PAN w Z-nem 41 B: Parts 4 and 5 (of 5) of Global CI(P)A Promoted, Genitalian Theory of Evolution

Parts 4 and 5 of Global CI(P)A Promoted, Genitalian Theory of Evolution, and its Mind Killing Consequences.

Recapitulation, in 12 short quotations, of Parts 1,2 and 3 of May 1st this year

R1 > (We witness) The total onslaught of GENITALIANS on the Planet Earth, this in a form of the TMA (Technique-Money-Ass) worshipping Civilization.”

R2 > (The tantra sign, consisting of a symbol of male sex coupled withe the female one),which is present “on a flag of Israel, and also on the Great Seal of USA, indirectly indicate that these two “exceptional nations” form a kind of a GENITALIAN SUPER SOCIETY, expanding by a spoil of all other human cultures – and by an exploitation of all other Earth riches as well.”

R3 >Due to discoveries in microbiology, in the middle of 20th century, GENITALIANS took enormous interest in apparently metaphysical properties of minuscule particles of DNA called genes. …The belief in METAPHYSICAL properties of these genes, become the crux of a genitalian imagination of life processes.

R4 >A trivial association (it is an ACT OF AN INTELLIGENCE) of Freud’s GENITALIAN schema of consecutive stages of human ontogeny, with likewise GENITALIAN concepts of bio-evolution in general, (has) lead to the Grandiose Plan of a construction ofa “New Earth” entirely purgated from penuries of existence, and of all dangers to its inhabitants.”

R5 > “(Such ‘Weltenanschauung‘) has lead to the appearance of the secular cult of Threefacial Artificial Divinity of Technique, of Money, and of an Ass loving Comfort (in abbr. TMA or TMC: Technics-Money-Comfort). And we are even able to point at Fathers Founders” (David-Abraham-Jacob) of this “childish” Western cult, born out of studying and re-studying of the Holy Bible.”

R6 >the Greek philosopher Aristotle categorized the linked with sexuality human activities within the lowest kind of “soul”, called by him “vegetal” one (…) According to him higher kinds of “soul”, which grow on this “vegetalo-genital” basis, are “animal, senso-motorial soul”, and in case of our species “human rational soul”, feeding itself with information gathered by our lower, “animal, sensuous soul”.

R7 > The old Aristotelian scheme of growth of a mature HOMO SAPIENS, was developed in more detail by a Swiss biologist and psychologist Jean Piaget (1896 -1980). Following the Lamackian classical observation that organs which are used, grow in size and their efficiency, Piaget argued that the impuls for both muscular and neuronal overgrowth (« la reéquilibration majorante ») is provided by damages (« perturbations »), whichthese organs suffer during their utilization. … This ZOOLOGICAL PHENOMENON (unknown in inanimated world) permits them, during subsequent plays and exercises, to grasp better (to learn) the millieu they are exploring. This LEARNING consists of a bio-construction, WITHIN THEIR BODIES, of subsequent CONDITINNED REFLEXES.

R8 >The necessity of coding of persisting for whole human life new reflexes, on adequate ”lasting l-swells” of genes (this in a form of their selective duplications and associations) in neurones commanding these reflexes become, since WW2, denied by the CENTRAL HOAX of microbiology (seeadnotation 3). Roughly half a century ago this Rudimental Hoax evolved into Central Dogma of Molecular Biology, entirely prohibitining, to living beings, the possibility of selfimprovement of their genetic structures, by their repetituous efforts to cope with stressful conditions.

R9 > “The real challenge to this Central Genitalian Hoax came from radiologists investigating how irradiations affect exposed to them animals. The RADIATION HORMESIS, which describes the phenomenon of a «majorant requilibration» (commonly known as a hypertrophy, or appearance of “lasting swells”) of genetic structures of living organisms, initially disrupted by various kinds of irradiations, is a manifestation of COUNTERENTROPIC INTELLIGENCE of all ZOON. It makes ridiculous the whole Genitalian Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection of accidentally appearing, “beneficial” genetic variants.”

