June 2005 

Dr Marek Glogoczowski (

(version in Polish at and in a chapter/rozdział 4 of a book “Młot na Rozum liberalno-demokratycznej Cywilizacji” – Świadectwo, Bydgoszcz, 2007)



Part One: The bizarre attitude of Philo’s “God of Separation” to the Nature

A. Philo’s allegories of the biblical Creation

B. The genesis of Plato’s myth of the Demiurge-Constructor

C. Nihil est in intelllectu quod prius fuerit in sensu – or the origin of Philo’s Logos

D. Philo’s apathetic “God” – the Great Re-Constructor of Nature

E. Moses as the high priest of Counter-Eros

Part Two: Artificial lights directing Civilization Builders (or “Masons”)

F. “Turn the whole earth into plains” (Ze. 14: 10)

G. “You shall lend, upon interest, to many nations” (Deut. 23: 20)

H. “Beware that no one makes a prey of you by philosophy” (Col. 2: 8)

I.  “Dominate the earth”… by a deceit of Decalogue (Ex. 20: 17)

Part Three: Unseen Implications of Lamarckian “Law of Hilozoa

J. The ever more flat cortex of “Chosen People”

K. Consequences of Cartesian Error in understanding of metabolic processes

L. The ever more sterile and devastated Earth

Part Four: UNITED ERISLAND (“the Open Society“) and its Natural Enemies

M. The goddess of Error, Eris (Discordia) as the model for vengeful Jehovah

N. The Eris-Mammon cabal

O. The sociobiological problem of global “Taenia solium” implementation (and purgation)


P. The Hebrew word (“logos”), which transformed the surface of our Globe into a Sore


 The deceased at the eve of 21st century French historian of science, Pierre Thuiller, in his last book-testament, titled “La grande implosion” ([1]) made a pertinent remark that the history of both scientific and religious conceptions of the universe reminds the development of new kinds of plants. At certain moment in the history, initiated by individual people, appears a “mutation” of previously existing worldview (or of a paradigm, by which we denote a representation of a limited segment of the reality). Thereafter, without any important modifications, these “newly created” view is spreading around the world, until its relatively sudden disappearance, similar to mass extinctions of whole orders of plants and animals. (Not so long ago we witnessed a sudden extinction, in Eastern Europe, of a whole “species” of philosophers called Marxists, which “species” dominated universities of this part of the Planet only few decades ago.)

Pierre Thuiller, writing in 1992 about the expected by him “implosion” of European culture, stressed that the contemporary Western science has its cognitive source in Judeo-Christian concepts of Nature. These concepts were set-up nearly two thousand years ago, thanks to the “adaptive mutation” of previously existing Hebrew (or Judean) beliefs, which become endangered by dominating at that time, heavily Hellenized culture of Roman Empire. In the domain of religion the true author of New Testamental beliefs is St. Paul, while in the domain of science and philosophy we can trace roots of the present understanding of Life back to Philo of Alexandria. This Jewish thinker (thus his official name “Judeaus”) was an author of a kind of Judeo-Hellenic syncretism, which inspired later both pagan (Plotinus) and Christian (Origenes, St. Augustin) philosophers. Today, at the beginning of the Second Millenary, we witness a truly “apocalyptic” devastation of Our Earth by a rapid proliferation of so-called Judeo-American, mechano-cultural aggression. It is thus of interest to re-examine texts of both these influential, Jewish authors, for it is evident that from their scriptures originated, after two thousand years of incubation, all these, dazzling us today with their aggressive “free market” colors, ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

Part One: A bizarre relation of Philo’s Judeaus “God of Separation” to the Nature

 A. Philo’s allegories of the biblical Creation

 Philo Judeaus lived in Alexandria exactly two thousand years ago. At this time this African megalopolis was the most important center of the Roman Empire culture, populated not only by Egyptians but also by Greek and Jewish Diasporas. Philo was a well educated, Hellenized Jew, who illustrated himself by his explanations of Biblical stories in allegorical terms. He also made a kind of convincing syncretism of Plato’s cosmogony with the Hebrew myth of Creation. This last myth is well known, but people seldom notice that the Hebrew ‘God Creator’ is not the one, which unites elements of the Universe, but to the contrary, it is the one, which disjoints them. A Polish translator of Hebrew texts, Ireneusz Kania during a colloquium held at the Jagiellonian University at Kraków in 1993 observed ([2]):

[1]    “The problem is that in elder cultures (Babylonian, etc.) spheres of profanum and sacrum are indivisibly interwoven, everything is immersed in sacrality. Contrary to it, the biblical work of Creation consists of separation of everything. God divides upper waters from lower ones, the sea from the land, etc. He finally separates himself from his creation. All godliness is concentrated exclusively in Him. Concepts of this kind created premises for the desacralization of nature and – à la longue – for its (scientific) exploration and conquest. These concepts in our times resulted, to say it overtly, in the non controlled devastation of this nature. … The man in front of Nature behaves like its true hater.

