Aristotelian deciphering of YHWH’s “logos” (Dec. 2005)

Aristotelian deciphering of YHWH’s “logos” (Dec. 2005)

by Means of G-d’s (s)Election, or the Preservation of the Favoured Race in the Struggle for Earth’s Possession


The author’s approach to the message of Hebrew Holy Scripture ( ) is based principally on the logic hidden in the word YHWH, which word (“logos”) is possible to range among more general category of man made notions. Once such Aristotelian general category is established, by a logical deduction it is possible to predict the whole set of behaviors, which characterize people remaining under YHWH’s dependence. The goal of activities of these zealous YHWH “servants” turns indeed to be very simple, for it consists of an aggressive proliferation of “G-d chosen” human sub-species – or rather “super species” – specialized in the interception of all earth’s riches. As recalls it Israel Shamir in the book “PaRDeS” (Paradise), already David’s “Psalms” announce the oncoming total “leveling” and subjugation to Israel of our planet:

The LORD (Israel? gold?) will become king over all the earth, on that day the LORD will be one and his name (Israel/Mammon) one. The whole land shall be turned into a plain (monotonous desert), but Jerusalem shall remain aloft (on a heap of gold), and shall dwell in security (self-imprisoned there).”

Such biblical project of the “flat earth” is utterly pathological from the viewpoint of every honest psychologist, but nevertheless it is arduously realized at present by the “Twin Empire” USA/Israel. The author postulates that the actual geopolitical domination of YHWH “servants” results from a trivial cognitive swindle, consisting of the substitution of the Natural Law by an Artificial one, inserted into the Bible. Thanks to precise Aristotelian definition of the differentia specifica, which distinguishes the Living (zoa) from the non-living, not organized matter (hyle), as well from products of man’s labor (techne), it is possible to anamnese (recall) the Basic Law of Living Nature, well known in antiquity to Plato and Aristotle, and in modern times to Lamarck and Piaget. This LAW OF HILOZOA corresponds to Aristotelian “First Motor” or “Immobile Mover”, which conditions behaviors of all living organisms, including the reported in the Bible childish dreams (and scoundrel acts) of Hebrew Supermen. Once this LAW OF LIVING NATURE becomes widely recognized, the pathology of New Jerusalem’s “Flat Earth Project” will be reported ad calandras Graekas. The present essay may serve as a “Foreword” to author’s earlier works on this zoologico-religious topic, in particular as an introduction to the completed two years ago essay “Lord of Ignorance”, and to a longer dialogue, written five years earlier, titled “Syndrome of Blind Watchmaker” ( ).

1. The Anglo-Saxon Cult of the Artificial

Armand Cleese, the director of the European Affairs Institute in Luxembourg, and author of interesting books on the English and than American Empires, told us during the World Public Forum at Rhodes in 2003, that USA considers itself to be the „beacon of the world” ( ). In opinion of consecutive American Presidents their country is an incarnation of the biblical „city on the hill”, which emanates from itself the light, which all other nations are supposed to follow. The most recent example of such „Lord-like” attitude was given by the President of USA, George Bush jr., who in his propaganda speech, delivered at Kyoto on Nov. 15 2005, asked leaders of the nearby giant of atheist China to follow the path of Democracy, which was established (with the help of US Army) in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. In particular Bush jr. asked to „open” the China for the free lecture of the Bible, which in USA is the essential source of inspiration of this „nation under God”.

In the Bible the central (although invisible) Person is the God (or G-d, as write it Hebrews), which in holy texts reveals its only one name YHWH, meaning „I am who I am” in Hebrew. The stress put on “I am” in this ancient God’s name, made the living in Alexandria, contemporary of Jesus of Nazareth philosopher Philo Judeaus, call YHWH with reference „EXISTING”, which term underlines this God-person eternal presence. But what other information can we infer from these famous four letters of Hebrew alphabet? At the first glimpse this short name offer us no much information about „our” (i.e. Judeo-Christian) God, except that it is supposed to be Eternal (and thus ‘Existing’). But this is only very superficial judgement. The work of a professional philosopher – to which category of researchers belongs at present the author – consists of elucidation of meaning of frequently common terms, which in their essence (Ding an sich – of Immanuel Kant) represent features quite different from appearances (doxa – in Greek), to which people are accustomed.

