Vatican II circus today: the commerce of Covenants

Vatican II circus today: the commerce of Covenants

Marek Glogoczowski (Gasienica) Philosophy Doctor

At the website of my ‘friend in arms’ Israel Shamir appeared a longer discussion on the latest literary production of the Holy See. It is the brand new Evangelii Gaudium, signed by the new Pope Francis (J. M. Bergoglio). This document is officially praised as “an Apostolic Exhortation written around the theme of Christian joy in order that the Church may rediscover the original source of evangelization in the contemporary world. …The document is 51,000 words long …. Pope Francis was closely involved in the writing of this document, and that shows that he cares—powerfully—about the theme of evangelization.

So, why so many angry comments of  “Shamir readers” (see here) to “joys of gospel preaching” radiating from Vatican today? The whole trouble was caused by one, only 25 words long sentence, which the present papa Francis inserted into his 51 thousands words long „Joy of Evangelization”:  ”247. We hold the Jewish people in special regard because their covenant with God has never been revoked, for “the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable. (Rom 11:29)”.  As rightfully noticed it one of frequent [shamireaders] authors, Ken Freeland: “On the surface, this seems as radical a volte face as we might ever expect to find in a papal teaching.  It seems to fly in the face of 2000 years of Christian tradition.

As I am considered, since my age of 17 I’ve become indifferent to the (catholic) religion, taught at my grammar and high schools in Krakow in Stalinist 1950-ies. And than, precisely since the moment I’ve read the John Paul II encyclical letter “Laborem exercens” in late 1981, I’ve become “an aggressive atheist” as called me dr Wanda Poltawska, the closest associate of the defunct pope JPII (and a grandma of my daughter, which fact contributes, of course, to my “antibiblical” Weltanschauung).

This said, I didn’t intend to take part in a discussion of the recent papal “Joy of evangelization”. As we use to say in Poland “It is not my circus and not my monkeys” (see the picture above). But during my travels to India I noticed that in old cities, if you leave your house unattended, with open windows, semi domesticated monkeys can enter into it and make quite a mess[1]. So I decided to spell the TRUE WORD on this controversial “joyful evangelization” topic. I do it following the path of my predecessor 18 centuries ago, Roman philosopher Celsus. His critics of early Christianity survived thanks to the effort of an honest Christian writer Orygenes, who in “Contra Celsus” copied long fragments of Celsus’ “True Word” treatise. In particular Celsus compared both Jews and Christians – which sects at his times were frequently confused – not to monkeys (unknown in the Roman Empire) but to noisy frogs, gathered in a muddy pond and quarreling which one of them is a bigger sinner.

Why was it so important to be sinful for these Jewish and Christian intellectual “frogs”? The answer gave the educated at the  feet of rabbi Gamaliel apostle Paul in a “Letter to Romans” chapter 5: “But where sin increased, grace increased all the more[2]. From such an assertion one can logically deduce that God’s grace is not distributed at random, neither it may be “bought” by so-called  ’good doings’ –  as naively claimed it the head of the Jewish Christian community in Jerusalem called James. To the contrary, the God’s grace (caritas) is aimed at sinful people, which receive it without whatsoever external effort, “by the faith only”. This Holy Principle of Christianity, the proud of his Pharisee descend, apostle Paul repeated 12 times (sic!)  in his famous “Letters to Christian morons”.  In light of this “Principle of Joyful Evangelization” (vide papa Francis) people actively searching for the truth, and informing others about their discoveries concerning Jewish gods and their servants known as Pharisees, are truly ‘damned of the earth’: see not only the case of crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, but also the reported in Apostles Acts case of stoning of St. Stephen, who “had preached blasphemy against Moses and God.”

Such an “evangelical” ethics, of punishing the truthteller for the sake of a fraudulent, goes against our basic sense of justice, but the “foolishness (and inequity) of God is wiser (and more righteous) than the wisdom of humans”, as argued  St. Paul in 1 Cor. 1: 25, in all evidence considering himself to be equal to  God (of foolishness). This his “God-like” belief  had its root in old Jewish prejudice that only by spilling of blood of an innocent, without blemish animal, the God’s grace may be accorded to a sinner interested in whitewashing of his crimes, for  “without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness” (Heb. 9: 22). This built only on horrifying appearances , belief of infantilized Hebrews, with time become accepted by Christians too. Recently recalled it pastor Paul Naumann from USA commenting, with a truly evangelical joy, the reported in Gospels disgraceful event, when the mob gathered at Jerusalem’s square cried “HIS (innocent Jesus) BLOOD BE ON US”. The Reverend Naumann wrote: “For the Jews, it was a terrible curse, but for us, it can be a wonderful blessing… The bloody spectacle of Calvary is an awful sight, to be sure, but it’s a sight that we can’t help but rejoice in. Because there, in that blood, is where we see our salvation![3]

