PODHALANIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE (5): Addenda to “Satanic 999 Verses of Markglogg”

Addenda to “Satanic 999 Verses of Mark9lo99

Original text of “”Satanic 999 Verses” at http://markglogg.eu/?p=1107; eventual comments here

1. Mohammad in Quran (7-th century) on errors of Christian dogmas

2. “De non existentia Dei” of Kazimierz Łyszczyński (1685)

3. Leo Tolstoy’s critics of MISOLOGOS of the Church (1870 – 1910)

4. Roger Garaudy on ‘Christ of St. Paul is not Jesus’ in “Funding Myths of Modern Israel” (1996)

5: The Origin of MASTERMIND’s “Imbecility First” Lucrative Program of Humanity Stupefaction

6. The Bio-Origin of “The Biological Jew” of Eustace Mullins, and St. Paul’s “mission from G-d”

 Addendum 1: Mohammad in Quran (end of 7th century) on errors of Christian dogmas

I have only a limited knowledge of Quran, the holy book of Moslems. At the time Islam was making its incursions into lands occupied by Christians, Christian scholars considered the religion of Mohamed to be a “terrible heresy”, which incorporated into it several, Eastern Christian heresies, in particular Nestorianism. For Mohammad and his followers, practically all Christian Dogmas were erroneous from the point of view of definitions of common words like one, three, father, son, etc. These errors begin with the dogma of God’s Unity in Trinity (God Father – His Son – Holy Spirit).

a) On this topics Surat 4, 171 says:

O People of the Scripture, do not commit excess in your religion or say about Allah except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, was but a messenger of Allah and His word which He directed to Mary and a soul [created at a command] from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers. And do not say, “Three”; desist – it is better for you. Indeed, Allah is but one God. Exalted is He above having a son.

b) As the Catholic Church second most important dogma of “Christ, who by His sacrifice on the Cross has ransomed us and reconciled us with God” is considered, the Quran nullifies it completely, even more than Nestorians, which claimed that on the cross Jesus didn’t “reconciled us with god”, for the “only human” Jesus died, abandoned earlier by God (“Oh God, my God, why you abandoned me?” –  Mat. 27:46; Mk 15:34). Mohammad (pbuh) argues that Jesus wasn’t crucified at all, this for sure. The Surat 4, 157 sums this topics in these words:

And [We cursed them (it means Jews)] for their disbelief and their saying against Mary a great slander,  And [for] their (Jews) saying, “Indeed, we have killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the messenger of Allah .” And they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him; but [another (in occurrence Judas)] was made to resemble him to them. And indeed, those who differ over it are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it except the following of assumption. And they did not kill him, for certain.”

c) In his relation of Torah’s book “Genesis”, Mohammad (pbuh) forgot about Original Sin, and due to lack of it, all this, laboriously preached by Saul/St. Paul theology of Redemption reveals itself to be a DECEPTION,  smelling like an ordinary  bullshit. As observed it thoughtful MoslemsThe crucifixion of Jesus is the foundation of Christianity and the excuse to live immoral and sinful lives”. In fact, the pretentious Apostle announces his Good News in following terms: “For if by the transgression of the one (Adam), death (in the sense of sin) reigned through the one, much more those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the  (self-sacrifice of) One, Jesus Christ (…) There is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus  (Romans, 5, 18 and 8, 1) .

Reading these, announcing an EASY SALVATION full of hypocrisy verses, Moslems ironically observe: “According to the Pauline doctrine, there is no salvation without the sacrificial death of Jesus, and hence “no salvation outside the Church” . It signifies that without the myth of “original sin”, the whole Church reveals itself to be an obsolete institution. (As I understood first chapters of Quran, the Original Sin was the hypocrisy – which is possible only in case men are numerous: the living in a solitude Adam couldn’t thus be an author of such pathology, in particular characterizing specifically “educated” Jews and their imitators.)

Addendum 2: De non existentia Dei of Kazimierz Łyszczyński (1685)

The gift of logical reasoning in terms described above, is not “given” by an exterior to humans force, but it arises in us, during our adolescence, as the result of our REPEATED EFFORTS to train ourselves in logical discussions, also in these concerning self-observations. This fact was well known to Hellenes, and Socrates liked to repeat the slogan curved at the tympanum of Delphi Temple of Apollo: “Know yourself and you will know Gods and Universe”.

