PAN w Z-nem (30 Eng): Does the Tantra sign embody the sense of whole Euro-American Civilization?

Does the Tantra sign embody the sense of whole Euro-American Civilization?

Dr Marek Głogoczowski – a physicist, geophysicist and alpinist by training, later on a writer and an accomplished philosopher, an active collaborator of “Mut zur Ethik” European Working Group in Switzerland and of Association “Slavica” in Nitra, Slovakia; also a member of the All Slavs Committee in Prague; an author of a booklet “War of Gods: Helios-Swiatowid contra Jahveh-Hephaestus” (1995i), published in Slovakian in 2003ii.

The text below is a kind of a summary of a recent internet discussion “Is the Hebrew Jahveh die Attrappe of Hindu Brahma?”. The author enriched it with his, 20+ years old, remarks on „Biblical origin of Darwinian concepts of evolution”. Of course, it would be of interest – to the general, mentally mature publics – to widespread these „antihebraist” remarks in all European languages, Russian included. The author would be thankful for a financial support for such translations; at his age of 76 years old, it is difficult to do it – in particular in EU PL – with the pension of 450 euro/month. His banking account 92 1140 2004 0000 3202 7618 2247. Merci.

3100 words

The ersatz TMA (Technics, Money & Ass) EURO-RELIGION – and an Antidote to it, prepared by cardinal Wojtyla (Pope JPII 1978-2005)

At the end of November 2017 the Swiss “Mut zur Ethik” cooperative has published, in three languages of its journals, “The Paris Statement: “A Europe we can believe in”; the same “Paris statement” appeared a month later in Polish “Wnet” philo-Christian periodical. This “Statement”, signed by 12 EU professional philosophers and politicians, in its 36 points underline in particular (pt. 2) “the false Europe praises itself as the forerunner of a universal community that is neither universal nor a community”; (pt. 4) “The greatest threat to the future of Europe is neither Russian adventurism nor Muslim immigration”. (and pt. 24) “The work of renewal begins with theological self-knowledge. The universalist and universalizing pretensions of the false Europe reveal it to be an ersatz religious enterprise, […] it is imperative that we re-secularize European public life.”

12 authors of this counting 5300 words “Statement” avoided to call by a proper name this “erzatz religious enterprise”. Nevertheless, already 40 years ago, in the emigré Polish „Kultura” in Paris, I defined this Global Secular Religion as the trivial Cult of TECHNIQUE, of MONEY, and of an ASS loving Comfort. All these “supreme values” were in large extend imported, with US Army, from behind the Atlantic Oceaniii. Recently I wrote about this problem in Englishiv– and my Kollegin Gerda R. from Germany, confirmed me that I’ve defined the essence of Western Ersatz Religious Enterprise: „I like your world-wide TMA-formula (Technique, Money, Ass)”. And Gerda posed the rhetorical question:

How does it happend that money has taken over spirit?

To my own surprise, not so long ago I’ve discovered a good antidote against the widespread of this „ersatz religion” of TMA (in Slavic languages it means „DARKNESS”). It consists of short (less than 350 words!) „13 (out of 37?) PHENOMENOLOGICAL THESES”, resuming the philosophy of Polish cardinal Karol Wojtyla. These „13 theses”, which are quoted in full in Addendum 2, were published, in several Christian languages, on page 24 of an important Christian revue „Chiesa Viva” in September 2010.

Once republished in Poland, Wojtyla’s “Phenomenological Theses” got opposite appraisals at websites of large attendance. But what is more important, these „13 Luciferic Theses” form a kind of a guide for the “the work of renewal (which) begins with theological self-knowledge”, demanded in pt. 24 of „Paris Statement”. Namely the thesis no. 22 of the future John Paul II emphasizes The principles of “dialogue” and “neighbor”are those which lead to the salvation of Christianity”. And Wojtyla’s thesis no. 15 provide a theme for such a dialogue: God is not an historical being who works with man – and man does not cooperate with God, but only acts in cooperation with other men. Religion doesn’t take its origin from divine revelation, but is simply the result of human imagination…”

As argues my mentor in religious matters, professor Wlodzimierz Pawluczuk, the remaining beyond the Universe, anthropomorphic TRANSCENDENTAL God is worshiped solely by Judaists and Western Christians, in Orthodox Christianity it has an IMMANENT form, remaining inside compact communities of believers. As a physicist by my initial education, already decades ago I remarked that “remaining in Heaven” immaterial God, cannot pass whatever inFORMAtion to whomever: such an imaginary being has no necessary means (paper, stone, Holy Bible, sound and electromagnetic waves, etc), to do it. Only once I become a professional philosopher I learned that this idea was known already to Aristotle: the FORM cannot be seen (or otherwise perceived) without its MATERIAL substrate. Hence an Immaterial FORM (or GOD) remaining beyond (transcending) the Universe, can be only an imaginary Chimerav one.

