PAN w Z-nem (27): An aggressive „Americanization” of Eastern Europe and its Nations & Brains killing consequences

An aggressive „Americanization” of Eastern Europe and its Nations & Brains killing consequences


Below is the text of my speech at 25-th “Mut zur Ethik” Congress in Switzerland, Sept. 1-3, 2017. Already at the beginning of this meeting I expressed my reservations concerning statements of participating in it bischof em. dr Elmer Fisher that „Christianity is the religion of love”, and that the ideology of genderism and of promoting it „cultural marxism”, radiating in particular from USA, remains in an opposition to traditional Christian values. I recalled that Jesus from Nazareth asked his disciples to be the „salt of the earth” (and not a desalinized “radiating with love” rubbish – Mat. 5:13). Jesus even used the word “hate” referring to so called “family values”: If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:26).I argued that Christianity in the past has lead to terrible religious wars between various Christian sects, and that Jesus himself announced that „I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law”, etc. (Mat. 10:35-39).

I added that the “culturally Marxist” ideology of gender and of de-nationalization is in fact promoted by New Testament. Namely St. Paul boldly assures Galatians (3:28) that „There is no Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus”. This statement, demanding of Christians to SUPPRESS THE RICHNESS of their biological and social identities, was done by an antique intellectual proud of his national and sectarian identity of „Hebrew out of Hebrews, by law a Pharisee(Phil 3:5-6). No wonder thus that such depleted of Bio-Intelligence ideology are trying to impose at present sociologists representing not only the same gender and nationality, but also the same social status and sectarian preponderance for hypocrisy, as this antique “vicar of Crucified Christ”. Claiming himself to be born from blessed “Abraham’s seed”,St. Paul is in fact the FOUNDING FATHER of „Cultural Marxism”, which in practice reinforces zoologically perverted adult humans drive to collect material WEALTH, TECHNICS and COMFORT – a “Holy Trinity” of WTC Western values, all of them born from an imitation of not-so-elegant behaviors of mythical FOUNDING FATHERS OF ISRAEL – as I observe it in my speech at “Mut zur Ethik 2017” Meeting.


Emptying of Nations of their biological sense

(1) The revival of nationalist „Christian ambitions” in countries of Eastern Europe

This spring I participated in a Jubilee Meeting of Panslavic Sobor, a gathering of circa 300 participants from 14 Slavic nations, which was held principally on a luxurious passenger ship traveling, from Moscow to Petersburg through rivers, lakes and canals built during Stalin’s rule in Soviet Union. As informed us organizers of this „teach-in” kind of event, their dream is to reconstruct the SLAVIC CIVILIZATION with the help of of the Orthodox Church, which was an unspoken sponsor of this, lasting for eight days, excursion. Moreover, during the introductory speech to this meeting, a member of its presidium, historian Vladimir Jurevitch Sadkov argued that German and Roman civilizations are our enemies.

(In context of last statement of Russian historian I have to remark ironically that the entire fleet of several dozens of luxurious ships, circulating with tourists on Russian waterways from Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, was built in 1980ies in shipyards of the defunct at present German Democratic Republic.)

As the logo of our Panslavic meeting, its organizers have chosen the picture of a boat in which came from Bysantium to Crimea two Apostles to the Slavs“,Cyril and Methodius, who brought Christianity to southern and eastern Slavs, equipping them with Cyrillic alphabet. No wonder thus that after the sudden collapse of strongly anti religious Soviet Union, Russian nationalists began to dream about reconstruction of Their Civilization under the banner of Orthodox Christianity – for this purpose in Moscow was recently rebuilt a big Church of Christ the Savior (of Criminals in power at Kremlin?), demolished at the time of Stalin.

(On the picture above: an orthodox priest blesses – for money – a machine gun installed at „newly re-christianized” Russian Navy vessel)

(2) American “12 Nations Building Project” dividing Eastern and Western Europe

Also in Poland the number of churches, built during lasting 26 years papacy of John Paul II , more than doubled the number of churches built during the previous millenium in my country. Nevertheless these ”New Christian Ambitions” of big Slavic countries, like Poland and Russia, resulted in CIVILIZATION PROJECTS, which are mutually torpedoing themselves. This fact is already visible on the map of Europe in a form of a CROSS made by traces of big roads, which are or planned or already under construction.

