PAN w Z-nem (11): GLOBALISM – THE WAR OF A NEW TYPE (A. Zinoviev, 1999)


or prosaically

Mammonist  (Neg-otium) Conspiracy against Homo Sapiens (Otium)

Dr Marek Glogoczowski

Below is the  text of a speech delivered during the “Mut zur Ethik” annual conference at Sirnach (TG) in Switzerland. At the demand of its participants, the author added more precisions (pt. 2 and 3) to his arguments

The only nation, which is able to lower the level of human intelligence, of morals and of quality of humanness – and this at the scale of the whole planet – this was never seen before. I accuse the United States of continuous persistence in a crime against humanity

-         Henry de Montherlant “Chaos et nuit” 1966

1.    « Le complot contre homo sapiens »

 Already more than 20 years ago, my socialist friends in Geneva, linked with Jean Ziegler, a politician well known not only in Switzerland, proposed to me to write a book summarizing my “Piagetian” critical remarks on life in the West in general. From the editing house “Editions de l’Aire” in Lausanne I received even two thousand francs for a translation from Polish to French of articles I’ve written in my native language. Unfortunately in 1993 “Editions de l’Aire” become bankrupt, and the project of the book, to which I gave a work title “Le complot contre homo sapiens” – The conspiracy against homo sapiens – still remains in a form of a manuscript.

As the term “homo sapiens” is considered, in its plain meaning it signifies the man of wisdom, a mentally adult person able to associate a large number of ideas and able to make valid predictions concerning his own behavior and the world around him. Unfortunately, since industrial revolutions the social domination of broad-minded elites in Europe began to vanish. Already more than two hundred years ago the French naturalist Jean Baptiste de Lamarck, in a treatise “La philosophie zoologique”, has sadly remarked that the French Revolution has promoted a new type of humans, very limited in their intelligence (this word is derived from Latin inter-ligare, to bind together sensory experiences, which biochemical process leads to the appearance of conditioned reflexes). I quote literally Lamarck “(these men) are not exercising much their intelligence, they practically are not varying objects of their thoughts, they have, like animals about which we are going to speak, a very small number of ideas and they are strongly dependent from the force of habits. In fact, needs of a man, whom whatever education has not forced, since young age, to exercise his intelligence, are limited only to things which seem to him be necessary for an assurance of his existence … and make him extremely limited as his moral well-being is considered. Ideas which are formed in him are reduced to ideas of business, of ownership and of few physical pleasures …“

Such a reduction of intelligence to affairs of property and of business, combined with the strive for satisfaction of simple physical pleasures, I called ironically, already decades ago, “Unique in Trinity God of the West – Wealth-Technics-Comfort” in abbreviation WTC, which abbreviation is associated also with these three (1, 2 and 7) Towers of World Trade Center spectacularly demolished on the famous date 9-11-2001.

This sudden demolishment of WTC towers was the result of a cabal at the gigantic scale: in opinion of US government it was a conspiracy of “hating the West” Moslem fundamentalists hidden somewhere in caves Tora-Bora in Afghanistan, while in opinion of thousands of American Architects and Engineers (for 911 Truth), it was the cabal of US government against all daring to reason in rational terms humans. The history of big scale plots is not new. The Bible is the compendium of histories of hundreds of smaller or bigger – like the one reported in book of Esther – cabals. In modern times, in the middle of 19-th century appeared the first “manual” for ruling by a deceit, “liberal” politicians. It has the title “The Dialogue in Hell between Machiavelli and Motesquieu”, and its author, Maurice Joly observes in it that “… from the shocks of revolutions were issued these cool societies… which have no other stimuli than material pleasures, which are living only for business, which have not other cult than gold, and which with their mercantile morals behave like Jews they took for models”.

No wonder thus that this anti-liberal pamphlet of Maurice Joly become a canvas for famous “Protocols of Elders of Zion” divulged to publics roughly 100 years ago. And it is since its disclosure we live in a paranoia of consecutive conspiracies: for example the rise of communist Russia in 1917 was attributed to a conspiracy. This despite the fact that the plan for the future world, devoid of the class of super rich parasites and crooks, was well known since the publication of “Communist Manifesto” already in 1848.

