PAN w Z-nem (19 – II) The Entropy of Globalism and Its Sacral Roots – Part Five

The Entropy of Globalism and Its Sacral Roots

Part Five

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  The M.G.’s busybody breaks trough the Black Cloud emanated by the City on a Hill, and discovers:


At the ornamented Hindu swastika above there are four points signifying Four Inanimate Greek Elements – or states of matter in modern terms – Solid (earth, Si, Ca, Na, etc) + Liquid (water H2O) + Gaseous (air, N. O2, CO2) + Plasma state (Q – heat). Such slightly twisted Swastika symbolizes (probably) the Chinese FIFTH ANIMATED ELEMENT, namely living wood (in form of radiating in all directions roots of trees, weeds and ordinary grass too). This type of SWASTIKA symbolizes FORCES OF LIFE (vegetal Entelechy) able to bind together simple inanimate elements and made of them complex compounds, needed for growth of “busybody” animals. It is in order to EXTERMINATE THE KNOWLEDGE OF EXISTENCE OF THIS ETERNAL ENTELECHY OF LIFE, “Ye shall destroy their altars, break their images, and cut down their groves.” (2 Mos. 34:13) This in order to built, out of dead wood and of dead animals, monuments of MOSAIC RELIGIONS OF ENTROPY like these ones below:

Would it be possible to escape, collectively, from this “New Heaven and new Earth” of Global Body and Mind SOFT TERROR, known also as the New World Order? The construction of this Monstrosity was planned by Hebrew prophets nearly 3 thousand years ago, as  a byproduct of an invention of literal script and of moneyed exchanges. My correspondent since years, thriving in Florida “Spartan anti-Semite philosopher” John Kaminski, in one of his essays, written under the title “MINDLOCK”, developed the concept of astronomer and writer Fred Hoyle, who wrote the novel “Black Cloud”,  the story of a Living Cloud, which covered the Sun, forcing people to live in darkness. In Kaminski’s imagination this BLACK CLOUD is systematically spawn by a “city shinning on a hill”, a hill of Zion of course, an object of worship of uncritical people reading and rereading the Bible:

As I’ve remarked it a dozen years ago, this PNAC (Project for New American Century) prepared by contemporary American Neo-Con rulers, is the realization of an Intelligent Design (ID) inscribed into Old Testament. It  consists of the establishment of “the Holy One Israel …with thy gates open continually; … So that men may bring to it the wealth of the nations, With their kings led in procession; For the nation and the kingdom which will not serve it will perish, These nations will be utterly laid waste” (like Yugoslavia, than Libya, and than Syria today).

Indeed, it is an interesting program, especially for these unfortunate people, which expect to perish soon. At the time Aldous Huxley wrote his futuristic novel Brave New World, in pre 2WW Poland Stanislaw Szukalski, a Polish-American sculptor and self-made anthropologist, wrote a theatre play, which he situated not in future, but in a pre-Christian past. Its goal was the recovery from darkness (odmrocze) of Slavic antique culture, which suffered a black-out (zamrocze) by an imposition of Christianity thousand years ago. The name of this play is “Krak son of Ludol” (Krak is the name of mythical ruler of Kraków on Vistula river; Lud in Slavic languages means ‘people’). As I’ve read the summary of this play, I found that it allegorically describes the reality of all “impure” contemporary nations of the Planet, which have fallen under the yoke of Holy One Israel, enthusiastically described by prophet Isaiah. Cruel Aliens, ruling in this pre-antique Global State, exploited subdued by them nations by installating inside them puppet rulers (in Szukalski’s Sarmatia a devoid of hands Scraper (Ciuł), a High Priest of Alien God Hui-Veh (Jah-veh?)). And this Scraper, in name of his Alien Lord (IMF/KGB[1] of today?) specialized in extortion from the populace of tributes in from of “gold, silver and shinning stones”. Moreover, he demanded yearly sacrifices of young men, which were murdered in undergrounds of Kraków’s castle. The tyrannizing Kraków Ciuł demanded also that his subjects call him “His Widthness” and not “His Highness”, for indeed, he was broader than taller. In order to hide his infirmity, he used to sit in a big arm chair with its arms resembling  gigantic legs of a spider, dressed with gown having the sign of (spider’s or crusaders’?) cross on its front. All his governor’s temple room was covered by dense cobweb, inhibiting eventual intruders to see clearly who is sitting there:

