PAN w Z-nem (29): “Bruno”, „Herboris”, ”Markglogg” & Paul Bennet on THE ORIGIN (GENESIS) of Judaism, etc.


Bruno”, „Herboris”, ”Markglogg” & Paul Bennet on THE ORIGIN (GENESIS) of Judaism, of Christian Pharisaism, Protestantism and Darwin’s Concept of Evolution, and finally of Golem-like sprawl of WTC Civilization.

Last month I participated in several exchanges of views on generally tabooed topics. I found it of interest to share results of these “mini dialogues” with my friends and correspondents.

2500 words

1. “Bruno” on Neutrei Karta concept of compassion, and“Herboris” on Hindu origin of Judaist religion

My younger colleague from Paris, dr Bruno Drweski (islamologue, philocommunist) has involved me into discussion with his “Herboris” friend, questioning why the Old Testament (praising the WISDOM of The Decalogue – MG) contains details of at least 1 million 821 murders committed by God’s Chosen People. Drweski, who has contacts with anti-Zionist Neutrei Karta movement, has informed us that (I translate from French):

Rabbis, about which I speak, have told me this:

These massacres never happened. They are metaphorical massacres. People designed to be exterminated are the other face of us ourselves. These massacres have to be read like great Koranic jihad, the fight against internal pulsations, which are metaphorically described as an external ethnic enemy… In the same way the Jerusalem, about which speaks the Bible is not in Palestine, it is the Heavenly Palestine.

To this e-discussion was attached a text of Roger Garaudy enumerating the most cruel of these OT atrocities. I noticed that the “Funding Mosaic Religion Massacre”, under the mount Sinai, was omitted in it:

What is the meaning of this super-ugly story? If we interpret it in a manner proposed by Neutrei Karta, we discover that Levies – which clan become a prototype of Pharisee – literally it means in Hebrew “set apart” – Sect, under Mt Sinai killed in themselves their NATURAL VIRILITY AND INTELLIGENCE. The antique God, symbolizing these qualities of ZOON – it means ANIMALS in Greek – was worshiped in Egypt in a form of a bull Apis, usually decorated with gold and precious stones in order to underline its nobility. This Holy Animal was also an incarnation of Osiris, a God-Man. Levies, lead by Moses, destroyed this popular in Eastern Mediterranean symbol of “human animal virility”.

Bruno” argues that “And, as do it rabbis of Neutrei Karta (antizionist), I think that even the Old Testament should be read at these two levels, one “Yahvic” of tribal extermination, and another “Elohimist” which is universally sublime (…)”

The “universally sublime” level of Old Testament is well known to all of us: in the odious story of God-Moses ordered, mass murder under Mt Sinai, Levies not only “killed in themselves” their animal tendencies for joy of playing (naked – as suggest it Protestants) together, but have thrown, on their not interested in gathering of riches kins, their own sin of insatiable greed: by “God’s miracle” the Golden Calf become the symbol of greed affected people, while all virtue and compassion went to “blessed by God” Levies clan of psychopathic murders and thieves. (See the story of plunder of Egyptians – Exodus 12:35-36; the Decalogue should thus be seen as a manifest of Mosaic HYPOCRISY;the Catholic Church in Austin, Texas even enumerated, after Talmud, 7 kinds of classical Pharisee behavior.)

The Supernatural STRENGTH, of “set apart” (pharisee) Mosaic priesthood, consisted from ENGRAVED IN STONE GOD’S-HAND-MADE COMMANDMENTS. Armed with these Stone Tablets, hold in another product of the Holy Technics, called the Arch of Alliance, Levies felt themselves JUSTIFIED to “subdue or eradicate” all nations on their way towards the Promised Land. This future Holy Land was imagined by them to be the copy of the Heavenly Jerusalem, illuminated all the time, with its Walls and Streets covered with gold and precious stones, symbolizing the righteousness of its inhabitants.