The criminal origin of consecutive Covenants, it means Swindles with God

The ugly, bloody crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth (see the picture above tfrom the film of Mel Gibson “The Passion” ) at Golgotha circa 1980 years ago has become the “seal of New Covenant”, of which Christians are habituated to be proud of. But well educated people, which studied in depth the antique Sumerian culture, know that the habit of “making deals with god” was quite common among antique Semitic tribes. In the OT we have the testimony of a Covenant of Noah (by a way, symbolized by a rainbow, the present sign of gay & gender movements), and later on the covenant of Abram/Abraham, sealed with the blood of “a heifer, a goat and a ram, along with a dove and a young pigeon” – which “deal with God” subsequently was reinforced by a micro-bloody ”offering to God” in form of a foreskin of Abraham’s penis of and of circumcision of all his male descendents. Than we have the apparently bloodless covenant of a greedy swindler Jacob, and finally the most important one, the Covenant of Moses, symbolized by famous stone tablets with Letters of Law.

If we have in mind the teaching of Paul that “But where sin increased, grace increased all the more”, combined with the wisdom of Hebrews that “without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness”, we start to understand how this “Moses’ contract with God” was constructed. To assure that the sin increase,  Moses’ brother Aaron has built for naive folk the statue of a calf covered with golden sheets (it was the copy of Egyptian god Apis). And subsequently, to attract “the grace of God”, the inspired by Moses gang of Levies (the prototype of Stephen Bandera murderous nationalist militants in Western Ukraine in years 1943-44) has murdered, during their sleep, “three thousands of their brothers and sons”. After this “humanitarian achievement” Moses wholeheartedly  assured these antique  butchers that they received the God’s blessing and  that they “ordained themselves to the service of God” (Ex. 32:28).

If we take into the consideration that the covered with golden sheets bull (Apis) symbolized the male’s strength and virility, the destruction of this cult of ‘virtus’ (lit. ‘manhood’) has lead to an essential shift of values of God Chosen People. Instead of characterizing the biblical Esau, “animal” Natural Strength and Intelligence, the so-called “feminine”, represented by Esau’s younger twin brother Jacob, values become worshipped by Israelites: it is already then, under the Mount Sinai, began the earth conquest by so called “soft power”, perfectionned today in particular by elites of Anglo-Saxon, Bible dominated countries. In a slightly satirical article “Mind Inside Genitalia” I discussed in more detail this Mosaic Program of implementation of Global WTC (Wealth-Technics-Comfort) system of counter-Nature behaviors.

The intrinsic ugliness of ALL these “joyous”, for God’s Chosen People, swindles

On January 27, 2014, imitating the antique Sanhedrin with 71 members, 70 members of Israeli Knesset held a symbolical meeting at the former site of Konzentrationslager Auschwitz. Why do they decided to make such a “friendly incursion” into the distant from their own country? In Auschwitz (Oświęcim) was situated the German “gulag” in which were incarcerated the opposing Nazism people – among them one of my uncles – from all countries conquered by the 3rd Reich armies. They were dying there by tenths of thousands, principally due to the epidemic of typhus spread by louse, which Germans tried to exterminate by the means of Zyklon-B insecticide gas. After the war all these multi-ethnical and multi-confessional (Soviet Moslems POW too) victims of this Labor Camp become amalgamated into a form of a collective “God’s lamb”, whose purpose become the obliteration of Modern Israel crimes. As would say it pastor Paul Nauman from USA “the view of Auschwitz is an awful sight, to be sure, but it’s a sight that we, Jews, can’t help but rejoice in.

