„God is a Hypocrite”


  1. The role of dead corpses in NATO/CIA forgeries
  2. “America is God” and thus its critics are null
  3. Inconvenient facts concerning the catastrophe of Malaysian Boeing MH 17: in Donbas had not crushed Boeing MH 17!
  4. Speculations linking the disappearance of Malaysian Boeing MH 370 on  March 8th (at Diego Garcia?) with the “fake crush” of Boeing MH 17 on July 17th
  5. Is God a Hypocrite?


Part 1

The role of dead corpses in NATO/CIA World Conquest

 On July 19, and subsequently on July 21 and 22, I’ve e-mailed to my friends and correspondents, the compte  rendu what I’ve managed, from Russian unofficial and official media, to learn about the fall of Malaysian Boeing MH 17 near Donieck in eastern Ukraine. I titled it “The role of DEAD CORPSES (from charnel houses, etc.) in NATO/CIA  manufactured „regime changes” in Eastern Europe” and I pasted it at my website  As an illustration of this “habit” of ONE WORLD LEADER, I inserted into it a photo of dead corpses, taken from morgue of Timisoara to stage a “bloody massacre” in this Rumanian city on December 14 1989. Thanks to this well mediatized forgery, the communist “Rumanian tyrant” Nicolae Caucescu was removed from power and executed few days later.

Below is a famous photo of this old forgery, made by a collaborating with CIA & KGB, at this moment, “secret cell” of Rumanian  secret services:

As I wrote on July 19th, similar to these in Timisoara, “not fresh corpses” were found at the place of the fall of Malaysian passenger liner. In Poland many of my friends refused to believe in this “monstrous” story, but I got from France an e-mail of my friend there “I am interested with your analisis. Did you get other information or evidences?” According to him there was something about it in Mexican press. I searched via google and I found an article, in mainstream English media, dealing with these bizarre story of “bloodless” corpses. They  were photographed by a known photographer Jerome Sessini, and published in “Time” magazine on July 18-th. (please, read this article In full).

But soon after, on July 21, Jerome Sessini was denounced as “a Zionist mole who is largely responsible for spreading the lie of the MH17 crash hoax. He did so by his extensive amount of photography, which was disseminated globally as if real and true. … there is this Sessini image which shows, once again, a naked entity. There is no way that real airliner crash victims could be so systematically stripped of their clothes. Therefore, once again, this is a staged image, with the naked element being a crisis or gore cadaver. The staged Sessini images implicates the global Zionist cabal …” (  So, reasoning in this “anti-Zionist manner” – and not noticing that Sessini photographs were done immediately after the MH17 crush, which reduces chances of large scale forgery, I abandoned the further research. (P.S. I recently discovered that the most horrible, and truly looking as “staged” photo made by Sessini of a corpse which has fallen into kitchen through the roof, was not a hoax, this fact is confirmed by pictures shown at the film of Simon Ostrovski from “Vice News”:

Despite lack of further evidence about “corpses falling from the sky”, I followed the story of Malaysian Boeing catastrophe. This in particular at the website, which several authors I know since the conference “Zivi Zemla!” (Let’s the Earth Live!) in Moscow, 5 years ago. And at this “antiglobalist” website, at the beginning of October I found an article assembling EXCLUSIVELY FACTS documented by thousands of photographs taken at the site of this crime.

(By the way, July 17 was the 96-th anniversary of the execution of the tsarist family; the number 17 repeats itself several times in the affair of MH17 crush; it is a kind of a “trademark” left by its secret perpetrators; such “criminal numerology” in all evidence began with the date 11.11.1918 – the formal end of 1WW – and than with the date  9-11: in /2/9-11-1947 UN accepts the appearance of Israeli State; 9-11-1973 the antisocialist coup in Chile; on 9-11-1989 /in European notation/ the fall of communism begins with the fall of Berlin Wall; on 9-11-2001 WTC 1, 2 &7 collapsed in New York, marking the beginning of the “anti-moslem crusade”…)

Part 2

“America is God” and facts, disturbing its wellbeing, are null

Why reports of this odious affair, with corpses falling from the sky, become quickly silenced? The Global Mass Media (GMM), as a WHOLE, belong to Mafia of Global Corporations, with their branches penetrating deeply into mainstream media of Russia, too. These Corporations are run by a tiny COLLECTIVE BRAIN having several names, be it Trilateral Commission, be it Bildberg, be it the Department of State of USA. Due to such reality, an unwelcome message is quickly wiped out by “gate keepers” of these GMM. (See the article  denouncing the report of Jerome Sessini.)