It is this SUPERIOR GOD, manifesting itself only in well educated and courageous people, which plays the role of LUCIFER elucidating somber places of all possible religions.

Inspired by this INTERNAL GOD (by B.F. Skinner called “homunculus” to be suppressed in a society built on Science), the Polish nobleman Kazimierz Łyszczyński, which studied theology and philosophy while remaining for 8 years in Jesuit Order, and later on he was a soldier fighting in Poland’s wars against Ottoman Empire, wrote, in secrecy, a treatise “De non existentia Dei”. This treatise served as proof of Lyszczynski blasphemy against God. The tribunal of Polish Catholic bishops condemned him for public decapitation, and burning of his corpse on March 30 1689.

What was the Lyszczynski ‘s “crime of thought”? His blasphemous treatise was destroyed by the diet, but fragments that survived are as follows:

I – we beseech you, o’ theologians, by your God, if in this manner do you not extinguish the light of Reason, do you not oust the sun from this world, do you not pull down your God from the sky, when attributing him the impossible, the characteristics and attributes contradicting themselves.

II – the Man is a creator of God, and God is a concept and creation of a Man. Hence the people are architects and engineers of God and God is not a true being, but a being existing only within mind, being chimeric by its nature, because a God and a chimera are the same.

III – Religion was constituted by people without religion, so they could be worshipped although the God is not existent. Piety was introduced by the unpietic. The fear of God was spread by the unafraid so that the people were afraid of them in the end. Devotion named godly is a design of Man. Doctrine, be it logical or philosophical, bragging to be teaching the truth of God, is false, and on the contrary, the one condemned as false, is the very true one.

IV – simple folk are cheated by the more cunning with the fabrication of God for their own oppression; whereas the same oppression is shielded by the folk in a way, that if the wise attempted to free them by the truth, they would be quelled by the very people.

V – nevertheless we do not experience within us and within any other such an imperative of reason, which would ensure us of a truth of divine revelation. Alas if they were present in us, then everyone would have to acknowledge them and would have no doubts and would not contradict the Writings of Moses and the Gospels – which is not true – and there would be no different congregations and their followers as Mahomet etc.

Addendum 3: Leo Tolstoy against MISOLOGOS of the Church, and his idea of a “Christianity without Christ” (1870 – 1910)

a) In his “Confession” (1870), the author of “War and Peace” wrote  (excerpts):

(…) Most of all I studied Christianity both from books and from the people around me. Naturally I first of all turned to the orthodox of my circle, to people who were learned: to Church theologians, monks, to theologians of the newest shade, and even to Evangelicals who profess salvation by belief in the Redemption. (…) I could not accept the faith of these people. I saw that what they gave out as their faith did not explain the meaning of life but obscured it. (…) The more fully they explained to me their doctrines, the more clearly did I perceive their error and realized that my hope of finding in their belief an explanation of the meaning of life was vain. (…) And I understood that the belief of these people was not the faith I sought, and that their faith is not a real faith but an epicurean consolation in life.

And I began to draw near to the believers among the poor, simple, unlettered folk: pilgrims, monks, sectarians, and peasants. (…) How often I envied the peasants their illiteracy and lack of learning! Those statements in the creeds which to me were evident absurdities, for them contained nothing false; they could accept them and could believe in the truth – the truth I believed in. Only to me, unhappy man, was it clear that with truth falsehood was interwoven by finest threads, and that I could not accept it in that form. (…)

b) Witnesses of Tolstoy’s friends and family members (quotations from http://www.faithalone.org/journal/1998i/Townsend.html):

(…) Aylmer Maude, Tolstoy’s friend, wrote that Tolstoy “frankly disliked and disapproved of much in the Epistles of Paul, whom he accused of having given a false bias to Christianity (…) Tolstoy wrote that “to consider [Christ] a God and pray to [Him], I esteem greatest blasphemy… Dostoevsky realized “where Tolstoyan thought would lead—to a Christianity without Christ.” (…) Concerning the resurrection Tolstoy asserted (June 13, 1889): “There is fabrication in Mohammed and Paul. There isn’t with Christ…He would not have been turned into a religion had it not been for the fabrication of the resurrection, and the chief fabricator was Paul.” Tolstoy, the Greek translator, even denied that there was a biblical word for “resurrection.”

