PAN w Z-nem (29 Ang A): 2 Comments + Addenda + Conclusions to „ Is God of Israel eine ATRAPPE of Hindu BRAHMA?

2 Ultimate Comments + Addenda + Conclusions to „ Is God of Israel eine ATRAPPE of Hindu BRAHMA – Creator of Universe?”

Ultimate Comments to „a really a mazy interwoven topic”

1500 words

Herboris”, the initiator of an emailed discussion „Is G-d of Israel eine Atrappe of Hindu Brahma?” has commented my recent „Addenda and Conclusions” text (below), in a longer e-letter, from which I copied these remarks:

Marek and happy folks,

[[ M.G. - HAPPY FOLKS are these, like this old Socrates, which FEEL FREE to reflect what is good and what is evil; by a contrast, UNHAPPY ones are those like this Russian MENTECAPTUS ( "seized by the mind"Nikolai Berdyaev, which felt compulsion to suppress in himself the greatest jewel of a Mature Man (and Woman), namely their Aristotelian RATIONAL SOULin his „Philosophy of Freedom” (1911) he annouced the following Principle of Christian Imbecility: „Christian gnosis demands an act of selfrenunciation, of renunciation of gnostic pride, of pretention to reason in rational terms”. Thanks to such deconstructions” of minds, we got these ubuesque, both Christian and Darwinian „5 SOLAS”, outlineded in the Principal text ]]

Herboris” continued:

Thanks a lot for these great updates underpinned by a compilation work I cannot conceive of (its complexity)…  I gather you did not yet receive “serious comments” as you put it, because it is really a mazy interwoven topic. Few people, including scholars, can encompass so many fields of knowledge as you: the knowledge of religions, their history and their interactions through that bloody History. (…) going back to the parallel between Judaism and Hinduism, you now have mentioned the following core points:

- The linguistic Brahma/Abraham similarities

- The Castes system that the Hebrews would have applied to themselves (The Jewish people as the Brahmin-like chosen-by-God people);

- How God described himself to Moses the Vedas-like way (“I am Who I am”)

You should not also forget the question (obsession for) of Purity (in Leviticus, among others) that is a significant trait of Judaism as a special religion. Jesus rejected most of these rules … As for Muhammad, let’s point out here that he adopted some of these jewish rules (regarding pork, purity before praying and so on).So, the new revolutionary revelation here is that the Purity rules of the Hebrews may have been a culturally adopted (once again) version of one of the Hindu codex, the Manu one… Check by yourself and you will be amazed….

M.G. – In my opinion this Purity has its origin in Hindu Jainism, and in a textWhy do Jain people relatively have more money? (1% Jains contribute 24% of GDP of India!), I found an explanation of their economic success, similar to the one in case of rich Jews. Already years ago I’ve read that Jains are pretty hypocritical, they are afraid to kill an ant while walking, while in relations with the less opulent they follow the pattern described in a Book of Sirach, chapter 13.  Come Carpentier de Gourdon has more to say on this topics.

But there is one, very VISIBLE link between Judaism and scenes of sexual love embellishing not only famous Hindu medieval temples but also modest Nepalese pagodas. Already since several years I am underlining the influence of TANTRA effeminizing symbols onto medieval cabbalistic thinkers. In a lengthy text MIND INSIDE GENITALIA -The Origin (Genesis) of the Chosen People Super Species (from 2011) I remarked:

>Indeed, according to the Tantra, the triangle directed upwards on the flag of Israel symbolizes male sex (Δ – penis, ‘Hrim’, Shiva), while the triangle pointing downwards symbolizes female sex (∇ – vulva, ‘Om’, Shakti). These Hindu Tantra symbols, wholeheartedly accepted by medieval, obligatorily male, cabbalists – and than by Jews in general and Zionists in particular – have one troubling aspect, usually unseen by enthusiasts of the flag of Israel. Namely Tantra (Is) The Cult Of  The Feminine. (…) In an email, which I received on November 5, 2011, Israel Shamir, in an article titled “Unmanning the Man wrote:

The great conspiratorial mind and modern Russian prophet Alexandre Dugin declared that there is an ancient female conspiracy that aims to return us to a Matriarchy. … I think the reality is worse than Dugin’s wildest conspiracy. There is an understanding between the holders of power that feminised men are easier to control. Unmanning men is a linchpin in the reprogramming of mankind into an obedient herd, because strong men are unpredictable. Strong men are prone to rebellion, ready for sacrifice and primed for action. It is no coincidence that the enemies of Empire are all masculine males, be they Qaddafi, Castro, Chavez, Lukashenko, Putin – or Julian Assange. It appears the men have been targeted for elimination; the working ants need no sex.”