And of course, “Krak the son of People” managed to sneak into governor’s room of handsless Scraper and to unveil the cobweb covering it, finding a method to liberate Slavs from traitors, tyrannizing people in name of alien god Hui-Veh (Jah-veh?). That’s the theme of Szukalski’s play, apparently good for children to see it. Nevertheless, this not so-naïve fable describes the common day reality in particular of  Eastern Europe of today, densely covered by BLACK CLOUD emanating from “a city on a hill” of a well known trans-Atlantic provenience.

For how come, this childish biblical story of Primary Sin (see Lew Tolstoy’s opinion[2] on it), which was miraculously redeemed by a benevolent Passion of Jesus, was good enough to permit to accumulate fabulous fortunes by tellers of this cruel fable? This question answered honestly “apostle to gentiles” St Paul: If we have sown to you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things? (I Cor. 9:11) This honest remark reveals the essence of a SYSTEM OF MENTAL INTOXICATION, elaborated millenaries ago, by shamans from the mythical City on a Hill: the more the fable, told by these Investors in Human Unbelievable Imbecility, differs from the REALITY, the more “gold, silver and shiny stones”, the dressed in black gowns with crosses on them PUSHERS of these fables, are able to reap from their drugged clientele.

By a curious coincidence this is also the principle of a Stock Exchange, be it the one we have in New York: the more its gamblers are able to convince others to believe in invented by them, TOTALLY FAKE Reality, the more they gain: on September 11 2001 Organized NY Gamblers have managed to convince the populace that the demolishment of WTC towers was the work of a dozen of Muslims hijackers armed with plastic knives – and glorious Inventors & Propagandists of this Bull made profits in billions out of this entirely criminal affair!

The equally dangerous, for the understanding – and long-term survival –  of the world we live in, was/is another fable, this time adopted from Plato’s myth of Eternal Souls transiting between bodies of humans and animals (in fishes human souls purge sins of their intellectual laziness, and in reptiles of cowardliness in their previous incarnations – see Timaeus). As I wrote in Part 2, this metempsychosis myth, abrogated to the existence of “eternal soul” only within the Chosen People, became the source of qualitative division between animal’s stone-like  bodies (“hardware”), and characteristic exclusively for humans, eternal spirit (“software” in terms of computer science of today). This “dualist” theory of the Universe has lead Christian philosophers, trained in a non observation of regenerative forces of their own bodies (St Cyril of Nitra among them), to a religio-scientific FAITH that Living Bodies (Zoon) are devoid of endogenous faculties permitting them TO LEARN, in an inheritable manner, how to cope with environmental aggressions, ever challenging their integrality.

It is from this LEARNED IGNORANCE OF ELEMENTARY PHYSIOLOGY, resulting from limitation of intelligence to “sola scriptura” of the Hebrew Bible, arouse the whole Mountain of Zion of mente-captus-like body and mind diseases.

I’ve written already about this panoply of Civilization Illnesses, all of them being a logical product of these monstrous at present industries “helping” – chosen people of course – to survive and to dominate the ever more sterilized Earth. This LEARNED IGNORANCE OF ELEMENTARY PHYSIOLOGY has become the “corner stone” of pathological’ from the point of view of logics, neo-Darwinian – or more precisely Judeo-Darwinian – theory of evolution, with its “5 solas of bio-science”, which I enumerated at the beginning of this compendium. Already 20 years ago I’ve realized that all assumption of this Prestigious Theory were deduced from pages of the Holy Bible, without any “sinful” observations of life processes! (see “Biblical Sources of Darwinism” in “The Syndrome of Blind Watchmaker” from 1999). To point at the basic assumption, which made on this topicse the renewed Richard Dow(n)kins  “that 1000 steps of evolution are needed to evolve the eye from nothing.” Dow(n)kins of course dutifully ignores that “ex nihilo nihil est” – this mikropychoi Biblical concept of CREATION OUT OF NOTHING  has become the base of Life Sciences of the West! And Dow(n)kins’ “Blind Watchmaker” is not an isolated example how “learned” people are trying to earn their bread by pushing SCIENTIFIC BULL into masses[3].

