PAN w Z-nem (35A): The Evil Principle of Judeo-Christian faith

The Evil Principle of Judeo-Christian faith

It is the Commentary @2 to my unwelcome at “Mut zur Ethik” speech Will the G-d blessed” Criminals realize their OT Plan of World Dominion?” (the Commentary @1 is accessible at, too)

In memoriam of professor Roger Hahn, my teacher of history of science at U.C. Berkeley, who personally inspired me to study deeper the cognitive illness of Life Sciences today.

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In the Commentary @1 I defined  the word ‘hormesis’ (from ‘hormon’the excitation in Greek) as an automatic reaction of a living object to a stimulus, which disturbs its homeostasis. And I added that in Jean Piagetian terms this ‘excitation’ provokes “majorant reequilibration of disturbed bio-structures” (see my speech at “Mut zur Ethik” meeting in 2016). And I recalled, in this Comment @1, that according to Zbigniew Jaworowski, who in 1981-1982 was a chair of the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) “the greatest hoax of 20th century” consisted of lasting since the end of WW2 reluctance of official, principally located in USA, scientific establishment, to accept the fact that low doses of irradiation are benficial for the general health.

@1. In order to indicate, up to which point the negated by UNSCEAR phenomenon of hormesis is essential for a healthy life, I copy a picture from “Hormesis for Health and Longevity: A Guide” by P. D. Mangan (2017). At its bottom I pasted a satellite photo of USA at night, visibilizing urban centers in which, as wittingly argues dr Mangan “anti-hormesis is assured by couch potato lifestyle, which features lack of exercise and round-the-clock eating of junk food”.

@2. In a Commentary @1, I recalled the paper “Radiation Hormesis – a remedy for fear” of Z. Jaworowski (2010) who remarks that against the idea of beneficial influence of low dose irradiations argued in particular “noble, wise and highly ethical” Nobel Prize in Physics winners, which contributed to the constructuion of atomic bombs – Albert Einstein and Linus Pauling in USA, and Andrei Sacharov in USSR – which later on received Nobel Prizes for fighting for Peace. But not only these double Nobel Prize laureates participated in the construction of “The greatest scientific hoax of twentieth century”. As the idea of the total lack of capacity of microorganisms to cope, successfully, with “selecting them” external agents is considered, already in 1944, two future Nobel Prize in Biology winners, Max Delbruck andSalvadore Luria made a statistically sophisticated experiment with bacteriophage inhibition of proliferaton of bacteria E.coli, which APPARENTLY confirmed the expected by them results.

@4. The idea that genetic structures (DNA and RNA) remain completely beyond the capacity of a living organism to repair them (and even to reinforce them), after their accidental damage, become intensely propagated by subsequent Nobel Prize Winners in Biology, in particular by Frenchmen Jacques Monod (« L’hasard et la necessité » 1971) and François Jacob (« La jeu des possibles » 1981). Later on, uncritically relying on “scientific assertions” of the indicated above Nobel Prize Winners, an English science fiction writer Richard Dawkins produced intensely publicized books of the type „The Blind Watchmaker” (1986). In them he entirely detached, the process of evolution of species, from efforts living organisms perform in order to cope with always tending to destroy them environment.

@5. Investigating, already in 1979, results of the L-D experiment (published in “Genetics” 28, 491, 1943) I discovered that they noted the lag period of roughly two dozens of hours before appearance of first bacteria capable to proliferate in the presence of “selecting” them virus. It means that they in reality confirmed an altrnative hypothesis, named by them “b1”: “predisposed for it bacteria, under infuence of attacking them virus, after period of “illness”, acquire a full immunity to this virus”. Hence the existence of hormesis, i.e. of “majorant reequilibration of not critically damaged bio structures” was IN FACT confirmed by L-D experiment.

@6. The falsity, of the intensely popularized by greedy of “shocking news” media, theory of the independence of genetic structures, from organism’s internal forces, which automatically repair / reinforce these structures in case of their not critical damage, RUINS THE WHOLE NOEDARWINIAN THEORY OF EVOLUTION, which was built on this basis. Moreover, doing research in religius origin of scientific concepts of bio-evolution, I discovered that the HOAX OF (NEO)DARWINIAN THEORY has its source in understanding of the biology characterizing both OT and NT – see “Syndrom of Blind Watchmaker” (1999) and “FIVE SOLAS of Judeo-Darwinian faith” (2017). But who – and why? – has preserved for centuries these ugly biblical texts, which begin with the interdiction, of “God Creator of Fences”, to consume fruits from the “tree of Knowledge what is Good and what is Evil”?

