M.G. PAN w Z-nem (29 – 3 Discussions): on “Jewish Origin of Communism” and of “G-d of Israel as eine Attrappe of Brahma”

I got a number of letters concerning the „Jewish origin of success of Comunist Revolution in Russia”, which were inspired by my text “Is God of Israel eine Attrappe of Hindu Brahma?“. To make the discussion more centered on this topics, I invited to participate in it 27 ADULT (age 40+) INDIVIDUALS, principally these ones, which wrote to me just prior to Christmas 2017: 8 Poles, 6 Russians/Ukrainians, 4 Français (un s’est revelé Muslim du Proche Orient), 3 Slovaks, 1 German, 1 Austral English, 4 of female gender; 4 claiming to be of Jewish origin, 7-8 holders of US/Candian passeport or the like document. 13 of them took an active part in discussions, which resumés I emailed on Dec. 23, Dec. 25 and Dec. 27. I feel obligated to disclose texts of these, nearly “globalist” exchanges of views, to a larger audience of my friends and correspondents. 

Resumé of the First Discussion,  Dec. 23, 2017:

Herboris” (which turned to be the “Great Middle East” porte parole) wrote:

(…) je n’ai jamais accepté l’idée d’un complot judéo-bolchévique (chère à de nombreux négationnistes ou antisémites viscéraux, en tout cas anticommunistes) quand bien même Lénine (ou les autres membres du Politburo) serait 1/4 ou 1/8 juif ou 100% juif. (etc.)

(I never accepted the idea of a Judeo-Bolschevic conspiracy (which is dear to many negationists or visceral antisemites, and in particular in case of anticommunists), no matter if Lenin (or other members of Politbureau) were ¼, 1/8 or 100% Jews. /…/ In short, my simple personal hypothesis is that Jews were overrepresented in marxist movements due to the fact that they were finding in it, for the first time in their history, an answer different than the withdrawal (from contacts with other peoples) or supremacist or revangist goals.)

MG – I do agree with Herboris, I recall that I was baptized 75 years ago in montanious Zakopane; about my godmother you may read here: https://livre.fnac.com/a2844165/Anne-Marcus-Danuta-Le-Henaff

Vineyard Saker (where from?)

First, it is true that MANY non-Jews played a key role in the very early Soviet regime, then Jews began to be more and more prominent (while other groups such as the nobility were overall becoming less influential) until Stalin when their numbers were lowered once again. 

Second, authors like Dikii, Solzhenitysn and others were not devoid of bias and they worked with very imperfect figures.

Third, having some state body with X number of people inside does not at all mean that each individual member accounts for 1/X% of its power – people have different positions and personalities.

What Putin was saying is that Jews accounted for 80% of the members of the original ruling elites of Bolshevik Russia.  I find his finding absolutely reasonable and I agree with his evaluation.

MG – As a Pole I do disagree, Poles of „szlachta” (gentry) decedence played an important role in installation of Lenin’s regime too. Moreover, 95-100 years ago, in early SU, Jews were not as dominant as they are dominant at present in RF. (The best example of this fact: the exposé of Vlad Putin during the opening of Chabad-Lubawitch Museum in Moscow in 2013)

Kosovo Serbia (from USA?)

Here is just the kind of book you need to sort these facts out. You will notice that what is being claimed is just cover-up. This book is hard to find but I was able to find it for you. Save it just in case. Privet!


(…) Make sure you go through it and find pages and pages of Jews in early Soviet Government. It is damning.

Dick Eastman (from USA?)

In 1918 Britain and America were intervening and the White Russians under Kalchak had not been defeated.  It was not clear that the first Polit Bureau would not be captured and executed in the coming months.  After the Allied Expeditonary forces were removed and the White Russians eliminated was a different matter.  So what did the Polit Bureau of 1920 and 1921 look like?

I quote from Wikipedia: The original members of the Politburo were Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin, Lev Kamenev and Nikolai Krestinsky. (Krestinsky was a son of a teacher form gentry like W. I. Lenin; Lenin did not know that one of his grandfathers converted from Judaism to Christianity in 1820, it means 50 years prior to Lenin’s birth!) In 1921 the well educated as a lawyer, Krestinski left Politbureau. This in order to become an ambassador in Germany, which was vital for young SU. Krestinski was sentenced to death in 1938, like two other Jewish members of Politb.Kamenev and Zinoviev (this last one supplanted Krestinski in Politb. in 1921).