On this COUNTER NATURE ORIGIN OF JUDAISM I wrote to “Herboris”:

What I am reproaching the most to Judaism – as well as to “paulinist” Christianity – it is the aggressive ANTIZOOLOGY of both these Abra/ha/mic religions. It is the differentia specifica between religions called ANIMIST (from living ANIMAL – “666”) and INANIMIST ones, to which belong all Judeo-Christian Bible centered religions. Already in antiquity the philosopher Celsus argued that Christians believe in a DEAD CORPSE (visible on a Cross); among manuscripts found at Qumran there is one consisting of psychopathic enumeration of man-made tools, all of them preceded by an adjective “God’s” (scripture, chandelier, tent, city, chalice, box, etc., etc.) Manuscripts of this type testify that already antique Jews were obsessed by the DIVINITY OF INANIMATE PRODUCTS OF “TECHNÉ”. (in Greek “kitchen work”). In opposition to these “Pharisee values”, the attachment to “techné” was considered with disgust as “feminine”, not only by antique Greeks, but also by a modern philosopher of Jewish origin, Baruch Spinoza, who argued that his compatriots represent the feminine side of human behavior. Summing up, I think, like John Strugnell a long term head of the team deciphering manuscripts found at Qumran that „Judaism is a horrible religion which should not exist”. (…)

And I added a link to my 22 years old, short essay:


An Introduction in English to “The War of Gods: Eros contra Yahveh/Labor”

(In this essay I pointed out, among others, that the Darwinian concept of Evolution was derived from the Old Testament horror story of the Origin of Chosen Species)

Herboris” (who wrote me that he is of Jewish origin), agreed with these my arguments. Moreover, he shared with us a very interesting hypothesis, based on the fact that the name ‘Abraham’ shows its descendency from Hindu Brahma, and that the name of Abraham’s wife-sister Sara is an abbreviation of Saraswati, the wife of Brahma, which in some anecdotes passed as his sister. In his “work hypothesis” Herboris wrote:

The term of ‘Chosen People’ was simply derived from Hindu social-divine Caste order. And Hebrews, installed 4000 years ago at North-East of Euphrates, prior to their migration, surely had large contacts with the Hindu world. They then decided that they will be “pure” Brahmans which will dominate Gentiles consisting from other nations. (Brahma become Yahveh and Abraham decided the same). Other people got the status of untouchables … Jews would be the Superior Caste, a Nation chosen by God to guide the humanity.

Simple? Isn’t it?

I added to this hypothesis that the Jewish Elite since millenniums had the habit to “dress themselves” into cloths and “skins” borrowed from other cultures and personalities:

- Not only Abram “covered” his odious selfhood of an enterprising pimp, with noble “outer skin” of Brahma the Hindu Creator of Universe, but also his Grandson Jacob (it means “going after” the firstborn Esau) hided his rather dumb personality, dressing himself into a kid’s skin, imitating his brother’s hairy appearance. This in order to extort from his Blind Father Isaac benedictions destined for Esau.

- Following these examples, the hating Christians Saul from Tarsus covered his, despised by Jesus personality of a Pharisee (of the 6th and 7th kind, according to Talmud) with the Roman name Paulus (small, also in a meaning paurolo – fearful). This in order to sneak into rangs of early Christians, presenting himself as the Most Virtuous Apostle of the “raised from the dead” Christ.


W hat kind of benefices realized nations visited by Jews, which used to camouflage their true selfhood by noble appearances, “borrowed” from principal gentile Gods and/or Philosophers? In the OT we have the story of the sister-wife of Abr/ah/m, Sara, imitating Hindou goddes Saraswati, which with her artistic skills was making the life of people full of poesy and charm. But in case of Sara its customers soon discovered that she had infected their women with a disease resembling gonorrhea… This OT history is a kind of a prefiguration of the NT history of St. Paul, who „dressed” himself with base concepts of Hellenistic philosophy, and who’s services to Christians resulted in an appearance of a mental slowness described by a medical term ofcretinity

The problem of “Christian Cretinism” was raised by philosophers of Enlightenment, in particular Voltaire. Namely the imposition of Christian faith automatically slows down the maturation of associative faculties of growing up youth, and thus even adults remain in the state of childish ignorance – called neoteny – judged as an Objective Evil already by Greeks, in particular by Socrates. The “Genesis” fable of the Original Sin, which become the CORNER STONE of Church teaching about Redemption and Eternal Life, at the end of 20 century become questioned by cardinal Karol Wojtyla in his book „Osoba i czyn” (1969). In it he overtly admits „Original Sin does not existwhich „heresy” he subsequently „implicitly confirmed”, as a Pope, in 1996.