@7. The answer to it furnishes the article “Historical (read Judeo-Christian) Roots of our Ecological Crisis” published by Lynn White in Science, 155, 3767, 1967. As a philosopher I know that to ponder the question “what is good and what is evil?” occupied minds of antique Greek philosophers, in particular Socrates. And that they come to a consensus that the OBJECTIVE GOOD, which people can afford during their conscient life, is KNOWLEDGE, while EVIL characterizes these bipedes, which profess IGNORANCE (be it only Childish Ignorance in their adult age). Here are names of modern authors, which remarked the sharp distinction between “Hellenist” and “Hebraist” attitude towards the reality:

Milton Himmelfarb, in Jewish monthly “Commentary” in 1969, in following words summarized Matthew Arnold’s (1869) views:

Hellenism is mind, intellect—a free mind and a free intellect, resistant to cant and prejudice, connected with imagination and emotion, open to all excellence, past, present, and future. It is … that power which enables us to see things as they really are. On the other hand, “to Hebraise” is to sacrifice all other sides of our being to the religious side, it leads to a narrow and twisted growth of our religious side itself, and to a failure in perfection.”

@8. In the OT the “Hebraist” type of behavior represented Jacob, the mythical Father of the tribe of of Israelites, a pious sedentary Philistine, who was avidly collecting ushered by him immense riches. This disgusting type of personality of a “small man” (micropsychoi), become exalted in NT too, to quote St Paul, who in “Letter to Romans” (9:10-13), praised this bizarre history:

Though they (twin sons of Isaac) were not yet born and had done nothing either good or bad—in order that God’s purpose of election might continue, not because of works but because of him who calls — she (their mother Rebecca) was told, ‘The older will serve the younger.’Just as it is written:‘Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.’

The message contained in this text is evident: healthy men of great spirit (megalopsychoi) behaving like the firstborn Esau, a skillful hunter-outdoorsman, the mythical forefather of contemporary gentiles, have to be subdued by “elected for dominion prior to their birth”, the dedicated to comfort and security micropsychoi, avidly collecting riches just to demonstrate to neighbors that they are “G-d chosen”. And this program of building CASTE SOCIETY, of people divided according to their wealth only, is systematically put into realization since Industrial Revolution in England, with activities of the “City” of London representing the heritage of the proverbial “robbers cavern” from Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

@9. This direction of THE HISTORY, predicted in both (Hebrew an Christian) Testaments of “G-d Creator of Fences”, is evident for Israeli scholars, to recall the born and eduacted in Soviet Union rabbi Pinhas Połoński, who in the Great Choral Synagogue in St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad) four years ago told this to his audience:

You have been taught that Judaism is not a messianic religion. Well, it is not! Judaism is a missionary religion on earth, thanks to our subsidiaries – Christianity and Islam – we are spreading our idea for humanity. And now we will work directly with humanity! This means that both Christianity and Islam have fulfilled the most important historical mission. They gave humanity knowledge about the Jewish nation. … After this wonderful preparation, we can finally communicate with humanity! That is why we intend to offer New (Silk?) Way (for whole mankind). A road at the Solomon level, and we intend to offer it in a short time. This is the transformation of Judaism into the universal religion of humanity. This preparation is in full swing!

@10. The intensive HEBRAIZATION of world culture is realized “in full swing!” not only from the side of “rightist” groups of the “G-d blessed Global Rulers”. In Commentary @1 I mentioned a film, made in 2012 at Goethe Institute in Berlin, which documents that efforts to “Hebraise” the entire EU population, are “in full swing” also at “leftist”, declaring itsef as atheist, side of “politically correct” social activists:

On this film, the Jewish (?) feminist activist from Poland, Kinga Dunin argues that it is necessary to “feminize” the masculine gender, which will facilitate to shed Polish males preponderance to cling to national identity. In this way they are going to be more apt to acceppt their subservient role in the European Postnational Community (using Hebrew as the second language). In this context of planned “castration” of males, it is worth to recall the text “The Biological Jew” (1967) written by a virulent American antisemite, Eustace Mullins:

Jew as a biological species is not so much a race, as it is a type which preys upon all other races. … He quotes the parasitologue La Page who says, “Parasites may cause biological changes such as species which cause changes in the host’s reproductive glands, parasitic castration, such as the parasitic crustacean Sacculina, which (…) cause male crabs to acquire some of the secondary sexual characteristics of the female. The abdomen of these males becomes broad (etc.) During the past quarter of a century, American males have taken on some of the secondary sexual characteristics of the female, and they have shown amazing declines in such primary male characteristics as energy, aggressiveness, and physical strength.”

@11. As the method to restore male physical vigor and potency, East European physicians propose a cure in one of luxurious Radon Sanatoriums, where “punching”, of seeking the improvement of their health bathers, with alpha particles emanating from weakly radioactive local waters, imposes on them beneficial RADIATION HORMESIS (see Comment @1). I have to add that the effect of hormesis, which is still „forbidden to acknowledge” by USA dominated organizations (UNSCEAR), is also at the origin of the better, in the long term, health of children punched with needles containing microdoses of appropriate toxins – this in agreement with pescriptions of WHO, which advised the more than twofold increase of number of obligatory vaccinations in Poland in last 35 years:

The planned „Hebraization” of the society consists of making people – in particular males – weaker (see @10). So by „G-d’s grace”, in „liberal” societies have appeared ever more aggresive „human freedom fighters” criticizing the WHO idea of vaccinations, on the pretext that this will lead to illnesses in the future, etc. These full of good intentions people are apostles of EVIL, ignoring existence of a basic physiological reaction of „majorant reequilibration of bio-structures, which are not critically damaged”. As in case of anti-DU noble fighters (see Commentary @1), I suspect the anti-vaccination movement of being covertly sponsored by Global Organizers of Moronization of Masses. Masses taught to worshipp mindlessly TMA (Technique, Money and pleasing the Ass) shinning gooddies.