This biblical God’s “work of separation” inspired also the creativity of Philo of Alexandria. He develops, for example, the following short verse from the Book of Genesis “And there was evening and there was morning, one day” into a detailed allegory resembling the construction of walls of a prison or a ghetto:

[2]    “Not only God separated light from darkness, but inbetween them he built border walls … these separation walls were the evening and the morning; morning (when the morning star, called Lucifer, rises) announces the happy news, that sun will rise.” ([3])

In subsequent chapters of Philo’s writings the tendency to build “separation walls” is even more accentuated. For example, despite his general “stoic” attitude to the world, he negates the most important stoic belief that God is immanently present in all Nature. To the contrary, following the Hebrew pattern of thinking (see [1]) Philo claims that there is a total separation between the “God” and the World, and this feature of Philo’s theosophy was resumed the best by Jan Legowicz in his book on philosophy of Roman Empire:

[3]    “Philo builds his cosmology on the total separation between God and world. “The world, in the meaning of matter, is a complete opposition of God, in Him is the fullness of being, there nearly nothing, accumulation of mutually contradictory elements, shapelessnes, chaos, the continuous drive to become something else – this in opposition to the peace and God’s light penetrating everywhere. The matter, in its dynamics, remains beyond God, who does not create it, but only puts order into its eternal chaos. Acting according to his ideas-models, He forms from it the world. By a mean of  logos the matter, as a chaotic and shapeless “nothingness”, receives its form and at the same time its sense, which means that from the qualitative “not being” it becomes something.” ([4])

B. The Genesis of Plato’s myth of Demiurge-Constructor

 Such description of acts of “God Constructor” at the first glimpse overlaps with the description of a “demiurge builder” of the world, which description was inserted by Plato into his dialogue “Timaios”. But there is the essential difference between Plato’s and Philo’s imaginations of God’s (or demiurge’s) works. Namely Plato tacitly assumed that elements of matter, which at the Beginning were at random intermixed, were all invariant in time and thus passive; in other chapters of “Timaios” we find that these are Four Elements, water, earth, air and fire, by ancient Greeks believed to eternal. What is more interesting, the Plato’s intuition of the Constructor of the World fits well the known at present mechanism of bio-synthesis, which is the base of all self-construction of living “microcosms”, it means of bodies of both plants and animals ([5]).

This bio-synthesis – and the photosynthesis in particular – is the process of CREATION OF INFORMATION, it means the process of transformation of the inert chaos, of simple chemical compounds (H2O, CO2, O2, etc.) into their dynamic order of complex organic structures (proteins, nucleic acids, sugars, etc.). This dynamic order of Living Matter (by Greeks called hilozoa, hylos means matter), we observe not only scrutinizing (via microscope) the microcosm of plants and of more mobile micro-organisms, but also observing, with our naked eyes, the macrocosm of both flora and fauna, which is particularly rich in reserves of  Earth’s wildlife not yet destroyed by man’s industry.

C. Nihil est in intelllectu quod prius fuerit in sensu – or the Origin of Philo’s Concepts of Creation

 The outlined above explanation of the origin of Plato’s myth of the Genesis, may help us in the understanding of origin of analogous myths we find in writings of “Platonizing” Philo. Here we have to keep in mind the insistence of Plato’s disciple, Aristotle that all human ideas are recombined memories of phenomena, which people have experienced earlier in their life. There are no “inborn” ideas, as Plato, and after him St. Augustin, than Descartes, and finally Noam Chomsky imagined it. Nihil est in intelllectu quod prius fuerit in sensu, as use to argue in Latin, disposing of an excellent experimental confirmation of this fact, numerous followers of the school of Aristotle, to name only philosophers such as John Locke and Immanuel Kant, and finally, at the end of 20 century, the psychologist Jean Piaget.

As stresses it Legowicz (see [3]), Philo covers the “World without God”,  with postulated by him Dense Darkness. Nevertheless certain features of this “darkness” and “chaos” permit us to imagine, what kind of pre-existing “eternal matter” had in mind our “proto-Christian” thinker. In the countryside where Philo lived, both waters of  bordering Alexandria Mediterranean Sea, and the sand of limiting the delta of Nile Sahara Desert, were not making on anybody the impression of a “continuous drive to become something else”. Both water and sand (earth) belong to Pythagorean “Four Elements”, which ancient Greeks – and thus probably also educated in Greek science Philo Judeaus – considered to be invariable. In this situation we postulate that for him the very life of Alexandria, where were intermixed antagonistic social groups from all parts of the Roman Empire, was making the impression of a continuous “chaos”. Surely he observed that each of these groups was trying to become “something else” in this antique metropolis. Not to say about imagined by him god-less “chaos” of life of wild animals, about which bestiality Philo surely heard legends, in particular in form of “apocalypses”, which were very popular among Jews of his times ([6]).

We have thus reasons to formulate the hypothesis that it was precisely the life of animals, especially of these not domesticated BEASTS, which was filling this proto-Christian thinker with the repulsion combined with the desire to dominate (or eradicate) these endangering human life obstacles. These “proto-bourgeois” feelings of Philo and his co-religionists were amplified by the Logos (the Word) of Holy Scripture, where in one of its first verses we find the well known Commandment “fill the earth and subdue it; and have the dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.” All enumerated in this commandment animals (zoon) are characterized by their “tendency to become something else”, and this tendency results from the very definition of life, as the process of continuous meta-bolism, it means of a continuous transformation of matter. Moreover, the life of all animals necessarily tends towards their death, and death, according to the Hebrew understanding of the world, is something most evil. For these reasons all living matter, remaining beyond human control, for our antique Jewish thinker was the god-less, devoid of any deeper value, CHAOS characterized by Dense Obscurity and Evil.

D. Philo’s Apathetic “God” – the Great Re-Constructor of Nature

If an Animal (a Beast) for Hebrews (and thus also for Philo Judeaus) was an incarnation of Evil, thus by opposition the Full of Goodness “G-d” of this peculiar tribe had – and still has – anti-zoological characteristics: animals are mortal, G-d is Immortal; animals are numerous and varied, G-d is One and Uniform; animals are constantly moving, G-d is Immobile; beasts are driven by their unsatisfied needs, G-d is the Fullness of Peace; animals are worthless and stupid, G-d is the Value and Wisdom, and so on. Acting on behalf of constructed in this simple way Supreme Being, the predestined for their task people – whom Philo considered to be “small deities” – are supposed to transform the existing until now, evil world of chaos, inhomogeneouity, obligatory death and senseless agitation, into the god-like world of Order, Uniformity, near absence of Death, and of permeating everything Everlasting Light.