R10 >Why do we witness these efforts, of quite a number of Nobel Prize Winners, aimed at negation of the fact of existence of Lamarcko-Piagetian mechanism of “regeneration with overcompensation” of harms suffered? Simply, this elementary BIOLOGICAL PHENOMENON of COUNTER-ENTROPY puts into question the whole TMA/TMC ideology of never ending economic growth. …Our Planet, systematically purged of environmental dangers, and of other obstacles, provoking outbursts of HORMESIS – which are absolutely necessary to force youngsters to attain more broadminded understanding of reality – is risking to turn itself into completely decerabralized HUMANOID TURMITORY (“tchelovekovisko” of Alexandr Zinoviev) – a kind of Global Mega Cancer consuming and devastating everything on its way of a non-differentiated spread”.

And at this point I came to a following conclusion:

R11 >The priesthood of TMA/TMC cult”, in 1950 has organized the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF), ... The goal of this Congress – as recall it Steven P. Meyer and Jeffrey Steinberg in EIR, 31, 25, June 25, 2004 – wasto create such a cultural wasteland of dumbed-down conformity, and pursuit of sensual gratification, that any isolated case of genius could be easily isolated and destroyed.

R12 >One of principal organizers of this famous Congress, was an English “utilitarian philosopher” Bertrand Russel Russell, the co-author (with H.G. Wells) of “Truman’s Doctrine of world government through terror of nuclear weapons. His book “The Impact of Science on Society”, written in 1951, prropozes the following: “Although this science (of nuclear terror) will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated.” Such an EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM has become, with time, the essence of Kulturkampf , lead by Central Intelligence (& Propaganda) Agency (in abbr. CI(P)A). (PS. At present, this Agency has become a key part Multinational Secret Society, as notices it Israel Shamir in his recent text “Do Spies Run the World?”; hence it is recomandable to use the term G-CI(P)A, “G” would be understoodas Great, Global, or alternatively ‘Genitalian’.)


Psyops of “DU Fear” as a tool of “world government through terror of nuclear weapons.”

(see R3 and R8 of the above Resumé)

2800 words

Authors of the article in EIR,25, 2004 remark thatAfter bombardment of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the era of thermonuclear terror was launched, an era which had been promoted for decades by H.G. Wells and Bertrand Russell.” At that time Bertrand Russel “in the September 1946 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, advocated a preventive U.S. atomic bomb strike on the Soviet Union”. And once the Soviet Union got the parity with USA in nuclear armament, Russel – as a true “utilitarian philosopher” – has mutated from “hawk” into a “pigeon of peace”, and began to advocate the nuclear disarmament. Such “smart mutation” raises a well founded suspicion that in opportune situations from under « pigeon of peace » fethers may ressurrect a murderous hawk again. On the other hand, H. G. Wells is know from his science-fiction drama “War of Worlds” (1898), which broadcasted at radio (in 1938) has provoked panic among American listeners. The advanced by these two titans of intellect”, technique of control of a populace, by an artificially amplified fear of nuclear irradiations, demonstrated its efficiency during the panic which followed the fire at one of four reactors of Tchernobyl Nuclear Electric Plant in 1986. It also had an impact, on ignoring basic laws of physics publics, willful watchers of the science-fiction film “Deadly dust” (Todestaub) realized in 2007. This achievement of G-CI(P)A lead Kulturkampf, is constructed on such childish arguments that I wonder why, until now, nobodycompetent in elementary physics, made its critics. To the contrary, it has been promoted by such prestigeous counter-globalist institutions like the Globalresearch Institute in Canada (2017), and “Mut zur Ethik” conferences (2017 and 2018) in Switzerland, in which I used to participate.

So, let’s me do the (boring for me) REPETITION of my efforts of refutation of basic arguments of this “Deadly Dust” (Todestaub) ugly horror story.

The Refutation of 1-st Principal ani-DU argument :

The argument above indicate that enouncing it Serbian officer has no knowledge of elementary physics: the half-life of 4,5 bllion years of isotope U238 – of which consists DU, the Depleted Uranium (purify from highly radioactive isotope U235) – signifies that it is practically stable. Unfortunately also the quoted by Globalresearch, oncologist Slobodan Cikaric, the president of the Serbian Society for the Fight against Cancer, is ignorant of this fact too:Speaking about NATO’s depleted uranium ammunition, the doctor said this material with a half-life of 4.5 billion years “remains in Serbia.” Radioactive matter ingested or inhaled in the past is now causing cancer in people, according to him”.