The popular in western bourgeois countries, veneration of remnants of KL Auschwitz is an ugly habit. THE LAW OF NATURE, which remains beyond Jahveh’s capacity to reason, states that the WORSHIP OF UGLY PLACES LEADS TO UGLY ACTIVITIES of these places venerators. This Law of Nature in particular applies to the Golgotha hill, where the New Covenant was ‘sealed with the precious blood of Christ’. The veneration of the Golgotha hill (called “the scull”) and of the cross at which Jesus supposedly was hanged, began only in the 5th century, and since this very moment Christians become insensitive to the sight of atrocities, marking the progress of their faith worldwide. I had a speech on this topic at WPFDC at Rhodes in 2003, and one can read on this theme the recent book “Kriminalgesichte des Chritentums” by Karlheinz Deschner. It is worth to recall that in China of 17th century, the arriving under the sign of the cross Portuguese merchants were called “white devils” due to their incredible – for godless Chinese – greed. And North American Indians, at present nearly extinct, observing in 19th century the behavior of invading their lands Christians, were sadly remarking “they killed their own God in order to have the moral strength to rob and murder us with impunity.

Wherefrom this link of the Holy Cross with the Common Greed?

An answer to this essential, for understanding the purpose of Christianity question, provided the excellent Roman lawyer Aurelius Augustine in the 5th century. He justified, in terms full of oratory embellishments, the Christian right to rob and to exploit people of other than the “Christian perfect one” creed. I quote this astute justification from Augustine’s “De doctrina ChristianaLiber secundus XL.60 –XLI 62:

The people of Israel took from them (from antique Egyptians – MG) in secrecy these riches, for they aimed at making out of them the better use (Ex. 3: 22). They didn’t do it according to their own law, but on the order from God. And Egyptians lent them it (golden and silver vessels, and also priest’s dresses) out of their inattention, for they used these goods in a not appropriate manner. … Anyway, had not our numerous good faithful behave otherwise? Are we not admiring seeing how loaded with gold and silver went out of Egypt the most amiable doctor and the most blessed martyr Cyprian? … Gentiles were giving gold and silver and (precious) dresses to the God’s people, in all evidence not being conscious how these treasures were transferred under the rule of the Christ (2 Cor. 10: 5). This thing, which happened during the exodus of Jews from Egypt, had its figurative meaning, which – not detracting nothing from equally good, or even better understanding of someone – I would take as a prediction of the thing which is happening at present. (MG – at the time of St. Augustine,  properties of pagan shrines were massively privatized by bourgeoning Christian churches.)

As a good Roman lawyer Aurelius Augustine indicated the condition, which is necessary to fill, in order to realize such “transfer of property” in a smooth, acceptable by society manner:

A well prepared student of the Holy Scripture has to have in mind,  prior to its final study in depth,  the following maxim of the Apostle “THE KOWLEDGE INFLATES, BUT LOVE IS BUILDING” (Scientia inflat, caritas edificat – 1 Cor. 5: 1). Thanks to it he is able to understand, that to get out of Egypt, loaded with riches, it is not possible without performing a pasha. And for us the pasha is the Christ offered for us (1 Cor. 8:7).”

The allegedly noble faith, which liberates people from the responsibility for their own behavior

The recalled above principle of the Augustinian “Christian doctrine”, which justifies robberies (and murders, and all other violence) once they are done “in the name of the Holy Cross”, revolts of course more sensitive to human affairs observers. An excellent article on this philocriminal behavior of the Christian folk wrote recently the columnist “Yukon Jack” in American “Veterans Today” weekly. I quoted already this article in my “Gold & God (III)” general e-letter of October 2013. Here I will copy only few phrases from this article:

Christians are Judaized gentiles, gentiles playing Jewish mind games of waging violence then denying responsibility…. Their mind is automated like a computer, they are not reasoning like a human should, so it is impossible to argue with them because they are only trying to win the argument even if their defense is irrational… Christianity is a Box (a ‘coffin’ – MG) in Which the Mind is Put to Rest …A joyful Christian is a goy who has found acceptance as a slave on the Jewish plantation. … with their mind deactivated, they are the sheeple, the easily led masses that can be manipulated into war by unscroupulous charlatans. … Only a Jew would be so bold to sell you the idea that you are not responsible for what you are doing (it is the “by the faith only” salvation preached by St. Paul – MG).  Not owning up to one’s behavior is a fundamental aspect of Jewishness and this Jewishness has crossed over into Christianity. … Evangelicals believe that you could murder a billion people and go to heaven so long as you profess Jesus Christ.”

