Living Beings (Zoon) – Creator of In-Formation

Living Beings (Zoon) – Creator of In-Formation


God Creator of Ugliness radiating from the City upon a Hill

Marek Glogoczowski Ph. D.

(This title is drawn after the book of French embryologist Paul Wintrebert[i]Le vivant, créateur de son évolution”, Masson, Paris 1962)



Part I- Laws of Physics and Laws of Animated Nature

Part II - The heroic, Neo-Darwinian revolt against Eternal Principles of Biology

Part III – The Judeo-Christian Origin of Nihilism characterizing ‘City upon a Hill’ projects of Globalization

Part IV – From human zygote “love” of multiplication towards the homo sapiens love of excellence

Part V – Consequences of the City upon a Hill “Intelligent Project”

Part VI – What in case of the Universe being Eternal?

Addendum (1993) – DECLARATION OF RIGHTS of Human Embryonal Society


Introduction, July 2013

The Clinic of Hematology, University Hospital in Kraków, PL

On July 2nd 2013 I received, from my friend Come Carpentier de Gourdon, an interesting “top secret” document titled “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars“. .

In its Preface we find a following statement:

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, An Introduction Programming Manual was hatched in the embryonic days of the “Cold War” which called for control of the masses through manipulation of industry, peoples’ pastimes, education and political leanings. It called for a quiet revolution, putting brother against brother, and diverting the public’s attention from what is really going on. (…) Therefore, the silent weapon is a type of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality, options, and mobility of the individuals of a society by knowing, understanding, manipulating, and attacking their sources of natural and social energy, and their physical, mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses. (…)

The subtitle informs: Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1. Apparently this document was prepared at the US Central Intelligence Agency, nervously searching at present for one of his maverick agents at Sheremietievo Airport in Moscow. This document, illustrated with projects of economic calculus modeled on calculations we do constructing self-exciting electrical circuits, was surely conceived in circles close to MIT and in particular at the demand of the financial Rothschild Group whose founder, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, is praised as a Godfather of all this, lasting exactly since 200 years, quiet financial conquest of the world.  We can thus read, in-between verses of this top secret technical manual, its deep subtitle:

World Enslavement Project hatched at the City of London and Wall Street

Authors of this document underline that in order to make “invisible and silent”, weapons used in this “Quiet War for domination of everything on the earth“, (denounced recently by CIA rank and file worker Edward Snowden), the Science of Biology had to be completely perverted, diverting the public’s attention from what is really going on. This document from 1979 overtly points to ‘No Such Agency’ (NSA) Department of CIA, which is responsible for programs of biological modification of humans, the program initially limited to USA, where it encountered nearly total success.

Already in early 1970ies the author has noticed that  biologically something is very wrong with the American People, this while residing in USA for three years, as a graduate student of geophysics at U.C. Berkeley in California. It was not only his impression, his friend at that time, Kristian Galtier from France, also a graduate student (in computer science) at Berkeley, told him once “Americans have grown a completely novel race of people“.

The text below, which I intended to complete for my 71st  anniversary, provides the molecular and physiological background for these efforts to mutate homo sapiens into a race of intellect-less “humanoids” (expression of Alexandr Zinovyev), men totally devoted to the sterilization and devastation of the Earth in the name of Unique God of Israel – Money.

Part I

Laws of Physics and Laws of Animated Nature

1. Bio-origin of ALL (!) sophisticated material structures; 2. The Biology is Metaphysics; 3. Overcompensations of micro injuries as the source of the increase of zoon functional complexity (in-formation); 4. The strictly physical origin of the repair (regeneration) of ALL, not critically damaged cellular components

1. Bio-origin of ALL sophisticated material structures

In the world around us we observe the steady decomposition (‘de-formation’) of more complex inanimate objects. This is a statement of a banality. It is sufficient to recall how manuscripts are ageing with time, so no papyrus written texts are known to be more ancient than 2 thousands years. Also carved in stone historical monuments hardly “survive” more than few thousands of years. Here the best example is the Sphinx of Giza in Egypt, with especially its lower parts heavily eroded by wind blown sand. Also nearly vertically rising “young” mountain formations slowly, due to the erosion, are turning into easily accessible hills.

In case of “young” mountains, the located inside the Earth motor, which causes their rising during millions of years, is the ‘continental drift’, resulting from movements of a liquid “mantle” under the earth crust. We have to expect that in subsequent billions of years the interior of Earth will cool-of , and these telluric movements will disappear, together with relatively “young” mountain ridges such as Himalayas or Alps. This to the disappointment of future alpinists.

The same fate awaits all man-made complex artifacts, such as pyramids, houses, cars, washing machines and computers. The more they are exposed to environmental perturbations, the faster they rust and decompose.

But looking at ourselves we notice something else: the more we “use” our organisms, the more robust and efficient in actions they are becoming, even at our age well over 50 or even 60 years old. Starting from this Socratic self-observation we have a tendency to infer that processes of life go against processes of necessary decomposition characterizing all inanimate objects. And from this general observation we easily jump to a rarely expressed in public conclusion that Living Beings (Zoon in Greek) are primary source of the diversity of all natural and artificial structures we encounter.

A good an example of such Natural Creation provides the landscape of New Zealand, which South Island author visited a year ago (climbing, at the occasion, its tallest peak Mt. Cook 3754 m at his age of 70). Wikipedia provides a following description of geology of these, apparently risen from depths of Ocean twice, circa 55 Ma and than 26 Ma, “young” islands:

Much of New Zealand was low lying around Mid Eocene-Oligocene times (40-23 Ma). Swamps became widespread, forming coal. The land subsided further, and marine organisms produced limestone deposits. … In the South Island, limestone is present in Buller, Nelson, and the West Coast, including the Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki in Oligocene-Early Miocene times (34-15 Ma )

Let’s look at the photo above, concentrating our attention this time on tufts of ever green grass colonizing these limestone cliffs. These tussocks of grass behave like “bio-machines”, intercepting the energy of sun and using it to associate simple particles present in their vicinity (carbon dioxide and water plus minerals from mud between rocks) into complex organic molecules. These photosynthesized molecules are packed in dynamic assemblies of cells, forming the pleasing to our eyes highly differentiated landscapes – like the one on the picture above. Despite heavy storms, these ever green colonies are able to subsist, steadily expanding, through centuries and millenaries.

2. The Biology is Metaphysics

The flora, which covers practically all accessible to it parts of the Globe, in all evidence challenges the well known Boltzman’s thermodynamic Law of Entropy. This Law states that statistically all more complex structures tend to disintegrate with time. They disintegrate due both to internal, increasing with temperature, oscillations of its molecules, and due to their external damage during collisions with other objects. As confirmed it to me my teacher of the history of science, professor Roger Hahn from U.C. Berkeley, THE BIOLOGY IS METAPHYSICS – which observation is strictly prohibited to refer to in so-called “serious” scientific journals. The recently deceased Roger Hahn told me this already 41 years ago, after he read my, written in early 1972, proposal for Ph.D. thesis titled “The Not-Too-Divine Comedy”: I postulated in it that Learned Americans – U.C. Berkeley professor of evolutionary sciences Michael Scriven in particular (an ‘asshole’ – as told me once one of his students) are not able to distinguish between living and not living objects. As I read somewhere, in Antiquity this was the deficiency of intellect characteristic for very primitive cultures. (Attention. The word ‘intellect’ is derived from ‘inter-legere’, “to read in-between”,  and denominates organ specialized in distinguishing, discerning between various objects; the very similar to it word ‘intelligence’ is derived from ‘inter-ligare’, “to bind, fuse together similarities”, to associate similar objects and situations. This bio-process Aristotle called ‘induction’ and Ivan Pavlov ‘conditioned reflex’, the elementary symptom of animal’s intelligence.)

How does this necessary metaphysical intelligence of living beings manifests itself? A person who likes the physical exercise and is capable of a self-observation – thus automatically a person which oversteps limitations of the so-called Judeo-Darwinian mindset (explications of this term later) – is able to answer instantly to this question. Namely inanimate machines, be it a bike, be it a computer, are breaking down due to their frequent use, especially in harsh conditions. Contrary to inanimate objects our bodies, especially in case of their systematic exercise in harsh conditions. are becoming more robust, and more efficient in their activities. This is a banality. Nevertheless the biochemical mechanism, causing the overgrowth of our exercised muscles, is still kept in AN ARTIFICIAL OBSCURITY. The Wikipedia provides us, for example, only with such fearfully composed information:

Microtrauma, which is tiny damage to the fibers, may play a significant role in muscle growth. When microtrauma occurs (from weight training or other strenuous activities), the body responds by overcompensating, replacing the damaged tissue and adding more … and it is why progressive overload is essential to continued improvement, as the body adapts and becomes more resistant to stress.

3. Overcompensations of micro injuries as the source of increase of Zoon’s in-formation (i.e. of its robustness and efficacy in actions)

An automatic overgrowth of tissues, which are “torn down” during normal life activities, is possible to confirm by a self-observation. It is sufficient to recall how at the beginning painful blisters, and following them thickenings of a skin, appears on our hands, in case we work, for a prolonged period, with a shovel, with a screwdriver or a hammer. A person instructed in rudiments of anatomy easily deduces, that the phenomenon of overcompensation (over-regeneration) of damages caused by strenuous efforts must happen also in case of the neuronal tissue which innervates muscle fibers: otherwise regenerated muscles, with their innervations still broken, would not obey commands from the brain.

The famous psychologist and biologist from Geneva, Jean Piaget has elaborated in detail sequences of necessary physical activities of children, which ACTIVITIES with time are leading to the acquisition by youth of various skills – be it in drawings, be it in calculations, be it in capacity to discern different objects. According to Piaget’s School of Epistemology these progresses, in maturating humans mental and physical competence, are results of consecutive overcompensations of microtraumas, caused by child’s psychomotorical activities (in French ‘les reéquilibrations majorantes des perturbations induites par le comportement dans un milieu donné’).

The ‘regeneration with overcompensation’ of traumas suffered by thriving in harsh conditions animals – humans in particular – is well known to specialists in radiation research. My elder, recently deceased colleague (also an alpinist as I am), professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, a long term head of Polish Central Laboratory of Radiological Protection (and the President of the UNSCEAR), for several decades was trying to convince hyper numerous “radiation cowards” that appropriate doses of irradiations are “humanity (and other animals) friendly”. They are protecting us from various diseases, in particular from cancers. (See for ex. Jaworowski’s text on “Radiation Hormesis –  a remedy for Fear”; my friend Israel Shamir, after reading it remarked that Jaworowski sounds like “doctor Strangelove”.)