Assertions of these ignorants of basic physics were “confimed” by discoveries like this one above, on a film from in Iraq. How do they relate to facts reported by more competent in physics researchers?

Already in March 2000, I participated in a meeting in Prague (Cz), of social activists alerted by the use of DU munition during NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia in 1999. Its organizers invited an Italian professor from CERN in Vienna who lead, just after these lasting for 3 months bombardments, the team of CERN scientists, which measured the radiation in most heavily shelled by DU projectiles areas. He has told us that “in these areas the increase of radiation wasn’t distiguishable from the one made by a cigaret smoke”. Except me, a physicist too, nobody believed CERN official. He left the meeting murmuring to me “They don’t understand anything”.

The Refutation of the 2-nd Principal anti-DU argument:

This statement on the film „Deadly Dust” is pronounced by dr Durakovic. And it is sufficient to measure the speed of repair of DNA in blood samples, after their irradiation (be it only with UV light – see @6 „Radioresistivity” of my text of Sept. 15 2018), to realise that tissues of our bodies are able to overcome the Genitalians invented, Cental Dogma ofMolecular Biology (see R8) to which referred this Durakovic.

The Refutation of 3-rd Principal anti-DU argument:

The hero of the film “Deadly Dust” film from 2007, dr Siegwart-Horst Günter, as well as oncologist Slobodan Cikaric quoted by Globalresearch ten years later, claimed that DU caused Transmitted breakdowns of the immune system with increasing infectious diseases, severe dysfunction of kidney and liver, aggressive leukemia and other cancers (including multiple cancers), disorders in the bone marrow, genetic defects and deformities as well as abortions and premature births in pregnant women”.

Both these medical doctors refered to consequences of Chernobyl fire in 1986. But what were REAL, long term consequences of this famous fire? The Chernobyl accident caused the death – out of internal burns – of only 31 helicopter crew members, which were dropping the sand at the burning Tchernobyl reactor. But practically all other its long term health effects, turned to be beneficient – this even in so distant country as Hungary (see my text of Sept. 15 2018@5Beneficial Irradiations”) The only serious problem become an appearance in Soviet Union of roughly one million of psychosomatic diseases, CAUSED BY FEAR of harmful effects of irradiations.

To reinfoce my argumentation I quote, once again, excerpts from an abstract of accompanied by 69 references article of T.D. Luckey Radiation Hormesis: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly(2006): The good is acceptance by France, Japan, and China of the thousands of studies showing stimulation and/or benefit, with no harm, from low dose irradiation. … The bad is the nonacceptance of radiation hormesis by the U. S. and most other governments; … The ugly is decades of deception by medical and radiation committees which refuse to consider valid evidence of radiation hormesis in cancer, other diseases, and health.

Concerning Chernobyl Luckey quotes, at the beginning of his work,a 600 page report, the French Academy of Sciences document … (Aurengo et al.,2005). Among its 9 most important points we find: 2) The total cancer deaths in 8,600 cleanup workers at Chernobyl (who received an average of 5 cGy) was 12% lower than that of the general Russian population. … 8) No excess thyroid cancer was found in two million children who were irradiated by the Chernobyl explosion.” And Luckey concludes: “A wealth of data presents irrefutable evidence of the benefits that radiation provides for a great variety of organisms. This includes decreased infections, decreased cancer death rates, and increased fecundity and average lifespan in humans.

These, collected by hundreds of competent radiologists data, are in a complete opposition to these published in Global Research, December 24, 2017:

Studies have shown that the use of uranium weapons have caused 15,000 cancers and 10,000 deaths between 2001 and 2010, according to the head of the Serbian Association for the Prevention of Cancer, oncologist Prof. Slobodan Cikaric. In total, there were 330,000 cancers in Serbia during this period. The death rate has increased annually since 1999 by 2.5 percent.

It is worth to compare, this last number with precise medical data colected by Jovan Mihajlović, Petros Pechlivanoglou, Marica Miladinov-Mikov, Maarten J Postma in a report published in 2013:

From my humble calculation, based on the graphic above, during the period 1999-2009 in Serbia the mortality rate due to cancers increased only 1,3 % per year – and not 2,5 % – as claimed it Cicaric. But never mind. The global incidence of cancers, according to this graphic in fact rose to 3,2 % per year, but it was not very different from the increase of incidence of cancers in Poland – 2,6 % – during the same period. Not to speak about Hungary, where the the incidence of cancers and their mortality is significantly greater than in Serbia and Poland.