The definition of “unique god”, as the opposition of “living” (zoa), implies that individuals trying to become predestined for the Conquest (and Domestication) of Nature, have to suppress in them all reflexes, which are products of Aristotelian “animal, sensuous soul”. In this respect the man to be imitated was the mythical founder of Mosaic religion, whom Philo praises in a following verse:

[4]    Moses, who is of opinion that from the soul one has to cut of, and completely remove, its irascible part. This, what he loves, is not the restrain of passions (metropatheia) but their complete elimination (apatheia). If someone loves the virtue, and is loved by God, his duty is to think about the whole soul, and than to take the breast, it means irascible emotions, remove them and cut out, so after the removal of the warrior part, for the future will become peace. … This is the share given by God to a wise man that he separates (alienates) himself completely from passions. (Allegory of Law, book III, verse 129)

Someone, who read carefully the “Republic” of Plato, will easily notice that praised by Philo “Moses”, proposed to following him people… the ordinary self-castration of the “impulsive soul”, symbolically situated in the breast. This soul was distinguishing warriors (and guardians) of Plato’s “Republic” from fearful plebeians, frequently driven by their criminal desires. This “impulsive, irascible soul”, when it was appropriately cultivated, was the best helper of … human Reason (see the book II of Plato’s “Republic”). Without this “irascible soul” the most praised by Greeks (and than also Romans), human value called “virtue” (Greek arete), consisting of courage lead by wisdom, is completely unthinkable. In the quotation above Philo completely misuses the word “virtue” ([7]).

Not only antique considerations of Socrates and Plato are suggesting that biblical Moses has done something very vile, and counter-natural, while “taking the breast, it means irascible emotions, removing them and cutting out, so after the removal of the warrior part, for the future will become peace”. The modern science of endocrinology have discovered that the “warrior behavior”, of practically all mammals, is linked with secretions of masculinizing hormones called androgens, in particular of testosterone. In specific case of the heard of African hyenas, where females, not males, are dominant, the level of testosterone in leading female is up to six times greater than in other females, which nevertheless have higher level of androgens than this species’ males ([8]).

These simple, physiological considerations indicate that followers of Moses, by taming in themselves irascibility (which is natural for healthy human males), automatically start to behave in an “effeminate” way, trying to dominate their environment by loudly praised by all Judeo-Christians “strength of the weak”. The social domination of these “effeminates” is thus realized by means having nothing in common with Greek and Roman Virtus:

1/ by a systematic appeal to lies and deceits (as it was in case of “quiet” protoplast of Israelis, Jacob, who with the conspiracy of his mother disinherited his “violent” brother Esau);

2/ by a persistent dwelling inside “ivory towers”, insulating “chosen people” from contacts with natural environment. The preponderance to dwell only in secure places was characteristic especially for antique inhabitants of Jerusalem, surrounded by enormous walls;

3/ by an affirmation of one’s personality by an unlimited and wasteful accumulation of wealth (like this famous King Salomon).

This kind of behavior was (and still is) characteristic not only of Jews and of imitating Jewry modern bourgeois. This pathologically acquisitive behavior was also characteristic of enterprising Chinese eunuchs, who at certain moment of history sized the power at the Chinese Imperial Court. In all these cases diminished secretions of “masculinizng” hormones were (and are) responsible for the increased preponderancy to “grab (the property) as much, as you can grab” – to quote the famous American “virtue” of self-made men.

All these “Jewish” behaviors become culturally inherited through centuries, in large extend thanks to the widespread lecture of the Hebrew Bible. And all negative aspects of this “cultural inheritance” become well visible already in 19 century leading, in the subsequent century, to anti Judeo-Christian communist and fascist revolutions worldwide (with the notable exception of English and American Empires).

E. Moses as the Arch Priest of Counter-Eros

In the breast is symbolically situated not only the soul, which in all higher animals corresponds to their organ of courage, but also the heart, which action is traditionally linked with feelings, in particular with feeling of love and empathy towards the outside world. When “Moses” quoted by Philo “cuts of (his own) breast”, it means that this spiritual father of Jews and Christians orders his followers to suppers in themselves reflexes, which in all warm-blooded animals are born out of “pulsions of heart”. By an imitation of “Moses” – which represents a perversion of stoic apathy – people like Philo “cut out of themselves” not only the sympathy for Nature, but also all reflexes of empathy towards their close companions and neighbors, including persons which are of their own kin and blood. Such Mosaic “small deities” make out of themselves cool-blooded egoists, completely alienated from their environment. These Supermen, self-deprived of all higher sentiments, are thus becoming blind for the beauty of Nature, which Nature for them becomes “nearly nothing”, to be subdued or destroyed. In his fear of sensual beauty Philo enounces the following “wisdom”:

[5]    When you find a beautiful object, which seduce you, and out of this feeling you may behave in an imprudent way, than escape in your imagination from this object and never accustom to it your soul, it means do not think and do not reflect upon it, for continuous remembrances are leaving distinct traces, they are harmful for the soul, and frequently they induce in it, despite your will, the turmoil. (Allegory of Laws, book III, verse 16.)

By pronouncing such “stoic”, fearful judgement, Philo appears to be, in a deeper reality, a TOTALLY ANTISOCRATIC thinker. He escapes from the sensuous “small deity of affection” named Eros! This “fear of Eros” was not limited only to Philo of Alexandria. In the antique Israel there were popular jokes about pious “Pharisees with bloody forehead”, who marched in the city with closed eyes in order not to see beautiful women – and of course they frequently were hitting with their foreheads against unseen by them obstacles. This, conditioned by Hebrew “Law”, fear of evil, which seduces man through his senses, was in Israel so great that even in Gospels was preserved a verse of Jesus, who supposedly proposed the cruel self-amputation of hands and eyes, which organs were asking all sensuous men (and women) to touch – be it only with sight – objects forbidden by Law of Private Ownership.

