PAN w Z-nem (19 – I): The Entropy of Globalism and Its Sacral Roots

The Entropy of Globalism and Its Sacral Roots

(Parts 1-4 out of 5)

as seen bya Piagetian epistemologist, geophysicist, and history of science humorist from U.C. Berkeley of years 1969-72

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female,(neither moron nor sage) for you are all one in Christ Jesus.(Gal. 3:28)

(Christianus) bears all things, believes all things, endures all things, hopes all things.(1 Cor. 13:6)

- The St. Paul‘s laudations of the behavioral ENTROPYof Christians.

The catechism of FIVE SOLAS (of obligatory limitations of Reason[i]) of Judeo-Darwinian Mindset:

  1. Sola scritura (neo)darwiniana admissibile estneoDarwinian writings alone are acceptable in scientific schools
  2. Solus multiplicatium esentia vitae estmultiplication alone is the essence of  life
  3. Soli geni character individuum determinantgenes alone determine the character of an individual
  4. Soli incidentes species novus generantby accidents alone new species arise
  5. Sola selectia naturalis motor evolutionis estnatural selection alone is the motor of evolution


  1. Introduction – The Remarkable Meeting at Ohrid, the „Jerusalem of Slavs“
  2. What is than THE REASON OF EXISTENCE of Living Beings (ZOON)?
  3. The Church of Mind Entropy of  Loving the Crucifixion St Paul (or: the Judeo-Christian War on Eros)
  4. The Artificial God, its Artificial HUI Folk, and its Artificial HUI World Order
  5. The “busybody” author breaks through the “Black Cloud” emanated by the City on a Hill and discovers:

(will be e published in PAN w Z-nem (19 – II post)

 Introduction – The Remarkable Meeting at Ohrid, the „Jerusalem of Slavs“

At the end of May 2016 I had an occassion to participate in a scientifico-practical conference « Секреты Словианской Писменности » (Secrets of Slavic Writings) hold at the coast of Lake Ohrid in Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic). This meeting was organized at the occasion of 1100-th anniversary of the decease of Kliment of Ohrid, a close collaborator of  Byzantynian missionaries, brothers Konstantin and Michel – later on known as Saints Cyril and Methodius. They brought not only Christian religion to several Slavic nations, but also developed two alphabets – first the very ornamented Glagolitic one, and later on a  more resembling the Greek Cyrillic.

As it was remarked in a report from this conference (see pictures above), its participants were particularly sensitive to the danger, for the Slavic cultural traditions and languages, which brought the process of globalization and of multiculturalism, imposed worldwide principally by USA.  In particular Sergey Komkov, originally from Russia, but living at present in Bohemia, was telling us details of the process of “Americanization”  of  the late USSR – and than of Russian Federation. According to him, already in 1987 in USA was set-up the fund of 350 million dollars to promote  the “pierestroika” of the soon defunct Soviet Union. Despite Komkov’s assertion that since Putin’s presidency, which began in 2000, “missionaries” of Globalism  inside Russia have been silenced, I have an impression that the process of “Americanization” of former Soviet Empire only slowed up. As observed it my Austrian colleague, Peter BachmeierSooner or later Russia will face a choice: to develop a sovereign state, which closes its borders and prevent the erosion of its culture, or surrender and become the province of the West.” (An article “The cultural war of the USA against Russia” in Swiss Current Concerns (2010).

One of these “soft power” methods, of enslavement of previously independent (from “Western Freedom”) states, consists of massive “pushing” into populace of all kinds of nationalistic movements, sects and religions. As one of authors of  Swiss bi-weekly “Horisons et débats” has noticed, the “global nation builders” from Washington D.C., took seriously Karl Marx remark that “religion is opium of people”. And they started to push this “opium” into masses by all possible means: in Krakow this August we will have a gigantic catholic  World Youth Day 2016, somehow resembling International Youth Meetings in Communist countries of the not so distant past.

Sergei Komkov in his speech at Ohrid stressed the necessity of a return, of atheist, through three quarters of 20th century, Russia to its Christian roots. In our conference participated orthodox ecclesiastics from Ruthenia (Dimitri Sidor) and from the former Czechoslovakia (Metropolitan Christofer). Their presence was entirely justified, for the appearance – in late 9th century – of Old Church Slavonic has interrupted the colonization, by Latinized Franks, of Slavic nations of Central and Eastern Europe. Exactly 1100 years ago, the instigated by Vatican first wave of “Christian catholic globalization”, was halted at borders of countries which become “armed” with Glagolic and than the Cyrillic alphabets.