And I continued in a sub-chapter There is no God but Genitalia, and (etc…)”:

>It is worth to observe that if we substitute, in the Holy Bible texts, the word LORD by HUMAN GENITALIES, than the whole history of Western Civilization becomes easy to interpret as the march of MALE GENITALIANS (Δ) towards their ‘beloved GOD’ in a form of an ever expanding MATRIX (∇)Here are examples:

(see points 1 – 5)

>6.      Organizations like The Institute of Open Society (IOS) of George Soros, and its filia Freedom House (Germ. Freudehaus) are trying – in the name of Free Market – to change the world into a gigantic Brothel. (“Americanism is the ideology of intellectual prostitution” – it is not the opinion of only John Swinton and Zbigniew Jankowski.) [[ According to priest philosopher Jozef Tischner, who frequently visited Vatican during the Wojtyla (JP II) papacy, at the Holy See practically no one believes in God, so highest officials there, including Popes, must feel like intellectual prostitutes, making official speeches and writing their pious encyclical letters…]]

>7.     The Freudian psychoanalysis, typical for so-called ‘Jewish mindset’, is saturated with overtly genitalian associations, (…) including the famous Freudian Anus, the surrogate of vagina (∇) for homosexuals.

>8.      In the Global Freedom House (Germ. Freudehaus), as wittingly observed it American satirist George Carlin (1937 – 2008) “They hold you by your balls). It is a concise description of properties of MATRIX (∇) built by Chosen People, which specialize in deconstruction (castration) of natural human psychomotorical potencies.

>9.      The Tantro-bourgeois-Zionist “cult of the feminine” necessarily imposes SOFT methods of “Conquest Without the Use of Force”. (…) Today practically all more “hard” social systems become subverted by a means of delicate “rose, tulip, orange, jasmine, etc.” revolutions described in detail in the book of Robert Nye titled  Soft Power.

[[ 9A. Numerous in OT scenes of violence, have very feminine „by a deceit we win” character: biblical David from a secure distance shots at Goliat, Judith seduces Holofernes and than kills him with his own sword during his sleep, Moses brother Aaron organizes the cult of Golden Calf in order to select, for treacherous murder during the night, all these which doubt in veracity of Stone Tablets with Decalogue, etc. Also today, delicate ladies, hidden in bunkers of Nevada, by precise movements of joysticks, are killing, using drones, not expecting anything Moslem warriors in distant Pakistan, Yemen, and so on. ]]

That’s enough of ugly associations, linked with the „soft power” progression of Humanity, expanding like this man-machine monster called GOLEM. In his recent email „Herboris” remarks „Ideas evolve and progress, including religious ones…”. That’s true, but the direction of the progress may quickly be reversed, in case „blessed by G-d” teachers (Freudians and Darwinians in particular) are promoting only the genitalian/genetical aspect of human/animal life. Proliferation, according to Aristotle, is the product of lowest, so called ‘vegetal’ soul, the development of higher types of spirituality – the animal psychomotorial soul, and especialy the despised by Berdyaev Reasoning Soul, demands of panoply of activities, which are necessary to grow a Mature Person. (Concerning the Addendum 2 below, I bet that in advertized as a „phenomenological”, book „Person and Action” of Karol Wojtyla, there is NOT A SINGLE WORD about this elementary ZOOLOGICAL phenomenon, demanding a necessary cognitive ACTIVITY, in order to achieve the PERSONAL mental adulthood.)