Peter Myers (from Australia)

Peter wrote, among others:

(1) Within the Politburo, Jews predominated in the early years of the Soviet Union: this single fact shows that Jews created the Soviet Union.

MG – But there was one person, not belonging neither to Politb. nor CC (Council of Commissairs), which IN PRACTICE had more to say on INTERNAL LIFE of young SU than all Jews (and hidden Jews) in Politb. and CC together, including Trotski (who become relegated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of World‘s Revolution). This person was Felix Dzierzhynski from impoverished Polish gentry, who apart of fighting succesfully with natural in SU corruption and sabotage, has ordered 1300 catholic priests to leave Russia, mainly for Poland, sparing them gulag’s adventure. He ordered also tenths of potentially hostile to communism intellectuals to do the same (among them this „paulinized mentecaptus” Nicolai Bierdiaev).

At the same time Dzierzhynski organized a decent life and education for more than million of parentless „bezprizornyje” children left after the civil war. And the vice-chief – and after death of Dzierzhynski, the chief of Tcheka – was comte Vyacheslav Menzhynski, of Polish origin too, who “personally conducted the wrecking of the Russian banks, a maneuver that deprived all opponents of Bolshevikism of their financial means of warfare.” Menzhynski knew 20 languages, nearly 3 times more than I do! As maintains it dr Jan Ciechanowicz from Soviet Lithuania, in years 1920 the internal language of Tcheka was Polish, Lenin knew this language and his wife Nadiezhda Krupska (fom Polish russified gentry) has forced him to baptize second time, in a catholic rite, in order to marry her in a catholic church! (By the way, Krupska for more than 20 years played the role of Minister of Education, imposing the totalitarian schooling system copied from Plato’s “Republics”!) The book on this topics has the title:

(2) In contrary of Peter Myers assertion that „Jews created the Soviet Union” and „Communism was a Jewish idea”, the baptized at age of 6, Karl Marx entirely negated, in his works, the so-called „Jewish approach to the life”(see the cocluding part of his „On the Jewish Question” from 1844). In his philosophy he relied in praticular (1) on unreligious Greek philosopher Epicurus (the theme of Marx’s doctor’s thesis), (2) on Hegel‘s concepts of history, (3) on works of his German friend Frederich Engels, thanks to whom he and his works survived, and (4) on Polish catholic „prometeist philosopher of practice”, comte August Cieszkowski, a member of Prussian Parliament from the Poznan county.

(3) As the remark of Peter „Bertrand Russell attested the Jewish role in creating Bolshevism, in a letter he wrote in 1920 just after visiting the USSR”, I wrote something like this:

It is an interesting question in itself, why intellectuals of Anglosaxon descendence, as well as publishers located principally in England and US (see above), are putting so much stress on JEWISH ORIGIN OF COMMUNIST REGIMES. As a philosopher I have to recall that according to a very religious Swedish philosopher Swedeborg „people see what they are themselves”. And during my graduate studies (of geophysics) at UC Berkeley, USA 48-45 years ago, I observed that (ELITE) ANGLOSAXONS ARE JEWS MORE THAN JEWS. This my observation was reinforced by an article, which I received a dozen years ago from Allain de Benoist (from French aristocracy of course). This article, written in 1920ies, was demonstrating up to which point the English aristocracy was intermaried with Jews (and Jewess). Ad it is since the biblical story of slaughter of „3000 thousands of brothers and sons”, by Moses Levies under Mt. Sinai, Anglosaxon leaders of Judeo-Christian Civilization, reading and re-reading the OT, acquired a (hereditary?) habit to PROJECT THEIR OWN CRIMES ONTO PEOPLE, WHICH THEY INTEND TO DENIGRATE (or even EXTERMINATE). I suspect that this was the case of Bertrand Russel, who during his visit to Soviet Union in early 1920, saw so many SEMITIC FACES among the rulig elite there.