The sudden – and generally unexpected – fall of the Soviet Union at the end of the last century become a gigantic geopolitical event. And of course some writers – like the former soviet dissident Alexander Zinoviev – attributed this “Tragedy of Russia” to the hardly concealed conspiracy of American government. Peter – nomen omen – Schweizer wrote on this topic a whole book “Victory: The Reagan Administration’s Secret Strategy That Hastened the Collapse of the Soviet Union”. According to Schweizer it costed only 4 hundred millions US dollars to bribe highest Soviet officials to surrender the Soviet Empire.

These seated in Washington organizers of New American Century nearly overtly claim that “we have to put into brackets all the European history, between the end of 1-st World War and the dismemberment of the Soviet Empire in years 1989-1991”. All communist, national socialist, socialist, and even pro-capitalist socio-democratic political adventures in Europe of the 20-th century are to be erased from collective memory of mankind. This arduous project was announced in Polish press already 20 years ago by Bronislaw Geremek, an influent European politician, and I heard the same opinion in Moscow in May this year, from an exiled in Russia former Ukrainian parliamentarian.

What is thus the future we are heading for under Washington D.C. supervision?

The answer to this question is simple. It is the realm of life in United States magnified to the size of the whole Planet. Like the average American publics, we have to live “in virtuality”, in a constant delusion how things really are. Such increasingly artificial lifestyle is dictated not only by progress of technics of communication, but it also solidly inscribed into the FREE EXCHANGE SYSTEM, which has made Anglo-Saxon Empires true rulers of the “westernized” World. Why?

George Soros, one of principal Stock Exchange players of today, in an interview accorded to the Swiss weekly “L’hebdo” of may 1993, in an elegant statement explained the origin of his personal success at the stock exchange “I play on the fact that it exists always a divergence between participators and events, this up to the moment when the mechanism of correction intervenes, which approaches them”. Logical conclusions, which we are able to draw from this honest testimony of a Stock Exchange speculator are enormous. In fact they explain THE ESSENCE OF THE SYSTEM, which permitted to size the Ownership of the Planet by a tiny, in large extend hereditary, MAFIA of Stock Exchange gamblers. This beginning with famous “Rothschild ’s family conspiracy”, exactly 200 years ago, with the win-win speculation on the issue of the Waterloo battle.

George Soros works as an associate of Rothschild Banking Group, and uses in his affairs an impressively ramified system of semi-secret agencies: for ripping-of of Bank of England in 1992 Soros has used his “Quantum fund”, in order to suck former countries of the Communist Block, he organized in all post-Soviet space the gigantic “web” of “Open Society Foundations”, the Open Society Institute  in Swiss Zug included.

All these, ornamented with noble names, Foundations and Stiffungen, are engaged in the Global Humanitarian Project of, to say it in French, approfondissment de l’écart entre participants et évenements at the Free Market of Information. Such GLOBAL PROJECT OF DISINFORMATION, permitting the MAFIA controlling the Stock Exchange to size power all over the world, is nothing new. Already in 1981 William Casey, the head of CIA had semiofficially acknowledged that “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”. This goal of American Central Intelligence Perversion Agency (in abbreviation elegantly ACI(P)A) was confirmed last month by a publication, by “globalresearch” of Michael Chossudovsky in Canada, of a video dating from 1975, showing high CIA official admitting this fact to US Congress.

2. The lasting since millenaries, “Hebraist micropsychoi” war against all more mature forms of human culture

As observed it the late 19-th century the English philosopher Matthew Arnold in “Culture and Anarchy” (1888), especially in Anglo-Saxon Empires (UK and US), which remained relatively isolated from the European Continent, the “Hellenic” spirit of an aristocratic behavior, centered on VIRTUS (“maleness”, arête in Greek) began to fade in front of the progress of so-called “Hebraic”, effeminized “soft power” type behaviors, promoted in particular by Calvinist clergy enchanted with texts of the Bible. According to Arnold, Hellenism means “a free mind and intellect, resistant to cant and prejudice … open to excellence”, while Hebraism  is the inspired by the lecture the Hebrew Bible, “a narrow and twisted growth of our religious itself, and a failure in perfection”.

A good example of such “twisted religious itself, and a failure in perfection” represent “kaporos” festivities celebrated by Orthodox Jews in New Jersey, USA. It is a kind of a cruel and childish ritual of “betterment” of participants complacency by a slaugter of an innocent scapegoat (“god’s lamb”) substituted by a chicken “Before slitting the chickens’ throats, men take roosters and women take hens, and then swing them around their heads three times, saying: “This is my substitute, this is my exchange, this is my atonement. This fowl will go to death, and I will enter upon a good and long life.”