As the name YHWH, „I am, who I am” (or „I am Existing” in interpretation of Philo of Alexandria) is considered, the task of a philosopher is relatively easy. Already several decades prior to the completion of the text of the Bible in the middle of 5th century BC, a well known in the Antiquity (probably also in Babylonia) Greek philosopher Parmenides, by a pure reasoning formed the famous Paradox of Being (or, to use the term of Philo, „Existing”). As recalls it Wladyslaw Tatarkiewicz ( ):

„From the simple tautological principle ‘that being exists, and not being does not exist’, Parmenides deduced several things, namely all properties of being. … ‘Being has no beginning, for where from it could originate? Only from a non-being – but the non being does not exists. It cannot have an end, too, due to the same reason. … Being is thus eternal. Moreover, it is continuous and in general invariant, for it can change only into a non-being; it is not divisible, for parts of a being, not being a being itself, must be a non-being; it has no differences in itself, because all this, which is different from a being, is a non-being.’ It means that being is unitary and invariant; it is the opposition of becoming and multiplicity.”

As stresses it Tatarkiewicz, the ‘being’, defined by a such logical deduction, is a product (an artifact) of thought solely, with no relation to the world, which is experienced by human senses. Logically such ‘being’ (Existing, or YHWH) was able to manifest itself to people only after the invention of language containing the verb „to be”. Moreover, the fascination with a ‘being’, which fascination gave rise to an important field of philosophy called ontology, began once the mentioned above Paradox of Parmenides was put in a written form. Prior to the invention of the scripture, the statement „I am” – or „I am who I am” – was not making on anyone the impression of a mystery: if we happen to meet someone declaring to us „I am who I am” we have a feeling that such person is trying to conceal his personality.

2. YHWH – the Supra-Natural – and thus Artificial – „God”

From the statement „I am” we can deduce that the medium pronouncing it considers itself to be a person. Moreover, by repeating „I am”, it puts an accent on its invariability: „I am the same through centuries”. Such statement signifies, in its mystical meaning, that pronouncing it person is invariable in time and space. It is thus not undergoing changes linked with living man’s maturation, aging and dying, nor it is obligated to perform cyclical movements, like eating and breathing, which are essential for survival of all animals. The message, which is implicit in the written statement „I AM (WHO I AM)”, signifies that such set of letters IS NOT LIVING in the Aristotelian sense of zoa – ‘the living’ (i.e. it is devoid of vegetative, physiological activities). The only natural possibility of existence of such a bizarre ‘person’ inside the Bible is THAT IT IS AN ARTIFICIAL BEING, which manifested itself only in the mind of Moses, who was hallucinating at the desert that he heard a voice from behind the burning bush. (A phenomenon commonly experienced by individuals remaining in a solitude for a long time, especially in snow or sand desert.) Once the story of Moses’ auditory hallucinations ( ) were put, circa 2,5 thousand of years ago, in a written form, YHWH began to exist on pages of the Holy Bible.

Let’s call tentatively the invariant (and thus not living in terms of Aristotle) YHWH „the artificial God”, or in abbreviation THE ARTIFICIAL. What kind of information we can deduce from such general notion of „the G-d of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob”?

1/. So called ‘Biblebelievers’ (Orthodox Jews and the majority of Protestant Christians) consider this artificial, virtual God as ‘good’. They consider thus as good something, which is artificial. The opposition of ‘artificial’ is ‘natural’, thus everything which is Natural should be ‘evil’ for them: the natural light – in particular the one of Sun, symbolized by the Indo-European sign of swastika – is evil, while the artificial light is of course good, in particular the light of the Hebrew sacral candleholder Menorah.

