PAN w Z-nem 35 B: Is Antique Autism at Origin of Mind-killing Emptiness of J.-Ch. Faith?

Is Antique Autism at Origin of Mind-killing Emptiness of J.-Ch. Faith?

Part 2

And a liar was (St) Paul, when he speaks, about the godliness of Christ that he had “no father, no mother, no genealogy”. My dear friend, Mary did not gave the birth to a God, (…) someone which is created cannot give birth to a Creator (… Mary) gave birth to a man, which was a tool of God”.


The Christian “highly spiritual” writings – The Role of Angels of Allah in Salvation of Jesus – Is the J.-Ch. autistic mindset at the origin of anti-vaccination paranoia? – Mind killing FANTASIES created by Jewish Religion & Science

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1. The Christian “highly spiritual” writings

Commenting my September textThe Evil Principle of Judeo-Christian faith”, my younger colleague, philocommunist historian Bruno Drweski from Paris wrote me on Sept. 27 : “It does not exist such thing like “Judeo-christian faith”. And when I argued that K. Marx in On the Jewish Question” (1844) summed up the Jewish-Christian relations in a Ying-Yang form:

Bruno emailed me on Sept. 28: You are applying the neo-evangelical, earthly, litteral readings of the Bible and of other texts … you are ignoring exegesis at the higher intellectual and spiritual level. The SPIRIT IS NOBLE (SUBLIME) EVERYWHERE, while the letter itself is dead, it is a corpse and smells like a corpse.

The text I am typing at present consists – necessarily – of dead letters, and thus it is sterile, etc. But specific “salty” texts, applied in appropriate dosis, invigorate the circulation of brain “fluids”, called at present neurotransmitters, this due to the effect of HORMESIS (for details see the “Evil Principle”). And to the contrary, appearing to be sweet, super numerous Christian HIGLY SPIRITUAL WRITINGS have the moronizing effect, killing the vivid imagination. To point at famous “Hymn of Love”, written by Pharisee Paul (1 Cor. 13: 7-8 and 13):

  • Love bears all things (including the hypocrisy of preaching it priests),

  • believes all things (even evident lies, like the prenatal godliness of Christ),

  • hopes all things (in particular the resurrection of Christians, at the End of times),

  • endures all things (even the treason of Love partizans).

  • Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. (…)

  • So these three remain : FAITH (in FAKE ASSERTIONS), HOPE (for one’s own RESURRECTION), and LOVE (of IGNORANCE). But the greatest of these is LOVE (of utter IMBECILITY).

What kind of Love praises this self-appointed “vicar of Christ”? Isn’t it a hymen of LOVE OF BRAIN ATROPHY, which physiological phenomenon makes vanish our linguistical competences, as well as our knowledge? Jesus is named 60 times TEACHER in Gospels, for his activity consisted of ENLARGEMENT of knowledge of his students. And St Paul wanted “to know Him only crucified, redeeming (taking away, forgetting) crimes commited in particular by hypocrites of Saul/Paul type. Weren’t right old Frenchmen , which from the term ‘chrétien (Christian) coined the pejorative word ‘cretin‘?

2. The Role of  Angels of Allah in Salvation of Jesus, called Christ

Here of great help, in elucidation of the questioned by my colleague Bruno, subject of the „hidden unity” of J.-Ch. beliefs, became the long email I received on Sept. 29 from Zachary C. Casper from Australia. Zahary began his commentary with a following greeting:

To all you presumably good people, first and foremost I wish to sent you a very Happy and Holy St. Michael’s Festival Day !!! Some of you reading this may not be aware that in the spiritual calendar, the date of 29 September each year is dedicated to the Prince of All Angels, Archangel Michael. In some Christian cultures this date is known as Michaelmas ( ).”

