Dump the Culture of Deception greetings for 2013


Chanukah – Christmas – Festum asinorum & Dump the Culture of Deception greetings for 2013


Fig. 1. The drawing below I got from France in December 2012. It shows  the Imperial “Family” of USrael, marching confidently towards the World’s Democratic Union. This elegant picture, confronted with the realm of ruins of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, brings to the mind the old prophecy of Isaiah: “For the nation and kingdom which will not serve you shall perish; such nations shall be utterly laid waste”.

Fig. 3. Below is the picture of a billboard, which embellishes at present the Times Square in New York, and which will remain there till January 10th  (http://atheists.org/winter-billboard-launched-times-square). The funder of this signum temporis, is the pompous sect of American “Atomic” Atheists. This sect profits from the authority of Christian idol Santa Claus, to advance its “down with the suffering Christ” demand – which demand is not different from the one of islamists – see warrior-like “children of USrael” pictured above.

Fig. 3. As the Christmas celebrations are considered, they were imposed in 4th century, as the substitution of Roman ‘saturnalia’ festivities of the Rebirth of the Sun. These obscenic, reversing the role of master and slave pagan holidays were not completely forgottn in Middle Ages. At that time, especially in France, people celebrated the Fest of the Ass, festum asinorum. Its principal hero was a donkey, participating in a mass, during which the priest-bafoon (episcopus stultus) was making incomprehensible readings from the kept upside down Bible. Participants in this assinine specacle were answering to him ‘hee-haw”, “hee-haw”. Below is the the fin-de-siecle painting representing antique saturnalia. Into it the artist has managed to insert the biblical donkey mounted by naked and drunken prophet Baalam.

Fig. 4. . At present all these antique and medieval foolish habits seem to be forgotten. But really so? Ten days ago on December12, in practically devoid of orthodox Jews Poland was officially celebrated Chanuka. Our actual president Bronisław Komorowski, in his residence called Belweder in Warsaw, ignited four Chanukah candles, in the presence of hardly speaking Polish, imported from New York chief rabbi of Poland, Michael Schudrich.

While watching the official video from this celebration, towards its end I got an impression of participating in a spectacle of imbecility. It was at the moment when the president Komorowski was invited to  ‘puścić bączka’ – to turn a small humming top – which invitation in Polish signifies, in its colloquial meaning, “to make a small fart”. What has the celebration of Israel’s national holiday to do with this ‘puścić bączka’?

I studied extensively the history of saturnalia and I found that Chanukah not only overlaps in time with this Roman festivity (Dec. 17th till 23rd), but also it has “borrowed” from it the habit of giving gifts, of the “festival of light”, and of playing hazardous games (Chanukah tops called dreidels, are in fact precursors of roulette wheels in modern casinos.) And than, thinking about performances of Komorowski and Schuldrich in Warsaw, I realized that they were a part of  post modernist festum asinorum, with an INVISIBLE ASS dominating the scene: the president-buffoon of Poland underlined that the proximity in time of Chanukah and Christmas festivities signifies that this was set up somewhere “above us” (hee-haw!), and that thanks to our common God (hee-how!) the world is progressing in a good direction (hee-haw!). To which speech the chief rabbi-buffoon (hee-how!) of Poland answered something in an incomprehensible language. And than the audience began to recite with false voices an appropriate – surely asinine – prayer. As a philosopher trained in finding the ESSENCE of phenomena, which ere hidden behind their external appearances, I began to search for the deeper meaning of this ridiculous ceremony.

The Culture of Deception, and its Global Ambitions

While searching in internet about Chanukah, I found that “some modern scholars argue that the king (of Syria) was intervening in an internal civil war between the traditionalist Jews and the Hellenized Jews in Jerusalem”. And that the decisive event, which contributed to the victory of “traditionalists”, was the deceit of Judith:“She goes with her loyal maid to the camp of the enemy general, Holofernes, with whom she slowly ingratiates herself, promising him information on the Israelites. Gaining his trust, she is allowed access to tent of enemy general, Holofernes, as he was sleeping in a drunken stupor. She decapitates him, then takes his head back to her fearful countrymen. The Assyrians, having lost their leader, dispersed, and Israel was saved.”

