PAN w Z-nem (47 – Part 2 of 2): “Helleno-Buddhist” attempt to neutralize Judeo-Darwinian lumpenculture (updated)

“Helleno-Buddhist” attempt to neutralize Judeo-Darwinian lumpenculture of today

The Introduction to Part 2 (of 2)

Dear Colleagues and Correspondents,

Please read attentively the Point Two (only 1200 w0rds!) of this attempt”. And try to compare, the quoted in it, the reason of apostasy, in 2007, of professor Tomasz Weclawski, (a former associate, in Vatican, of cardinal Ratzinger, later on pope Benedict XVI), with the text of Gospel of Thomas, concealed by the Church for at least 17 centures. An association of these two, hardly known to publics texts, created in in my mind a reflection “who is making idiots of all of us, since already two thousand years?” But never mind. Today we can see, how with an artificial affair of the “climate change”, it is possible to make idiots of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Both these UGLY ventures, confirm the STRENGTH OF A METAPHYSICAL BEING, capable to “create things that are not—to nullify the things that are” (1 Cor. 1: 28).

PS. As a supplementary reading, I propose my speech “Inanimate Animator of the Western Empire”, delivered at Anti-Globalist Meeting in Moscow, Dec. 2009.

The short, in 3 points program, of bringing back the TMA promoters (and other Mammon / LORD of Israel servants), to the family of homo sapiens nations

3600 words

First Point. The “Tybetan” rosary-bracelet, as a tool of the general education

In ordrer to facilitate the reconversion of “hebraists” onto the Reason-Logos habitude of thinking, a kind of borrowed from Tibetan lamas ROSARY might be of help. Such “bracelet” shall consist of only 8 elongated corals, with engraved on them, in very small letters, maxims which were popular among antique Greeks and Romans, and later on with thoughts of modern Lamarckian naturalists, Schrödinger’s type physicists, and Piagetian bio-psychologists. In order to facilitate carriers of these compulsory bracelets, to recognize which maxim they are going to repeat, these corals should be painted in seven colours of the rainbow, plus the central black one. Such bracelets-rosaries, in “Hellenists” occupied countries, will be locked on hands of individuals belonging to antivaccination, and anti-whatever-irradiation movements. This until they learn by hart all 8 maxims written on these teaching devices. To doubting in the sense of such public health improving operation, I recall that all 8 of these maxims, and principles, are at present practically unknow in the TMA obsessed countries. (Each coral of such “rosary-bracelet” schould have length of 3 corals of the Tybetan rosary shown below; such size would be sufficient to write on them short sentences):

Maxim no. 1: The Knowledge is Good and Ignorance is Evil, in case of adults

philosophers of antique Greece, in particular Socrates.

Maxim no. 2: What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger – an old Roman maxim “ quod non te occidit, fortior te”

Due to this general biological phenomenon, vaccinations of newly born children, which are not killing them, make them stronger during their subsequent life. Promils of promil of deceases after these vaccinations, are usually from these injections independent, for habitually a certain PERCENT of children dies soon after their birth. I have to add, at the occasion that residues of cancer cells, which survived their poisoning by chemotherapy or irradiation, are becoming resistant to higher doses of poisoning them agents.

This due to the fact:

3rd mature thought: Living Beings are ruled by the COUNTER ENTROPY (C/e) – it is a more precise name of the term Negative Entropia coined by Edwin Schröedinger, in his book “What is Life”, 1944; C/e is the property of only living objects, and being a METAPHYSICAL one, it remains practically banished in the science of today.

4th mature thought: Lamarck’s Laws of Biologyare always valid, genetic structures included – they were formulated, by J.B. Lamarck, in his “Zoological Philosophy” in 1809. These Laws have qualitative character, escaping digitalization, and state that “organs, which are used (and thus also necessarily damaged during their usage) undergo HYPERTROPHY (i.e. reinforcement), while these disused, undergo atrophy, vanishing with time”.