2/. YHWH worshippers, which we propose to call „Jahvists”, have the trained since childhood contempt for all Natural objects and Laws, which are despised by their Artificial “Master” already in “his” First Commandment ( ). These Nature Haters adore thus Artificial Laws contained in their Holy Writings. For a man is always born as a natural living entity, the priesthood („servants”) of the Artificial by an artificial rite of circumcision make male infants bear, for the rest of their lives, the hidden sign of their belonging to the Artificially Chosen People. Naturally these “chosenites” shall dwell in an artificial separation from other natural („animal”) human subspecies. And of course the artificial, hypocrite behavior of these „chosen” is supposed to dominate over the natural, straightforward behavior of courageous and broadminded – and thus „goddamned” – human „animals”.

3/. Natural landscape is of course evil, while the artificial one is in all evidence pleasing to their invisible Lord. YHWH worshippers are thus enthusiastic city dwellers, they treat with contempt so called „underdeveloped” people, which are used to live in harmony with nature ( ).

5/. In agreement with the First Commandment of their Decalogue, all Natural Gods shall incline in front of their artificial LORD, while all animals – including “human animals” – of the earth shall or become enslaved, or eradicated. All these remnants of „animist” (and “animalist”) past shall vanish, replaced by the Worldwide Kingdom of the Artificial, continuously illuminated with artificial lights and decorated with artificial trees and artificial flowers. This New World is supposed to be populated with artificial men-robots, making artificial love and conforming to the artificial Law, imposing everywhere their artificial culture and their artificial science. As exclaimed it 2,5 thousand years ago the most prominent Hebrew prophet named Isaiah „THERE WILL BE NEW (ARTIFICIAL) SKY AND NEW (ARTIFICIAL) EARTH”.

3. Mammon as the Artificial „Lord”

This is indeed an impressive project of the „Second, Improved Creation of the World” realized at present worldwide in particular by United States of America. Illuminated by radiating from the Bible project of „New Jerusalem”, called by consecutive presidents of USA “city shinning on the hill”, missionaries of the Artificial try to have a blind eye to the fact that the world they intend to „re-create” becomes ever more sterile and ugly. Let’s resume our ‘anti-Jahvist’ arguments in few points.

1/. All well educated historians, specialized in Antiquity know that attempts to organize the world in a completely artificial way were present already two or even three thousands years ago. At that time the „god of artificial strength” was called Mammon, the god of wealth, worshipped in particular in Phoenicia (Carthagina) and in Israel ( ). The miraculous “virtue” of money, which „can buy everything, including human virtues”, was described the best by the Renaissance playwriter William Shakespeare in a „hymen at the glory of gold”, contained in his play „Timon of Athens”. Three centuries after Shakespeare, the despised by all Jahvists Karl Marx dared to argue that „money and commerce is the true god of Israel”, and „Money has become the god of the world, in front of which all other human gods are supposed to incline”.

2/ These countries and social groups, which spend the biggest amount of money in order to assure their subsistence, are necessarily living in most artificial conditions. This holds in particular in case of USA today, which expenses in certain crucial domains, like arms and/or medicaments, are equalizing – or even exceeding – analogous expenses of the remaining 95 % of the world population. In obscurity remains the fact that such super consumption necessarily implies the super abundance of post-consumerist garbage. YHWH thus, the Artificial “God of Abraham, of Jacob and of USA”, is a virtual being, which systematically tries to change our Earth into a covered with rubbish wasteland.

3/. The ever growing dependence from material “goods” has essential drawbacks, which science and newspapers in „free to lie” countries are supposed to hide from eyes of the public. The scheme of these drawbacks is always the same, an external „facility” results in withdrawal, after a shorter or longer time, of internal faculties of a subject, which began to rely on these facilities. (For example injections of exogenous immunoglobulin, which European and American tourists traveling in India are sometimes taking in order to obtain an additional protection from malaria, are automatically depressing the endogenous synthesis of this vital protein, so after three or four weeks of an increased resistance to illnesses, organisms of people which took immunoglobulin injections are becoming less resistant for a longer period.)

4/. As a cumulative result of continuous life in artificially “improved” conditions, which characterize in particular the Anglo-Saxon Civilization, the number of people which grow obese, flabby, shortsighted, devoid of pigmentation and with diminished mental capacities becomes sensibly higher than in countries not yet fully „developed”. It is in these “countries under G-d” we shall expect consecutive outbursts of super-industrial, commercial and cultural pathologies. These new pathologies, like the famous American oxymoron of “war on terror”, risk to provoke the total devastation of our planet.