In light of phenomenology, dealing only with objects which can be consciously seen, the term “I am” (YHWH), which Moses supposedly heard from behind the burning bush, had the real meaning of cognitive NOTHINGNESS. This fact is well perceptible in “Letters” of St Paul, proud of being apostle of Mosaism (the religion of Moses) among naive Christians. In “1 Letter to Corinthians” he describes, in following words, the utterly Nihilist Program of his “God”: I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I willthwart”. This intention of ‘the total and absolute destruction’, of social influence of all daring to reason in logical terms humans, St Paul subsequently reinforced arguing “for the foolishness of (non existing) God is wiser than human wisdom… the weakness of God (of nothingness) is stronger than human strength”. What do we have to say about this “Hebrew out of Hebrews, according to Law a Pharisee” which texts,loaded with such “taken from the skyvi” lousy information, constitute a half of the New Testament?

2,5  thousands of years of CULTURAL WAR between “Hellenists” and “Hebraists”

What was the differentia specifica between antique Hellenist and Judaist social systems?

The Greek word ‘aristos‘ – the best – in Latin means OTIUM, and all Greek philosophers praised the aristocratic, not interested with daily burdens, way of life of men of areté, in Latin virtus.An opposition to OTIUM is NEG-OTIUM – the worst – a term describing people involved in business (negotio in Italian, hence these famous today ‘negotiators’). The “god” of business bears the colloquial name of MAMMON. Although St Paul warns against an attachment to money (Tim. 6:10), in the quoted above statements he praises values totally opposite to these associated with Romano-Greek virtus (this term in Antiquity meant the personal courage combined with broad knowledge): he is proud of his own “God-like” weakness (which is stronger than human strength), of his “God-like” foolishness, of his own lack of intelligence, and even of his own lack of courage, which accompanied his “mission to gentiles” (1 Cor, 2:3). And by what “material miracle” did he become the Greatest Writer of Christianity? An answer to it provides the Shakespeare’s poem, quoted by K. Marx in „Power of Money”, describing properties of an ARTIFICIAL GOD named money/gold: “Gold? … glittering, precious gold? … Thus much of this will make black white, foul fair, wrong right, base noble, old young, coward valiant”. And so on. These short verses permit us to ponder at the intensity of corruption of Christian bishops, which somehow agreed to incorporate PRAISING NOTHINGNESS, 13 “Letters” of Paul into NT cannon, this in particular at the “burlesque” – according to Benedict XVI – Synod of 1300 ecclesiastics in Nice in 325 AD.

The enumerated above properties of transcendental „Almighty God of Abraham, of Jacob and of St Paul”, suggest that the Judeo-Christian Bible, taken as a whole, has to be read as THE HOLY BOOK OF MAMMON. This is what LOGIC – a kind of a GOD OF PHILOSOPHERSvii – suggests. I admit that at my age 45+ years old, when for the first time I read the story of Abraham, who “has left the city of Ur at the call of God”, I immediately associated that Abraham, with his sexually attractive wife-sister Sara, moved towards rich kingdoms of Middle East, at the “call of Mammon”. It means that they were guided by the same “God”, as these numerous gastarbeiters from Eastern Europe, searching today their luck in western casinos and brothelsviii.

Abram/Abraham with his family lived initially in eastern part of Mesopotamia, and surely had intense commercial contacts with the old Hindu culture. Thanks to the internet dialogue with my French colleagues, I learned recently that the most important in OT term YHWH (“I am Who I am”) corresponds to the Hindu credo “Aham brahmasmi, which means “I am the Infinite Reality”. According to Wikipedia “It is one of the four Mahavakyas used to explain the unity of macrocosm and microcosm.” Moreover, the mythical “ancestors of many nations”, Abraham and Sara, have names derived from principal Hindu gods: Brahma and his wife Saraswati. In India existed also the Caste System, which became a model of organization of Hebrews: Israelites consider themselves to be the Brahmin-like, chosen-by-God people, while all other nations are for them “untouchables”, to be subdued or eradicated (Is. 60:10-12; 61:5-6)!