From this LAW OF COUNTER ENTROPY (C/e) it follows that:

5th mature thought: The overregeneration of minor damages of zoon, is the base of its health – this phenomenon the biologist and psychologist Jean Piaget called « La réequilibration majorante des perturbations advenues à l’homeostase de l’organisme » – it is valid also in the case of neurons controlling our thoughts, and our tongue as well.

6th mature thought:Conditioned reflexes are products of Metaphysical Intelligence (intelligence from lat. inter-ligare, bind together, associate) they are products of bio-automatism called I/RSA; for they appear in a cycle of automatic bio-reactions to impulses received simultaneously or in repetetive order : I (Irritation, perturbation of homeostasis) → R (Regeneration of altered / damaged micro fragments) → S (Super-Regeneration of these “selected by their destruction” fragments) → A (Association of these “Super-Regenerated” fragments into entities more efficiently coping with non critical damages of the same type. (M.G., beginning of 21st century)

(By the way, I/RSA is the schema of construction of effective antibodies, by lymphocytes excited by the presence of an alien agent: they react to it by an outbust of non differentiated Ig. Only parts of this Ig have affinity to parts of this antigen, and hence they are “consumed”. This provides an impulse for a selective (super)regeneration of these “used” parts of ‘immature’ Ig. After a dozen of days of such “ineffective trials”, the selected by their “usure” fragments of Ig are becoming spontaneously, by lymphocytes, associated to form a ‘mature’ antibody, able to neutralize any, sensed as “alien”, agent.)

These minute INTELLIGENT bio-reactions are facilitated by:

7th mature thought: “ HORMESIS, which is a common phenomenon, but it is commonly unknown” – Z. Jaworowski & L. Dobrzynski, 2005; in English “Radiation Hormesis: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly– T.D. Luckey (2006) .

And summing up these “seven forgotten truths”, a maxim of farmacists, should be printed on a black “coral” of this rosary-bracelet:

8th Concluding maxim: Sola dosis facit venenum – It is credited to Paracelsus who expressed the classic toxicology maxim Only the dose makes the poison“.

Isn’t such an uncomplicated bracelet-rosary, consisting of only 8, covered with minute inscriptions corals, painted in all colours of the rainbow, an elegant, well visible to laics tool? Locked at hands of afflicted by “Hebraism &/or Judaism” adults, it will help them to join conscious members of the Homo sapiens community.


Second point. The Helleno-Buddist plan of recovery of Jesus’ teachings, centered on SELF-KNOWLEDGE, which become  suffocated by the sham theology of fake salvation

Authors quoteded in Cavenagh book on Osip Mandelstam (see Part One) insist that “themarriage of Greek polis and Jewish ‘moral God’ is condemned to a failure”. This conclusion was confirmed, a dozen of years ago, by professor Tomasz Weclawski, a former member of Vatican’s Commision on Border Problems of Early Christianity. In justification of his apostasy in 2007 he said: “Jesus was a radicalreligious reformer…but he lost his battle: he became the victim of messianist

expectations, which has lead to his rejection by elites and to the condemnation for a death. But the most painful defeat of Jesus happend after his crucifixion: it was the reinterpretation of his defeat as a sacrifice … The message of Jesus-man was lost at the moment he become recognized to be a God. Despite this, the task of a man consists of an imitation of the extraordinary man Jesus. This by taking, like him, the full self responsibility for his own life.”

The last phrase of Weclawski raised in me two important reflections:

- The first one consisted in a remark that in the Genesis, the courage of the first pair of humans, to “take the full responsibility of their own life”, was at the origin of their Original Sin: they dared to behave autonomously, overstepping G-d’s warning, what will be evil for them. Jesus of Nazareth was executed for this type of a “crime against G-d’s will”. (Weclawski had only to change his name to Polak, in order to avoid harassment).