As documents it Kevin MacDonald in his voluminous, well documented book “The Art of Critics” published in 2002,  in particular G.W.F. Hegel in 19 century claimed that ambitious Jews castrated in themselves the heart ([9]), suppressing in themselves all feelings of empathy towards not only neighbors, but also towards their closest family members. Such perverse “superman” behavior we can trace back to patriarch Abraham, who, in order to fulfill the demand of his monstrous “Lord”, allegedly tried to roast his own son Isaac! This hostile attitude towards more socially minded people is sensible also among contemporary philosophers proud of their Jewish origin, to mention only the deceased recently Jacques Derrida (see reference 9). The promoted by this “New Philosopher” intellectual trend of ‘deconstructionism’ in practice means an effort of emptying of man’s personality from empathy towards all higher social structures. Such “circumcision of spirit” shall start from the dissolution of feeling of identification with one’s own family, and end up with the dilution of all national bonds (clannish bonds, linking so called “chosen people” of course excepted).

Summing-up, the “God of Separation”, worshipped by all apologists of the Bible, starting from antique Philo of Alexandria and ending with the  post-modernist Jacques Derrida, is literally the COUNTER-EROS, having utterly ANTIZOOLOGICAL character. Acts of worshippers of this “God of Hebrews” are purposefully directed against all higher animals, which in their behavior are driven by friendship, the endogenous curiosity and other higher emotional needs of their hearts. Already in the mentioned above biblical story of Jacob, dispossessing Esau from the family heritage, we sense the strong anti-zoological bias of the Bible. But the true beginning of this COUNTER-EROS CIVILIZATION was announced to ancient Jews by the Heartless Moses who burned, under the Mount Sinai, the Monument of Golden Calf, symbolizing the animal’s (“Beast’s”) virility and strength. This natural virility was than supplanted by artificial virility of dispassionate, robotized “Law enforcers”, trying ever more aggressively to terrorize the whole Universe.

Part Two: Artificial Lights Directing Civilization Builders (or “Masons”)

The slaughter, under the Mount Sinai, of three thousand of Golden Calf worshippers during their sleep, marked the advent of the Religion of the Tool of Conquest, called Torah or Pentateuch. The announced in this Holy Book “Law of Counter-Eros” with time become accepted by Christian Protestants, which since Renaissance become massively self-indoctrinated with the abbreviated (“circumcised”) for this purpose Bible ([10]). And the Bible, taken as a whole, is indeed the handbook of effeminized (see pt. E) Civilization builders, who in their secular mutation consider themselves proudly to be ‘Freemasons’ (while they are, to use a zoological allegory, merely “termites”). The very word “civilization” originates from Latin civitas, the city, and thus at least since Augustin’s work “Civitas Dei” we observe the tendency, initially only of Western Christians, but recently also of all other cultures, to transform the Globe into an industrious Super-City, in its biological aspect ever more closely resembling a hyper turmitory.

In order to achieve the dreamed already by prophet Isaiah, artificial “New Earth and New Heaven”, constructors of so called ‘New World Order’ have to obey few, hardly noticeable for a layman, Commandments inserted into the Judeo-Christian Bible. I will point only to four of them.

F. “Flatten the earth” (Ze. 14: 10) and “Make straight roads of the Lord”!

Striving to alienate themselves as much as possible from habits of “godless”, ever striving for something, beasts, people – at least these who hope to become “chosen” ones – have to dwell permanently in secure places, without the necessity to make “profane” efforts. In agreement thus with the well known biblical (and masonic) project “Make straight roads of the Lord!” all communication tracks (be it highways, railways, waterways or airways) in modern times are incessantly enlarged and straightened, while dangerous wild beasts are systematically exterminated, with their remnants imprisoned in zoos and in rare reserves. The similar fate is awaiting the enormous at present population of sub-humans, thriving in so-called Third World. The best example of the impending future of all Untermenschen (underdogs) is the situation of the endogenous population of the historical Palestine, at present encircled with the 8 meter high concrete wall. In United States, which closely follows practices of today’s Israel, already three million of inmates populate the biggest at present “gulag” of the Planet.

The enterprise by Chosen People ([11]) “pacification” of all the Earth is combined with the tremendous development of facilities eliminating human effort. As stressed it quoted at the beginning Pierre Thuiller, the unknown earlier on the European Continent cult of life in a total comfort, which automatically implies the necessity of cooling-off affective, interpersonal relations, began only after the French Revolution. Earlier Europeans – including their aristocracy – considered the abstaining from efforts, completed with fearful camouflage of ones real thoughts – the phenomenon known today as “political correctness” – as a devoid of nobility sign of a cowardliness ([12]).

The habit, of ever more sedentary bourgeois, to project themselves, like children,  into the role of “motionless commanders”, become widespread in particular in the second half of 20 century, with the mass development of automobiles and than of personal computers. In case of driving of an automobile we have in fact the feeling of becoming a kind of a superman, who effortlessly traverses the countryside; in case of aggressive computer games, our adolescents learn how to destroy “virtual enemies” with the only one click of a finger. The known already in Antiquity notion of the “Motionless Mover”, in modern times has become materialized in form of ever more immobilized in their (automobile) chairs “super-humans”, effortlessly conquering all possible corners of the globe with the help of their technical prostheses. Since industrial revolutions these prostheses become object of worship of ever more uniform human masses, which masses become ready to prostrate themselves at the altar of technics, giving “the strength” to ever more impotent, ugly and crippled Uebermenschen.

