The Origin (Genesis) of the Chosen People Super Species

MIND INSIDE GENITALIA The Origin (Genesis) of the Chosen People Super Species

in light of writings of Lao Tsu, Aristotle, Spinoza, Lamarck, Arnold, Freud, Mandelstam and Israel Shamir

Dr Marek Glogoczowski*


I.    “Hebraist”  Cult of the Feminin, versus “Hellenist” Enchantment with Manhood

II.   The ∇-Matrix Shaped New Brave World Order

III. The Only One Big Idea Which Animates The Chosen People

IV. Darwino-Lamarckian Origin Of ‘Genitalian’ Super Species

V. The Holy Book of Louse Instigators of Rats & Vandals Crimes

I. “Hebraist” Cult Of The Feminin, Versus “Hellenist” Enchantment with Manhood

The film “The truth about war in Libya” released in Russia on Oct. 19, just a day before Muammar Kaddafi’s cruel execution, ends with a following statement: It is evident that on the Earth we have two genetically different types of humanity. WHICH ONE DO YOU CHOOSE?”. This last question challenges the most important law of NEODARWINIAN GENETICS. It claims that the set of our genes becomes determined at the moment of formation, usually “in vivo” in mother’s uterus (but also, thanks to new techniques, “in vitro”), of human zygote. In subsequent weeks, from this minuscule form of unicellular human being, develops human embryo, and than a complete, differentiated into a thousand of different organs, human baby. According to ONLY ONE IDEA of neoDarwinians, we are unable to change our genetic pre-programming by our own choice and following it efforts. Nevertheless, there are known situations when men – and this by their own will – change their sex. These rare cases confirm the supposition that inside humanity, despite its general division into male and female genders, there is possible a voluntary modification of one’s inherited type of personality.

Moreover, at lower evolutionary level, in particular among fishes, there are known species where the change of sex is systematic, young individuals have feminine character (produce eggs), while at elder age they change into males producing spermatozoa. Also among mammals, among canidae in particular, the male dominant character is frequently linked with female gender, among wolves the leader of the pack is usually an old female, female hyenas have even false testicles and penis, which Aristotle took as the sign of their hermaphrodite character. So indeed, when Muammar Kaddafi (peace be upon him) in one of rare speeches immediately prior to his murder, urged Libyans “do not be women, take arms and fight against traitors and invaders”, it wasn’t an empty appeal, and everybody understood what he had in mind, demanding such “antifeminist” service to the Fatherland.

It is also known that certain civilizations have “feminine” character, while other “masculine” one. In particular the known 17th century philosopher of Jewish origin, Baruch Spinoza linked the despised by him “hysterical character of Jews” with their religion. This fact recalled it in the second half of 20th century, Milton Himmelfarb (also of Jewish origin) in an article “Hebraism & Hellenism Now”, published in Commentary, in July 1969 (Vol. 48, No. 1):

Spinoza (who) was contemptuous of the moral and psychological state of the Jews, says that the foundations of their religion have effeminated their character. That is, Judaism has made the Jews womanish. … Though etymologies prove nothing, they can suggest something. Greek hystera means “womb,” as in surgical words like “hysterectomy”; but its best-known derivative is “hysteria”: Hellenically, the womb generates hysteria. … Hellenism has something anti-woman, anti-womanly, misogynist”.

As the history of gender-linked opposition between “misogynist Hellenism”, and “effeminate Hebraism” is considered, Himmelfarb quoted the forgotten at present definitions, of these basic for Europe cultures, given by 19th century English writer Mathew Arnold (1822 –1888):

Hellenism is mind, intellect – a free mind and a free intellect, resistant to cant and prejudice, connected with imagination and emotion, open to all excellence, past, present, and future. It is mind and intellect flexible and self-correcting, the enemy of fanaticism, rigidity, and one-sidedness (…)

 ”To Hebraise . . . is, to sacrifice all other sides of our being to the religious side …. it leads to a narrow and twisted growth of our religious side itself, and to a failure in perfection”.

At the time when Matthew Arnold was writing, the term “anti-Semitism” was not yet known, and  Himmelfarb noticed: What has struck many Jews in (Arnold’s given) definitions or descriptions of Hebraism is that he was not talking about, was in fact not concerned to talk about, the Jews and the Jews’ religion, … Arnold was defining the spirit, as he understood it, of sectarian Protestantism in l9th-century England. His Hebraism keeps pointing to sectarian Protestant bibliolatry – the doctrine of the open Bible carried to a kind of democratic extreme.

I began to study in detail the Bible exactly 30 years ago, at age of nearly 40, shocked by  pope John Paul II uncritical appraisal, in the encyclical letter Laborem exercens, of the Old Testament most important Commandment “multiply and subdue the Earth”. This commandment, repeated in Genesis five times (1 20-22, 1 26, 1 28-30, 2 15, 9 1-3-7)  theoretically looks “godly”, for Man indeed imitates God by ruling on the earth.

