God and Gold: The Temple of Zion Heritage today

God and Gold: The Temple of Zion Heritage today

Dr Marek Glogoczowski

At the end of August 2013, profiting of a temporary suspension of my lymphoma malignum chemical therapy, I had an opportunity to participate in yearly “Mut zur Ethik” (Courage to Take a Moral Stance)  conference in Switzerland, gathering principally Swiss, German and Austrian teachers and psychologists. Speakers at this meeting referred at least twice to the recently published book of Walter Russell Mead “God and Gold: Britain, America, and the Making of the Modern World”. So I decided to incorporate the beginning of the title of this book, into the title of  the resumé of my improvised short speach at this conference. (The concluding paragraph, addendum and footnotes no 2, 4 and 5 were added later.)

The first comment – on authoritarian democracy

As a professional philosopher, I have to express few acid opinions on the idea of democracy in general, including the  Swiss “direct democracy” characterized by frequent referendums[i]. It is already the old Plato who remarked that “the social justice is built on the inequality of people”. Such statement sounds like a false tone to someone habituated to hear incessantly about ‘equality’[ii]. The heavily publicized “philosopher of the 20-th century”, Karl Popper in a praised by all liberals book “Open Society and Its Enemies” attempted to ridicule, as irrational, the quoted above opinion of Plato. To demonstrate the Popper’s error of a “blind belief” in miraculous properties of a liberal democracy, built on an assumption of human equality[iii], it is sufficient to recall the common day practice of all teachers: if a teacher is devoid of an authority, which makes him stand above the class he is supposed to teach, he is not able to teach anything.

Due to this purely biological fact of inequality between experienced elders and  naïve young men, the early modern proposal for a democratic government, formulated by Baruch Spinoza in his “Treatise on politics” (1670), included a condition that to the Assembly ruling Holland’s Cities, should be admitted only men older than 50 years, representing local families. Denying the existence of a transcendental God, Spinoza argued that “there is no truth in the Bible”, thus placing himself against  “God’s preferences” expressed both in Old and New Testament, namely “The older will serve the younger”. Just as it is written: “Jacob (a cowardish swindler) I loved, but Esau (daring to reason mature homo sapiens) I hated”. (St. Paul’s Letter to Romans 9: 12-13)

The second comment – on Biblical model of a polis ruled by “robbers and murders”

During our 2013 “Mut zur Ethik” meeting, a friend of mine, a professor of philosophy, and a retired officer of US Army, Robert Hickson has told the audience that his powerful country is governed by “murders and robbers”. Such harsh words of condemnation of an elite ruling “the Nation under the God” we find also in New Testament, but this time not in “Letters” of St. Paul, but in mordacious remarks of Jesus of Nazareth: “all which come before me are robbers and thieves” (John 10: 8), and also in a description of the Jerusalem’s Temple as a “den of robbers” (i.e. refuge of bandits) – especially bandits in a “peaceful” form of bankers, merchants and state officials.

How do these antique curses against Israeli elite are related to the statement about “murders and robbers” ruling at present at the Washington’s Capitol Hill? It is well known that the America in large extend has been formed at the image of the venerated by prophets of Israel “city shinning upon a hill of Zion”. American presidents, in particular Ronald Reagan, were enthusiastically repeating phrases of an English governor of New England JohnWinthrop, who had a dream that “their new nation would be a guiding light. It would be an example for the whole world.” But what in fact was so powerfully shinning from the Temple of Zion situated at the center of antique Jerusalem, which in visions of prophets will be protected in future by “walls built from gold and precious stones”?

According to the Scripture the Temple of Zion specialized in bloody sacrifices of domestic animals. These barbarous acts of bleeding alive, and than cremation, of innocent beasts, supposedly were assuring the redemption of sins – and of ordinary crimes – committed, or intended by making these offerings members of the Israeli tribe. As an anonymous writer of “Letter to Hebrews” wrote “the Law requires that nearly everything be cleansed with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins” (Hbr. 9: 22). In this antique Israeli redemptory “system” a big enough sinner, which for example appropriated riches belonging previously to someone else, was capable to pay a part of his booty to the Temple, for an “eradication” of the crime he has committed, assuring in this manner his personal immunity and even his social appraisal.