Jaworowski’s claims of beneficial influence of weak and even medium intensity irradiations is confirmed also by my colleagues and former teachers of medicine related physics – professors Michal Waligórski and Andrzej Hrynkiewicz from Kraków, top authorities in this domain in Poland. Below I copied a table illustrating how quickly, in comparison to people not accustomed to stay in a radioactive environment, is repaired the DNA of lymphocytes of physicians working in ‘radon sanatorium’ in the former uranium mine in Austria. Their research was published in “Radiation Research” already in 1980, but it still remains unknown to people interested in progresses of the science of biology.4. The strictly physical origin of the repair (regeneration) of ALL damaged cellular components

While doing the survey of the phenomenon of regeneration observed in various living species, I was surprised noticing that biologists systematically avoid to provide a satisfactory explanation, why the regeneration of injured bodies – especially of young animals which are only rudimentarily differentiated – NECESSARILY occurs. Such regeneration of amputated parts of a human body is particularly well observed after separation of Siamese twins: in case this separation was done early enough no trace of “cut off” parts of these children bodies is noticeable after few years!

I studied this problem in detail already 30 years ago, and discussed it during seminars of medical physics led by Andrzej Hrynkiewicz at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. The simple to understand, for trained in elementary chemistry person,  bio-automatism of regeneration I outlined in a book published in Polish in 1993 under the title “Fallacies and Paradoxes of Modern Biology”. In order to be comprehensible outside my country, essential ideas of this book I put in a literary form, in a form of Platonian dialogue titled “The Syndrome of Blind Watchmaker”. It was completed in 1998, and a year later played by students as a theater dialogue at the International. School of Wellbeing at Höör in Sweden.

In Chapter V of this “Syndrome of Dawkins Blindness” I explained the purely chemical reason, why the bio-synthesis of all tissues which are “used’ (worn out, or utilized for the reconstruction of an organism) is automatically restarted after their destruction: namely the consumption of a product of biosynthesis automatically re-creates chemical conditions for this product additional synthesis – exactly like the removal of ashes choking an ordinary fire automatically leads to the restart of this fire in its full strength. Due to this physical reaction, living cells behave like an intelligent baker, who noticing that particular kind of bread is sold, restarts the production of the kind of bread which “sells itself”.

In this, completed in colloquial English in 1998, “Platonic dialogue” I furnished also a definition of life, more adequate than the old Erwin Schroedinger’sgeneration of order from order”. It stresses the differentia specifica between zoon and inanimate objects of the type of growing crystals, to which phenomenon referred Schroedinger. He observed that in their case, indeed, “an ordered form appears, by electrostaticaly copying of an ordered form.”

This, possibly most concise definition of life we can limit to only three sentences:

Living beings (zoon), due to their inner structure (or in-formation), chemically spontaneously assimilate (select) from their environment simple materials, which they transform into elaborate tissues, thus (1) REGENERATE (re-create, re-copy) their own, pre-existing structure. This elementary, “copying order from order” process of biosynthesis is complemented by an automatic (2) OVER-REGENERATION (hypertrophy) of organism’s constituents which are “consumed” (destroyed, bind by other bodies etc.) during life processes. Moreover, the (over)regenerated at the same time structures have the chemical tendency to (3) ASSOCIATE into new structures being at the origin of conditioned reflexes.

These three elements of ROA, namely the Regeneration, Over-regeneration and Association are at the base of the so-called Life Intelligent Project, which will be discussed in more detail in further chapters.

And in particular:

- In case of autotrophic flora (disposing of Aristotelian “vegetal soul”) these building materials of zoon are limited to water, carbon dioxide, few elements from the soil and heat from light sources;

- In case of heterotrophic fauna (having “animal soul”) these assimilated nutrients consist mostly from oxygen from the air, water and then proteins, fats and sugars synthesized both by flora and by other animals – this is the case of carnivores and of various parasites, our own cancers included.

- Due to this electrostatically and electromagnetically mediated attraction (called colloquially ‘desire’ or even “love”) of zoon to elements it misses, we observe the heliotropism of plants having only the “vegetal soul”, and the more sophisticated food tropism of mobile animals. It exists also the “warmth tropism” of animals having the tendency to pack together in harsh conditions (for ex. wolves in winter, penguins during storms).

- And of course, the most sophisticated animals, having so-called “human soul”, developed the mediated exclusively electromagnetically money tropism. This specific form of tropism permits them not only to survive, but also to fill, and to dominate the earth – exactly as the “God of the Bible” calls them to do. (“Money has no smell” as already the emperor Diocletian observed it – and thus the money does not emit pheromones, attracting other animals to targets they are electrostatically dreaming of, to recall flies attracted by the smell of a shit.)

 Part II

The heroic Judeo-Darwinian revolt against ROA Eternal Principles of Biology

5. Money, Comfort and Technics dependence of the bourgeois society; 6. The invention of NeoBiology, built on a principle of absence of a genetic answer to stress; 7. Social illnesses resulting from the nihilism of “action without reaction” understanding of living machines

 5. The Money, Comfort and Technics dependence of the bourgeois society

The Piageto-Lamarckian phenomenon of “re-equalization with an overcompensation” of neuro-muscular microtraumas, caused by efforts of money searching, automatically leads to the hypertrophy of money searching organs, and thus to the intensification of money need – this by the very same bio-mechanism, which acts in is the case of people who carelessly permitted themselves to exaggerate with their, electrostatically mediated, drug or sex tropism. The addiction to the “only human” pleasures of money acquisition, is leading to the attenuation of all other “animal” desires, be it only the vital for our domestic dogs need (“love”) of walking and running: already a hundred years ago Henry Ford, organizing the efficient work  lines in his factories, has noticed “pedestrianism cannot be highly paid” – and since this moment money loving Americans become the most sedentary people on the Planet, even the effort of hunting for Taliban fighters they perform comfortably sitting in offices somewhere in Nevada, and directing, with a joystick, drones doing their “hard work” in Central Asia.

Organs which are not used disappear, and thus due an overgrowth of money “vitalized” economy, we all willy-nilly are becoming literally “drown” in our, separating us from direct contacts with Nature, from other animals and from other people, comfortable homes, well fenced real estates, motorcars, books and internet tablets. The automatic separation (mutual alienation) of people by their competitive participation in money driven economy, leads to the hostility of rich towards the poor and vice versa, the proletariat against la bourgeoisie, as it was modish to describe this phenomenon in the 20th century.

For the fastest legal manner of acquisition of money is the commerce and banking, with both “activities” demanding practically eternal sitting (also during commercial travels and deliberations), it is no wonder that among the most sedentary “self-chosen people” aroused a demand (a desire, which is a kind of “love”) for scientific theories obscuring the fact of the accelerating corruption of these “Ever Sitting Masters of the Planet”.

 6. The invention of Inanimate Biology, built on a principle of absence of genetic bio-reaction to stress

In an internet, written in Italian, text of Simonovic,  I discovered a very pertinent description of capitalism goals:

The capitalism is a nihilist regime, not only due to the fact that it excludes all value judgments, but also due to the fact that it destroys the vitalizing potential of nature and of human being. The capitalist nihilism has character not only anti-human, but also anti-existential. The nature knows “death”, which is the condition of re-birth, but it does not know the destruction of life. In nature and in the history the death opens possibilities of new life: this is its vitalizing power. The capitalism destroys the very cycle of death and re-birth, the vitalizing potential of the death, and thus produces the  destructive nullity.

If the major goal of capitalism is to spread everywhere the “destructive nullity”, the science developed in this system has to be nihilist one too. The role of “screens”, protecting the dubious psycho-physical Wellbeing of Owners of the Planet, are fulfilling scientific lucubrations, like these of Jacques Monod and Richard Dawkins, which made international “scoop” when published, respectively in 1970 and 1976.  These authors – and many others following their path of reasoning – repetitiously underline the “discovery” that the acquisition of new skills, and of underlying these skills, of more efficient (more in-formed) internal structures, is not the result of overcompensation, by an organism, of microtraumas caused by strenuous efforts, which were necessary to master these skills. In their, heavily publicized opinion, skills differentiating one individual from another resulted from an obscure genetic accident, which happen in a very distant past.

The very potent idea that living beings are devoid of “vitalist” capacities to cope with various challenges, originated already 70 years ago, by an experimentation with the acquisition, by bacteria of Escheria coli, of a full immunity to destroying these bacteria virus. It was done by two physicists, Seymour Luria and Max Delbrück in USA in early 1940-ies. They discovered, in their experimentation ornamented with nearly 50 pages of statistical evaluations, that their results are in agreement with two initial hypotheses: the “hypothesis b” stating that “bacteria which for some accidental reasons are immune to virus, survive the virus attack, and start to form focuses of bacteria multiplying in the presence of virus”; and also with the more sophisticated “hypothesis b1” stating that “the partly predisposed for immunity bacteria, after the contact with a virus, acquire (after the period of illness) the full immunity to it”. Readers of L-D extremely mathematized work somehow managed not to notice that only their second “b1 hypothesis fits the data collected by them: during experiments with the “selection” of bacteria by infecting them viruses, it is necessary to wait, from 10-20 hours (reported in L-D article), to more than two weeks (information from Polish microbiologist Wladyslaw Kunicki-Goldfinger) before foci of bacteria, fully resistant to “selecting” them agents, start to grow.

Purposely ignoring the known to all physicians fact, that the shorter or longer period of illness is always necessary in case of human organisms healing from various infections, the influent in life sciences group of “geneticians” have selected, for their further, heavily commercialized theoretical works in evolutionary genetics, the much simpler hypothesis “b”: it was postulating the total independence, of the process of acquisition of capacities to deal with environmental challenge, from activities of an organism trying to cope with this challenge. In short, thanks to Luria-Delbrück’s schoolboys inventivity[ii], it was born “the evolutionary science” completely dissociated from observations of life processes.

 7. Social illnesses resulting from the nihilism of “action without reaction” Principle of NeoBiology

Since this historical moment in mid 1940ies, corresponding in time with the explosion of the first American atomic bomb, the influential group of “geneticians” – like in case of constructors of atomic bombs, men issued principally from Jewish European intellectual milieu – started to widespread a very nihilistic view concerning life processes. Namely, these “geneticians” began to pretend that living organisms are not able, in a coherent manner, to CREATE INFORMATION (an internal molecular structure) permitting them not only to control their ecological niche, but leaving them enough time to enjoy pleasures of active life also beyond limits of their territory. With my colleagues physicists, working in the Philosophy of Science Department of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, we used to joke that the essence of neo(Judeo)Darwinism consist of belief in “an action without reaction”. Namely the  displaying metaphysical properties genes behave like an Aristotelian “god”: they are commanding actions of organisms, but these organisms are not able neither to master “behavioral desires” of their “selfish” genes, nor re-inform (re-arrange) their inherited ‘geneset’ in order to cope with hardly bearable life situations.

Here I will limit myself only to a short enumeration of substantial psychosomatic illnesses, which are consequences of such socially imposed “castration of collective vision”.