The sad circus with “uranio impoverito” in Italy

Having some contacts in Italy, I knew that media there, acting in a similar manner as in Serbia, are still “pushing” the hysteria, concerning the health of Italian soldiers, which spent months in Kosovo, after its bombardment in 1999. In order to counter these “surely true rumors” of the type “317 soldiers dead and 3600 others ill due to an exposition to DU” (RaiNews, March 28, 2015), already in 2002 the Italian Ministry of Defence has ordered a very detailed investigation. Its final report, realized under the direction of prof. Franco Mandelli, states in its conclusion “Experts from 14 countries and, from Italy, an expert of ANPA, have concluded that there was not revealed a signifiannt contamination of terrains submitted to an intense bombarding with projectiles containg DU, and “As malignant neoplasms are concerned (exept hematological ones), global considerations reveal the number of cases inferior to the one expected. So, they got the same results as hundreds of researchers vestigating effects of Chernobyl fire – see above.

The problem of MONSTROUS SOLID cancers photographied at Hospital in Basra, Iraq

The hero of the “Deadly Dust” film, dr S.-H. Günther has brought to our “Mut zur Ethik” Conference in 2006, numerous pictures of looking like monsters children, he allegedly photograhied them in hospital of Basra, few years after the “war in the Gulf” in 2001. In recent years these photographs practically vanished from internet, but few of them I saved on my computer:

. (more at @7f of my text form Sept. 15 2018)

Who has made (at Basra?) dozens of these ugly, not prone to breathe dolls, and who was dr Günter, not able to distinguish a shoddy doll, from a living child? Hospital of Basra was in the part of Iraq accupied by British Army, and thus the British branch of G-CI(P)A in all evidence stayed behind the production and advertisement of these “nuclear war horrors”. S. H. Günter, was 81 years old when we we visited him in 2006, in his elegant house in Switzerland. But his age (he died in 2015) wasn’t an excuse for his participation in this „Todestaub” deception. No doubt Günter, Durakovic and other heroes of “Deady Dust” science-fiction movie were G-CI(P)A operatives. (By the way, ‘Durakovic’ in Russian means ‘stupid man’; it is quite probable that this name contains an “encrypted opinion” about the work these operatives were payed for.)

Let’s return to the essential problem of

The total onslaught of GENITALIANS on the Planet Earth” (see R1)

In a larger perspective, the outlined above G-CI(P)A rproject titled DU origin of cancers”, is an element of a more ambitious (counter)cultural venture,conceived already decades ago by “peace loving” Anglosaxon intellectuals like Bertrand Russel, H.G. Wells and Cecil Rhodes.Only ten years ago, as a physicist by my basic education, I learned from Jaworowski (the chairman of UNSCEAR in years 1981-82) that atomic explsions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki have not provoked an increase of number of solid cancers in irradiated people (see @1b of Sept. 2018 text)! Why the knowledge of this ESSENTIAL FACT was concealed for so many decades? This for purely “utilitarian” reason: the ignorance of the publics of this fact was at the origin of gigantic panics in Europe in 1986, after the fire at the Chernobyl Atomic Plant. And this fire (was it a purposeful sabotage?) has decisevely helped Gorbachev (guided already at that time by G-CI/P/A, according to Israel Shamir) to dismantle the USSR. The continuation of “anti-DU histeria serves the same purpose.

Wherefrom than, these ever more numerous cancers arise?

The answer is known to oncologists studying the geography of cancer incidence:

At this map it is well visible that the highest incidence of this illness characterizes North America, Western Europe, Australia and N.Z, North Corea and Japan (248/x, underrated on this map). It means CANCER IS A CIVILIZATION DISEASE, one of these well known ones, like diabetes, obesity, shortsightedness, veins, and autism of course too. The world distribution of these – in large extend becoming hereditary – illnesses, is roughly the same as in case of cancers, shown on the above map.