This is the practical purpose of the Christian faith, and also the trivial reason, why this “easy for criminals” religion become so widespread. As a professional philosopher I have to recall that already the pagan philosopher Plato argued that to venture about gods is permitted only to philosophers, it means to people well trained both in observation of the Nature and in logical thinking. And he argued that for the common, mentally lazy people it is better to believe in a god, on the condition that this god is not indifferent to man’s behavior. Of course the “joyous evangelization”, preached by apostle Saul alias Paul and by his followers, is directed against this Plato’s condition of a decent faith. But “the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men”, as argued Saul/Paul in all evidence considering himself to be the God (of Foolishness).

Not so comic results of “God’s foolishness wiser than wisdom of men”

Why at Vatican, which is the center of the Christian global authority, its functionaries are ever more prone to make jokes from the faith they are supposed to be guardians? (See the photo of pope Francis imitating the “good shepherd” carrying a lamb, which sooner or later will land in Christian kitchen                                                                       .)

If we take at serious the assertion that “without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness” (see in particular in Leviticus 17: 11), the crucifixion of Christ was in a strict agreement with this God’s prescription  for a Covenant’s success  (see the full of blood picture from “The Passion” of Mel Gibson). Also the sealing of Old Covenant, under Mount Sinai, which was preceded by necessarily very bloody slaughter by sword of three thousands of  Levies’ “brothers and sons” was/is an evident success, with its blessed results lasting through millenaries. The situation changed in the first half of the 20th century. Contrary to antique covenants, the “pasha”, which modern Zionists made at Auschwitz in 1943-44, is not fulfilling the God’s requirement to shed the redemptory blood. Israelites of today cannot repeat with joy “THEIR BLOOD ON US!”, for in KL Auschwitz  the bulk of inmates died in a bloodless manner: or due to typhus, or in chambers filled with pesticide gas. In the orthodox understanding of the Bible, the covenant with no blood as its “seal” is incomplete, and surely it is due to this fail, the Israel of today ever more resembles an unhealthy medieval ghetto, with its self-imprisoned inhabitants surrounded by 8 meters high walls.

The fake “Moses 9-11” Covenant

The “renewal” of Old Covenant at Auschwitz in years 1943-44 was not an isolated event in the recent history of Judeo-Christianity. Already more than 12 years ago I noticed that the number of Americans, killed during 9-11-2001 “Moslem” attack on USA, resembles the number of three thousands of  common, loving joys of life Jews, which were massacred by Levites under Mt. Sinai. Moreover, WTC towers, which were demolished on 9-11-2001, for observant people – in particular for Roger Garaudy – were symbols of modern “cult of golden calf”. These my association were reinforced by the subsequent onslaught of  the “USA & Co.” at several Moslem countries, which still lasting adventure recalls the onslaught of Moses’ gang on lands, which God supposedly promised to antique wandering pimp named Abram, and later on Abraham.

But this is not everything. In late year 2010, while preparing a speech “Inanimate Animator of Western Global Empire” for the conference “Zivie Zemlia!” in Moscow, I noticed that the date of the destruction of Berliner Wall on November 9th 1989 also contains the number 9-11, when it is written according to the notation of date we use in Europe.

And few weeks ago I received, via email, an article of James Petras containing such an information “On September 11 1973, to the chants of ‘Jakarta’ (in celebration of a 1964 CIA coup in Indonesia), a junta of US-backed Chilean generals grabbed power from an elected government.” This information about the association of the number 9-11 with the Chilean coup d’état made me believe that all these three important for the fate of the Globe events, on three Continents (Chile in 1973, Berlin in 1989 and USA in 2001) , were masterminded by the same “god” in a form of Central Intelligence Agency. This my belief was reinforced by my recent reading of a comix book “Café Budapest” by Alfonso Zapico, which illustrated booklet describes the moment of creation of the state of Israel. This happened, by the decision of UN in New York, on…19-11-1947! (As it is pictured in this comix, it took time to collect enough votes to support this decision, so perhaps due to it we have this slip of 10 days in the date of creation of the Israeli state.)