But will the present revival of the Orthodox Church be sufficient to halt the present Globalization, still continued under the alleged Christ’s demand “there should be one herd and one shepherd”? Is it not the Christianity, which in its essential sacred texts, is carrying germs of characteristic for GLOBALISM denationalization, desexualization and even of the devitalization (loss of vigor) of entire humanity?

Karl Marx in his short essay “ZurJudefrage”, published already at the end of the first half of 19th century, has obseved that in  the modern, bourgeois industrial world Money has become Almighty God in front of which all others gods of humanity have to incline. Nearly 50 years ago an American historian, Lynn White in a well known to historians of science article “The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis” , added more precision to Marx observations: “By destroying pagan animism, Christianity made it possible to exploit nature in a mood of indifference to the feelings of natural objects. … To a Christian a tree can be no more than a physical fact. The whole concept of the sacred grove is alien to Christianity and to the ethos of the West. … Sacred groves are idolatrous because they assume spirit in nature.”

How does it, in light of these, inherited from orthodox Judaism, Christian COUNTER NATURE attitudes, looks the missionary effort of “Apostles of Slavs” brothers Cyril and Methodius? In particular of St. Cyril, known as Konstantin Philosopher? He was a very well educated person, speaking several languages, including Hebrew and Arabic. Thanks to these skills he participated, already in his youth, in official Byzantine Empire delegations to Moslem Abbaside Caliphate, and to Judaising at that time Khazar Kaganate. But what was the essence of his writings, also in Latin language?

Only after my return to Bratislava after the Ohrid conference, I stopped at home of my architect friends Inge and Igor Drac, who ten years earlier have organized at Hrad of Nitra a small Diocesal Exposition of early Slavic writings. Thanks to them I had an opportunity to read the text of “Prohlas” – it means Foreword – to translated by St. Cyril to Slavic language New Testament. This text, written in Glagolica, is indeed beautiful, even in its translation to English, but we have to keep in mind that missionaries are obligated to advertise, in most sweet words possible, the quality of “opium” they professionally “sell” to targeted by them populace. At the website the contents of this book is advertized as follow:

And inside this “Proglas/Foreword” we find such statements, which are indeed full of beauty:

Hear you, the whole Slovak nation,
Hear the Word, sent by the Lord
the Word that feeds hungry human souls,

For not everything is clear or beautiful So no soul, no soul without letters
knows the law of God,
the law of the book, the law of the spirit,
the law through which we are led to God’s Paradise.


For the mouth that does not feel sweetness
turns a man into a stone. More dead than a man from stone is a soul,
every soul without letters …
We now give you impeccable advice
that will free all, all of you From a beastly life and a sinful existence

Naked are nations without books They cannot fight without a weapon
against the enemy, who destroys our souls
doomed to fall prey to eternal damnation.

For to the one who will accept these letters Christ himself will reveal his wisdom.

They will bring good victory to their Lord,
escape the doom and decay of their bodies,
bodies that live in sin as in a dream. (etc.)

Beautiful poetry? Isn’t it? But isn’t it a proverbial “sirens calls” luring Christians to shipwreck their natural capacities of mindful reasoning? In this chapter I will limit my attention to the last verse of  the poem above, assuring that “(Christians, armed with wisdom from Lord’s books) will escape the doom and decay of their bodies”. Isn’t it a lure? Was Konstantin Philosopher, who died in year 869, while in Rome at his age of 42 only, conscious of the mindlessness of his faith that his body “will escape the doom and decay”? Was it possible that his doubts, growing with his age and experience, expressed in front of Roman Church authorities, accelerated his premature death there? We have to remember that 820 years later, in year 1689, Kazimierz Lyszczynski, a Polish nobleman and soldier, educated as a philosopher during his 8 years stay with Jesuit Order, was decapitated at his age of 55 and his rests burned – to prevent his resurrection – at the Warsaw’s Market. All this as a punishment for writing by him, in secrecy, “De non existentia dei[ii].