Unfortunately in practice such commandment limits severely human freedom, narrowing homo sapiens life to prosaic “down to earth” activities, frequently completely stupid, like this “rule over birds on the sky, and fishes in waters”. Is thus possible that this “masculine, phallic” in appearance God’s Commandment, which was transmitted to Catholic Christians by Pope JPII in 1981, praises in practice the primitive behavior of mindless builders of completely demasculinized universe?

In a booklet War of Gods, which I published already 15 years ago, in its Introduction written in English, I pictured in a following manner “the godly behavior” of biblical forefather of “Chosen People” named Jacob:

The history of Judaism as a separate religion begins with Patriarch Jacob, who is described as a man completely dominated by GREED and JEALOUSY. This “God” conducted him to insidious robbery of the heritage, which the customary Law had attributed to his elder twin brother Esau. Moreover, the Bible describes Jacob as a man entirely dependent on so-called “female’s charms”: he was able to work for fourteen years in order to become the owner of desired by him, beautiful Rachel”. (and so on, see scans.)

Such self-limitation of “effeminated” (he liked to stay in tents) Jacob to boring servitude to his uncle Laban, only to “buy” from him the desired by him sexual object, suggests that this forefather of Israelites, in a difference to his flamboyant brother Esau, was a greedy moron. Devoid of “masculine” qualities (in particular of physical and mental aptitudes, so attractive for women), Jacob was not able to rise above his primitive desires linked with “down to earth” subsistence and proliferation. His “earthly” obsession with problems of sex and reproduction – considered to be completely marginal by Hellenic and Roman philosophers – is indeed the peculiarity of the Jewish culture: it is sufficient to recall here not only 17th century Baruch Spinoza, but also young Otto Weininger (1880 – 1903), who in the book Sex and Character, dared to connect sex and Jews (I am repeating here the opinion of my friend Israel Shamir).

The association of “Jews and sex” – and especially the feminine sex – found its expression in the  emblem of modern Israel. According to WikipediaThere is a striking similarity between the Star of David and the Yantras of Tantric science of India. … Jewish cabbalists took this symbol with full conscience of its sexual character  … The hexagonal star (shatkona or Star of David) represents the union of Shiva-Shakti, male-female energy”. This apparently strange connotation until now make wonder laics: being surprised by this primitive sexual aspect of “Jewishness”. Vanessa Cortez, staff writer of Weekly Universe, titled her recently published article “SEX-CRAZED PAGAN ROOTS OF ‘STAR OF DAVID’”. Indeed, according to Tantra, the triangle directed upwards on the flag of Israel symbolizes male sex (Δ – penis, ‘Hrim’, Shiva), while the triangle pointing downwards symbolizes female sex (∇ – vulva, ‘Om’, Shakti). These Hindu Tantra symbols, wholeheartedly accepted by medieval, obligatorily male, cabbalists – and than by Jews in general and Zionists in particular – have one troubling aspect, usually unseen by enthusiasts of the flag of Israel. Namely Tantra (Is) The Cult Of The Feminine, as argues it André van Lisebeth in a very professional book under this title:


So, once again, by an analysis of “Star of David” cabbalistic symbolism, we arrive at an association, of cabal-oriented ‘Jewish culture’, with the phenomenon of systematic effeminisation of humanity, especially of so-called “Chosen People”. This cultural trend become noticeable  decades ago, in 1984 Polish cineaste  Juliusz Machulski, in a satirico-futurist film, titled “Seksmisja” and realized  in caverns of Wieliczka salt mine, imagined the future life of humanity inside structures completely isolated from the natural sun. Such underground “turmitory” was run by scientists of exclusively female gender, new babies, which were artificially grown in probes in a “factory of children”, were only of female sex. Rare males, still subsisting at the margin of society, were despised and obligatorily castrated –  for their activity has always lead to the war.

In 1984 such “global sex mission” make laugh Poles still living in a “totalitarian” socialist state, but in 21 century this “futurist satire” become the sinister reality of most advanced countries, Sweden in particular. In an email, which I received on November 5, 2011  Israel Shamir, in an article titled “Unmanning the Man wrote:

The great conspiratorial mind and modern Russian prophet Alexandre Dugin declared that there is an ancient female conspiracy that aims to return us to a Matriarchy. … I think the reality is worse than Dugin’s wildest conspiracy. There is an understanding between the holders of power that feminised men are easier to control. Unmanning men is a linchpin in the reprogramming of mankind into an obedient herd, because strong men are unpredictable. Strong men are prone to rebellion, ready for sacrifice and primed for action. It is no coincidence that the enemies of Empire are all masculine males, be they Qaddafi, Castro, Chavez, Lukashenko, Putin – or Julian Assange. It appears the men have been targeted for elimination; the working ants need no sex. The feminist agenda became the easiest way to lock the man up, as we learned from the DSK case. Dominique Strauss Kahn lost his coveted job at the helm of the IMF, and this powerful position passed to a woman who is not likely to jeopardise the US dollar supremacy.”