Tolstoy’s friend and biographer, Aylmer Maude recorded that to Olga Nikolaevna’s questions: “Could there be life without evil? Could man exist if there were no evil?” Tolstoy replied, “Man comes of good, not of evil.  Tolstoy also claimed: “The theory of the fall of Adam…was unknown to Jesus; he never spoke of it… (…) Probably his son Sergei hit the nail on the head when he wrote that his father “believed that false thinking is the reason for all evil in the world, that men were not evil by nature, but because of incorrect thinking…”

c) Tolstoy on Bible, as the source (“cultural virus”) of evil in the world

The Leo Tolstoy’s supposition that people “from nature” are good, and that all the evil the people do, results from their ignorance, characterized already old Greek philosophers, Socrates in particular. It is necessary to stress that AS THE PRIMARY SOURCE OF EVIL TOLSTOY INDICATED THE HOLY BIBLE. I translated into English the Leo Tolstoy’s short analysis of the message of this most important book of Christians and Jews. The text below appeared in Jan Ciechanowicz’s voluminous book in Polish  “Antysemityzm”, published by “Astra” in New York in 2010. (J. Ciechanowicz  was MP of the last Supreme Soviet of USSR, and until 1994 he worked as a dozent of philosophy and  linguistics at the University of Vilnius, Lithuania, at present he lives in Poland):

As the whole this biblical history is considered, with the exception of naïve (like the visit of Abraham by God and two angels, the wedding of Isaac, and other) stories, which sometimes are sinless but more frequently unethical (like  swindles of beloved by God Jacob, the cruelty of Samson, the cunningness of Joseph), all this history, beginning from plagues brought upon Egyptians by Moses, and the murder, by an angel, of their firstborn sons, up to the fire, which destroyed 250 insurgents, to the fall underground of Korach, Dathan and Abiron, to the destruction, in dozen of minutes, of 14.700 men, to dissection by saws of enemies wiped out by Elias (who was taken into heaven in a chariot of fire), and to Elizeus cursing small boys making fun out of him – this is the number of miraculous events and terrible crimes, which were done by Jewish nation, by his commanders and by God himself.

Would all this history of Old and New Covenant be presented as a common tale, not many of educators would be courageous enough to tell it to children or to adults, which they instruct. Nevertheless this tale is considered to be not apt to be discussed by people, as it represents the only true description of the world and of its laws, as the most faithful reconstruction of history of previously living nations. Also of this what we should consider as good, and what as evil, about the essence and properties of God and of duties of humans. We speak about vile books, but does it exist in the Christian world a book, which brought more damage to humans than this horrible book called “History of Old and New Covenant”?

… In case of a man, into whose head have been pressed, as the most holy truth, the faith in the creation of the world six thousand years ago from nothingness, and subsequently in the arch of Noah, which was able to carry all animals, in the fall of Adam, in immaculate  conception, in miracles of Christ and his sacrifice at the cross for the salvation of humans – for an educated in a such manner man demands of reason are not obligatory, and such individual cannot believe in any other truth. If the trinity is possible, as well as the immaculate conception, and the redemption of humanity through the blood of Christ, everything is possible and demands of reason are superfluous.

Try to drive a wedge in between boards of a floor of a granary. The similar situation is with a head, into which was driven the wedge of Trinity, it means of a God, which become a man, and which with his sufferings redeemed mankind, and subsequently returned to Heaven – in such a head will not last any reasonable, clear understanding of life. You may put any amount of grain into a granny with a hole in its floor, everything will leave it. You may put whatever you want into a head, which once accepted senseless things, nothing will rest in it.”

After recalling this “hidden” text of Leo Tolstoy, Jan Ciechanowicz adds: “Not only the hierarchy of the orthodox church, but also numerous Jewish writers considered these verses of Tolstoy as evil, they considered them to be an evident manifestation of  anti-Semitism.” (Hence the logical conclusion is, that both Christian and Mosaic clergy claims that THE EVIL IS TO REASON IN LOGICAL TERMS, and thus logically this clergy should bear the Greek name of MISOLOGOS Haters of Logical Reasoning.)