In light of this „papal heresy” , the bold assertion of St. Paul (Rom 5:18-19) „For as by one man’s [Adam's] disobedience many were made sinners, so by one man’s [Jesus'] obedience many will be made righteous.” reveals itself to be the DUMMY one, ATRAPA as we say it in Polish. Results of the papal negation of the existence of Original Sin, the editor of „Le Monde”, Oct. 25 1996, p. 17 summed as follow: „Without the notion of hereditary guilt, linked with the « first man Adam », central dogmas of Christian faith, like original sin and Redemption remain incomprehensible”.

What is hidden behind this ATRAPA of SALVATION, in form of the Holy Cross, decorating at present also the Chamber of Polish Parliament?

2.Paul Bennet and „Markglogg” musings on the „The Father of Lie” presence in Church and in Scientific Institutions

On the topics of mental infirmity, originating from enchantment with St. Paul’s „Letters”, I got recently an email from my “comrade in arms” Israel Shamir, containing an article written by Paul Bennet at the occasion of “500 anniversary of posting by Martin Luther of his 95 theses on October 31, 1517. It was the first Halloween, Satan has made it his day in celebration of the splintering of the Western Church (…) That is the pedigree of the Father of Protestantism. He readily admits he obtained his authority to create Sola Scriptura from the Father of Lies.

Thanks to writings of Polish Protestants I realized that “5 SOLAS” of Martin Luther are entirely constructed on teachings of this 13th, self-appointed Apostle named Paul (see Addendum 1). Moreover, as a Lamarcko-Piagetian specialist in ORIGIN OF CREATIVITY OF ZOON (humans included), I discovered that “5 SOLAS”, of dominant at present in Science NEODARWINISM, are “adaptivemutations” of Protestant (mis)understanding of the Phenomenon of Life:

Here are these FIVE SOLAS(of obligatory limitations of Reason) of Judeo-Darwinian Mindset:

1.Sola scriptura (neo)darwiniana admissibile estneoDarwinian writings alone are acceptable in scientific schools

2. Solus multiplicatium esentia vitae estmultiplication alone is the essence of  life

3. Soli geni character individuum determinantgenes alone determine the character of an individual, the activity of animals has no meaning for their evolution

4. Soli incidentes species novus generantby accidents alone new species arise

5. Sola selectia naturalis motor evolutionis estnatural selection alone is the motor of evolution

It is known (to historians of science) that Charles Darwin “borrowed” the concept of Evolution of Life Forms from Lamarck’s “Philosophie zoologique”, published half a century earlier than “Origin of Species. But in agreement with his ANGLICAN understanding what the life is about, he purged it from Lamarck postulated „zoon’s spontaneous drive for perfection of its behaviors and forms”. This Darwinian belief, at present obligatory as a Dogma in gen-tech laboratories, is an echo of St. Paul’s Judaic belief that due to the Original Sin, man cannot himself, by his own efforts, improve his status in eyes of God (see Luther’s 5 solas). In this domain Lamarckian concepts, also of human evolution, clashed with Judeo-Christian „monogenic” concept of Original Sin afflicted humanity. (As we recalled it above, the Pope John Paul II, with his „delusionary spiritualist ewolutionism”, was a concealed follower of „forbidden by Science” Lamarckism, implying that God Creator is present even in a smallest living cell! – See Jean Piaget opinion on this taboo topics.)

The concealed revolt against „Father of Lies”, claiming in his „Letters” that „Jesus on the cross, assures the salvation of believing in Him”, lasted in the Catholic Church even after the death of John Paul II. In particular professor Tomasz Weclawski (a former close collaborator, in Vatican’s Commission on Border Problems of Christianity, of cardinal Ratzinger, who for a certain time was a Pope” Benedict XVI), explained his official apostasy from the Church, on on December 7, 2007, in these words:

Jesus fails in his mission: he is becoming a victim of messianic expectations, which leads to his rejection by elites and to his condemnation for death. But in the opinion of Weclawski, the most painful defeat of Jesus happens after his crucifixion, – it is the reinterpretation of his defeat as a sacrifice. The defeat of Jesus consists in reinterpretation of his own death, and with it also of the image of God, not in the direction, which he was showing with his doings and words, but in the direction of transposition on his person, and on the image of God, of expectations which he himself or directly discarded, or understood in a complete different way”.)

