PAN w Z-nem (67 B): The much maligned Megalopsychos TRUE WORD on GENITALIANS (‘I-Amricans’) efforts to throttle the Living Earth

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The much maligned Megalopsychos TRUE WORD on GENITALIANS (‘I-Amricans’) efforts to throttle the Living Earth

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The hating EROS, mikropsychoi Zionists dominated, Western Science & Culture

On the picture above. The allegory of AURORA – the goddes of dawn (‘Zaria’ in Russian) painted by Boris Olshansky.The planet Wenus – symbolizing the erotic attraction of BEAUTY and WISDOM (Sophia) – is shinning with reddish light during sunny dawns. This, symbolized by five-pointed red star Zaria”, since more than hundred years is attempting to lead us into the world much more RATIONAL and BEAUTIFUL than the one, dominated by the LUMPEN CULTURE of E-PNAC – Enlarged Project of New Amrican Century.


Pope Benedict XVI in his encyclical letter “Deus caritas estof late 2005, recalled: According to Friedrich Nietzsche, Christianity had poisoned eros, which for its part, while not completely succumbing, gradually degenerated into vice. Here the German philosopher was expressing a widely-held perception: doesn’t the Church, with all her commandments and prohibitions, turn to bitterness the most precious thing in life?… Did Christianity really destroy eros?

What kind of a personality represents this Greek demi-god EROS? In Plato’s dialogue “Symposion” we readHe runs after everything which is beautiful and good, he is a brave, stout-hearted fellow, always invents new methods, intending to get closer to the Reason, and he is philosophing all life, a terrible wizard, poisoner or sofist, neither he is a god neither a man. One day he is living and flourish, and than he dies and once again he rises from the dead”.

No wonder thus that such MEGALOPSYCHOS-type, Hellenist god-like idol of EROS was – and still is – an object of HATE of the MIKROPSYCHOS-type enthusiasts of the Hebrew Bible, gloryfying doings of the proverbial I(Imbecile & Idiot)-GOD.

This mikropsychos attitude towards intelligent, broad-minded behaviors, is radiating with unbelievable UGLINESS, from St Paul’s, tirade, which he copied from Isaiah 29:14:

I will destroy the wisdom of the wise;
the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.”

(The word ‘intelligence’ is derived from “inter-ligare”, to bind in-between, to associate events sensed concomitantly or in a cadence; hence the above statement literally signifies the I-God demand to destroy the ‘mindset’ of mindful individuals!)

At the end of 20th century, a group of very active politicians, which during – and soon after – WW2 arrived to USA from the Central Europe, formed an influential group of so-called “neo-conservatives”. And during the late Reaganite times this ‘groupie’ imposed on Amrican Administration an aggressive Project of New American Century (PNAC). It worked magnificently at the time of eradiction of communist (“red star”!) regimes in Eastern Europe. And since events of 9-11-2001 in USA – with less visible success – also in islam dominated states of Asia and Africa. The cultural basis for this not-so-defunct PNAC globalist entreprise (see U-kraine today!), has described very well David Gelertner in a book Americanism: the Fourth Great Western Religion published in 2007. I quote from its official description: He argues that what we have come to call “Americanism” is in fact a secular version of Zionism … it is a religion without a god, and it is a global religion”. Hence more perspicacious readers easily associate that the ‘hidden god’ of this AMRICANISM is the antique divinity of MAMMON. Simple? Isn’t it?

The NIHILIST attitude, dominant in “bankers democracies”, towards decent education built on a self-knowledge

I propose to look at titles of two, relatively recent books, which are PURPOSEFULLY aiming at the “frustration of the intelligence of the intelligent and the destruction of wisdom of wise”:

In the book in Polish, on the left, titled SELECTIONS, with undertitle “How the school is destroying humans, the society and the worldits author, the 40 years old dr Mikolai Marcela, extensively relates the reasoning of internationally known “anarchist” Ivan Illich, in his bookDeschooling Society(1971). Illich proposed in it to abandon the inherited from the 19th century “class” system of obligatory mass education. And to replace it with the loose schooling” of youngsters from 8 to 20 years old, in groups non differentiated by their age. As any experienced pedagogue would remark, such “democratic education” is a sheer IDIOCY. The division in classes is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to maintain students discipline while teaching them, subjects  like elementary mathematics, and later on Newton Laws (the absence of these more comlex subjects in contemporary Amrican mass education, is at the origin of the FLAT EARTH, ever more popular “scientific theorythere.)