G. “You shall lend, upon interest, to many nations” (Deut. 23: 20)


 The very term “Immobile Mover” was invented by Aristotle in order to explain the cause of the visible rotation of the celestial sphere around the Earth. With modernity the general attitude to the universe changed, and we imagine now that it is the rotation of the Earth around its axis, which creates the impression that stars and planets revolve around us. But still the First Motor, which gave the necessary impulse for the Earth and other planets double rotation, is hardly conceived by the modern science. As earthly human affairs are concerned, since about two centuries it becomes ever more evident that it is “Money which turns the world round” (to recall words of a popular American song). And Money is indeed a being “created out of nothing” by bankers, which class of extremely sedentary people should be considered as a collective “Immobile Mover”, imposing the ever faster “rotation” of our money driven Planet.

If we look more in detail, what was the “First Motor”, which gave the impetus to subsequent industrial “restructurations” of the World, we find it in commandments inserted 2,5 thousands years ago into the Book of Deuteronomy. These commandments begin with the relatively “benign” statements, like this one in 15: 6: “For the Lord your God will bless you, as he promised you, and you shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow, and you shall rule over many nations.” (repeated once again in 28: 12-13). But in verses 23: 20 of this Book we have an overt proposal of worldwide usurers’ aggression:

[6]    “To a foreigner you may lent upon interest, but to your brother you shall not lend upon interests; that the Lord your God may bless you in all that you undertake in the land which you are entering to take possession of it.

From this “God’s Law” it is evident that striving to “dominate the earth” pious Jews (and their Christian imitators) consider themselves as ALIENS in any country they try to colonize. Individuals having a lot of money are “closer to God”, and in particular moneylenders are really God blessed. ([13]) This, at present transnational, naive belief that the “improvement” of the World is realized thanks to the large scale usury, is exactly opposite to the understanding of the world taught by philosophers of Antiquity. In particular Aristotle, the inventor of the term “Motionless Mover”, in his “Politics” rationally argued that usurers have to be hated, for “they enrich themselves at the cost of others, while doing nothing”. The similar views were repeated more than two millenaries later, by Karl Marx, who advised people to hate the bourgeoisie (“the civil society”, Burgerlichegesellshaft), for this class of “owners of means of production” parasites on proletarians, which are forced to perform ever more alienate, slave-like jobs. Karl Marx openly stated that “money – the god of Israel – has become the secular god of the world, and all other gods of man has to incline in front of this alien being, which holds men in its possession” ([14]).

H. “Beware that no one makes a prey of you by philosophy” (Col. 2,8)


 According to Philo Judeaus’ understanding of the Universe, its most “evil” elements are these ones, which display the “godless” strive to become something else (see [2]). It is thus evident that in particular these individuals, which cultivate the Greek understanding of Virtue (virtus, αρετη), as the exercise in continuous self-perfection, are men of evil. Normal human cognitive ambitions (“every man wants to know” as observed it Aristotle), induce perturbations in immutable God (of Moses) Plans. Due to such type of reasoning early Christians, heavily brainwashed by Philo’s contemporary anti-philosopher from Tars, known as St. Paul, developed an attitude that “curiosity is the first step to the hell” (and the physical exercise is less important than personal enrichment – see Paul’s teaching in Tim. 4: 8; we have to remember that the term “godliness” Protestants read as “accumulation of wealth”). Due to such a religious attitude, reinforced by a perverse, biblical myth of the “Original Sin of consumption of fruit of knowledge what is good and what is evil”, the nurtured on Hebrew texts Christianity began to sink in an ordinary Cult of Ignorance. This narrow minded attitude prevailed soon after the Pharisee Saul (later known as Apostle Paul), consented with the lapidation, “in agreement with Law”, of free-thinking “Hellenizing” Christian leader St. Stephen.

The hardly concealed Cult of Ignorance transpires also from Philo of Alexandria divagations on mechanisms of acquisition of knowledge. This thinker writes for example, immediately after his appraisal of the “circumcision” of the Impulsive Soul (see [4]) the following “wisdom”:

[7]    Without a fatigue lives the one, whom God out of his plentitude offers the grace of possessing excellent goods. And to the contrary, the one who by his efforts gains the virtue, appears to be less significant and less perfect than Moses, who without an effort received it from God. … As the effort is something less noble and more vulgar than the lack of an effort, the same is with an object less perfect in a comparison with the one of perfection. There is a similar difference between a man who learns and the one who has in himself the knowledge. (Allegory of Laws, book III, verse 135).

Such opinion demonstrates that Judeaus, despite his vast reading, wasn’t able to associate more complex ideas. The prophet Moses was a man, and a man, as any other member of Kingdom of Animals, has to exercise his organs, including his memory. Otherwise these organs necessarily undergo atrophy. It means that also the mythical Moses, in order to preserve the wisdom he learned in Egypt, had to repeat from time to time (be it in secrecy) the teachings he learned in his youth. Opinion [7] provides an example how the “God of Hebrews” has become the cover for ERROR radiating from pages of the Holy Scripture onto its Believers.

The mystery of mythical Moses, who in terms of Philo “had in himself the knowledge, (which he) without an effort received from God” can be elucidated once we recall the opinion of Socrates that not only philosophers are happy being in possession of knowledge they acquired by their strenuous efforts. Also ordinary, simple minded thugs remain satisfied with their ignorance, which they, in fact, “have in themselves” without any effort. Judging after “works of Moses” under the Mt. Sinai, this Hebrew prophet was one of these, ever self satisfied “supermen”, about which ironized Jesus of Nazareth “And if the light (wisdom) in you is darkness (i.e. ignorance), how great is the darkness! (Mat. 6: 23)

I. “Dominate the earth”… by a deceit of Decalogue

Both Jews and Christians consider the Decalogue as a kind of a marvel, given by God, and radiating as eternal “Logos” onto the whole world. Already under the Mount Sinai this “marvel from God” become a pretext for a terrible crime, committed by Levies lead by Moses. This clan of priests-gangsters, as the “funding sacrifice” of their business, in cool blood murdered three thousand of their ‘brothers and sons’ (II Mo. 32; 28-29). The practice of genocide and plunder under the pretext of implantation of “Decalogue” become notorious since this bloody “foundation” of Mosaic religion. In fact the Decalogue – if we look at it more attentively –  imposes the never ending aggression of “God’s Chosen” not only against other cultures, but against all the biosphere.