This is nothing peculiar, for individuals and nations, since the advent of complex civilizations, have the habit of „borrowing” from others insignia, names and habits, which add glory to their own status. But of interest is that this „I am, who I am”, which in Judaism symbolizes the Everlasting Transcendental Lord of the World – Adon Olam, has an ability of a circus juggler:

Eternal master, who reigned supreme, before all of creation was drawn, When it was finished according to his will, Than „King” his name was proclaimed to be, When this our world shall be no more, In majesty he still shall reign

What’s this? Is not the Adon Olam concept the proof of mental illness of its inventors? How it is possible to reign over NOTHINGNESS? Was the eternal Lord of Jews not conscient that from Nothing he can Create only Nothingness? From the point of view of LOGIC – and Logic is the Supreme God of Mature Philosophers – the Hebrew Adon Olamist eine ATTRAPPE, a dummy of Hindu Brahma, who in his Trimurti (Trinity) plays the role of Vishnu-Creator of living beings, and of Shiva-Terminator of their existence. But only a CRETIN would infer, from the life cycle of individual trees, that not only forests, but the entire Nature was possible to create from Nothingness and to turn it back into Néant! Of course, Elders of Israel would argue that God in his omnipotence is able to overstep rules of logical reasoning – but this capacity makes their idol not different from an ORDINARY CRETIN.

The Hindu Brahma, “which infinite reality, represents the unity of macrocosmos and microcosmos” remains in a total opposition to Jahve, aka Adon Olam. This fact confirms Tadeusz Zielinski’s observation that Hellenism, representing OTIUM – the BEST – of Aryan (hence aristoi) Indo-European culture, remains in a total opposition to Judaism, representing the culture of NEGOTIATION – it means the WORST one (see the bloody history of COVENANTS with “God”!).

. This sub-culture has its model also in India, in a religion of businessminded Jains: to be a successful (wo)man of commerce, demands a big dose of hypocrisy, which Jains camouflage by worshiped by them protection of all forms of life (louse included?). At least Jains do not believe in juggler-like God Creator/Terminator; in their understanding the Universe is Eternal, like their idols, shamelesslyexposing their sexual organs:

Well educated European philosophers of 19th century had strong philo-Hellenist bias, Matthew Arnold in Culture and anarchy” (1869) praises “the Hellenist free mind and a free intellect, resistant to cant and prejudice, connected with imagination and emotion, open to all excellence, past, present, and future. It is mind and intellect flexible and self-correcting, the enemy of fanaticism, rigidity, and one-sidedness. Such broadminded people, by Aristotle called megalopsychoi, in Anglosaxon Civilization are pushed onto the margin by the Bible educated, narrow-minded micropsychoi, by Arnold calledHebraists, sacrificing all other sides of their being to the religious side …. it leads to a narrow and twisted growth of their religious side itself, and to a failure in perfection”. The pathological human development of this type is praised in NT by St Paul, who in “Letter to Romans” enthusiastically confirms this vicious preferency of his LORD: “(a greedy micropsychos) Jacob-Israel I love, but (the valiant megalopsychos) Esau-Edom I hate”.

The “Mind in Genitalia” limitation of Judaists, of Darwinians and of Genderists of today

To my own surprise, this NEGATIVE – in an opinion of broadminded people – program of World Conquest by the Exclusive Micropsychoi Nation, become inscribed into the official emblem of Israel. In a text from 2011MIND INSIDE GENITALIA”ixI wrote:

>According to WikipediaThere is a striking similarity between the Star of David and the Yantras of Tantric science of India. … Jewish cabbalists took this symbol with full conscience of its sexual character … The hexagonal star (shatkona or Star of David) represents the union of Shiva-Shakti, male-female energy”. In an article “SEX-CRAZED PAGAN ROOTS OF ‘STAR OF DAVID’” (2004) Vanessa Cortez, the staff writer of Weekly Universe, recalls that the triangle directed upwards on the flag of Israel symbolizes male sex (Δ – penis, ‘Hrim’, Shiva), while the triangle pointing downwards symbolizes female sex (∇ – vulva, ‘Om’, Shakti). This taken from Tantra symbol of Israel has anantivirile” aspect usually unseen by its enthusiasts. Namely “Tantra (Is) The Cult Of The Feminine”, to quote the title of André van Lisebeth’s work from 1995.