Where from Marcela got his conviction that “school is destroying humans”? Surely not from his own life experience, for only thanks to his own “combat” to overcome obstacles, which his teachers have mounted in front of him, during his schooling years, and than university training, he was able to make his doctorate, centered on the subculture of youth interested in various Monsters. Thanks to the edition of these “Selections” by Polish Znak(Sign) Edition House, I got an insidious idea. Namely Znak” has an overty Judeo-Christian character, as would say it David Gelertner, it represents a local ZIONIST agency in Poland.

This association has lead me to look closer at Marcela’s idol Ivan Illich, who was advertizing himself as “an errant pilgrim“, “a wandering Jew and a Christian pilgrim“. I had a chance to hear Illich personally in 1970ies, when he was speaking in the grand hall of WHO/OMS headquarter in Geneva, attacking the commercial overgrowth of medical services. This problem is evidently serious (see the overreaction to the covid 19 pandemia!), but the complete abandon of medical services would be even worse: in my personal case, without the adequate medical treatment, I would be gone since already several years.

As the denunciation by Ivan Illich, of the “outdated feudalmodel of the general education is considered, I discovered that Illich studied theology, and was ordained as a Catholic priest in Rome in 1951. Following his ordination he signed up to become a parish priest in one of New York’s poorest neighborhoods” — and soonat the age of 30, he was appointed vice rector of the Catholic University of Puerto Rico, which he hold for several years before getting thrown out” (…).

Such quick ecclesiastic career, has sparked in my mind a precise reflection. Namely I had a close, 15 years elder than me friend, the born in Polish farmer’s family dr Stanisław Cieniawa, who also intended in his youth to become a priest. And he told me that the first year in the catholic seminary was quite an experience for him. Students during lectures were supposed to accept so many, contrary to rational thinking religious assertions that he used to question them in classes, applauded by other students there. He wanted to abandon these studies but his teachers, realizing that he was a smart student, were asking him to remain in the seminary, arguing that with time he will become so habituated that these cognitive incongruities will no longer bother him.

Stanisław Cieniawa abandonned his priest’s career, got diplomas in philosophy and pedagogy, and subsequently for several decades has worked as an exigent high school director. Ad he told me that the first year in a catholic seminary is indeed “a period of breaking down student’s (virtus,areté in Greek) character”. All catholic seminaries have the same simplist program, so necessarily Ivan Illich too, had to ply himself to their “mankurting the mind” exigencies – which helped him in a subsequent career. As wrote one of his friendsHe believed that the Biblical God taking human form, the Incarnation, marked world history’s turning point, opening new possibilities for love and knowledge.”

This religious mantra, since centuries repeated incessantly by our clergy,with time became the incontestable TRUTH. But courageous individuals, daring to look further than the New Testament permits do do it, it is a hardly concealed religious MONSTROSITY. It was enthusiastically summarized in these verses of Augustin’s hymen Exultet, sung every year in Latin, by the clergy, in the darkness of Easter Saturday night:

O truly necessary sin of Adam,
destroyed completely by the Death of Christ!
O happy fault
that earned so great, so glorious a Redeemer!

(…) The sanctifying power of this night
dispels wickedness, washes faults away,
restores innocence to the fallen, and joy to mourners

Such assertions surely make the life of mikropsychos sinners easier, for they do not need to bother for the improvement of their “fallen behavior”.

But do really the HUMAN CONDITION improved, once Christ washanged on a tree”? Jesus hanging on a cross is a good tool, frightening all these daring to argue thatDoctrine, be it logical or philosophical, bragging to be teaching the truth of God, is false, and on the contrary, the one condemned as false, is the very true one.” (Kazimir Lyszczynski decapitated, at the order of Polish bishops, at Warsaw’s market in 1689). And this substitution of Truth by Falsity by Church magisters has brought its bitter fruits: to recall the impressive work in 10 volumes of German historian Karlheinz Deschner, titled “Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums(‘Criminal history of Christianity’).