From my early youth, circa 70 years ago, I remember that I learned to pray to my ‘Guardian angel’. It is only half a century later, from one of my Muslim correspondents I learned a ‘hadith‘ (a story inspired by Qu’ran), which recalls how 3 angels saved Jesus from the way of the Cross, prepared for him by Jews. This hadith runs as follow:

Allah knowing about the Jewish plot to kill Jesus, has send his most faithful angels – Mikaaeel, Jibreel and one more whose name I forgot – to the Upper Room where apostles were sleeping after the last Supper. And they raised Jesus, through east window, directly to God. And when Judas with guards send by Pilate entered into this room, he saw that Jesus is absent. So he asked “Where is Jesus?”. At that moment Allah made Judas face to shine like the Jesus’ one, and they answered “You are Jesus, sir”. And guards took Judas and applied to him the prepared for Jesus Way of the Cross”.

(Please notice that in this case Jews plotting to kill Jesus saved thirty pieces of silver, which they promised to pay Judas for his service to them; in Qu’ran 4:157–158, this history is told in following verses: “And they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him; but [another] was made to resemble him to them. (…). And they did not kill him, for certain. Rather, Allah raised him to Himself .)

The Qu’ran story of fake Jesus’ Passion, ridiculizes the whole, invented by a Pharisee Saul alias Paul, Christian idolatry of the Cross. This idolatry has a profound, uniting Christians meanig, as witness it the following, HIGHLY SPIRITUAL hymn, written by St. Augustin and sang in Latin by catholic clergy during the Paschal Holy Saturday night:

Oh, indeed the sin of Adam was necessary,

for it was taken away by the death of Christ!

The happy guilt, which was taken away by so Great Redeemer!

The sanctifying power of this Night,

makes crimes vanish, cleans from guilt,

brings back innocence to these fallen, and joy to these which are sad.

Oh, indeed blessed is this night,

during which Heaven joins with Earth,

and divine things with human ones.

(I received this hymn, in Polish, from author’s friend, priest Jan Kurdybelski from Wrocław, deceased on July 5, 2018 at the age of 93.)

What will adult Muslims say, hearing such hymn? Mahomedans, like several Christian thinkers cultivating „Pelagian” and „Nestorian” heresies of 5th century, do not believe in Original Sin, and hence the whole catholic Christian theology they consider to be a JEWISH FAKE. This Paschal fake is since centuries considered to be „jewel” of Church teaching, this due to its practical ‘divine promise’ to „make believers crimes vanish, clean them from guilt, and bring back innocence to these fallen”. Technically such “miracle of salvation” consists of a childish trick with passing sins onto an appropriate „without blemish” scapegoat – exactly like it was practiced in Temple of Jerusalem until its destruction by Romans in 1st century A.D.

Already a dozen years ago I discussed this „childish trait” of Christian theology with students of pedagogy having an obligatory course in philosophy. Uniformously all of them judged the Muslim ethics to be superior to the Christian one. I have to add to it that already Plato argued that in order to maintainin the social cohesion, it is worth to make simple people believe in a GOD NOT INDIFFERENT to people everyday behavior. It means to believe in a God entirely different from the one, inoculated by Pharisee Saul/Paul into nascent Christianity. (We may thus say that negating the existence of Primary Sin Islam has „Hellenist” character, with numerous Semitic external features, while Christianity is „Hebraist” at its core, but it is clad into Platonian distinction between soul and body, and in (hypocritical) “Love” encompassing all believers.)

3. Is the J.-Ch. autistic mindset at the origin of anti-vaccination paranoia?

At the end of his legthy email, written on September 29, Zahary wrote me with a dose of humour: „When I got to @11 of your article, I got somewhat excited because you mention vaccinations, … But Marek, I was disappointed, … I realised you are actually a supporter of vaccinations. I am not. … I have seen that great documentary, VAXXED ( ) featuring Dr. Andrew Wakefield evidence of the negative health effects of vaccinations … But at least I was able to get a really good laugh out of what you wrote re that subject: ‘I suspect the anti-vaccination movement of being covertly sponsored by Global Organizers of Moronization of Masses.’

