Paschal (20)12 RECOLLECTIONS of Old and New anti-Zionist Christian arguments


Dr Marek Glogoczowski

In my humble opinion of a “Hellenized” philosopher, the Pascha/Easter is the festivity of BARBARIC ALIENS. These totally corrupt “supermen” from “the city shinning upon a hill (of Zion)”, are intrinsically hostile to all brave and decent people. Peoople which are trying to understand the Nature, and thus are able to detach themselves from the “dominate the earth”, psychopathic command of the Bible.


There is a lot of  “noise”, at anti-globalist and pro-Palestinian websites, concerning the alleged “anti-Semitism” of born in Israel, relatively young saxophonist and philosopher Gilad Atzmon. This agitation is caused by his recent book “The wandering who?”. I haven’t read yet this book, but as a professional philosopher I fully endorse Atzmon’s “Hellenist” philosophical attitude, which is not considering the chimerical being called “God” to be the center of the Universe. Such an “atheist” attitude of Atzmon regrets my friend Israel Shamir. In his critics of Atzmon’s book published in he wrote: “Another problem is the absence of God. Indeed, … if Atzmon were to publish his thoughts on God and Jews, he would not find a publisher. You may use every obscenity, but you should not mention Christ.”

In fact, my “comrade in arms” Israel Adam Shamir believes – as do it Christians not trained in careful reading of texts of New Testament – that Jesus Christ has the sharply anti-Zionist face. Nevertheless “Christ the Savior”, whom we know from gospels, was in large extend the product of imagination of “lawyers and scribes” from “the city shinning upon the hill”, and thus he is pictured by them to be a Zionist too. Jesus even insist that his disciples shall go with His teachings not to gentiles, but to “sheep lost from the house of Israel” (Mat. 15, 24). Also the most famous writer of New Testament, known as St. Paul, repeats after preceding him prophets that “the Savior (of the world?) will come from Zion” (Rom. 11, 26) – which implicitly suggests that the Temple on the Hill of Zion was chosen by the God to spread its “divine light” all over the Earth.

In my opinion the absence of a God – be it the one called Christ – is a sign of my younger colleague Gilad Atzmon healthy anti-Zionism. This in the sense of his negation of all ARTIFICIAL LIGHTS radiating, through the Bible, from “the city upon a hill” – which Masonic idol invocate like parrots all consecutive American presidents.

But prior to the present Recollection of vicious religious commandments, which become underwritten by Christ resurrection from the dead, I propose the ethically and esthetically more interesting picture, which has nothing in common with “the plan of globalization” set up by Judeo-Christian “God-Father” from the hill of Zion. Below is a photograph, taken on January 1st 2012, of our tiny party of oldboys, under the summit of Mt Cook, 3756 m, the highest peak of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. This difficult to reach summit we climbed the next day, and it was a really exhausting – and surely “godless” – exploit, especially if we take into consideration that our mini expedition was together 191 years old! (I am in the center) :


1. Around year 50 AD, during his Second Missionary Journey, the freshly converted to Christianity St. Paul arrived to Athens “full of idols” according to him. Criticizing Paul’s message to Athenian publics, local Epicurean and Stoic philosophers called him a ”babbler”, and mocked him, when he began to preach the oncoming Day of Final Judgment, and the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection from dead (Acts 17, 16-34).

2. Around year 180 AD, Roman philosopher Celsus published the “True Word”, quoted extensively by Orygenes in his “Contra Celsus”. (Thanks to Orygenes polemics, Celsus’ Logos was saved from Christian eagerness to destroy all testimonies challenging their “holy” superstitions). Celsus expressed in his “True Word” such “obscene” arguments against Christians believing in Jewish God: “All your stories are only fairy tales, to which you cannot give even appearances of probability of truth. It is very well known that you have reworked three, four, and even more times the text of your gospel, this in order to escape critics … I underline that it is unreasonable to propose us your God, which in order to create the world steps out from his eternity, and than lefts this world to its own fate; the God which afterwards punishes the people and the world for the evil he himself has done, and for which he himself is responsible.” And so on.