 Merry (7526/2017) Christmas anyway

Profitting from the ccasion of this Christian festivity, I recall the following a) my cousin, a retired mountain guide from „Goralenvolk”, maintains that Jesus from Nazareth was a communist; b) Dzierzhynski during his youth wanted to become a catholic priest; c) Talmud pretends that Jesus was a son of Roman officer of a Greek descend; d) Polish historian from Petersburg University, Tadeusz Zielinski in a book „Hellenism and Judaism” (1927) pretends that Jesus represented Hellenic culture among narrowminded Jews (vide St. Paul). Zielinski left SU in 1918, but returned there in 1920-22 to work at Petrograd’s University, Jewish Russian poet Osip Mandelstam was his student at that time:

In order not to be without a visible support, I copy once more a collective photograph of (according to Bertrand Russel) PERCEPTIBLY SEMITIC FACES of Soviet Governement in January 1918. And the national and social composition of this governement, in the period between October 1917 – January 1918 is copied below: 

(-) Председатель Совета народных комиссаров Владимир Ульянов (Ленин)

  • Нарком по внутренним делам А. И. Рыков (from farmer’s family; executed in 1938)
  • Нарком земледелия В. П. Милютин (from teacher’s family; executed in 1937)
  • (-) Нарком труда А. Г. Шляпников (from “old orthodox Christian” family; executed in 1937)
  • Наркомат по военным и морским делам — комитет, в составе:
  •  В. А. Овсеенко (Антонов) (?)
  •  Н. В. Крыленко (from inteligentsia; executed in 1938)
  • (-)  П. Е. Дыбенко (from Ukrainian Cossac’s family; executed in 1938)
  • Нарком по делам торговли и промышленности В. П. Ногин (from poor bourgeois family)
  • Нарком народного просвещения А. В. Луначарский (from mixed Russian intelligentsia-aristocracy family)
  • (-) Нарком финансов И. И. Скворцов (Степанов) (from worker’s family)
  • (-) Нарком по иностранным делам Л. Д. Бронштейн (Троцкий) (Bronstein/Trotski)
  • Нарком юстиции Г. И. Оппоков (Ломов) (from gentry; executed in 1938)
  • Нарком по делам продовольствия И. А. Теодорович (from Polish gentry; executed in 1937)
  • Нарком почт и телеграфов Н. П. Авилов (Глебов) (from craftsman family; executed in 1937)
  • (-) Нарком по делам национальностей И. В. Джугашвили (Сталин) (from Georgian craftsman family)
  • Пост народного комиссара по делам железнодорожным остался временно не замещенным.
  • Исаак Захарович Штейнберг (Steinberg, from Jewish merchand family; in 1923 he left SU and subsequently lived in Germany, England and Australia)Борис Давидович Камков (настоящая фамилия Кац; from Jewish intelligentsia; executed in 1937)
  • Владимир Дмитриевич Бонч-Бруевич (from Polish-Lithuanian aristocracy)
  • Владимир Евгеньевич Трутовский (from Russian gentry; executed in 1937)
  • Прош Перчевич Прошьян (Прошян) (from Armenian intelligentsia)
  • Александра Михайловна Коллонтай (урождённая — Домонтович; from Polish-Russian aristocracy)
  • Кокшарова, Елизавета Константиновна (?)
  • Николай Ильич Подвойский  (son of Ukrainian orthodox priest)
  • Николай Петрович Горбунов (from Russian inteligentsia; executed in 1938)
  • Владимир Иванович Невский (настоящее имя Феодосий Иванович Кривобоков (Кривобок) (from rich merchand family, probably Jewish; executed in 1937) 
  • Александр Васильевич Шотман (Schottmann, from Finnish worker’s family; executed in 1937)
  • Георгий (Ю́рий) Васильевич Чичерин (from Baltic German aristocracy)

Resumé of the Second Discussion,  Dec. 26:

American exceptionalism is an ideology holding the United States as unique among nations in positive or negative connotations, with respect to its ideals of democracy and personal freedom … “American Exceptionalism” is purported to have originated in the Soviet regime of Joseph Stalin as a means to condemn those who suggested the U.S. was impervious to communist ideals. (from Wikipedia)
The “Polish Christmas” is going to be finished, and it is the time to sum up the dicussion of 26 “chosen by their internet activity” participants. I invited to participate in its closing up two Acting Persons, from whom I got – just after forming this group – Christmas greetings. They are Gilad Atzmon (a political refugee from Israel according to him), and Jesuit priest Leszek Balczewski, an elder colleague of mine during our physics studies, 57-52 years ago at UJ Kraków
The Principal question to answer (during this part of discussion) was : Hi Marek, what do you mean you got this list (of Jewish names of practically ALL Russian Elite, both 100 yrs ago and today)  from Russia Today???
(I purposefully wrote “Russia Today” for Nina Sidorova (the sender of this list) has nikasid108@mail.ru e-address, indicating that she writes from – virtual as it turned up – Russia Today.
Yesterday, Dec. 25 she wrote to my “comrade in arms’ Israel Shamir:
Mr. Shamir, The Article that Marek sent to you stated the truth! I am, Ms. Nina Sidorova, sent this article to Marek.
The Satanists- Fascists- Jews are hiding under taking by them false Russian last names since 2018 when they were allowed to change their last names after Jewish criminal Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. (I understood that she had in mind the year 1918) … The Satanic Fascist Pedophile Jewry must be destroyed! If would want to survive, the Judo- Satans must be destroyed!   These animals committed genocide of Russian people and other people in Russia, and now these animals commit genocide of many other nations on the world, including Palestinians and Americans.
It turned that “Nina S. from California” publishes her texts at surely Russian Today website http://rpczmoskva.org.ru/ (which “Christian Orthodox” website specializes in such historical  revelations:

Рабство в СССР – теория и практика. Голодомор как инструмент большой политики)

In the above marked “Important!” article, Nina has described her personal adventures with the US higher education system in 1990ies; from it it turns that in all evidence, she is in a posession of at least “green card” of a resident of California.
Moreover, she admits in it that the bulk of information about the Jewish criminal Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, she got from an American politician David Duke. It happened that in May 2004 in Kiev hotel “Sport” I ate a breakfest with this renomed David, demanded to do it by my “comrade in arms” Israel Shamir, to be a kind of his “chaperon”.
Later on the same day, at the Kiev MAUP Academy, we heared an impressive speech of this White American Antisupremacist, and I was forced to stand up for a whole minute in order to commemorate 6 million od victims of Hlodomor at Soviet Ukraine in early years 1930 – this of course due to genocidal projects of Jewish Bolshevik criminals. For I was sitting in the first row in front of a speaker, I wanted then to stand up and to demand an another minute of silence to commemorate the disappearance, in 19 century, of millions of Native American Indians, exterminated by ANGLOSAXON forefathers of David Duke.
In all evidence the presented to us, by Nina Sidorova, shoddy FULL LIST OF JEWS WHICH CHANGED THEIR NAMES was prepared by the same “Russkaja Pravoslavnaja Cerkov Zagranicej”, which has informed David Duke about the Hlodomor at Ukraine in 1930ies. A closer research has indicated that the symbolical “Patriarch” of this “Russian Orthodox Church in USA” in 1930ies was an American Media Mogul Hearst (probably of Jewish origin).
Below I copied, for the post-Christmas relaxation, a part of Adendum to my article from 2015, in which I demonstrated that at the beginning of 1930ies it was in USA where official US Census Bureau indicated the disapearance of about 7 million of workless Americans. Here are precise tables:

a) The diminishment of USA population (principally children, which were the most affected by the hunger) during the Geat Depression of 1930-32:

b) The absence of diminishment of overall Soviet population during the IMAGINARY HLODOMOR in EASTERN UKRAINE (its Ukrainian  population, during the census of 1937, massively declared itself to be Russian):

c) The population of Soviet “gulags” never was greater than 1% of total Soviet population, the mortality in these “reeducational camps” was negligible, except the initial period of WW2, when the food, comfort and medical service was scarce; also the number of death sentences during Stalin purges 1937-39 was about 180 thousand, and not 3 millions as claimed it Solzenitzyn:

The Resumé of the Third Discussion,  Dec. 27- 29 :

The unexpected introduction

Thanks to the member of PAN w Z-nem, Bruno Chapinski from Florida, I received an interesting report in National Geographic Magazine – The Revolution in Russia – Vol. XVIII No.5 MAY 1907, by William Eleroy Curtis. Among other details it provides the exact composition of the first Russian Parliament (Douma) of 1905. Among its 450 members there were 51 Poles and only 13 Jews.