At present all educational “bologna system” in Europe is becoming modified, so adolescents are learning to be tolerant to any bull, with which “the city on a hill” intoxicate them. In overtechnicized countries Technics and Money – both killing the natural Eros dictated, drive for self perfection – become an object of worship of  ever more obese  masses, masses “trained not to see” negative effects of their Comfortomania. And it is evident that this W-T-C (Wealth-Technics-Comfort cult[4] will turn the entire Earth into a STERILE STONE GRAVE animated by hardly moving by their own forces, fearful Zombies, resembling the docile subordinates of “wider than taller” armless Scraper from Szukalski’s prehistorico-futurist theatre play of 1937.


How in this LAMARCKO-PIAGETIAN, sombrous perspective look central points of our international scientifico-practical conference „Secrets of Slavic Writings”, hold in Ohrid last month?

At this conference I shortly discussed, with Sergei Komkov, the problem of GLOBALIZATION, realized also indirectly, by a means of sudden outcrop of various religious groupings, in all evidence pushed by Holy One Israel in form of Mafia ruling in Washington D.C..  Komkov admitted that the present Patriarch of All Russia Kirill (who bought his position in the Church thanks to heavy imports of tobacco and alcohol to Russia in early years of 1990), will probably concede to demands of the Global Mammon. It means that Russia risks to follow the example of Poland roughly 40 years ago, after the election – in 1978 – of cardinal Karol Wojtyła at the papacy: prior to his election the Italian clergy massively was abandoning its vocation, turning towards the Marxist ideology. And the “Slavic Pope”, from Wadowice near Kraków, quickly managed to bring his subordinates to their routine, anti-Marxist, behaviors. (Not to say about this Polish Pope benediction for execution of archbishop Romero in 1980, and than of 6 Jesuit priests in 1989 in Salvador by SOA trained local gangsters.)

The French sociologist Alain Tourraine has remarked, during an international conference in Geneva in 1984 that “the ideology of John Paul II is neoJudaism”. And indeed we observe, especially after the sudden fall of the Soviet Union – to which geopolitical miracle the sect Chabad Lubavich  heavily contributed – an impressive Judaization of the Western culture. Even “blue cross” signs of medical emergency services in Poland were changed in 2001 in order to compel with “international” six arms blue star with “Moses’ serpent on a pole” inside it:

Such historical twist of Christian religion was predicted already by Karl Marx in his “ZurJudefrage” essay of 1844. He was arguing in it that (Once) Christianity … completed theoretically the estrangement of man from himself and from nature, (than) Judaism (would) achieve universal dominance and make alienated man and alienated nature into alienable, vendible objects subjected to the slavery of egoistic need and to trading.

It is only during the Ohrid conference I’ve discovered that the sign of All Slavs Committee, of which since a year I am a member, contains a picture of a Crusader, with a cross on his breast, situated on a background in form of Anjou lily:

Wherefrom organizers of this conference got this sign? It is the sign of Warriors for the Holy One Israel world dominion, as illustrate it the picture below, taken from an article “New Crusaders” (Новыйе крестоносцы) in “Belarus Segodnia” journal in 2007:

  have to recall to all ecclesiastics, and to following them Christian sheeple, that THE CROSS IS THE SYMBOL OF TRAITORS OF TEACHINGS OF JESUS OF NAZARETH. This “forbidden to see” fact was brought to publics by professor Tomasz Węcławski from Poznań, who till 2007, as a catholic priest, was working in Vatican’s International Theological Commission for Borderline Problems of Christianity (this Commission was lead by the quickly released from his office, pope Benedict XVI). Węcławski wrote, justifying his apostasy  “Jesus’ most painful defeat happened after his crucifixion – it was the interpretation of his defeat as a sacrifice.”[5] In case Jesus wasn’t God – as claims it not only Węclawski –  the whole theology of obliteration of sins by his sacrifice, loses its validity. In case his (and his superior’s, Benedict XVI probably too) interpretation of Jesus of Nazareth history prevails, the intellectual BLACK CLOUD, manufactured at Temple Mount in Jerusalem, soon after Jesus’ Passion at Golgotha hill (also near Jerusalem), will automatically dissipate, too.