Historians of religion know what has happend in the Roman Empire, when “wandering Jews and Christian pilgrims” began to take the grip on minds of the common people. According to Roman philosopher Celsus, it was a kind of a mass mental catastrophe,according to them (Christian leaders) the wisdom is evil, and the stupidity is good”. (See “Celsus view of Christians”, Book 3). At that period Aristotle’s writings become banned by the Church. In particular this observation was iritating the I-God clergy: The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living differ from the dead”. These dead in their mindsbishops, living in an artificial realm, created by Bible studies, surely disliked Aristotle’s remark of the type Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. Four hundred years after Aristotle a similar remark appears in in logion nr 3 of Jesus quoted in gnosticGospel of Thomas”“ if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty.” Both works of Aristotle and the Gospel of Thomas for more than thousand years became removed from the sight of Christians!

In fact, in antique Greece, all serious education was linked with the maxim “Know yourself” (and you will know Gods and Universe). And if we apply this Delphic/Aristotelian/gnostic Jesus criterion of VITAL Learning, to Ivan Illich’s and Mikolai Marcela’s Proud Ideas on “descholarization”, we notice that these authors have dwelled in poverty and they were these who were that poverty”. The same in case of Christian Saints like Paul, and the author of hymen “Exultet”, too.

More works of professionals in Life Scienc realizing the GOD CREATOR OF NOTHINGNESS demand to “promote the things that are not (existing) — to nullify the things that are REAL.

At the conferenceLet the Earth live!” in Moscow in 2009, I delivered a speech questioning relatively recent “discoveries” of worldly known Noam Chomsky from USA and Jean Pierre Changeux from France. Here I recall only Chomsky’s assurance that he has gathered theoverwhelming evidence (sic!) that substantial aspects of our mental and social life, among them also the language, … are not acquired by process of learning, and in particular not by a training”. This statement provoked, already during this conference, an acid remark of German publicist Jürgen Elsässer “I never thought that Chomsky is so stupid!”

As the ‘intellectual competence’ of Jean Pierre Changeux is considered, I had a displeasure to meet him in 1981, at the occasion of my application for a scholarship in directed by him neurological laboratory at Pasteur’s Institute. I knew already his“selectionist” conception of our minds development – “Apprendre c’est éliminer” – learning of new skills consists of elimination of surnumerary neuronal connections. Being in opposition to this neo-darwinian concept, I dared to remark, during our meeting that the learning of conditioned reflexes, which subsequently persist for years, MUST BE MEMORISED INSIDE GENOMES of neurons controlling these reflexes. And I submitted him an abstract of my “Open Letter to Biologists”, soon published in Fundamenta Scientiae.

It did not helped me to obtain the scholarship. In this uneasy for me situation, in early 1982, thanks to the suppression of the Solidarity” movement in Poland, I got a permission to return, after 14 years of exile, to my country. There I finally become a professional philosopher, denouncing the IRRATIONALITY of the “demoliberal” world, in which we are forced to thrive in.

The acceptance of solely “selectionist” influence of the environment, onto proceses of both philogenesis and ontogenesis of multicellular animals, is stressed in a heavily illustrated book “Evolution, Devolution, Science” (2016),which I received from Maciej Giertych. This, trained initially at University of Oxford, specialist in dendrology (Ph.D. in Toronto in 1962) remains a convicted CREATIONIST, loudly supporting the NIHILIST thesis that living beings (humans included) are not capable of creation of novel genetic information (p. 169 of his book). Summing up, all three authors shortly reviewed here, demonstrate their INCAPABILITY to notice that they themselves learn new skills, by a REPETITION OF EFFORTS aimed at their mastership. As used to say, my mentor in evolutionism, French zoologist Pierre-Paul Grassé, both the (neo)Darwinian theory of Evolution, and this Holy Creationism, are about NOTHING.

Part 3

2100 words

Leprous root” of J.-Ch. Bible and its impact on Shivaistic character of ‘I-Amrican’ Lumpen Culture

(I recall “I” is an abbreviation of Imbecile, Idiotic, etc.)