As commented this situation with sadness years ago John Rao, the director of Roman Forum in New York, during the conference “Mut zur Ethik” at Feldkirch, Austria, “for a normal, average American USA is God. And in an article titled “The Divinization of Democracy” he precisely explained “Democracy has become the Christ—the Way, the Truth, and the Life—for a large portion of western mankind”, and continued “this turning of democracy into the supreme, unquestioned end of human action opens the door to endless misunderstanding and self-deception, as well as to oppression by well-organized ideological or criminally-ambitious men and movements.”. And very recently this CRIMINAL ASPECT OF AMERICAN DEMOCRACY was recalled by John McMurtry, a similar to me sportsman and philosopher, author of a book “The Cancer stage of Capitalism”. In an article “The New Fundamentalism, “America is Godhe stressed:

The God of America is primitive. It worships itself. But there are a set of silently regulating principles at work through all the phenomena of its rule which together constitute the ruling GROUP-MIND which has imprisoned global culture within its premises since 9-11 . (…) the increasingly absolute assumption is  that America is God, the source of all Freedom and Goodness on the planet. (…) Any indirect questioning or challenge of this first moral premise of the GROUP-MIND is attacked as a betrayal of the country and what it holds dear. American freedom comes to mean, then, only what establishes and maximizes the absolute right of the U.S. to command the world – specifically, to command as inevitable that all societies adopt an American-style market, American values and culture, and American military dominance in all areas of the globe as its vital interests.


Recent months provided good examples, demonstrating how this “American GROUP MINDED LORD OF UNIVERSE” acts in practice. I have in mind in particular: a/ the case of “murderous Islamic State” (ISIS) which suddenly rose at limits of Iraq and Syria; b/ the Boston bombing in 2013; and c/the devastating the landscape of Donbas fights at the eastern limes of Ukraine (which name means in Latin “Limes”, too).

a/ As this “murderous ISIS” is considered, these spectacular beheadings of western journalists – which were/are agents of USA secrets services – by their masked executioners (also agents, but this time apparently of Mossad), were evident forgeries, as wrote it recently William Enghdal: “The details are emerging that show both videos are entirely fake events, staged apparently by professional actors to create the popular support for a US bombing of Syria to finally depose the democratically-elected Bashar al Assad.” (

b/ Also the “bombing of Boston marathon”, on Mai 15 2013, was hardly concealed forgery:

 (Read this amusing story at ;  the very recent shootings inside Canada’s Parliament seem to be the forgery of the same type.)

c/ In case of “Jeff Bauman” (Nick Vogt) legs, which were “mutilated” in Boston bombings (see pictures above), they were artificial ones. But “corpses which have fallen from the sky” in Donbas on July 17 were not made from plastic. Recently I discovered a video in Russian, commented by a medical doctor from Donbas, which arrived at the place of this “tragedy” only 20 minutes after the supposed Boeing777 crush.  She says that at the first glimpse corpses she saw were making an impression of plastic dolls. But in the burned area,  where the bulk of bodies was discovered, the smell of formalin and morgue was so intensive that it was not possible to remain there longer than 5 minutes. According to her only 20 – out of nearly two hundred – corpses she saw were dressed, the rest was naked, and all of them had not Dutch-European, but Asiatic, probably Malaysian outlook. In particular she demonstrates a picture of a corpse which had struck an asphalted road. Out of it something began to leak – it was not blood, neither water, but a mixture which in a dozen of hours become green.This film you may find at – there are really awful pictures, similar to those published by Jerome Sessini.

 According to this medical investigator, there were blood traces at the cabin of pilot and on some corpses, but it was the blood of numerous birds killed there. One of these birds is looking like a colorful big parrot – an exotic animal for a plane which supposedly departed from Amsterdam (see Part 4).


Part 3

Below is my translation of a concise text:

Inconvenient Facts of the Boeing Crush in Donbas on July 17

Неудобные факты крушения Боинга на Донбассе 17 июля

14:12 15.09.2014 , Парфенов В.Н.

The circle of countries and organizations, which were able to make a forgery of such scale is sufficiently narrow. On August 7, when the inquest organs of Holland, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine decided to made secret their investigations, the information about the air catastrophe of July 17 become silenced in world media. Eventual further considerations were substituted by pointing at the one (state), which western politicians and media already accused of guilt.

Quite a number of people accustomed to reason independently and to analyze critically the information submitted by the media, is also not accustomed to believe narrowly specialized experts and self-appointed  authorities, and still they find new and new facts which are not concordant with this version of tragedy, which is proclamed by World’s Media.