Such childish and imbecile behaviors of Orthodox Jews, afraid to raise their heads behind limits of their TWISTED AND UGLY RELIGION, were/are not limited to people of Hebrew descent only. Matthew Arnold by the term Hebraism “was defining the spirit, as he understood it, of sectarian Protestantism in l9th-century England. His Hebraism keeps pointing to sectarian Protestant bibliolatry – the doctrine of the open Bible carried to a kind of democratic extreme.” (See my “Mind inside Genitalia, or The Origin of the Chosen People Species” of 2011).

Already in Antiquity both Gnostics and Marcions considered Old Testament to be the BOOK OF THE GOD OF EVIL. I will hold to this antique description of the G-d of Hebrews. (The word ‘Hebrew’ was in fact derived from ‘habiru’, bandits roaming in the antique Middle East.) The enchantment with Old Testament the Modern Church inherited with letters of “13-th apostle” PauI from Tarsus representing nearly half of texts of the New Testament. In particular his “Letter to Romans” contains about 30 quotations from OT, the whole chapter 9 is praising the bizarre and twisted behavior of God of Israel who “has his mercy upon whomever he wills, and he hardens the heart of whomever he wills” … “So it depends not upon man’s will or exertion, but upon God’s mercy” … “So that god’s purpose of election might continue, not because of works but because of his call, … “ the elder will serve the younger.” As it is written “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.

3. Saint Paul (paulus, pau-ro-lo means “small” and “fearful”) as the High Priest of Anti Homo Sapiens Crusade

Why this Hebrew God of Evil – in a book of Genesis represented as the Creator of Adam and of his descendants – hated Esau, who gave rise to populace of Edomites, which name signifies descendants of the “first man” Adam? And why – apparently without a rational cause – the forefather of Israelites Jacob, who in all evidence was driven by the  greed and corruption (see my text on this topic dating from 1995), was God’s favorite “not because of works but because of his call”? (“Jacob” means “the one which comes afterwards”, according to specialized in gematrics professor A. Wierciński.)

The Book of “Genesis” provides us with a concise description of “twin brothers-enemies” born to Patriarch Isaac, who himself hardly escaped his immolation as a sacrifice to God (of Evil) of Abram/Abraham: “Esau was a skilful hunter, living in open country, while Jacob was a quiet man, content to stay at home among the tents. Isaac loved Esau, for he was preparing for him tasty meals from animals he hunted, while Rebecca (the wife of Isaac) loved the sedentary Jacob” (Ge. 25: 27-28). The life “in fields” demands the knowledge of Nature surrounding such outdoorsmen able to thrive, without the protection of a tent, in a wilderness. Such way of life necessarily enhances broadmindness, while men (and women) limited in their activities to an easy survival in protecting them tents and houses, by an effect of a non sufficient exercise of their senses and of physical strength, tend to become narrowminded.

THE LAW OF BIOLOGY postulated by Lamarck, suggests that traits of Jacob-like, effeminate and slothful character, uses to become hereditary. This, severely forbidden by CI(P)A controlled bio-science of today, argument of Lamarck was upheld by Charles Darwin, who in a treatise “Variation of animals and plants under domestication” (1868) provided many examples of such inheritance. To ilustrate this biological tendency he published his own drawings of a scull of a wild rabbit, which he compared with a scull of lop-eared rabbits, kept in cages since long, and due to it visibly deficient in sensory (in particular hearing) capacities.  The cranial capacity of wild rabbits appears to be distinctly bigger than the one of domesticated ones, and Darwin attributed this fact to the hereditary effect of long term enclosure of domesticated animals in conditions, which were not permitting them “to exercise their instincts, senses and voluntary movements”:

The “forbidden to know” LAW OF BIOLOGY predicts that similar differences in cranial capacities and mind performances necessarily manifested themselves between the self-imprisoned in tents (later on in shetl) progeny of Jacob, the mythical forefather of Israelites, and “living in fields” Esau, the mythical forefather of Edomites having, like Greek Spartans, in a low esteem “corrupting the body and soul” comforts of city dwelling. Moreover, people self-imprisoning themselves in “shetls” (cities), due to the self-imposed “cirucumcision” of their tonus and virility, develop a natural tendency for all possible vile behaviors, which they generally share with unfortunate animals kept in cages (observations of etologist Konrad Lorenz).