With no doubt, such a story of “traditional” Israelis, afraid to stand up, against their enemy, face to face, is not something to be boasted in front of Hellenists, attached to “alien to God of Israel” value of virtus (from vir – the man in Latin). Hence the basic for Chanukah, history of miraculous replenishment of oil in the lamp of the Temple – which is good for children of the first class of grammar school – should  be considered as just a mere gimmick obscuring the vile character of a culture devoid of the noble courage, to overtly express the most evident truths. And it is this type of “traditionally Jewish”, myopic culture, which is systematically progressing worldwide today (see fig. 1).

The deciphered from the ugly candlestick of Chanukah, notion of THE CULTURE OF DECEIT, encompasses in itself the notion of “The Culture of Critique” which Kevin McDonald has recently coined, while putting into the light collective “virtues” of practical Judaism. Once we psychologically assimilate this general notion, we start to associate quite a large panoply of phenomena, which until now were considered to be not linked  together. Here, at the eve of Merry Christmas, I will limit myself to their very concise enumeration:

-         In the matter of military strategies, the slogan “By way of deception thou shalt do war” was fully endorsed not only by MOSSAD but apparently also by CIA. In all evidence the “feminine patron” of these Agencies of Intelligence is the biblical heroine Judith, who in secrecy gave birth to a son, who later on become the avenger of his Hellenist father (was this “son of a bitch” the precursor of Jesus of Nazareth, whose birthday we will celebrate tomorrow?).

-         In case of economic games, the best “shield” protecting obscure deals of frequently criminal corporations, was copied from accompanying Chanukah hazardous games: the gamblers institution of Stock Exchange and the ‘Casino Economy’ – in which Open Society Free Market economy the statistically sure winner is always the casino manager.

-         In life sciences the efficient “screen” hiding the corruption, both of bodies and minds, due to the widespread of technics, become Neodarwinian  theory of “Chance and Necessity” Origin of Species. It fits very well to mindsets of people trained since childhood to reason only in terms of gains in hazardous games, enriched by beliefs in imbecile miracles like the one with the lamp of the Temple.

-         In politics we got the incessant propaganda of relying on miracle of equal chances, “urim & tummim democracy”, with all social positions formally accessible to everybody – while in reality “the Invisible Being from above” (hee-haw!) assures that these posts are strictly limited to the Chosen.

-         And last but not least. Chanukah lights are sold to publics as “lights of peace” and exposed in December as such signs in windows. At the same time the praised by American presidents ‘city upon a hill’, which is oversaturated with these signs of peace, remains in a constant war against all other civilizations. Simply in the Culture of Deceit,  “Peace is War”,  as pertinently observed it George Orwell in “Year 1984” written 35 years earlier.

 Six Pointed Star  (the Shield of David) – the sign of the Culture of Deception

Does it  exist a way of taming ambitions of “the City of Deceit shinning upon a hill”? Here I would only recall that since centuries THE CULTURE OF DECEPTION is  linked with the sign of Star of David. This “sexual” sign is elegantly exposed at the bottom of the female pictured on fig. 1. The marching next to her Uncle Sam has this specific sign concealed in the upper part of an emblem of his proud country. The contour of six-point star we find also on the “atomic” emblem of the sect of American Atheists (fig. 2) – and thus immediately we are able to predict what kind of Divinity this sect is an obedient servant. Let’s me finish this overview of Saturnalia – festum asinorum – Chanukah rituals with a frivolous remark, worthy the December 23rd end of Saturnalia. In the middle of this December, when at the castle of Hradcany in Prague, Czech officials were sweating themselves out of hypocrisy, participating in lightening of candles of Chanukah, the ordinary folk had other preoccupations. Below I posted few photographs demonstrating how citizens of a small town Znojmo, embellished their long, collectively spent evenings. It is worth to remember that the Czech Republic is the most laicized and the most penetrated by communists country of the European Union.

 With the devoid of the language of hate, saturnalia – festum asinorum – and of course Christmas greetings to everybody, to remain as long as possible in the aesthetical shape similar to the one pictured above,

Marek Glogoczowski (Gasienica) Ph. D.


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