The MANHOOD lost inside the MATRIX of “New Israel”

Moreover, it is sufficient to use only a bit of our imagination to find that the “Star of David” do not symbolizes the male dominance – as it suggest the top of Δ triangle dominating over the ∇ one – but THE IMPRISONING OF MALE SEX. Why? Let’s return to the old, published in 1969 Milton Himmelfarb’s article “Hebraism & Hellenism Now”. He recalls “Some years ago Isaiah Berlin revived Archilochus‘s saying: The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows One Big Thing. Hellenism is fox, Hebraism is hedgehog.”  This antique Greek comparison of behavior of genetically different animal species, completed by last century  Isaiah Berlin‘s remark that “Hebraism is a hedgehog”, and Spinoza’s opinion “Judaism has made the Jews womanish”, leads to the enlightening, truly ‘Luciferic’ conclusion. Namely, on the emblem of Modern Israel the ever searching for something, extremely mobile “fox” (Δ – penis, Shiva) in all evidence BECOME LOCKED inside ever crippled by fear, hardly moving “hedgehog” (∇ – vagina which symbolizes Shakti, THE MATRIX, or ‘hystera’ in Greek)!

Such necessary LOSS OF MANHOOD, by its IMMOBILIZATION INSIDE THE MATRIX OF COMFORTS provided both by overgrowth of TECHNICS and MONEY, is the logical outcome of ever progressing, since translation of the Bible into national languages, HEBRAISATION of Western Civilization: the computer science fan David Gelertner calls this phenomenon, born out of the Bible idolatry, Americanism: The Fourth Great Western Religion. In light of this discovery, all humanoids, which rally under the effigy of the “Star of David”, shall be elegantly called GENITALIANS, for “(this) God is inside them more than they are inside themselves” (St. Augustin). This specific LORD OF HEBREWS resides just above their (and our) legs, at the bottom of their (and our) trunks. (Please remember that biblical Jacob, in order to get access to vagina (∇) of his beloved Rachel, forced himself to work like a slave for 14 years; the equally famous Jewish hero King David, commanded by desires of his Δ, ordered to kill in secrecy one of his generals, only to get an access to ∇ of this unfortunate general wife. And so on.)


“There is no God but Genitalia, and Abra/ha/m was its prophet”

It is worth to observe that if we substitute, in the Holy Bible texts, the word LORD by HUMAN GENITALIES, than the whole history of Western Civilization becomes easy to interpret as the march of GENITALIANS towards their ‘GOD’ in a form of an ever expanding MATRIX (∇). I will give only few examples how this “genitalization” of Judeo-Christian Culture progress, but any keen observer can furnish dozens more similar ones:

1.      Isaiah Berlin compared “Hebraists” to a hedgehog living with ONLY ONE BIG IDEA. Judging after doings of biblical Abra/ha/m, the Only One Idea, which motivated this Hebrew (God)Father of Nations, consisted in a discovery that “Inside genitals dwells my LORD, which feeds me, permits me to proliferate and to dominate all living”: according to Scripture, Abra/ha/m was a Wandering Near East Pimp, ‘Der Kuppler’, earning his living by offering sexual services of his wife-sister Sarah to Pharaoh courtiers and to local Kings – no wonder thus that the Indo-European writer Salman Rushdie called the contemporary copy of Abra/ha/m (George Soros ?) “the most evil man ever existed”.

2.      In order to assure that organs of procreation will remain the “Lord” guiding the CHOSEN (by these organs) PEOPLE, the so-called “God”, invented by Mosaic Scribes, ordered the constant multiplication of humanoids, which become obligated “to subjugate the earth”. Such order of course implies the total subjugation, of able to read humans,  to the “godly” activity of borderless expansion of their species (see Genesis 1: 28).

3.      As the Seal of the Covenant with their GENITALIAN GOD, not only Orthodox Jews, but also numerous pious (North) Americans and Moslems, offer to their Master foreskins of juvenile penis of their male offspring.

4.      We witness at present the FORCED SEXUALIZATION of adolescents of both genders. It will contribute to the development of severe (both homo and hetero) sex dependence during their adult age: in Polish recently elected Parliament we got a brand new “Genitalian Party” of Janusz Palikot (a member of Trilateral Commission in 2005). This post-modernist political creation, which in October 2011 collected 10 percent of all Polish votes, consists of transsexuals, homosexuals, feminists and former priests. Its enterprising leader, a successful, educated at Catholic University of Lublin, philosopher and vodka wholesale dealer, scandalized the Polish political scene delivering “praising love and tolerance” speech, inside Parliament building, gesticulating with an artificial phallus and a pistol. (see the picture below).