We, the group “Call” (ИГПР “ЗОВ”), we decided to collect in one place facts which are publicly accessible, facts which questions the version presented us by the World’s Media. This commonly accepted version suggests that on July 17:

- A gigant Boeing777-200ER in the sky over Donbas was shot either by a missile earth-air “Buk”, either by a bomb on its deck, either by missile-cannon fire of a military plane.

- The crew and passengers of MH-17 filght died falling at the steppe of Donbas.

There are also other versions of this event, but they are kept in secret by Big Media and this due to both the chronic stupidity of journalists, and for the sake of comfort of criminals which have organized this catastrophe. We will not consider here these diverse versions, those which want to do it may do it themselves. The goal of this publication – the collection of facts, which indicate the impossibility of the commonly accepted version of catastrophe of Boeing on July 17 in Donbas. Collected facts we present shortly, with minimal explications, in this manner we avoid being involved in them, and to obtain, on basis of these facts, the possibly complete picture.

A. The most evident inconsistencies:

1. The absence of big fragments of the fuselage and wings corresponding to the 1/4 – 1/3 of the dimension of the plane (it is 61 x 64 meters – it is the height of two 9 floors high buildings.

2. All fragments the plane have a form close to rectangular, which permits its loading into a transport plane

3. On remnants of fuselage and wings are visible traces of their cutting with hydraulic “scisors”.

More photos:

4. The summary weight of remnants, judging after photographs, does not exceed 20 tons, while the weight of an empty Boeing777-200ER is 143 tons.

5.There are missing two, weighting each 6 tons, Rolls-Royce Trent 892 engines of a diameter 3/0.8/1.4 meters.

MG – Below is the comparison of TRENT 892 engines with those found in steppe of Donbas:

The conclusion: in Donbas HAD NOT CRUSHED Boeing777-200ER

B. Inconsistencies of the first plan:

1. At the place of catastrophe were found many laid together passports, which are looking like new ones.

2. There are no traces of blood on cadavers, they are bloodless with traces of rotting.


3. Nearly complete lack of carts of entry on board, of luggage receipts, of gadgets and personal items.

4. On board of the plane, which was supposed to fly 12 hours at the distance of 10 thousands of kilometers, there was no food for passengers.

5. There was less luggage than should be expected (1-2 suitcase for each of 283 passengers). (MG – according to the investigator speaking at the film with cadavers, there were numerous suitcases filled with warm cloths. This in full summer.)

6. With the exception of 2-3 families, relatives of persons which died were not seen, there were no certificates of identification of bodies by families, cadavers were necessary only for official ceremonies.

7.There are no overt documents that the flight which departed from Amsterdam to Kuala-Lumpur has not arrived there. (MG – but there are data indicating that the crew of MH-17 perished.)

Conclusion: facts presented here speak rather about the forgery of a catastrophe of a passenger liner.

These facts make impossible the version of shooting down of Boeing777, be it by a military plane, be it by anti-aircraft missile. Nevertheless the GMM are silent about these inconvenient facts. The media and citizens are expecting that official commissions present them an acceptable version.

C. Secondary inconsistencies of explications:

1. There were discovered fragments of plane coating with holes, which edges are directed both inwards and outwards.

2. There was found a cylinder of a hydraulic appliance without bots in its holds, and also flight registers looking like taken from the storehouse.

3. The tail of a plane in case of crush usually is preserved, but we see only its bottom with traces of cuttings.

4. Only on July 17 was abandoned the usual trajectory of flight, from Amsterdam to Kuala-Lumpur, for more than 100 km north, and even here, after passing Dnieck the plane sending signal of flight MH17 deviated 14 km further north, this in order to disappear from the sight of crews and passengers of planes flying near by.

5. There were efforts to not permit the international commission to come immediately at the place of the crush, it arrived only two weeks later.

6. The catastrophe happened during a day with cloudy weather (the lower limit of clouds was1000 meters).

7. Very quickly and without any confirmation were declarations of official personages; and as a result, the decision to introduce sanctions against Russia.

8. Remnants of plane were spread not around, but following a narrow curved line at the distance of 11 km..

9. Two small jet engines, which were at the place of crush, have fallen from such height, that they were not able to bury into the soft soil of Donbas steppe. (In 1988 at Lockerbee, the engine PW JTD-7A, weighting 4 tons, falling from 5800 meters, pierced the asphalt on a hardened road and entered into the ground at its full length of 4 meters.)