From these ritualized practices of the Temple of Zion it is evident that the “God”, imagined by a majority of prophets of Israel, was a completely corrupt being, eagerly accepting bribes in a form of ritual fullburnigs called holocausts, “which smell was pleasing the Lord”. In a deeper reality, usually avoided to see by Bible enthusiasts, it is a completely perverse idea that by making harm to a conscious being we “save” ourselves from scruples and social condemnation linked with our vile behavior. It is like pointing at someone, which we had just robbed at the market place, and cry at it “Thief, thief!” passing our own guilt onto this person. And subsequently taking a perverse pleasure observing how the innocent, robbed by us man is lynched by the disoriented mob. The problem with this “golden rule of Temple of Zion’s ethics” is entirely pedagogical: it is not by relegating our own misbehavior onto the back of a scapegoat, of a “god’s lamb”, or a “do(imbe)cile suffering servant[iv], we will be able to build a mature citizen’s society trying to spend their lives in a decent and interesting manner.

And of course, if we start to praise “a city upon a hill”, where such “easing the life of criminals” practices were ritualized, we can be sure that we will reconstruct the antique Jerusalem’s “den of robbers” in its updated shape: already in late Middle Ages the Vatican practiced the “remission” and even “eradication” of various offences by an appropriate donations to the Church, called “indulgences”. This corruptive practice has led to the Protestant, counter papacy revolutions and, regrettably, to the even more philo-Zionist attitude among Protestant sects. With the advent of secular modern societies, in venerating “the city upon a hill” WASP liberal cultures, spontaneously popped virtuous Public Relation agencies specialized, like their biblical predecessor, in “making black white, … place thieves and give them title, knee and approbation” – to recall a poem of William Shakespeare from “Timon of Athens”, recalling miraculous properties of gold.

Concluding comment:  the Virtue of Ignorance radiating from Zion’s Hill

This primitive and cruel (for “animals” to be sacrificed) redemptory system, practiced in Jerusalem’s Temple prior to its destruction by Romans, in an automatic manner was adding the splendor – and the wealth – to a tiny priesthood elite and to its ultra-rich clientele. At the same time this theocratico-oligarchic SYSTEM was depriving, both of dignity and of means of subsistence, Jewish masses, as amply documented it professor Izabella Jaruzelska from Warsaw University. But this was not the worse. The survival of Temple of Zion elite was assured by an incessant stream of lies systematically fed into the populace by nearly two thousand Temple “psyops” workers, sometimes in the Bible called “incensers”.

This, characterizing “city upon a hill” trait of a systematic teaching of ignorance, cursed Jesus of Nazareth, unfortunately quoted only in the Gospel of Luke, written by an unique non-Jewish writer of Bible, which Gospel was intended to be predicated among Greeks: “Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered”. In the Gospel of Matthew, prepared for the use of Christianized Jews, in the above phrase of Jesus the fragment “ye have taken away the key of knowledge” was intentionally substituted by a fuzzy statement  “you shut the kingdom of heaven”. Moreover, this “kingdom of heaven”, according to Jesus quoted by Matthew, was accessible only to “poor in spirit” people, which lame kind of humans is not blessed by Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. Why these essential alternations of Jesus’ words were done?  In the suffocating rational reasoning atmosphere, created by “lawyers and scribes” linked with the Temple, the knowledge was considered to be a sin (“a primary sin” according to Genesis), while ignorance was considered to be a “virtue”. This “virtue” was permitting the Elite to consume in tranquility sweet fruits of intellectual corruption taught by this Theocratic Parasite: “You will be called priests of the Lord, you will eat riches of nations in their glory you will dress” (Isaiah 61: 6)[v].