Finally, during the Christmas Day, a month ago I received from Jimmy Walter, the author of a website, an email in which he wrote that the precise moment, when the second plane “entered” the South WTC tower was 9:02:11 hr! (other sources give 9:02:55, as I checked it). When I wrote to Jimmy about my earlier associations, linked with the number 9-11 (it is the alarm phone number in USA), he answered me by a short statement:

I think it is a signature, to prove that they did it, like a serial murderer leaving a trademark

The “serial murder”, which orchestrated all these terrible (for damned people) or joyful (for Chosen ones) events, is well known. It is the same “corporative brain”, installed at Wall Street combined with the City of London, which masterminded the 2WW atrocities, and which has erected, in 1944 in Bretton Woods near Washington D.C., the “twin structures” of World Bank and IMF. The dominance of banking institutions in the modern world is something unknown in the history of mankind prior to the appearance of so-called “civil society”. As I stressed it in Moscow 4 years ago, the present “bankers’ 9-11 terror” is a direct result of the social acceptance, of contained in the book of Deuteronomy – and only in this “Doubled (11) Book of Law” – of the permission  to lend money, on interest, to ‘foreigners’ only (V Mo, 23,20).

It means that without the neutralization of “the cultivated (Judaist) root of an olive tree on which  wild branches were grafted to form the Christian faith” (Rom. 11: 24),   THERE WILL BE NO SALVATION FOR HOMO SAPIENS, as well for all other “wild” animal species still somehow thriving in reserves on our, ever more “cultivated” – it means terrorized by effeminized WTC worshippers – Planet.

How to get rid of human imbecility, which saturates both Old and New Testaments?

At the time, when I worked as a professional philosopher at the Pomeranian Academy, I remember one meeting of the staff of my department, at the end of an academic year few years ago.  During this meeting my colleague doctor J. K. (only initials!), who wrote a book about philosophy of priest Józef Tischner, told us what he has heard from priest professor Tischner about views dominant among the hierarchy of Vatican. Namely his interlocutor, who was a close friend of the pope John Paul II, and hence frequently visited Vatican, told my colleague that among Vatican’s hierarchs, and among close to them religious thinkers, they did a secret to the public research, who of them believes in God. It turned out that they found among themselves only three such men, one of these three turned to be a Jew, Emmanuel Levinas! It means that at the Deutero-Vatican (Vatican II) bishops know very well what is happening with “our” religion. And it is due to their loss of faith in the religion they profess, the ugly Commerce of Covenants is receiving an applause there. Some indications what is happening at the Holy See provide included into this essay photos of jokes our popes are doing:

The picture above was taken recently in a museum near Gdansk by my former student K.F. (again only initials, for I want to spare him troubles, which encounters the French dark skinned comedian Dieudonné). Interpreting the message of this bizarre painting made out of a photograph, K.F. wrote me a month ago: “I understood at this moment that John Paul II, a good friend of the Alliance of M(ammon) with C(hurch), Zbig B(rzezinski), since the very beginning, as one of these involved in a conspiracy, knew very well what this new evangelization will bring soon to us… He (JPII) supposedly  was an unaccomplished actor – but despite this he has played the role of his life.”

Is it possible to interrupt this “joy of evangelization” dance of the Holy See imbeciles, imbeciles dressed in white sacral cloths stolen by Jews in Egypt three thousand years ago?

For people believing that there is some truth in the Bible I permit myself to recall that as in case of Auschwitz victims, in all horrors, which we saw on TV during 9-11-2001 spectacle, there were no single trace of blood: corpses of victims of WTC destruction simply “evaporated”; from the plane which supposedly hit the ground near Shanksville remained only a hole in the earth. It means that this “Moses 9-11 deal with God of Israel” is not valid. Like this Auschwitz 6MM Covenant it is, at the best, leading to the self-imprisonment, of benefactors of this “Moses 9-11 trick”, inside glassy boxes of WTC-like “coffins”. Nothing thus to be envied by able to reason in homo sapiens terms people. As frequently repeated it my partner of rock climbs near Geneva, a Swiss sociologists Willy Dietrich, “the (imitating the behavior of Jews[4]) bourgeois is the most stupid animal which exists, not only he voluntarily enters the cage, but he locks himself in it with a key.

Ad of course it is urgent that we do free ourselves – as well as we try to liberate both our friends and enemies – from these, filled with WTC luxury, coffin-like “ivory towers of paradise”, in which the so-called humanity becomes systematically imprisoned. Imprisoned as a long term result of a “joyful evangelization”, pretending that we have to treat the “God’s Chosen people in special regard because their covenant with God of Foolishness has never been revoked, for “the gifts and the call of God of Human Imbecility are irrevocable.” against MG, Zakopane, January 31st 2014