The origin of this essential negligence resides in a fact that the so called G-d of Israel is a Sworn Enemy of mentally mature individuals: the younger (sedentary, effeminized Jacob) I (G-d) love, the older (masculinized, loving to wander in Nature) Esau I hate“, as proudly announced it St. Paul. Using the Platonian analogy of the “organism” of a society, with our own organism, it is of interest to inter-ligare (inteligently associate) the fact that the „color (literally – see for ex. melanoma!) revolutions” of young, so-called ‘embrional’ cells inside our body, which cells are not sufficiently „trained” to collaborate with others inside our tissues, used to lead to the growth, inside us, of an Ordinary Cancer ( especially in coditions of the deficiency of endogenous immunological system). In case of the “body” of a HUMAN SOCIETY, a similar CANCER-LIKE PATHOLOGY is observed, at the planetary scale, in form of this Colorfull Technics, Money and Ass (∇) worshipping GOLEM-like Civilization. (Details ina slightly satirical DECLARATION OF RIGHTS of Human Embryonal Society from 1993.)

That’s enough as an Introduction to this „really a mazy interwoven topic”, as „Herboris” commented my concise „G-d of Israel as eine Atrappe of Brahma” opus. To make more elegant the assimilation of „Addenda and Conclusionsbelow, I composed a short „Invocation”. It is modelled at the St. Tobias hymen of glory of New Jerusalem, while the „dancing elephants” are from walls of Black Pagoda in Karnak, ornamented with sophisticated upside down sexual positions, and the notion of „EROS – the Creator of Universe” I took from the dialogue „Symposium” of Plato:


Trees of Thy sacred groves resound with songs of exultation,

all elephants and humans, dancing at murals of Thy temples, sing Alleluia!

Let blessed be the Brahma/Eros the Creator of Everlasting Universe!

And the blessed (with bio-potency) are blessing the name of their Creator,

for ever and ever cursed be the Thy Atrappe, the G-d of Israel, in Trinity of Technics, Money and Ass. Amen

Polish original at; [[ comments added ]]


The translation into Polish of my last month „Dialogue – not-yet-in-a-Hell – between Bruno, Herboris and Markglogg” was published at 4 websites of small to big attendance. This my text had 2580 views in 2 days at – and practically no serious comments to it appeared at that time. In all evidence its readers were too scary to discuss such tabooed topics. So following the Thesis No. 22 The principles of “dialogue” and “neighbor” are those which lead to the salvation of Christianity, deduced from “Person and Act” of St. Karol Wojtyla, I decided to address the Addendum below – prior to its emailing to frequently unknown to me corresponders – only to known by me personally handful of scholars and friends (+ “Herboris” of course, who has contributed to the above Ultimate Comentary).

2400 words of Addenda

Addendum 2

13 LUCYFERIAN THESES” of Karol Wojtyla from years 1969-79

These „13 Theses” were published, in several Christian languages, in a revue “Chiesa viva” of September 2010, by Abbé Luigi Villa Docteur en théologie, trying to demonstrate Masonic influences in the Church. He did it out of « the 37 “theses” extracted by Hermann Humpert, from the book of Wojtyla, “Person and Action” (1969) » In practice these „lucferic” theses were drawn from the English translation of this book made by Andrzej Potocki from Kraków, and realized with the collaboration of dr Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, applying the Husserlian “phenomenomenological method” to this work. It has the title „The Acting Person”, and was officially endorsed by Pope John Paul II in 1979.

Here are these 13 THESES published in 2010 in p. 24:

Thesis No. 15 – God is not an historical being who works with man – and man does not cooperate with God, but only acts in cooperation with other men. Religion doesn’t take its origin from divine revelation, but is simply the result of human imagination. The Catholic religion is no different from other cults.

Thesis No. 16 – Divine Revelation is impossible to prove.

Thesis No. 17 – The only real significance of the New Testament is found in the philosophical explanations.

Thesis No. 18 – Each divine mystery is to be considered as a variation or nuance of a system of pure thought. Traditional dogmatic Christianity is one of these erroneous systems.

Thesis No. 21 – A purely human community, united and universal; this is the true Christian church according to the meaning of the Gospel, understood in a new way, quite contrary to the existing totalitarian church.