The characteristic for the Temple of Zion conviction that “knowledge is sinful”, become immortalized in “Letters” of a convert from Judaism apostle Paul, proudly announcing Principal Virtues of a perfect Christian, who “believes in everything, withstands everything, in everything puts hope”. Reading these terminal verses of his “Hymen of Love”, people attached to the value of “sapere aude” (dare to reason – this slogan was heard during our “Mut zur Ethik” conference), would acidly remark that such “Christian” program must make believers even more poor in spirit and lame than they are by their biological nature. No wonder thus that during the history of Christianity sinister histories, similar to the crucifixion of truthtelling Jesus of Nazareth, become repeated over and over. To recall only the cruel murder – inside of a church – of a mathematician and philosopher Hypatia in Alexandria in 415 AD, the case of a physician and theologian Michel Servet burned at stake in Geneva in 1553, and of a soldier, lawyer and philosopher Kazimierz Lyszczynski decapitated in Warsaw in 1689.

The Holy War of “Temple of Zion crusaders”, against truth searching philosophers and scientists, daring to challenge manufactured “out of the air” religious, political and scientific dogma, continues also today. It affects not only biosciences, characterized by a domination of Judeo-Darwinian artificial ignorance, obscuring the origin of cancers and of other novel, better adapted species.  It affects also concepts of geology, paleontology and even cosmology.  But this is a much larger topics, which I discuss in  my study “Living Beings (Zoon) – the Creator of In-Formation”, prepared for the occasion of my 71-st anniversary – see www.markglogg.eu/?p=640.


David Irwing’s formula for collecting Gold with the help of God

The internationally known historian, specialized in WWII and its horrors, David Irving in an interview he gave in 2011 to “The Independent”, noticed “In around 1970, the Jews were advised by a [Jewish]PR firm to give it [Holocaust super event] one name, stick to that name, and stick to those figures and gradually you [Jewish oligarchy] will make billions out of this. That’s what happened.”   (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk…e-8792411.html)

This statement may be considered as a specific “mathematico-chemical” formula of making Gold by appropriate sacrifices to God:

If we substitute in Dawid Irwing’s formula:

‘1970’ by ‘70 AD’

‘Jews’ by ‘Christians’

‘Jewish PR firm’ by ‘St. Paul & Co.’

‘Holocaust super event’ by ‘Christ crucifixion super event’

‘Jewish oligarchy’ by ‘Christian bishops’

We obtain as a result “Around 70 AD, Christians were advised by St. Paul and Co., to give to the Christ crucifixion super event one name, stick to that name, and stick to this figure  –  and gradually Christian bishops made out of this tons of gold (filling in particular the Holy See caves).

Of course this “Dawid Irwing’s formula” works also in the case of “9-11 religion of world conquest”: by tracing who in detail collected enormous riches thanks to the “9-11 super event” – and gained subsequent riches thanks to following 9-11 incursions (“crusades”) into Afghanistan (poppy plantations), and Iraq (oil fields) – we find hidden inside Capitol’s “den of robbers” names of organizers of this terroristo-militaro-commercial venture, which began with the mass sacrifice of nearly 3000 innocent US citizens…


[i] One of these numerous Swiss referendums will be hold soon, concerning the further existence of a traditional in this country armed militia, the warrant of Switzerland’s sovereignty. It is quite possible that submitted to the pressure of “globalist” media, demanding the existence of only mercenary armies, the Switzerland willy-nilly will return to its Middle Ages/ Renaissance role of furnisher of “guards” of foreign lords, like it is still the case in Vatican state.

[ii] I outlined, in a slightly satirical “Declaration of Rights of Human Embryonic Society”, the situation which automatically shall appear in case we seriously will considered as equal not only races and sexes, but also early stages of human ontogenesis – see http://markglogg.eu/?p=267 .