5.      Our media – internet including – become littered with pornography, which automatically excites sexual desires of all of us, thus inhibiting more mature forms of behavior. The recent success of Janusz Palikot’s “Love and Tolerance Sex Pistols Party” – see the picture above – is the direct product of incessant excitation of populace, by corporate media, with images of sex and violence.

6.      Organizations like The Institute of Open Society (IOS) of George Soros, and its kin Freedom House are trying – in the name of Free Market – to change the world into a gigantic Brothel. (By the way, the highest in the world percentage of female sex workers per capita, we find in Israel and in Bosnia guarded by highly paid UN military personnel.)

7.      The whole Freudian psychoanalysis is saturated with overtly genitalian associations. Freud’s scientific language indicate that the life of “liberal” bourgeoisie – which, according to Maurice Joly (1864), is an imitation of commercial habits of Jewish society[i] – is entirely dominated by “God” in form of sexual organs, including the famous Freudian Anus, the surrogate of vagina (∇) for homosexuals.

8.      In the Global Freedom House, as wittingly observed it American satirist George Carlin (1937 – 2008) “They hold you by your balls”. It is a concise description of properties of MATRIX (∇) built by Chosen People, which specialize in deconstruction (castration) of natural human psychomotorical potencies.

9.      The Tantro-bourgeois-Zionist “cult of the feminine” necessarily imposes SOFT methods of “Conquest Without the Use of Force”. Its principles of HYPOCRISY, LIES AND DECEITS were elaborated in “liberal” England already in 17th century. Today practically all more “hard” social systems become subverted  by means of delicate “rose, tulip, orange, jasmine, etc.” revolutions described in detail in the book of Robert Nye titled  Soft Power:

10.   And of course, in case of a slightest danger, our Delicate Rulers of the Globe manifest the classical feminine hysteria (from Greek hystera, the womb): “Ai, wei Holocaust” cry hysterically Jews, seeing swastika recalling them the emblem of National Socialist German Workers Party; “ai wei Katyn”, “ai wej Hlodomor”, cry hysterically respectively Polish and Ukrainian bourgeoisie seeing the Red Star, symbol of the defunct Soviet Union. Such hysterical, artificially amplified by media behavior, is supposed to inhibit all rational discussion about biological roots of these “damned” – because ‘masculinized’ (Δ) – regimes of the first part of the 20th century.

Enough enumeration of these ‘feminine’ – or ‘Hebrew’ in opinion of Spinoza, Arnold, Weininger, and others – traits of contemporary Western Civilization. Already in the essay “LORD of  COMFORT versus Men of EFFORT” (Oct. 2011) I drew the “Bermuda Triangle of TMC” in which all human Reason and Dignity vanishes. This triangle of childish (and womanish) enchantments with TECHNICS, MONEY and COMFORT, forms the GLOBAL CANCEROUS EVERGROWING MATRIX. And inside it “multiply and conquer the earth” minute and pale parasites, resembling genitalian CRAB LICE[ii]. These “alter-humans” proliferate thanks to the climate of “Humanitarian Tolerance”, which is obligatory inside the Planetary Freedom House, which is so laboriously built by our Masonic Worker Unions (& Lodges):

The ∇-Matrix Shaped Armory of “Genitalian Order” shaping the New Brave World

 IV. Darwino-Lamarckian Origin Of ‘Genitalian’ Super Species

Not every civilization was thriving under the joke of TMC values. The old Chinese philosopher Lao-Tsu was known for his opinion that “The greatest happiness for a Chinese is to walk and to observe the world”. In light of this simple, not demanding money nor technics, “recipe for a happy life”, the biblical order “multiply and subdue the earth” appears to be an utter barbarity – and this not only to the old Chinese elite, but also to the forgotten at present Greek philosophers. For example the praised by ‘God of Israel’ activity of (usually sexual) multiplication, Aristotle categorized within the lowest kind of “soul”, called by him “vegetal” one.  Such “soul” (which animates all living) is limited to egoistic self-feeding and resulting from it growth – the growth not only in size of sufficiently nourished individuals, but also growth in numbers of fed enough organisms.

According to Aristotle the higher kind of “soul”, which grows on the “vegetal” one, was/is the “animal, senso-motorial soul”, directing activities of individual’s senses and organs of locomotion – which muscular activity, according to Lao-Tsu, was responsible for ‘the dynamic happiness’ of a healthy Chinese. And the highest level of life activities represent the “human reasoning soul” nourishing itself with information gathered by lower, “animal, sensuous soul”. This highest kind of “soul” finds satisfaction – as Taoists insist – in an altruist sharing with others of its experiences and acquired wisdom. Looking in a larger perspective, we notice that this antique Aristotelian “hierarchy of souls” in large extend overlaps with the “hierarchy of needs” elaborated by psychologist Abraham Maslow in 20th century.