Thesis No. 22 – The principles of “dialogue” and “neighbor” are those which lead to the salvation of Christianity, not the Revelation of creation, Redemption, or the Universal Judgement.

Thesis No. 24 – Salvation – the self-realization of humanity – doesn’t have an eternal nature. It will not bring to mortal man any resurrection of the body. The naive hope of eternal life – and also the belief in the Assumption and the return of the Lord in His body – must be conceived only symbolically.

Thesis No. 25 – In the other world after death, we will not be rewarded for our good deeds, nor punished for our sins.

Thesis No. 27 – Even those who have helped the world become more civilized will die, and in this way, they will find salvation.

Thesis No. 28 – How can man create his soul so easily? Because he did not create it from nothing, but from existing matter: the animal soul, evolved phylogenetically, which he received from his parents, his ancestors and the apes and he can only improve.

Thesis No. 32 – There is no reason to worry for the souls of aborted babies. They are safe as original sin does not exist.

Thesis No. 33 – There is no need to be baptized or to use other traditional forms of initiation of non-Christians or non-believers. As well there is no need to convert followers of other religions.

Thesis No. 35 – Man is the visible God. To see man is to see God.

[[ Please notice: 1/ The most annoying “true Christians”, thesis no. 35 is a repetition of statement of Jesus in Gospel of John 10:35 « Has it not been written in your Law, I SAID, YOU ARE GODS? » - this statement sheds, indeed, an ILLUMINATING LIGHT at all these “13 satanic verses”, as someone called these writings at “Marucha” website; 2/ The absence of Original Sin, of (criminogenous by its nature) Redemption of Sins, of Universal Judgment and so on, characterizes Islam, which according to Roger Garaudy is the realization in practice of ideas outlined by Jesus of Nazareth, who prematurely died. ]]

I admit that these „Luciferic Theses” look sympathetically to me, finally I am a professional philosopher-naturalist – thus by a definition a phenomenologist. And probably due to the « dialogue between – divided by an Ocean – neighbors » (see Thesis 22) of Wojtyla and Tymieniecka, these theses become an example of a sober thinking both of the Polish Pope, and of the environment in which he was grown in Kraków. These „theses” are thus improving my humor – seriously damaged by the encyclical letter „Laborem exercens” from 1981 – for I am from a family, which knew Wojtyla personally. But something evil has happened with the newly nominated Pope after an attack against him on May 13 1981, cardinal Ratzinger argued that he has substantially changed after it. About this at the end of Addendum 3.

Addendum 3

Results of attempts to construct the „Heavenly Jerusalem” on the Earth

 This year, at the end of October my “comrade in armsIzrael Shamir has visited me in Gdansk. He was on a journey between Tel Aviv, Stockholm and Paris, where he was supposed to meet his editor. As his (2nd) wife made her master degree on the theme of the painting „Last Judgment” of Hans Memling, which famous painting is exposed at the Gdansk National Museum, we arranged for him an opening of the Museum on October 31, a day prior to All Saints holiday.

Unfortunately we were not able to see this masterpiece, for it was already covered with protecting it black sheet, for the oncoming renovation of the Museum. So we had to be satisfied with watching of its copy in the Church of St. Mary. and also with a booklet describing this painting history, which we received from the director of the Museum. I learned from it that this painting was made in Flemish Brugia at the demand of already “globalist” Florentine bankers Angelo Tani and Tomasso Potinari. And on the upper part of left wing of this painting – really impressing by the number of naked, not yet deformed by Benefactions of Civilization figures – was painted „the entrance to Heaven” (or rather to paradise, as suggest it authors of the booklet which we received).

This entrance was painted in a form of a “heavily ornamented Gothic gate symbolizing “God’s city” the Heavenly Jerusalem« its gates will be rebuilt with safire and emerals, all her walls from precious stones. Towers of Jerusalem will be build from gold, and protecting embankments from pure gold »(Tb 13:17).