Addendum 4. Roger Garaudy on ‘Christ of St. Paul is not Jesus’ in “Funding Myths of Modern Israel” (1996)

From Wikipedia: “Roger Garaudy (17 July 1913 – 13 June 2012) was a French philosopher, French resistance fighter and a prominent communist author. He converted to Islam in 1982. Many of his books and ideas have been deemed controversial and he suffered accordingly in academic circles as well as in the law system of his homeland, France.”

As announced it prophetically St. Paul in his “hymen of love”, the living for 99 years Garaudy belongs to the silenced by “Christian” media individuals representing “tongues and knowledge, which will pass away” (1 Cor. 13:8). In fact Roger Garaudy at the end of his long life denied that St. Paul was a genuine promoter of teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. As a converted to Islam scholar Garaudy began to argue in public that the Passion of Christ under Pontius Pilatus  is a Jewish fabrication (surat 4, 157), and that the myth of 6 millions of Jews which perished under Hitler is a Jewish fabrication as well. (French Wikipedia precise : „Hitler has not given the order of extermination; the word ‘extermination’ was a false translation, and designed the fact of expulsion of Jews ; Jews were decimated by typhoid, and crematories served to burn cadavers of victims of sicknesses ; there were no reliable witnesses ; crimes of Allies were worse than these of Nazis ; gas chambers were not existing ; tortures were inflicted to Nazi prisoners in order to admit by them the genocide ; the theory of conspiracy of Jews ; the pretended lack of refutation of theses of negationnists ; the material impossibility linked with Cyclone B gas and with functioning of crematories.”)

As the result, in EU the Garaudy’s book “Funding Myths of Modern Israel”, published in Switzerland at his age of 83, become banned, and the so-called “MASTERMIND” of Globalism today hopes that this ban of Garaudy’s knowledge will last forever, in agreement with the prophecy of St. Paul.

Let’s thus DISCUSS the problem raised by Garaudy in this forbidden in EU book. What is the relation of messages and prophecies contained in “Letters” of St. Paul to teachings of Jesus reported in Gospels? I found only one short, but important message, in which the opinion of Jesus overlaps with the one of his “vicar”. In Gospel of John 12, 24 we find a phrase “unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”, which is the repetition of “agriculturist wisdom” of St. Paul published, circa four decades earlier, in “I Letter to Corinthians” 15, 36: “When you put a seed into the ground, it doesn’t grow into a plant unless it dies first.

Why we may safely judge that St John put words of Saul alias Paul into mouth of Jesus? In so-called synoptic Gospels, which were conceived several decades earlier than the one of John, Jesus says something completely different. Namely in the well known Parable of a Sower (Mat. 13 8), Jesus observes: (seed which) fell on rocky places, … withered because they had no root.…(while) seed which fell on good soil, produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”  Where from this difference in opinions concerning agriculture? One of Soviet philosophers of aesthetics explained the difference of messages of Paul from these of Jesus reported in synoptic gospels: Saul/Paul from Tarsus was a city dweller, and had only a SUPERFICIAL KNOWLEDGE how plants grow, while Jesus was a man of fields and meadows, knowing very well details of agriculture. (But, to quote the prophecy of St. Paul, “earthly knowledge of Jesus has passed away” – the official Church is insisting that Christ had to suffer and die in order to spread his own – really was it his own? – message of Redemption).

Already 20 years ago in “The Introduction in English to ‘War of Gods’” (1996) I observed:

The evident duplicity of the religion of gangsters, dressed in sacerdotal cloths of “God’s servants”, has been transplanted from Judaism to Christianity. The merit for this subtle transformation we shall attribute to the self-appointed apostle Paul:

1) St. Paul is The Founding Father of so-called “Orwellian Society”. If we look at principal religious slogans appearing in his letters — for example “wisdom is stupidity” or “freedom is in obedience” — we may discover their close affinity with Orwellian slogans “Ignorance is strength”, “Freedom is slavery” and so on. …The important problem is that until today the Christian clergy takes teachings of this “apostle” with reverence, and not with humor.