(SHIVA is the God of Destruction of Life in the Hindu mythology of trimurti, BRAHMA is the God of life Re-Creation, and VISHNU of its Preservation)

Gnostics, like this mgr. Jan Kozák from Part 1 of this triptych, claim that both Judaism and Christianity belong to the SHIVAISTIC set of religions. Shiva is the God, which “thrives” on the DESTRUCTION of living beings. This is well visible in both Testaments. To recall only the Moses directed, MASS MURDER (Ex. 32:25-29) of innocent worshippers of “Golden calf” (symbolizing the Egyptian, ornated with gold, LIVING God-Bull APIS). And in the NT, the “world history’s turning point” is achieved by the CRUCIFIXION ofa lamb without blemish”, God-man Jesus.

(More on this “shivaistic” theme in Roger Garaudy A contre-nuit: Massacres bibliques: le Dieu de la Torah est-il le Dieu de Jésus ?)

(Both Jesus we know from Gospels and SerAPIS, the eclectic “unique god” of Ptolemean Egypt, had miraculous faculties to “resurect these which died”, and to “change water in vine”, as did it their predecessors Asclepios and Dionisos)

How did it originated this murderous, marching under the protection of the famous “Decalogue” Judaism, which according to John Strugnell (1990) is a horrible religion, which should not exist”?

In Antique Biblical History” published in 1912 in Cracow, I discovered a following story:

> “According to Joseph Flavius (Contra Apionem” - 1:89-92),Egyptian priest Manetho in this manner described the history of the departure of Jews from Egypt “Namely Pharaoh Amenofils, having defeated Hyxos, enclosed 80 thousand of leprous in a city of Avaris in Nile Delta. Here leprous, it means Hyksos, organized themselves, under the headship of a priest Osarsiph, which took the name of Moses. The city was fortified, but Egyptians conquered it. And than leprous were allowed to leave the soil of Egypt.”

> Joseph Flavius believed that Hyxos, or “kings-shepherds”, were antique Israelites; in his “Contra Apionem” he reported several other, MACABRE stories about the occupation of Egypt by leprous Jews (1: 34 for ex.).

> To these antique stories I added a following modern medical remark: the ordinary leper – which eldest traces on humans were discovered in a tomb next to the old city of Jerusalem is a non-lethal illnes, caused by bacterial destruction (“consumption”) of nerves leading to sensory organs in the skin of ill people, and it is provoking the external UGLINESS of atteint by this illness fellows (see pictures below).

Such external appearance of leprous people, provides an excellent medic0-optical metaphor for the “leprous cognitive soul” of the majority of authors of J.-Ch. Sacred Books (in particular ofRevelation” of John, at the end of NT). People attained of such “leprosy” in form of destruction of nervous connections, joining their senses with organs of imagination, are used to consider their exceptionally heinous behaviors as “good” and “blessed by god” (see Moses in Ex. 32: 27-30, or St Paul in 1 Cor. 1). The criticized in particular by Jesus of Nazareth ILLNESS OF SIGHT (Mt 6, 22-23) of ruling in Israel Pharisees, in all evidence was the product of their intoxication with leprous – it means “holy” – texts of OT.

So, at the end of my personal 2nd TESTAMENT, which I laboriously completed at the occasion of approachment of my 81 anniversary,

 Few words on A) SELF-GENITALIZING itself West, and on B) COUNTER-ENTROPIC proposal of healing of this anti-zoological social pathology

Ad A. As this “genitalization” of ZOG countries, is considered, already 4 years ago I remarked:

> 1. Namely, at the beginning of “Genesis” we find following (1:12 & 1:29) remarks “plants (are) yielding SEED according to their own kinds, and trees (are) bearing fruit in which is their SEED, each according to its kind”. This DOUBLED message was repeated once again in 1 Cor. 15:38. By such repetition Saul/Paul surely underlined the SEMEN origin of his own ‘set apart exceptional sub-species’ – which PREDESTINED him, already in his mother’s womb, to become the future “vicar of Christ”! In fact, antique Jews considered their own SEED (Semen) as having SACRAL meaning – in “Leviticus 15” we find about TWENTY instructions of the type: “When a man has an emission of SEMEN, he must bathe his whole body” (etc).

