PAN w Z-nem 41: CI(P)A Promoted, Genitalian Theory of Evolution and its contestators (Parts 1, 2 and 3 from 5)

CI(P)A Promoted, Genitalian Theory of Evolution

and its Lamarcko-Piagetian ridiculization

The God of America is Sex, while Money is only a tool to reach it.

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3700 words, worth of an ATTENTION

The word of introduction

40 years ago, at the time I had a scholarship at the Laboratoire d’évolution des êtres organisés, directed by Pierre-Paul Grassé at University of Paris, I had an occasion to speak with a young French researcher Antoine Danchin, the author of a book « Ordre et dynamique du vivant». Being an adept of Neo-Darwinsm, this my age-mate assured me that all lasting novelties in biosphere, appear as genetic mutations during the fusion of male and female gametes, in the course of a sexual procreation. For me, as for a physicist by a basic education, his argumet, putting at the same evolutionary level deletorious mutations with advantageous ones, was dubious. Do really living beings have not enough intelligence to make themselves necessary genetic improvements, in situations demanding such changes?

Already at that time, not knowing yet about details of differentiation of genetic structures of higher organisms during their ontogeny, I wrote a significant manuscript in which I argued that “The Neo-Darwinian interpretation, postulating that the evolution is a by-product of random errors of duplication of the genetic code, amplified and fixed by Natural selection … must be qualified as passive or “nihilist”, denying any influence of the process of living on the fact of evolution” (see Annotation 1).

Later on in my research I’ve noticed that authors of the evolutionary theory based on existance of Natural Selection, Thomas Malthus (1766–1834) and Charles Darwin(1809–1882), were theologians as their basic scietific training. Both of them were thus impressed by first pages of GENESIS, in which the Creator orders, all his creatures, to “be fruitful ans multiply”. Moreover, this Divine Creator SELECTED (in other terms ‘predestined‘) humans “to have a dominion over everything, which dares to move on the earth, in water and in the sky”. It’s a bit funny, but with time I’ve realized that THE ENTIRE NEO-DARWINIAN THEORY OF EVOLUTION, WAS DEDUCED FROM FEW SCARCE REMARKS, CONTAINED IN THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE. (See Attachment 2)


The Origin (Genesis) of a Genitalian Mindset

In a slightly satirical text “MIND IN GENITALIA”, completed already 8 years ago, I remarked that “The obsession with problems of sex and reproduction – considered to be completely marginal by Hellenic and Roman philosophers – is indeed the peculiarity of the Jewish culture: it is sufficient to recall here not only the opinion on this topics of 17thcentury Baruch Spinoza, but also of young Otto Weininger (1880 – 1903), who in the book Sex and Characterdared to connect sex and Jews.”

From this spiritual conjunction – commonly described as LOVE – of Jews & Sex, we got at least three major cultural & economic phenomena, ever more profoundly shaping the present Global Civilization. They are:

  1. The incorporation, hundreds years ago, of the Hindu sign of Tantra as the symbol of Jewish identity.

  2. The elaboration of GENITALIAN theory of human psychosexual development, by Zigmund Freud in the first half of 20th century.

  3. The total onslaught of GENITALIANS on the Planet Earth, this in a form of the TMA (Technique-Money-Ass) worshipping Civilization.

As the pt. 1 is considered, a very visible indicator of Jewish attachment to organs of sexual activities is not only the habit of circoncision of male infants, but also the acceptation – through Muslim intermission in early Middle Ages – of the Hinduist sign of Tantra, as the second – after Menorah – Jewish national symbol:

According to original Hinduist interpretation, wholeheartedly accepted by medieval Jewish cabbalists, the triangle directed upwards at the Tantra sign symbolizes male sex (Δ – penis, ‘Hrim’, Shiva), while the triangle pointing downwards symbolizes female sex ( – vulva, ‘Om’, Shakti). These signs on a flag of Israel, and also on the Great Seal of USA, indirectly indicate that these two “exceptional nations” form a kind of a GENITALIAN SUPER SOCIETY, expanding by a spoil of all other human cultures – and by an exploitation of all other Earth riches as well:

As the pt. 2 is considered, the very term GENITALIANS was coined by the Austrian psychoanalist Sigmund Freud (1856 – 1939). “According to Freud, children’s pleasure-seeking urges are focused on a different area of the body, called an erogenous zone, at each of the five stages of development: oral, anal, phallic, latency, and genital. … During the Genital (12+ years of age) stage, sexual impulses reemerge. If other stages have been successfully met, adolescents engage in appropriate sexual behavior, which may lead to marriage and childbirth. (From “ Theories of human development”)