The promoted by Konstantin Philosopher belief into the resurrection of the dead –  which COUNTER NATURE bull Christians inherited from beliefs of Pharisee Sect – was ridiculed, in a very elegant manner, by philosopher Celsus, writing at the end of 2-nd century:

(…) For what kind of body is that which, after being completely corrupted, can return to its original nature, and to that self-same first condition out of which it fell into dissolution? Being unable to return any answer, they (Christians) betake themselves to a most absurd refuge, viz., that all things are possible to God. And yet God cannot do things that are disgraceful, nor does He wish to do things that are contrary to His nature; (…) For the soul, indeed, He might be able to provide an everlasting life; while dead bodies, on the contrary, are, as Heraclitus observes, to be removed more rapidly than dung. God, however, neither can nor will declare, contrary to all reason, that the flesh, which is full of those things which it is not even honourable to mention, is to exist for ever. For He is the REASON of all things that exist, and therefore can do nothing either contrary to REASON or contrary to Himself.

In short, from the ETERNAL REASON ordained, Principle of Behavior of Living Beings (ZOON), the idea of resurrection of decomposed bodies is odious and COUNTER NATURE. (Jesus of Nazareth, after the trauma of crucifixion, eventually recovered, after few dozens of hours, from his apparent death; but in this hypothetical case, due to the psychic trauma he suffered, he would behave like a ZOMBIE fulfilling, for a certain time, orders of his persecutors.)


Part Two

What is than this, negated by Christianity, PRINCIPLE OF BEHAVIOR of Living Beings (ZOON in Greek)?

The despised by Fathers of the Church Aristotle (circa 330 BC) named this Principle of Behavior – or force vitale – present inside all zoon, and demanding of animals incessant, cyclical efforts, Entelechy; Lamarck (1809) gave to it a more precise name of Universal Law of Biology, giving to a sportsman a pleasing him feeling of Potency of muscles he trains; Jean Piaget (around 1940) has stressed that new, more efficient organs, permitting animals to cope more effectively with various internal and external challenges, are constructed by organisms themselves, this due to the “reéqilibration majorante des perturbations de leur structure”; finally M.G. (in 1981-1993) has added that this Piagetian mechanism, of construction of conditioned reflexes, has the biochemical base in form of sets of spontaneous CYCLICAL bio-chemical syntheses of  R→O→A type: Regeneration (of damaged by their use organs) → (their) Overregeneration (it means hypertrophy) → (their) Association (into novel, conditioned by previous activity, forms permitting a better control of organism’s environment). Moreover, due to the phenomenon of rapid CYCLICAL turnover of all body constituents, these, usually persisting for decades, conditioned reflexes are necessarily coded on genetic structures – which fact accelerates the training of similar reflexes in subsequent generations.

Without this Cyclical System R-O-A (R-N-A in Slavic) “living machines” (concept of René Descartes, 17th century) would not survive for a long, they will sooner or later lose their efficiency and disintegrate, be it only due to damages suffered during processes of metabolism.

As a physicist I know the Second Law of Thermodynamic, which demands that with time all more complex structures disintegrate. This postulates the LAW OF ENTROPY, or in other terms, the Principle of Behavior of unanimated bodies.

But what do we observe while observing our own bodies (even at the age of 70+ yrs old, in case we practice physical exercises), and at other living objects around us, especially during the spring time, when the vegetation is blossoming ? All this growth happens against the Entropy Law, which mature physicists consider to be Eternal, like the Universe. Once we accept these simple remarks, our associative cortex starts to convince us that in this Universe exists a force (force vitale as call it animists) of zoon, which binds together micro-elements, forming from them complex structures[iii]. This, not possible to express in mathematical terms FORCE OF BIO-CREATION, Greek philosophers – in particular Plato in his Dialogues – called EROS. This Eternal Eros, being the Principle of Behavior of Zoon, stands behind the Universal Law of Biology formulated by Jean Baptist de Lamarck at the beginning of 19th century. Evolutionary concepts of this prominent naturalist, the Polish historian of science Włodzimierz Komarow summarized in following terms already in 1947:

The theory of Lamarck is not in its essence an abstract construction, detached from life. It is the life itself. The life in its highest aspects, where the psychics and physical events are creating a harmonious wholeness – this is the Lamarck’s idea. The principle of activity, of a struggle against environment, explains the nature surrounding us. And at the same time it poses in front of us a number of dynamic social questions. As the increase of a degree of organization manifests itself only in case of increased activity of an organism, we shall concentrate our efforts on stimulation of activity of organs, which are specific for our species. The man – a social animal – shall strive to improve his social environment and to realize a harmonious development of his humane character.”