Conclusion: If we start our inquires, it is possible to find many other facts not in accordance with the dispatched version. Nevertheless GMM (MG – also in Russia) decided to be silent and to wait. A citizen also waits, having hope, that he will receive a credible version of the inquiry done by a source with authority, for example by the inquest commission. Such an explanation would be considered as credible, in case this commission was independent, or somehow dependent, from the citizen.

D. Latent or missing testimonies, which in similar situations are obligatorily revealed to the public:

1. The Shiphol Airport in Amsterdam has not provided the video recordings documenting the gathering and boarding of passengers of flight MH-17.

2. There were not presented, to the public, proofs that parts found in Donbas belong to the 9M-MRD plane, according to their specification. (MG – on one photo we see big letters RD painted on a piece of scrap, but this was probably painted, changing letters RO, prior to the forgery in Donbas.)

3. We do not hear about the payment of insurances to the aviation company and to families.

4. The procedure of deciphering of data of flight registers was done in a non legitimate manner.

5. Recordings of conversations of Dniepropietrovsk dispatchers with the plane 9M-MRD are kept in secrecy.

6. Teams of investigators from 4 countries (Belgium, Holland, Ukraine and Australia) on August 7 agreed to put into secrecy the conduction of investigations. Malaysia is against it.

7. Pilots have not sent signals of danger, while the plane Tu-154, shot earlier by Ukraine in 2001, during all period of falling was sending such signals, and for 45 seconds were heard cries of its crew.

The conclusion: the circle of countries and organizations, capable of making a forgery of such dimensions is sufficiently narrow. And to point at the delinquent it is necessary to have the police authority and the will to do it. In order to realize that the catastrophe was a forgery it is sufficient to have a personal judgment, independent from other convictions.

E. Other proofs furnished by witnesses at the place of crush:

1. Photographs, on tablets and cell phones which were found, contain data only up to year 2013.

2. All corpses belonged to the Asiatic race (and according to the passenger’s list there were only 43+11+3=57 out of  298).

3. 20 cadavers were dressed and the rest completely nude: like from a morgue.

4. these cadavers which were found clothed were dressed like in tropics.

F. Inconsistencies linking this history with other questionable themes:

1. The crush has happened four months after the disappearance of the same kind of Boeing777-ER200, which belonged to the same aviation company belonging to Malaysia – a tiny country with a hardly known language, which permitted to exploit it by strong criminals.

2. While recalling people which died, the problem of AIDS was mentioned, but it came into oblivion at present.

G. Motives of criminals which committed the indicated above inconsistencies:

1. The strive of global competitors of Russia to put the guilt onto it, by imposing sanctions against Russia (already on July 15 nine countries of EU declared to be against these sanctions; on July 16 USA reinforced sanctions, and on July 17 a passenger Boeing was shot down in Donbas.)

2. The strive of competitors of Russian civilization to provoke and to embroil in-between them people of brother nations.

The conclusion: by making public these inconsistencies,  let us hinder efforts to push nations towards the mutual hate and war!


Part 4

Speculations linking the disappearance of Malaysian Boeing MH 370 on  March 8th (at Diego Garcia?), with the “fake crush” of Boeing MH 17 on July 17th

MG – What this rich assembly A, B,… till G, of important inconsistencies, signify?

I quote only 3 commentaries from

Comment 1: At the place of crush were found jet engines of other mark and dimension (see photos at pt. A5). It is a completely shoddy work resulting from a conviction that there will be not an inquiry whatever. (MG – Why engines discovered in Donbas were significantly smaller? Original motors of Boeing777 were too heavy and too expensive  to transport them by air in order to dispose them in steppes of Donbas; below is an indirect confirmation – the absence of window next to the passanegers door –  that in Donbas were disposed parts of Boeing 9M-MRO missing since March.)

Comment 2: There was no Boeing. It was a transport plane loaded with airplane scrap and cadavers and all this was spread, from its luggage  compartment, at the distance of 11 kilometers. It was not possible to do it in one minute, so it was necessary to do it by portions. To throw out, 20-30 tons of metal scrap, a longer time of flight was necessary. In case the plane crushed,  it would fall as a whole and its rests would by dispersed in radius not exceeding 500 meters. But this fact wasn’t considered as decisive in this overtly heavenly spectacle.