Hormetically EXCITED by email from Zahary, I studied more literature, and I discovered that this „blessed doctor Wakefield” at the beginning of years 2000 had at his account 400 000 £ (780 000 $ at that time), which „he earned as a consultant over a nine year period” (, 2014). Who than sponsored so lavishly his research? Moreover, the postulated by Wakefield (and later on by other authors of VAXXED movie) link between the NMR vaccines, and vague of autism in superdeveloped countries, turned to be irrelevant in light of subsequent discoveries:

  • Characteristic for autism alternations of neuronal development begin already during pregnacy – hence well prior to administration of whatever vaccine: „researchers found that the cortical development may be disrupted during the first or second trimester of pregnancy.” (, 2018)

  • People with autism commonly experience problems with sensory processing. Surprisingly, the animals with ASD gene mutations only in peripheral sensory neurons, avoided being out in the open … interacted less with other mice. ‘How closely these behaviors mimic anxiety seen in ASD in humans is up for debate’.” (, 2016)

  • The non random lethal mutations of genes, which are responsible for activities which since long time were abandonned or feebly exercised (in particular by GRANDPARENTS of ill persons), were found also in other CIVILIZATION DISEASES, in particular in extensively studied diabetes. Organs which are not „exploited” enough are becoming atrophied, and this LAW OF BIOLOGY, postulated by Lamarck (1809), is valid also in case of not „exploited enough” genetic structures. Alredy Charles Darwin (1852) has remarked that We have solid arguments for a belief that the influence of the change of external conditions of life accumulates in such way that no effect is visible in a species until several generations”.

  • Authors of an article Could Autism Be the Next Stage of Human Evolution?, (2007) in following words resumed the message to publics of the play “Lucy,” written by Damien Atkins and centered on efforts of a socialization of an autistic child: „hypersociality has created a poisonous overgrowth of society curable only by turning inward, and that autism arose to accomplish that. …The lack of connection to other human beings is actually an evolutionary leap forward. The rest of us? Obsolete—mental health fossils.”

Critics of the above PROPHECY, argue that „such evolutionary hypothesis doesn’t work: Mutations don’t have a purpose; natural selection works on individuals and not whole species; the rise in autism has happened in just the last 20 years. Autism involves many genes, and would take even more generations to spread if it were advantageous.

(MG – the non random adaptive mutations, which organisms exposed to a continous stress manufacture themselves, do occur; in „Evil principle” I recall adaptive rapid changes of surface antigens of trypanosoma, a protozoarian causing „sleeping sickness” in individuals colonized by this parasite; the behavior of this parasite provides a good model of the sudden mutation, of hating early Christians Pharisee Saul, into loving them Paul: cultural viruses, contained in his „Letters”, provoke „sleeping sickness” of Reason in Christians, a phenomenon externally similar to the one provoked by trypanosoma.)

The quoted at the beginning of this e-letter, my born in Canada collegue, sociologist from Paris, Bruno Drweski, after reading my text on autism written in 2015, remarkedAnglo-Saxon societies are autistic by their nature”. A similar opinion shared with me my French colleague Christian Galtier already 47 years ago, during our graduate studies at UC Berkeley: „Americans have grown a completely new race!” I too, at the turbulent at that time UC Berkeley, I observed that in general Americans have lost the ability to distinguish between living and not living objects. Only recently I’ve learned that this is the classic autistic ‘inward’ attitude.

4. Autism („illness of eyes”) of G-d’s Selected Scholars, at the origin of nihilism of „our” religion and science

Eugen Breuler (1910) gave the following definition of an autistic behavior: „a withdrawal of the patient to his fantasies, against which any influence from outside becomes an intolerable disturbance”. I am a trained in physical sciences researcher, who „committed a scientific suicide” (opinion of my colleague Philippe Anker from Geneva) attempting, since late years 1970, to break trough the AUTISTIC COGNITIVE WALL built by neodarwinians (see my „Open Letter to biologists” from 1981, ref.1). Despite social failure of my early efforts, I was able nevertheless to accomplish, as a mature philosopher, a remarkable discovery. Namely the so-called ‘neodarwinian mindset’ is constructed solely on information about biology present in OT and NT!