As noticed it not only the American historian of religion Acharia (gone in 2015 at age of 55) “soon after arrival of Christians are popping Jews” – which fact was felt very well in Poland after the election of Karol Wojtyla at papacy in 1978: during only a quarter of century of his rule, the number of churches in my country more than doubled! But soon after attack of this “new Christian Crusade”, the number of banks manifold overpassed the number of old and new churches taken together. And the same future attends both Moscow and Pekin, in case they will not be able to hinder somehow the childish, globally imposed by City shinning on a Hill,  drive for more Technics, more Money and more debilitating, both mind and body, Comfort.

Results of half century old experiments with elevation of mice and rats in “comfortable like in paradise” cages, provide a good illustration what shall we expect with CIVILIZATION aggressively filling the Earth with concrete, steel, asphalt and glass: after period of vigorous growth, these mice Eros directed vigor and fertility vanished, and the whole population simply… died out, out lack of a challenge[6] to cope with.

Are there possibilities to escape from this “return to Paradise” trap, masterminded in secret workshops of the Temple of Sion? What do we have to say, about this more than 1100 years old, conceived in exotic glagolica, advertisement of “beatitude of faith”, which Konstantin Philosopher expressed in his “Prohlas”: no soul without letters knows the law of God, the law of the book, the law of the spirit, the law through which we are led to God’s Paradise.”?

God Save Us from Thy Paradise, promised by subsequent waves of crusaders! As an eventual program for the Panslavic Committee, I permit myself to recall that roughly 850 years ago, prince Niklot (he died in a battle at his age of 70!), a pagan Slavic ruler of Pomeranian Obodrites, for whole 30 years managed to stand up against “leading Slavs to God’s Paradise”, forces of Wendish Crusaders of the Holy Roman Empire – an early  realization of the Holy One Israel. Since its conception 2,5 years ago this parasite entity is Homo Sapiens sworn Enemy, to be fought with all possible means.

Why Swastikas present on military insignia on the picture above, which were conceived in year 1918, both in Poland (on the left, till 1945), and in Russian Socialist Soviet Republic (on right, till the death of Lenin in 1924) are forbidden at present? And by whom they are forbidden? The very old sign of swastika is neither an image of a natural body, neither of an artificial tool. Its dynamic form represents the CYCLICAL character of LIFE, with its “ups” and “downs”. Moreover, the present in the center of the picture above, photo of not-so-old monument of Slavic prince Niklot, who for 30 years successfully fought against Crusaders – and his descendants become aristocracy in finally Germanized Mecklenburg – is a good one to demonstrate anti-crusaders ambitions of  All Slavs Committee. We shall follow also the example of Lithuanian brothers Jagiełło and Witold, who lead the victorious battle of Grunwald/Tannenberg in 1410 against the Teutonic Order, dressed with white overcoats with BLACK CROSSES, symbolizing this Order Life without Life Program: in this biggest battle of late Medieval Europe, on the anti-crusaders’ side participated not only Catholic Poles and still pagan Lithuanians, but also Hussite Czechs under Jan Zizka leadership, 3 orthodox regiments from Smolensk, and even Moslem Tatars!


And finally, to put a more sympathetic light at sorrowful results of “Laborem exercens” of our illustrious pope John Paul II, I permit myself to embellish this remarkable “anti-Christian” compendium with the photo of a project of monument of this Polish Pope, which was made in 1980 by Stan Szukalski, who since 1939 till 1987 lived in California: Please notice that the newly elected at that time pope is NEARLY NAKED, like on pagan sculptures of warriors, not priests. And he holds in his hands not a cross, but a flail! Whom he is supposed to tresh? I’ve read that Wojtyla, while “working” at Vatican, in secrecy at night used to whip himself – but it was difficult to sculpture a whip in his hands…!