2) The absence of humor among religious interpreters of St Paul’s “wisdom” (i.e. stupidity) results from the fact that this “Vicar of Christ” was a merciless killer of autonomous souls of Christians. According to the “Letter to the Romans”, an ideal Christian should be a kind of a mindless, happy imbecile: “Happy is he who has no reason to judge himself for what he approves. But he who has doubts is condemned if he eats (and not only eats — M.G.), because he does not act from faith; for whatever does not proceed from faith is sin (Rom. 14, 22-23). Etc.

Addendum to Addendum 4: During the WPFDC on island of Rhodes in 2006 I had an occasion to meet an orthodox priest and professor of theology at University of Presov in Slovakia, Milan Gerka. For I had with me the translation into Slovakian of my brochure “War of Gods” (see below), so I offered one of it exemplars to dr Gerka. He took it with interest, and started to read it. The next day I had an occasion to observe the hormetic effect of “snakes poison”, which Salman Rushdie described in a novel “Children of Midnight”: this novel hero Saleem Sinai after a bite, by snake in a jungle, was paralyzed for few hours, but than he recovered from his prolonged amnesia. In a similar way behaved Milan Gerka: the next day he was like paralyzed, he didn’t want to see me. But the next day he relieved from the pain, which the lecture of this tiny booklet caused in him, recovered a friendly attitude towards me and began to speak overtly about fallacies of the Bible:

Addendum 5: The Origin of the “Imbecility First” MASTERMIND’s Lucrative Program of Humanity Stupefaction

a) Implications of Catholic Church dogmas

While reviewing texts of 288 (yes !) Catholic Church dogmas, I discovered a very interesting characteristic of God, which Christians are supposed to worship:

Namely dogma  I-17 states that  ·  God is absolute ontological goodness in Himself and in relation to others, while dogmas V-12 and V-13 precise  ·  God, by His eternal resolve of Will, has predetermined certain men to eternal blessedness, and  ·  God, by an eternal resolve of His Will, predestines certain men, on account of their foreseen sins, to eternal rejection.

After reading the dogma V-13, Moslems will surely exclaim “Oh, Allah the Merciful, save us from such eternal resolve of Will of God of Catholic Christians!” And a mature philosopher will comment these dogmas in following way:

a) THEY ARE THE TESTIMONY  that the Catholic Church attitude towards the human species is the continuation of the Hebrew G-d Selective Attitude, described in OT: the greedy and lazy in inquisitive behavior JACOB I LOVE,  BUT the sturdy and striving for perfection ESAU I HATE (Rom. 9: 13).

b) THEY ARE THE TESTIMONY  that the Christian clergy is duplicitous: on one hand they assure us “Deus caritas est” (God is unconditional Love towards humans” – Benedict XVI), while this “unconditional love” has +/– sign, depending of God’s resolve of Whim (see above).

c) THEY ARE THE TESTIMONY  that God – in fact Hebrew G-d – is indifferent to human behavior: men BLESSED by him, no matter what inequities they do, remain blessed, these damned, no matter which efforts they do for their improvement, remain damned.

d) THEY ARE THE TESTIMONY  that by his indifference to human behavior this God, by not creating incentives for self-betterment, stimulates the general stupefaction and weakness of dominated by Christian church populace. (See the text of “Jesus, the Jewish Straw Man Worshipped as God” in “Veterans Today”, September 2013.)

e) And finally, THEY ARE THE TESTIMONY  that apparently “godless” Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection is an adaptive mutation of the old Hebrew concept of G-d’s Election. Election of the God blessed human sub-species for “multiplication and domination” of all other living beings (Gen. 1; 28). This is what the recent Turkish documental film “Mastermind” claims, Maimonides, Ch. Darwin and Leo Strauss, form Three Pillars of the present Hebrew Globalization!

There is a subsequent logical conclusion, resulting from “God’s demand” to stay weak and feeble in reasoning, like did it St. Paul, who in these terms announced his mission: “ I came to you in weakness with great fear and trembling, with message and preaching not with wise and persuasive words” – 1 Cor: 3-4. (Paulus  in Latin designates someone physically minute and poor, and indeed, our “13th apostle” tried to conform his outlook and behavior with his “Christian name”.)