Below I compared once again the geographical distribution of cancer mortality in USA quarter of a century ago, with the distribution of „Union” states 150 years ago. To my own amazement, the LIBERAL „Unionist” ideology of unhindered freedom, without somehow assured occupation for everyone (limiting thus the stress of “the fight for survival” of common people), has resulted, after a lag lasting a century, in nearly twofold increase – in comparison with former “confederate” states – of cancer mortality of inhabitants of these richiest states of the world! (I’ve read that the East Coast is entirely controlled by Jewish oligarchy.)

Isn’t the above picture a warning what is awaiting the entire humanity, once „American Style Democracy” will become obligatory worldwide?

@12. Marxism, like Islam, is a Judeo-Christian heresy” – Lynn White in “Science” (1967)

No doubt that both Marxism and Islam were conceived in order to impose a digne of Homo Sapiens religion, which principles Jesus of Nazareth outlined in his speaches:

  • Marxists tried to realize in practice the Jesus’ observation that “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!

  • Muhammad on his part repeatedly assures in Qu’ran that true Original Sin, which Allah ordered to avoid, is Hypocrisy – which behavior, characterizing in particular Pharisees, Jesus of Nazareth tempted, with no succes, to supress among his compatriots.

Professor Tomasz Weclawski (a former close collaborator, in Vatican, of cardinal Ratzinger, later on Pope Benedict XVI) justified his official apostasy from the Church, in 2007, in following words:

Jesus fails in his mission: he is becoming a victim of messianic expectations, which leads to his rejection by elites and to his condemnation for death. But the most painful defeat of Jesus happens after his crucifixion – it is the reinterpretation of his defeat as sacrifice”.

Weclawski argues that Jesus wasn’t God, echoing in this way an older heresy of Nestorius in early 5th century: Jesus was born as a man and died as a man, and had qualities of God only during the period when he was the Teacher (please remember last words of Jesus on the cross “God my God, why have You forsaken me?” – Mat. 27: 46). Nestorius, the Patriarch of Constantinople, not only maintained that Jesus had double nature of man and God, but influenced by Aristotelism, he accepted the „heresy” of Pelagius, who argued that people can improve their ethical behavior themselves – hence Nestorianism was continuing the „Hellenist” tradition of efforts aimed at the perfection in “seeing how things really are”: in 20th century the Pelagian “heresy” elaborated in details Jean Piaget, who described conscucutive stages of psychological development of children, each stage initiated by a „hormetic perturbation”. (I summarized Piagetian observations in an abbreviation I/RSA: Irritation/Damage –> Regeneration –> Superregeneration –> Association into more efficient adaptive reflexes; this scheme is valid, bearing the name of hormesis, for all zoon.)

@13. The philo-criminal JUDEO-CHRISTIAN HOAX, LASTING ALREADY TWO MILLENARIES, imputes that Jesus sacrified himself at the cross in order „to save believers from consequences of the Original Sin” (which is also a Hebrew hoax, not known in other religions, and in scientific theories of Evolution, too)”. Both lies were succesfully introduced into Christian canonical books by followers of St. Paul. This selfappointed apostle, who was initially the Jewish procurer Saul “breathing out threats and murder toward the disciples of Jesus”, suddenly, on a road to Damascus, metamorphosed into „loving Christians” vicar of Christ. In the light shed by Eustace Mullins’ “Biological Jew” (@10), the following association (system I/RSA!) immediately comes to our mind.

Namely 35 years ago, during preparation of yearly ”Digest of discoveries in biology” for “The World in Review 1984”, I learned that the protozoarian parasite trypanosoma (causing in humans ‘sleeping sickness’) is able to change, rapidly, antigen characteristcs of its suface, thus making himself, in a stressful situation, “invisible” for host’s immunitary system. And moreover, trypanosoma does this “salvatory” modification of its surface antigenes by purposefully modyfying its genetic structure! If we recall Mullins’ argument that entreprising Jews behave like parasitic species – than we realize that the sudden ‘conversion’ of murderous Saul into pious Paul is an example of classic parasite capacity to “modify overnight”, in an adaptative manner, its external antigenic character!

The above biological association, produced by our I/RSA system, enables us to see how the “sleeping sickness” called Judeo-Christianity, was conceived nearly two thousads years ago!

With best greetings, of a “Hellenist” philosopher, making efforts to see how things really look like,

Zakopane, Sept. 27, year 101

after the


Please notice that swastika was the traditional sign of „Hellenized” – thus not according particular value to „the „Way of a Cross” – Nestorians (see the picture below):


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