A personal remark. This compendium was conceived at the occasion of author’s busybody survival till its 74-th anniversary, this month of June 2016. Being grown in a family specialized in activities demanding good knowledge of logics (grandfather a doctor iuris in 19-th century Austro-Hungarian Empire, and father a known geochemist), the author, in last 40 years of his “busybody” scientific career, has observed an impressive degradation of basic research in life sciences. It is a PURPOSEFUL DISASTER, personalized in particular by neo-Darwinist director-cretin of “Institut Monod” in Paris, J.-P, Changeux, who discovered that “learning happens by negative selection of  neuronal connections”. (In fact, the learning of IGNORANCE is achieved by a non exercise of dying from inactivity young neuronal connections.) All this copious scientific rubbish for the glory of the Holy One Israel. John Strugnell, the head of research on manuscripts found in 1947 in Qumran near Dead Sea, stated publicly, in Israel in 2007, that “the horrible religion of Judaism  should not exist”. God for Jews. For us remains a question, whether the sublimation of Judaism (opinion of K. Marx in 1844), in a form of HUI Christianity, should not exist too? Footnotes and Addenda

[1] The abbreviation KGB may be read, in post-Soviet world, as Koalition of Global Banksters – it is a collective LORD of today, striving for the world dominion.

[2] Leo Tolstoy, the author of a famous novel „War and Peace”, wrote in his “Confession” of 1880:

The Holy History begins from a description how the God, existing forever, created from nothing six thousand years ago, the heaven and the earth, and subsequently created animals, fishes, plants and finally a human Adam and his wife Eve, which he made from his rib. Subsequently it is given that God, afraid that Adam and Eve will eat an apple from a tree having the magic force to give power, forbade them to eat these apples; nevertheless people had not obeyed this interdiction and ate this apple, and were banned from paradise , and for this offence all their progeny was cursed, the earth was cursed, and since this time it began to produce poisonous plants. Then after we have a description of life of Adam’s descendents, which become so vile, that God was forced to drown them, and not only humans but also animals, and has left only one Noah with his family and animals which he took with him into ark. Afterwards it is described how from all people, which have been born after the flood, God has chosen Abraham and made with him a covenant, according to which Abraham obligated himself to consider God to be God, and as proof of it to make circumcision, and in exchange of it God promised to gratify Abraham with numerous offspring and to support him and his descendants. Afterwards it is told, how God promoting Abraham and hid progeny, has made in their advantage certain supernatural things, known as miracles and at the same time he did also the most sophisticated cruelties.

In this manner all this history, with the exception of naïve (like the visit of Abraham by God and two angels, the marriage of Isaac and others) sometimes innocent, but more frequently unethical  stories (like the swindle of beloved by God Jacob, the cruelty of Samson, the cunningness of Joseph), all this history, beginning from plagues brought by Moses onto Egyptians and the murder by angels of all their firstborn, up to the fire, which destroyed 250 insurgents, up to falling into ground of Korah, Dathan and Abiron, up do the destruction in only of dozen of minutes of 14.700 people, to persecuted by Elias enemies, which were sacrificed and cut with saws (Elias was taken in a car of fire to heaven), and Elizeus cursing young boys laughing at him – it is the whole order of miraculous events and terrible consequences, which were done by Jewish nation, its leaders and the God himself.

In case all this history of Old and New Testament was lectured as an ordinary tale, in this case not many lecturers would be courageous enough to tell it to children or to adults, whom they wanted to enlighten. This tale is nevertheless considered as no apt to be discussed by people, for it contains the only proper description of the world and of its laws, the most faithful reconstruction of life of people living in the past, and of things which are to be considered as good and as evil, about the essence of God and about duties of a man. We speak about the harmful books. But does it exist in the Christian world a book, which has brought more harm to people than this horrible book named “The Holy History of Old and New Covenant”?

… For a man into whose head was pressed, as the most holy truth, the faith into creation of the world out of nothing six thousands years ago, and subsequently into the ark of Noah, which gathered all animals, in the fall of Adam, in the immaculate conception, into miracles of Christ and in his sacrifice on the cross for the salvation of humans – for such a man demands of reason are not obligatory and such a man is unable to believe in any other truth. If the trinity is possible, as well as immaculate conception and the redemption of humanity by the blood of Christ, everything is possible and demands of reason are superfluous.