Than the obvious question arises. Which “cultural agent” is pushing the most for building of the WORLD CIVILIZATION of the TMA/TMC type? Marxists of the Werner Sombart type, already hundred years ago were arguing that the Global illness is in itself THE BOURGEOIS SOCIETY, especially the one of “American” style. Recently I’ve read a two part article of Jerzy (and Monika) Ochman Vocation to the Civilization”, published at Kaków’s „Forum” 2-3, 2001. Its authors recall ideas of Mordecai Kaplan (1881-1982), who was obsessed by „Ethics of Civilization”, „Jews at present should demonstrate their excellence in scientifico-technical civilization, … the New Ethics pars construens establishes new sacrum, which is civilization, the development of science and technics”, for „all this is written in the Bible”.

In fact all these „Technique,Money & Ass loving Comfort” SACRED VALUES of Civiliation are inscribed in the Bible (see for ex. text of Nov. 2011). Already at the Rhodes D.C. Forum in 2003 I delivered a remarkable speech „Globalism: Project of Flat Earth and Flat Brain Cortices”, in which I pointed at these bizarre Commandments of OT’s “LORD”, ordering his Chosen People to behave like a Super-Bulldozer: „you shall thresh the mountains and crush them, and you shall make hills like chaff. … Every valley shall be lifted up, and every mountain and hill shall be made low … this in order to “make straight highways for our LORD”. (This commandment, as assured me Jan Kurdybelski, a catholic priest-emeritus from Wroclaw, has to be taken literally: the new 4 lanes motorway, cutting through the hilly region between Kraków and Zakopane, represents an elegant realization of the above „Lord of Genitalians” demand.)

Not only travelling and other means of communication should be easy for „small gods”, realizing plans of their „Invisible Lord”. In the outlined in the Bible project of „New Israel” “LORD will become king over all the earth; … The whole land shall be turned into plain, but Jerusalem shall remain aloft and shall dwell in security”. This is the essence of G-CI(P)A laboriously realized PNAC program, which Armand Cleese denounced in following words United States wants a world without enemies, without threats, without risks. The quest of the Americans for absolute, total security may lead, may even be bound to lead to absolute, total insecurity (see my recent text of May 1st).

Why this,PNAC program of „total security” and „full comfort” of Chosen (by GOD = MONEY, of course) People, is bound to a failure? Simply being imprisoned in a Civilization, in which not only the transportation, and acquisition of food and clothing, but also „seeing” the world does not necessitate more serious efforts, leads to the atrophy of immobilized for months and years organs of human endogeous motility and of association of ideas – with time, develling in super-easy conditions, one turns into a moron.

Why do respectable medics and psychologists are not daring to argue louder that both cancers and autism are bio-results of not sufficient exercise, in ever more sterilized, inanimate environment, of organs of immunition and of cognition? And that they are not caused by direct domages of our bodies, be it by irradiations, be it vaccinations? Why do the Serbian „Society for the Fight against Cancer” – as well as sympathisers of „Global Research” in Ottawa and „Mut zur Ethik” in Switzerland, let themselves be lured by the fake data concerning radioactivity of DU – closing at the same time eyes at the fact of incessant PROMOTION OF CANCERS by the „American Way of Industrious Life”? (By the way, in USA even at present is obseved a sensibly higher mortality due to the colon cancer in formed in 19 century, „Union” States than in these „Confederate” ones – see text from Sept. 27, 2018.)

The answer to this question is simple. Any more overt argumentation that human organisms, devoid of noxious to their wellbeing environmntal challenges, are bound to degenerate in a heritable manner, is suspected to support „Lysenkist” theory of evolution. Such „gentile” concept – in a difference of the neo-Darwinan one (see Adnotation 2) – remains well beyond „written into Bible” understanding of the Universe (see Lubawichers imagination of gentiles as „ sinners, led by satans, with their souls not created by God, but by demons -text of May 1st)

The psychopathic hate of gentile philosophers charcterised already the „newly born” Christian, Saint Paul, who in the name of of his LORD proudly announced „I will destroy the wisdom of wise, the inteligence of intelligent I will thwart” (1 Cor. 1:19). People of such „Super-Human” type used to behave like a kind of Super-Bulldozer, reversing understanding of the world upside down:every fold (of brain cortex) shall be flatten, and every fault (a depression of human intelligence) shall be hightened (to become the beacon of humanity)”. To recall the fact that the „dark beacon” of modern ethics has become neo-Darwinian (i.e. Genitalian) Theory of Evolution – which in turn was entirely deduced from „dark texts” of OT and NT. Without an uprooting of this CORNERSTONE of Judeo-Christian Civilization, no salvation of Minful Humanity is possible. (On this theme my Czech colleague, gnostic Jan Kozak wrote an excellent book „Roots of Indoeuropean Spiritual Tradition”, Praha 2014.)