Combining the quoted above, poetical description of escaping the mathematization force of Eros, which is sustaining Lamarck’s Laws of Biology, with the precise mathematical definition of Entropy, we may say that Eternal Eros is the force of zoon, which is incessantly challenging forces of Eternal Entropy of dead “stones”, as Konstanin Philosopher named inanimate objects. Eros is the source of ENTELECHIA of the Living World. But why this Elegant Knowledge of Ancient Greek philosophers became suppressed, in countries remaining under the “hood” of  supposedly “Good News” radiating worldwide from Jerusalem’s sacral hills, in particular from Golgotha?

Part Three

The Edifice of the Church of Mind Entropy of Loving the Crucifixion Paul

(or the Hebraized Christians War on Eros)

Thanks to Benedict XVI encyclical letter “Deus caritas est” (2005) I learned that “According to Friedrich Nietzsche, Christianity had poisoned Eros, which for its part, while not completely succumbing, gradually degenerated into vice”. If we consider as serious this conclusion of Nietzsche, and Associate it (biochemistry of R-O-A obligates!) with the relation between Eros and Entropy outlined above, we automatically develop in ourselves a conditioned reflex of thought that CHRISTIANITY BECOME A COUNTER-EROS RELIGION. This despite repeated assertions that “God (of Christians) caritas est”. From the Aristotle-Piagetian point of view, Christianity reveals itself as a pathological gathering of individuals, which “entelechy” become the suppression of human zoological drive for the body-mind perfection. This fact is very well visible in writings of Christian philosophers, in particular of the mentioned above René Descartes who, following St Paul’s understanding of Plato’s dualism of mind and body, considered living objects – with the exception of humans – as a kind of inanimate stones or simple, like water pumps of his time, machines:

This ANTIZOOLOGICAL[iv] inclination of Christian thinkers is present already in dated on 9th century Konstantin Philosopher’s “Proglas/foreword”. He wrote in it: “We now give you impeccable advice that will free all, all of you From a beastly life and a sinful existence”. What was this “beastly life and sinful existence” treated with such contempt by our Byzantine Missionary to Slavs? According to Aristotle’s hierarchy of souls, animals have the “sensuous soul”, which directs their, characterized by an incessant curiosity, behavior (an ape, imprisoned in a cell, prefers to have a view of the outside of its prison than a gift in form of a banana!) Trying to distinguish themselves from animals, antique Jews believed that the directed by senses curiosity was SIN. In agreement with such, specifically Hebrew, understanding of “humanness”, St Paul condemned “natural people”, which are relying on pulses (R-O-A!) of their body senses, “because the (sensuous) mind of the flesh is hostile to God: It does not submit to God’s Law, nor can it do so.And it is this ANTIZOOLOGICAL attitude, which Konstantin Philosopher brought to Christianized by him Slavs. Robert A. Hanson (2004), this St Paul’s attempt at the “desensualization” of Christian folk, described in following verses:

Simply, according to Paulus, paurolo (it means small and fearful apostle), the NATURAL MAN, descendant of mythical Adam (called also Edom), was soulish and even devilish, with his “sensuous soul, which desires for more sensations, and is never satisfied in his demands for new life experiences”. My own (M.G.’s) endogenous associative system, of a well educated MEGALOPSYCHOS[v] philosopher (R-O-A obligates!), suggests that this vile – in opinion of  St. Paul – NATURAL MAN was/is a follower of the gentile EROS who, as pictured it Socrates quoting Diotyma in “Symposium”: “is bold, enterprising, strong, a mighty hunter, always weaving some intrigue or other, keen in the pursuit of wisdom, fertile in resources; a philosopher at all times, terrible as an enchanter, sorcerer, sophist. He is by nature neither mortal nor immortal, but alive and flourishing at one moment when he is in plenty, and dead at another moment, and again alive …”