In light of these Darwinian observations, the permeating all texts of Old Testament “racial war” between Israelites and Edomites, Hebraists and Hellenists, might be interpreted as a ‘cultural war’ between despised by Matthew Arnold, dominating at his time in England, religious populace of entreprising narrowminded micropsychoi, and risking the extinction broadminded megalopsychoi, to use terms of Aristotle. And only among these Hebrew “small brain” prophets the “revolutionary” idea of making profits from sufferings of a docile servant got its expression in the Scripture. This miserable, honest and valiant man was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed” (Isaiah 53). This ethical perversion was copied in antiquity from habits of gangsters (‘habiru’), who by a collective murder, of an innocent and truthtelling member of their gang, assured the cohesion and wellbeing of their “community”. The discovery of this method of “salvation” – practiced by a petty thief who found with his hand in someone’s pocket cries “thief! thief”, pointing at person he just robbed – has lead to the development of a number of “cheating the Biology and Reason” rituals. I have in mind not only this odious “caporos” redemptory chastisement of chicken” pictured above, but also the Pashal festivities of Christ redemptory crucifixion, too.

It was the newly converted to Christianity, self-appointed apostle Saul alias Paul from Tarsus who, added by his Sanhedrin secret accomplices, has managed to lure Christian leaders with profits they will realize by preaching Isaiah’s perverse teaching about “salvation by sweet wounds of Christ crucified”. The bulk of teachings of St. Paul consists of such incredible imbecility, that Hitlerian ideologist Goebbels might be proud of a confirmation of his observation that “people will accept any lie, on the condition that it is BIG ENOUGH and repeated frequently enough”.

I will limit myself here to two important FAKE MESSAGES contained in Paul’s “apostolic writings”, demonstrating that this “saint” represented indeed “a Hebraist narrow and twisted realm of his religious itself, and a failure in perfection”. (St. Paul proudly claimed that he is “A Hebrew from Hebrews, a Pharisee by the Law”, and at least this his self-description is concordant with the colloquial meaning of these terms.)

As the Pharisee trait of a duplicity of St. Paul is considered, in 1 Letter to Corinthians he declared himself to be the precursor of contemporary “pushers” of the ideology of gender and of antiracism. Literally he wrote “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Ga. 3:28). And than, in a “Letter to Romans” he completely forgot what he wrote to Galatians, and declared that his God (of Evil) has an utterly paedocratic and racist  predilection, for “the elder will serve the younger, Esau I hate and Jacob I love” – and this  evident twist in argumentation is not worrying our ecclesiastics accepting, like innocent children, whatever their Supreme Teacher tells them!

Where from this “childish indifference” of our clergy, a fail of their intellect, which permits them the acceptation of the inserted into OT project of a “civitas dei”, the City of God built on a principle ironically described in “Animal farm” of George Orwell: “(In eyes of G-d) all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others (in eyes of the Lord)”.

If one reads carefully the stuff filling “Letters” of Saint Paul, he may find the Supreme Reason, for which ecclesiastics are making “a blind eye” to ideological twists present both in OT and NT. Namely, in Letter to Colossians,  The Apostle gave the following recommendation for education of future clergymen:

 “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ. (…) In him you were also circumcised with a circumcision not performed by human hands. Your whole self ruled by the flesh was put off when you were circumcised by[Christ (etc.)”

We are accustomed to participate in religion of magnificent experiences, but instead of it we fall into a cesspool full of rubbish and of the smell of rotting corpses (see Jesus in Mat. 23: 27). It is nothing new. Educated Frenchmen argue that from the word chrétien evolved the pejorative word cretin. And in fact, in a plain language the quoted above “spiritual instruction” means that one has to “circumcise” (castrate) his own intellectus, an organ of discerning between objects and ideas, in order to be “a good Christian”! For broadminded people the recalled above religious attitude of “13 apostle” represents trivially an INTEGRAL AGGRESSION AGAINST HOMO SAPIENS.