> 2. Already in Middle Ages, the preoccupation of Jewish cabbalists, with problems of rational “investment” of their SEMEN, has lead them to the invention of the emblem of Israel, in form of the TANTRA symbol of junction of male and female GENITALIA. Today, this proud sign, not only on a flag of Israel, but also on the Great Seal of USA, indirectly indicates that these two “exceptional nations” form a kind of a GENITALIAN SUPER SOCIETY, selected by I-God to dominate the Earth by the spoil of all other cultures – and by the exploitation of all Earth riches as well(Gen. 1:28; “Laborem exercens”, 1981)

> 3. Thanks to discoveries in microbiology, GENITALIANS took enormous interest in properties of minuscule particles of DNA and RNA called genes. The belief in METAPHYSICAL properties of these, twisted in double helices organic molecules, become the crux of genitalian conceptions of both phylogenesis and ontogenesis of more complex living organisms (see authors criticized above).

4. And last but not least. The famous psychoanalist August Freud developed an entirely GENITALIAN concept of consecutive cycles (oral, anal and phallic) of children early ontogeny. It wasn’t product of Freud-infant self-observation. He simply PROJECTED HIS OWN, ADULT MAN UNCONSCIOUS (?) SEXUAL DESIRES (oral, anal, and phallic) onto not yet feeling sexual pulsions male infants.

> 5. The “case of doctor Freud” is a good indication of the direction in which “bankers democraciesare heading. As commented it someone, who read my 4 years old text,The God of America is Sex, while Money is only a tool to reach it.”

Ad B. The COUNTER-ENTROPIC proposal to heal this anti-zoological “genitalian” pathology

A LESS CHILDISH than this one of August Freud, schema of children maturation was elaborated by Swiss zoologist and psychologist Jean Piaget. According to his research – consisting in particular of observation of his own childrenthe passage of subsequent levels of infants growth demands relatively strong stimulations, which children receive from their entourage. In a reaction to these, frequently unpleasant stimuli, they develop, by a PURELY PHYSIOLOGICAL effect of “regeneration with an overcompensation” of micro injuries provoked by these stimuli, a better “grip” (understanding) of the world in which they are growing. It is a very general, well elaborated by Jean Piaget and his school of Genetic Epistemology in Geneva, mechanism of younth of both sexes development. It consists of consecutive steep steps, followed by longer periods of absence of improvements in their grasping the reality” behavior.

(Nota bene. For the last timeI had in 1992 the pleasure to talk about this process of learning in consecutive steps” with prof. Jacques Vonèche from Piaget’s school in Geneva; he has told me at that time that the pattern of “punctuated equilibria” development of children psychomotorial competences was confirmed by neurological – probably electroencephalographic – research in USA, but it was virtually impossible to publish these results. And, to my own surprise, exactly 30 years later, in summer 2022 at the occasion of my visit in Sweden at Israel Shamirs “family nest” in Kopperberg, I heard from a competent person that “MASTERS OF DISCOURSE” in psychology still strongly oppose Piaget’s “in steps” model of development of our own psychomotorial competences!).

From my not-so-humble position, of a well experienced alpinist (and later on of a professional philosopher), I may say, judging upon myself, that consecucutive “steps” in reaching excellence in particular behaviors, are realized by repetitious physical efforts – including the muscle of our tongue. These repetetive movements, with time, biochemically spontaneously associate into more complex behaviors, permitting “a better grip” not only of objects we attempt to control with our organs of motion, tongue including. But also, in a significantly longer term, such TRAINING permitsa better grip” of very abstract (at the beginning for us) ideas. To give as an example the notion of COUNTER-ENTROPY, which rudiment was proposed – as a neg-entropy – by physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1944.

(Clergymen, biologists and science-fiction writers usually ignore this notion taken from thermodynamics. So I repeat after someone: Entropy is a physical law that on average everything (which is non living – MG) increases in entropy (increases in disorder, i.e. decreases in order).… CONTRARY TO IT LIVING OBJECTS are highly ordered and they perpetuate further (and enrich! – MG) their order. They will re-order matter (of their inanimated constituents) back to this complex form if this matter tries to increase it’s entropy … This is a ridiculously remarkable performance in defiance of entropy.)