As the situation on Universities in 1905 was concerned, Curtis writes:

The students in the universities are debarred because they are all revolutionists. A recent canvass of the University of Odessa illustrates the political sentiments of the students:

Social Democrats…………… 777

Social Revolutionists……… 712

Octoberists……………………. 317

Constitutional Democrats… 167

Labor Reformers…………….. 167

Total against government…. 1,823

Total for government……….. 317

In some of the universities the students are unanimous against the government. Everyone of them is a revolutionist, and because they insist upon holding revolutionary meetings, making revolutionary speeches, and singing revolutionary songs in the buildings and on the campus, the government has closed all of the nine universities in Russia.

(Please remember that at that time Jews formed a MINORITY at Universities, a fact known from Poland, where Jews were at lest 3 times more numerous than in the rest of the Empire). Concerning directly Jews this author writes:

THE VENGEANCE OF THE JEWS Perhaps these reforms are the cause of the present tranquillity, because the revolutionary leaders nearly all belong to the Jewish race and the most effective revolutionary agency is the Jewish Blind. which has its headquarters at Bialystok (Poland), where the massacre occurred last June. The government has suffered more from that race than from all of its other subjects combined. Whenever a desperate deed is committed it is always done by a Jew, and there is scarcely one loyal member of that race in the entire Empire … I might enumerate a hundred other revolutionary leaders and everyone of them would be a Jew. … Every deed of that kind is done by Jews, and the massacres that have shocked the uni verse, and occurred so frequently that the name “pogrom” was invented to describe them, were organized and managed by the exasperated police authorities in retaliation for crimes committed by the Jewish revolutionists.

These 110 years old observations are valid also today, and this not only in the Middle East. But except robberies and murders at big scale, which are amply documented already in OT, were/are Jews able to collaborate in a construction of such enormous, technics saturated Machine in a form of USSR? Or they were principally specialized in furnishing 1/3 of Soviet gulag’s guardians and 1/3 of these gulags inmates?

Let us return to the principal subject.

For the New Year 2018 is approaching rapidly, so I propose to everybody with conflicting worldviews (also concerning the “Flat Earth” hypothesis), to accept few words born from ideas professed by thinkers not linked with the “Heavenly Jerusalem”, but  with the earthly, antique Dolphi mountain shrine:

Recollection of the HELLENIST PROGRAM for the Oncoming Year 7526/2018

Ancient Israel (like Usrael Today) was (is) the exact opposite of Hellas

– Tad. Zielinski, The Religion of Ancient Greece (1918)

1. (Acquired) Ignorance is the source of OBJECTIVE EVIL (Socrates).

2. Promoters of Ignorance we have to treat like colonizing us parasites (vide Felix Dziershynski vs. Nicolai Berdyaev in 1922).

3. The program of sanitation of Christian (et al.) Minds was published on p. 24 of “Chiesa Viva”, Sept. 2010 in “13 Phenomenological theses” of John Paul II.

As my worldview is considered, I do believe that there is ONE UNITARIAN GOD, called LOGICS, which laws are Invariant in Time and Space in the Universe. And that the forbidden by the Church for nearly 1000 years Aristotle was ITS APOSTLE. Its opposition, called MISOLOGOS, become personified by Hating The Logical Reasoning  Saul from Tarsus, which HUMANOID (a man-looking being, not yet fully equipped with the associative cortex) made a career among Christians under the name of St. Paul. This fake „13 apostle” of Crucified Christ, with time become the true Godfather of the so called New World Order. His KILLING Logical Reasoning5 SOLAS”, embraced by Protestants, made of this Hebrew of Hebrews, by a law a Pharisee, the MOST CRIMINAL BIPED, which ever walked on the Planet Earth. This in agreement with an observation of Socrates that people are good by their nature, and that they are becoming evil due to the IGNORANCE they willingly accept(Original Sin does not exist! The thesis 32 of JPII.

