PAN w Z-nem (54A): The case of “electoral miracle“ in Belarus


Does ‘God chose things that are not – to nullify the things that are’? – the case of “electoral miracle“ in Belarus

Part 2 of J.-Ch. Globalist Cabal


in the memory of Andre Vltchek

(born 1962 in Leningrad – died in Turkey on Sept. 22, 2020)

2400 words

1. Was Saul of Tarsus, alias “St Paul” a LIAR?

The Preamble of Polish Constitution of 1997, begins with these words: “We, the Polish Nation, all citizens of the Republic, be it these beliewing in God being the source of the Truth, of Justice, of Good and of Beauty, be it those ones which do not share this faith, etc…” It is a pathetic statement, but do really the God, which is worshipped by our Christian clergy, is the source of these classic virtues? How do they relate to the proud REVELATION of St Paul, assuring naive Corinthians: “God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are” ? (1 Cor. 1: 28).

Such statement logically signifies that the commonly despised, low class things – in particular ordinary Lies, Impostures and Evildoings – are kind of a “nurture”, which gives the Strength to Paul’s imagined “God”, specializing in “nullifying things that are and replacing them by these that are not” . In the Part 1 of this “J.-Ch. WAR on HOMO SAPIENS”, I proposed to give, to such Paul’s God-Monster. the name of GoDD = God of Deception and Dissimulation And indeed, thanks to efforts of most prominent early Saints of the Church – in particular of Augustine from Hippo and of Ciril of Alexandria such Monstrous Being has become the LORD of the Christian world, this in particular since the condamnation of Nestorianism at the Council of Ephesus in 431. (In the opinion of the Constantinople Patriarch Nestorius, PAUL WAS A LIAR; his overtly philocriminal theology, fraudelously accepted by bishops of the Church at the Council on Nice in 325, has lead, in subsequent centuries, to the “Kriminalgesichchte des Christentums”, meticulously described by the German historian Karlheinz Deschner; his work from years 1986-2013 is still not accessible in English.)

The scientific counselor to the president Donald Trump, a computer maniac David Gelertner in his book “Americanism – the Fourth Great Western Religion” (2007) praises, of course, Old Testamental roots of the AMERICAN EXCEPTIONAL RELIGION. This ‘exceptional’ religion considers, indeed, the lowly things of this world” to be PROUD PRINCIPLES of behavior of the ‘exceptional Christian folk’ inhabiting the New World. Hence, it is no wonder that the ordinary Lies, Evildoings and Impostures become socially dominant features in all countries remaining under the “spiritual control” of USA Superpower (see the title of Vltchek’s book above; the Polish publicist Zbigniew Jankowski has accuratly remarked that “Americanism is the ideology of intellectual prostitution’).

2. The case of Belarus “fighting for freedom” cabal 2020

In a full agreement with cognitive principles of this EXCEPTIONAL AMERICANISM, this summer of year 2020 (a cabalist number!) we got a very transparent exemplary of a subsequent “GoDD’s miracle”, consisting of changing the EVIDENT FALSITY into the UNQUESTIONABLE TRUTH. This in the case of upheaval in Belarus, after the outcome of the August 9 presidential elections there. Namely, the 80% election victory, of presiding this country since quarter of a century Aleksandr Lukashenko was judged – without whatever proof of it – to be a FRAUD, while his competitor, a typical “hausfrau” Svetlana Tichanovska, having only 10% of votes in her favor, was UNANIMOUSLY applauded – by all USA / UA controlled media – to be a victor of this remarkable election. This plot was of course prepared in advance: the invited by Belarus observers from EU countries refused to come, on the pretext of the danger of covid-19 infection. I wasn’t present there too, but was it really possible to commit such ENORMOUS electional fraud, and no single person, from about 40 thusands people counting votes, dared to murmur – even for big sums of money, which surely they would receive for such informations – that there were hudge irregularities in the election process?

According to the analytical center EcooM, which interviewed by a telephone, prior to the election, 2817 adult Belarussians, for the actual president intended to vote about 78% of electorate, and for Tichanovska only about 7% – which numbers were confirmed – within the error of 3% – by votes found in ballot boxes. (In the city of Minsk Lukashenko got, previsibly, only 60% of votes, while Tichanovska 15%!) It means that embassies of EU countries in Minsk knew in advance, which will be the outcome of this, 6th in a row, presidential election of Lukashenko (in all previous ones, since 1994, Lukashenka regulary was getting about 75- 84% of votes). Why do than all the USA-controlled regimes in Europe – like it was in the case in precedent presidential elections – once againg started to cry about the GIGANTIC election fraud?

In “Part 1” I recalled, that in the Antiquity the term “God” was habitually attributed to an ultrapotent Ruler (also in its, invisible to the common, collective form – see Psalm 82 of OT). Applying this antique notion of earthly “God(s)” to the present situation, we obtain an excelent example, how the actual GoDD of the World, EXISTING in a form of a tiny grupuscule of bankers (G. Soros & Co. in particular), have managed to impose on all Western governemens their Willful blindness, of evidently the PHILO-CRIMINAL CHARACTER of their belief in the rigged elections in Belarus. (According to the chief of EcooM, Sergei Musienko, in an attempt to topple Lukshenko, the interested in this affair secret services and ambitious corporations – in Russia it was principally Gasprom – have spent more than 1,5 billion dollars!)