[iii] It is not only Plato who had negative opinions about “the voice of democracy”. Already during the French Revolution, the future author of the first Evolutionary Theory Jean Baptiste de Lamarck, while participating in revolutionary Convent meetings, has remarked that “the bigger a deliberating assembly is, the greater is the probability that it will arrive at erroneous conclusions”. Also in April 1982, when after 14 years spent in “the West”, as a non desired Lamarckian I was leaving Geneva for the still socialist Poland, the last words, which I heard from an assistant at the Piaget’s Center of Genetic Epistemology, were “la majorité a tort par la definition” (the majority, by a definition, is in an error).

[iv] I omit in this comment logical implications of Christian clergy easy association, of a full of intellectual vigor Jesus of Nazareth cursing Pharisees for their hypocrisy, with the same Jesus, suddenly taking the symbolic shape of a docile, speechless “god’s lamb” – or “a suffering servant” – which “was wounded for our (in particular Christian clergy) transgressions … and with his stripes we are healed” – Isaiah 53: 5.

[v] Not only the prophet Isaiah in Old Testament, but also apostle Peter in his 1 Letter 2: 9, praises sweet fruits of corruption and exploitation of nations by – in this case Christian – “God chosen” priesthood: “you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a dedicated nation, [God’s] own purchased, special people, that you may set forth the wonderful deeds…” – this pastoral assertion, inflating human emptiness, become particularly appreciated by Anglo-American “missionaries” in their “conquest without use of a force” of the whole Planet… .

Subject:Fw: Fw: God and Gold: The Temple of Zion Heritage today – comments

1/ to Ken Freeland,

While explaining to you the link between “redemptory sacrifices” practiced in Jerusalem’s Temple, and the commercialization of “indulgences” by the Catholic Church, I forgot about one important fact. Namely, rich clients of the Temple were not bothering themselves with bringing to the Temple their domestic beasts to be slaughtered and burned there. Simply they were buing these beasts at the Temple front yard. (It is at this yard Jesus flagelated famous Merchants of the Temple.)

Once clients of the Temple bought these living “indulgences”, and gave them to services charged of bleeding and burning these “gifts to god”, they were sure that their demands will be accepted by “God”. (This even in the case when priests, in the backyard, recycled these offerings, covertly passing them once again on the market, while burnig their substitutes in a form of lame animals of lower mercantile quality).

Searching for financial means necessary to built their super rich Gothic churches, bishops of the Church simply realized, that by imitating, in a less barbarous form, practices of their “Elder brothers in faith”, they may accept indulgences of their rich clients  in a pecuniary form, without this  ugly OT circus with bleeding and burning sacrifices. They felt that this bloodless procedure of pecuniary redemption is entirely moral, for in their  NT is written:

 But Christ being come an high priest of good things to come, (…)

Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us.

Hbr 9:12

 It means that the super-sacrifice of Christ was in a satisfactory manner replacing all previous animal sacrifices .

 But did Jesus (“the God” according to St. Paul and to believers into his wisdom) wanted to self-sacrify himself? Ken Freeland recalls (see his e-letter below) that according to Matthew 12:7, Jesus said:

If you had known what these words mean, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice,’ you would not have condemned the innocent.
It means that Jesus himself desired, in his particular case, the mercy of his judges and executioners. But it didn’t happen. He, an innocent (for us, but not for Jews in power) person, was condemned and executed. But we cannot say that he desired to self-sacrifice (it means to kill) himself, for such an ugly act would be in contradiction of his, above mentionned desire.
It is only “St. Paul  Co.”, who made of this drama of condamnation of a truthtelling leader, the “super-sacrifice”. The non desired by Jesus of Nazareth sacrifice, which since 2 millenaries whitewasches crimes of investors in Jesus’ precocious death (and shortly afterwards this apparent death, his eventual ressurrection as a zombie; biologically there is no possiblility that a truly inanimate object will suddenly become alive and in full vigor)

  2. From a Polish correspondent in USA I received the following demand

:what was the  reaction to your remarks at the Conference ??Best,

Jan Napoleon Saykiewicz, Ph.D.; D.Sc.