- The second refection was the result of my recent acquaintance with the biography of Buddha: this extraordinary man of the Easr, thanks to his strenuous life experiences (including a period of self-imposed starvation!) become able to teach his followers “how to take the full responsibility of their own life”. My colleague, gnostic Jan Kozák (in “Christians prior to Christ” (1995) that teachings of Jesus had Buddhist character, in particular he points at the forgotten GOSPEL OF TOMAS. Its text vanished after the Council of Nice (year 325), at which the set of canonical books of NT was (unanimously?) voted. I quote from Wikipedia:

(The Gospel of Thomas) was discovered in December 1945 among a group of books known as Nag Hammadi library … It is composed of 114 sayings (logions) attributed to Jesus. Almost half of these sayings resemble those found in the canonical gospels … (but) it does not mention Jesus crucifixion, his resurrection, or the final judgement; nor does it mention a messianic understanding of Jesus … N.T. Wright, former Anglican bishop and professor of New Testament history argues that the book represents a radical translation, and indeed subversion, of first-century Christianity into a quite different sort of religion, than that it represents the original of which the longer gospels are distortions…”

I’ve read all 114 logions of thisThomas Gospel. The saying of Jesus, which is radically different from these recorded in canonic Gospels, is the 3rd one, which ends this way: « (…) The kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known (to be) the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty. »

In all evidence it is an “enlarged version” of a famous inscription carved at the tympanon of Dolphi shrine of Apollo: “Know thyself and you will know Universe and the Gods”. This logion – and several other similar sayings – point at the Hellenist origin of Jesus teachings. The Polish historian of Antiquity, Tadeusz Zielinski considered Jesus to be a representative of the Hellenist culture (1927).

But not only this. Its last phrase “ But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty (..)” in all evidence represents an attack at the religion of Jews! In it the self-knowledge –which is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to “take the full responsibility of ones own life” –is not welcome, it is even considered to be the MORTAL SIN, similar to this Original One! (See the farewell statement of John Strugnell Judaism is a horrible religion, which should not exist” – Haaertz, 1990)

Not only Hellenes contributed to the formation of Jesus thoughts. The last logion no. 114 points at the Buddhist influence on him, too. It states: « Simon Peter said to him, “Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of life.” Jesus said, “I myself shall lead her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the kingdom of heaven. » Only in thebiography of Buddha I found that « Women were admitted to the Sangha, the community of monks, … with only the desire to reach enlightenment. » Of course not every female was accepted there, only these ones displaying ‘virtus-type’ ambitions, which are radically different from these “vegetative” ones, dominating the predominantly Jewish LGBT movement of today.


The micro rosary-bracelet, with 8 only, covered with inscriptions corals, provides a SCIENTIFIC basis for both the general and elitarian education in communities belonging to the Homo sapiens species. Of course, imitating Buddhist monks (and nuns) propagators of this old-new form of Christianity, will be invited to carry with them, a ROSARY containing 114 corals, demanding of them to repeat, incessantly, contained in Thomas Gospel logions of Jesus.

The Delphi model of an education of an elegant ethics, encompassing all strata of the population

While studying the history of the Delphi shrine, I learned that inside it was standing a stone stella, engraved with 147 short, counting 2-3 words maxims. They were suggesting how to behave elegantly, practically at all occasions. The Polish wikipedia provided, as an example, only 11 of these maxims:

008: Be yourself

014: Control yourself

023: Long for wiadom

038: Nothing to excess

034: Shun what belongs to others

039: Use time sparingly

052: Wish for things possible

087: Accuse one who is present

088: Tell when you know

099: Struggle with glory

126: Respect yourself

In Polish Wikipedia they were accompanied with a following comment:

According to Plato (…) this collection was the basis of education in Athens. (…) They contain the basic ethical rules of the Hellenic world. (…) As for their ethical standard, we can all say that they are at a higher level than the Mosaic decalogue without claiming to be the word of any God, while teaching full respect and obedience to God’s power.

It will be of interest to re-start teaching, during obligatory lessons of ETHICS, all 147 these short maxims. And to replace by them the taught at present Hebrew Decalogue.This messy, and frequently utterly stupid product of “Judaist ethis”, was sealed with the blood of “3000 brothers and sons”, which were murdered, under the Mount Sinai, by the clan of “blessed by God” Lewies (Ex. 32: 29). In my “War of Gods” (1995) I consecrated a whole chapter to this “Greatest Ignomy of the Homo Sapiens Species”.