4. The Law of Hilozoa as Aristotle’s ‘Being’ Invariant in Time and Space

All this indicates that it exists the law, in “scientifically not correct” literature called the LAW OF BIOLOGY or “Law of Lamarck”, which causes that organs exercised grow in size and strength, while these put out of action diminish, and even disappear in an inherited way. Origin of this Law of Living Matter (Hilozoa in Greek) is indeed trivial, unfortunately nearly completely neglected by the modern biology. In a difference to all inanimate objects, living bodies dispose of a system of an automatic regeneration of all its damaged (“used”) elements. Moreover, in order to enhance our long term survival, the system inside our tissues is constructed in such a way that organs grow in size and complexity – and thus in their strength and perfection – after each round of their exercise. This means that the more a man (or any other animal) exercises a given set of movements, the more it becomes fit for its performance ( ).

We have to stress that the recalled here (or anamnesed, as would say it Plato) LAW OF HILOZOA – otherwise known as Lamarck’s Law or Jean Piaget’s principle of “majorant reequilibration” – MUST EXIST. Otherwise our own continuous efforts to cope with Earth’s gravitation, efforts to cope with various irradiations and with toxins, germs and viruses hidden in the food we eat, and in the air we breathe, would make our bodies soon disintegrate out of wear-off of its organs. This LAW OF LIVING NATURE is of course vigorously denied by all these who have built their mental representation of ‘living’ on the biblical vision of “ever multiplying automatons”. Nevertheless IT EXISTS and tells us that all techne, it means artificial PRODUCTS OF MAN INGENOUSITY ARE NOT ABLE TO CREATE INFORMATION. As confirms it the self-observation of every sportsman and every honest man of science, their ‘in(side)-formation’ – it means the dynamic structure of their bodies – increases only during recovery periods after an exercise of their muscles and of their mental skills. Neither simple tools, neither complex machines, by their definition as ‘not organized’ objects, do not dispose of an in-built system of their ‘over-recovery’ (la reéquilibration majorante of J. Piaget).

Attention! The ‘in(side)-formation’, which is present in any object, is – according to a known Shannon’s definition – the measure of the departure of its structure from the state of “entropy” (full homogeneity of distribution) of its components. For example, according to this definition, an empty blackboard (“tabula rasa”) contents less information than the one having chalk figures on it; also the ‘in-formation’ represented by a hilly forest is much higher than the one, which gives us a plain desert or a sea devoid of life. And of course the in(side)-formation, which is accumulated in an adult man, is several times greater than the one present in a newborn baby: as calculated it molecular biologists in year 2000, the human embryo has only 30 thousands different genes, while an adult man has over 100 thousands of them!

5. The Evil Radiating from the Jahvist Cult of the Techne and Mammon

Once we start to consider the outlined above LAW OF CREATION OF INFORMATION, as a ‘Being’, which immanently conditions the presence of reality we perceive ( ), we begin to see the whole world in a very precise way. First of all we notice that this Law of Nature permits us to evaluate, with a high degree of accuracy and objectivity, what is EVIL and what is GOOD, both in us and in our neighborhood. In particular as evil we shall consider these laws, these gods, and these our environments, which do not stimulate the growth of information, by which term we understand both the overall complexity of our bodies and the quality of knowledge, accumulated in our (and our neighbors) brains. Such an objective (also in mathematical terms) determination, what is good and what is evil, converges with the old Greek understanding that a man of sincere and mature behavior (ethics), and of great knowledge (dianoethics in terms of Aristotle), is by a definition a man of good. Needles to add that men of infantile manners, and of phobias resulting from their childish understanding of the world, are naturally radiating with evil.

As we stressed it earlier, from the LAW OF HILOZOA we can deduce that all artificial, inanimate products (techne) of man’s ingenuity are not able, out of themselves, to increase the level of information in the biosphere, and thus that they must be noxious, in a long term, to the wellbeing of Nature (of which Nature, according to Aristotle, humans are an indivisible part). The necessary loss of information (impoverishment in bio-diversity) in all countries “under G-d” flows not only from the Lamarck’s law, but it flows also directly from the fact that YHWH, taken as an Absolute, radiates with no information at all: as a “being” it is by a definition homogenous in all four directions of the time and space, and thus as a Person (“I AM”) it has its “face” of eternal, three dimensional “tabula rasa”!