Only thanks to a Polish ecclesiastic critic of Marxism (which godless ideology is heavily limiting human rights to the private property), I realized that in the CATHOLIC DECALOGUE full Four Commandments relate to the private ownership. Moreover, the Judeo-Christian Bible in none of its numerous Laws sets limits to personal enrichment. (So does it apparently, also the Roman Law.) The similar absence of limits, inhibiting pathological accumulation of private wealth, we have in secular, modern “Human Rights”, permitting to a handful of billionaires to amass the wealth far away surpassing riches of the legendary king Salomon, who in his royal stupidity allegedly collected thousand wives and concubines!

These antique and modern artificial “Laws”, not complemented with amendments limiting personal wealth (as it was practiced in former socialist countries), are the source of constant social tension and aggression. These Laws signify that in any country “under God” (or, respectively, obeying Human Rights), all common, public wealth becomes soon privatized, and thus not permitted not only to trespass, but frequently also to look at with desire. Ever greater areas of “civilized” nations are thus becoming, like England in 18 century, fenced-off “dead lands”, severely limiting the freedom of movements (and of making of living) of ordinary citizens. In this artificial situation, enterprising individuals must look with (permitted by the Law) avidity at “gentile” countries, in all evidence awaiting to be “taken into possession” by these God’s Chosen (see [7]). Such pillage of the wealth of “godless” nations happened many times in the history, and specialized in it the Bible inspired Anglo-Saxon empires. At the end of 20 century we witnessed in Eastern Europe a ferocious attack, of incredibly greedy “small deities” (in all evidence prepared earlier for this task by CIA/Mossad’s “invisible hand”), imposing the forced privatization of nearly all, previously owned collectively, riches accumulated by countries of the hastily destroyed by them Soviet Empire.

Part Three: Unseen Implications of Lamarckian “Law of Hilozoa

 J. Ever more flat cortex of “Chosen People”

All enumerated above biblical “Commandments” signify the severe limitation of the freedom of movements of Civitas Dei builders. These “small deities” willingly destroy for themselves the opportunity to stroll along rugged trails of wilderness (see pt. F and I); they force themselves to become drowsy bench/bank sitters (see pt. G); they avoid free thinking, which may create more mature associations (see pt. H); and of course they are supposed to turn away eyes from objects of beauty, especially of beauty belonging to a neighbor (see [4] and pt. H).

What must be the result of this artificially imposed immobility, which culminates every seventh day of a week, during the Sabbath, when Orthodox Jews are not permitted to make more than 500 steps away from their dwellings? Although the Judeo-Christian Bible is totally silent about it, IT EXISTS THE LAW OF HILOZOA, which has all three attributes of “GOD” imagined by St. Augustin: it is the Reason of Being (causa essendi), the Principle of Thinking (ratio intelligendi) and the Highest Rule of Behavior (ordo vivendi). This Law of Nature, known in elder scientific literature as Lamarck’s Law of Biology ([15]), is the Supreme Reason (causa essendi) that we ourselves exist. If any of our organs will remain too long inhibited in its functioning, it will automatically become ill, and soon dead, due to its disuse. This Principle of Physiology (ordo vivendi) implies that people, trying to live like this legendary Moses, who allegedly “had in himself knowledge without any effort”, must have substantial parts of their brains inactive, revealing “flat” encephalograms, characterizing apathetic and ‘meek’ patients. (See [4], and blessings of the “meek”, and of these “poor in spirit”, insidiously inserted into Christian Gospels).

The opposite is also true, and people, who in their youth had the opportunity to live the highly emotional life, copying with challenges demanding both physical and mental exercise, have their cortices sensibly hypertrophied. Such acquired by exercise hypertrophy permits them to make, especially during their adult age, quite sophisticated associations (ratio intelligendi in terms of Augustin). This well known psychological phenomenon was called, by Swiss biologist and psychologist Jean Piaget, “majorant reequilibration” (in more familiar terms OVER-RECOVERY) from micro lesions, which recovery necessarily occurs during the “rest” period after the exercise of any organ (see example given in ref. 15). Such chemically spontaneous over-recovery, from the fatigue after an effort, is at the base of intelligence (ratio intelligendi in most general sense) characterising ALL living tissues: our muscles – and linked with them neurons – grow when we force them to work, and the same holds in case of our language and memory capacities. Seen from this Lamarcko-Piagetian perspective, the discussed earlier biblical “commandments” must diminish both physical and mental performances of obeying them individuals. In short, people trying to live in agreement with prescriptions of the Holy Bible (see pt. F, G, H, I) with time necessarily must turn into… morons. The Bible, as observed it already in 17 century (anti)Jewish thinker Baruch Spinoza, is the BOOK OF ERROR, and no wonder that the pejorative word “cretin” was derived, centuries ago, from the French word chrétien, the Christian.