Hence, from Freud’s theory of human ontogenesis, it is evident that adult males (and females, despite the absence of a penis) should be called GENITALIANS – a kind of animals with human faces, in their life principally interested in activities of their organs of procreation, and in a proper investment of their semen (or ovula). Due to discoveries in microbiology, in the middle of 20th century, GENITALIANS took enormous interest in apparently metahysical properties of minuscule particles of DNA called genes. Extolling capabilities of these perticles, the renomed GENITALIAN science fiction writer of English descent, Richard Dawkins wrote a whole book “The selfish gene” (1976). The belief in METAPHYSICAL properties of these genes, become the crux of a genitalian imagination of life processes. (More on this topics in Attachment 3.)

Ad point 3.The mystics of a sexual reproduction is symbolized graphically by the Tantra sign. And Tantra (Is) The Cult Of The Feminine (1988), to quote the title of van Lisebeth’s very professional book oe this topics. Hence it is logical that GENITALIANS dominating in nations under Tantra effigy, have developed a predilection for SOFT, FEMININE TYPE methods of maintaining their social supremacy. Today practically all more “hard” social systems become subverted by delicate “rose, tulip, orange, jasmine, etc. “revolutions”, described in Robert Nye’s book “Soft Power” (2004). On this topics my „comrade in arms” Israel Shamir, in an article titled “Unmanning the Man”, wrote already several years ago:

There is an understanding between the holders of power that feminised men are easier to control. Unmanning men is a linchpin in the reprogramming of mankind into an obedient herd, because strong men are unpredictable. Strong men are prone to rebellion, ready for sacrifice and primed for action. It is no coincidence that the enemies of Empire are all masculine males, be they Qaddafi, Castro, Chavez, Lukashenko, Putin – or Julian Assange. It appears the men have been targeted for elimination; the working ants need no sex.

Why Organizers of the New World Order desperatedly seek to accomplish this goal? Sigmund Freud argued that in order to reach the mature genitalian state of personal development, the “proper nurturing and parenting during each stage of development is necessary”. Hence a “normal” bourgeois society automatically engages itself in efforts aimed at securing incessant wellbeing of its progeny. Moreover, as told me it Antoine Danchin already 40 years ago, eventual impoved forms of living beings – including the appearance of men (and women) of genius – may occurr only during the moment of an association of male (Δ) and female () gametes. A trivial association (it is an ACT OF AN INTELLIGENCE) of Freud’s GENITALIAN schema of consecutive stages of human ontogeny, with likewise GENITALIAN concepts of bio-evolution in general (see Danchin), resulted in the Grandiose Plan of a construction ofa “New Earth” entirely purgated from penuries of existence, and of all dangers to its inhabitants.

Such “Plan” – called PNAC, Project for the New American Century – become the official goal of USA mission worldwide. As noticed it, during our WPFDC meting at Island of Rhodes in 2003, Armand Cleese, the director of the European Institute of International Affairs in Luxembourg, “United States wants a world without enemies, without threats, without risks…. The quest of the Americans for absolute, total security may lead, may even be bound to lead to absolute, total insecurity”. His statement was reinforced, at the same conference, by an observation of Indian intellectual Jagdish Kapur that we are now under (USA imposed) thralldom of a paradigm of ‘armament protected consumerism’,  which has perfected techniques for the moronization of masses.”

Later on, in 2017, during the Mut zur Ethik” yearly meeting at Sinach (Th) in Switzerland, I added that this ‘thralldom of a paradigm of armament assisted consumerism’ has lead to the appearance of the secular cult of Threefacial Artificial Divinity of Technique, of Money, and of an Ass loving Comfort (in abbr. TMA or TMC: Technics-Money-Comfort). And I was even able to point at Fathers Founders of this “childish” Western cult , born out of studying and re-studying of the Holy Bible, this not only by orthodox Jews.

The Piageto-Lamarckian ridiculization of the “Genitalian understanding” of human ontogenesis and of its long term evolution

Does it exist any chance of counteraction against this sprawl of ‘Global Genitalian Society’ worshipping TMA/TMC “God”?