Considering this “Cult of the Feminine, I remarked in 2011:

>Already in in 17th century, a known philosopher of the Jewish origin, Baruch Spinoza claimed that his compatriots, having in disrespect the virtus-type behaviors, display “feminine” hysterical attitudes towards the world (from ‘hystera‘ in Greek the womb).

>If we substitute, in the Holy Bible, the word LORD by HUMAN GENITALIES, than the whole history of contemporary Western Civilization begins to look like the march of Genitalians towards their ‘GOD’ in a form of an ever expanding MATRIX (∇)x.

>The whole Freudian psychoanalysis is saturated with overtly genitalian associations, including the famous Freudian Anus, the surrogate of vagina (∇) for homosexuals.

>The Tantro-Zionist “cult of the feminine” necessarily imposes SOFT methods of “Conquest Without the Use of (visible) Force”. Today, practically all more “hard” (masculine) social systems become subverted by means of delicate (feminine) “rose, tulip, orange, etc.” revolutions, described in detail in Robert Nye’s book „Soft Power(2004).

And the most important. All important victories in Israel’s history had very feminine „by a deceit we win” CIA/Mossad character: the biblical David from a secure distance shots at Goliat, and than achieves him with his own sword; during the Hellenists against Hebraists war in ancient Israel, local heroine Judith treacherously seduces the victorious leader Holofernes and than kills him, during his sleep, with his own sword, assuring in this way the victory of Hebraists over “masculinized” Hellenists.

This last history, celebrated by Jews during Chanuka festivities, is a kind of a prefiguration of the history of hating early Christians Saul from Tarsus, who suddenly felt love towards his previous enemies. Like Judith two centuries earlier, he sneaked into their rangs, and preaching „the general salvation by Jesus of Nazareth crucifiction”, he has murdered the essence of Hellenist-type – according to Tadeusz Zielinski – Jesus teachings and actsxi. Directing thus the nascent Christianity into the road of systematic suppression of all individuals, daring to reason in terms wider than these dictated by micropsychoi Elders of Israel.

The Hebrew Intelligent Design of Evolution (HIDE) and the pandemia of cancer-like illnesses to be expected

Enough of ugly associations, linked with the „soft power” progression of Humanity. In his recent email my correspondent „Herboris” remarks „Ideas evolve and progress, including religious ones…”. That’s true, but the direction of this progress is systematicallyinversed by Exclusive Teachers of Humanity (today in particular by gender Liberals, Darwinians, Freudians and Zionists), promoting the only genitalian/genetical aspect of human/animal existence. The sexual proliferation, which according to the “Book of Genesis”, forms the essence of zoon’s life, according to Aristotle is a manifestation of activity of the lowest, ‘vegetal’ soul. Higher forms of living beings are driven by their ’animal’, psychomotorial soul, while mature humans, thanks to decades of intense cognitive training, act motivated by theirReasoning Soul. This fact was the theme of Thesis No. 28 of the future pope John Paul II, and it was implicitly confirmed by him at his age of 76, in a message “On Evolution”, published in “L’Osservatore Romano”, October 22 1996:How can man create his soul so easily? Because he did not create it from nothing, but from existing matter: the animal soul, evolved phylogenetically, which he received from his parents, his ancestors and the apes and he can only improve.”

Improve? The Holy Bible denies such thing, for it would put into question the very existence of God – External Creator of the World. Hence the Hebrew Inteligent Design of Evolution (HIDE in abbr.) vigorously denies the possibility of such IMPROVEMENT BY AN ACTIVITY (see the book Behavior – the Motor of Evolution” from 1976 of Jean Piaget, it relates the heresy known in the Church as Pelagianism, and in bio-sciences as Lamarckism.So cardinal Wojtyla, once elected (by CIA and German cardinals, according to People’s Poland intelligence) to the presidency of the Holy See, had to modifyxii his behavior, in order to fit to the function he was chosen for: only four months after an attack against him on May 13 1981, he signed the „Laborem exercens” encyclical letter in which he abandoned his earlier naive dreams aboutthe salvation of Christianity built on principles of “dialogue between neighbors”. In the name of the INVISIBLE LORDxiiicontrolling the behavior of Vatican functionaries, he started to praise the technical progress, the unlimited exploitation of Earth resources, and the growth of banking institutions supposedly beneficial to the wellbeing of humanityxiv. In short, the highest priest of Christianity turned into an apostle of Technique, of Money and of an Ass (TMA in abbr.) obsessed Civilization.