I quote once again – for repetitio mater studiorum est – these


1. Sola scriptura (neo)darwiniana admissibile est – neoDarwinian writings alone are acceptable in scientific schools

2. Solus multiplicatium esentia vitae est – multiplication alone is the essence of life

3. Soli geni character individuum determinant – genes alone determine the character of an individual

4. Sola fortuna species novus genera – by accidents alone new species arise

5. Sola selectia naturalis motor evolutionis est natural selection alone is the motor of evolution

And here is the ORIGIN („GENESIS”) of the above „5 Solas”:

@1. Sola scriptura from Lutheran SOLA SCRIPTURA, repeating „Divine Wisdom”of St Paul in 1 Corinthians 4:6 - „you may learn from us not to go beyond what is written”.

@2. Solus multiplicatium –from the book of Genesis 1:22 - “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the  earth”.

@3. Soli geni – from 1 Corinthians 15:36-38 : „What you are sowing is not the body (or soma) which will arise, but the naked grain (germen)… The God gives to every seed the body he intends, for each seed an appropriate for it body”; the idea of such division is present already in Genesis. 1:11-12)

@4. Sola fortuna from “Jehovah oracle” urim-tummim  of hazardous choice, both of people to be exalted, and of those to be humiliatedExodus, 28: 30;

@5. Sola selectia from Lutheran SOLA GRATIA – „For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith Ephesians 2:8-9; „it is the gift of God not by works – Romans 11:6; Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved (positively selected) usTitus 3:5.

4. Mind killing FANTASIES created by Jewish Religion & Science

Aready in 1978 my teacher of genetics of population, profesor Albert Jacquard from Paris, has managed to insert, in a French revue of psychology, my early opinion that neodarwinism is a NIHILIST Theory of Evolution, negating endogenous ability of zoon to cope successfully, with challenges it encounters, by the mean of repeated collective efforts during several generations. Such nihilism characterises, for ex., a „learned” critics of the theatre play „Lucy”, which piece suggests that autism is a kind of an intelligent adaptation to „a poisonous overgrowth of hypersociality”. According to the Discovermagasine, such evolutionary hypothesis doesn’t work: Mutations don’t have a purpose (Sola @4); natural selection works on individuals (S @5) and not whole species; … autism involves many genes (S @3), and would take numerous generations (S @2), and not only 20 years, to spread if it was advantageous (S @4).

Despite dogmatic assertions of this type, the evolutionary idea of „Lucy”, become indirectly confirmed by a careful medical observations how other civilization illnesses, coded on several altered genes, rapidly spread in living in a „too easy way” societies (for ex. the becoming hereditary in large extend obesity). Lamarckist zoologist Pierre-Paul Grassé used to argue that „neodarwinian theory is about nothing” – and the mentioned above simpleminded critics of the scientific value of piece „Lucy”, confirms the opinion of Grassé, who for Darwinians represents „obsolete mental health fossil”.

And even more important conclusion. For all „solas” of ‘darwinian mindset’ were deduced from essential texts of the Holy Bible (Darwin himself, by a basic training was a theologian), it rises a justified suspicion that this sacred book of Jews and Christians has a nihilist character, obscuring how things really are. In fact, already Jesus of Nazareth has criticized the autistic behavior and ‘selective blindness’ of litterate elite of old Israel. Using the comparison reported in (2016), the known for their hereditary myopy Pharisees behaved like these experimental micehavingASD gene mutations only in peripheral sensory neurons, thus avoiding of being out in the open.” Pharisess indeed, considered themselves to be ‘set apart’, they were studyingSola Scrittura’ (@1), avoiding contacts with others, thus automatically they werewithdrawn into world of their fantasies, against which any influence from outside becomes an intolerable disturbance.”

Jesus of Nazareth taughtThe eye is the lamp of the body. So if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light.According to the quoted above Thaddeus Zielinski, Jesus represented a Hellenist type of mindset, trying to implant, in obscurantist Israel, Hellenist bright ideathat sin was intellectual blindness, and that salvation was found in illumination, orthodoxy-that is, clear thinking.” (Lynn White, 1967). This forgotten at present historian of science wroteBoth our present science and our present technology are so tinctured with orthodox Christian (autistic!) arrogance toward nature that no solution for our ecologic crisis can be expected from them alone. Since the roots of our trouble are so largely religious, the remedy must also be essentially religious, whether we call it that or not.”