But we may be sure that nothing good resulted from such “humble” behavior of our paulus. Namely, observations of psychologist Jean Piaget indicate, that in case children and adolescents are not making numerous exercises in logical reasoning and in precise observation, they remain neotenically childish for the rest of life. The religion, whose God states that I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate  (1 Cor. 1: 19) is demanding of believers the abandon of all mental exercises, characterizing intelligent people (the word ‘intelligence’ is derived from inter ligare, the capacity to bind together similar events and ideas.) In a long term, this Christianity imposed atrophy of reasoning apparatus, should lead to the appearance of intellectually ‘mini’ (paulus) humans having mentality of an embryonic type. Why? The God has created us in a form of an unicellular zygote – isn’t it? Wasn’t it the moment of our creation? So it will be against the eternal resolve of His Will if we try to divert ourselves from God’s decision to create the not habituated to reason mini-humans – isn’t it evident, too?  On this topic already 22 years ago in Geneva I wrote a short futurist satire (http://markglogg.eu/?p=267)

b) The “Down with the Mind” All the World Movement (1992)

Dedicated to Professor Lewis Wolpert and his discovery of “The Triumph of the Embryo


of Human Embryonic Society



of “Down with the Mind” All the World Movement (1993)

We, the Embryonic People of all Races and Sexes, We declare as follows:

1. Being fully conscious, that our ideas are in a full contradiction with the Reason and Biology, we declare that it is an obvious truth, that all men are created equal. We thus claim that Cain is equal to Abel, an idiot to a genius, and a common gangster has the same rights as a saint. Moreover, in agreement with the teaching of the New Catholic Church, we declare that the human embryo has equal rights to the life, and to the pursuit of happiness, as an adult man. In short, we claim that A (FERTILISED) EGG IS EQUAL TO A CHICKEN – and this is our New, Radiant Thought, which enlightens all our strivings and actions.

2. We declare that our God, Creator of Equality, has provided us – in a contrast with other mindless animals – with natural rights to live in safety, to bee free, and to be happy. We intend to execute these divine rights at the cognitive level of an innocent child, or even at the level of a not-yet-differentiated embryo. We have right to do it, for it is a self-evident truth that every adult was once in his embryonic state of personality. This is his own fault, that he has abandoned – against the Will of the Creator of Equality – this divine state of primordial idiocy and happiness.

3. In order to enforce the divine laws of The Infantilized Man, we intend to reproduce on the Earth the conditions of safety and happiness which are characteristic for the womb. We will thus cover the earth with our air-conditioned structures, which will protect us from evils of the bad weather, and we will provide the People with endless supply of food, clothing and transport facilities, so nobody will be forced to perform any destroying him, physical effort. We will also organize our Society in such a way that nobody will dare to force us to do a cognitive effort – which effort might eventually draw us away from our God-blessed state of continuous idiocy and happiness.

4. We declare that in order to realize this grandiose project of a permanent infantilization (or even of embryonalization) of a man, our God, Creator of Equality, has provided us with the right to exploit, up to our desires, all the richness of the Earth. We have also the right to exterminate (or to imprison in cages and reserves) all other animal species, including the Homo sapiens, which might put into danger the realization of our aggressively infantilized projects of total domestication.

5. We thus declare that our Human Embryonic Society has the Right to organize itself into politico-economical bands called parties, Mafias and corporations. In order to ease activities of these God-blessed bands, it has become necessary to dissolve – or to transform in an appropriate way – all previously existing, social justice, beauty, and truth seeking, human associations. Their crime consisted in stimulation of desires and actions different from the obligatory in our society, new born babies drive for a comfort, safety, and an  imbecile happiness.

6. We thus declare, that the Enemy no.1 of the People are followers of Karl Marx, whose program has effectively limited the production of God blessed machines, which in an effortless way give to people the feeling of freedom, happiness and domination.

7. We declare, that the Enemy no. 2 of the People are followers of Socrates, whose ancient teachings have undermined in the past the idiotic, childish enchantment with democracy and equality.

8. We declare that the Enemy no. 3 of the People are sincere and averted followers of Jesus Christ. This son of the bitch has managed, for nearly two thousand years, to lure the people, claiming that the happiness one might find eventually only after one’s death, and that we should not care neither for food nor clothing, neither for business, neither even for our own families.

9. We intend also to liberate Mankind from the merciless teachers, who spoil our youth declaring that one cannot jump over one’s shadow, that two plus two equals four and that every action causes reaction. Students of our schools, instead of learning the dull logic, mathematics and physics, will joyously play computer games and learn about Mickey Mouse adventures.