Where this TMA („Obscurity” in Slavic languages) Civilization, soaked with Hebrew “effeminizing values” is leading? Here I will limit myself to Tadeusz Zielinski‘s observation in „Hellenism and Judaism” from 1927: the expression „God in house” in Old Testament meant that horrible things await such household: the death of firstborn sons, the fire, illnesses and so on. Knowing about this John Strugnell, the head of the team, which for 30 years studied manuscripts found at Qumran at the Dead Sea, stated in public in 1990 „Judaism is a horrible religion, which should not exist”. In all evidence, the redaction of Tel Aviv’s journal „Haaertz”, which dared to publish this statement, agreed with author of these words.

Which horrors, unseen due to the dominant at present in science “Hebraist mindset” (see „5 solas of neo-Darwinian faith” in Addendum 1), are awaiting us soon? Thanks to discussions with the head, for several decades, of Polish Radiation Protection Service, professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, I learned that contrary to the widespread fears of mass cancer epidemics, after the Chernobyl fire in May 1986, the statistical effect of irradiations caused by this fire was completely opposite: children born in irradiated areas had significantly lower incidence of infant cancers, than these born prior to this accidentxv. In all evidence even the medium intensity irradiation is “invigorating” – and than IMPROVING,via bio-reaction /I/RSAxvi – the functioning of organism’s immunological system, suppressing pathological cells pushing for their tumor-like overgrowths. The same effect have vaccinations “invigorating” (by the mean of so-called „adjuvants”) immunological response. The present “antivaccination” paranoia (is it spread by Deep State USA agencies? Or only by ambitious, parasiting on common ignorance, idiots?), will lead LOGICALLY to the pandemic, already in oncoming yearsxvii, of not only infant cancers.

M.G. Zakopane, 23.01.2018

Addendum 1

The biblical origin of Neo – in fact Judeo – Darwinian Theory of Evolution

The author already 40 years ago engaged himself in „scientifically suicidal” effort to develop and to promote the LAMARCKIAN concept of evolution. It means the EVOLUTION of biosphere not by ACCIDENTAL mutations and by an EXTERNAL „natural selection”, but by ORGANISMS’ OWN SPONTANEOUS EFFORTS, permitting to improve their control of environment. Author’s efforts had, until now, nearly nul effect, despite the help of such „old authorities” like the famous French zoologist, professor Pierre-Paul Grassé, and the Piagetian School of Genetical Epistemology in Geneva. This is not only the author’s case, Lamarckist works of his colleagues in Geneva, Morris Stroun (deceased in 2007) and Philippe Anker, also of an Australian researcher Edward I. Steele, still have troubles to get accepted in the world dominated by „Americanism: the FourthBig Western Religion” :

In author’s opinion,the following inscription should be posted – in BOLD LETTERS – atentrances to Religious Seminaries and Bio-Science Institutes of NWO (New World Order):

I Will Destroy The Wisdom Of The Wise; The Intelligence Of Intelligent I WillFrustrate

(St Paul, 1Cor. 1:19)

Below are “5 SOLAS” of neo – it means Judeo – Darwinian faith, all of them deduced from the Holy Bible, without whatever other „sinful” sensory inputs:

1. Sola scriptura (neo)darwiniana admissibile est – neoDarwinian writings alone are acceptable in scientific schools

(It is modeled on Lutheran SOLA SCRIPTURA, repeating „God’s Wisdom”of St Paul in 1 Corinthians 4:6- „you may learn from us not to go beyond what is written”.)

2. Solus multiplicatium esentia vitae est – multiplication alone is the essence of life

(It is taken from the book of Genesis 1:22)

3. Soli geni character individuum determinant – genes alone determine the character of an individual

(It is taken from Corinthians 15:36-38 : „What you are sowing is not the body (or somawhich will arise, but the naked grain (germen)… The God gives to every seed the body he intends, for each seed an appropriate for it body”; the idea of such division is present already in Genesis. 1:11-12)

4. Soli incidentes species novus generant – by accidents alone new species arise

(Taken from the “Jehovah oracle” urim-tummim or “light and perfection” of hazardous choices, Exodus, 28: 30.)