Part V

HIDE enthusiasts attempt to suppress the LUCID character of Living Beings

(HIDE – the Hebrew Intelligent Design of Evolution; LUCID – the Lamarckian Universally Creative Intelligent Design)

Every fold (of brain cortex) shall be flatten, and every fault (a depression of human intelligence) shall be hightened (and become the beacon of humanity)”

(More “flesh” to this topics in Footnote)

1300 words

The above “revolutionary” project HIDE was summed up in these words, by my colleague, Czech “non computerized gnostic” Jan Kozak (2014):

From all cultures, which worshipp the base cult of the strength of a snake, the principe of exchange – or substitution – of left for right, of upper for lower, of internal for external, honest and truthful for deceitful and false, has become developed the most in the Jewish one. This theme of reversal and substitution, of everything great, noble and human, by base, criminal and sinful, become proclaimed to be the omnipresent and reverend “sacred” principle, so it is possible to study it in a detail.

And Kozak gives the example ofthe central personality of Jewish religiosity, the eternally “younger brother” Jacob “Izrael” (“holding by heel his elder brother). Jacob by an imitation and substitution of himself for his elder, loved by their father “brother” Esau, eternally “intercepts the ‘law of the firstborn’ and all human heritage”.

(By the way, in my “War of Gods” of 1995, I’ve suggested that the “sacred lie” of Jacob-Israel, was a PREFIGURATION of the SACRED LIE of “the eternal creator of the Chritian Church”, pharisee Saul, alias St Paul (“small and fearful”). He, after participating in the stoning of the honest and brilliant leader of hellenized Christians, St Stephen, intercepted Stephen’s role of a leader of this fraction of Christians, declaring himself to be the God Chosen apostle of Gentiles, capturing the position of the “eternal vicar of Crucified Christ”.)

In this simple manner the Judeo-Christian (lumpen)culture of reversal and substitution, of Natural Laws of Zoology (the younger and smaller is supposed to serve the elder and greater), has produced an ARTIFICIAL REALITY, in which external signs of Technical, Financial and Sedentary Comfort Supremacy, are hidding the mean, ugly and unhuman behavior of this LUMPENCULTURE of MISOLOGOS H-CI(P)A operatives (H = Hebrew)

One of efficient tools of this HIDE global spread is the Genitalian – i.e. neo-Darwinian – Theory of Evolution, which was constructed uniquely on few primitive assertions, copied from pages of Old and New Testaments. This NIHILIST theory – which denies to living beings, their CREATIVE COUNTER-ENTROPIC CHARACTER, hides the fact that “socially succesful genitalians”, remaining ever more tightly imprisoned inside their TMA/TMC “ivory towers”, ever more frequently are affected by degenerative bio-processes, in particular by AUTISM, consisting of serious diminishment of their endogenous, neuro-motorial associative potencies (see the Footnote).

Into which direction is pushing us this “culturaly inherited”, from antique Phariseism ANTIZOOLOGISM, of Judeo-Christian conceptions of Nature?

I quote from my slightly satirical essay, written already in 2011:


The Origin (Genesis) of the Chosen People Super Species

A. >Organizations like The Institute of Open Society (IOS) of George Soros, and its kin Freedom House are trying – in the name of Free Market – to change the world into a gigantic Brothel, in which all the less affluent populace humbly serves the hidden in banks “brothel Madams”. (It is the logical development of the antique “business plan” of a Wandering Pimp A-braham, and his wife-sister Sarah “LORD’s servant” to the gentiles.)

B. > We witness at present the FORCED SEXUALIZATION of adolescents of both genders. It will contribute to the development of severe (both homo and hetero) sex dependence during their adult age. The same purpose serves the shameless “pushing” of organizations of sex oriented associations of the LGBT type. Their limitation to “vegetal sex” affairs, not only divides the society into artificially hostile to themselves groups, but also is inhibiting the formation of “meta vegetal” human habits, in particular of the unhindered by technical facilities motility, allowing the broad exploration (and understanding) of the world, enriched by “Buddist” type selfobservations.