Described in these terms EROS IS TOTALLY EARTHLY, SENSUAL AND DEVILISH  (to quote Hanson, analyzing the mind of Paul). It means that this pagan Eros, with his mind of the flesh is hostile to God: It does not submit to God’s Law, nor can it do so” (Rom. 8:7 – it is of interest to remark that this Diotyma’ Eros behaves like the cursed by St Paul “busybody”). What kind of “God” represented thus this fertile Hebrew writer Saul alias St Paul, who “wanted to know among Christians only Christ and him crucified” (1 Cor. 2:2)? And what had in mind St Paul’s ecclesiastic followers, like this Konstantin Philosopher advising Slavs  “ to get free from beastly life and a sinful existence”? Were they not traitors of Jesus and of inspired by him early Christians, which tried to live according to Jesus’ remark “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.”?  These Nature friendly teachings of Jesus from Nazareth, sounding like devilish (for Pharisees) proposals of semigod Eros (“your sensuous eye is the lamp of your body!”), were comprehensible both to the sophisticated, loving the Nature elite, and to common people as well: money has the smell of shit, so it is more esthetical to live without them, “a rich man can’t reach the Kingdom of Heaven”, so the greed was treated with contempt by Christian communities. This was the standard situation in so-called “dark ages” described so admirably by Waldemar Januszczak in his auditions at BBC: “Initial Christs, armed with their Harry Potter wands, which they wave busily as they perform a succession of helpful miracles: turning water into wine, multiplying the loaves, raising Lazarus from the dead. No sign anywhere of wounds or crosses or crucifixions.” (Jesus, reported in Gospels, was imitating miracles of Serapis, the unique god worshipped in Hellenized Egypt, where Jesus spent his youth  – he was changing water into vine like did it Dionysus, healing blind and raising from the dead like did it Asclepius, and so on. And he was silent about the necessity of redemption, by his own blood, of God’s invented Primary Sin.)

Unfortunately Jesus, who in all evidence represented – in Israel under the Roman domination – the Hellenistic culture, was followed, son after his precocious death, by his self-appointed 13th apostle, representing the Hebrew attitude towards Nature, and in particular against the NATURAL MAN, who is “hostile,  with his mind of the flesh, to God.” (In the Bible such NATURAL MAN OF EVIL was Esau, called also Edom (Adam) – a “first man”; he was a skilful hunter, who used to sleep without protecting him tent, and had for nothing laborious efforts of his moronish and greedy brother Jacob, forefather of Israelites.)


Part four

The Artificial God, its Artificial HUI Folk, and its Artificial HUI Global Civilization

(HUIHuman Unbelievable Imbecility – a term coined by Konrad Lorenz)

The word NATURAL remains in opposition to ARTIFICIAL. This is the Most Important Secret of “God”, which was brought to worshipping Eros (in a form resembling the Ptolemean Serapis) early Christians, by “breathing threats and murder” procurer Saul, who miraculously metamorphosed into loving Christians Paul. All “messages from God”, which this Apostle – imitated since centuries by Christian bishops, Konstantin Philosopher included – brought in his Epistles, are DECEPTIONS. They are lures, which since their conception in late Israel, were intended to blur Christian folk senses and to make out of them Zombies, mindless robots, laboriously changing the Earth into a sterile PRISONPLANET.INC. Why? Only an utter psychopath would go to people announcing his mission in terms like this one “I want to know among you only Christ and him crucified”. Unfortunately, the industrious messenger of  such “Good news” (aided secretly by Sanhedrin’s agents[vi] ) has managed to turn, the nascent Christianity, into an awful HUI (Human Unbelievable Imbecility) religion of ambitious morons, which in name of “Christ crucified”, dedicated themselves, at the image of blind and sterile swarm of termites, to “rework” the whole Planet.

Only very slowly, after the incorporation of 13 Letters of 13th Apostle into the cannon of New Testament at the Nicean Synod in year 325, the enhancing Intellectual Entropy, “Hebraizig cultural virus” hidden in his “Epistles”, began to take under its control the mentality of Christian clergy: priests began to wear black gowns and carry crosses on their breasts, symbolizing their “solidarity” with the “Good News” about Christ’s redemptory kenosis. Naive Christians, in particular these lead by their pastors dressed in black suits, were invited to imitate last hours of Jesus, literally by a “‘self-emptying’ of their own erotism loaded will, they were trying to become entirely receptive to God’s divine will”. And what was/is this God (of Israel of course!) divine will? “Fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over every living thing that moves on the earth.” – as pope John Paul II remained Catholics it in his encyclical letter “Laborem exercens” of 1981. This Slavic Pope, installed (by CIA, by the way) for whole 26 years at the Holy See, stressed that humans are supposed to dominate the earth by “solus labor only” – as it remains us the supplementary 6th petal to Luther’s  Rose of 5 solas.