3. The pro-lukashenkist REALITY of Belarus, which “LORD of the World” atempted to make disappear.

The recent effort of “GoDD”, aiming at the destruction of the contemporary Belarus has lead the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykoła Azarow to observe that in case Lukashenka will be ousted “Belarus inevitably will repeat repeat the fate of Ukraine, it will be forced to follow the “European Model” of existence: in 100 percent it will become an American colony – a Protectorate.” Very recently, when Azarov started to speak about Ukraine at Belarus TV, his account at Facebook was blocked the same night, also his channel at You Tube was treachrously closed. According to him, “this (invisible LORD of the West) method consists of blocking of all opinions which are hostile to interests of USA and EU. Which is followed by a ruthless propaganda, which uses social networks and telegram channels in internet, to spread the total dezinformation among populations of Ukraine and Belarus, and it attempts to destroy individuals, which dare to be critical of the “opposition” sponsored by the West”.

How the situation in Belarus will look like, according to Azarov, once Lukashenko will be ousted?

At Ukraine (in years 2004 and 2014) we had the same slogans “of revolution of dignity, freedom”, etc. And what we have achieved? How is the life of an average inhabitant? We began to pay ten times more for communal services – for gas, electrical current… At present our tarifs are higher than in Europe. And the real level of salaries lowered. At present, according to their statistics, the average salary apparently approaches 400 $ (in Belarus 500 $). But it is the average built on collosal disproportions, in case we take into consideration incoms of oligarchs and very rich functionaries. In Ukraine the salary of a director of a state corporation may reach 3-5 millions of dollars. If you divide this by the rest of population, you will get a quite reasonable average.

Prices have risen, at present the food is more expensive than in Poland. The average retirement is 120 dollars, from which 60% is spent on housing and media. Ukraine has become an importer of food! We have the fertile soil, climate, and Ukraine imports food? And what about industry? – A simple example. The factory of tractors in Charkov produced 100 thousand of these engines yearly. At present the factory is practically not working. . The same expects the analogous factory of tractors in Minsk.”

Generalizing, the aiming at bringing Belarus under the US-UE tutelage, “white revolution” at Minsk in 2020, lamentably failed, this due to the really mass (80% of the adult population!) support of Lukashenko’s philo socialist regime: not only workers of numerous there state industries, refused to follow the not-yet-working young urban “opposition” demand for a general strike, but also we witnessed hudge meetings of ‘normal’ Belorussians in all principal cities, to recall the one of 20 thousand participants of ‘women’s forum’, at Minsk “Arena” on September 17:

The critic of his native USA, Noam Chomsky in his book “Year 501, the Conquest continues”, remarks that in the American Empire, the classical method of its contemporary “conquistadores”, forming a gigantic crime syndicate, is similar to the behavior of petty pocket thiefs, which are deceiving the public by crying “tchief, thief”, while pointing at the people which they just robbed. This trivial method, magnified million times, is very succesful, once a potent robber (a “godfather “) is able to control the majority of media outlets. Below I pasted the map of the Globe, indicating countries, which rulers accepted the Belarus “oposition” claim that the winner of the election was the “hasfrau” Tichanovska (in dark red), and these ones, which governments congratulated Lukashenko his victory in this election (in green).

4. The GoDD of St Paul’s has the characteristics of an antique God of Exchange & Substitution called MAMMON

The map above indicates parts of the world, remaing at present under the dominion of the AMERICAN GOD-LIKE ELITE, which like the biblical Moses, egoistically considers itself to be the Unique LORD of the world: “See now that I myself am He! There is no God besides Me.” (Deut. 32:39). Such born in the Bible God-Usurper, the 26 years old Karl Marx described in this way “Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. … The god of the Jews has become secularized and has become the god of the world.” ( “On Jewish Question”, 1844). The praised by St Paul capacity of his “GoDD”, to make vanish the opinion of wise and intelligent thinkers (Aristotle, for ex.), and to substitute it by “lowly things of this world and the despised things” (see ethics of LGBT or BLM movements!), corresponds to the DIVINE POWER of the antique MAMMON.

On a picture below, the American Exceptional Elite (Nancy Pelosi in the center) kneels in front of BLM:

The visible at the above picture, divine power of Mammon (proverbially in a form of gold) William Shakespeare described in these verses:

Gold? Yellow, glittering, precious gold? (…)
Thus much of this will make black white, foul fair,
Wrong right, base noble, old young, coward valiant.
(…) This yellow slave
Will knit and break religions, bless the accursed;
Make the hoar leprosy adored, place thieves
And give them title, knee and approbation

( “Timon of Athens” quoted by K. Marx in “The Power of Money” 1844)

During our yearly “Mut zur Ethik” Congress, hold at Sirnach (Thurgau, CH) in September 2013, we discussed the theme raised in the book Gold and God” of Walter Russell Mead.