As this Bible inspired painting is considered, it is worth to recall, that theses 24 and 25, apparently deduced fromActing Person of Karol Wojtyla, suggest that:

Salvation – the self-realization of humanity – doesn’t have an eternal nature. It will not bring to mortal man any resurrection of the body. The naive hope of eternal life – and also the belief in the Assumption and the return of the Lord in His body – must be conceived only symbolically. In the other world after death, we will not be rewarded for our good deeds, nor punished for our sins.

It means that according to the “deep” thought of John Paul II, the „Last Judgment” does not represent how affairs of life and death are in their ESSENCE. Instead of it, it informs us about artificially generated, by Fathers of the Church and preceding them Jewish prophets, FAKE HOPES of Eternal Wellbeing of individuals and nations grown in “religious fumes”, which “didn’t took their origin from divine revelation, but were simply the result of human imagination” (Thesis no. 15). In particular, not only the sponsoring this painting, Christian Florentine bankers were dreaming about their post-mortem eternal life in a such “city of eternal happiness”. Also Jews from the Neutrei Karta (literally „Guardians of the City”) sect, quoted by Brunon Drweski in the principal text of “Jahveh as eine Atrappe of Brahma”,are still dreaming about such their post-mortem radious future.

This subject I will try to enlighten more largely as a person, which “ate the bread not only from one oven”. Namely, in the booklet we received at Gdansk Museum, I found the following prophecy of Tobias 13:20, who in such vivid terms imagined the Heavenly Jerusalem rebuilt on the earth:

Gates of Jerusalem will resound with songs of exultation,

and all her houses will sing Alleluia!

Let blessed be the God of Israel,

And the blessed will bless the name of Lord.

for ever and ever, Amen.

[[ It looks somewhat bizarre this “animation”, by Tobias, of inanimate buildings. I wrote about this mental pathology, of both Jews and “paulinized” Christians, in the main text of “On The Origin (GENESIS) of Judaism”. This psychological fact had – and has – tremendous consequences for our common life. ]]

Speaking prosaically, in a Heavenly Jerusalem the “life” should be interesting like the one during Sundays in Polish churches, in which believers enthusiastically sing “We want God”. And already as a teenager I realized that Christian messes are BORING. Only a decade later I found myself in a “country under God” (opinion of Noam Chomsky) bearing the name of United States of America. And soon I realized that common people there are living even in more BORING manner, venerating their LORD not so much at Saturdays or Sundays, but during at least 8 hours during work days, LABORIUSLY SITTING at their offices. This in particular in New York, in which “city of American God”, paraphrasing the hymen of Tobias:

Its skyscrapers resound with songs of exultation,

and all its warehouses sing Alleluia!

Let blessed be the God of Israel,

And the blessed (with Money) are blessing the name of MAMMON,

for ever and ever, Amen.”

(Please remember that “Money is the jealous God of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist” – Karl Marx in 1844.)

Let’s return to the Gothic Entrance to the Heaven at the „Last Judgment” of Memling. Religious people (me too in my infancy) are praying „May your kingdom come, and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” It is thus normal that they are trying to rebuilt, on this earth, the wholly urbanized Heavenly Paradise, which remains totally isolated from Nature, which is hardly visible, under the staircase to Heaven, at the “Last Judgment”. This is the task of MASONS, without their LABOR (work) it is not possible to built cities full of comfort. And the modern Testimony of such filo-masonic work is with no doubt the encyclical letter “Laborem exercens” published by Polish Pope only four months after the attack against him on May 13 1981. In this writing, which become “declaration of ideas” of multimillion movement of Polish “Solidarity”, we find such Revelation:

(In “Blessing”) THROUGH WORK man must earn his daily bread and contribute to the continual advance of science and technology … Man is made to be in the visible universe an image and likeness of God himself, and he is placed in it in order to subdue the earth … (Than in Chpt. II-4) The expression “subdue the earth” has an immense range. It means all the resources that the earth (and indirectly the visible world) contains and which, through the conscious activity of man, can be discoveredand used for his ends. … (in III-13) … we see clearly, first of all, that capital cannot be separated from labour; in no way can labour be opposed to capital or capital to labour, and still less can the actual people behind these concepts be opposed to each other, (For, as it is explained in II-9) Work is a good thing for man-a good thing for his humanity-because through work man not only transforms nature, adapting it to his own needs, but he also achieves fulfillment as a human being and indeed, in a sense, becomes “more a human being”.