It is thus logical that all people who march in the Artificial Light, emanating from writings (“logos”) attributed to this antique Hebrew monstrosity, must be driven by evil ethics and evil dianoethics (it means infantile understanding of the world). For YHWH is “the god of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob”, so not only doings of these patriarchs were, by a definition of their LORD, stigmatized by evil ( ), but this evil was necessarily present in doings of inspired by YHWH prophets, in particular in doings of Moses ( ). Moreover, the “dianoethic” evil, stemming from the Bible childish (mis)understanding of the Nature, must be present also today, in particular in so called “patriotic acts” of actually controlling the USA gang of ‘neo-conservatives’. These pious “Levies of New Israel” are overtly aiming at the subjugation and subsequent uniformisation (“changing into a plain”) of the whole planet ( ).

6. YHWH as “Radiating Source” of the Planetary Cancer

In the New Testament the most important information about evil intentions of “G-d of Hebrews” furnishes us the Pharisee Saul, who suddenly converted to hated by him Christianity and become famous as apostle Paul. In agreement with the Hebrew childish manner (ethics) of mindless speaking, to which he become accustomed during long years of his previous religious education, this “messenger of G-d” instructed naïve Christians that “The elder will serve the younger, for I (YHWH) love Jacob, and Esau I (YHWH) hate” (Romans, 9, 13). What such an unnatural family hierarchy means in its essence? Seen from the antique Socratic paradigm ( ), the biblical Jacob, who was a sedentary and effeminate man, ready to work hard in order to earn an attractively looking mate, had sensibly hypertrophied “greedy and lustful” soul, which was characterizing the “feeding” class of population of antique polis. A more noble kind of soul was dominant in his elder brother hunter Esau, who was moved by desires of “irascible” and “sensuous” part of his personality, characterizing ‘natural masters’ of Plato and Aristotle ( ).

The story of the supposed preference of “G-d” for the industrious, greedy and “meek” Jacob, taught to naïve gentiles by St. Paul, is an indication that this Artificial Apostle subconsciously wanted to change, the despised by him irascible and broadminded nations of Romans and Greeks, into “meek” and “poor in spirit” YHWH followers. This is not the only indication that Saul/Paul – whom “Hellenists” among early Christians distrusted so much that they wanted to kill him (Acts 9, 29) – was indeed dreaming of changing proud nations of Roman Empire into docile servants of the Hebrew pluto-theocratic oligarchy of his own kind ( ). The transplanted from the Old Testament to the New one, essential for understanding of the Judeo-Christianity idea that “the younger (less in-formed) is better than the elder (more in-formed)”, had a tremendous impact on Christianized nations, once the Bible become widely read in 16th century. It is at this time began the social domination of sedentary and narrowminded bourgeois in all nations stricken by Protestantism, in particular in England, which soon took the leadership in despised by aristocracy industrial and commercial development.

The organic process, in which living bodies of lover complexity start to parasite on structurally (and genetically) highly specialized living forms, is known not only in history of the Western Civilization, but also in a case of a very popular in the West illness described by a general term of a cancer. It is thus of interest to apply insights, obtained by observation of details of ethical and dianoethical “infantilization” of modern Western – in particular American – society, as models for de-differentiation characterizing an ordinary tumor. Here analogies are indeed impressive and deeply founded, for they are stemming from the same immutable source, namely from the Lamarck’s Law of Hilozoa:

1/ Judeo-American writer and philosopher Ayn Rand, in her truly prophetic book “The virtue of selfishness”, discovers that “all of history could be described as the individual moving away from the influence of the ‘tribe’. The problem is that an individual, grown without dense interactions with his “tribal” neighbours, is virtually unable to reach higher stages of his ethical and dianoethical development, for these features of personality are trained by close interactions with adults, serving as models to imitating them youngsters. Once the development of a person remains artificially inhibited at the stage of so called “childish egocentrism” (like it was in the case of biblical Jacob), such person naturally starts to behave like an “alien”, which is hostile to the collective life of surrounding him “tribe”. The same holds in case of small fragments of animal tissues, which were artificially separated – and grown “in vitro” – for a longer time, not having thus the opportunity to participate in collective movements of organism’s tissues. These “chosen” (by their separation) micro tissues, which were kept immobilised for several weeks, once they are incorporated back “in vivo” into parental organs, they develop the tendency to form “egoistic” tumors.