My answer: at the Round Table (RT) with about 20 participants, my short speech commented one of organizers (I do not know him personally). Unfortunately to me, he did it in German - while being suddenly invited (while sitting in the audience) to seat at the RT, in a hurry I forgot to take with me my earphones to hear translations. So I understood only that he discussed my speech. But one thing I noticed: at RT just in front of me was sitting the bishop of Feldkirch (in Austria) and, or during or shortly after the speech of commenting my contribution person, he left his place at RT.And when the meeting ended, an old lady from the audience come to me and told me that my speech was the best from all she heard during the conference. It is she who inclined me to put its text in a written form and to email it to my friends and corresopndents: http://markglogg.eu/?p=674

—– Original Message —–

Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013 8:37 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: God and Gold: The Temple of Zion Heritage today


Thanks for your comment. I was already thinking about this connection between “bloody sacrifice” of Hebrews, and “financial donations” to the Church in order to receive indulgencies. (And dozen of years ago I discussed this problem with defunct professr Wiercinski at Warsaw University; he was a Jew impressed with Jewish “mafia-like” antique society.) The best answer for this question I found in an internet text “an aroma pleasing to God”, which I proposed in my report as a reference (please notice that author of this internet text discusses with his imaginary “Lord” in a similar way as orthodox Jews used to do it):

…“But how can I provide a pleasing aroma to You, Lord? We don’t do sacrifices anymore.”

I’m glad you asked, He seemed to say. Don’t worry so much about what the occasion of the offering. Look at the offering itself.

No Holding Back

So I did. And I noticed a lot. First, I observed that the entire animal was sacrificed. Not just the fat. Not just the innards. Not just a hind quarter. The entire thing. Its meat was not eaten because the animal was completely burnt up. All of it belonged to the Lord. Nothing was held back for the person who offered it.

A Costly Sacrifice

I then recalled that in that culture, meat was expensive, served rarely, and usually just for special occasions. To sacrifice an entire goat or cow was truly a sacrifice. It was costly. It could no longer breed. It could no longer give milk. It could not feed or profit the family.

Only the Best

I also noticed that the animal was to be perfect and in its prime. It was to have no blemishes whatsoever. Only the best for God—(etc.)

We have to remember that for antique Jews domestic animals, as well as their wifes and sons were Things having their mercantile value. (One senses this attitude already in the last commandments of the Decalogue “You will not desire possesions of your neigbor, his wife, his ox, his house, etc.) . In very old Israel, in order to get an atonement of their crimes, fathers were ready to sacrify their most cherisched POSSESIONS in form of their adolescent sons (the story of Abram – not yet Abraham – trying to sacrifice Isaac, which is the prefiguration of the Christian sacrifice of “god’s son” Jesus for the success of expansion of the Christian Kingdom of his Lord i.e. (god)Father.

While reading in depth (as I did in last 30 years) Holy Books, Christian bishops realized soon, that accepting bribes for the “remission” of crimes of their clients is fully acceptable in “eyes” of their Lord – which transcendental “Lord” they borrowed (together with several seremons (Pasha), prayers, and utensiles (chalices, tabernacle, and even head dresses), from their “elder brothers” it means Jews.

And one more remark. For business-minded orthodox Jews the blood was “the spirit”, which animates the flesh (This is the “Jewish dualism”). Their culture was/is entirely economical, and thus very easily they made an association that “money is the “spirit”, the blood which animates individuals and nations. And they become specialized in sucking this “blood” from gentiles, also today, in particular in Poland, which cuontry they try to villyfy by their media. Exactltly like in the story of “Thief, thief!”.

Pozdrav, but not so much peace,


—– Original Message —–

From:Ken Freeland

To:Marek Glogoczowski

Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013 6:37 PM

Subject: Re: Fw: God and Gold: The Temple of Zion Heritage today

I don’t know that I agree with everything you write here, but your comparison of medieval indulgence selling with ancient Jewish vacarious sacrifice is spot on.  I don’t see how anyone can argue with this.  The big irony is that the church did this in contravention of Jesus himself, who quoted second Isaiah with approval: “It is mercy I desire, and not sacrifice.”

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