From these statements it is LOGICAL that the belief in TRANSCENDENTAL (remaining outside the Universe) Immaterial God Creator is EVIL (thesis no. 18 of JPII). Such a chimeric being, not having (demanded by Aristotle) material means, which are necessary to transmit an INFORMATION to its supposed creatures, by its necessary inaction (thesis no. 25) stimulates human IGNORANCE – thus making „his – it means its – children” prone to follow attracting them Artificial Lights of Technics, of Money and of Ass centered, completely Infantilized Civilization. Such man-invented ”God” (thesis no. 15) become the Creator of ever more sterile J-Ch. Civilisation of Haters of Eros-driven Living Nature.

As I was taught by a competent in religious affairs professor Vladymir Pawluczuk, Judaism and Western Christianity is based on belief in a Transcendental God, Eastern Christianity is centered on an Immanent (existing only inside living beings) One, while Muslims told me that their Allah has both forms. Pawluczuk is a convinced Marxist from Orthodox Polesie. I heard him saying in public that „Marxism differs by only a thin hair from Confucianism”. Both philosophies are „godless”, both leave to able students an open way to highest posts in respective regimes, both are cherishing the value of a community, trying to suppress antisocial behaviors of egoist individuals.

It is true that (in the discussion emailed Dec. 26)  I’ve PROVOCATIVELY wrote, instead of “today’s Russia, RUSSIA TODAY’. I did this in order to underline the GREATNESS of TODAY’S MUTATION OF RUSSIA – which enormous country very quickly turns into a copy of USA today (in small letters).

Where is the MOTOR of this RAPID MUTATION? In this respect Nina, with her hysterical tone – is right: it is the Jewish Chabad Lubavitch Sect (which was banned from Soviet Union after the “Jewish criminal Bolshevik Revolution”). This sect was welcomed in Russia by Vlad Put(a)in and his advisor (from USA) Berl Lazar. In 2004 at MAUP in Kiev we heared Edward Hodos (the head of Liberal Jewish Community in Charkov) explaining to us, up to which point, the detailed plans of dismantling of the Soviet industry were prepared in Chabad Lubawitch headquarters, at Brooklyn in New York. (Plans to end up with communism in Eastern Europe were prepared in Vatican too, during meetings of Pope John Paul II with the head of CIA William Cassey). 

And I have a very precise opinion about the role, which is playing the “cigarette baron” Miropolite Kyrill Gundyev in RUSSIA TODAY (in Capital Letters) assuring the Mental Transformation of Russian People under the supervision of Russian Orthodox Church. What this “mental transformation” is about? An answer to it has furnished, exactly hundred years ago, V.I. Lenin (whose father Ulianov, according to S. Kosiewski at “Sowa” website, has bought the title of a nobleman). This “картавый балагур” (“a messy joker?”) has expressed himself very clearly:

Or the (October) revolution wins over the louse, or louse win over the revolution

It means that not only Nina Sidorova and her “mental tutor” David Duke, but also these ones, indicated above in BOLD, prominent names of Today’s Russia, are engaged in a process of changing Eastern part of Europe into a fertile pasture for the Exceptional Louse People.


On Dec. 28 « Herboris » enriched the Dec. 27 Discussion with the following letrel:


I am “unilaterally” taking the liberty to remove the Vineyard Saker from the list of recipients as I understand that he may have eventually got “drunk” by such a discussion. May he enjoy in peace happy moments among his grapevines, far from this battlefield…

Since some of you may not know, let me say first that I hail from that bloody region dubbed Middle East, or, better said, to the extended so-called “Great Middle East” according to the remodelled definition by George Bush and Aunt Condie…

What I wish to point out here is that Palestinians (as mentioned in one of the messages – by Ms. Nina Sidorova, if I mistake not) do not stand in the way of USraelis for the same reason as activists as her, or people like David Duke.