– As observed it Zbigniew Jaworowski, ordinary people being afraid that all, just above normal, irradiations cause cancers, run into hysteria after nuclear catastrophes of the Chernobyl type – which catastrophe, after the precise statistical evaluations, turned to be beneficent for children born shortly after it, even in quite distant Hungary. This by causing, via the mechanism of reinforced regeneration of radiation damaged genes (see Fig. 2), the diminishment of the number of cases of infants cancers in irradiated populations.

– The truly imbecile fear – particularly in Sweden where such behavior of parents become prohibited by Law – that ordinary slaps, which children (me too) were receiving time to time in their youth, may cause an irreversible backwardness in their development, is of course giving completely opposite results. The absence “re-equalizatiom with an overcompensation” of microinjuries, caused by these slaps, contributes to the increase, in grown in such “soft” manner children, of tendency for an autistic kind of behavior: ideologists of “education without a coercion” somehow forget, that the slap, which the midwife is giving to leaving the womb baby, is sometimes essential to initiate the breathing with air of this nascent human. The epidemics of autism, which in last decades began to spread worldwide from autistically „developed” countries, has probably, as an inner cause, the Lamarckian inheritance of autistic behavior trained by parents, forcing themselves to comfortably survive, in “autistic by nature” Anglo-Saxon dead-in-boroughs.

– The periodically spreading from USA, fear of vaccinations demonstrates one more psychopathic aspect of contemporary life: vaccines provide to the body the whole set of microtraumas, and by repair with overcompensation of harm they do, they contribute to the general health of the populace. In particular very young infants, which tissues consist from not yet differentiated “embryonic” cells, react vigorously to toxins – including the mercury used in vaccines as so called “adjuvant” – by a repair with overcompensation of harms these toxins cause in them. The old Roman maxim “what has not killed you will reinforce you”, is valid in case of children vaccines, too. At human adult age, when reactions of “repair with an overcompensation” are sensibly attenuated, the inattentive vaccination with the whole set of infants vaccines (26 in Poland, over 30 in USA), may lead to serious health problems.

- And so on. It is not the periodical hunger, as well as the exposition to weather inconveniences, which makes people weak and flabby, but to the contrary, too comfortable conditions of life automatically “construct” humans ever more prone to various illnesses. The data collected by IRIS association of researchers demonstrate that rats fed with food containing mercury, in case of small and even medium amounts of this heavy metal, live longer and they are less prone to develop tumors than rats not “poisoned” by mercury compounds. Only very high concentrations of mercury in food turned to be lethal for these rodents. Results of such cruel experiments confirm the 500 years old Rule of Pharmacy formulated by ParacelsusEvery substance is a medicament or a toxin, depending of its dose”.

 Part III

The Judeo-Christian Origin of Nihilism radiating from the ‘City upon a Hill’ and its projects of Globalization

8. The Biology is the Poetry and the Joy of Life, not the struggle for survival;  9. LABOR (Jahveh) contra EROS (Love) and vice versa;  10. The NSA-CIA “invisible hand” inference in Life Sciences and in Cosmology; 11.  The Philo’s of Alexandria role in the formation of the J.-Ch. nihilist attitude to life activities

 8. The Biology is the Poetry and the Joy of Life, not the dull struggle for survival

Where from this pathology of ‘bourgeois’ common sense imagination of “life  without inner defenses” originated?

At the time of my scholarship, in 1979, at the “Laboratoire d’évolution” organized by professor Pierre-Paul Grassé at the University Paris VII, I had possibilities to exchange views with the French historian of science Pierre Thuiller, who was also a staff writer in the scientific revue “La Recherche”. He was very critical concerning “business reasons”, which substantially deform the vision of the world promoted by Masters of Scientific Discourse. In his critics he went to the point of accusing people engaged in the research, of a complete lack of poetry in their activities.

Such critics seems to be completely bizarre. What the hell the serious science has in common with the poetry? Nevertheless it has, and quite a lot. Somehow our laborious scientists, so much attached to precise measurements and to the elaboration of a sophisticated statistical “envelope” of their results (vide L-D experiments with virus resistance), miss completely the fact that BIOLOGY IS THE POETRY AND THE BEAUTY. This trivial fact one can detect just looking at these tufts of ever green grass attached to pancake cliffs of New Zealand coast – its picture I’ve chosen as an introduction to my thesis that zoon – and only zoon – is the Divine Creator of Information in the Universe.

This poetic aspect of Science – as of our biological activity, born out of the need to see how things really are, become completely lost inside monstrous laboratories, overstuffed with centrifuges, bioassay plates, smelling cages with thousands of mice used for experiments, and with scrupulous researchers dissecting poor animals searching for tumors they artificially inoculated in them. In such laborious environment we may be sure that the beauty of movements of ordinary monkeys in spacious zoos, jumping “just for fun” between trees and perfectionning in this manner the grace of their motions, will remain unnoticed for ever sitting researchers – searching of course, in this hardly animated manner, of an accomplishment of their scientific carriers. And of course these joyful monkeys spontaneous exercises will be not presented as models of learning (‘acquisition’) – by a repeated exercise – of novel motorial skills.

We can furnish numerous examples how ambitious but narrowminded biologists, thanks to their sedentary, overspecialized work, and linked with it rearrangements of neuronal “wiring” of their brains, have acquired views, which should be loudly denounced as demonstrations of their Unbelievable Stupidity (opinion of Conrad Lorenz). The Stupidity, which become the Authority in the domain of molecular biology.

- Already in 1940-ies Barbara McClintock in USA discovered the “forbidden by geneticians” phenomenon of the self-reorganization, of plant’s genomes, permitting these plants to thrive in very stressful (irradiations, climate and soil hardships) conditions. She has observed under an ordinary microscope, in roughly 1 percent of grains of the common corn, visible mobile gene fragments, called by her ‘transpozons’, separating themselves from chromosomes and participating in adaptive rearrangement of genetic material of grains of “stressed” corn. (“For McClintock, genome change was not accidental. Change was a response to life history challenges” – noted J. A. Shapiro In an interesting article on McClintock’s work). Results of her experimentation were kept in obscurity for nearly 40 years, and only in 1983 she received the Nobel Prize for her “Lysenkist” discovery, done already in the first half of 20th century.

- An another example, illustrating how “men of Labor” are trying to kill more mature understanding of molecular biology, furnished the case of my colleagues in Geneva, Philippe Anker and Maurice Stroun. They in 1970-ies nearly get fired from the Geneva University, for their discovery of the intercellular circulation of nuclear acids, transported by blood and serum of higher organisms. They had to wait for another 35 years for the publication of their book on this topic by the New York Academy of Science (see its cover).

- It is worth to recall the sad fate of these researchers, which dared to confirm the inheritance of a tendency of a faster development, in subsequent generations of plants and animals, of these reflexes and organs, which their parents have constructed while copying with stressful life conditions (see McClintock above). Inspired by dating since the beginning of 20th century, positive results of experimentation with such inheritance among amphibians, realized by Austrian biologist Paul Kammerer, young researchers from Toronto, Ted Steele and Reg Gorczynski dared to confirm the Second Lamarck’s Law in 1980ies, experimenting this time with quickly multiplying mice. They obtained positive results, visible not in the first, but in the second and third offspring of mice immediately post its birth injected with A/J antigen. Tom Steele was paid for this confirmation of Lamarck’s Second Law by the loss of his job, consecutively in Toronto and than London. He had had to travel back to Australia, where he is somehow thriving at the University of Perth. There he is still publicly arguing that it is out of Jealousy of the Elegance of Intelligence of Lamarck’s Laws, the hardly able to associate three ideas together (opinion of J. B. Lamarck), worshippers of Metaphysics of Genes prefer to cling to the thoughtlessness radiating from the very title of Darwin’s book of 1852: “The Origin of Species by Natural Selection, or the preservation of races favoured in the struggle for life”.

 9. LABOR (Jahveh) contra EROS and vice versa

Exactly 170 years ago Karl Marx wrote, in German,  an essay “Zur Judefrage” claiming in it that the “internal” religion of Jews is their lasting for whole six days in a week Work, aimed at satisfaction of prosaic human needs. And exactly 30 years ago I published, in Polish, an article titled “The Lecture on the Development of Needs”. I argued in it that due to our internal construction, the continuous satisfaction of our prosaic needs must lead to these needs  hypertrophy – exactly as it is observed in cases of drugs (or sex) addicted people: this phenomenon of addiction results from an automatic re-equilibrattion, with an overcompensation, of all body components which somehow have been used.

By a joining together (lat. inter-ligare, hence the word ‘intelligence’) of these two messages, published a long time ago by German and Polish “Luciferian” philosophers, in journals hardly known to the international community, we arrive at a very interesting conclusion. Namely, by the too zealous service to the Jewish “practical god” called Work (Labor), we willy-nilly contribute to the hypertrophy of satisfied by this work prosaic human needs. The ‘LABOR” – in the sense of repetitious robot-like movements not demanding much reflection, is not only “the practical God of Jews”, but it has become also the “practical god” of Christians. This thanks to the hostile to teachings of Jesus, “gospel’ of Paul advancing such “charitable” propositions “Who does not work, let him not eat. And you will live in peace  by work”. (Peace is War – remarked it George Orwell in his book “1984”; hence the “Quiet CIA War for the enslavement of humanity” is mediated by attractive technical products of Labor.)

The biological problem with LABOR – which in last centuries became the Supreme God of the all industrialized World – is not only the fact that it is the principal “spiritual force” of the ecological devastation of the Planet. (See Lynn White’s article “The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis” in “Science” of 1967.) In Antiquity the work wasn’t an object of a glory, the despised by Fathers of the Church Aristotle maintained in his “Politics” that “men of labor (physical workers) are like inanimate objects, they do something while not thinking why they do it.” Even today we can observe, in particular among researchers imprisoned in scientific laboratories, that people devoted to Labor, especially the one which is done for the glory of an another Jewish traditional divinity called ‘Money’, are automatically suppressing in themselves other than money interests, in particular their very zoological “monkey’s curiosity”.

Here we came to a point. Aristotle considered curiosity to be the most noble “tropism” (‘knowledge tropism’) of Man: he begins his “Metaphysics” with an statement “all people want to know”. In Aristotelian terms people, which are used to turn away their attention from inconvenient for them facts – I have in mind in particular our Judeo-Darwinians – represent a kind of a not fully human sub-species. The former Russian dissident Alexander Zinoviev considered such people, dominant in particular in the “West”, to be “humanoids”, people unable to discern which objects and situations are permitting them to “nourish” (enrich) themselves in a manner not nefarious to the society taken as a whole  – a dreadful feature, characteristic of the behavior of our own cancerous tissue, too.

And of course it arises, in particular in establishments of dull work, the natural animosity of industrious like proverbial blind termites men of Labor, towards praised by Jesus of Nazareth “birds in the sky”, i.e. individuals which managed to avoid the nearly eternal imprisonment in banks, bureaus, houses, cars and hypermarkets. (As this “cage tropism” of modern man is concerned, my Swiss climbing partner, sociologist Willy Dietrich frequently repeated “humans are the most stupid animals which exist, they not only voluntarily enter into cages, but they lock themselves in them with a key.”)