Third Point: The Revelation of the Hidden Meaning, of Seven Artificial Lights of Menorah

The looking like a Great Fork, Gigantic Menorah, which dominates the city of Manado at the Celebes Island in Indonesia

Of the Decalogue not only Jews but also Christians are extremely fond of. And Jews in particular are fond of symbolizing their Hidden Knowledge candle holder called Menorah. What kind mysteries hides this hardly elegant source of artificial light? Around 20 yrs ago, as a teacher of philosophy, I used to tell my students the pre-Christian, Roman myth, concerning the origin of human Seven Cardinal Sins. According to it, souls of attending to be born children, are “infected” with the preponderancy to commit these sins, while on their way from the Universe, they pass closely to all seven planets, turning around the (immobile for Ancients) Earth. And I added, wittingly, that due to the fact that in Romano-German languages, all seven days of a week bear names of these seven “erring” planets, so in each particular day humans had a inclination to commit a Cardinal Sin linked with the name of planet, at which glory the day was named. For ex. in Poland on Sundays it is still celebrated the GLUTTONY during the consumption of mid-day, very abundant family meal.

I’ve learned, too that seven “arms” of Jewish Menorah symbolize these seven “erring stars”. Hence my “gnostic” association that each arm of this not-so-esthetic “fork”, represents one of SEVEN VIRTUES of People, which consider itself Chosen to rule the Earth. (We have to keep in mind that “in Judaism everything, which is great, noble and human, is turned into a thing which is small, criminal and sinful – and vice versa”, as wrote it Jan Kozák from Prague.) A similar view I expressed in my booklet “War of Gods” (1995). Hence our (“goims”) PRINCIPAL VICES, are proudly considered to be VIRTUES of pious Jews.

I had some fun collecting these, amply confirmed in the text of the Bible, perverse “virtues” both of the “G-d of Israel” and of his (its?) Chosen People.

1. For example the ENORMOUS SUN symbolizes, as I remarked it above, a GLUTONNY, an “ overconsumption of anything to the point of waste” (Wikipedia). This kind of VIRTUE is worshipped especially in countries, which “developed in a Jewish manner”: we have there the common cult of oversized cars, of gigantic motor boats, of immense real estates, and of other oversumptous posessions – which are overcrowding and littering our ever smaller planet. (The VIRTUE of VANITY characterized in particular the biblical king Solomon, with his legendary wealth.)

2. As the Cardinal Sin of JEALOUSY is considered, it is proudly enounced as the PRINCIPAL VIRTUE of the GOD of ISRAEL, this already in the First Commandment of the Decalogue! In Antiquity the Jealousy was associated with the shinning with reflected light Moon. Hence we gott the English name of Mo(o)nday.. And to point at the jealousy, which is directing the activity of modern scientists, especially in countries “under God”, it is sufficient to recall the behavior of Charles Darwin: he has constructed his Theory of Evolution, exploiting for this purpose – without mentioning about it in his “Origin of Species” in 1849 – the known to him, published in France 40 years earlier, Lamarck’s concept of Laws of Biology, which rule all evolutionary processes. (And of course, this “shinning with reflected light” Darwinian Theory of Evolution, remains only an ATRAPPE – a Fake Image of bio-reality – which hides REAL EVOLUTIONARY PROCESSES, affecting all of us.)

3. The subsequent Cardinal Sin – the VIRTUE of  INSANE WRATH – is exemplified the best by the behavior Biblical Moses who, armed with a Commandment “you shall not kill”, under the Mount Sinai ordered to murder, questionning the validity of these Stone Tablests, “3000 of their brothers and sons”. This Cardinal Sin of Wrath represents the planet Mars (hence in French mardi = Tuesday). And how juicy businesses represent today all these cases of “insane wrath” of G-d of Israel! Germans until today are paying tribute for their attempt, circa 77 years ago, to remove Jews from terrains occupied by the German Reich!