In short, according to Gospels, Jesus wanted to SAVE normal Jews from CLAWS OF HYPOCRITES ruling in Israel at his time. But thanks to “mission to gentiles” of St. Paul, Jesus’ dishonorable death on a cross become a “religious tool” permitting the imposition, of the Sect of Hypocrites of Israel, as rulers of practically half of the planetary population! Ironically we may say that this ever traveling St. Paul (a Pharisee of the 6th and 7th kind) had also the 8th, not enumerated in Talmud, preponderance “to cross land and sea to make one convert, and then turning that person into twice the child of hell he was himself” (Mt 23:15).

For someone acquainted with methods of commerce, the myth of Original Sin was prosaically invented by antique priesthood, behaving like fraudulent medical doctors, persuading their clients of being affected by imaginary diseases. And of course, illnesses, which these „set apart God’s doctors” are promising tho heal, are becoming, with time, ever more serious.In this SOFT MANNER, via consecutive evolutionary steps, we got the practical eradication on the Earth of cults of Natural Gods, be it in Animal Shape, like this Egyptian Apis or Hindu Hanuman. They become substituted by their “TECHNÉ” IMITATIONS, called ATRAPY, DUMMIES. No wonder thus that in societies, where perspicacious people were put into silence – or simply killed like Jesus of Nazareth – began to flourish the Cult Of Industry, providing populace with technical “goods”, giving to their users external appearances of SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH. On this topics is worth to quoteSamuel Butler‘s article “Darwin among the Machines” from 1863. He predicts in it thatTECHNÉ will become a kind of Self Perfectioning ItselfGOLEM, invented by cabbalists hundreds years ago. This,originally useful, monstrous Man-Machine ultimately destroys everything around, for its inventors forgot the password necessary to arrest its march.

And this is a very prosaic origin of our ever-expanding WTC (Wealth-Technics-Comfort obsessed) Totally Effeminized Civilization. Its PRIME MOTOR is hidden in illuminated day and night, and loaded “with gold and precious stones”, ever more sophisticated Banks,being the realization, on Earth, of dreamed-of by Neutrei Karta Heavenly Jerusalem.

To read more interesting things on this topics, see:

God Loves the Greedy and the Corrupt (1995) –

An Introduction in English to

The War of Gods: Eros contra Jahveh/Labor”.

 Addenda 1 – 4:

1. 5 SOLAS OF PROTESTANT FAITH, proposed by Martin Luther inspired, according to Paul Bennet, by hellish „Father of Lie”:

SOLA SCRIPTURA — „Brothers, I have applied these things (…) for your benefit, so that you may learn from us not to go beyond what is written”. (In Hebrew sacral books, my Epistles including) – St. Paul a self-appointed apostle1 Cor 4:6;

SOLA FIDE – “Yet, we know that people don’t receive God’s approval because of their own efforts to live according to a set of standards, but only by believing in Jesus Christ.St. Paul a self-appointed apostleGal 2:16;

SOLUS CHRISTUSFor there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ JesusSt. Paul a self-appointed apostle – I Tim 2:5;

SOLA GRATIA — “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God,not by works [...] And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace.” – St. Paul a self-appointed apostle – Eph 2:8.9; Rom 11:6;

SOLO DEO GLORIAYou shall worship the Lord your God, and him only you shall serve” – Mt 4:10, this demand is understand, in particular by Protestants, as a following order from God:

SOLUS LABOR — ONLY WORK, like robots, is the essence of human life: “this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat … no busybodies among youSt. Paul a self-appointed apostleThes 3:10-11;

(According to „Herboris”, un diabolique “”hadith“ dit carrément que l’Enfer s’appelle Paul– one of stories of prophet Muhammad overtly states that the hell has the name of Paul).