The Aristotelian/Maslow’s “Pyramid of needs” [iii]

            One of anonymous readers of my recent text in Polish titled “Hitler and Stalin rehabilitated by NATO in Libya”, published at website, has remarked that by joining, twenty years ago, “the  family of Western nations” Polish citizens have degraded, at the Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”, from its upper levels to the lowest, vegetal one – and there is no hope that in future they will raise back from this psychological degradation.

Why such degradation MUST RESULT from the abandonment of Marxist principles of social organization? It is simply the necessary, Lamarckian byproduct of easiness of common day life inside monstrous Technopolis, which Thomas Hobbes compared to the biblical Leviathan: once ordinary people find their place inside one of mirriads “working cells” of this TMC (Technics-Money-Comfort) Matrix, than  in order to survive and to proliferate, it becomes sufficient for them to perform tasks, which are physically not complicated, but demanding continuous sitting for at least 8 hours a day, tasks. In this way, by their own LABOR, people contribute to the atrophy of their not exercised enough “animal soul”: for a lazy in autonomous observation and reasoning bourgeois, crying only about his business and his simple physical pleasures, the Taoist ideal of dynamic happiness, resumed in Lao Tsu formula “just to walk and to see the world” looks completely strange and even crazy…

This esthetically weird situation, of the atrophy of senso-motorial faculties of Modern Humanoids, resembles the “opportunist mutation”, which in case of abundance of nutrition, undergo minute Arthropodous Cirripedia (barnacle) called Sacculina, a common parasite of Crabs. As observed it Charles Darwin already 160 years ago, the young, larval Sacculina look like other young Cirripedia, have eyes and cirripedia (‘curly feet’), permitting them to move and to see in water. Once these mobile barnacles find a crab, to which they tightly attach and penetrate inside its body, they degenerate, useless since this moment eyes and ‘curly feet’ disappear, their body takes the form of devoid of hard elements and senses purely “vegetative” tumor. At the exterior of the crab these parasites leave only fleshy bag filed with GENITALIA producing Sacculina‘s offspring, which is protected by hosting them crabs.  Male crabs, deprived of nutrition by sponging them Sacculinas, acquire female characters, and are becoming sterile, inhibited in generation of their own offspring[iv].

This old, dating to the research of Charles Darwin, discovery of “transmutation” of Sacculinas kind of complex arthropodous cirripedia, to a fully parasitic form, devoid of organs characteristic of mobile animals, provides a good Lamarckian illustration what happens with human societies, which permitted themselves to become colonized by missionaries of the “Genitalian God of incessant multiplication”: by a dependence upon “survival assuring” TMC artifacts, and in particular by facilitating the life TECHNICS, the highly differentiated human organs of endogenous locomotion, of vision, of manual skills and of mental perfection automatically degenerate, this in agreement with J. B. Lamarck’s Law of Zoology[v]. Created in this way “civilized” population becomes automatically de-masculinized by a COMFORTABLE life inside animated by MONEY “Planetary Freedom House”. (see David Gelertner’s book on messianic ‘Americanism’). As observed it the arch enemy of domestication, Austrian ethologist Konrad Lorenz,  in easy, “Paradise-like” life conditions,  all Deadly Sins, characterizing not only humans but also living in enclosures higher animals, automatically undergo hypertrophy.

V. The Holy Book of Louse Instigators of Rats & Vandals Crimes

The essential question is WHO (OR WHAT) IS PUSHING US TOWARDS THIS EVER MORE AGGRESSIVE DOMESTICATION? To answer this question it is sufficient to look around us, and also at ourselves: surely women love comfortable houses, men and children love cars and computers, and all of us love Money. Apparently there is no way out from this vicious circle of sinking ever deeper  into the TMC ∇-shaped Matrix. But this was not always true, for early Christians money had the smell of shit, also during not so distant Stalinist times in Eastern Europe the banking system – which is without doubt the First Motor of domestication – played a minor role in despised by The Genitalian Order socialist states. In Roman Empire, already during pre-Christian times – as demonstrated it the famous historian of Antiquity, Tadeusz Zielinski – poems condemning Seven Capital Vices, thus taming human vicious behaviors, were popular not only among aristocracy but also among plebeian masses. This Pagan “Hellenist” heritage was wholeheartedly accepted by the Church, which was trying to attenuate all Deadly Sins.