10. In short, after the liberation from our historical oppressors and enemies, we, the Uniformized Society of Non Differentiated Human Embryos, we intend “to multiply and to dominate the earth” – as our God of Israel, present already at the first page of the Bible, teaches us to behave. Needless to add that we thus intend to behave like an aggressively growing, human planetary cancer.

(Elaborated in 1993. The text drawn after the “Declaration of Independence of North America” of 1776, and the encyclical letter “Laborem exercens” of 1981.)


Addendum 6: The Lamarckian origin of neoplastic transformations, of “Biological Jew” of Eustace Mullins, and of St. Paul’s “mission from G-d”

a) The Lamarckian origin of neoplastic transformations

As the cancer tissue is considered, it is CREATED (by whom?) from organism’s own cells. These malignant cells, for “God knows which reasons”, start to consider their genetically brother tissues as “alien living beings”, which should be subdued and changed into a “pasture” for the self-appointed “chosen race” of cancerous tissue. These minute (‘paulus’  in Latin) cancer cells in all evidence follow an “order” from the G-d Creator from first pages of Genesis: “multiply and dominate everything which lives, everything around you is permitted to be colonized and consumed by you” (see the “Declaration of Rights of Embryonic Society” above).

Cancer is an internal  parasite of our bodies, which parasite remains dormant for several decades inside us. (In my personal case it took 70 years for the  mantle cell lymphoma to manifest itself under my eye lids). The most funny – but generally unseen – fact is that the Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, by Natural Selection of “randomly created” mutations, describes perfectly the process of “conquest”, by a non differentiated aggressive cancer tissue, of previously healthy, highly differentiated organism.

There are several literary works, which compare the spread of the modern civilization to the growth of a cancer. In particular we have the work of Eustace Mullins “The Biological Jew”, which tries to convince the reader that Jews behave like other lowly differentiated parasites, and in particular the barnacle called sacculina, a parasitic castrator of crabs, which studied in detail Charles Darwin.  Parasites are genetically different from species they parasite upon, thus various forms of tumors, which sprang from  initially genetically identical embryonic mammalian tissues, cannot be genetically identical with cells of the rest of an organism on which they parasite: as demonstrated it numerous experiments with growth “in vitro” of mammalian embryonic tissues, the tumor-like variants are formed in particular inside so-called “established” cell lines, which for long period of time remain isolated from the maternal organism. (The neoplastic “establishment”, of cultivated in vitro mammalian cell lines, provides an excellent proof that the imposed by change of environment change of habits, after some time imposes the adaptive modification of underlying these habits genetic structures, which structures start to amplify/extinguish behaviors which are expressed/abandoned in a given environment)

The figure above: Artificial methods of CREATION of tumor-like behaviors in mammalian cells (A.) and humans (B. and C.).  A. On the left, the regression of differentiation of mouse embryo by saturation of its environment with Fab antiF9 enzyme, which blocks the binding together of mouse cells in the morula stage of embryo differentiation (after F. Jacob “Teratocarcinoma et differentiation cellulaire”, La Recherche, 89, 422, 1978); on the right, the neoplastic transformation of embryonic mammalian tissue cultivated in vitro, inside glass Petri dishes. B. “The Skinner box” – a made from glass heated box inside which B.F. Skinner “kept apart” his child for the first year of its life. C. The self-domestication of modern man “kept apart” in made principally of glass, comfortably heated apart-ments. (The picture from M.G. book “Fallacies and Paradoxes of Modern Biology”, Kraków, 1993.)

P.S. May 2015. Comparing the picture of hyper domesticated Civil Society of today (C.) with conditions “in vitro” in which are growing cells behaving like a cancer (A. – on right), and with E. Mullins descriptions of a “biological Jew”, we start to understand the biological origin of Karl Marx observation dating from 1844: “the Jew is perpetually created by civil society (C.)  from its own entrails.

b) “What is good for a Jew is evil for a gentile” (and for all other animals, too)?