C. > In the Global Freedom House, as wittingly observed it American satirist George Carlin (1937 – 2008) “They hold you by your balls”. It is a concise description of properties of MATRIX (∇) built by Chosen People, which specialize in deconstruction (castration, circumcision) of natural human psychomotorical potencies.

D. > The atrophy of senso-motorial faculties of Modern Humanoids, resembles the “opportunist mutation”, which in case of abundance of nutrition, undergo minute Arthropodous Cirripedia (barnacle) called Sacculina, a common parasite of Crabs. As observed it Charles Darwin already 160 years ago, the young, larval Sacculina look like other young Cirripedia, have eyes and cirripedia (‘curly feet’), permitting them to move and to see in water. Once these mobile barnacles find a crab, to which they tightly attach, and penetrate inside its body, they degenerate useless since this moment eyes, their body takes the form of purely “vegetative” tumor, devoid of organs of motility and senses. At the exterior of the crab these parasites leave only fleshy bag filed with GENITALIA producing their offspring, which is protected by hosting them crabs.  Male crabs, deprived of nutrition by sponging them Sacculinas, acquire female characters, and are becoming sterile, inhibited in generation of their own offspring [iv].

Re-readeing this “sociobiological” point D, describing the demasculinization of male crabsby parasiting on them Sacculinas, we are coming back to the observation of my “comrade in arms” Israel Shamir, who in his essay “Unmanning the man” (2011) has come to the following conclusion:There is an understanding between the holders of power that feminised men are easier to control. … Strong men are prone to rebellion, ready for sacrifice and primed for action. It appears the men have been targeted for elimination; the working ants need no sex.”

The Raymond Zwarich comment no. 118, to Israel Shamir May 20019 article “Do Spies Run the World?”, provides usually hidden details of this “unmanning of men” G-CI(P)A realized project. A relatively well informed American acitizen, A. Zwarich reports his recent astonishment when he has learned that Gloria Steinem was a CIA operative. It was for him “like a ‘knowledge earthquake’ … learning that the “women’s liberation movement” could have been mid-wifed by the CIA.” In my distant Poland I’ve become used to such “surprises”, the present onslaught on rather conservative Polish publics, of the very noisy rainbow dressed LGBT movement, is with no doubt mid-wifed by M-CI(P)A local activists, not necessarly paid by USA embassy.

But it took me many years of my scientific career to discover that not only these bizarre “genitalia oriented” social movements like this “womans lib” (“pussy power” as we used to call it at Berkeley), as well as metodologically “soft” social sciences in general, are extremely prone to their “underground” steering. Also methodologically “hard” medical sciences, like this one of RADIATION HORMESIS, become subjected to meticulously organized sabotage. In Poland, inbetween years 1960-2010 the number of living spermatozoids, in 1 cubic centimetre of sperm of 30 years old statistical Pole, has dropped from 50 000 to 20 000! The medical staff, which works with this problem argue that mild irradiations help to restore the human vigor – but this is not the message which want to hear situated principally in USA Centers of Global Power.

These centers, attempting to impose the HIDE plan worldwide, are surely helped in their couner-biological efforts, by “fighting for peace” associations, like this one, which produced the “Deadly Dust” film and Hospital of Basra DU horrors. Also these “fearing hormesis” ANTIVACCINATION MOVEMENTS, out of sheer ignorance of elementary laws of physiology (“what has not killed you will make you stronger”) are in practice helping to realize this PANGENITALIAN program of “devigorization of mankind”.

Does it exist any way to interrupt this program masterminded by the CANCEROUS COLLECTIVE MIND installed at present in all Western capitals ? As a professional philosopher, I have to remark that “Christ the Savior” of St Paul has efficiently helped to establish this, hated by “biology-minded” Aristotle, Global Banking System.