Namely Russians engaged themselves this year into „One Belt one Road Initiative” running east-west from China to Europe. Roughly at the same time Americans have engaged themselves in „Three Seas Initiative” attempting to construct, from 12 eastern members of European Union, a kind of „EU-B”, Intermarium stretching from Baltic to Black and Adriatic Seas:

And of course, this bizarre in shape entity, consisting from small and medium size countries, which at the end of the 2 WW were occupied by the Red Army (Austria in part was occupied by it, too) is inhabited not only by Slavic and Baltic, but also by Roman and German nations. Due to this, the only common language of this „intermarium” will be English, which is alien to all its populace. The eventual realization of Three Seas Initiative means the DEAD END to ambitions of several western Slavic small countries – in particular of Czechia, Slovakia and Bulgaria – to join the Project of Panslavic Civilization, about which project I learned in Russia this spring. This „3 Seas Initiative” is already engaged in a construction of a double lane road called „VIA CARPATHIA” joining Baltic, Black and Egean Seas, and running practically outside heavily populated industrial centers of Poland, Hungary and Romania, and avoiding Belarus and Serbia, which remain in Russian zone of influence. From the map it is evident that it is a MILITARY ENDAVOUR of USA, permitting a rapid deployment of units of NATO/US Army towards Russia (and Serbia, too).

 „Anchors” of USA presence in Central Europe form two strongly anticommunist, and at the same time remaining under Vatican influence countries – Poland and Croatia – where at Dubrovniki last year a meeting initiating „Three Seas Initiative” was organized. They provide a kind of a „wedge” installed between Western (in particular Germany and Italy) Europe and Russia, blocking the dream of both de Gaule and Putin of „Europe from Vladivostok to Lisbon”ii.


Depletion of Human Bio-Intelligence in Wealth-Technics-Comfort addicted Civilization

(3) Nefarious social and psychological consequences of “Bible directed” Globalization

Common people in Poland are practically ignorant what happens in their country, some accept with real enthusiasm the sweeping occupation of ‘independent Poland” by US Army. To obtain such state of debilitation of populace, enormous means of propaganda are deployed. About this phenomenon I gave a speech already in year 2003, at World Public Forum at Rhodes, in a lecture titled „Globalism – the Project of Flat Earth and Flat Brain Cortices, but no dialogue of Civilization ahead”. Today I have to add to it that already during our discussions during Panslavic Sobor in May this year, I opposed the idea of exclusive “Slavic Civilization”, and this for very simple reasons: 1/ the very term CIVILIZATION – from Latin civitas, the city – suggests the way of human life isolated from Nature, which it is an objective evil in itself (this is also the opinion of my mentor, philosopher Leszek Kolakowski from All Souls College in Oxford, England). And 2/ At present not only Slavic but also Roman and German CULTURES are in danger. The co-organizer of World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations at island of Rhodes, Indian intellectual Chanda Kapur called the spreading at present worldwide, American commercial lumpenculture “a militarily assisted/imposed consumerism” – which behavior, based on unlimited human greed, is an illness closely resembling a solid cancer.

There are already numerous authors which have remarked the influence of Old Testamental beliefs onto the „warrior-like” behavior of both elites and masses in North America. These masses constant martial excitementiii is alimented by the sense of a “mission from God”, which the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS (70 % of them!) profess. In particular in 2003 during our remarkable Public Forum at Rhodes, Russian Christian ideologue Natalia Narochinskaya stressed that „A characteristic feature of the branch of American ideology that produced „Atlanticism” and its ‘one world’ doctrine’ (…) is messianism based on the providentialist beliefs of the Puritans inspired by the Old Testament”. Unfortunately such messianist attitude is present in New Testament too, in particular St. Paul boldly announces – that „He (Christ) must reign until he has put all his enemies under His feet” – such highly „spiritual” demand has lead, in the past, to grandiose efforts of Crusaders and Conquistadors to put the whole Planed under the „Christ feet”.

(The picture above is an illustration to an article „New Crusaders”, published in a journal “Belarus Segodnia” in 2007)

In United States in last decades were published several books on the theme of „Religious Roots of American Superpower”, in particular David Gelertner – a Jewish professor of both religious and computer sciences at Yale University – wrote a significant book on this topics „Americanism – the Fourth Great Religion of the West”. As this „Fourth Great Religion of the West” is considered, since nearly 40 years I spread the message (principally in Slavic languages) that it is the cult of the Triple Divinity Technics-Money-Ass (in Russian Zhopa) dreaming of incessant Comfort. In English it might be read as WTC, an abbreviation of Wealth-Technics-Comfort, a post-Christian Trinity of uncontested idols of the Westiv.