This remarkable papal teaching means that in a difference from Eros-animated “soulish, earthly and sensuous” animals, which dominate their environment by their vile strength, agility and perception, Hebraized Christians, worshipping the ARTIFICIAL GOD OF HEBREWS, are trained to dominate the Earth by ARTIFICIAL TOOLS. Initially these tools consisted of primitive hammers and sickles (see biblical insignia of defunct USRR), but later on the LABOR driven masses started to use ever more potent machines for Earth’s subduing. Already 40 years ago in a Polish exiles revue “Kultura” in Paris, I’ve ironically remarked that the PRACTICAL GOD of the West is Technics, combined with charms of  Wealth (Money), and with “heavenly” attractions of Comfort “like in a Paradise”. In Slavic languages this “Immobile W-T-C Mover”, of HUI driven Western Civilization, is described as an interesting Trinity of Values T-P-D or Т-Д-ЖTechnika Pieniadz/Diengi Dupa/Zhopa – see (and hear) a short videoreport from the conference “Origins of Slavic culture” hold at Nitra, Slovakia, in September 2015:

What kind of dangers represent these religious efforts to subdue the earth, not by one’s own forces and ingeniousness, but with the help of artificial tools? During this remarkable conference in Nitra, I’ve stressed that the greatest danger, radiating from this “Trinity”  of WTC/TDP values is the  LOVE of COMFORT. This desire of mikropsychoi Eros, in a symbolical form of Big Ass practically devoid of senses, is the most potent MOTOR OF CIVILIZATION. From the point of view of this Ambitious “God’s like” Big Ass, both Money (Wealth) and Technics are mere tools, helping to achieve this SUPREME GOAL of  GLOBAL DOMINION, by ever more sedentary, worshipping their Holy Sees Chosen People:

THE CIVILIZATION ITSELF IS AN OBJECTIVE EVIL – wrote me philosopher Leszek Kolakowski from All Souls College in Oxford in late 1981, commenting my article criticizing ideas contained in papal “Laborem exercens”. What kind of a MONSTROUS PATHOLOGY represents this Civitas Christiana, which was brought to Slavic countries by Saints Cyril and Method roughly 1100 years ago?

The word Civilization was developed from Latin “civitas” – a city. And the COMFORT of life in our, incessantly growing cities, in a natural way stimulates the degradation of our endogenous organs of perception and mobility. Moreover, this degradation is strongly inheritable, as confirm it the whole panoply of Diseases of Civilization – the obesity, diabetes, shortsightedness, veins, and bad dentition – all of them are following the Mendel’s statistics of inheritance of  “acquired by inactivity” illnesses. In particular the ever more numerous artificial means of communication IMPOSE the immobility of their users. This, lasting frequently for dozens of hours daily self-immobilization, leads to the atrophy of “selected by inactivity” neurons, and thus also to serious mental deficiencies, which habitually manifest themselves only in subsequent generations. To point at the recent plague of autism, which spreads from the most “technicised” countries.

The Autism by itself is a body and mind joint disease. Was thus the former Jewish procurer Saul a promoter of autistic – it means partly dead – cognitive attitudes of future saints and renowned philosophers and scientists, to point at “hating animals” Descartes? It is worth to notice that from the Aristotle’s  principle nihil est in intellectu quod non prius fuerit in sensu, all St Paul’s proposals for Christians, to estrange themselves from observation of natural phenomena, as well as from self observations (see Karl Marx opinion from 1844), must lead to a tremendous impoverishment, of depending from previous perceptions, intellectus of especially these clerks, which took at serious “5 solae” of Protestants (see 1st footnote).

If we take into consideration the (overtly accepted by Pope Benedict XVI) fact that Eros is the source of ALL our physiological activities (defecation and occasional vomiting including!), we arrive at a horrifying conclusion. Namely, the imitation by pious Christians of Christ slow kenosis – i.e. of self-emptying from all vital activities – automatically leads these pious Christians, to activities which are aimed at THE DEVITALIZATION of not only of themselves, but also of everything around them. “Civilization is Sterilization” sang ever happy inhabitants of New Brave World of Aldous Huxley. This is an integrally HUI (Human Unbelievable Imbecility) ID (Intelligent Design) realized in particular in USA, which population considers itself to be “exceptional” in its work (labor) to built the “New Jerusalem”. An ideal city, resembling the treasury of a modern bank filled with gold and precious stones, and illuminated with eternal light – but devoid of all traces of “impure” life of busybodies. A monstrous Global City, resembling very much the contemporary New York, with its Wall Street Banks collecting the wealth of all nations (Isaiah 60:10)!