 10. The “invisible CIA hand” inference in Life Sciences and in Cosmology

Jean Piaget has observed that in case of children, impulses which “push” them to construct more mature visions of reality, are “perturbations” which destroy their naive childish views.  But how to provide necessary “perturbations”, which would contribute to the healing of minds of our illustrious Masters of Scientific discourse? The historian of science Pierre Thuiller have noticed that statistically for one publication, revealing more mature understanding of Nature, there are twenty publications radiating with insights characteristic of utter microcephalians. One can write whatever one wishes, but channels of communications are hold by “invisible censors” (yes, CIA is very seriously involved in this task of “invisible censorship”), so the “blanket” obstructing the most evident truths is ever more dense.

In this situation we have to reach to fundamentals, to the very origin of a pathological twist (“mental constipation” as would call in Freudians) of conscience of the dominant class of intellectuals, imposing their deficiencies of intellectus (from inter-legere, the capacity to discern between objects) everywhere possible.

As I already mentioned it, the Cult of Labor (present also in the communist, supposedly taken from OT, insignia of the sickle and hammer) radiates from pages of both Old and New Testaments. The man is supposed to behave at the image of God, who labored for six days, creating the Universe, the Earth and the Sun, plants and animals and finally humans designated by Him to rule over all these God’s inventions. And in particular Christians are invited, by very intelligent “Letters” of St. Paul, to imitate their God – Christ Crucified – in his “labor” on the cross. This ugly, short episode of  Jesus of Nazareth last hours of life supposedly permitted the salvation of the Christian ilk after its obligatory death.

The problem, with all these Judeo-Christian dogmas of Creation, of Raising from the Dead and of Redemption is that all of them necessarily turn into fallacy, once we want be in agreement with elementary physics and biology. In particular, in light of the Law of Mass/Energy Preservation, the Universe has to be Eternal – thus the Universe itself must have the property of “immortal gods” imagined by Greeks in the Antiquity. The Universe has not been created – neither by an external “God”, neither by the Great Explosion (‘Big Bang’) – dozen of billions years ago. This is the opinion of quite a number of physicists and astronomers, although they have troubles to inform about it the publics. I permit myself to quote An Open Letter to the Scientific Community on this topics, contradicting essential dogma of Judeo-Christian-Moslem faith:

Plasma cosmology and the steady-state model both hypothesize an evolving universe without beginning or end. These and other alternative approaches can also explain the basic phenomena of the cosmos, including the abundances of light elements, the generation of large-scale structure, the cosmic background radiation, and how the redshift of far-away galaxies increases with distance. … in cosmology today doubt and dissent are not tolerated, and young scientists learn to remain silent if they have something negative to say about the standard big bang model. Those who doubt the big bang fear that saying so will cost them their funding. … Giving support only to projects within the big bang framework undermines a fundamental element of the scientific method — the constant testing of theory against observation. Such a restriction makes unbiased discussion and research impossible.”

( - published in “New Scientist”, May 22, 2004, )

To this “Open Letter” is attached an impressive list of University teachers and researchers, which do not give credence neither to the  Theory of Creation of the Universe by God, neither to its “creation” by a Cosmic Explosion, which both events supposedly have happen at a certain moment of (not existing yet) this Universe history. In all evidence the undersigned researchers intend to return mentally to pre-Christian times, when the bulk of the population of the Roman empire was convinced that the Universe is Eternal, and thus “earth cannot collapse”. The idea of the “end of the times” was/is an invention of psychically ill Jewish writers of various “Apocalypses”, one of which Fathers of the Church inserted into New Testament. This in order to raise, by this psychedelic oeuvre d’art, their own prestige among dumb masses.

Also the eternal existence of zoon  (it means of the Life in its variable forms)  was generally accepted by philosophers of Antiquity, in particular by Aristotle. In modern times this Aristotelian “biological vision of the Universe” got a strong support in paleontologists’ data indicating that the life is present at our Planet from at least half billion of years, with no indications of its possible extinction. “And if there will be no end, so it was no beginning” – to explain our personal Creation we have to look at our parents and they have to recall (anamnese) their parents, be it only in their unicellular forms. And so on, ad infinity in the past.

Seeds of zoon probably came to Earth from other animated celestial bodies – like seeds of our common in Europe plants which landed, blown by stratospheric winds, on finally emerging from Ocean New Zealand circa 26 million years ago. (It is of interest to notice that until 800 hundred years ago there were no, at these isolated by strong oceanic current islands, neither reptiles,  neither mammalians, except seals on its shores.) From the point of view of physics, which laws we assume to be eternal, there is no other alternative than Eternity of life in its necessarily cellular forms. The spontaneous creation of life on a cooling Earth is physically impossible. Author’s colleague at the time of his Geneva-Paris life period, physicist and molecular biologist Jacques Ninio already in 1979 has published calculations that such probability is les than 10-100000000000. This means that the Spontaneous Creation of Life is completely improbable.

 11. The Philo’s of Alexandria role in the creation of the J.-Ch. nihilist attitude to life activities

In years 1990, out of necessity to survive in the Polish academic system, the author become, at his age of 55, a professional philosopher. While he studied in extenso Christian and proto-Christian philosophers, especially these originating from antique Alexandria, he realized that these scholars treated mosaic writings with no critical spirit whatsoever, and that they were only trying to make acceptable, for  the educated publics, dubious biblical versions of the Creation.

In particular the contemporary of Jesus of Nazareth (and of St. Paul) Philo Judeaus of Alexandria,  argued that Moses “acquired” all his wisdom from God with no necessity to make fatiguing exercises, which are normally necessary for an assimilation of a serious knowledge. This “Platonizing” Jewish thinker announces for example, immediately after an appraisal of the “circumcision” of the Impulsive Soul (the soul symbolically associated with the Greek deity called Eros) the following revelation:

Without a fatigue lives the one, whom God out of his plentitude offers the grace of possessing excellent goods. And to the contrary, the one who by his efforts gains the virtue, appears to be less significant and less perfect than Moses, who without an effort received it from God. … As the effort is something less noble and more vulgar than the lack of an effort, the same is with an object less perfect in a comparison with the one of perfection. There is a similar difference between a man who learns and the one who has in himself the knowledge.” (Allegory of Laws, book III, verse 135).

This Philo’s of Alexandria bizarre contempt for learning by an activity of senses and of organs of motion, was repeated nearly two thousands years later by professor Noam Chomsky, who while working at MIT in Boston (at projects sponsored by the US Army, as I did at UC Berkeley?), was arguing that:

Essential aspects of our mental and social life, among them also the language, are determined as a part of our biological endowment, and they are not acquired by the process of learning, in particular by a training”. (By the way, Polish language, thanks to 7 declinations of nouns, does not obey, at all, rules of Chomsky’s Universal Generative Grammar. This supposedly genetically inherited (since how long?) UGG is simply a ‘chimera’, a non existing being invented by our illustrious American Linguist. Author’s “Slavic” non obedience to UGG rules is sometimes felt in his texts composed in English.)

Wherefrom aroused this contempt of Jewish writers for the natural, demanding repeated exercises, process of learning, resumed in well known Latin formula “repetitio mater studiorum est”?  Both Philo and Chomsky were grown, since their early youth, studying the same set of books of Old Testament. If we take into consideration the “meta-biblical” observation of Aristotle nihil est in intellectu quod prius non fuerit in sensu, we obtain a very interesting conclusion. Namely the cognitive limitation, during the critical period of maturation of neuronal connections of human brains, to sensory contacts with the very limited set of Hebrew writings, makes people physiologically blind to the fact that we ‘construct’ our knowledge ONLY BY AN ACTIVE INVESTIGATION of objects we want to know.

To a normal man – and the author of this text considers himself to be “normal” – the effort of learning, be it languages, be it Principles of molecular biology, be it methods of climbing vertical rocks, is a pleasure, a kind of an erotic activity, by Greeks associated with a half-god called Eros. And it is this pagan sensuous divinity, which directs most noble human desires, to recall the antique Trinity of Beauty, of Truth and of Good. People, which treat with contempt this erotic, entirely zoological drive for the perfection of movements, be it only in the movements of the tongue while speaking or singing, should be considered as self-made invalids. Men similar to this poor Charles Darwin, who was not able to accept Lamarck’s observation that the evolution of Living is directed by an Intelligent Project, provoking the perfection of these organs, which are trained. And thus surely not of these organs which are immobilized and thus degraded, like in the case of Philo’s imagined to be incorruptible, given by God, “Moses’ wisdom”.

Here we come to a point.

It is already in 17th century the Jewish agnostic philosopher Baruch Spinoza has publicly remarked that in the Bible there is no truth (he was nearly killed by his coreligionists for this statement). Spinoza was echoing the 15 centuries earlier remarks of “heretic” Marcion from Synope, claiming that Old Testament is the book of the God of Evil. Marcion argued that the God of Love (corresponding to Greek Eros), which was present in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, has not suffered at all, for this “kind Alien God” has left Jesus’ body prior to his crucifixion (“God my God why you abandoned me?” – these are last words of Jesus, reported by Mark, 16, 34). This Marcion’s supposition nullifies of course all these invented by Saul/Paul  religious teachings, attributing the super-redemptory value to Jesus of Nazareth Crucifixion.

It is not an unimportant detail of the Christian theology. Jesus whom we know from reports contained in Gospels, during his last few hours was slowly losing his vital forces, being attained by traumas with which he has neither the time, neither physical possibility to cope with. Thus the in-formation, which was in-built into his person, in particular in his mind, was irreversibly deteriorating. Due to this deterioration NO EROS  IS RADIATING FROM THE CROSS. It is of interest to recall that already hundred years ago several European thinkers (in particular Friedrich Nietzsche) have managed to communicate to a larger public an information that “Christianity had poisoned Eros, which for its part, while not completely succumbing, gradually degenerated into vice.” – I quote here the pope Benedict XVI in his encyclical letter “Deus carits est” from 2005 (probably by expressing such “antiChristian” opinions, Benedict XVI was condemned, by “Invisible Jahve’s warriors” – in a material form of CIA  directors – for the removal from the Holy See.)

 Part IV

From the human zygote “dream” of self-replication towards the homo sapiens love of excellence

12.  The ROA Principle of Intelligence, human embryos  “dreams” of self-replication, and the God’s of Bible “down with the Mind” desire;  13. The Francis Jacob’s experiments with dedifferentiation (and re-differentiation) of mouse embryos; 14. The Judeo-Darwinian perversion of homo sapiens strive for Knowledge; 15.  Pacans of Science as NSA-CIA agents in service of masses bewilderment

 12.  The ROA Principle of Intelligence, early embryos  “dreams” of self-replication, and the God’s of Bible  “down with the Mind” desire

Equipped with the knowledge of the differentia specifca, between the “zoological knowledge”, constructed thanks to an active investigation of a given problem, and the “mosaic knowledge” supposedly given by God to his prophets in an effortless manner, let’s return to the problem of the human biological endowment. This endowment supposedly is making difference between humans and other animals. To this specific endowment refers in his writings Noam Chomsky, in a concealed way repeating the nihilist argument of Philo of Alexandria that “the effort is something less noble and more vulgar than the lack of an effort”.