In „Laborem exercens” we have thus an appraisal of Solidarity of Owners of Capital with forces of Labor, which is multiplying this Capital. (See for ex. how this „solidarity” of Owners and Proletarians is described in a Book of Sirach chpt. 13). In the “Genesis” the model of such Solidarity provides the FAMILY CORPORATION of enterprising Abra/ha/m – the „Lord’s pimp” – and of owned by him Sarah, a sexually attractive „ laborious servant of her Lord”. [[ It is worth to notice that this famous „family team”, which „left Ur at the call of Mammon (Gen 12:1-3)”, has imitated the behavior of old Hindu “teams” of Brahmins and their servants, successfully combining the TOIL of LABOR with the JOY of LOVE! On the picture below are scenes of “heavenly happiness”, carved on walls of hidden in Indian forests Kadjuraho Temple, which scenes substantially correspond to the happiness which attends “chosenin the Heavenly Jerusalem of Jews.We may imagine that the Hindu “master copy” of Tobias hymen at the glory of eternal happiness in Heaven (dreamed of in particular by Moslems), was as follow:

Trees of Thy sacred groves resound with songs of exultation,

and humans and elephants, dancing at murals of Thy temples, sing Alleluia!

Let blessed be the Brahma/Eros the Creator of Everlasting Universe!

And the blessed (with bio-potency) are blessing the name of their Creator,

for ever and ever cursed be the Thy Atrappe, the G-d of Israel, in Trinity of Technics, Money and Ass. Amen

(It is precisely this culture of hardly despoiling the Earth BRAHMAN EROS, which Moses, armed with Stone Tablets, assuring the ownership of the Earth by bio-impotent TECHNÉ/MAMMON worshipers, ordained to destroy:And ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves with fire, and ye shall hew down the graven images of their (erotic) gods”De 12:3) ]]

In year 1984 I heared Allain Tourraine, the French sociologist of work, arguing in public that the philo-masonic ideology of „Laborem exercens” has the character of NEOJUDAISM. And such attitude SHOULD NOT EXIST according to John Strugnell, quoted in „Haaertz” journal in Tel Aviv in 1990. Speaking in plain language, this famous encyclical letter, of the close friend of my family, reinforced the sprawl of the Planetary Civilization venerating the Trinity of Technics, of Money, and of an Ass (in Russian Zhopa), about which desires ever more intensely rotates the life of „humanized by work” Humanity.

And what we, OLD PEOPLE have to do in this scarcely elegant socio-religious realm? First, following Socrates, we have to clean our minds from polluting them “pious religious ideas”. I repeat once more. The encyclical letter „Laborem exercens” is a HYMEN AT THE GLORY OF GOLEM, the Man-Machine, which was constructed by rabbis centuries ago. This in order to attain with its help, the desired by God of Israel „dominion over the earth and over everything which moves upon it”. With time this Jewish Golem began to live with its own life, destroying on its way also its worshippers.

For example, thanks to produced by the WTC (Wealth-Technics-Comfort) Civilization tools, in treacherous attacks (recalling the behavior of the biblical David) were shot, with disabling bullets, not only Pope Karol Wojtyla on May 13, 1981 in Vatican, but also President Ronald Reagan three months earlier in Washington. This, in all evidence, in order to „convince them with Love”, during lasting several hours hospitalization and „removal (of not existing) bullets”, to collaborate with the Deep State USA in the LABOR of dismantling of the „Empire of Evil” in Eastern Europe. And this is probably the reason of the appearance of signature of John Paul II at the discussed above encyclical „bull”, published by Vatican only four months after this mafia-style „teaching”. (I never dared to ask, the 96 years old at present dr Wanda Poltawska, what Italian judge Rosario Priore had in mind in 2009, when he revealed in the press that Wanda Poltawska, la grande amica di Giovanni Paolo II … is a depositor of most terrible secrets of this pontificate, for example she knows a lot about the attack in piazza San Pietro.)