The old Chinese philosopher Lao-Tsu was known for his opinion that “The greatest happiness for a Chinese is to walk and to observe the world”. It means that for an antique Chinese all this accumulation of technique, of money and of a decent housing, was only a burden, an obstacle to lead a happy life. A similar view had the Greek philosopher Aristotle, who began his “Metaphysics” with words “every man wants to know”. Aristotle categorized the linked with sexuality human activities within the lowest kind of “soul”, called by him “vegetal” one, which is responsible for zoon nutritive habits and resulting from it it growth (also in size of population). According to this founder of modern psychology, the higher kinds of “soul”, which grow on this “vegetalo-genital” basis, are “animal, senso-motorial soul”, and in case of our specieshuman rational soul”, feeding itself with information gathered by our lower, “animal, sensuous soul”. This highest kind of “soul” finds its satisfaction – as Taoists insist – in an altruist sharing with others of its experiences and acquired wisdom.

This old Aristotelian scheme of growth of a mature HOMO SAPIENS, was developed in more detail by a Swiss biologist and psychologist Jean Piaget (1896 -1980). Following the Lamackian classical observation that organs which are used, grow in size and their efficiency, Piaget seconded by his French elder colleague, biochemist Paul Wintrebert (1867-1966) argued that the impuls for both muscular and neuronal overgrowth (« la reéquilibration majorante ») is provided by damages (« perturbations »), which these organs suffer during their utilization. « Piaget developed his cognitive-developmental theory based on the idea that children actively construct knowledge as they explore and manipulate the world around them. His theory of four stages of cognitive development, … is one of the most famous and widely-accepted theories in child cognitive development to this day. » (From “Theories of human development”.)

These Piaget’s observations have very little in common with Freud’s ones, centered on behavior of kept in enclosures infants. Children – like all young animals, be it our common kittens – love to run and play with interesting them objects. And during their sleep organs, which become tired during their plays, do not only regenerate but undergo an OVERREGENERATION (« La réquilibtation majorante ») of their dynamic structure. This ZOOLOGICAL PHENOMENON (unknown in inanimated world) permits them, during subsequent plays and exercises, to grasp better (to learn) the millieu they are exploring. This LEARNING is a result of a bio-construction, WITHIN THEIR BODIES, of subsequent CONDITINNED REFLEXES.

These LEARNED reflexes are a manifestation of METAPHYSICAL capacity of zoon, called INTELLIGENCE (from Latin ‘inter ligare‘, bind together). Already in 1981 in a journal “Fundamenta Scientiae” I published an “Open Letter to Biologists”, in which I argued that conditioned reflexes – which we memorize usually for decades – are necessarily coded on new asssociations of genes in neurons controlling their expression.


The Central Hoax of Genitalians dominated Life Sciences

The necessity of coding of new, persisting for whole human life reflexes, on adequate reassociations of genes in neurones controlling these reflexes, is since decades denied by CENTRAL HOAX of microbiology, founded on a dubious eksperiment, of future Nobel Prize Winners, genitalian refugees from Fascist Europe, Max Delbrück and Seymur Luria,  with “selection” of bacteria by kiling them virus (1944 – they simply omitted ‘the lattency period’ in the discussion their experiment). Roughly half a century ago it evolved into Central Dogma of Molecular Biology, entirely prohibitining, to living beings, the possibility of selfimprovement – in stressful conditions – of genetic structures directing their behavior.

Such bizarre “achievement” of Genitalian Life Sciences become of course questioned by open-minded people. To quote an English sociologist and himalaist Michael Thompson, who exactly 40 years ago, commenting the Nobel Prize in Biology winner, J. Monod’s proud assertion that “chance alone is at the source of every innovation, and of all creation in the biosphere ”, sadly remarked that “in Life Sciences we witness a systematic channeling of enquiry in order to impel knowledge ever further from the truth.“ Like in case of psychologists from Piaget’s school, Thompson‘s opinion had no influence on behavior of laboratory researchers, believing that “God Creator of their wellbeing” is hidden inside minuscule genes they dissect and recombine.

The real challenge to this Central Genitalian Hoax came from radiologists investigating, how both natural and artificial irradiations, affect exposed to them beings. One of this kind of researchers was author’s elder colleague, also an alpinist, professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, deceased in 2011. Thanks to a discussion with him, roughly 10 years ago, author has learned the word HORMESIS, which describes the phenomenon of a «majorant requilibration» (of a hypertrophy) of genetic structures of living organisms, disrupted by various kinds of irradiations. The existence of RADIATION HORMESIS – which is a manifestation of COUNTERENTROPIC INTELLIGENCE of all ZOON – makes ridiculous the whole Genitalian Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection of accidentally appearing, “beneficial” genetic variants.