3. The Prophet Mohammad in sura IV “Women”, verse 157, of his Qu’ran, written around 626 AD, argued that (Jews) neither killed Him (Jesus, the son of Miriam, God’s messenger and Messiah), neither crucified Him, they had only such an impression.” Such Moslem interpretation of events, which supposedly happened six hundreds years prior to Hegira (escape) of Mohammad from Mecca to Medina, ridiculizes the Christian belief in Sins Redemption by Jesus Crucifixion and Resurrection. The Qu’ran suggestion that at the cross was hanged the “resembling Jesus” traitor Judas Iscariot, is a historical testimony of Prophet’s sense of humor and justice. This, created inside him by Eternal Eros (peace be upon Him) understanding of the world, has lead Mohammad to the conviction that Allah spares his messengers unnecessary sufferances. Such an interpretation pleases of course all people brave enough to investigate the Nature of Gods. Thanks to Allah they imagine their own future in brighter colors than these on the picture below, which symbolic photograph I received on Great Friday 2012, with greetings of “Happy Easter” from my Slovak friend from Poprad-Tatry:

4. In years 1674 – 1689 AD, a Polish noble, initially member of Jesuit Order, and than a soldier, lawyer and philosopher, Kazimierz Lyszczynski has written – in secrecy – an essay “De non existentia dei”. He expressed in it – among others – such blasphemous thoughts “I adjure, you theologians, on your God, do not extinguish the light of Reason, do not remove the light of sun from the world, by ascribing to God things which are impossible, attributes and denominations which are contradicting themselves. … The religion was established by men without religion, in order to make them object of worship, this despite that God does not exist. The godliness was introduced by godless. The fear of God is preached by these which do not fear (God), in order to make them be feared. The faith described as Divine is a human invention. The doctrine, be it logical, be it philosophical, which claims to teach the truth about God is false, and the one, which was condemned, is the most true.” The manuscript of “De non existentia dei” has leaked to Polish religious authorities, which found Lyszczynski to be legirupa, impudens, inverecundissimus. After a lengthy trial Polish Primate ordered Lyszczynski’s public decapitation at Warsaw’s market, and the burning at stake of his impurus corpse. We had to wait for a whole century for the opportunity to express publicly views similar to these of Lyszczynski. During the French Revolution roles inversed, and guillotine was busy in decapitating the clergy.


5. A colleague with whom I worked, in years 1997-2008 at the Chair of Philosophy of PAP – Pomeranian Academy of Pedagogy – told us interesting things he heard from priest professor J. Tischner, while preparing with him the book “Filozofia Józefa Tischnera”. J. Tischner was a close friend of pope Johannes Paulus II, and thus frequently visited the Vatican. According to information he gathered at the Holy See, the contemporary world is ruled by three Mafia a/ the Vatican catholic one, b/ the seated in London’s City Aglosaxon Mafia, and c/ the Jewish one, seated principally in New York, at Brooklyn headquarters of Chabad Lubavitch. Moreover, Józef Tischner told my colleague that cardinals have done their own study, who among the religious elite of the World is believing in God. They were able to find only three such persons, among them one Jew, Emmanuel Levinas. Which is an elegant confirmation of Lyszczynski’s supposition that godless and scruple less functionaries of the Church “push” the fear of God in order to assure obedience of their “sheeple”.

6. In a context of old Celsus argument (pt. 1) that God of Jews and Christians behaves in a “crazy” manner, it is worth to quote my occasional, probably Jewish French, collocutor in Kraków circa AD 1995. He suddenly, without being asked for it, told us “if we scrutinize texts of Old Testament in the light of modern psychiatry, it turns out that the God pictured in it is an utter psychopath”. This contemporary observation is valid also in case of New Testament, in particular in case of “Letters of Paul”, who overtly was boasting himself to be an “ambassador” of God-psychopath among gentiles.