2. Subject: [shamireaders] Luther by Paul Bennet

Martin Luther posted his Ninety-Five Theses on October 31, 1517. It was the first Halloween. Satan has made it his day in celebration of the splintering of the Western Church.

Martin Luther (Augustinian friar) was famously outraged at the sale of indulgences b y Johann Tetzel (Dominican friar), who was raising money for the ongoing reconstruction of St. Peter’s Basilica. Martin Luther was one of those guys who said, “If I don’t understand something, then it must be stupid.” He soon began condemning priestly celibacy (he married a 26-year-old Cistercian nun), holy pilgrimages, the veneration of saints and sacred images, and the doctrine of infallibility of popes and general church councils. Luther also jettisoned the old sacramental rites, except Baptism and the Eucharist. His companion heretics immediately stripped away even these last holdouts (in everything but name) and then began to quarrel among themselves.

Of course, once you dump the Sacraments, you don’t need priests. Protestantism is priestless Christianity. Once you dump the priests, you no longer need monasteries, so all that land was seized by the rich and turned into their own private hunting grounds (eg . Nottingham Forest). But it was the monks who had taken care of the poor, so without monasteries they had to create workhouses (eg. Oliver Twist). Luther was a tool for elites, giving them the excuse they needed to ignore Papal demands of fair wages and sanitary housing conditions. They seized Church property (creating the welfare state) and then they displaced traditional farmers (crowding them into cities). Luther spawned the “Reverend” Thomas Robert Malthus (FRS) and his deranged solutions for the Chicken Little crises promoted by the emerging mass media. In his later works, notably On the Jews and Their Lies, Luther expressed antagonistic views toward Jews, writing that Jewish synagogues and homes should be destroyed, their money confiscated, and liberty curtailed. This anti-Semitic strain continues in Protestantism, with most heresies beginning with the attempt to divide Christ from His Jewish roots.

In the 153 3 Against The Mass and Ordination of Priests, Luther claims he formed his Sola Scriptura anti-clerical philosophy through conversations with the devil. Luther accepts the authority of the devil, and claims to be clever enough to pump him for information and determine the truth from the lies: “He is a liar, that is true. But he can tell lies better than a bad liar can. For he quotes a truth in his own favor, which you cannot deny, and supports his lies with it, so that you cannot defend yourself.”

The discussion with the devil covers exactly eleven pages of the Wittenberg edition.

The devil tells Luther that he has no faith: “You know that you did not believe properly in Christ, and that concerning faith you have been as good as a Turk. For the Turk, yes, even I, with all the devils, also believe all that is written about Christ (James II), that is, how He was born, died, ascended into heaven. Yet none of us rejoice or trust in Him as in a Savior. But we fear Him as a severe Judge. Such a faith you also had, and no other, when you were ordained and said Mass; and all the others, both the ordaining Bishop, and those whom he ordained, also believed the same.”

The devil explains to Luther why saying Private Mass is idolatry: “Listen, listen, you learned man, do you know that for fifteen years you have almost daily said Mass privately? How will it be if, in such Masses, you have merely been practicing idolatry, and have adored, and held up for the adoration of others, not the Body and Blood of Christ, but merely bread and wine?”

The devil then gives several further reasons against Private Mass. At the end of the second reason Luther exclaims, “What an ordination and consecration is that! Christ knows nothing of such an ordination. That is certain.”

Finally, Luther admits that all this is going to make him look like a fool. “Here the Holy Papists will make fun of me, and will say, ‘Are you the great Doctor, and don’t know how to answer the Devil? Do you not know that he is a liar?’”

That is the pedigree of the Father of Protestantism. He readily admits he obtained his authority to create Sola Scriptura from the Father of Lies. This is the same source that tells us to avoid Mass, Mary, and the Saints.

The Church forbids us to speak to demons for this very reason. Furthermore, She is justifiably wary about twisted bible translations. If you put your faith into the hands of a demon, you will be used and abused. If you put your faith into a book, your faith might fall victim to the translator. Luther fell victim to a demon and then victimized humanity with bad bible translations.