So let’s enumerate, once again – for repetitio mater studiorum estprincipal Judeo-Christian religio-scientific Fantasies, which are leading, to both ecological and psychological, catastrophe of JUDEO-AMERICANIZED PLANET:

  1. Christ”, born in Fantasy of St Paul, wasn’t God – this claimed the Patriarch of Constantinople Nestorius, in a letter to the bishop of Rome Celestius 1 (see the motto of the present essay). Later on Mohammed (around 620) and prof. Weclawski (2007), the close collaborator in Vatican of cardinal Ratzinger (pope Benedict XVI).
  2. Man can save himself only by his own deeds Irish monk Pelagius around 420, and earlier Confucius and Greek philosophers; also modern phenomenologists Husserl, Ingarden, and other Bible critics, Zielinski and Mandelstam in particular (1918, ref. 2).
  3. Original Sin is an anti-human invention of Hebrew priests, which acted like fraudulent doctors, persuading patients of imaginary diseases, this in order to suck from them their vital forces (a sad observation of antique Jews: All who do evil are good in the eyes of the Lord, and he is pleased with them” Mal. 2:17).
  4. The Cross symbolizes a warnig for all these courageous, which dare to denounce the hypocrisy of J.-Ch. preachers; in particular the hypocrisy of a TRIAD of Super Catholic Saints: Paul, Augustin and Ciril of Alexandria. (The fate of Jesus was predicted by a Chinese proverb: “The one which shakes the tree of the truth, shall expect that curses and stones will fall on him”.)
  5. Transcendental immaterial God exists in Fantasy only: it has no material means to form and to pass whatever INFORMATION (Aristotle: the FORM, devoid of its MATERIAL support, does not exist).
  6. ZOON – the collectivity of living organisms – is THE CREATOR of Novel, COUNTER-ENTROPIC Forms in Universe (Paul Wintrebert “Le vivant créateur de son évolution” - 1962, and Jean PiagetLe comportement, moteur de l’évolution” – 1997).
  7. The Intelligence of Living manifests itself in cyclical biochemicall reactions I/RSA: Irritation/damage –> Regeneration –> Superregeneration –> Association of overregenerated, previously damaged elements, nucleic acids included (ref.3; books praised in it develop ideas of not only Wintrebert and Piaget, but of my defunct in 2011 colleague Z. Jaworowski, too).

I permit myself to end this “salty” essay reminding words of Jesus’ LOVE towards these „set apart” : “Woe to you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence. Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean.” (Mat. 23:25 – this allegory elucidates the sense of Augustin’s hymn about “Night, which makes crimes vanish and cleans from guilt”, sang by clergy during Paschal sinister festivity.)

Zakopane, October 23, year 101

after the





The grown and educated in pre-revolutionary Russia, Polish historian of Antiquity Tadeusz Zielinski, played a role of a “Hellenist Guru” of elites of sized by Bolshevik’s Russian Empire. Exactly hundred years ago he proposed the organization of a global “nation-disciple”. (In Antiquity such “proto Soviet Union of 20th century” formed the COMMUNIST Pythagorean Polis in Crotone in Southern Italy; this antique communist state has managed to thrive for more than half of a century, becoming a model of social organization idealized in Plato’s “Republics”.) As observes it Clare Kavanagh, Zielinski draws:

Zielinski taught about “Hellenic filial to a God whom man love”. Pythagoreans loved geometry and mathematics, and Aristotle taught his students to love LOGICS (this kind of love forced Nestorius – and later on Mohammad – to teach that Jesus wasn’t God, but “the tool of God”). Soviets indeed put enormous stress at the education of mathematics, Nadiezda Krupska, the wife of W.I. Lenin, as an informal minister of education, was imposing the system of high school education proposed in Plato’s “Republics” (this “authoritarian” system is at present demolished, and this not only in the former Soviet block) :


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