In particular the “hollow and deceptive” philosopher Aristotle has argued that nihil is in intellectu quod non prius fuerit in sensu (there is nothing in mind which earlier wasn’t in senses). And the paulinist attack – using as a mohel’s tool the phantom of Christ Crucified – against necessarily bodily senses of Christians, is automatically aimed at lowering of their intelligence. This GOD’S (OF EVIL) PLAN FOR MANKIND our Pauluspaurolo (small and fearfull) has heroically expressed in a I Letter to Corinthians: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will thwart.  Where is the wise person? … Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God (of Evil) made foolish the wisdom of the world?

And this is, in its essence, the PROJECT OF GLOBALISM, elaborated in the “Shinning city upon a hill” situated initially at the Temple Mount in antique Jerusalem – and ultimately at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. (in collaboration with two other Global Centers of W-T-C – it means Wealth-Technics-Comfort members of the Trinity, the City of London and Vatican.)

4. Are “philosophers of this age” capable to challenge the God (of Evil) Plan to “destroy the wisdom of the wise; and to thwart the intelligence of the intelligent”?

My “comrade in arms” Israel Adam Shamir, has wrote, already 10 years ago, an elegant essay in which he predicted the massive flux of “proletariat” from bombed by Americans terrains of Asia and Africa (Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Somalia at that time), towards the “rich and safe” Europe. In particular, he remarked in his essay the following:

A grandson of the Trier Rabbi, Karl Marx, came to a revolutionary conclusion: the faith of Mammon, this ‘week-day religion of Jews’, in his words, became the real religion of the American elites. Marx approvingly quoted a Colonel Hamilton: “Mammon is Yankee’s idol; they worship it not only with their lips, but with all strength of their body and soul. In their eyes, the earth is but a stock exchange, and they are convinced that they do not have other purpose on earth but to become richer than their neighbours”. … This victorious Jewish spirit, for Marx, was based on ‘greed and egoism, its confession was business, it’s god — Money’.

These ideas of early Karl Marx were developed further by the colleague of Max Weber, the well known at the beginning of 20-th century economist and sociologist Werner Sombart, in a book about American exceptionalism titled “Why is there No Socialism in United States”. From the Sombart work it is evident that there will be no trace of socialism in the planned, for the 21-st century, MONSTROSITY OF UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD. The kept in obscurity at present Sombart was one of these, despised by G-d of St. Paul, “philosophers of our age” able to predict the direction of the World’s History in the present American Century.

By which miracle this  American micropsychoi exceptionalism fares so well today?

Everyone knows that Moses, by killing of 3 thousand Golden Calf worshippers under Mount Sinai, purged his tribe from the greed obsessed individuals. But only few readers of the Bible realize that these “brothers and sons” of Levies, which were treacherously murdered during their sleep after the God of Virility (Apis) festivities, become “God’s lambs” offered as a “gift” to God (of Evil) in exchange for the obliteration of thefts and other horrible crimes committed by Chosen People during the conquest of the Promised Land.

It means that this odious history of mass murder under Mt Sinai had basically the same religious sense of “healing wounds and assuring the wellbeing” of its perpetrators, as have it these cruel mass chicken killings during “kaporos” festivities of orthodox Jews in New Jersey. It had the same “obliterating of sins” sense as the Jesus “travail” on the Cross, and last but not least, the same “redemptory” sense as Holocaust of 6 million Jews under Hitler during the 2WW. All these deals (“exchanges”) with the God (of Evil), usually known under the name of Covenants, are  for “our (egoistic) atonement. These animals (men, fowl, scapegoats and god’s lambs) go to death, and we enter upon a good and long life” – as recite it performers of “kaporos” rituals (see the picture above).

Karl Marx ends his “Zur Judefrage” (1844) essay with a following conclusion “Once society has succeeded in abolishing the empirical essence of Judaism – huckstering (Handel) and its preconditions – the Jew will have become impossible, because his consciousness no longer has an object … The social emancipation of the Jew is the emancipation of society from (Handel based) Judaism.” But which model of behavior will dominate in the idealized by Karl Marx Jew-less society, devoid of its magnificent supermarkets, stock exchanges and banks facilitating the commerce? Would it be the Community of Proletarians? Is the Working Class dumb enough to be “purged” of desires of making best profits from its work?