2/ Amongst Anglo-Saxon populations, considered as the most developed, there is practiced a sharp separation between “rich” and “poor”, with upper classes living virtually isolated from “underdog” masses. As we wrote above, such an artificial isolation cause that super rich consider the poor as “aliens” in their own countries, and thus these “artificial aliens” are becoming for them the object of a merciless exploitation (or eventually, eradication) only. The same happens at the microscopic scale, when lowly differentiated neo-plastic cells, which spontaneously isolate themselves from more mature neighbors by secreted by them “embryonic” antigens, start to consider the body hosting them as “the pasture”, permitting them the realization of their egoistic, “teleonomic” goal of continuous non differentiated growth.

3/ The agent (“embryonic antigen”), which plays the role of a “screen” separating the ethically (and dianoethically) non matured Chosen People from surrounding them nations, is The Holy Scripture, which instructs its readers “Be fruitful and fill the earth. The fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth” (etc., see Gen. 9, 2). The Divine Writer (YHWH?) of this “blessing” in all evidence was a Handicapped Being: he had no sight permitting him to admire nature’s beauty, neither the mind capable to reason – as did it Aristotle – that the man is an inherent element of the animal world (which zoon mindless Jahvists are supposed to terrorize and exploit). At the microscopic scale the “ethics” (behavior), stemming from such “G-d’s blessing of global terrorists”, is realized the best by an ordinary tumor, which indeed is a “being” devoid of receptors permitting him to sense higher goals of behavior of its mature cellular neighbors.

The outlined above IDENTITY OF GOALS (finality, teleology) of inspired by its “Lord” Judeo-Christian Civilization, with the “vegetal” finality of a tumor evolving towards its malignancy ( ), permits us to predict the kind of future, which American Terrorist Civilization “under G-d” is preparing for the entire planet. Here the best example, how in pre-Antiquity ended the temporary success story of “blessed by G-d Jacob”, was the misery of this Patriarch’s oversized family, once a draught changed into a desert the overgrazed pastures of this industrious forefather of contemporary businessmen. It was the mindless greed of this shortsighted “patriarch”, which paved the way for subsequent hundreds of years of self-slavery of Jews in Egypt.

Needless to add that the salvation from the sad fate of “blind Jacob’s children”, we can expect only by the return to ethics (and dianoethics) characterizing Jacob’s elder brother, the broadminded megalopsychos Esau. This not hesitating to intermarry with neighbor tribes, “negative hero” of the Bible, looked with scorn at his own family barbarous religious ethics, and at swindles of his mentally handicapped, ambitious brother. According to fearful cabalist writers of Zohar Tales”, completed in late Middle Ages, “the biggest disaster (for the world) will arrive when “Esau will come back and burn the Torah, the Book of Law”. Such practical solution, to the problem of terror organized worldwide by YHWH worshippers, we find already in forgotten at present proposals of “Republic” of Plato, and in books on “ethics” (behavior) written by Aristotle. Needless to add that the Roman emperor Hadrian nearly succeeded in eradicating the provoking mind tumor “virus” hidden in the Bible.

But it was two thousand years ago. In modern times updated anti Jahvist ideas resurrected in “Philosophie zoologique” published in 1809 by Jean Baptiste de Lamarck, in Karl Marx essay “Zur Judefrage” of 1844 ( ), and of course in Jean Piaget’s works on consecutive stages of children mental development. But in order to make place for these programs of rational education, we have to put in the Norton Protected Recycle Bin of our PC quite a “mountain” of intellectual waste, starting with “Letters” of St. Paul, and ending with copious neoDarwinian lies, which are particularly abundant in “the city shinning on the hill”.

Zakopane, Dec. 20, 2005

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