The Holy Cross made of Gold Bars at this book cover, underlines the direct link of the “Wisdom of God of Exchange and Substitution” of St Paul, which dominates the narration of the New Testament, with the Cult of Money, dominating in modern Anglosaxon Empires. In my reportage from this “Mut zur Ethik” conference I gave three historical examples, how by appropriate offerings, it was possible to make, effortlessly, impressive fortunes preserved than for centuries. Below I quote the short Addendum to this reportage – it is worth to read also comments to it:

>1. The internationally known historian, specialized in WWII and its horrors, David Irving in an interview he gave in 2011 to “The Independent”, noticed “In around 1970, the Jews were advised by a [Jewish]PR firm to give it [Holocaust super event] one name, stick to that name, and stick to those figures and gradually you [Jewish oligarchy] will make billions out of this. That’s what happened.”

>2. This Irwing's statement may be considered as a specific “mathematico-chemical” formula of making Gold by appropriate sacrifices to God:

>If we substitute in David Irwing’s formula:

1970’ by ‘70 AD’

Jews’ by ‘Christians’

Jewish PR firm’ by ‘St. Paul & Co.’

Holocaust super event’ by ‘Christ crucifixion super event’

Jewish oligarchy’ by ‘Christian bishops’

>We obtain “Around 70 AD, Christians were advised by St. Paul and Co., to give to the Christ crucifixion super event one name, to stick to that name, and stick to this figure – and gradually you Christian bishops will made out of this tons of gold (filling in particular the Holy See caves).”

>3. Of course this “David Irwing’s formula” works also in the case of “9-11 religion of the American world conquest”: by tracing, who in detail collected enormous riches thanks to the “9-11 super event” – and gained subsequent riches thanks to following the 9-11 incursions (“crusades “) into Afghanistan (poppy plantations), and Iraq (oil fields) – we find, hidden inside the Capitol’s “den of robbers” , names of organizers of this terroristo-militaro-commercial venture, which began with the mass sacrifice of about 3000 innocent US citizens ( by the way, “3000 of (Israeli) brothers and sons” were murdured by Moses Levies under the Mount Sinai, this as a “funding sacrifice” of the ruthless Israeli warlords, on their way towards the Promised Land!)

I finish this short Part 2 of J.-Ch. Globalist Cabal, with the concluding remark of Ray Zwarich, in his recent article “The First Dragon We Must 'Slay'”. Concerning the activity of the 21 century version of the described in Gospels Jerusalem's “den of robbers”, he wrote:

The Enemy is a hydra-like 'syndicate' of diverse powers. Like the Hydra, it has many heads, which vie among themselves for control, but are able to act in their own collective (syndicated) interests. This most basic human structure of 'syndicated' power, (which so fascinated Machiavelli), mirrors marxist-leninist 'democratic centralism'. Under constant and universal threat of immediate violent retribution, every Mafia-Don, every Kolomoisky-type War Lord, respects the 'democratic rights' of every other Don/War Lord, (except those, of course, that she or he intends to murder sometime soon).

From: Zwarich <> To: David Ascher <

Fri, Sep 25, 2020, 9:15 

On the picture below; the author of the present report (second from the right) during the conference on 'Eastern Partnership', organized in Minsk in May 2011 by ECOOM lead by Sergei Musienko. To the left of author stands dr Mateusz Piskorski, the Member of Polish Parliament in years 2005-2007, and then for three years (2016-2019) imprisoned in Poland – without any sentence – allegedly for spying not only for Russia, but also for China and Iran. (In years 2004 to 2014 Piskorski was a member of several election monitoring missions, in particular 2004 Belarusian parliamentary election and 2010 Belarusian presidential election)

Post Scriptum, Jan. 8, 2021

Prealable, more than a month prior to elections, pools' results of oncoming presidential elections in Belarus. Tichanovska has only 2 % support, a mont prior to election, both Babriko and Cepkalo were withdrawn forom the list, and Tichanovska got 10 % votes, and Lukashenka 80 %.

The Deutche Welle repotr of antilukashenkist, "night rats" at outskirts of Minsk manifestations, at the occasion of half year anniversary, of Lukascheka "fraudulent election" (see the picture of pools above.)

I propose the following LOGO / Flag of Coordinational Comittee of Svetlana Tichanovska, at present in Vilna, Lithuania:

Post scriptum Nov. 6 2020

Below is a photo of the steady rise in Coronavirus incidence in USA this year. Roughly two weeks after the beginning of massive BLM protests in USA on May 30, also the number of cases of new coronavirus illnesses began to rise too, this untill the middle of August, when BLM riots and protests began to calm down:

Pictures of Sars-Cov-2 loss of virulence from the State of New York:

US made "toys" travel to Ukraine via Slovakian Nitra (15.04.2021)


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