The diagram above is taken from Jaworowski’s articleThe Beneficial Irradiations published in 1997. I “enriched” it only by proposed by Matthew Arnold (1869), Sigmund Freud (around 1930), and author’s (2019) distinctions between “Hebraist / Genitalian” and “Hellenist / homo sapiens” imaginations of zoon abilities to cope with adverse situations. (I repeat, ‘genitalians’ refuse to accept – the dotted LNT line at the diagram – that not critically damaged genes of living beings undergo, by organism own efforts, spontaneous “repair & improvement” of their metabolic performances; this bio-reaction symbolizes the “hormetic curve” on a diagram.) It explains also other zoological phenomena:

1. To agents, disrupting genetic structures, belong electromagnetic waves of normal light. Hence “regenerations with overcompensations” of perturbations by light, of our organs of vision, are responsible for our memories of objects we have seen. (I will call them“lasting micro swells”, ‘l-m-s‘, hence not “imprints” of memory.) Moreover, associations of these overgrowths (l-m-s) of repair reactions to irritations by light, are at the origin of LEARNING (CREATING of an INFORMATION), by us, of unseen (unimagined) previously characteristics of the world we were actively observing.

2. Also harms to our muscles during their exercise, cause “majorant reequilibration” (hypertrophy, or “lasting m-swells”) , during periods of rest, of not only muscles but also of neurons fatigued during these exercises. The appearance, after usually long periods of training, of a “muscular memory” (in form of spontaneous chemical associations of these “l m-swells”) of movements frequently repeated, is a well known to sportsmen phenomenon of CREA – it means of the CREATIVITY OF THEIR OWN BODIES, which are becoming capable of mastering obstacles remaining initially well beyond their capacity. (See the book “Art of Freedom of Voytek Kurtyka” by Bernardette MacDonald, 2017; Kurtyka and Reinhold Messner are two most experienced himalaists of our time)

At the picture above are
sketched visible, under ordinary microscope, “l m-swells”, of both musclar fibers and of genetic material, in mouse muscle cells, submitted to physical exercise (Goldspink, 1964). This 55 years old picture is an excellent example how it appears CREA – the psychomotorial creativity – of mice andmen.

The CCE, CI(P)A, MIT and their “Conspiracy Against Homo Sapiens”

These pictures of Jaworowski (1997) and of Goldspink (1964) confirm the fact of improvement, of psychomotorial aptitudes of living organisms, exposed to mildly damaging them agents, including their own physical efforts. At the same time this evidently COUNTERENTROPIC (or NEGENTROPIC) phenomenon provides an excellent confirmation of validity of Lamarck’s Law of Biology: the exercise (or prolonged lack of it) imposes, relatively durable overgrowth (or atrophy) of exercised / disused animal organs. The deceased in 2o11 Jaworowski, since already the time he was the head of radiologists U.N.S.C.E.A.R. organization in years 1981-1982, was frequently arguing that the persistent negation, in particular by US scientific establishment, of the existence of RADIATION HORMESIS,is the biggest scientific hoax of20th century (see Jaworowski, 1994). And he even pointed at known Nobel Prise Winners in physics, Linus Pauling in USA and Andrei Sacharov in USSR, as personally responsible of spreading senseless fears of moderate doses of irradiations.

Why do we witness these efforts, of quite a number of Nobel Prize Winners, aimed at negation of the fact of existence of Lamarcko-Piagetian mechanism of “regeneration with overcompensation” of harms suffered? Simply, this elementary BIOLOGICAL PHENOMENON of COUNTERENTROPY puts into question the whole TMA/TMC ideology of never ending economic growth. And of course it villifies efforts of influeantial genitalians (especially these ones hidden inside “temples of corruption” called banks) to achieve the worldwide supremacy. The reported by Armad Cleese, at our meeting at Rhodes, American PNAC program of making theworld without enemies, without threats, without risks” is completely insane. Our Planet, systematically purged of environmental dangers, and of other obstacles, which are absolutely necessary to impose on youngsters efforts, which permit them to attain more broadminded personality, is risking to turn itself into completely decerabralized HUMANOID TURMITORY (“tchelovekovisko” of Alexandr Zinoviev) – a kind of Global Mega Cancer consuming everything on its way of non-differentiated proliferation.