13 “SATANIC VERSES” published in Chiesa viva, are IMPLICITLY present in “The Acting Person”of JPII

1350 words

I’ve managed to find, in internet, the text of Chapter One, Three and Seven of “The Acting Person”. I looked through this amass of roughly fifty thousand words very sceptically, but even during this very concise research, at the beginnimg of Chapter Three I found such statement:

“Only the one who has possession of himself and is simultaneously his own sole and exclusive possession can be a person. (In a different order of things, the person as a creature may be seen as “belonging to God,” but this relation does not eliminate or overshadow that inner relation of self-possession or self-ownership which is essential for the person. It is not without reason then that medieval philosophers expressed this relationship in the phrase, persona est sui iuris.)”

What does it means ” a different order of things”? “The Acting Person” was published in 1979 in Analecta Husserliana, The Yearbook of Phenomenological Research. In Wikipedia we read that “Phenomenology, in Husserl’s conception, is primarily concerned with the systematic reflection on and study of the structures of consciousness and the phenomena that appear in acts of consciousness.” In simple words, in Analecta Husserliana are published works dealig only with events which were Consciously Seen.

Of course nobody have Consciously seen God, thus the statement the “the World has been created by God, we are creatures belonging to God, the God has the power to judge us“, etc. belong to a different order of things,which are not prone to be published in Analecta Husserliana. Hence the existence of a not perceptible (having chimerical nature, according to Kazimierz Lyszczynski) God does not eliminate or overshadow that inner relation of self-possession or self-ownership.(Please notice that this statement is brackets is preceded by a remark “/a Person/ can be only the one who has possession of himself, etc.”

At this point I agree with the double (Wojtyla-Tymieniecka) author of “The Acting Person”. For people of STRONG PERSONALITY all Christian Dogmas and Old Testamental myths are shoddy utylitarian inventions. This is exactly what 13 LUCIFERIAN THESES OF “DEEP” JOHN PAUL II are suggesting.

I will use, as an example, the Thesis No. 17The only real significance of the New Testament is found in the philosophical explanations.

- What is the most important in NT? Obviously the Passion of Christ. Its 14 Stations of the Way of the Cross are present in every Western Church.

- And what ACTIONS of the PERSON CHRIST represent these stations? They are the testimony of HIS INACTION, as a humble „Lamb of Godwho takes away sins of the (criminal in conjecture) world.”

- Where from this revelation? It is an extrapolation of practices at Jerusalem’s Temple, which consisted of bleeding and than incinerating of „God’s lambs” (as well as cows, goats and even pigeons and chicken). At these innocent domestic animals were put sins and even more serious crimes, of donors paying for such imbecilist „whitewashing” of their consciousneses. (These antique rites are preserved, as “capparors” festivities, among aboriginal Jews.)

Looking PHILOSOPHICALLY (thesis no. 17) at these barbarian rituals, of which 14 stations of the “Way of the Cross” in churches are remembrance, we see, phenomenologically, the socially successful OBLITERATION of CRIMES of DONORS funding images of such cruel scenes. These thousands of new churches, built in Poland during the papacy of John Paul II, have successfully masked the Robbery, during 26 years of his papacy, of Poland’s national riches by “foreign & domestic investors”; the same in Russia, where the rebuilt in Moscow enormous Church of Christ the Savior (of Criminals) has covered, in large extend, crimes of (predominantly Jewish) Hyper Oligarchy, sucking vital forces of the post-socialist Russia.

(There were also humorous situations, linked with this “Christian habit of crimes redemption”. The painting “Last Judgment” of Hans Memling, was paid by bankers-gangsters from Florence, hoping that by its donation to the local cathedral, they will “buy for themselves” the everlasting redemption of their sins. But during this painting transportation it was intercepted at high sea by Dantzig’s Hanseatic pirates, and it found its haven in Gdansk church of Virgin Mary. Contributing thus to the more than 5 centuries of glory of Danzig/Gdansk kaper Paul Benke, whose crimes of a ruthless pirate were obviously forgiven…)

In Chapter Seven of “Acting by writing) Person” I found the sole – in all three chapters which I looked through – reference to Gospels, recalling the Commandment “you will love your neighbor, as you love yourself” (which commandment is present already in Torah). Such commandment touches us with its “sweet love of a neighbor” appearance, but philosophically looking it’s realm is much less sweet.