Martin Luther’s anti-clericalism tells us to always pray directly to God – no other person will do. We must not ask the Angels for guidance, nor the saints, nor the Blessed Mother in Heaven. However, it is always more humble to ask for help from a subordinate than the main man. We might, for example, thank our Guardian Angel for his help. We might ask St Michael to defend us in battle. We might ask for some special guidance from a saint or our Blessed Dead. We pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. We ask the Mother of God to intercede for us when we say the Hail Mary.

The Old Testament was included in the bible by Catholics to provide context for Gentile readers. The New Testament is the guide for Christians, but since most Protestants start from the beginning (Genesis) and never get to the New Testament, they think like Jews, not Christians. The original Protestants called themselves “the New Jews”, attempting to return to the days before God’s Church (who they protest against).

Today’s 40,000 Protestant denominations are guilty of Bibliolatry, worshiping a creation of Catholic bishops and theologians as though it were God Himself. Of course, God would never lie to us, but we often misinterpret Him. That’s why bible interpretation can be dangerous. Today’s 40,000 Protestant denominations all disagree among themselves about some bible interpretations, thanks to Luther and his unbiblical philosophy of “Sola Scriptura”.

The Protestants demanded that Churches be stripped of everything beautiful, they demanded that Christians dress like Old Testament Jews, and they demanded that Christians give up all joyful acts of kindness and celebration. Protestant rhetoric attacked all Christian acts that were graceful and kind, including the much-maligned “Christian works” (as in “work out your salvation with fear and trembling”) which, over the years, has been deliberately conflated with Enlightenment “Will To Power” Nietzschean Autosalvation. If you can save yourself using wit and charm (or rabbinical logic, or kabbalic magic) then who needs Christ, His Church or His priesthood?

In order to throw out the priests you must throw out the sacraments. When you throw out the sacraments you lose your supernatural faith. When you lose your supernatural faith, you lose everything our society was founded upon. You lose respect for marriage, respect for life, respect for ecclesiastical authority. What do you get instead? The State takes the place of God. State sponsored marriage legalizes divorce. State sponsored medicine pushes transgender/birth control/abortion. State sponsored religion creates witches. State sponsored education creates mindless drones for the State.

Welcome to the Order of Luther.

Regards, Paul Bennett


3. From exchange of emails “Herboris”- Bruno – “markglogg”:


Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 1:24 PM

To:Marek Glogoczowski ; Bruno DRWESKI

Subject: Fw: [INDE] Re: la violence insupportable de la torah …Yahweh contre Elohim ? (en langue grec YAHVEH contre EROS)

Aussi et surtout:

Merci Marek. Tous ces “recoupements” sont fascinants par leur convergence… Il faut décidément que je me mette à étudier le polonais et le slovaque.

Je suppose que vous ou Bruno connaissez déjà un chercheur égyptien “”"complotiste”"” (mais savant en tout cas) qui inscrit apparemment son travail (“L’Egypte n’a connu ni pharaons ni Israélites”, et autres) dans la lignée de ceux de Kamal Salibi (it’s not me, my God !)(“La Bible nous vient d’Arabie”); Israel Finkelstein et Neil Silberman (La Bible déterrée);  Ze’ev Herzog (“Déconstruire la muraille de Jéricho)…

Entre autres:

The Zionist paradigm is founded on the distorted story of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt and their persecution by the Assyrians and Captivity by Babylonians, but the truth is that the Israelites never set foot in Egypt or Palestine. Actually they never left Ancient Arabia and North Yemen, their origin land, before the Babylonian Captivity”


Bien à vous.

—– Original Message —–

From:Marek Glogoczowski

To:Herboris ; Bruno DRWESKI

Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 8:04 PM

Subject: Re: [INDE] Re: la violence insupportable de la torah …Yahweh contre Elohim ? (en langue grec YAHVEH contre EROS)

Je cite:

Surtout, une hypothèse révolutionnaire que je voudrais vérifier, si j’avais le temps, est que la notion de “Peuple Elu” est tout simplement dérivée de l’ordre socio-divin des Castes. Les Hébreux (installés il y a 4000 ans au Nord-Est de l’Euphrate, je crois, avant leur migration – et donc avec une bonne Surface de Contact avec le monde hindouiste) ont décidé qu’ils seraient des Juifs brahmanes “purs” qui domineraient (Brahma devenu Yahvé et Abraham en ayant décidé ainsi) les Goys que sont les autres peuples. Ces derniers auraient acquis le statut de la caste des Intouchables. Et il y aurait les deux autres castes intermédiaires plus ou moins assimilée mais eux, les Juifs seraient et resteraient la Caste supérieure, le Peuple choisi par Dieu pour guider l’Humanité.