Comment 3: What has happen? It was flying the  supposedly Boeing of the flight MH-17, but in the region of the city of Sniezhnoje its radiolocation signal suddenly ceased to answer by signal of flight MH-17. Due to it for dispatchers the trace on the radar screen started to look like a signal of a war plane flying west – away from borders of Russia and its radars (MG – in fact, the plane made a u-turn). It signifies that following the trajectory of MH-17 was flying the military transport plane (for ex. American C-5 Galaxy). In a designed region over Donbas it lowered its velocity (MG – to 200 km/hr, according to Russian military) and threw out…


Wherefrom this, imagined by Russian commentator “TPACT”, C-5 Galaxy loaded with airplane scrap and cadavers, came to Ukraine? There were, in the GMM (!) suggestions that the hijacked, on March 8, Malaysian Boeing777 landed at Diego Garcia. But soon they were officially denied: “the U.S. denied reports the plane landed at a military base on the remote island of Diego Garcia” ( of April 20). But we have to have in mind that principal US Army authorities in Washington are of credibility similar to these local American ones, which in May 2013 manufactured the “Boston marathon bombing” (see Part 2).

 What had to say the official Russian Intelligence Directorate GRU about this Malaysian flight MH-370?

I quote from reports presenting in English the GRU collected evidence:

Flight 370 “significantly deviated” from its flight course and was tracked by VKO satellites and radar flying into the Indian Ocean region and completing its nearly 3,447 kilometer (2,142 miles) flight to Diego Garcia.(…) Most troubling to the GRU about Flight 370’s “diversion” to Diego Garcia, this report says, was that it was “nearly immediately” followed by some of the top disease scientists and experts from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDCP) embarking to Diego Garcia on at least four flights.” (Text from March 14, enlarged in Russian on March 24)

So, after the “God in form of USA” denial, we have the RUSSIAN GRU OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION that flight MH-370  landed at Diego Garcia (thus Russians knew about it well ahead this bizarre iphone message of passenger “Philip Wood” from Diego Garcia on March 30). This GRU collected information permits us to make further speculations, for at this isolated from the entire world USA military outpost are surely conditions necessary to:

a/ disassembly the  huge Boeing777, by means of hydraulic “scissors”, into parts small enough to be transported by a plane;

b/ at this island they surely have huge refrigerated chambers capable of storage of high amounts of perishable meat, thus also of dead humans;

c/ they were able to send a “C-5 Galaxy” loaded with these items to Ukraine.

d/ Specialists there were able to prepare – in tranquility – the front fragment of the plane with shooting holes from both sides, as well to paint letters RD on a piece of crap to imitate the piece of Boeing  9M-MRD.

A kind of a “sign from the Master” wherefrom these rotting bloodless corpses of Asians arrived to Ukraine, was probably this colorful dead “parrot” found among items disposed in Donbas: such birds are characteristic of southern India and thus they are Diego Garcia probably too…

And what happen with the flight MH-17 which departed form Amsterdam on July 17?

The same as with the flight MH-370, which parted form Kuala Lumpur on March 8: according to the indicated above “Sorcha Faal” report, Malaysian authorities are convinced that their flight MH-370 was hijacked on March 8 by a command hidden among passengers on its board, a command trained in operating of Boeings777.  Probably on July 17, somewhere over Ukraine, the military transport plane from Diego Garcia crossed the path of MH-17, at which board a group of “Dutchmen and Australians” took the command, and started to imitate signals of a military plane. Which hijacked passenger long distance plane, flying over Black Sea and Turkey, and avoiding passenger planes corridors, probably landed at Diego Garcia. Thus ready for a subsequent “God in form of USA” forgery…

Part 5

Is God a Hypocrite?

Why huge and ultra-expensive Boeings, belonging to Malaysian Airlines, were chosen for two consecutive hijackings, with caused more than 200 victims, principally Malaysian and Chinese? On November 19 2012 in Kuala Lumpur was held a conference, sponsored by the Malaysian government, “9-11 Revisited: Seeking the Truth”. It was an attempt to rise – at the level of several national governments – the question of USA (+ Israel + UK) involvement in organization of this monstrous provocation, leading to USA attacks on Afghanistan and than other Moslem countries. No doubt this conference was a major offence to “the increasingly absolute assumption that America is God, the source of all Freedom and Goodness on the planet” (John McMurtry – Part 2). It is thus no wonder that “God” has inflicted an exemplary punished to this tiny Muslim – although not Arab – relatively affluent Asiatic country.