What than will grow from us in an effortless manner? According to precise observations of biologist and psychologist Jean Piaget, germinal cells (zygotes)  from which we evolve, contain only few principles of intelligence. At the beginning I took this statement with an incredulity, but later on I realized that in fact, these inherited by our germinal cells principles of life might be shorten to only three  sentences abbreviated to the term ROA, which I outlined in Chapter 4: R = REGENERATION of all complex organic molecules forming the living cell; O = OVER-REGENERATION of cellular body parts somehow destroyed, and A = ASSOCIATION of these, regenerated with overcompensation, body elements, (genes included), leading to the appearance of conditioned reflexes[iii].

These Three Eternal Principles of Biology form the dear to numerous Americans INTELLIGENT PROJECT present in the Universe, which Project was put in a literary form of LAWS OF BIOLOGY, defined already 204 years ago in “Philosophie zoologique” of Jean Baptiste de Lamarck. According to this Intelligent Project, human zygote-like cells have only a “dream” of re-generation of its own copy. Such early embryonic “dream”, by Jacques Monod called ‘teleonomy’, is no different from the one characteristic of other microorganisms: these micro-beings, from assimilated by them food automatically synthesize their own copies. Only when “dreaming of its self-replication” early embryonic cell encounters obstacles on its way of an incessant proliferation, more complex behaviors of these cells appear. (This is what confirms F. Jacob’s experimentations with early mouse embryos, which will be discussed in the next chapter.) But what is inside us since our conception as unicellular beings, which in our adulthood makes us curious of our own genetic endowment?

As told me in 1979 the famous zoologist Pierre Paul Grassé, all the development of a new born baby consists of an acquisition, by a TRAINING, of consecutive conditioned reflexes – which reflexes consist of genetic associations of reactions to various microtraumas. New born babies are practically “empty” of an inherited system of reflexes, except the one of sucking and of crying when they feel uncomfortable. (Such “emptiness” of new born babies, from inherited reflexes, was not the case hundreds of thousands years ago – see the Fig. 3)

J.-P. Grassé told the author that only at our age of 2-3 years, when we begin to speak, we reach the level of mental development, which characterizes other adult primates. All the intellectual difference, between human and other primate species, results from the very high speed, with which consecutive conditioned reflexes are constructed by humans, having the period of “maturation” of neuronal connections extended to 20+ years of age. THERE EXIST NO INBORN, EXCLUSIVELY HUMAN MENTAL TRAITS – like the supposedly inborn in us notion of God – as postulated it the French mathematician René Descartes[iv], impressed by antique writings of Aurelius Augustin.

How, in the light of these amply confirmed by zoologists and psychologists, data concerning the ‘construction’ (the term of Jean Piaget), or ‘acquisition’ (the term used by Lamarck 204 years ago) of  numerous human behavioral competences, are looking assertions of Noam Chomsky, René Descartes and preceding them Judeo-Christian writers, that “Essential aspects of our mental and social life …are determined as a part of our biological (or God’s given) endowment, and they are not acquired by the process of learning, in particular by a training”.

From the quoted above opinions of Grassé and Piaget it is evident that we, during our early embryonic life, have nothing more inside us than the elementary desire of consumption of all “goods” around us, and subsequently synthesizing from them our own copies. It is the manifestation of Eternal Principle R = self Regeneration of biological beings. Early embryonic cells behave exactly as planned it the God described at first pages of the Holy Bible: “multiply, fill (the body of) earth and dominate it”. But why is God of the Bible silent about two other Eternal Principles of life, namely O (Over-regeneration) and A (Association) – which Principles are at the base of all zoon creativity?

If God is silent on this topics, it means that He dislikes the idea that living beings are creating (‘in-forming’) themselves, by their own activity: in this case the God would lose all his prestige of a Creator (see the “godless” title of Paul Wintrebert book “Le vivant, créateur de son évolution”). The not exercised faculties disappear, which signifies that the God of the Bible is, in its essence, the God of Corruption of all more sophisticated beings, in particular of these with highly developed intellectus, an organ capable to discern what is the Beauty and what is Ugliness, and what is Knowledge and what is its Fake. Logically this “God of Jews” wants its Chosen People to behave like non-yet-differentiated, aggressively proliferating devoid of Mind embryos (see the addendum “Declaration of Rights of the Embryonic Society”). And of course this God of Microcephalians is happy while observing, how his beloved folk looks with admiration at the Cross, interiorizing its message: these daredevils, which permitted themselves to develop too sharp intellect, have the way of the cross ahead of them…

13. Francis Jacob’s experiments with dedifferentiation (and re-differentiation) of mouse embryos

How do than more complex animal and human behaviors are created (opinion of Lamarckians) or only revealed (opinion of Carthesians and than neoDarwinians) overstepping this “embryonic dream” of self replication? The English embryologist Lewis Wolpert has published in  1991 a book “The Triumph of the Embryo”, which very title suggests  that all programs of differentiation are already present in genomes of higher animals embryos. He contradicted thus the thesis of a French embryologist Paul Wintrebert, who in his book “The self-development of living beings”, published in 1963, claimed that the development of an animal, from a fertilized egg to its adult form, is a process of CREATION OF IN-FORMATION. To which view we shall attach the credence?

A very interesting “play” with the reversible differentiation of mammalian embryos made Francis Jacob 35 years ago. Namely he has observed that the addition to the serum, in which was kept “in vitro” mice embryo in its compact morula stadium, of an agent (specific antibody) inhibiting intensive contacts between cells, provokes the regression of its structure to an earlier, grape-like stage of development. See the Fig. 4 adapted from F. Jacob’s article “Teratocarcinoma et la differentiation cellulaire” published in La Recherche, 89, 422, 1978; the “wholist” interpretation[v] of this very illustrative experiment is presented at

Why do the prolonged separation (also by an insertion of plastic sheet between them) of cells forming an embryo, provoke the durable loss of these cells tendency to cling together and to form compact beings, having higher in-formation (more complex structure) than the loosely connected “lonely crowd” of cellular individualists, characterizing the immediately the post-zygote stage of embryo’s formation?

From Jean Piaget’s biological point of view the answer is simple. When cells remain in a compact group, they necessarily press (“rub”) one against another and have to feed cells which happen to be inside their assembly. Each such “rubbing” of their surfaces causes microtraumas followed by “majorant requilibration” (regeneration with an overcompensation) of  surface elements “rubbed out”. In particular, “hills” on the surface of “donor” exterior cells, which “hills” are saturated with assimilated from outside nutrition, are swelling, while electrostatically hungry “valleys” on “consumer” cells inside the compact group are increasing in size too, expecting more food to come. In this creative manner, by a “re-growth with an overcompensation” of elements which are used in the exchange of nutritive substances, spontaneously appears the first differentiation of an embryo into ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm layers. Such rise in structural in-formation is the testimony of A CREATION OF IN-FORMATION during the exchange (i.e. communication) of matter between cells having – and these not having – an access to the food.

With the beginning of specialization, ever more cells are becoming “preoccupied” with their novel duties, which they create themselves by their automatic reactions to intercellular “rubbings”. Forgetting about their ‘teleonomic’ plans of constant multiplication, they engage in the over-regeneration (selective reinforcement) of these structures, which are ‘worn out’ by microtraumas occurring during imposed on them activities – exactly as it is observed during the regeneration of exercised muscles. (By the way. A convincing and accessible to a self-observation example, how the action of rubbing of a human sensuous body against an another naked human body, leads to the formation of a persisting bond between engaged in these “rubbings” partners, furnishes our normal sexual activity, consisting exclusively of such rubbings… ).

Each subsequent stage of a development of an embryo, and later on of a maturating individual, follows this path of ‘induction by microtraumas, and an over-regeneration of selected by these traumas cellular tissues’.  As observed it Jean Piaget on a macroscopic level (see chapt. 3 & 4), children develop their skills in this manner too, in particular by an active participation in plays with other children. By the same zoological process adult homo sapiens “acquires” (constructs) the habit to reason in a self-reflecting manner, this as a reaction to numerous microtraumas he received in his adolescence, usually from his friends, from family members and teachers.

In particular in this manner forms itself the truly ‘sapiens’ intellect, an intellectus (from inter-legere), organ capable of distinguishing not only between  living and not living objects, but also between the Real and Apparent knowledge. As a retired teacher of philosophy, I have to stress that for ancient Greeks the Good was the Knowledge, while the Evil was the Ignorance. This distinction become silenced in a whole panoply of religions issued from Judaism, dominated by priests and scholars obstinately refusing to learn anything which oversteps “embryonal” life programs contained in mosaic and than “Christian” writings. For these Pharisees – this term signifies “separated ones” – the broadminded knowledge was/is the sign of an evil (see teachings of St. Paul – Col. 2: 8) . And this, characteristic for the Pharisee sect, perversion of ”godliness” become the ESSENTIAL EVIL, totally poisoning the spirituality of Judeo-Christian and post J.-Ch. societies of the “West”.

14. The Judeo-Darwinian attack against homo sapiens ambitions

At the end of the 17th century, when Western European scholars pondered the wisdom of the statement of René Descartes’ “cogito ergo sum” (‘je pense donc je suis’, I think that I am, it is a variation of the famous self-description of the God “I am that I am”), philosophers and bishops in the Kingdom of Poland had other preoccupations. Namely a nobleman Kazimierz Lyszczynski, who initially was a member of the Jesuit order, than soldier fighting against Swedes, and later on a judge in the Brest-Litovsk voievodie, has written, in secrecy, a book in Latin titled “De non existentia Dei”. He argued in it that “The religion was established by men without religion, so they could be worshipped,  although the God doesn’t exist. The godliness was introduced by godless, the fear of God is spread by those unafraid so the people are afraid of them … The doctrine, be it logical or philosophical, bragging to be teaching the truth of God, is false, and on the contrary, the one condemned as false, is the very true one.And so on, very interesting insights concerning the fallacy of not only the Christian faith.

The manuscript of “De non eixstentia Dei” was stolen from Lyszczynski and submitted to the Catholic Church officials, by a gentleman who owned him money. After a “decent” trial Lyszczynski was condemned in 1689 for a stake – which sentence was changed for a more humanitarian decapitation, thanks to the intervention of his military commander, the king Jan III Sobieski.

Despite the success story of Polish bishops fighting, in this cruel manner, for their species survival, the Lyszczynski’s argument that “the religion was established, by cunning investors in human naivety, so they could be worshipped”, and that “men are architects and engineers of God and God is not a true being, but a being existing only within mind, being chimeric by its nature”, fits also very well the “laic scientific religion”, engineered by Charles Darwin and his followers, in particular by several Nobel Prize winners of the 20th century. Their “laic scientific God” is a binary invention similar to “binary weapons” destined for the modern battlefield.

