski University at Warsaw. At the occasion of recent Polish elections, she made circulate a leaflet, demanding the abandonment of compulsory vaccinations in Poland. In a support of this demand she gave the example of the scary situation in United Sates where, I quote from her leaflet: “USA provide the most drastic example of postvaccinatory decay of highly developed society and country … American children and youth are losing, ever more rapidly their intelligence, the are becoming mentally retarded and unable to learn … It is known that responsible for this situation is the significant increase of cases of autism, and of other psychoeurological diseases among young people. Nevertheless it is forbidden to speak about post vaccinatory causes of these illneses, although they are known since long time” (etc.).

It happen to me that already half a century ago, while I was a graduate student (of geophysics and history of science) at UC Berkeley, I’ve noticed the general lowering of intelligence, combined with the nearly complete loss of esthetic sentiments, of masses of people populating this “country under G-d”. And I’ve wrote about it, at that time, in Polish monthly “Kultura” in Paris, attributing this frightening phenomenon to the American Ultra Sedentary Way of Life, combined with the “easy” general education. As a retired academic teacher of philosophy I permit myself to remark, ironically that Majewska’s “revelations” confirm the religious rule that “God chose the things that are not—to nullify the things that are” (1 Cor. 1: 28). In all evidence Majewska works for these TMA hidden “pushers”, and hence her affiliation with the Catholic University of Warsaw. How to stop this autism-like, total loss of understanding, how the built on the C/e Principle, BIOLOGY works?

Part Two will follow soon

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