In Rome men of commerce were called “neg-otium”, their activities were in Antiquity considered to be the negation of best possible behaviors associated with the world “otium” – in Greek ‘aristoi’. Hence the ‘best people’ at that time were aristocrats of the spirit, Aristotelian “megalopsychos”, which behavior also ordinary people spontaneously tend to imitate. The ‘megalopsychia’ is possible to define as an opposition to micropsychia, which signifies “humility, false humility, small-souledness, lowmindedness and mean-spiritedness. It is not by an accident all these traits of ‘micropsychia’ are present in verbal behavior of my beloved Wandering Salesman of profits from crucified Christ, Paulus-paurolo. (For ex. he announced his mission in these falsely humble verses “I came to you in weakness with great fear and trembling. My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, (…) For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified1 Cor. 2). Jesus of Nazareth, contrary to his “vicar”, was a decent teacher characterized by MEGALOPSYCHOS, a classical Hellenic virtue, as demonstrated it the well known historian of Antiquity Tadeusz Zielinski in “Hellenism and Judaism” (1927). And precisely this trait of Jesus’  personality made him a perfect “God (of Evil) lamb”, which was sacrified for “our (egoistic) atonement, and our good and long life”.

The despised by early fathers of the Church, and than by philo-Hebraic protestant reformers, Aristotle has argued that “all people want to know”. This zoological desire, shared by humans with other high animals, forms an entelechy (literally in Greek the goal of behavior) of a sane humanity. The limitation (“circumcision”) of this natural human entelechy, provoked by the widespread of Pauline redemptory doctrines, combined with God (of Evil) commandments of the type “dominate the earth and everything whoch moves upon it”, became a PURELY BIOLOGICAL ILLNESS OF HUMANITY, which illness is strongly resembling the primitive “entelechy” (purpose of existence) of a non differentiated cancer, limited to a vegetal growth as a parasite of a wholist organism.

(I have to recall that tumors consist from a sudden spring-up – it is a kind of “color revolution” inside organism – of young, not yet differentiated and “blind” cells, which become somehow “liberated” from their duties to learn to cooperate with others in tissues specialized in various tasks. These “uneducated” yet cells in appropriate conditions – usually it is their physical isolation combined with the lack of sufficient immunological control – vigorously start to steal food from their more mature cousin cells, already inhibited in their proliferation. Such neotenic, embryo-like,  “individualistic” cancer cells behave in a manner very similar to  the biblical hero, the  super-prolific moron Jacob, who by a deceit robbed the heritage of the mature “masculinized” Esau, the aristocratic head of the proto-Israelite family.)

5. How to hamper the pathology of the W-T-C (Wealth-Technics-Comfort) Global Lumpen Culture?

Vices of highly domesticated societies were known already in Antiquity, and in densely populated pre-Christian Alexandria, a Jewish author of a “Greek book of Syrah”, into its chapter 13 inserted proto-communist remarks “The rich does wrong and takes a high line; the poor is wronged and has to beg for pardon. The wild ass is the lion’s prey in the desert: so also the poor are nurture for the rich.From protestant editions of the Bible this Greek book was purged as “not orthodox”, and thus scruples linked with the exploitation of these less affluent, become silenced. Due to it in protestant countries (at the beginning in Netherlands, than in England, than in USA) have flourished institutions of the type of Stock Exchanges, permitting the enrichment of Mafia of Crooks literally “ad infinity”.

With the fall of the Soviet Union all barriers prohibiting the formation of theocratico-commercial society, modeled at the one of antique Israel, become removed. No one, in the literature controlled by the GLOBAL MICROPSYCHOI ELITE, dares to argue that the worship of WTC (Wealth-Technics-Comfort) values necessarily leads to ever growing dependency from riches collected, dependency physiologically identical to the one of produced by chemical drugs. These “easing the life” artifacts are not only progressively enslaving the life of ordinary citizens, but they are turning our environment into ever more sterile, filled with concrete, steel, glass and aluminum, lifeless ugly desert.

Israel Shamir wrote that “men of money” see the world as a huge pasture to be changed into stock exchange, and George Soros confirms that the “work” of Stock Exchange professionals consists of feeding others with fake – but looking as real – information: “I speculate on the difference between participants and events”. So the the only practical way to make prevail, once again, homo sapiens (otium), who in his megalopsychos is accustomed to share, disinterestedly, the knowledge about events, is to CLOSE STOCK EXCHANGES. These Gambling Institutions are principal sources of disinformation empoisoning human life since circa 500 years. Simple? But how to achieve it? Answer: in the same manner as it was done in a territorially predominant part of Europe, and in Asia up to the Pacific Ocean, at the beginning of the last century.