One component of this Scientific Weapon Of Massive Mind Destruction is the CHIMERA of Natural Selection of “races which are favoured in the struggle for life” (the subtitle of Darwin’s book). This, dating to the reverend Thomas Malthus book “On Population”, invention of a chimeric being of Selection, was eagerly accepted as “food for thought” by seeking their social legitimization, industrialists and merchants, men totally indifferent to the harm they do to other less prosperous humans, as well to the landscape of industrialized by them countries. It is of interest to recall that more trained in logical reasoning naturalists, like the astronomer John Herschel, quickly denounced this pompous Theory of Natural Selection as the “Higgledy–Piggledy Law”. (This “Law” categorically denies the existence of ‘regeneration with overcompensation’ of harms done to organisms by “selecting” them agents – see the reported in chapt. 7 history of L-D experimentation.)

The second element of this “Scientific Binary Weapon” of mass mind destruction, was engineered in the 20th century by several Nobel Prize winners. They pretended that discovered by them genetic structures have divine, metaphysical properties, identical with Aristotelian Immobile Mover, which “acts but is not acted upon”. The best example of such cognitive attitude provides the internationally promoted guru of JudeoDarwinism Richard Dawkins. As late as 2006 he maintained that his famous book from 1976 “The Selfish Gene” should in fact bear the title “Immortal Gene”. In all evidence  even at his age of 65 Dawkins was not able to imagine that genes, consisting from long chains of nuclear acids, necessarily disintegrate once they are artificially replicated “in vitro”, outside living organisms. To demonstrate this trivial phenomenon I copied on the Fig. 5 results of so-called Spiegelman’s experiment. It was an attempt to copy, in an inanimate milieu, a relatively short segment of a highly infective viral Qβ RNA. At the beginning this segment of RNA, in the presence of an enzyme called Qβ replicase and in a solution saturated with free RNA nucleotides ACGT, replicated itself perfectly. But as  in the case of an “overused” ordinary copying machine, after about 75 replications the “in vitro” replication of a counting  4500 bases RNA of the Qβ virus ended: the virus was losing its infectivity and its RNA dissociated into progressively smaller  and smaller, still replicating themselves fragments of RNA (Fig. 5).

As I repeatedly underline it in the present “opus luciferi” (literally “the work which brings light”), it is only in living cells, which dispose of an efficient, self-synthesized enzymatic apparatus of repair of damaged nuclear acids (see Fig. 2 in chapt. 3), genes and viruses are nearly perfectly copied ad infini:  this fact is exploited in industrial genetic engineering, employing appropriately modified bacteria as “slaves” synthesizing necessary for medicine enzymes, antibodies, etc. And of course, living microorganisms, maintaining their cellular forms since billions of years, must themselves be immortal in order to assure the apparent “immortality” of nucleic acids forms they contain.

There is one more miracle in Biology, miracle completely beyond the capacity of comprehension of sure of their ignorance (neo)Darwinians. Namely single-cellular organisms, (which in the case of higher animals form the germinal tissue specialized in assuring the longevity of a species), realize their long term immortality in a VERY EROTIC MANNER, by a periodic intermixture of  their genetic material. (In case of sex-less bacteria this phenomenon is called conjugation). Such electrostatically driven intermixture permits, among other benefits, the re-invigoration of a species by an elimination of genetic pathologies, which accumulate inside avoiding the cross-breading cultures, in particular in the one of Jews and the one of degenerated European bourgeois aristocracy.

The manifested by 65 years old Richard Dawkins inability to distinguish between the behavior of living and not living objects, is surely a very depressing intellectual trait, Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget would say with irony that Dawkins in his childhood had not pondered enough at the origin of automatic regeneration of a skin torn away on his knees while playing with other children. The case of Richard Dawkins is not unique, and it would be of interest to describe numerous scholars like him by a general, borrowed from Slavic languages pittoresque term ‘pacan’: according to the dictionary this term denominates an intellectual of mental age between 5 and 35 years, unable to discern between the reality and its fake image.

15. Pacans of Science as messengers of the City upon a Hill Intelligent Project

In which direction these, unable to discern between living and not living objects, PACANS OF SCIENCE – like the mentioned at the beginning Michael Scriven from U.C. Berkeley, Jean-Paul Changeux from Institute Monod in Paris,  Richard Dawkins from University of Oxford and Noam Chomsky from MIT (not to mention similar ones I met in Poland after 1982) – are pushing masses in “developed” countries? Masses which are purposefully blindfolded by NSA (No Such Agency) of CIA specialized in killing rational thinking in humans?

Kazimierz Lyszczynski in his “Non existentia Dei” remarked that the chimeric “God”, imposed upon common people by antique Jewish business-minded priesthood, is a kind of a mind parasite, permitting a comfortable life to its providers, at the expense of common folk drugged with “God”. It is nothing new, already at the time of Moses, courageous Israelites, questioning the veracity of existence of Moses’ “God”, were simply killed (Korah’s rebellion, the slaughter of disbelievers in Stone Tablets, Ex. 32, 26-28, etc.). Only after the French Revolution, when the catholic priesthood become an object of a negative Natural Selection, voices claiming that “religion is the opium of masses” become loud in Europe. Finally, in the 20th century Marxists tried, in large degree successfully in the former Soviet Union, to abolish the commerce with this debilitating “opium”.

In a similar way behave the contemporary scientific priesthood predicating to masses the Higgledy-Piggledy Law of Natural Selection combined with the Metaphysics of Genes. But contrary to the Judaist and Christian priesthood of the past, which priesthood punished heretics by public executions, the  Judeo-Darwinian Pacans’ Elite, in agreement with directives of Manual TM-SW7905.1 fights for its “survival and domination” in an invisible to the general public manner. Simply these works in the domain of biology, which demonstrate proofs that living beings actively cope with hostile to them environment, are kept for decades in obscurity. To recall once again the case of Barbara McClintock in USA, Ted Steele in Toronto, London and Sydney,  and adventures of my friends Philippe Anker and Maurice Stroun at the University of Geneva ( my own adventures I outline in a footnote[vi]). But will this ugly situation in science eternalize?

English anthropologist Michael Thompson already 35 years ago has remarked that “in sociology  (in all life sciences and in cosmology as well) we witness a systematic channeling of enquiry in order to impel knowledge ever further from the truth. What are Principal Truths, which these “Pacans from the Temple of Zion” are trying to conceal?

As observed it Kazimierz Lyszczynski already 324 years ago, the Moses’ invented anthropomorphic God Creator of the Universe, and of his Chosen People, does not exist.

  1. As remarked it John Herschel already 156 years ago, the Darwin’s invented chimera of Natural Selection, by which actions supposedly originated novel species, does not exist either.
  2. To the contrary, it exists since Eternity, INSIDE all living beings, a sensuous being by Greeks symbolically called Eros. Its Intelligent Project – in abbreviation ROA – reveals itself in its capacity to fuse together (Latin ‘inter-ligare’) reactions to challenges from outside. It is worth to recall that in the book of “Genesis”, this pagan sensuous half-god Eros is associated with the Devil, by early Christians called Lucifer, the one which brings light onto GOD’S IMBECILITY.
  3. The systematic suppression, of Eros/Lucifer, by Judeo-Christian Priesthood, automatically leads to the widespread of Darkness, already in Antiquity denounced by Jesus of Nazareth (“if the light which is inside you the darkness is… Mat. 6: 23). The Black Cloud (the title of John Kaminski’s essay) radiating worldwide from the City Shinning upon a Hill, is in itself a manifestation of an “intelligent project” permitting the survival of the described in Manual TM-SW7905.1  parasitic Money Elite. This of course at the cost of ruined by this Mega Parasite ever more dumb masses, and the ruin of ever more isolated from Nature environment.

Part V

Consequences of the City upon a Hill “Intelligent Project”

16. The resembling Lymphoma malignum  widespread of Judeo-Darwinian civilization

How does this blindness of “westernized” humanity manifest itself today?

As we demonstrated it in chapters 7 and 13, the ‘postmodernist’  plague of neotenic (juvenile) non distinction between living and not living has lead to an overdomestication of modern man, which “intelligently” developed the habit of hiding in comfortable houses from various natural inconveniences. As a result of life without unpleasant perturbations (which perturbations are necessary to mature numerous human organs), the ever more effeminized and pacan-like, neotenic population appeared in gigantic cities overstuffed with material goods. The not exploited enough organs become sources of ever increasing number of illness, practically all of them having the inheritable, thus genetically coded, character: to recall only shortsightedness, veins, diabetes, bad dentition and recently the ever more popular autism, “intelligently” preparing the youth for the dull, practically autistic work of accountants, businessmen and scientists bent on numerical, easy to measure evaluations of everything around us, including love affairs.

A significant number of these “illnesses of wellbeing” form cancers, which ever more take forms of epidemics. One of these “invisible epidemics” is the a malignant tumor called lymphoma, which in my case was discovered under my eye lids few months ago. But this happen at my age over 70 years old, after 60 years of practically excellent health, with short visits in hospitals after ski, bicycle and climbing accidents. While staying, this June and than July, for consecutive chemical treatments in the Hematology Clinics of Cracow’s University Hospital, I was surprised by the number of men and woman much younger than me having the same illness. I’ve read that until five decades ago lymphoma was a rare illness of aged people, but this has changed. According to data from Britain quoted in Polish pressin last 20 years it is observed a steady increase of number of cases of this illness among very young people, it rose by one fourth among13-14 years old, one third among 15 to 19 years old and doubled among young adults, which may be the effect of the pollution of the environment.”

But the pollution in European cities in last decades significantly diminished, this in part due to the abandon of heating of houses witch highly polluting coal, and in part due to the introduction of unleaded fuel for cars, diminishing the concentration of heavy metals in the atmosphere. Also the heavy, highly polluting industries disappeared in big cities in Europe, in particular in my familiar Kraków. Our megacities at present are free from insects like flees, mosquitos and spiders, and rare in them plants produce much less pollen, which is causing asthma in sensible people. But the most important of all of it, it is THE PRACTICALLY TOTAL STERILIZATION OF FOOD WE CONSUME, in our hypermarkets everything is kept in plastic bags and containers, frequently additionally sterilized by appropriate irradiations. Contrary to common beliefs, we live in ever more sterile environment, CIVILIZATION IS STERILIZATION exclaimed joyfully dwellers of “Brave New Word”, a futuristic book written more than 80 years ago by Aldous Huxley. Our ever more sterile food contains very little bacteria and other harmful for us agents, with which our, built from various sorts of lymphocytes, immunitary system is used to fight.