As the behavior of official Russia – with regard, both of Sept. 11 in New York and July 17 in Donbas, tragedies – is considered, the Russian government is trying not to take a “hard” stand, it evidently follows the trend of Global Mass Media(GMM). This despite that it has at the disposal the very solid evidence who organized these monstrous provocations. It seems that “Putin et al.” is afraid of God, and this with a reason: as observes it “Sorcha Faal” the port parole of GRU, the recent death (on Oct. 21) of Christophe de Marguerie, the director of Total Corp., at the Moscow airport of Vnukowo, indicatess that CIA has its “Moscovite” vigorous branch. And these American Secret Services, installed at Kremlin since the time of Gorbatchev, on July 17 surely planned something more serious than these actual mild economical sanctions: Israel Shamir in “Guns of August” wrote:

“Tension peaked at the most dramatic night between Sunday, July 20 and Monday, July 21, when Putin delivered a short message to the nation – at 01.40 am. For such an unusual time, it was quite a tame message. Putin said nothing of importance. Next day, he was supposed to make a major speech at his own security cabinet. Again, he said nothing of importance. In my view, President Putin wanted to show he is still alive and well and still in command. Apparently this was not obvious for some persons, in Russia or abroad…”

Do are chances to dismantle this “God in form of USA” planetary cabal?

This is a question huge like an inaccessible MOUNTAIN (of Zion of course!). But this Mountain is virtual – it means it is an illusion, colonizing like a malignant cancer human brains, thriving there like this “Christ crucified” denounced by prophet Muhammad to be an illusion. And an illusionary, virtual mountain (and dominating it city) is possible to scale down, in particular this famous “city upon a hill”, to which imaginary being address themselves American presidents during speeches inaugurating their term. Here I will only observe, that “American God, which worships himself” (John McMurtry in Part 2) is an EGOIST. This trait of the NATURE OF GOD we can deduce from an abbreviation (Americans  love concise messages!) of Jesus’ 2 sentences long commandment “You will love your God as you love yourself” (Luke 10:27).

In a fact, not-so-beautiful acts of worshippers of “self-adoring “god” fill pages of Torah: for example the Patriarch Jacob, and than other heroes of the OT,  used to make Covenants – a kind of business deals – with God: “I will praise your name and you will praise me and make me successful in my swindles and conspiracies against people and nations I intend to rob of their riches”. This is not an exaggeration, read for ex. “Song of praise for God’s favor” in Isaiah 25:1-2:O LORD, You are my God; I will exalt You, I will give thanks to Your name; For You have worked wonders, Plans formed long ago, with perfect faithfulness. For You have made a city into a heap, A fortified city into a ruin; A palace of strangers is a city no more, It will never be rebuilt.(This antique religious song is sang also at present, by pious Jews gathered in the Dniepropietrovsk synagogue, with the intention to realize Igor Kolomojski’s plan of turning into ruins the Donieck city; this billionaire proposes to re-build the consecutive New Israel at formerly occupied by Khazars steppes between Volga and Dnieper – see my textWas the Odessa mass murder on May 2-nd the “funding sacrifice” of New Zionist Ukraine?” of July 1, 2014)

A victim of Odessa “fire sacrifice” on May 2nd for a New Israel between Don and Dnieper

Why these “deals with God” assure victories of God’s Chosen People  in cabals against all other nations?

“People of Covenant” are obligated to praise incessantly the TRANSCENDENTAL GOD, as the one bearing all possible virtues: this imaginary god is Almighty Creator, Merciful, Rightful, Forgiving, Loving and so on. By an incessant repetition of these laudations – especially in case they are amplified by ever more potent Technical Means – these “self-chosen, by a Covenant, people” create around them a medial “aura” suggesting that they are themselves characterized by virtues of God they praise: we quite instinctively consider men praising virtues of Decalogue as holding to Decalogue dictated behavior.

But this “childish” association quickly vanishes once we read in detail the Bible: Moses, who brought to his people Stone Tablets with Decalogue, inspired by his God ordered Jews to despoil their neighbor Egyptians prior to the famous exodus from Egypt (Ex. 3: 20-23). He also ordered to kill “3 thousands brothers and sons”, under the mount Sinai, when they refused to worship Stone Tablets with an inscription “You shall not kill” (Ex. 32: 27-29). Reasoning in an intelligent manner (intelligence is derived from Latin inter-ligare, to bind together ideas), we remark that the “beloved by god” prophet Moses in fact was A MODEL OF A HYPOCRITE, a Super-Man doing things exactly opposite to these he declares to be the messenger.

This “holy principle” binding together (in Latin religio) “12 descendants” of Patriarch Jacob (who concealed his inequities with the name of Izra-El, “Triumphant with God“) had its, lasting until today, consequences. At the time  of Jesus of Nazareth, the word ‘Pharisee’ become the synonym of the word ‘hypocrite’. Against this “godly” behavior of Jewish elite revolted prophet Jesus, a true Lucifer “bringing light” to Israelites of his time. He assured his followers that all their sins will be forgiven, but hypocrisy never. Despite this his “luciferian” prophecy, the history of Christianity – especially in its Western version – has evolved in a completely opposite direction. Imitating the behavior of Jews of Antiquity, Christians began their World conquest under the cover of preached by all Churches  AURA of sweet assurances of GOD’S UNLIMITED LOVE (CARITAS) to every human being.