4. As the VIRTUE OF GREED is considered – which is the Central Virtue of TRUE Israelites – it is celebrated in the middle of the week, during French mercredi, from the planet Mercury – Merchant. In the Bible the best example, of literally “eaten away by greed” businessman, is the “beloved by God” Jacob-Israel. “He was cultivating – for prestige – numerous herds of sheep and cattle, which were overgrazing fertile pastures, which he has practically stolen from his less attached to material goods, twin brother Esau (1 Mo. 36: 7). But due to an unexpected (for shortsighted Jacob), prolonged dry period, the overgrazed pastures turned into a semi-desert. His initially super-rich family of free cattle breeders, was forced, out of hunger, to seek “economic asylum” in Egypt, where for 400 years Israelites were making bricks for Pharaoh’s granaries” (it is an excerpt from my “War of Gods” 1995):

(See also: God Loves the Greedy and the Corrupt – 1995)

5. As the SIN OF PRIDE , which consists of “self-idolatry, sadistic contempt, vanity or vainglory” is considered, it is, of course, the VIRTUE of the Jewish God. It confirms the frequent in the Bible exclamations of the type “I, even I, am the Lord; and beside me there is no saviour” ( Is. 43:11); also  st. Paul’s sadistic exclamations of the type “the wisdom of the wise I will nullify, the intelligence of intelligent I will thwart!”. . Having recently to deal with “stuffed with their SUPER KNOWLEDGE”, members of the antivaccination sect, I realized that these, usually religiously minded wretched people, display the behavior, similar to the Bible heroes quoted above. Their “virtue” is associated with the planet Jupiter, hence in French Thursday is called jeudi.

6. As the French vendredi – it means Friday – is considered, it is consecrated to the planet Venus – Venera, and thus it is automatically dedicated to the VIRTUE of LUST, demanding the fulfillment of “intense or unbridled sexual desires”. An elegant example how it is possible to make a juicy business in this “joining people together” domain, has provided the biblical hero Abraham. He, “at the call of God” (it was Mammon, of course) has left his native city of Ur, and become, accompanied by his wife-sister Sarah, a kind of a “wandering pimp” at Middle East courts. Thanks to the well managed sexual attractiveness of his companion, he has become fabulously rich there. As modern times are considered, in Poland in-between World Wars, the police estimated that about one third of brothels managers in Rzeczpospolita, were orthodox Jews, while at that time Jews formed only 10 % of Polish population. When I’ve read that Jewish Judaists found Poland to be good place to re-settle (see I started to wander, into what kind of a “paradis judaeorum” my native country will turn soon?

7. And the most important “small holiday” of Jews is of course Saturday, from the small planet Saturn. It is the day of worship of VIRTUE OF LAZINESS (or in other terms of SLOTH or “acediait is associated with a cessation of motion and anindifference to work” (Wikipedia). I learned that during Sabbaths orthodox Jews are not permitted to make more than 500 steps outside their households, all their activity should be limited to pious readings and re-readings of stories of G-d of Israel made miracles. And which message from the LORD, become the most important for these lazy in mind Jews – and also of their imitators called “hebraists”? This “secret of Judaism” was revealed to gentiles by a former hater of Christians, st. Paul – “it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will thwart.” Isn’t it a magnificent gift “from the Lord” to all these “Judaists+Hebraists”, which in this situation do not have to bother about opinions enounced by these “meaningless, sinful and even criminal” gentile philosophers!


SUMMING UP, the limitation of “J+H” worshippers of LORD, to reading and rereading of the Bible, makes them blind to the fact that THE WORLD IS BEUTIFUL, but only in places which were not yet spoiled by worshippers of the TMA (Technics-Money-Ass) Civilization. Which concluding remark I leave without further comments.

Zakopane – Gdańsk

December 12/13, year 102

after the Great (Homo Sapiens) Anti Judeo-Christian Revolution

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