Note. The indicated above LAW OF HILOZOA forces us to question the authenticity of Paul’s conversion from “breathing threats and murder” (Acts 9, 1) disciple of Moses, into singing the Hymen of Love (I Cor. 13) apologist of Eros. Prior to his conversion Saul/Paul for decades trained himself into the role of pious Pharisee, and thus necessarily had a significant part of his cortex “flat” due to its non exercise. And neurons once atrophied do not revitalize in a “twinkle of an eye” as Paul believed it to be (I Cor. 15, 52). Due to this infirmity St. Paul was not able to see the evil in the “gospel” he preached, namely CHRISTIANS SALVATION BY CHRIST CRUCIFICATION. This “good news”, producing among naive and greedy of instant redemption Christians an artificial feeling of self-satisfaction, our moronized Paul copied from Hebrew barbarian habit of “lying up of reality” by rites of crimes obliteration by an innocent animal (“God’s lamb”) assassination (see Paul’s “Letter to Hebrews” chapt. 9, and also ref. [16]).

K. Consequences of Cartesian Error in understanding of mechanisms of Life

 The Philo Judeaus belief that “Moses had in himself the wisdom, without any effort”, is an another example of cognitive deficiency of an antique Jewish writer, since childhood bread on texts of Greek version of Old Testament called Septuaginta. Such “childish” views are easily assimilated by unaware public, and thus persist through centuries. The Philo’s Hebrew thesis, concerning the “inborn” wisdom of particulars, was repeated centuries later by a post-Renaissance French thinker René Descartes, who believed – imitating in this respect the antique Christian writer St. Augustin –  that not only human capacities of speech are inborn, (“inné”), and thus not necessitating of training to learn them, but also inborn for humans are other important notions, for example the one of God. This CARTESIAN ERROR in the second half of 20 century become obstinately repeated by the prominent American linguist Noam Chomsky. During the famous discussion with Jean Piaget in 1975 ([17]), Chomsky assured the public that

[8]    “Essential features of our mental and social behavior, among them the language, … are not acquired in the process of learning, and even more by a training.” (Or earlier, during the same “discussion of blinds”: “Learning of a language is not an activity performed by a child, but something which happens to him, on the condition that he will find himself in appropriate environment.”)

In all evidence Noam Chomsky, who in his youth learned by heart lengthy passages of Old Testament, never heard about Greek orator Demostenes, who in order to overcome his inborn speech handicap (very similar to the one of Moses), for months exercised himself in speaking loudly, shouting over the noise of sea waves with mouth filled with stones. This “Lamarckian” history of Demostenes is substantially different from the typical Hebrew – and than typical (neo)Darwinian – tale of Apostles, who accidentally started to speak foreign languages under the sole influence of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2: 3-4).

The contemporary predominance of the “Hebrew” understanding of Nature (learning happens by accident, eventually helped by the Holy Spirit), over the “Greek” one, represented by Jean Piaget and his school of psychology, is enormous. The whole influent group of modern scientists, proudly calling themselves neoDarwinians, denies the fact that efforts can alter propensities, which are accidentally inborn (for example the propensity for eyes squint). A prominent French member of this “School of (Purposeful) Error”, professor Jean-Paul Changeaux (with whom the author had an interesting exchange of views a quarter of century ago –  see ref. [18]), in his book “Neuronal Man” published in 1984, pushed the Chomsky’s argument that “learning happens by an accident, not linked with appropriate effort” even further, claiming that “Apprendre c’est éliminer” – to learn is to eliminate one’s own axons and neurons! Reading arguments of this type one may come to a logical conclusion that the “most learned scientist” is the one, which “circumcised” his own brain so effectively that in his head was left only one neuron!

(Note. Professor Changeux scientific discovery was modeled on an earlier, Charles Darwin’s famous discovery that “novel species arise by selective elimination (extinction) of existing species”. In fact the Darwin’s imagined Natural Selection logically leads to a situation, in which at the surface of the Earth will remain only one, victorious in the struggle for survival, species. As we witness it, especially in USA, this “super-species” will consist of obese two legged mammalians, cultivating only one, highly specialized cell in their brains. Except of few races of domestic beasts, kept inside meat & milk factories, isolated specimens of other big mammalians will perhaps manage to survive for few decades more, imprisoned in zoos.)

The traceable to the basic text of the Bible (see [7]), belief in “profanity” of any effort, is a proof that for Jewish scholars animals were – and still are, see opinion of Noam Chomsky [8] – mere hilozoa, the living matter which behavior is deprived of any sense and value, except its mechanical multiplication. This antique Hebrew (and probably also Phoenician) understanding of hilozoa, as an uninteresting in itself, lawless “chaos”, not worth to be examined in detail, in 20th century has lead to the well publicized scientific conclusion that “happy for the survival (of species) accidents” are products of random genetic mutations ([19]). And this SCIENTIFIC ERROR in understanding of the Universe automatically has lead to ever more aggressive efforts aimed at this vile (and worthless in itself) Universe colonization by these “God’s Chosen”.

L. The ever more sterile and devastated Earth

The life of Naturally Self Chosen People, in particular of these dwelling in the New World, has the imposed by The Law Of Hilozoa feed-back effect. In Antiquity Parmenides argued that imagined by him, homogeneous, invariant in time and space Being (a model of Hebrew G-d declaring himself “I am who I am”), shall have the shape of endless perfect sphere, and in fact, today’s “small deities” from the New World, which Supermen (and women) remain ever more tightly locked inside their “cages of freedom” ([20]), in their general outlook are approaching ever more spherical shapes. The overweight linked with such “god-like” posture is a severe handicap for endogenous movements, and thus “choosenites” of all nations and races spontaneously select ever more powerful artificial means of individual locomotion. This habit of “motionless movements” has already led to the depletion of oil reserves of core territories of United States, and to subsequent planetary “wars for fuel”, like this one we have now in Iraq.