The symbol of this Caritas Dei became the Holy Cross (demonstrating, by the way, what the “God’s Love to his own truthtelling Son” in fact means). No wonder thus that under the protection of AURA emanating from the effigy of Christ Crucified, began to gather men of insatiable greed, like Templarians and other Crusaders, later on conquistadores, called “white devils” by lazy in collection of riches Chinese.

As wittingly observed it John Rao (see part 2) in last decades the AURA of DIVINITY become shifted from the Passion of Christ to the Democratic Process, “democracy has become the Christ—the Way, the Truth, and the Life”. And of course, under the protection of AURA of these divine words DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM OF ENTERPRISE and HUMAN RIGHTS, acting like mythical Jews under the command of Moses, western post-Christian CHOSEN NATIONS engaged themselves in most vicious affairs. To recall only the lasting for months “friendly bombings”, to impose human rights in Yugoslavia and than Libya, or this odious forgery of 9-11, permitting to start “wars against terrorism” in Afghanistan and Iraq.  All this in order to impose there THE HEAVENLY DEMOCRACY at the image of USA – the Christ of Today.

Jesus of Nazareth, in his violent speeches against Pharisees, had compared their “pious” doings to a very busy but blind man, which is laboriously cleaning his vessels from outside, instead of beginning this work with removal of the filth from inside of them (Math. 23: 26). And what is this “FILTH OF THE LORD”, with which the Judeo-Christian Bible – and built on biblical recipes Chosen Nations – are throughout impregnated?

I received recently an interesting text, published at americanfreepress, complaining about a truly cretin habit of “of sins obliteration” practiced by a sect of so-called MICROCEPHALIANS – it means orthodox Jews – in New Jersey, USA:

“Kaporos is a medieval custom whereby a man is supposed to swing a rooster and a woman is supposed to swing a hen, over their heads, and recite a chant, which basically says, ‘I’m passing my sins and punishment onto you, this chicken, who is going to suffer and die in my place so that I can have a long and happy life.’ … “The birds are trucked in from factory farms, and by the time they appear on the city streets, they might have already not had any food or water for nine, 10, 12 or more hours. Then they sit out on the streets immobilized in transport crates and are not given any food, water or any relief from the weather. The Jews treat the chickens this way on purpose. “They’re treated like what they are intended to be in the ritual, punished objects.”

For an intelligent (i.e. capable to associate ideas) man, this cruel festivity of PHONY REDEMPTION (it is a preparation for the holiest day of the year, the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur),  looks like a parody of the Christian paschal festivities of Christ’s passion and than crucifixion. Jesus – an innocent god-animal – is considered by clergymen “as the “Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29). As observes it the author of the freepress article “The origin of these practices finds its roots in the Bible, in the book of Isaiah” (Isaiach 53: 5 writes “He was crushed for our iniquities; The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him, And by His wounds we are healed.”)

If we take into consideration the 160 years old remark of Karl Marx that in North America, the practical domination of Judaism over the Christian world has achieved as its unambiguous and normal expression”, and associate it with   outlined by Isaiah “childish” (microcephalian) method of crimes redemption, we start to understand how THE BLESSED BY GOD AMERICAN SYSTEM of bringing all nations under the control of UNIQUE RULER works. Simply, ELITES IN WASHINGTON are throwing, all crimes committed by them, onto decent nations, and in particular onto their striving to be decent rulers (Milosevic, Hussein, Kaddafi, Assad and so on). These “redemptory lamb-like” nations and their rulers are subsequently submitted to a lasting frequently for years “Passion” in a form of economic sanctions, sanctions comparable to these New Jersey odious stories of keeping chickens in cages for dozens of hours in hot sun without food and water.

And than these nations – and their rulers – are exemplary punished (by bombs, hangings, etc.), for their offences to the Divine Democracy, playing the role of Christ the Redeemer (see John Rao in Part 2). And of course natural riches, cultural and technical achievements and human skills of these “Americanized” nations are swiftly becoming possessions of LORDS of the Western Universe: “You will eat the wealth of nations, an in their glory you will boast” (Isaiah 61: 6).