- First. In a Plato’s dialogue “Symposium” the priestess Diotima explains to Socrates that the love of oneself is impossible: love is a kind of desire (“appetite” – this world appears several times in texts of both versions of “Person & Act”), and it is not possible to desire something which one already posses – it particular one’s Self. Thus “the love of a neighbor as one loves himself” is an empty wording, like the bulk of the contents of Wojtyla’s book.

- Second. The “self love” in its common sense means EGOISM. In Plato’s dialogue “Phaedrus” Socrates wittingly remarks that“As wolves lovelambs, so lovers love their loves.” simply such an egoistic Lover wants to suck out from his beloved as much pleasures as possible. The WILL TO DOMINATE THE WORLD, at the image of these “loving lambs wolves”, permeates all Judaism, in particular Talmud is filled with appraisals of such “love relation” between God’s chosen and goim. The Most important Commandment, which wasput into lips of Jesus of Nazareth, states You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart andwith all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself”.As I remarked it in „God loves the Greedy and the Corrupt”, this statement nearly automatically reduces itself intoYou will love your God as you love yourself”, which is the declaration of the LOVE of EGOISM, considered to be GOD by Bible writers. It is thus not so surprising that in “the country under God” (USA in opinion of Noam Chomsky) THE SELFISHNESS BECOME VIRTUE – as noticed it Jewish writer of Russian origin Ayn Rand. And this “God of Israel” promoted Selfishness, inexorably leads to the TOTAL DEVASTATION OF THE EARTH BY MEN-MACHINES FORMING THE MONSTROUS, EVER SELF IMPROVING GOLEM.

How, in this Phenomenological Reality, shall ACT (MATURE) INDIVIDUALS?

I recall the Thesis No. 22 -The salvation of Christianity does not residein the Revelation of creation, Redemption, or the Universal Judgement, but in applicationof principles of “dialogue” and “neighbor” (whoshould be LOVED in a manner not overstepping the Kantian cathegorical imperativeyou can do everything to your neighbor, on the condition that you accept that he will do the same to you!)

Simply these “13 out of 37” theses, which Abbé Luigi Villa published at page 24 of “Chiesa viva”, have to be taken at serious, and “proclaimed from the housetops, as Jesus of Nazareth demanded of his followers. This was, in all evidence, the intention of their writer(s). In my not-so-humble opinion, under the invented name of Herman Humpert is (are?) hidden very competent in affairs of modern Science & Religion scholar(s), probably Jesuit(s), associated with “Chiesa viva”.

Why? It is not by accident the thesis no. 27 treats with ironythose (like the author of “Laborem exercens”) who have helped the world become more civilized will die, and in this way they will find salvation”. And the subsequent thesis 28 nearly overtly advocates, the despised both by “Paulinist” Church and the (Judeo)Darwinian Science, Lamarcko-Piagetian concept of SELF-CREATION of HUMAN SOUL. This achieved by incessant COGNITIVE ACTIONS, repeated generation after generation: “(Man-God)did not create it (his cognitive faculty) from nothing, but from existing matter: the animal soul, evolved phylogenetically, which he received from his parents, his ancestors and the apes and he can only improveit (or lose it in case of abandon of its training).

As the confirmation of this fact, in thesis no. 24 we find the following warningSalvation – the self-realization of humanity – doesn’t have an eternal nature.”For Lamarckians it is evident that the built by bio-robots forming the GOLEM, the New Jerusalem saturated with Technics, Money and Ass pleasing devices, automatically provokes the shrinking of ever more inactivated AUTONOMOUS HUMAN SOUL. Turning living in such easy conditions people into completely mindless worshipers of Triple Faced (Technics, Money, Ass) God of Israel, the ATRAPA of true BRAHMA, Creator of Living Universe. With all, cancer-like consequences of this ZOOLOGICAL fact.

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