5. Sola selectia naturalis motor evolutionis est natural selection alone is the motor of evolution

(It is taken from Lutheran SOLA GRATIA – „For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith (…) it is the gift of God not by works” - Eph. 2:8-9; Rom. 11:6)

These 5 SOLAS OF SCIENTIFIC MIND LIMITATION indicate that the totality of contemporary Darwinian concepts of evolution were  deduced from few simple sentences present in both Old and New Testament. Those concepts are cognitively “empty”, exactly like phenomenologically empty is term YHWH, representing GOD of NOTHINGNESS, a Chimera invented, three milleniums ago, by Israeli priesthood “loving the domination on everything which moves on the earth, in the sky and in the sea”. Of interest is that professor Pierre-Paul Grassé, author of „Evolution of Living Organisms” (1977), already in 1979 has told the author that „neoDarwinian concept of evolution is about NOTHING”. The elementary logic suggests that MANKIND LEAD BY NIHILIST NWO LEADERS, WILL NECESSARILY TURN INTO NEANT – and this not in so distant future.

Addendum 2

13 phenomenological theses” of cardinal Karol Wojtyla (1969 and 1979)

These „luciferic” theses were published in appearing in several Christian languages, revue „Chiesa Viva” from September 2010. This numero was entirely dedicated to the theme „Karol Wojtyla beatified?” – . I quote from the introduction to the chapter „His philosophy”, at page 24 of this revue:

The book, “Person and Action,” is the main philosophical work of Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, who later became Pope John Paul II. It was published in 1969, in Polish (“Osoba i Czyn”). The author wanted to be a phenomenologist, and for this reason he used the “phenomenological method,” using the same “mold” as that of Max Scheler. He wrote without neglecting the classical philosophy, especially the Thomistic philosphy of St. Thomas Aquinas, that he would have liked to upstage it. Phenomenology emphasizes the study of conscious experience. It asserts that one has access to things through an intimate view of being, as we see in our experience, namely the “phenomena” that appear in our consciousness. For this, the so-called “values” are absolute and constant.

(These « values », unnamed by the redactor of « Chiesa viva », Abbé Luigi Villa docteur en théologie, are limited to one, bearing the name of LOGIC, a kind of GOD OF PHILOSOPHERS, remaining in a feud with the « God of Abraham of Isaac and of Jacob » worshipped  – by their obligation – by Christian clergy – MG.)

Luigi Villa continues (…) However, in the book “Person and Action” we don’t find “proofs,” but only questionable teachings in the form of “theses” based on types and methods of phenomenology. The following are some of the 37 “theses,” extracted by Hermann Humpert, from the book of Wojtyla, “Person and Action”.

MG – The „Osoba i czyn” was translated into English, and published in this language in 1979 under the title „The Acting Person”. Its final redaction was an effect of lasting 4 yars collaboration of Wojtyla with „vibrant and vital Dr. Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka”. Despite objections of Vatican officials, this book was endorsed by him as a Pope:

Thesis No. 15 – God is not an historical being who works with man – and man does not cooperate with God, but only acts in cooperation with other men. Religion doesn’t take its origin from divine revelation, but is simply the result of human imagination. The Catholic religion is no different from other cults.

Thesis No. 16 – Divine Revelation is impossible to prove.

Thesis No. 17 – The only real significance of the New Testament is found in the philosophical explanations.

Thesis No. 18 – Each divine mystery is to be considered as a variation or nuance of a system of pure thought. Traditional dogmatic Christianity is one of these erroneous systems.

Thesis No. 21 – A purely human community, united and universal; this is the true Christian church according to the meaning of the Gospel, understood in a new way, quite contrary to the existing totalitarian church.

Thesis No. 22 – The principles of “dialogue” and “neighbor” are those which lead to the salvation of Christianity, not the Revelation of creation, Redemption, or the Universal Judgement.

Thesis No. 24 – Salvation – the self-realization of humanity – doesn’t have an eternal nature. It will not bring to mortal man any resurrection of the body. The naive hope of eternal life – and also the belief in the Assumption and the return of the Lord in His body – must be conceived only symbolically.

Thesis No. 25 – In the other world after death, we will not be rewarded for our good deeds, nor punished for our sins.