Unfortunately, at the same time the Church officially accepted Hebrew sacred books as “backbone” of its teachings, which completely perverted its role of a moral guide of Christian societies: as we remarked it above, the banking system, which is at the origin of large scale social corruption, found its appraisal in both Testaments given by “God” to his CHOSEN[vi].  Moreover, in light of ARISTOTLE’S ETHICS and than in light of LAMARCK’S LAWS OF ZOOLOGY, all efforts of biblical Patriarchs and prophets, and than of Christian missionaries, imitating the behavior of Pharisee Saul/Paul from Tars, are systematically leading to the total corruption of not only human species, but of all biosphere, vandalized by human termite-like industriosity.

Simply HEROES OF OLD TESTAMENT, judging after their doings,  turn to be antique NARROWMINDED BUSINESSMEN, making their fortunes on all Seven Capital Vices: Abra/ha/m sponged on the Vice of LUST, Jacob  was entirely ridden by GREED, Moses boasted himself of his psychopathic WRATH[vii], Isaiah praised GLUTTONY[viii] of Israeli priesthood sponging achievements of other nations,  and S/P/aul exploited the spiritual SLOUGHTNESS of Christian scum, which was eager to believe in an easy redemption (by “passion of Christ only”) of its crimes. And of course YHWH boasted himself of the Capital Vice of JEALOUSY (“I am a Jealous God”), and of its PRIDE to remain above homo sapiens capabilities to Reason: “For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom” – I Cor. 1: 25.

Here is no point to recall that already in Antiquity, the filled with “God’s foolishness” Old Testament was considered to be the Book of Evil (see Marcions). And that Christians’ enchantment with certain meek, female-like masochistic behaviors of Christ (in particular with this famous “turning the other cheek”) were objects of criticism of pagan, in particular Epicurean, philosophers (see Celsus). Today the situation has not improved at all, and in Libya of last months we were impotent witnesses of a true “Genitalian Zionist crusade”, in which participated commandos of all three Abra/ha/mic religions. Khaddafi’s supporters, in all evidence refusing to “turn other cheek”, called “rats” units of international AlKaida and Quatar invaders, only pretending to serve Allah, while in reality they were/are serving the Artificial God Mammon (TMC ). Also president Lukashenko of Belarus compared NATO heroic bombers of Libya to antique Vandals. (In a fact, the heavily “Hebraized” Anglo-Saxons love the savage devastation of cultures which dared to oppose their own one, to recall murderous bombings of German cities during the 2WW, and than Korea, Vietnam, and so on). The same Lukashenko (one more politician representing ‘manhood’ to be eliminated) compared to ordinary lice the chef of EU Commission Miguel Barroso, and his supporters inside Ukrainian government, which refused to accept the presence of president of Belarus during international commemorations of 25th anniversary of the Tchernobyl catastrophe (Belarus was the country most afflicted by this evident nuclear sabotage).

What is to be done?

            We can be sure that without shedding off this “Abra/ha/m’s Triad” of parasites, no return to a more Reasonable state of humanity is possible: the post-Christian and than ‘post-communist’ philosopher Roger Garaudy had chosen, as a minor evil, the Islam as a religion to which is worth to adhere, but even Islam – as recent events in Lybia have it documented – is possible to pervert and to exploit as a docile tool of subjugation of the Planet by the Zionist Genitalian Order. The corruption spew by this Globalising Agency penetrated also into ranks of the scientific establishment, which in decades following the 2WW degenerated into “neoDarwinian science gatekeepers”. Like Pharisees of the Old Israel they “have taken away the key to knowledge. They themselves have not entered, while they are hindering those who are trying to enter” (Luke 11: 52). The Konrad Lorenz’s warnings about “Civilization Eight Deadly sins” become largely forgotten, together with Lamarck’s Laws of Zoology, virtually “prohibited” in scientific establishments of USA and its colonies.

Why we have arrived at such sorry state of Life Sciences? A well instructed  “Hellenist fox, which knows many things and is open to excellence in many fields”, can furnish a valid answer. Namely Lamarckian Laws of Zoology collide frontally with the “Hebraist” vision of Nature. These “Hellenist” Laws explain the creation of new, permitting a better control of a given environment,  genetic structures by the ENDOGENOUS ACTIVITY of an organism itself. While  neoDarwinians convinced themselves – as it explained to the author Antoine Danchin, one of French mentors of Noam Chomsky in the domain of genetics – that all novelties in reproducing themselves sexually organisms appear ONLY during the fecundation of ova by spermatozoids. According to (neo)Darwinians, after the fecundation there are not existing genetic tools, which would permit eventual improvements of erroneously created copies of inherited genes. Such bizarre concept of Creation of novel forms of life, which is entirely independent of lasting for years individual life, resulted from  the tacit acceptation of permeating the Bible Single Essential Idea that LIFE IS PRINCIPALLY LIMITED TO ITS INCESSANT MULTIPLICATION. As wrote it physicist Ervin Schroedinger in a brochure “What is Life?”completed as late as 1944, the life is “order out of order”, it means life is the continuous, like in growing crystals, invariant replication of ancestral structures.