Very recently, thanks to a websiteFort Russ, I learned that already in 1950 the ruling in USA “priesthood of TMA/TMC cult”, in order to assure their “inanimate LORD-like” hold over the populace (endangered, at that time by the spread of communist ideas), have organized the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF). As noticed it activists of LaRouche movement, any scientific data, endangering Western TMA/TMC “divinity”, is destined to be suppressed (literally “The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated”). Such an UGLY PROGRAM of obscurcisement of the reality (‘TMA’ in Slavic languages) has become the object of the famous “kulturkampf” lauched by affilited with CCF, CI(P)A semi-secret organization called CI/P/A = Central Intelligence /& Propaganda/ Agency. Its achievemnts, in particular in science, are reported in Part 3)

To furnish only one example of this CI(P)A assisted, “war of genitalians against homo sapiens”. Since Middleages ordinary teachers used to repeat, in Latin to their pupils “repetitio mater studiorum est”. Consciently ignoring this “outdated” maxim, the working at famous Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT), internationally known linguist Noam Chomsky, has boldly assured the scientific publics that We have essential, overwhelming evidence that substantial aspects of our mental and social life, among them also the language, are determined as the part of our biological endowment, and that they are not acquired by process of learning, and in particular not by a training”.

(This revelation professor Chomsky wrote at his age of 60, 13 years after participation in 1975 in “Debate between Jean Piaget and Noam ChomskyLanguage and Learning”). Do indeed, we are able to master whatever language, without exercising it for months at least ? (Except, of course, biblical Acts 2: 2-7.) Isn’t it, the above statement of a MIT luminary, a trivial HOAX aimed at obscuration how the DECENT INFORMATION, about the world around us, is constructed?

The predilection for hoaxes is the speciality of heroes of “God choosen” tribe, Israel Shamir in “Jussie Smollett and Jewish Hoaxes” provides two recent examples of such deceiving the publics activity.

As Chomsky’s proud anti-Piagetian assertion that “the language is not acquired by process of learning ,and in particular not by a training” is considered, it is a product of his specifical “revolutionary mindset”,similar to the one of activists of Chabad Lubawich sect. As underlines it Jerzy Ochman, who made a resume of a sacred book “Tanya”, in “Periferies of Jewish Philosophy” (Kraków 1997), Chabadniks are: 1. Proud of being Chosen, 2. Feel their superiority over other humans, and 3. consider themselves to be Supermen. According to these Supermen “People refusing to submit themselves to ideas of chosennes and surhumanity of Jews, are called sinners, led by satans, with their souls not created by God, but by demons, like it is the case of animals… They (Chabadniks) practice method of hiding real goals, and linked with it the religious necessity of deceiving “unbelievers”.
(As this specifically “Jewish revolutionary mindset” is considered, it is worth to recall that also St. Paul, the Proud Inventor of lasting since two millenaries DOGMA of “Christians salvation by truthtellig Jesus crucifiction”, not only felt himself to be a Superman – 1 Cor.  2: 7-15; but he also felt God’s chosen for a similar, as Lubawichers today, mission: “God, who set me apart from my mother’s womb and called me by his grace, was pleased to reveal his Son in me, so that I might preach him among the Gentiles” – Gal. 1:15-16)
The sect of Chabad Lubawich, was banished from Soviet Union in 1929, and has miraculously ressurected in USA in 1950, precisely at the moment of the beginning CCF / CI(P)A worldwide Kulturkampf. In last 3 decades its influence rose substantially. During our meeting at MAUP in Kiev in 2004, I heard from Edward Hodos that in early 1990, at hedquarters of Chabad Lubawich in Brooklyn NY, the program of rip-off of entire Soviet industries was meticulously prepared. Also a Chabad Lubwich delegate to Russia, young rabbi Berel Lazar (I heard him, in English, during our meeting at Rhodes in 2006) is known from his statement in 2002 that “The religion is necessary in Russia, this in order to fill the void after the destruction of communism”. So miraculously we witness, since the papacy of JP II, a frenetic construction of new churches, in particular Poland in last decades over thousand of them was built! More than during the entire previous millenary of Christianity in this country! As a non repentible “unbeliever led by demons” (really so, at someone called me this way!), I permit myself , to conclude this essay, by an illustration of the relation, between the spread of TMA/TMC Civilization, and underlyig it missionary efforts of “Genitalian God” choosenites:
In respect to this last elegant picture, it is worth to recall words of Vladymir Illich Lenin, pronounced by him exactly 100 years ago:
Zakopane, May 1st year 102