(4) “By a Deceit we make War” principle of behavior of heroes of “Americanism”

Studying carefully biblical descriptions of REMARKABLY ODIOUS BEHAVIOR of founders of mythical Israel, I was even capable to name Founding Fathers of this Fourth Great Religion of the West. They are Abraham-der Kuppler(a pimp) acquiring WEALTH by merchandising sexual values of his wife/sister, than the warlord David making conquests by a DECEIT and TECHNICS, and the tormented by GREED “poor in spirit” (micropsychoi in Greek)Jacob, called also Israel,loving the COMFORT of isolating him from Nature tent.

Here I will limit myself to warlord David method of „by a deception I make war”, which become the official motto of both Mossad and CIA „invisible warriors”. In not so distant past we had several examples how „wise deceptions” permitted to Americans to win the Cold War, and subsequently to start the never-ending „war against terrorism” worldwide.

David Gelertner (whom in 1993 attempted to kill “unabomber” Ted Kaczynski) recently become a formal adviser of Donald Trump in scientific matters. Profiting of this position, he publicly stated that all 6 flights of Americans to the Moon were films made in studio. (To his arguments I may add an observation that the use of rubber tyres – see the photo below – in American moon vehicle was a nonsense, such tyres when they are not illuminated by Sun, remain in temperature close to -153 C, becoming extremely friable: Soviets and than Chinese used metallic wheels in their unmanned lunar vehicles). But the propagandist success of a mission „one small step for [a] man,one giant leap for mankind was enormous, all the world has learned in 1968 that the Soviet Union has lost the race in Cosmos.

(A cadre from a video “RAMMSTEIN”:

This was not the only one example of a successful Cold War technical deception. Prominent physicists in Russia ever more loudly speak that the fire at the Chernobyl Atomic Plant in 1986 – apparently due to a human error – was a sabotage of collaborating with CIA Gorbachev’s secret services. An indirect proof that it was an „ordered from inside” sabotage, consists of the fact that for the negligence of elementary security norms at Chernobyl Plant nobody was punished. Similarly, after the sudden demolition, on September 11 2001, of three (WTC 1, 2 and 7) buildings in New York, nobody was punished in USA for the negligence of elementary aerial defense norms during the presumed „Islamist aerial attack” against these skyscrapers. This fact suggests that it was also a „prepared from inside” murderous sabotage, too. A sabotage which has lead to an incredible enrichment of Larry Silverstein, owner of WTC complex, and to the never ending „war with terror” assuring jobs for risking unemployment workers of US Army.

The fear of irradiation after Chernobyl accident has lead in Soviet Union to an epidemic of more than million of psychosomatic diseases, although this accident has lead to the death – out of internal burns – of only 37 members of helicopter crews dropping sand on burning atomic pile (and to about 2000 cases of reversible thyroid overgrowths). As observed it my elder colleague professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, who for several decades was the head of Radiation Protection Service in Poland, “The worst harm to the population was caused not by radiation, and not to flesh, but to mindsv”. Zbigniew Jaworowski assured me that after the explosion of atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the frequency of solid cancers in irradiated populations practically has not increased. And moreover, in an article in “Mail on Linepublished only in 2016 (sic!), we may read that “the average lifespan of survivors (in Hiroshima) was reduced by only a few months compared to those not exposed to radiation. Furthermore, no health effects of any sort have so far been detected in children of the survivors”.

Why the public is generally ignorant of these facts? During our last year conference „Mut zur Ethik”, the exiled Russian specialist on biological warfare, Alexander Kuzminov has told us that secret services working in the domain of bio-warfare have realized that to obtain the desired effect of mass panics, and resulting from it social disorders, it is sufficient to spread fake messages about imaginary bio-risks to population: the panics in Europe after Chernobyl fire was a classic example how this „scientific deceit” works. An another example of this kind of ugly deceit were dispatched to public horrible pictures of heavily deformed children, born in Basra region of Iraq, from parents exposed to dust from explosions of containing Depleted Uranium (DU) ammunition. Large pictures of these deformed children were exposed at Mut zur Ethik conference in Feldkirch in 2006 – and only after a long discussion with Zbigniew Jaworowski (and the lecture of articles like these mentioned here) I realized that these ugly dolls were manufactured, in secrecy, by Agencies specialized in polluting minds of population with completely paranoid thoughts: below is a photo of one of these „DU babies” – one can notice that the plastic tissue at its neck is disrupted:

(4) How to summarize this my short lecture?