Using metaphors taken from the Hindu religion, COUNTER-ENTROPY is the domain of activities of two initial figures of trimurti: BRAHMA the Re-Creator, and Vishnu the Preserver of Life. Also the Greek demi-God EROS “running after everything which is beautiful and good, … intending to get closer to the Reasonprovides an excellent example what this, characteristic of all zoon COUNTER-ENTROPY is about – in particular in case of breeding of MEGALOPSYCHOS type of individuals.

The purely chemical details, how this Counter-entropy manifests itself in activities of living organisms, I outlined already 10 years ago, in a larger text Living Beings (Zoon) – Creator of In-Formation. (I wrote this my “1st Testimonium” at the occasion of the first attack, on my organism, of the cancer-like illness, called Mantle Cell Lymphoma.) In it:

> I explained (in English already in 1998!) the purely chemical reason, why the bio-synthesis of all tissues which were “used’ (worn out, or destroyed during the life of an organism) is automatically reactivated, assuring the “regeneration with overcompensation” of destryed tissues. Here I recall only that:

> All our physiological processes (including the searching for food behavior, and than its further metabolism inside us, reactions to dangers perceived from outside, and even the formation of our own worldviews!) are following this, well organized INSIDE US, cycle of subsequent reactions: Iritation (by a stimulus) → RegenerationOver (or Super)regenerationAssociation into novel, genetically (RNA and than DNA) coded forms of living, more efficiently copying with repeated chellenges to our existence.

> I gave an already43 years OLD example of LEARNING – on a genetic levelof a REPAIR with REINFORCEMENT” (in form of additional duplications, etc.) of DNA structures inside living cells: Below I copied a table illustrating how quickly, in comparison to people not accustomed to stay in a radioactive environment, is repaired (by incorporation to single and double stranded DNA of radioactive /3H/Thymidine markers) the DNA of lymphocytes of physicians working in ‘radon sanatorium’ in the former uranium mine in Austria. Their research was published by Tushl et al in “Radiation Research(81, 1-9, 1980), but it still remains unknown to people interested in progresses of the science of biology:

Of course lymphocytes, which have their metabolic DNA ‘cleansed’ from defects which appear during its usage, are more EFFICIENT in fighting various infections. Already several decades ago HONEST radiologists have confirmed that people living in areas with high natural irradiation are less prone to cancers, they are more vigorous and live longer in comparison with these from “radiation safe” regions. This “radiation hormesis” model of “improving and diversifying” the quality of our genetic structures is worth to be recommended worldwide. (By the way. The basic work, on circulation inside the body, of over-regenerated “metabolic DNA” – especially in case of growth of malignant cancers – was done already 50 years ago, by my colleagues from Uni Genève, Philip Anker and Maurice Stroun.)

The Much Maligned, Lamarcko-Piagetian Zoological Philosophy suggests the necessity to temper our drive to thrive comfortably”, self-imprisoned in ZOG enclosures.

(ZOG – Zionists Occupied Governments)

And here in short. The very process of super-technicization, mammonization and of incroyable comfort in which we live at present, automatically diminishes the need of training of skills, which not so long ago were necessary in everyday life (be it the capacity to do simple calculus, replaced by electronic calculators). The general education, characteristic of schools we inherited from the 19th century, is no longer necessary. The surplus of internal energy, accumulated in adult human bodies, due to the overnutrition in rich societies, finds thus ways of its spending during frequent sex activities of lodcked in their cages with comfort” people.

Suchamrican way of life” automatically promotes the development of businesses linked with LGBT type movements (see Part 1). The supported “from above” GENITALIANISM leads to the extinction of faculty of Self-Observation, which is at the base of all decent Homo sapiens behavior. Hence young people, which in critical periods of their ontogeny, were “protected” from stimulations necessary to arouse in them interests in a deeper undersatanding of the realm they are immersed in, are NATURALLY sliding into social activities ever more INFANTILIZED,  IMBECILIZED and IDIOTIC:

(Full text of this one page long leaflet from 1993, here).

What is to be done?

Below are pictures of both Antique and modern, MALE heroes of the DE-IMBECILIZATION AND DE-IDIOTIZATION of human masses (on the left Confucjus, on the right Buddha, and in middle these FOUR, sucessful anti I-God fighters, you know who…

M.G. Gdańsk, April 3, 2023 (106 years after the Great October Socialist Revolution)

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