C-est une excellente hypothèse indirectement confirmé par le fait noté dans l’histoire de l’ Exode, quand les Juifs pacifiques, guidés par Mois, ont dépouillée les Egyptiens:

Exode 3:22 

Chaque femme demandera à sa voisine et à celle qui demeure dans sa maison des vases d’argent, des vases d’or, et des vêtements, que vous mettrez sur vos fils et vos filles. Et vous dépouillerez les Egyptiens.

Exode 11:2

Parle au peuple, pour que chacun demande à son voisin et chacune à sa voisine des vases d’argent et des vases d’or.

Exode 12:35-36

Les enfants d’Israël firent ce que Moïse avait dit, et ils demandèrent aux Egyptiens des vases d’argent, des vases d’or et des vêtements. L’Eternel fit trouver grâce au peuple aux yeux des Egyptiens, qui se rendirent à leur demande. Et ils dépouillèrent les Egyptiens.…

D’après St Augustin dans “De doctrina christiana” (liber secundus XL-XLI)  ces vêtements, ainsi que des vases d’argent et des vases (calices) d’or, étaient les ustensiles sacrés, utylisés par les Egyptiens pendant leurs cérémonies religieux – St. Augustin est fier que ces vêtements blanc (ornâtes) et calices en or et agent, ont trouvé ensuite leur application pendant la messe dans les Eglises chrétiennes …

Aussi l’Arche d’Alliance est la copie “terrestre” du bateau sacré égyptien  dans lequel le dieu RA se promenait sur Nile pendant les fêtes. Chez chrétiens cette arche se transformait en tabernacle, “la tente sacrée”, point central doré dans lequel les ecclésiastiques gardent la hostie symbolisant le dieu Christus.

Donc IL EST TRES PROBABLE QUE L’IDEE DU PEUPLE ELU A ÉTÉ “EMPRUNTÉ”, PAR LES MOSAISTES, CHEZ LES HINDOUS, en faisant d’elle le moteur du devoir D’EGOISME SACRE des Juifs, des Chrétiens et des Musulmans, visant la “domination – ou l’éradication” – sur la Terre des tous les êtres “impurs”, par le Hindous appelés “intouchables”, par les Juifs “goyim”, et par les musulmans “infidèles”…

Une excellente explication de la histoire de l’humanité depuis l’invention de l’écriture littérale!


Le 18/09/2017, à 11:09, Herboris a écrit :

“Par ailleurs. beaucoup de récits bibliques sont des copies des récits mésopotamiens ou ougaritiques pré-existant que les archéologues retrouvent par étapes […]“

Mieux, hindouistes. Pour quasiment la même époque que celle de la rédaction des épopées bibliques, on retrouve dans les textes sacrés de l’Inde:

-un dieu qui s’appelle Brahma (devenu Abram puis Abraham) dans l’A.T. et qui porte la Barbe…;

-sa compagne qui s’appelle Saraswati (devenu Sara dans la Bible) [il y a aussi une anecdote incestueuse qui rappelle que Abraham a fait passer sa femme pour sa sœoeur aussi…]  

-le Déluge


-etc., etc.

Plus grave encore:

-le “Je Suis” du Buisson Ardent correspond exactement au credo hindouiste: “Aham Brahmasmi” (Je Suis le Brahman)”

-Si les 25 millions de morts de la Bible sont en fait métaphoriques, nous sommes donc bien en pleine “illusion” (Maya) voulue par Dieu. La seule Réalité, c’est le Soi Universel. Les dieux mangent les hommes (sacrifices pour Brahma). Avec un peu de sagesse, ils comprennent le pourquoi des choses (l’Illusion et la nécessité des sacrifices). C’est alors qu’ils deviennent libres du monde causal en rejoignant le Soi.

4. The article, which gave an impuls to the above discussion:

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