7. The fact that apostle Paul has worked for the benefit of “Universal God of Human Imbecility” is confirmed by arranged by him successful transplantation, into nascent Christianity, of barbaric rituals of “crimes obliterations by god’s lambs incinerations” practiced in the Temple of Zion in Jerusalem. In Paul’s philo-criminal theology, the Crucified Christ is playing the role of a “god’s lamb” (a scapegoat) redeeming committed – and/or intended – crimes of the Christian enterprising folk. The overlap in time of Jewish and Christian Easter festivities is not accidental, too: during the Passover ancient Jews, by a holocaust (fulburning), in Jerusalem Temple, of quite a number of domestic animals, commemorated the success story of their Exodus from Egypt. During it their “God” (in fact GoG – God of Gangsters) has managed not only to kill all Egyptian firstborn sons (II Mo. 12 12-17), but also provided escaping Jews with gold and silver preciosities and ecclesiastic dresses, which they “borrowed” (robbed) from their Egyptian neighbors (II Mo. 11, 2; 12, 35-36). The same scheme of redemption of crimes we repeat during “our” Easter festivities: Christians exalt the bloody sacrifice of Jesus of Nazareth, which “sacrifice of the man-god” has permitted – and still permits  – the adoring the Cross Crusaders, to rob, to kill and/or to enslave with impunity all pagan nations of the Planet, which are daring not to worship Christ the Savior (of criminals).

8. It is worth to recollect – and to keep in mind forever – that the very idea, of “salvation by a collective torture of truth telling person”, which is described in detail in prophecy of Isaiah promising greasy benefices from “suffering servant”, represents the “divinisation” of antique Middle-East mafia habit of a collective ritual murder.  Such hideous ritual makes members of a given criminal gang strictly bind together, and thus “invulnerable” both to internal scruples and to external critics.

9. In February 2012 AD, inspired by an exchange of views with polemists from The Catholic University of Lublin (KUL), I elaborated Five Logical Arguments demonstrating that the author of the Central Christian Dogma of Redemption, Saul from Tarsus, known as St. Paul, was a crook and psychopath. (These scholarly formulated arguments are : 1 – ex historiae philosophiae; 2 – ex sapientiae Jesu Christi; 3 – ex praxis services secretas de Israele; 4 – ex scientiae zoo-psychologiae de Ioannes Piaget; 5 – ex Agape/Caritas Dei.) This rich in details research I published in Polish at the website One of its readers, hiding herself under a nick “dociekliwa” (inquisitive female), commented it in a following way “An excellent, penetrating analysis of the appearance of a religion in the service of mafia”.(Doskonała wnikliwa analiza powstania religii na usługi mafii)

10. Already more than dozen years ago, Warsaw’s anthropologist, professor Andrzej Wierciński, who substantially helped me to write a short essay “The War of Gods”, has told me, that according to his knowledge, the ancient Israel had the Mafia-like social structure. According to Wiercinski (only after his death in 2003 I learned that he was of Jewish origin) such “constitution” was considered by Jews to be the most effective political system. This teaching is indeed inscribed into the Bible: if God is invisible, the imitating him earthly rulers should remain in obscurity too, as it demands the Second Commandment of Moses “You shall not take the name of LORD your God in vain”.  As a kind of post mortem development of Wiercinski’s idea, my fried Israel Adam Shamir, in his assembly of essays “Pardes – an etude in cabala” published in 2005 wrote: The Jewish universe is mirrored in a caste society, where the priestly caste (securing the radiation of Torah) is separated from the rest, and social mobility is discouraged. In the Jewish universe, Yisrael is reality, while gentile nations and gods are but a figment of imagination. Dissolutions of gentile nations and elimination of their gods is a theological goal of Yisrael, her proclaimed mission of having one God, one Temple in Jerusalem, and no other forms of worship. … This is why Yisrael globalizes and homogenizes the world, uproots and homogenizes the mankind.”