In the Holy Bible – which Charles Darwin thoroughly studied prior to his conversion from ‘creationism’ towards “evolutionism by Natural Selection”, we cannot find events confirming the typical “Hellenist” belief in self-perfection (‘self-construction’ in terms of Jean Piaget) of living organisms – which improvements result from these beings encounters with ever trying to degrade them environment (the known in physics Law of the increase of Entropy). This specifically Hebrew disconnection of the process of Life from the processes of Learning, has very  serious religious implications. For a person believing that he (she) was created by a God, it is simply not acceptable that that God equipped its creations with the capacity of self-improvement, thus of self-creation. Such capacity would automatically make out of Creator a superfluous being, for God’s creatures would quickly create themselves the theory that, resembling an anthropomorphic God is trivially the human creation, for “nihil est in intellectu quod prius fuerit in sensu”. In short, if we want to save the exogenous, anthropomorphic God Creator, we have to negate our own capacity of creation of novel reflexes and underlying them neuro-muscular structures. In particular we must deny to ourselves the capacity to learn, the faculty so much cherished by all loving to acquire new skills laymen.

This is a very prosaic reason, explaining why culturally “Hebraist” neoDarwinians vigorously repudiate known to all serious educators ancient formula “repetitio mater studiorum est”. As postulated it illustrious American linguist Noam Chomsky, introduced to the mystery of neoDarwinism by known personally to the author French researchers Jean-Pierre Changeux and Antoine DanchinWe have essential, overwhelming evidence that  substantial aspects of our mental and social life, among them also the language, are determined as the part of our biological endowment, and that they are not acquired by process of learning, and  in particular not by a training” (Noam Chomsky, 1985).

This bizarre statement of most illustrious American linguist – who visibly forgot his own efforts while learning a foreign language – is a very good example of idiocies we arrive at,  in case we accept the neoDarwinism imposed disconnection of necessary genome modifications, from man/animal behavior during their long years of subsistence. This “scientific establishment atrophy” of mental functions has lead to the total incomprehension of origin of so-called civilization diseases – nearly all of them are of genetic origin, and nearly all of them manifest themselves as the long-term result of not sufficient exercise (i.e. training) of ailing organs.

The heavily “pushed” at present into masses, by Zionist Order, of Christian – and the like – religions provide only a “divine powder” directly comparable to the ordinary opium. There is no salvation, from enumerated above plagues, by ugly “Christ wounds”, as fraudulently assure us Fathers of the Pauline Order. The cult of scenes of murder  can engender only new ugly murders. From praised by S/P/aul “thoughtless female-like foolishness of God” only the comparable foolishness of behavior of God’s servants may originate. As stressed it Ossip Mandelstam in his, recently translated into English, appraisal of works of his teacher of history of antiquity Tadeusz Zielinski[ix], there is not possible the successful fusion of the “Hebraist” culture  with the “Hellenist” one, for they are exact oppositions. A “hedgehog” will always display the behavior of an opposite kind to the one of a “fox”. One or another has to dominate, and Mandelstam, a Jewish Pole by his place of birth, opted for pagan “Hellenism” (of which culture  the “warm behavior” of Jesus from Nazareth was an example). Developing the Zielinski/Mandelstam ideas further on, we may say that biblical Jacob will never fuse with Esau, the preached by S/P/aul optimistic future, when “There will be neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female,is a mind-killing insidious bull,  directly similar to the statement that it may be a peaceful fusion of a crab with sucking it Sacculina parasite. Also the Jehovah Witnesses enthusiastic hope that “The wolf and the lamb will feed together” (Isaiah 65: 25) represents the same kind of bull aimed at anesthesia of “sheeple” eaten by its collective “Lord”: for “what peace between the rich and the poor? As the wild ass is the lion’s prey in the wilderness: so the rich eat up the poor”. (Jesus son of Sirach, this  Greek Book was expurgated from the Hebrew Bible canon by Rabbi Ben Akiva.)

In light of these biological and biblical discoveries, it is worth to return to the question put in bold print at the beginning of this “antifeminist” (and thus also anti-Paulinist, anti-Darwinist and anti-AngloSaxon) work: It is evident that on the Earth we have two genetically different types of humanity. WHICH ONE DO YOU CHOOSE?

The answer is up to you.