By a binding together (inter-ligare, an intelligent association) of Eustace Mulins’ “sociobiology of Jews”, with results of experiments with growth “in vitro” of mammalian cell lines, we arrive at the idea that PARASITIC SUBSPECIES CREATE THEMSELVES WHEN THEY ARE KEPT APART from other tissues for a longer time, when their environment is not forcing them to participate in collective activities of a complex organism. Mullins compares orthodox Jewry to a parasite of the human populace. The same are claiming orthodox Jews, which affirm that  they “live good fortune only when gentiles experience catastrophe”. (see the page describing teachings  of rabbi Saadia Grama  at Lakewood Yeshiva in New Jersey, USA). The indicated above experiments, with growth “in vitro” – it means in an artificial separation – of mammalian tissues, suggests that in a distant past, prior to the invention of Jewish “Pharisee” caste of “people set apart” from the rest of society, both proto-Jews and proto-gentiles had identical propensities for good and evil behaviors.

It is the autistic HABIT OF SELF-ISOLATION of “Pharisee Jews”, which CREATED the self-centered narrowminded neotenic Jewish tribesmen, while so-called “Gentiles”, habituated to a collective life, CREATED the broadminded homo sapiens species. And these traits of cognitive impoverishment of “tribe of Judah” tend to become reinforced in subsequent generations, like this nearly proverbial shortsightedness of antique Hebrew prophets and of imitating them Jewish elite of today – see the photo “pope Francis and Jews” below:

That’s everything what the FORBIDDEN BY THE GOD OF ISRAEL, Lamarcko-Piagetian scientia of human development has to say about Origin (Genesis) of human nature, which become crooked by a Civilization of Pharisees (it means of men “kept apart” in their comfortable apart-ments).

Eustace Mullins in “The Biological Jew” writes: “The Jew always operated from a basis of fraud, and slipped easily from one vocation into another. A Jew practices medicine in one city, and, leaving behind a trail of corpses, turns up in another town  (where) he becomes a student priest, and soon he offers daring new interpretations of the religious beliefs, until his superiors find that he is stealthily transforming every tenet of their faith into some strange and barbaric dogma.”

I ignore whom in particular Eustace Mullins had in mind, describing this “model Jew”. But this is a nearly perfect description of doing of Apostle Paul, proud to be “Hebrew from Hebrews, in regard to the law, a Pharisee” (Phil. 3: 5). Prior to his conversion he was working as a zealous procurer Saul, “breathing threats and murder” (Acts 9: 1) while “sanitizing” Israel from the pestilence of Christian “separatists” there. And soon after his “miraculous conversion”, after adaptively changing his external antigenic “identity marks” from “hate of Christians” to “love of them”, he, as observed it Mullins, “stealthily was transforming every tenet of Christian faith into some strange and barbaric dogma.”

c) What is, in its essence, this barbaric dogma of “Christians salvation by Christ crucifixion” means?

A short video made few weeks ago in Shirokino in Eastern Ukraine, demonstrates how “guardians of Ukraine’s Unity” crucify – and than try to burn alive – a caught by them local “separatist”, at the occasion of 2015 orthodox pasha celebrations. In all evidence, by making public the film of this cruel murder, Nation Builders of New Khazar Ukraine hope to  solidify the fractured Ukrainian “Unity in God, unity in faith and unity in baptism’ (Eph. 4: 5). The “baptism” of course in blood of executed by Mafia innocent persons. Last year mass media have amply demonstrated bodies of about 50 “separatists” burned alive in Odessa on May 2-nd, and at present we got the filmed scene repeating “in life” the tale of execution of a “separatist Christ” in order to get God’s blessing for Christians, and for the “smoothening” of their crimes.  (Saul from Tars indeed, had successfully ”smoothened” his crimes of youth by an invention of this “strange and barbaric dogma of redemption”.)

Please look at the film below, which elegantly illustrates at which macabre murders is built not only the STRENGTH of ONE UKRAINE UNDER GOD (of Israel), but also of CHRISTIAN CRUSADERS EMPIRES of the past:


As wisely remarked is St. Paul: “it is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory” (1 Cor. 15: 43), perverting thus the old observation of Plato, that the fecundation in dignity helps to grow the noble offspring. And thanks to the  accepted by Church, “message from G-D” of Saul alias Paul, we witness since nearly 2 thousand years THE CRIMINAL HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIANITY.

With  best greetings from  Tatra Euroregion


Below: the multi-gender and multi-technics Euroregional Spring Race near Ruzomberok in Slovakia

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