Thesis No. 27 – Even those who have helped the world become more civilized will die, and in this way, they will find salvation.

Thesis No. 28 – How can man create his soul so easily? Because he did not create it from nothing, but from existing matter: the animal soul, evolved phylogenetically, which he received from his parents, his ancestors and the apes and he can only improve.

Thesis No. 32 – There is no reason to worry for the souls of aborted babies. They are safe as original sin does not exist.

Thesis No. 33 – There is no need to be baptized or to use other traditional forms of initiation of non-Christians or non-believers. As well there is no need to convert followers of other religions.

Thesis No. 35 – Man is the visible God. To see man is to see God.



iii The spreading at present worldwide TMA values, are propagated in particular by principal heroes of OT: Technique – David, Money – Abraham, and Ass-like sedentary life style – Jacob. It exist a laudatory book on this topics published in 2007 by an American Jewish philosopher David Gelertner „Americanism: the Fourth Big Western Religion”. In 1993 an American ecology-minded mathematician from my (in years 1969-72) U.C. Berkeley, “unabomber” Ted Kaczynski attempted to kill Gelertner.

iv See my website

I’ve noticed that more ponderous readers of my texts agreed my phenomenological argument, that NON MATERIAL, external to Earthlings, GOD cannot pass to them whatever information, by a definition demanding material means of communication; to the contrary, these “truly believing” ones had troubles to admit the triviality of this argument of a physicist.

vi In „Galatians” 1:11-17 St Paul argues: „The Gospel I preach to you is no human invention. No man gave it to me, no man taught it to me; it came to me as a direct revelation from Jesus Christ.… But whenhe who had set me apart before I was born, and had called me through his grace,was pleased to reveal his Son to me, in order that I might preach him among the Gentiles, I did not confer with flesh and blood, nor did I go up to Jerusalem to these who were apostles before me…”

How does this reluctance of St Paul, to meet other apostles, relates to the phrase of Jesus (Mt 18:20): “For where two or three are gathered together in my Name, there am I in the midst of them.”? What would Muslims – which do not believe that Jesus was crucified – say about thisrevelation of Paul? And what would say cardinal Wojtyla, whose thesis no. 15 states: “man does not cooperate with God, but only acts in cooperation with other men”. Wasn’t Saul alias St Paul the most successful – in all Human History – Jewish Chutzpah warrior, realizing the HIDE plan “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; intelligence of intelligent I will thwart(speople will turn into sheeple, forming) one flock, lead by one shepherd, David”?

vii As recalled it pope Benedict XVI in his Lecture at the University of Regensburg in 2006, a very religious French physicist and philosopher Blaise Pascal distinguished between “the God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob” and the God of Philosophers. As an achieved philosopher I confirm that our “God” has the name of LOGIC – it is immaterial, invariant in time and space, and it is a TRUE CREATOR of new concepts andnew behaviors, permitting a better “grip” of the reality both outside us and inside us. And of course, people not obeying SACRED RULES OF LOGIC, are not dignified to be called our neighbors…

viii Somehow the family career of the actual president of USA Drumpf/Trump, and of his sexually attractive wife Melania from Slovenia, resembles the antique business success story of “(God)Father of many nations” Abram/Abraham & his wife-sister Sara, working as “God’s servant to many” at royal courts in Egypt of Pharaohs.

ix “The Origin (Genesis) of the Chosen People Super Species” (2011)

>Organizations like The Institute of Open Society (IOS) of George Soros, and its filia Freedom House (Germ.Freudehaus) are tempting – in the name of Free Market – to change the world into a gigantic Brothel. Thus they are imitating the way of enrichment of biblical Abraham by pushing, both males and females, into slavery of their „Libido dominandi” (Michael Jones, 2005). As wittingly remarked it American satirist George Carlin (1937 – 2008) in the Global Freedom House, “They hold you by your balls”. It is a concise description of properties of a MATRIX (∇) built by Chosen People, which specialize in deconstruction (castration) of natural human psychomotorical potencies.

xi A former priest, professor Ludwik Kostro from Gdansk University, who studied Biblical science at Sacro Cuore University at Rome, has told us that reported in Gospels miracles of Jesus, were “borrowed”, by evangelists, from similar miracles of Greek gods (worshiped in nearby Egypt in a form of unique god Serapis). This in order to make Jesus look more God-like: Jesus at the image of Dionysus changed water into wine, and like Aesculapius he was healing ill and raising from the dead those, which were considered dead.