Part Five

  The busybody M.G. breaks trough the “Black Cloud” emanated by the City on a Hill…

(to be completed in PAN w Z-nem 19 – II post)


[i] 5 Formal “solas” of Protestants + 6th petal to form a perfect “Rose of Zion”:

to SOLA SCRIPTURA — „Brothers, I have applied these things (…) for your benefit, so that you may learn from us not to go beyond what is written. (In Hebrew sacral books, my Epistles including) – St Paul a self-appointed apostle – 1 Cor 4:6;

SOLA FIDE – “Yet, we know that people don’t receive God’s approval because of their own efforts to live according to a set of standards, but only by believing in Jesus Christ.” – St Paul a self-appointed apostle – Gal 2:16;

SOLUS CHRISTUS —  For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus”  – St Paul a self-appointed apostle – I Tim 2:5;

SOLA GRATIA — “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God not by works [...] And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace.” – St Paul a self-appointed apostle – Eph 2:8.9; Rom 11:6;

SOLUS LABOR — ONLY WORK like robots: “this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat … no busybodies among youSt Paul a self-appointed apostleThes 3:10-11;

[ii] I quote here only two – out of five preserved in ecclesiastical books – short statements of Kazimierz Łyszczynski, decapitated and burned at Warsaw Market in 1689, at the order of Bishops of Poland:

II – the Man is a creator of God, and God is a concept and creation of a Man. Hence the people are architects and engineers of God and God is not a true being, but a being existing only within mind, being chimeric by its nature, because a God and a chimera are the same.

III – Religion was constituted by people without religion, so they could be worshipped although the God is not existent. Piety was introduced by the unpietic. The fear of God was spread by the unafraid so that the people were afraid of them in the end. Devotion named godly is a design of Man. Doctrine, be it logical or philosophical, bragging to be teaching the truth of God, is false, and on the contrary, the one condemned as false, is the very true one.

[iii] The best example of activity of this force vitale – intensively denied by Cartesian science of today! – is the process of photosynthesis: from Aristotelian Four Inanimate Elements – air (CO2) + earth (minerals) + water (H2O) + fire (Q – heat) our humble plants produce all kinds of proteins, sugars and fats: Chinese, in their ANIMISTIC philosophy, considered products of photosynthesis to be the Fifth Element – wood. And from these Chinese Five Elements all Zoon – including our not so humble Judeo-Christian doctrinaires – are self-constructed by a banal process called food metabolism! (Nb. This is a conclusion completely beyond capacity to grasp it by ridiculed here ANTIZOOLOGISTS of the Cartesian and neoDarwinian breed!)

[iv] ANTIZOOLOGY  – the reluctance to take into consideration the kinship of human species with other animal species, and in particular with primates. Antizoologism existed already in Antiquity, in the civilization of Hebrews, in which animals were treated as purely utilitarian objects serving, among others, to pass on them human sins. (These are, creating in their participants the so-called “false consciousness”, rituals of “sins redemptions” described in “Leviticus” of Pentateuch) … Antizoologists – usually identified with Cartesians and neoDarwinians – ascribe all novelty in biosphere to chance events, and are negating, the resulting from Lamarck’s Laws of Biology, creative, developmental character of efforts undertaken by humans and animals” (From the back cover of author’s late doctoral thesis “Antizoological socio-political philosophy of Noam Chomsky”  – Univ. of Katowice, 2002)

[v] Definitions of megalopsychos (a feature characterizing Greek major philosophers) and mikropsychos (characterizing Hebrew prophets, in particular the small and fearful Paulus, paurolo):

[vi] The insertion of hating Christians “13th apostle” Saul alias St Paul, into ranks of Christian leaders, was in secrecy aided by rabbi’s Gamaliel Mafia; for example in Apostles’ Acts (9:10) are described doings of covered agent Ananias in Damascus, helping to accept by Christians procurer Saul, the known enemy of Christians, which supposedly was  blinded by his – VOCAL ONLY! – meeting with Christ on the road to Damascus.

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