All these improvements, in the quality of air we breathe and the food we consume, signify that our lymphocytic tissue, specialized in neutralization and rremoval from us of diverse toxins and foreign bodies, has very little to do. And like in the case of other civilization diseases, this tissue becomes the source of illnesses. The lymphocyte tissue belongs to these ones, which are highly specialized. During ‘training’ of young lymphocytes (yes, training by close interactions with “teacher cells”, an activity so much repudiated by illustrious Noam Chomsky) in thymus, in bone marrow and in lymph glands, young lymphocytes undergo significant genetic modifications, called ‘maturation’, especially in the “heavy” and “light” regions of their DNA chains, coding for the immunoglobulin protein, providing to us immunity to all kinds of toxins.

Like it is the case in our public schools, not all young lymphocytes “acquire” – it means construct in themselves – these highly specialized genetic structures, a small percentage of them forms a not fully differentiated “residue”. This “undertrained” residue does not entirely forgets about its embryonic “dream” of constant multiplication. In case the organism’s ‘police”, consisting from adult lymphocytes, weakens for whatever reason (the sudden diminishment of the number of active lymphocytes in case of a severe psychical stress, the advanced age of an individual, as it was in my case, etc.), this not fully differentiated, retaining its embryonic propensities “residue” is prone to make an “adaptive genetic mutation”. Instead of participation in collective activities of lymphatic tissue – which activities in case of continuous life in a sterile environment are sensibly attenuated – these residual “pacan” lymphocytes restart their embryonic, biblico-Darwinian programs of a selfish proliferation.

With a time – usually it takes years and even decades – they are becoming specialized, by a subsequent sudden adaptive mutations at their genetic level, in stealing food from normal tissues, which are durably inhibited in such rapacious behaviour. It is necessary to stress that exchanging between themselves fragments of nucleic acids (see works of Anker and Stroun), progressing into malignancy tumours learn methods of such an aggressive stealing, by the ROA principle of the re-generation with overcompensation, of enzymes used in their “stealing the food” activities. Tumours of all kinds demonstrate an intelligent behaviour, they are able to redirect veins, assuring in this manner the supply of blood for their egoist “economical growth”.

This is a very general sketch of the origin of all kinds of tumours, not only the one with which is fighting at present the staff of Hematology Clinics in Kraków, under the surveillance of  professor Alexander Skotnicki, my colleague since years.  I have to add that already 33 years ago the sketched above explanation of “opportunist origin” of tumours,  caught the interest of very serious researchers in embryology and virusology in Paris, in particular of professor Daniel Zagury, known from experimenting, on his own body, with the anti HIV vaccine. But of course, this my “poetic suggestion”, attributing the intelligence to our own cells, among them also to these “maverick” tumor ones, had not chances to be published. As a retired professional philosopher I have to add that already Aristotle attributed the intelligent life principle – called by him entelechy – to all animal organs. This observation of the most sophisticated philosopher-naturalist of Antiquity, negating the role of an anthropomorphic God in the Creation of Universe, did not pleased of course Fathers of the Church, which did everything to keep in obscurity related to biology writings of Aristotle. There were Moslems in early Middle Ages, which saved Aristotle for the posterity.

With Aristotle removed from shelves of scientific libraries, with Lamarck fustigated for his idea that giraffes necks elongated due to their efforts to reach leaves high on trees (every orthopaedist knows that stretching elongates bones), and after the relegation of Jean Piaget concepts of young humans development exclusively to the domain of child psychology, in case of the present epidemics of cancers we are in a full conceptual void. Already 30 years ago physicians in Switzerland alarmed that approximately one third of Swiss population has a cancer, while the only explanation of this more and more frequent disease is “the effect of polluted environment, Chernobyl, or other genetic accident of an obscure origin”.

Enlightened by Cartesian mechanistic understanding of activities of our bodies, and acting in a very logical manner, we try to sterilize the environment ever more – and thus ever more we make the populace prone to CIVILIZATION ILLNESSES of all types, thus population ever more dependent of Big Pharma life sustaining products. (Aristotle estimated average human life span at 70 years, which corresponds to average length of life of Polish males today; Aristotle died at 64, Plato at 80, and the Athenian Democracy condemned Socrates for self-poisoning at his age of 70.)

The total immersion of Western Civilization in Big Pharma products – Poland is at present the biggest consumer in Europe of medicaments – is a manifestation of “an intelligent project” realized by our parasitic industrial and scientific PACANS ELITE conducting,  I quote Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1 “…biological warfare, which attacks the vitality, options, and mobility of the individuals of a society, …   attacking their sources of natural and social energy, and their physical, mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses”.

The recently deceased Polish post-Marxist philosopher Leszek Kolakowski, who spent nearly 40 years in exile as a professor at All Souls College in Oxford, 32 years ago wrote me a long letter, commenting my attacks against the pope John Paul II encyclical letter “Laborem exercens” of 1981. Kolakowski informed me that according to his understanding of the reality, THE CIVILIZATION IS AN EVIL IN ITSELF, and that all Fathers of the Church praised Labor as the mean to be closer to God (the famous “ora et labora” slogan of catholic laborious clergy). But civilization (from Latin ‘civitas’ – the city) is a material effect of human work, which cult inoculated into Christians Pharisee Saul, better known as St. Paul. It means that the cult of Work, which in its theological meaning is an imitation of Labor of the Christ at the Cross, is at the origin of all civilization diseases, the epidemics of cancers and the rape of the Nature included. A very fruitful association indeed, worth of a wider publicity, in particular among Protestants.

There are further, spontaneously arising in our minds associations of St. Paul’s elaborated theology with ever more numerous pests of post-modernist societies. This self-appointed Apostle was proud of his membership in vilified many times by Jesus sect of Pharisees (“separated”), and also proud of his participation in the obscure, evidently proto-masonic sect of “a remnant of seven thousand (Aaronite) men who have not bowed the knee to Baal.” ( Rom. 11: 4). This “Baal” during the Hellenistic occupation of Jerusalem was symbolized by Eternal Laws of Logics, worshipped by godless Greek philosophers and considered to be “superfluous and unholy” by pious Jews despising the open-minded Hellenistic culture.

Here we arrive at one more analogy, between the Origin (Genesis) of common cancers and the Origin of the “Christian faith”. Tumors of all kinds are “organized” by residual, not differentiated cells of particular tissues, which cells reverse to their “embryonic individualism” sensing the weakness of organism’s anti-parasitic defenses. In case of the Origin of the Christian religion, it was engineered by a representative of a “remnant” (residue) of “grown separately” Pharisee sect, which sect avoided the training in basic logics, totally devoted to the study of Torah. And the manufactured by Pharisee Saul/Paul “monstrosity of Reason” – he did it in a form of “Letters” isolated from dangers of logical analysis –  was eagerly accepted by simpleminded Roman  pacans, not having at all philosophical interests, except their own egoistic desire of salvation from crimes committed and/or intended.

As wrote me one of my Polish correspondents “Jews only killed Jesus, but St. Paul has murdered him”. And this murder of all more bright ideas of Jesus, somehow managed to impose himself (surely with the help of material “God of Israel”) as the leader of the “Hellenistic” – in the sense of eager collaboration with Roman occupiers of Jerusalem –  branch of Christianity, soon the only type of Christianity acceptable in the Roman Empire. In Eastern Christianity this Paulinist cognitive monstrosity become somehow “domesticated”, but in the West, principally due to Protestant clergy avoiding the training in logical reasoning,  with the invention of the printing machine, the Christianity gave the essential impulse to the development of completely nihilist monstrosity of Capitalism, otherwise known as the Religion of Mammon.

It is thus no wonder thus that Charles Darwin, who for 3 years has studied at Cambridge Anglican theology to become a parson, in his “Origin of Species” inserted, at the very end of the Chapter on Instincts, a poetic exclamation “multiply and vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die!”, which is a variation of the God’s order “multiply and fill the earth and dominate it!” present at the beginning of the Book of Genesis, which Darwin intensively studied prior to his sudden conversion to the Evolutionary Theory at his age of 30.

The Darwinian variation of the God’s order “multiply and dominate the earth” become the leading slogan of initially Anglo-Saxon, but later on truly International assault against all the Planet, resumed in 1979 in CIA Manual recommending “Quiet Biological Warfare  attacking the vitality, options, and mobility of the individuals. This program of an artificial debilitation of young people is in a full swing today, and all these “pacan theories”, attributing most serious civilization illnesses (diabetes, autism, schizophrenia, various forms of cancers) to “not sterile enough environment”, are purposeful covers hiding the growing dependency  of common people from the produced by Big Pharma drugs (as I am since my 71st birthday). Due to upbringing of citizens in ever more comfortable conditions, they are becoming only “half healthy”, necessitating nearly continuous medical assistance. They are thus perfect material for corporate serfs, in their professional activities resembling these bacteria exploited in biotech laboratories, which are “castrated” from operons capable to excise attached to them alien DNA.

Are there chances of reversing this situation?

The tandem of German 19 century intellectuals (literally ‘men capable to read in-between verses’), Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, in their concise “Communist Manifesto” of 1848, at the end of chapter 2 have formulated in ten points the demand of the de-mammonization, in fact de-judaization of the European Culture. The realization of this anti-bourgeois program they planed by a simple nationalization (i.e. commercial dez-individualization) of banking, of industry, of principal communication lines and of similar business endeavors.

There is a frequently repeated objection to this communist “globalist” proposal, that “communism was established by Jews”. These of Jews, which participated in the establishment of the Soviet Union (but of course not of Chinese Peoples Republic, communist Korea, etc.) were by a definition anti-Zionists, thus against “the city shinning upon a hill”, with which heritage identified themselves Father Pilgrims and later on presidents of USA. And there cannot be friendship between  philo-bourgeois Zionists (both these of USA and these of Israel) and communists. This fact neatly accentuated in 1932[vii] the founder of existing until today BETAR terrorist organization Vladimir Zhabotynski,:

The one which wants to serve Zionism must fight against communism. All the process of building communism, even if it goes somewhere at the other side of a Planet, in Mexico or in Tibet, is harmful for the soil of Israel. Every defeat of communism is in interest of Zionism. … For Zionism the communism is like the poisoning gas, it is necessary to treat it as such poison. Or this – Or that.

This opinion of Zhabotinski is valid not only in case of Jews. We have “Zionist Center of Mindful Life Anihililation” in particular  inside USA, which country presidents make their “oath of fidelity” to the “City upon the hill (of Zion)”. And of course it is with this City of London and Wall Street we have to measure, if we want to “roll back the wheel of the history” of last few decades. I would like to add to it that the successful realization of Marxists’ Intelligent Project trough the 20th century, on vast territories of not only Eastern Europe and Asia, but also of America (Cuba), has effectively cut down roots of progressing “embryonalization” of humanity taken as a whole. It signifies (see for ex. late works of Alexandr Zinoviev) that still exists the remedy against the Judeo & (post)Christian Laborious Pacans engineered, gloomy future of mentally and physically ever more ill humanity.

Part VI

What in case of the Universe being Eternal?