Below I enumerate few elementary precautions, which the GLOBAL MICROPSYCHOS ELITE of “Robber Barons”, has undertaken in order to inhibit the very thinking about  simple measures permitting to attenuate the oncoming planetary catastrophe. In particular its pt. 5 describes how CI(P)A, working as a valet of THE GLOBAL MICROCEPHALIAN ELITE, by a publication of “Black Book of Communism” turned the defunct Soviet Union into a “God (of Evil) Lamb”, whose “punishment” (also in a form of Russia Today) effaces crimes committed by USA at its road to Global Dominance, assuring this “Nation under God” (egoistic) atonement, and its comfortable, projected to last for subsequent centuries, life.

1. The history demonstrates that the only real danger that Big Capital will lose its grip over world’s population, came from communist movements. All early communists, Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Illich Lenin and Felix Dzierzhynski, were well educated, speaking several languages social activists, sensitive to the ugliness of capitalist “freedom to exploit the proletariat”. In 21-st century the possibility of re-appearance of such socially conscious elite is hoped to be nullified by the promotion of American style “constructive free education”. An education in which youngsters themselves choose what pleases them to learn. Such “learning free of devoirs” leads to the mental laziness and, in their adult age, to the indifference to more complex ideas. The assured in this manner, social non-sensitivity of adolescents, makes of them good “coloured revolutions stormtroopers” paid with gadgets for revolutionary services to “investors” in human stupidity.

2. In order to put common people under the yoke of LORD MAMMON in form of a Triple Deity WTC, Wealth-Technics-Comfort , we see at present the privatization of all public services, which in socialist post were for free: in Russia of today up to 60 % of higher studies and 40% of medical services are paid, the less affluent adolescents and ill people are be constrained to shoddy schools and shoddy medical care centers – like it was in England of 19-th century. Alexander Zinoviev in “Tragedy of Russia” argues that this model of 19-th century England becomes dominant in his native country, there is ever more pronounced division into “super society” and ordinary society thriving in ugliness of shoddy merchandises imported from China.

3. The absence of a serious, developing the broad knowledge education, automatically leads to a formation of detested by Karl Marx class of “limited, partial specialists” hindering the elaboration of more mature concepts of social life. This class of petty bourgeoisie, as wrote it Maurice Joly in 1864 “with its mercantile morals behaves like Jews they took for models”. At the time of Christ the despising “pagan knowledge” petty Jews in their mass were irrationally afraid of the oncoming End of Times. Today the purposefully undereducated bourgeois are afraid of practically everything: of microbes, of mass extinction due to the atomic radiation, of autism and all possible epidemics due to obligatory vaccinations, of fluor, of mercury, of aluminum and of chemtrails appearing by condensation of H2O vapor. These “New World idiots” are completely unaware that our organisms grow in strength and resistance by copying with small amounts of noxious substances, and thus “each substance we swallow is a poison or a medicament, depending of its dosis” as observed it Paracelsus 500 years ago. With their, saturating the internet paranoia, they produce a good “blanket” obscuring real, originating from the ultra-sedentary cult of WTC, causes of their ever more pronounced autism, of their loss of fertility and of intelligence, not to say about evanescence of the joy of life limited principally to manipulation of electronic and motorized gadgets.

4. We have finally fears of large scale war, which may demolish completely the planet Earth. Are these fears justified, or they are of the same type as fears of chemtrails or HAARP? Big owners of thousands of atomic bombs have no intention to check the veracity of the prediction of their Assured Mutual Anihilation. But at the limited scale we have incessant wars also in Europe, the NATO war for the destruction of socialist Yugoslavia took nearly 10 years, the “creeping war”, which is slowly changing the Ukraine into a “trident hold by USA and pointed at Russia”, lasts already two years. Wars of today took the so-called “hybrid” form. We had “color revolutions” in several capitals of Europe and Africa, and today we have – paid for it by someone rich enough – hundreds of thousands of worshipping the idol of WTC “refugees” flooding Europe. In case these dissatisfied “refugees” from Pakistan and Nigeria turn into Islam fighters, the Europe will be condemned to seek the help of World’s Gendarme from behind the Ocean. All this suggests that it may be hot soon also in Western Europe, and this not only due to the climate warming.