Today not only internet sites but also ordinary discussions among „well informed intelligentsia” are literally polluted by similar to these above FAKE SCIENTIFIC news: one of my younger friends, having university grade in history, tried to convince me that the Earth is a FLAT DISC, in USA lot of credit is given to the hypothesis that Earth is not elder than 20 thousand years, we are incessantly „bombed” by serious informations about CHEMTRAILS in the sky, and that loaded with mercury and aluminium vaccins are at the origin of civilization illness called AUTISM, and so on.

The mentioned in Foreword “Revelation” of St. Paul, arguing that it would please GOD (for him: Crucified Christ Jesus) the “self-mutilation” of believers of their sex, of their nationality and of social status, must lead to a complete moronization of “Christianized” populace. The praised by 13 apostle “perfect equality” kills in believers incentives to perfection their understanding not only of the world around them, but also of their own inclinations, depriving thus competent teachers possibilities to pass their knowledge to others: I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will thwart.” St. Paul joyfully announces such “message from the LORD” in 1 Letter to Corynthians 1:19.

Electronic „digitalized” media have become a powerful tool of spreading ignorance of elementary notions of geo, psycho and bio sciences, in a recent edition of „Horizons et débats” I‘ve read an article demonstrating how the overuse of smartphones by youngsters is inhibiting in them the development of a vivid imagination. Looking from a broad historical perspective, our ever more Judaised Western World systematically approaches the situation in Israel two thousand years ago. At that time already half of its population was literate, and due to mass intoxication with Hebrew scriptures, people were awaiting, Jesus of Nazareth too, the End of Time. (Gentile Greeks were unable to imagine that the world may collapse.) A byproduct of these Hebrew paranoid fears was Christian, equally paranoid belief that the messiah-Christ, will save sinners believing in him, assuring their rapture to Heaven – exactly as He did himself 40 days after an „effortless resurrection” from his Passion on a cross. According to St Paul „Sola fide et gratia” are sufficient for eternal salvation in Heaven from crimes committed – and than “in flesh” resurrection at the End of Time. The present revival of such religious COUNTER BIOLOGICAL beliefs is logically leading to a repetition – on a scale much bigger than in previous centuries – of „Kriminal Gesichte des Christentums”, to quote the title of Karlheinz Deschner opus, apparently not yet translated into „globalist” English.


i   The „Three Seas Initiative” consists of 12 countries of Central Europe. But already at the meeting in Dubrovnik (Croatia) in 2016, on a panel announcing this initiative, BIG letters formed a visible “13”. During the consecutive meting of this NewState (neoplasm?) at Warsaw on July 6 (7 + 6 = 13!) 2017, there were photographed ensemble 12 presidents (or their representatives) forming the “Three Seas Initiative”, accompanied by 13th president, Donald Trump, representing Deep State of USA, the evident organizer of this political metastasis of “Americanism”. This situation resembles somehow the history of formation of the Christian Church: there were 12 apostles, but the Church in fact was organized by the 13th apostle, Saul from Tarsus alias St Paul, in all evidence chosen for this task by the “Deep State” of antique Israel.

ii   Concerning the progress of installation of this „wedge” between Russia and Germany, at present in form of “13 States Initiative”, I wrote already 10 years ago, in „Horizons et débats”, an article titled « Bases antimissiles» en Pologne: manifestation de soumission à la puissance hégémonique mondiale? ».At that time this “wedge” formed American Antimissile Shield, planned at Redzikowo near Slupsk in Northern Poland; this American military installation is at present nearly achieved.

iii   In 2003 at the World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” at Rhodes I remarked that “The “neo-conservative” elite in power in USA of today without any shame affirms that it engaged itself in the final accomplishment of a mission proclaimed by Christ in Gospel of John „so there shall be one flock, one shepherd” – which biblical ambition, limited to the territory of Europe, in 20 century became reality,for a dozen of years, under Hitler, realizing the slogan „Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Führer”.

iv   This WTC Zhopa, radiating from the Shining City on a Hill, to which pay their allegiance American Presidents, forms the “Planetary Lantern, towards which fly, swim and run ordinary people from all continents, behaving like mindless moths, which are flying to attracting them source of light” (my speech at “Mut zur Ethik” in 2006).

v    In an article „Observations on the Chernobyl Disaster and LNT”, Zbigniew Jaworowski notices that „in comparison with general population of Russia, a 15% to 30% deficit of solid cancer mortality was found among the Russian emergency workers (cleaning the site of this catastrophe), and a 5% deficit solid cancer incidence among the population of most contaminated areas”. It means that even medium irradiations have IMMUNIZING EFFECT against cancers. This phenomenon radiologists call „Radiation hormesis – a remedy for fear”.


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