This part is not yet completed. But googlig in cosmology related texts, the author found two interesting messages favoring the “pre-Christian” thesis of the eternity of life in the eternal Universe:

1. Cosmologists  associated with astrophysicist Fred Hoyle write something like this: “Because a key result of HGD (Hydro-gravitational-dynamics) is that the dark matter of galaxies is dense clumps of ancient planets, each of which is a potential host for life, this first order argument against astrobiology and panspermia (…) is removed.

2. The second argument favoring the 5th  century B.C. and than the 19th  century A.D. panspermia theory, supposing the existence of life in the whole Universe, is the discovery of a very efficient “vector”, which can transport seeds of microorganisms between distant galactics. This “vector” form lengthy tails of comets, which from time to time brush also the Earth. These tails are made principally from ice, which is an excellent “freezer” for the intergalaxian transport:  in case of the Tempel 1 comet, which “head” was tested by NASA probe on 4th July 2005, there was found “the material which seems to be rich in organic matter, material that is rich in carbon”. If this information is true, the arrival of first seeds of plants on cooling earth becomes technically feasible.

As the personality of Fred Hoyle is considered, he wrote a science-fiction novel “Black Cloud”, about a cosmic gaseous living body, which blocked the access of sunlight to the earth. My former correspondent, apparently schizophrenic (for American standards) writer John Kaminski from Florida, after events 9-11in USA has intelligently associated that this “Black cloud” is radiating from “the city upon a hill”, to which CHIMERA American Presidents are praying. And there is no way of our salvation except ending-up with the Ugly Comedy with the Holy Bible and its “word from the God” called Mammon…and down

with the City of Brain Death Shinning upon a hill

Zakopane, July 11, 2013,

 just prior to the return to the Hematology Clinics

Addendum (1993)


of Human Embryonal Society



of “Down with the Mind” All the World Movement


We, the Embryonal People of all Races and Sexes, We declare as follows:


1. Being fully conscious, that our ideas are in a full contradiction with the Reason and Biology, we declare that it is an obvious truth, that all men are created equal. We thus claim that Cain is equal to Abel, an idiot to a genius, and a common gangster has the same rights as a saint. Moreover, in agreement with the teaching of the New Catholic Church, we declare that the human embryo has equal rights to the life, and to the pursuit of happiness, as an adult man. In short, we claim that A (FERTILISED) EGG IS EQUAL TO A CHICKEN – and this is our New, Radiant Thought, which enlightens all our strivings and actions.

2. We declare that our God, Creator of Equality, has provided us – in a contrast with other mindless animals – with natural rights to live in safety, to bee free, and to be happy. We intend to execute these divine rights at the cognitive level of an innocent child, or even at the level of a not-yet-differentiated embryo. We have right to do it, for it is a self-evident truth that every adult was once in his embryonal state of personality. This is his own fault, that he has abandoned – against the Will of the Creator of Equality – this divine state of primordial idiocy and happiness.

3. In order to enforce the divine laws of The Infantilized Man, we intend to reproduce on the Earth the conditions of safety and happiness which are characteristic for the womb. We will thus cover the earth with our air-conditioned structures, which will protect us from evils of the bad weather, and we will provide the People with endless supply of food, clothing and transport facilities, so nobody will be forced to perform any destroying him, physical effort. We will also organize our Society in such a way that nobody will dare to force us to do a cognitive effort – which effort might eventually draw us away from our God-blessed state of continuous idiocy and happiness.

4. We declare that in order to realize this grandiose project of a permanent infantilization (or even of embryonalization) of a man, our God, Creator of Equality, has provided us with the right to exploit, up to our desires, all the richness of the Earth. We have also the right to exterminate (or to imprison in cages and reserves) all other animal species, including the Homo sapiens, which might put into danger the realization of our aggressively infantilized projects of total domestication.

5. We thus declare that our Human Embryonal Society has the Right to organize itself into politico-economical bands called parties, Mafias and corporations. In order to ease activities of these God-blessed bands, it has become necessary to dissolve – or to transform in an appropriate way – all previously existing, social justice, beauty, and truth seeking, human associations. Their crime consisted in stimulation of desires and actions different from the obligatory in our society, new born babies drive for a comfort, safety, and an  imbecile happiness.

6. We thus declare, that the Enemy no.1 of the People are followers of Karl Marx, whose program has effectively limited the production of God blessed machines, which in an effortless way give to people the feeling of freedom, happiness and domination.

7. We declare, that the Enemy no. 2 of the People are followers of Socrates, whose ancient teachings have undermined in the past the idiotic, childish enchantment with democracy and equality.

8. We declare, that the Enemy no. 3 of the People are sincere and averted followers of Jesus Christ. This son of the bitch has managed, for nearly two thousand years, to lure the people, claiming that the happiness one might find eventually only after one’s death, and that we should not care neither for food nor clothing, neither for business, neither even for our own families.

9. We intend also to liberate Mankind from the merciless teachers, who spoil our youth declaring that one cannot jump over one’s shadow, that two plus two equals four, and that every action causes reaction. Students of our schools, instead of learning the dull logic, mathematics and physics, will joyously play computer games and learn about Mickey Mouse adventures.

10. In short, after the liberation from our historical oppressors and enemies, we, the Uniformized Society of Non Differentiated Human Embryos, we intend “to multiply and to dominate the earth” – as our God of Israel, present already at the first page of the Bible, teaches us to behave. Needless to add that we thus intend to behave like an aggressively growing, human planetary cancer.

(Elaborated in 1993 in Geneva. Text drawn after the “Declaration of Independence of North America” of 1776, and the encyclical letter “Laborem exercens” of 1981.)


[i] Paul Wintrebert (1867–1966) was a French embryologist and a theoretician of developmental biology. He coined the term cytoskeleton (cytosquelette) in 193.1He held radical epigenetic views. In his 90s, he published a trilogy in which he describes his position on life process and living being: Le vivant créateur de son évolution (The living being is the creator of his own evolution) (1962), Le développement du vivant par lui-męme (The self-development of the living being) (1963), and L’existence délivrée de l’existentialisme (Existence delivered from existentialism) (1965).

[ii] Wikipedia describes L-D work in subsequent terms: The Luria–Delbrück experiment (1943) (also called the Fluctuation Test) demonstrates that in bacteria, genetic mutations arise in the absence of selection, rather than being a response to selection. Therefore, Darwin’s theory of natural selection acting on random mutations applies to bacteria as well as to more complex organisms. Max Delbrück and Salvador Luria won the 1969 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in part for this work.

[iii] The idea of a limitation, of ALL bio-processes to the „trinity” of ROA self-reinforcing activities, I introduced in a book “Atrapy and Paradoksy Nowoczesnej Biologii” published exactly 20 years ago. I compared at that time the description of living beings doings, in a form of self-re-equilibrating circuits ROA (Regeneration, Overregeneration, Association) to the RCL (R – Resistance, C – Capacity, L – Inductance) description of behavior of complex electrical circuits. To my surprise, authors of  a CIA “Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1 from 1979, which electronic copy I received on July 2 this year, wrote that thanks to high speed computers it becomes possible to predict the behavior, of drugged with technics and money American masses, exactly like it is possible to predict the behavior of self-exciting electronic circuits. An interesting coincidence of engineers (in my case physicist and geophysicist) ideas, isn’t it?

[iv] René Descartes in his “inneist” philosophy was inspired – for everything we have in our minds comes via our senses – by writings of a Roman Lawyer and Scribe Aurelius Augustin. And St. Augustin in his turn was inspired by the lecture of “Letters” of St. Paul, who incorporated, into products of his Labor, all important messages of writings attributed to Moses (this is the opinion of Australian evangelist Anthony Grigor Scott). In modern times the widely distributed writings of Descartes, who mindlessly was repeating, after St. Augustin, the self evident formula “cogito ergo sum”, influenced the avoiding the self-observation Judo-Darwinian writer Noam Chomsky. (Please notice that it was always the “invisible hand” of a specific group of people controlling the papyrus and than paper media, which was assuring, through centenaries, the publicity of ideas “pleasing the God of Israel”.)

[v] The dating from 1998, author’s interpretation of Jacob’s experiment with the de-differentiation of mouse embryos: “We observe the phenomenon of generation of structures of higher complexity – which occurs thanks to dynamic interactions of growing cells and tissues – at all levels of ontogenesis. We see this phenomenon also during the maturation of neuronal structures of brains of young birds and mammals. It means that all – both chemical and physical – means, which induce mutual isolation of cells (as well as isolation of tissues and individuals), contribute automatically to the underdevelopment of isolated – and thus unused – bio-structures. In this way, if we extrapolate in extremis from embryology to the adult human society, we may postulate, that all technical inventions, which isolate men from their fellows and from Nature – such as dresses, houses, cars, money, properties, and even “nuclear” families – must contribute to the regression of the level of cerebralisation of human civilisation. Such a process may change with time into a non-controlled growth of tumour-like “humanity”, which may became totally dominated by its own technical achievements. To the contrary, when we limit the “richness” of means isolating men between themselves, we should witness the psychosomatic renaissance of human societies previously artificially impoverished by an overgrowth of economy.” It is an interesting proposition of de-economization of humanity, isn’t it?

[vi] As author’s personal history is considered (see CV at, after the public demonstration by him in early 1981,  of a simple “genetic engineering like”, model of a genetic construction of conditioned reflexes (see M.G.’s “Open Letter to biologists” from 1981), the head of the Molecular Biology Laboratory at the University Paris VII, Francois Chapeville (of Polish origin and known to my family) demanded of my French colleagues, working in this Laboratory, to stop the public discussion of possibilities of cellular learning at the genetic level. Soon after, refused in 1981of a scholarship permitting the continuation of the work on this topics of neuronal “learning by activity”, by the famous professor Jean-Pierre Changeux, specialist of “learning by the ‘negative selection’ of neurons”, the author in 1982 was permitted to come back to still socialist Poland. There for a whole decade he worked as a scientific writer, preparing the compendium “Progresses in biology” for the yearly edition of “Encyclopedia. World in Cross-Section”. After the editing house “Wiedza Powszechna” (The Common Knowledge”) disappeared in 1991, in a turmoil after “economic shock therapy” of 1990, in 1997 the author resumed his academic career as a teacher of philosophy, with the late doctorate thesis “The ‘Anti-Zoological’ Socio-Political Philosophy of Noam Chomsky” in 2002. In 2008 he retired, as a Senior Lecturer of Philosophy, from Akademia Pomorska in Slupsk, Pl.

[vii] In Russian: Тот, кто хочет служить сионизму, не может не бороться против коммунизма. Весь процесс строительства коммунизма, даже если он происходит где-то там, на другом конце планеты, в Мексике или в Тибете, наносит ущерб строительству Земли Израиля. Каждый провал коммунизма в пользу сионизма … для сионизма коммунизм, как удушающий газ, и только как к таковому можно к нему относиться.

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