4 Additional remarks and quotes
Annotation 1:
In July 1978 I wrote 15 typewriter pages long “Comments on the Cellular Differentiation, Quantitative Modifications of Biological Structures, and the Increase of Biological Information”. At that time I was a graduate student of “genetics of population” at the Geneva University. Suprvising my research, professor Albert Jacquard from I.N.E.D. in Paris, found this my early work in developmental biology interesting, and passed it to his friend, French psychologist. She found it also worth to publicise, and inserted a laudation of this my early work, as a footnote in a book she published few months later.
Recently I found this my 41 years old paper in my drawer, and I’ve noticed that principal ideas, which I enounced in it, are still in a “dormant” form, waiting for someone “established and courageous” enough, to develop this carefully omitted, by the mass of molecular biologists, problem of THE INCREASE OF INFORMATION inside actively living beings. Whole 20 years after writing these “Comments”, I inserted its resume into a picture illustrating «  SYNDROME OF “BLIND WATCHMAKER” », a kind of a Platonian Dialogue in 13 Acts, between “Radical Darwinian (R.D.)” and “New Socratic (N.S.)”. I wrote this theatre play during the first year of my professional career as an academic teacher of philosophy at Pomeranian Academy of Pedagogy in Slupsk (Poland) in 1998, and I’ve organized the performance of this Dialogue, animated by students of a temporary “School of Wellbeing” in Höör (Sweden), in March 1999.

Below are 4 remarkable pictures taken by François Jacob during his experimentation with early mouse embryo in 1978. I added to itmy own, made in 1998, interpretation using as a basis Teilhard de Chardin‘s concepts of evolution (αω, wholeness, noosphereand opposing it bio-processes of adaptative decerebralization. ATTENTION Genitalianism, characterising TMA/TMC Civilization is principally a VEGETAL activity, not necessitating cerebral effort, hence in case of living for genitalian values humanoids, their “learning” consist of ELIMINATON of superfluous neuronal interconnections, this contemporary bio-phenomenon is eoquently praised by computero-molecular mentor od Chomsky, Jean-Paul Changeux – see subsequent adnotations )

Evereone is invited to judge the validity of this my 21 years old comment to Jacob’s old experiment with mouse early embryo:

 Fig. 2. Results of F. Jacob’s experiments with reversible perturbation of the process of differentiation of early mammalian embryos. Upper, left: mouse’s embryo in the morula stage. Upper, right: a relatively compact colony of tumoro-embryonal mouse’s cells grown in vitro, in Petri dishes. Bottom, left: the same as above mouse’s embryo after an addition of (isolating cells from others) antibody to early embryonic “uniting cells” antigen F9. Due to the influence of this chemical agent (antibody), named Fab anti-F9, a compact morula divides into loosely interconnected, grape-like cluster of cells. Bottom, at right: an addition of Fab anti-F9 changes a relatively integrated structure of tumoro-embryonic cells shown above into fully atomised, anarchic aggregate of cells which has lost all previous symptoms of differentiation. We can see – both on photographs at left and right – that an addition to the cellular environment of an agent (antibody) inhibiting intensive contacts between cells, provokes a regression of bio-structure into an earlier, less differentiated stage of development. As observes it F. Jacob, this phenomenon is reversible, but at certain stage it may become irreversible, changing mammalian embryo into its cancerous form called teratocarcinoma. (La Recherche, 89, 422, 1978).