Zakopane, November 21, 2011

* Marek Glogoczowski in 1976-79 studied the Genetics of Population at Uni-Genève under the direction pf professor Albert Jacquard, and in l979 he had a scholarship at Laboratoire d’Evolution des Etres Organisés at Uni-Paris VII, under the direction of professor Pierre-Paul Grassé; in years 1983-1991he was charged of preparation of yearly digest of “progresses in biology” for the yearbook “World in Crosssection”, edited by Wiedza Powszechna, Warszawa. And in 2002 he completed his late doctoral thesis under the title “The ‘Anti-Zoological’ Socio-Political Philosophy of Noam Chomsky”. Footnotes:

[i] Maurice Joly In „Dialogue aux enfers enter Machiavel et Montesquieu” (1864): “From the lassitude of ideas and the shock of revolutions have come cold and disabused societies that have arrived at indifference in politics as well as in religion, that have no other stimulants than material pleasures, that only live through self-interest, that have no other worship than that of gold, whose mercantile customs compete with those of the Jews, whom they have taken as models.”

[ii] If one wants to know how crab lice-like CHOSEN PEOPLE behave, please watch the interview with dr Sliman Boushuiguir, the „human rights” fighter, who organized, on March 20, 2011, the UN vote sanctioning the lasting for eight months NATO bombardment of Libya – with resulted in tenths of thousands of Libyans killed, and the country devastated; dr Boushuiguir is at present the ambassador of “direct democracy free” Libya in Bern in  Switzerland. (This European country too boast itself to have ‘direct democracy’ regime.)

[iii] Abraham Maslow was bred in New York’s „Hebraist” social environment, so in his “hierarchy of needs” the ‘hedgehog-like’ need of security (employment, resources, property, etc.) play a role next to basic physiological  needs (breathing, eating, sex, sleep, homeostasis, excretion); the bred in a completely different social environment Aristotle was a Hellenist, thus “a fox” in Archilochus parable: for “Hellenists” – descendants of mythical Esau – the hardly noticeable for “Hebraists” classical animal needs (seeing, running, physical exercise) were/are much more important than “Jacob’s like hedgehogs” need of security. And due to the wealth of their personal experiences, “fox-like” Hellenists are much more prone to behave in a giving them personal satisfaction, ALTRUISTIC MANNER, which “need” is even not mentionned at original Maslow’s Pyramid.

[iv] From chapter ‘Cirripedia’ in Encyclopedia Britannica: “The most degenerate of Cirripedia are the members of the order Rhizocephala, of which the genus Sacculina, a common parasite of Crabs, is a familiar example. It has a simple sac-like body attached under the abdomen of the crab by a short stalk from which root-like processes ramify throughout the internal organs of the host. The body is enveloped by a fleshy mantle, with a small opening, and is without appendages, mouth or alimentary canal, the only organs which are well developed being those of the reproductive system. There is no trace of Arthropodous structure and only the larval development allows Sacculina to be referred to the Cirripedia””. (Sacculina, by sucking nutritients from crab’s body, alters sex of its host: “generative organs of the crab undergo atrophy, male crabs take secondary characters of mature females, while immature female prematurely attain the adult characters of that sex” – It is exactly the same phenomenon of “feminization”, which we observe in human populace colonized by “Chosen People”! )

[v] Lamarck’s Laws of Zoology were formulated in his “Philosophie zoologique” (1809), In  their essence, they state that “a change in the environment brings about change in “needs” (besoins), resulting in change in behavior, bringing change in organ usage and development, bringing change in form over time — and thus the gradual transmutation of the species.” (It is exactly what is observed in case of adaptation of Scacculina to its host and/or of hominids do the comfortable life inside TMC Matrix – useless in these environments organs of vision and locomotion undergo atrophy, and men change into Sacculina-like Sacs filled with oversized Stomachs and  Genitalia, which are imposing, on degenerated in this way species, the behavior marked by all Seven Capital Vices – MG)

[vi] “The Law” permitting usury to the Chosen Super Species we find in V Mos. 15: 6; in more detail this topic is elaborated in my lecture given in Moscow in December 2009, and titled “Inanimate Animator of Western Global Empire”.

[vii] From the „Song of Moses – the Murder”, Deut. 32:

40 I raise My hand to heaven and declare:
As surely as I live forever,

    41 when I sharpen My flashing sword,
and My hand takes hold of judgment,
I will take vengeance on My adversaries
and repay those who hate Me.

    42 I will make My arrows drunk with blood
while My sword devours flesh—
the blood of the slain and the captives,
the heads of the enemy leaders.” [

    43 Rejoice, you nations, over His people, [p]
for He will avenge the blood of His servants. [
He will take vengeance on His adversaries; [
He will purify His land and His people. [

[viii]you shall eat the wealth of the nations,  and in their glory you shall boast.” – Is. 61: 6.

[ix] Ossip Mandelstam was Zielinski’s student at Sankt Petersburg University, prior to WW1; an excellent resumé of Thaddeus (not Faddei) Zielinski’s ideas about “Hellenism versus Judaism” we find on pages 124-128 of the book Osip Mandelstam and the modernist creation of tradition by Clare Cavanagh (2006).

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