11. Christians believing in God of of Human Vanity, which Fathers of the Church “borrowed” from enterprising Jews, are also involved in activities aiming at the homogenization of mankind. This in agreement with St. Paul’s divine assurance that “Christ must reign until he humbles all his enemies beneath his feet.” (1 Cor. 15, 25). In fact, Jesus quoted in Gospel of John “puts flesh” into the mentioned above St. Paul’s prophecy. Jesus says in this Gospel, contradicting his own word quoted in Gospel of Matthew 15, 24,  “And I have other sheep, that are not of this fold; I must bring them also … So there shall be one flock, one shepherd.” (John 10:16; in all evidence Jesus repeats in this verse the prophecy of preceding him  Zechariah 14, 9.) It means that Jesus of Nazareth, trying to be coherent with the mission of his “beloved apostle” Saul known as St. Paul, also participated* in the realization of THE SUPREME GOAL OF GLOBALIZATION. Thanks to his Word, put in a writen form by a a not synaptic evangelist John, the very old Hebrew ideal of “civitas dei”, the City of God completely isolated from the world below, become preserved and revitalized in modern times. “The city shining upon a hill”, considered by Freemasons to be “the God” itself, become engraved on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, and later on it appeared also on dollar bills. This picture of a pyramid with a well  marked slit between its base and its radiating summit, informs all bearers of  this symbol of American Power that the country, which  issued these bills, has utterly tyrannical character, with no possibility of whatever feedback – or revolt – against the “God” suspended above the lower part of this modern pyramid of nations and states.

12. Indeed, thanks to missionary efforts of Christians, modern democratic Empires, build by secret Masonic associations (in particular USA and France of Napoleon III), took the hardly noticeable to laics shape of a pyramid with its “God-like” Summit completely isolated from its large  profane human base. As observed it Maurice Joly in “Dialogue aux enfers entre Makiavel and Montesquieu” completed in 1864, modern liberal Western Empires become similar – in their “hidden constitution” – to Jewish Mafia-run Yisrael, elegantly described by Israel Shamir in his “Pardes/Paradise” published in 2005. Due to such internal constitution, all more prominent officials – the clergy included – of the Rising Millenary Global Yisrael are forced, by their “invisible God-Father”, to behave like proverbial zombies: politicians of “free world” are parroting like automatons their mantra of “human rights”, forcing themselves to remain completely insensitive to all indications that they are facilitating affairs of crime syndicates which are busy to subdue countries still considered to be “godless”. All this GLOBAL CANCER-like development is realized for the glory of the Unique God of Jews, by Karl Marx called Money/Mammon, the Universal Kuppler (the Lord Pimp).


*These 12 RECOLLECTIONS suggest that when we repeat, with a naive enchantment “Christ has risen! Христос воскрес!” we behave like people drugged with poison spread by professional dealers of“religious opium”: a close investigation of Christian gospels (especially the one of Peter, considered to be apocryphal) suggests that Jesus of Nazareth survived crucifixion, but has been psychically heavily broken by applied to him “shock treatment” (the cruel crucifixion, than drug injection by an incision in his side, and than probably a kind of “waterboarding” treatment during his, lasting for 3 days, visit in a “hell”). As the result of such prolonged torture, so much venerated at the Christian iconography, Jesus after his passion began to behave like internally dead zombie, which externally does not change much.

The best confirmation of such sorry state of his soul we find in the overlooked by Gospel writers fact that after his resurrection Jesus only occasionally showed up to his  disciples: prior to his Golgotha he used to stay for days with them. In all evidence these short appearances of Him (what He was doing, in secrecy, in-between these shows?)  were sufficient  to make readers of gospels believe that he indeed had the super-natural “power to lay down his life and to take it again” (John 10, 18). This capacity, similar to the one of circus prestidigitator, convinced incredibly childish Christians that He was/is a God. More  broadminded people infer from these bizarre reports that the “God-father” of Jesus simply exploited the Passion of his “belowed Son” for the pious purpose of enlargement of his Kingdom of Yisrael. Exactly like it were practicing Kings (Molochs) of Israel in 8th-7th century BC, when they had no scruples putting into the fire their adolescent, firstborn sons. This in order to get STRENGTH TO DOMINATE THE EARTH, in particular to retain and to expand their Kingdoms of Gangsters.

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