Historical Footnote

800 words

Every fold (of brain cortex) shall be flatten, and every fault (of human intelligence) shall be hightened (and shall become the beacon of humanity)

This strange demand, formulated by an ambitious prophet Isaiah, has its deep sense also in its allegoric meanig. Namely in 1981, I had an interview at “Institute Pasteur” in Paris, with its head, a “computerized neurologist” Jean-Pierre Changeux. Not being careful in camouflaging my intentions, I told during this interview that in his works, he ommited the Jean Piaget postulated phenomenon of “majorant reequilibration”, of neuronal structures, on which opics I was working. (See my “Open letter to biologists” of 1981; Changeux in a book “L’homme neuronal” of 1983, formed the “highlight” of computerised neurology, by announcing thatto learn is to eliminate” superfluous neuronal interconnections in the brain). Of course my quest for a grant was furiously rejected, and a year later I was seeking an “economical asylum” in my native socialist Poland (which I left 14 years earlier as a kind of a “political refugee”).

Somehow this practical result of this meeting with French luminary of neurology, confirmed my suspicion that in science everything is evolving according to Isaiah’s prophecy taken alegorically: Every more rational idea (which multiplies folds in thebrain cortex) shall be suppressed, while every fault of human intelligence (and of ignorance of most evident facts) shall become beacon of the humanity”. In this scientific reality the problem, how new conditionned reflexes are memorized, frequetly for decades, systematically remains in obscurity. Having a job in Poland, consisting of preparation of yearly digests of discoveries in biology, I’ve noticed that at least until the end of 1990, this problem was not undertaken by world’s research centers. In a meantime, in “La Recherche” from July/August 1996, I discovered a picture confirming my hypothesis from 1981 in „Open Letter to Biologists”. Namely the created, by repeated exercises, new conditionned reflexes, must be memorised at “lasting micro swells” (l-m-s) of nuclear acids (RNA and than DNA), which serve as templates for regeneration of damaged during these exercises, somatic (principally protein) structures:

(On the picture: The intensity of the magnetic dipolar moment, generated by neurons in case the tip of the little finger (of a player of chordophone) is stimulated, is represented as a function of the age of the beginning of the practice of this instrument. Every spot represents one player of such instrument (black spots). The amplitude of answers to the stimulation of a small finger is significantly lower in the control group (blue spots). It is visible an important increase of intensity of dipolar moment in individuals, which began to learn this skill prior to 12 years old.)

This elegant experiment confirms that the long term training to play chordophone leads to a significant, persistingd for years hypertrophy (lasting micro swells”, l-m-s) of neurons of fingers of players of these instruments. Moreover, during the „critical period”, prior to 12 years old, these l-m-s grow bigger than in case the learning starts in subsequent years. For all somatic structures undergo cyclical TURNOVER, also the hypertrophied (up to 5 times on a picture!) neurons of frequently activated fingers must be „memorized” at necessarily locally hypertophied structures (l-m-s) of RNA and than DNA „working” as templates for neuronal regenerations. This is not everything, which become „forgotten” by bio-science of today. Already in 1970ies my elder colleagues Philippe Anker and Maurice Stroun at Uni Genève have discovered the Circulation of Nucleic Acids in Plasma or Serum- and they nearly got fired from the University for this forbidden to be done” discovery. For in case these abundantly produced, as a reaction to the strenuous exercise, l-m-s of RNA and DNA, „leak” to organism’s fluids, and subsequently reach germinal tissues, the „created by exercise” preponderancies for particular movements, might become inherited. Such “metaphysical” capabilities of living organisms have noticed, about 35 years ago, E. J. Steele observing the inheritance, for a certain time, of CREATED (by interaction with antigens) immunitary reflexes in mice. For this “forbidden since 90 years” confimation of Lamarck’s Law of Biology (the case of Paul Kammerer 1926) Steele was sacked consecutively from laboratories in Torono, London, and even Wollongong in his native Australia. But he is still professionally active at Perth Universiity, not being obliged to changed his profession, as did it (with a joy!), in 1997 in Poland, the author of this footnote.

Below are books, which these „not welcomed researchers” have produced. (Stroun died in 2017 at his age of 91, and he was buried at the Jewish cementary in Geneva.)

As a professional philosopher I permit myself to end this, written at the occasion of my 77 anniversary historical FOOTNOTE, with a following „rhetorical question”:

It is of interest, when – or whether at all – G-CI(P)A authorities of the GENITALIAN WORD ORDER, will realize that SACRAL LIES, which became the base of their world domination, are directing Humanity towards its bitter end? Such „radious future” foretold already J.B. Lamarck 200 years ago, and Matthew Arnold 50 years later.

ZAkopane, July 4, year 102 after the GPR

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