xiiAfter reading the Encyclical letter “Laborem exercens” of pope JP II, the French sociologist of work, Allain Tourraine called publicly, at Rencontres Intellectuelles Internationales in Geneva in 1984, the papal ideology a NEOJUDAISM. According to Matthew Arnold, the Judaist mindset represents an opposition of broadminded thinking. I am from a family, which knew cardinal Wojtyla, and his catholic friends in Cracow had rather broadminded views. What has happen with him in Vatican? In all evidence an impulse, to make out of him a “warrior” against the “heresy of communism”, the pope received on May 13 1981, at the occasion of anniversary of “miracle of Fatima”: were bullets in Ali Agca’s gun only incapacitating ones, destined to give a mafia-style “painful lesson” to the pope? Had Wojtyla to choose – at the operating table of the “Gemelli” clinics – between the long life, full of interesting travels worldwide, and his own extinction like other “disobedient” world leaders: John Kennedy in 1963, Martin Luther King in 1968 and the Pope John Paul I, only two months prior to Wojtyla’s investiture in October 1978? (Of interest is that another fighter against the “Empire of Evil”, American president Ronald Reagan received nearly identical “painful lesson” three months earlier in Washington; he also was “reanimated” for four hours at the operating table there.) What had in mind the Italian judge Rosario Priori, who investigated, in 1990, once again the attack against the pope? In an article published in „La Stampa” in 2009, he stated that „Wanda Poltawska, la grande amica di Giovanni Paolo II … is a depositor of most terrible secrets of this pontificate, for example she knows a lot about the attack in piazza San Pietro”.

xiiiThe God of Old Testament is invisible, and hence the ideal ruler of Israel should be – like in Mafia – invisible too”. This was the opinion of professor of antropology and gematry, Andrzej Wiercinski from Warsaw, who 25 years ago has helped the author to complete his „War of Gods” brochure. Only after Wiercinski’s death in 2003, the author has learned that he was a Jew. The invisible” Deep State, ruling in USA today, is an example of a realization of such HIDE business plan.

xivIn JP II encyclical letter „Laborem exercens” (1981), which become “declaration of ideas” of multimillion movement of Polish “Solidarity”, we find such Revelation: THROUGH WORK man must … contribute to the continual advance of science and technology … The expression “subdue the earth” has an immense range. It means all the resources that the earth contains and which, through the conscious activity of man, can be discovered and used for his ends … We see clearly, first of all, that capital cannot be separated from labour; in no way can labour be opposed to capital or capital to labour, and still less can the actual people behind these concepts be opposed to each other,Work is a good thing for man, a good thing for his humanity-because through work man not only transforms nature, adapting it to his own needs, but he also achieves fulfillment as a human being, etc.

xv Zbigniew Jaworowski: „Radiation hormesis – A remedy for fear” (2010)

xvi /I/RSA = Irritation (for ex. Irradiation or vaccine injection) RegenerationSuperregenerationAssociation of a Conditioned Reflexes, better counteracting subsequent organism’s damages. More in „Living Beings (Zoon) – Creator of In-Formation” (2013)

xvii Loooking from the point of view of Laws of Biology (which are rejected both by the Church, and by Darwinism dominated Scientific Laboratories), the unlimited acceptance of technical innovations automatically suppresses, especially in youngsters, their natural psychomotorial development. It leads thus to a civilization disease being a kind of (hereditary in a longer term) autism of people unable to distinguish between living and not living objects, and retaining their childish egoism in their adult age. A similar “non maturation” is observed also at the micro scale, during the development of ordinary cancers, springing from the residue of non fully differentiated, retaining their “embrionic” character cells of various tissues. In healthy organisms such “individualist” behaviors of non matured cells are suppressed by immunological system, which children develop in early infancy. The sterilization of TMA dominated counties eliminates “filth”, which acts as “adjuvants” (invigorating hormetic agents) stimulating the immune system maturation. In case the human internal immunological system is not strong enough, it is not able to “teach” residual embrionic cells to abandon their preponderance to “multiply and consume” all nutritients they find. Leading thus to overgrowths of “embriono-like” tumors, parasiting on healthy tissues. And this is what are preparing, not only for our children, parasiting on elementary human ignorance, activists of the present „antivaccination” paranoia. 

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