Interpretation of this experiment. We observe the phenomenon of bio-synthesis of structures of higher complexity – which occurs thanks to dynamic interactions of growing cells and tissues – at all levels of ontogenesis. In particular this phenomenon occurs during the maturation of neuronal structures of brains of young birds and mammals. It means that all chemico-physical agents, which provoke mutual isolation of cells (as well as isolation of tissues and individuals), contribute automatically to the underdevelopment of isolated – and thus unused – bio-structures. Due to it, if we extrapolate in extremis from embryology (our picture) to the adult human society, we may postulate, that all technical inventions, which isolate men from their fellows and Nature – such as dresses, houses, cars, money, properties, and even “nuclear” families – must contribute to the regression of the level of cerebralisation of human civilisation (process ). Such process of dedifferentiation may change with time into a non-controlled growth of tumour-like “humanity”, which may become totally dominated by its own technical achievements. To the contrary, when we limit the “richness” of means isolating men between themselves, we should witness the psychosomatic renaissanceof human societies, previously artificially impoverished by an overgrowth of economy. (Process according to the terminology of Teilhard de Chardin.) We postulate that such “(w)holistic” processes are in agreement both with Orthodox Christian (?) and Marxist dreams of a reconstruction of biological “Universal Oneness” (see the top of the picture)


? – May 1st 2019. As these my “Orthodox Christian” convictions are considered (see my « GOD LOVES THE GREEDY AND THE CORRUPT » text from 1995), as a professional philosopher, since already a quarter of a century, I consider to be RATIONAL (it means acceptable by Homo sapiens) only the NESTORIAN and PELAGIAN forms of this religion. These forms of Christianity were rejected, in Roman Empire, at the Council of Ephesus in 431 AD, by a conspiracy of future Saints, Augustin from Carthagina and Ciril from Alexandria, which – OUT OF THEIR GREED AND COGNITIVE CORRUPTION – were forcing the acceptance, by Christians, of the praised by st. Paul HEBREW UGLY HOAX of the ORIGINAL SIN..

Annotation 2
In the Introduction to this my “Syndrome of Blind Watchmaker” (1999) I enumerated “Biblical Sources Of Darwinism”. Recently I gave to their enumeration, a religious-like form, copied from Lutheran “5 SOLAS”. Here they are, these “5 Solas of Genitalian Life Science”, inserted into my recent text “Is Antique Autism at Origin of Mind-killing Emptiness of J.-Ch. Faith?” I quote from it once again – for repetitio mater studiorum est – that the so-called ‘neodarwinian mindset’ is constructed uniquely on information about biology present in OT and NT!


1. Sola scriptura (neo)darwiniana admissibile est – neoDarwinian writings alone are acceptable in scientific schools

2. Solus multiplicatium esentia vitae est – multiplication alone is the essence of life

3. Soli geni character individuum determinant – genes alone determine the character of an individual

4. Sola fortuna species novus genera – by accidents alone new species arise

5. Sola selectia naturalis motor evolutionis est natural selection alone is the motor of evolution

And here is the ORIGIN („GENESIS”) of the above „5 Solas”:

@1. Sola scriptura  from Lutheran SOLA SCRIPTURA, repeating „Divine Wisdom”of St Paul in 1 Corinthians 4:6 - „you may learn from us not to go beyond what is written”.

@2. Solus multiplicatium –from the book of Genesis 1:22 - Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the  earth”.

@3. Soli geni – from 1 Corinthians 15:36-38 : „What you are sowing is not the body (or soma) which will arise, but the naked grain (germen)… The God gives to every seed the body he intends, for each seed an appropriate for it body”; the idea of such division is present already in Genesis1:11-12)

@4. Sola fortuna – from “Jehovah oracle” urim-tummim  of hazardous choice, both of people to be exalted, and of those to be humiliated - Exodus, 28: 30;

@5. Sola selectia from Lutheran SOLA GRATIA – „For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - Ephesians 2:8-9; „it is the gift of God not by works – Romans 11:6; Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved (positively selected) us –Titus 3:5.

Attention! Annotations 3 and 4, will be emailed soon!


 Post scriptum, May 8, year 102 after GPAJ revelution

Already in my meta-Ph.D. Thesis at UC Berkeley, titled “N-T-D Comedy” (see below):

I did not only demonstrated that TECHNICS (see above) is the TOOL OF CONQUEST of the Planet Earth by “Americanized Super-People”, but also that this specific folk worships also GENITALIA and MONEY (hence “In USA the God is SEX, Money is only a tool to reach it” – the motto of the present essay). And of of course COMFORT of Sedentary Wellbeing – see two exerpts from this my Meta-Ph.D. Thesis:


Here is the recent artistic utilitarian sculpture of THE AMERICAN GENITALIAN GOD, in its SOLID GOLD grace:

Underneath is a copy of the back cover of my Meta-Ph.D. Thesis at Berkeley,predicting the arrival of  TMA/TMC prophets expected,  SAVIOR OF THE HUMANITY:

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