For most far-right organisations, Usraelis have (not less than) just killed their God… This may sound absurd in the first instance, as, logically, there would not have been any Christianity should Judaism and its Old Testament scriptures had not existed, would it? The roots of the so-called anti-Semitism (or name it as you may like: “hatred towards Jews”…) are to be found there and whence the historic struggle for power between Jews and the Catholic Church.

1-Example: in France, Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the far-right party, was critical of Jews and even Usrael (although one day he revealed that he was “a great friend of Israel”…). Like Duke and others, he never forgot to mention Palestinians to support his arguments. Then came a day when her daughter inherited the throne. Surprisingly, she almost made a U-turn (let us say a 180 degree turn) regarding the policy of her father’s national party towards USrael. IN her view, Usraelis likely appeared closer to her “Judaeo-Christian” identity than Palestinians…

Anyway, Palestinians don’t blame the Yahood (this is the name for “Jews” in Arabic, synonym, in their daily speak, of “Usraelis”) for killing a God, first of all because they do not believe in Jesus as a God but as a simple man as their own prophet… The same goes for redemption, crucifixion (MG – see the thesis no. 22 of JPII), but also for other complex reasons (please read or re-read their book)…

2-Example: see how the present-day Palestinian president (M. Abbas) has been defending for decades now, the relevancy of endless “Middle East “Peace” Talks”…. “Change the “sponsor”" now? So what ?…

I believe that champions of “October 1917 as a Jewish conspiracy” would be more credible should that Revolution had taken place after 1948. Wouldn’t have we been able then to see if, yes or no, leaders of the late-lamented Soviet Union, blindly ended lining up with USrael on any occasion, out of mere “Jewish” atavism? Indeed, isn’t what one can see today in the “West” among progressive (including marxist) intellectuals ? Each time USrael’ security is supposedly put into question or jeopardised, one can see them occupying the media tot defend the “right of USrael” to live in peace.

Unfortunately, Trostky (Jewish) passed away before the fateful above year. It would have been interesting to see what would have been his position in this respect (not that of the sects that mushroomed all over the world after his death): the same as Lenin’s followers ? Only God can tell…

In sum, you may warn against the great Soviet Revolution as a Jewish plot (and even expect a Second “Bolshevik” Revolution [don't laugh] on behalf of the Democratic Party in the US…), in the name of the Catholic Church or whatever you want, but please, I beg of you…, do not mention Palestinians. This is because the collapse (sorry, the destruction) of the Soviet Union represents the second greatest catastrophe for them, as an unprecedented article published in a French highly popular Jewish-Bolshevik tribune (the equivalent of Alex Jones in the USA) shows:

In French here. In Dr Lejzer Zamenohf (a Polish Jew)’s favourite language there. Select other relevant languages (Russian-Ukrainian, Polish, etc.) from the same URL.

Thank you for your kind attention.


(During editing, Dec. 27 evening, the above Resumé, I received an sms send by one of Polish-Tatar philocommunist colleague included into the “discussion list” above:The Suez Canal 160 km without any (imposed by Earth’s surface curvature) bending of its water surface”. As a holder of the M.A. in Geophysics, got at Berkeley on Dec. 19, 1970, I have a funny association concerning this recent “Flat Earth” discovery.

Namely, enthusiasts of the ”Flat Earth Mission Galactic Freedom are ignorant that already in 3rd century BC, Greek geometers in Egypt, measuring (with use of gnomons of equal height) the inclination of Sun at noon, in points distant roughly 160 km along flowing South-North Nile, have calculated, using Thales theorem, the radius of the  Earth. Their result differs only 1 pct. from contemporary measurements. In case water table of 160 km long Suez Canal, which is practically perpendicular to Nile, is ideally flat – as claim it missionaries of the FEMGF - the Earth must have the shape of an East-West oriented cylinder. This especially in the vicinity of the Holy Land, where so many wonderfull – like this Purim one – miracles have happen in the past. This recent discovery, of the Mission of Galactic Freedom, fits very well the prodigeous history of “the New Israel” in the New World called (together with its Middle-East metastasis) USrael. To point only at the Moon 1969 early USrael’s landing, with their lunar vehicle having rubber tyres. In all evidence these tyres were sturdy enough not to break into pieces in temperatures less than -150 degrees Celsius!

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