This is exactly “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” of the AMERICAN SYSTEM by which this “Christ of Nations” acts: in Donbas on July 17 American wallets have manufactured a fake crush, accusing Russia (and its president Putin) of this terrible crime. This “initiatory” event was immediately followed by Economic Sanctions against Russia, sanctions forming the “passion period” preparing for the promised by GOD of Isaiah miracle “turning Russia into a heap, a fortified country into a ruin; a palace of strangers is a state no more, It will never be rebuilt.” (Isaiah 25: 2)

Photo above: the Mafia-style “sign from the God” that Russia will soon be put into ruin. The face of one of “Asian” corpses found in Donbas steppe on July 17.

For as observed it Saint Paul I 1 Letter to Corinthians “For Christ (this time in a form of American Democracy) must reign until he humbles all his enemies beneath his feet.” (I Cor. 15: 25); “and there shall be one flock and one shepherd David.” (John 10: 16 after Ezek. 34: 23).

It is a complete, masterminded already 2,5 thousand years ago, PROGRAM OF GLOBALIZATION realized today, principally by so-called Neo-Cons, in their majority atheist, formerly Trotskist Jews, originally from Central Europe and today’s Ukraine.

And what to do with this “post modernist” ultra-religious realm?

As remarked it in public in 1990 John Strugnell,  who for 30 years was the head of the research team investigating manuscripts discovered in caves of Qumran near Dead Sea “The Judaism is a horrible religion, which ought to not exist”. I think that it is sufficient to “proclaim on roofs” about this Strugnell’s discovery, to make the world healer: these dumb neocons at Washington are really insane thinking that they are “on a mission of God”, trying to unify world along the OT and NT recipes. The recent example of “baron” Eduard  Hodos (the former head of liberal Jewish community in Kharkiv), and of Shlomo Sand (an Israeli author of a book “”The Invention of the Jewish People”), which “scribes and doctors” officially rejected their Judaism, are good examples to follow.

(As the conversion, ten years ago, of my friend Israel Shamir to orthodox Christianity is considered, the Indian philosopher Ardershir Mehta, living at present in Canada, commented: “He has fallen from a rain under the gutter”. Ardershir Mehta defines GOD as TRUTH. Which means that the first messenger of this non-mosaic God was Lucifer, the second Jesus of Nazareth, the third Karl Marx, and the fourth John Strugnell!)


Here is the important part of a speech which president Putin gave at the Valdai Club in Sochi, on October 24
He said in particular:

The measures taken against those who refuse to submit (to American dictate) are well-known and have been tried and tested many times. They include use of force, economic and propaganda pressure, meddling in domestic affairs, and appeals to a kind of ‘supra-legal’ legitimacy when they need to justify illegal intervention in this or that conflict or toppling inconvenient regimes. Of late, we have increasing evidence too that outright blackmail has been used with regard to a number of leaders. It is not for nothing that ‘big brother’ is spending billions of dollars on keeping the whole world, including its own closest allies, under surveillance.

They once sponsored Islamic extremist movements to fight the Soviet Union. Those groups got their battle experience in Afghanistan and later gave birth to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The West if not supported, at least closed its eyes, and, I would say, gave information, political and financial support to international terrorists’ invasion of Russia (we have not forgotten this) and the Central Asian region’s countries. Only after horrific terrorist attacks were committed on US soil itself did the United States wake up to the common threat of terrorism. Let me remind you that we were the first country to support the American people back then, the first to react as friends and partners to the terrible tragedy of September 11. (…)

MG – In fact, Russia, under the presidency of Vlad Putin, in late 2001, helped Americans to acquire “temporarily” military bases at former Soviet republics of Kirghizia and Uzbekistan, this in order to facilitate the US Army conquest of Afghanistan. And Russia still helps Yankees in a difference to Pakistan, which refused to open its borders to evacuate US Army material from Afghanistan. Russia organized this transport, towards Germany, through its territory with the use of Russian railways. In Uljanovsk is under construction a “temporary” USA Army base facilitating this task.

And at present president Putin weeps with sorrow that “American friends” have turned into foes and are “giving support to international terrorists’ invasion of Russia”.

What does it mean? In all evidence Putin was/is naïve. As a leader of a biggest on the Planet country, he has not assimilated the message of an interview with the Russian historian Andrei Fursov: “Hit Syria – Target Russia. I’ve read it already two years ago in Swiss “Current Concerns”. This article has a subtitle printed in bold: “Worse than a feud with the Anglo-Saxons can only be a friendship with them.(Alexej Jedrichin–Wandram was a Russian war correspondent during the Boer War in South Africa in 1899-1902; later on a tsarist Russian general, who after the Revolution settled in Latvia.) Let’s hope that Putin somehow repairs errors of his “USA friendly” politics of last 15 years

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