You enter a wedge between boards of a floor of a granary. Even if you will fill it afterwards with a maximum amount of grain, everything will pour out. The similar case is with a head into which a wedge of trinity was implanted, or of the God which become a man, and with his sufferance redeemed the mankind, and subsequently returned to heaven – afterwards in such a head no rational, sober understanding of the life is not possible.

You can pour the grain into granary with a hole in its floor, and everything will pour out from it. You may put, whatever you wish into a head, which once took on a faith senseless things, nothing will remain in it”.

For these statements, Tolstoy was blamed to be a man of evil, not only by the hierarchy of Orthodox Church which expelled him from Church, but also by numerous writers of Jewish origin, which considered his “Confession” to be a manifestation of anti-Semitism. (The translation above is from the book “Antysemityzm” written in Polish by Jan Ciechanowicz and edited by Ad Astra, New York, 2010)

[3]  In pre-Christian antiquity there was known a maxim “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” (it is a trivial manifestation of “forbidden to see” reaction of R-O-A of biosystems). On this physiological basis are working immunity enhancing vaccines containing horrible to organisms poisons (Hg in particular), it is thanks to the solar, cosmic, and other (radon, DU, etc) irradiations people are becoming healthier, more resistant to externally and internally provoked pathologies, including cancers (see “Radiation hormesis –the remedy for fear” (2010) of my elder colleague, defunct in Zbigniew Jaworowski). In general small doses of toxins – present in vaccines for ex. – are “perturbations” of organism’s habitual behaviors. An organism, forced to cope with these challenges to his health, after a period of relative weak illness becomes stronger to overcome even bigger challenges to its health – it is the known to pharmacists “law of Paracelsus”.

Why do certain “learned” people (I know personally dr P. Bein and dr. Ch. Busby) notoriously negate the existence of Paracelsus Law, clinging to the “Cartesian” belief that living bodies are devoid of capacities of self-repair (system R-O-A!) of their internal constituents, DNA and RNA in particular? I suggest that they follow the “Hill of Zion” sacral principle of success among consumers of their creativity: “the more the fable, told by these Investors in Human Imbecility, differs from REALITY perceived by human SINFUL SENSES, the more “gold, silver and shiny stones” these Savers of Humanity, are able to reap from their clientele”: the ever more abundant, in alternative media, stories about “chemtrails” high in the sky, are idiocies (John Kaminski get caught by them): once we calculate how many dangerous molecules can reach our mouths, after being diluted while falling from a height of several kilometers, where strong winds are always blowing, we may be sure that inhaled micro quantities of these poisons may have only beneficial influence on our health!

[4] W-T-C (Wealth-Technics-Comfort) cult was inherited – via Bible – from lumpencultural behaviors of Hebrew Patriarchs (Abraham – obsessed with Wealth; Jacob – with Comfort) and heroes (David – specialized with Technics of killing at distance). More on this topics in The Origin (Genesis) of the Chosen People Super Species” (2011)

[5] The reason for Tomasz Weclawski painful apostasy (he had to change his name in order to avoid harassment in Poland) was his realization that the Catholic Church has become an institution completely different from the one Jesus of Nazareth wanted to set up. In a short communiqué published by the Polish media we read that according to Węcławski “Jesus was defeated in his battle for the reconstruction of the existing (in Israel at his time) socio-religious hierarchy. He become a victim of messianic expectations, which led to his rejection by the elite, and to his condemnation to death. But Jesus’ most painful defeat happened after his crucifixion – it was the interpretation of his defeat as a sacrifice.” More on this topics in “Open Letter to Michael Jones and Israel Adam Shamir”(2008).

[6] As one of commentators of these experiments with “artificial paradise for mice” has remarked “The real cause of the decay (of theses mice colonies) could be the domineering status quo, shaped by crowd psychology, and no longer controlled or influenced by any individual members. If predators, disruptive surprises, or even changes to the environment(eg stuff to explore or manipulate like tunnels or piles of trash) were added and even in a way that minimized excessive deaths, the population might continue to grow and the collapse may be averted (or its effects minimized) despite even greater crowding.” A god warning against attempts to realize on Earth the “Garden of Eden” ANTIZOOLOGICAL Utopia.

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