[1] The analogy of monkeys joyously devastating an unattended household to “joys of evangelization” exercised by Vatican today is very pertinent. Namely the most important message of Vatican II “new evangelization” is the assertion that Old Covenant with God has not lost its validity. And precisely, in this Old Covenant the notion “God in house” means the fire, the devastation, and the death of primogenital sons (T. Zielinski in “Hellenism versus Judaism”, 1927). In Ukraine of today we have an elegant example how this “God in house”  principle of joyful evangelization works. In Kiev, at the very heart of Ukraine, we have fires and devastations, brought principally by aggressive youth, which came from Western Ukraine, where dominates the Uniate (with Vatican) Greek Catholic Church. This church leaders, in particular Igor Wozniak, arch-bishop of Lviv, overtly applauds murderous in the not too distant past Bandera’s “butchers”, and supports throwing Molotov cocktails and burning tires rioters at Kiev’s Maidan – as does it, too, the archbishop Swiatoslav Shevchuk of Halic-Kiev. It is worth to recall that in 1990ies this young uniate bishop was educated in Argentine at the side of local cardinal Bergoglio. Once this philo-Zionist cardinal become elected, by CIA, to the position of pope, from Argentina arrived letters from local Catholics, predicting that this election means the SEA OF BLOOD in the close future. Let’s hope that it will not be the blood of firstborn sons of Eastern and southern Ukrainians, reluctant to join EU and NATO’s paradise.

[2] In the Judeo-Christian (Gamaliel’s, and than Saul/Paul’s etc.) understanding of the GOD’s ECONOMY, the sin must precede the salvation and the appearance of  God’s Grace. Literally in Romans 5 St. Paul wrote: “19 For just as through the disobedience of the one man(Adam) the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man (Jesus – the “god’s lamb”) the many will be made righteous. 20 The law was brought in so that the trespass might increase. But where sin increased, grace increased all the more…” And indeed, the God Creator of the Bible constructed an ARTIFICIAL ENCLOSURE, where Adam and Eve dwelt comfortably at the image of pairs of animals in modern zoos: they were protected from dangers and illnesses, and always well fed. But does such imprisonment of a solitary pair of humans inside a “paradise-like” estate was good, in a long term, for them? Were they not, by the sweet easiness of survival, becoming ever more corrupt? More details on this biological topic at

[3] An excellent example, of how the evil of crucifixion of truthtelling Jesus, helped to obtain the God’s grace, furnished Saint Paul himself. As a hater of Christians he participated zealously not only in stoning of “questioning Moses” St. Stephen, but few years earlier he probably was present at the Jerusalem Main Square crying enthusiastically “crucify him, crucify him, let his (redemptory) blood be on us and our children!” And in fact, once this “breathing with threats and murder” procurer Saul publicly announced his belief in a Crucified Christ, the miracle happened: soon he become the most famous writer in the history of  Christianity! Similar miracle repeated itself  in case of St. Augustine: during his youth he was known as a man addicted to sexual debaucheries, prostituting himself as a lawyer composing professional speeches for rich, in crimes involved clients. And once he converted to Christianity he soon was declared to be a saint, his writings became the doctrina Christiana of the Catholic Church and than Protestant Congregations (see Pastor Naumann exhortation).

[4] The fact that the so called “civil society” is an imitation “of cool commercial societies of Jews” noticed not only Maurice Joly in “The dialogue in the hell between Makiavel and Montesquieu” published in 1864 (and 40 years later used as the base of “Protocols of Elders of Zion”). A similar observation made also Karl Marx in “Zur Judefrage” published in  1844. In particular the baptized at the age of 6, and educated in a catholic college in Trier, Karl Marx wrote at his age of 26:

Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. Money is the estranged essence of man’s work and man’s existence, and this alien essence dominates him, and he worships it….Christianity is the sublime thought of Judaism, Judaism is the common practical application of Christianity, but this application could only become general after Christianity as a developed religion had completed theoretically the estrangement of man from himself and from nature. …

And of course in the “Communist Manifesto”, which Karl Marx wrote four years later together with his friend Friedrich Engels (a son of a German Lutheran industrialist) contains, at the end of its chapter II, 10 short points, in which they proposed the bold way to get rid with all these imbecile, obligatorily shortsighted and egoist “covenants with god”, the “Moses 9-11” included. It is worth to note that this Marxist program of banksters elimination has worked well through tree quarts of the 20th century. And only due to the treason of Marxists “who have lost the faith” in Karl Marx economic rational poetry, this close to ideas of the early Christianity, program of Earth’s salvation was abandoned.


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