5. And the last but not least. After the sudden fall of USSR the communism seems to be dead, but like in times preceding the WW1 the “ghost of communist threat still hovers over Europe”. Alexander Zinoviev speculates in “Tragedy of Russia” that communist ideas may reappear in Russia too… coming from the West. To prevent such misadventure the CI(P)A become vigorously engaged in all possible activities aiming at the denigration of this Devil of Mankind. We all know these horrible  Solzhenitzyn’s stories about 60 – or even 66 millions – dead in Soviet Gulags, In 1998 it was published – and sold simultaneously in great number of copies in all European countries and US – the “Black Book of Communism”, in which preparation participated my friend since years 1960 in Poland, professor of history, , Andrzej Paczkowski. I denoted below few items, with which this “scientific” book, intended for the “illumination” of educated publics, deals with:

·  the deportations of Poles, Ukrainians, Moldavians and people from the Baltic Republics from 1939 to 1941 and from 1944 to 1945.

All these numbers are impressive, but let’s look at figures published in by less CI(P)A dependent (Paczkowski is not my friend anymore) historians and in Wikipedia.

·                   For example Douglas Tottle in Fraud, Famine, and Fascism: The Ukrainian Genocide Myth (Toronto, 1987) asserts that claims the Holodomor was an intentional genocide are “fraudulent”, and “a creation of Nazi (and American) propagandists”.In this book Tootle gives the number of „about 160 thousand dead in gulags between 1937-1938 and not 3 millions” In fact, the disclosed in 1993 official statistics of Gulag’s population confirm rather this Tottle number than the one enounced by writers of “Black Book” (see the graphic below).

I’ve checked the data concerning the rise of population of Soviet Union in between two censuses in USRR in 1926 and 1937. It turned out that in case we take into consideration the massive change of nationality, in Eastern Ukraine, from “Ukrainian” to “Russian”, which occurred during these 11 years, the diminishment of Russo-Ukrainian population due to the famine of early years 1930 is not all noticeable. To the contrary, it has risen for whole 11,5 millions, more than one million a year! (See numbers below.) The “magic” number of 6 millions of victims of Holodomor, like the identical number of victims of Holocaust, serve as a “protective mantel” for both these, territorially very aggressive nations.

It is of interest to compare the table above, demonstrating the growth of Soviet population during 30-ies of the last century, with analogous tables of the growth of population of USA at the same epoch. The table of US Census Bureau from 1950 clearly indicates that due to the Great Depression in USA somehow disappeared, probably due to malnutrition, about seven million children!

·                   As “the deportations of Poles, etc., from 1939 to 1941” in Soviet Union are considered, all Powers engaged in WW2 were doing the same thing. In USA near Lone Pine in California, behind Sierra Nevada Mountains „The bleak skeletal remains of Manzanar (concentration camp) are a reminder of a shameful chapter in our nation’s history”. In total 110 thousand of American Japanese were imprisoned there during the WW2:

Moreover, after making public, in 1993, of official numbers of incarcerations in Soviet Union in years 1929 till 1953, it turned out that the number of prisoners never reached 1% of population, thus was practically equal to the percentage of prisoners of USA at the end of 20-th century! Moreover, from the table below one can decipher that the usual time of imprisonment was only 1 up to 5 years, and that during peaceful periods (1934-37, 1939-41, and after 1945) the mortality in “gulag’s” was insignificant. This mortality was terrible during the first two years of WW2, principally due to the lack of food, lack of winter protections and of medicaments. See the table below:

I have to add, that Alexander Zinoviev, who as a young student participated in 1939 in a plot aimed at killing of Stalin, and narrowly escaped the death sentence for it, argues that purges of years 1938-39, by a removal of hating Stalinism part of “elite”, permitted the survival of USSR through the first strike of Hitlerian Germany, when over one million of soviet soldiers surrendered and took the part of Hitlerians. That’s everything I have to say concerning the never finished battle between OTIUM and NEG-OTIUM, reported in the Bible since its very composition. W.I. Lenin, one of patrons of Podhalanian Academy of Science in Zakopane, used to say on this topics: “Or revolution wins over louse, or louse win over revolution”.



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