The essence of the scientific culture, which developed in the West since the Renaissance, is the strive for the world’s total subjugation, realized with the massive help of technical means. The subsequent scientific revolutions made the class of dominant bourgeois ever more sedentary, so it become necessary to develop the whole new industry of specific ‘clothing’, aimed at concealment of genetically acquired infirmities resulting from the effortless way of life of modern “supermen”. It is for this reason ever larger parts of New World become incessantly illuminated, for in artificial light negative aspects of urban life in large extend disappear. (Not to say that vanishes also the ugliness of modern cities, which in USA is particularly well perceptible during the daylight.)

The present artificial illumination of our Planet is very well visible on pictures of Earth taken at night by satellites. These spots and areas, which are radiating the most, correspond to economically most active regions. It is worth to compare satellite maps of artificial illumination of the Earth with photographs of human body made in infrared. On these, used in oncology photographs, areas of abnormal radiation indicate the abnormal metabolic activity, usually linked with development of a local cancer. Not exaggerating at all, we can say the same of satellite maps of the Earth at night: points and areas which are the most illuminated, are these ones, where the cancer-like human economic activity is concentrated.

Part Four: UNITED ERISLAND (“the Open Society“) and its Natural Enemies

 M. The goddess of Error, Eris (Discordia) as the model for Hebrew “male” Jehovah

Searching for the origin of the CULT OF ARTIFICIAL LIGHT (which Light indeed “destroys the wisdom of wise, and thwarts the cleverness of the clever” – see Isaiah. 29: 14 repeated by St. Paul in I Cor. 1: 19), we easily discover Menorah, the emblem of antique Israel in form of a holder of seven candles. With artificial illumination are linked several kabalistic “wisdoms”, among them the one I’ve read in “Zohar Tales”: “the best light is the one which shines in the dark”. Why do the weak light, shining in the darkness, is the best? As we argued in the previous chapter, such light illuminates only a part of the “Platonian cave”, forcing spectators to concentrate at shadowy structures selected for the public by our “enlightened” media owners. In natural sunlight these shadowy structures usually turn to be monsters of unbelievable ugliness and corruption. Here I have in mind the relatively recent opinion of professor John Strugnell, who for decades was the head of an international Commission, deciphering nearly two thousand years old Jewish manuscripts, discovered in late 1940-ies in caves in the region of Qumran near Dead Sea. In an interview for Israeli “Haertz” journal, published on Nov. 9 1980, Strugnell commented these early biblical texts, still not presented in full to the public, in one short but full of meaning sentence “Judaism is a monstrous religion” ([21]).

Already from writings of Philo of Alexandria, completed during roughly the same historical period as Qumran manuscripts, we can sense what kind of a monstrosity is hidden behind the term of the “Unique God” of Hebrews. Let’s resume, enumerated in this essay, characteristics of this ALIEN (to Nature) “God”:

1. This imaginary being (“Existing” only in minds of believers) is marked by its SPIRIT OF SEPARATION, as affirm it first verses of the Bible (see quotations [1], [2] and [3]).

2. It has a deeply ANTI-EROS, ANTIZOOLOGICAL heartless and apathetic character (see quotations [4] and [5]). Human “small deities”, trying to behave like their imaginary Motionless Commander (their “Lord”), must necessarily acquire the castrated of irascibility, “effeminate” character.

3. The atrophy due to disuse, of masculinizing hormones, automatically invites striving for power individuals to try to dominate the world by a (devoid of virtus) DECEIT AND IMPOSTURE, to quote the famous maxim of Israel’s secret service Mossad “By a deceit we make war”.

4. This “God” is thus the PATRON (or rather MOTHER) OF ERROR, for it is giving no credit to individual’s efforts aimed at the better understanding of both cosmos and microcosmos, it means of one’s own soul (see chapter J).

Professionals of Greek mythology know the name of god – or more precisely, of a goddess – fitting the characteristics of the described above “Unique God” of Hebrews and of Judaised Christians. This member of the Pantheon of Gods bears the Greek name of ERIS, the Latin name of DISCORDIA, and Polish SPÓR (QUARREL). According to Homer’s Iliad story, it was this JEALOUS AND VENGEFUL (like Jehovah – see Ex. 20, 5), goddess, which gave to Paris the famous apple for “the most beautiful”, thus starting the quarrel between top Olympic goddesses. The “quarrel of gods” at Olympus resulted in a very real and murderous Trojan War in Mediderranean. (Eris was the sister of Ares/Mars, the god of War.)

Using the method of Aristotelian induction we constructed the very general notion, suggesting that Hebrew “unique God”, known as YHWH “I am who I am”, corresponds to Greco-Roman evil goddess called Eris-Discordia. From this general notion, by a method of logical deduction, we can arrive at several interesting conclusions, putting new light both on events related in the Bible, and on these we witness in the world of today.

First of all, from the point of view of Greek mythology, heirs of biblical Patriarch Jacob – who was not only an effeminate tent dweller, but also an honestly dumb individual, not able to recognize with whom he spent his nuptial night – shall be called CHILDREN OF ERIS. And children usually do, what their progenitor taught them to do (see the opinion of Jesus of Nazareth on this topic – Jn 8,40).

The ill goddess Eris according to Greek historian Hesiode was “daughter of the Night, mother of the Famine, of Sorrow, of Imposture and Crime. Acting like instructed by this nasty Eris-Discordia the “Unique God” of Hebrews illustrated himself in tormenting Egyptians with seven consecutive plagues. Moreover He (or more precisely, She) – by enhancing Israelites’ sense of vanity – separated his (it means, her) Chosen People from the rest of the human species, which instantly has lead to described in the Bible wars for the possession of the Holy Land. Children of this specific “God(dess)” act as their progenitor used to do, and thus since millenaries specialize in division and dissolution of every more sophisticated social structure, which earlier was solidly bound together. The recent destruction of Yugoslavia in large extend was achieved by a conspiracy of effeminate “children of Eris”, organized in Soros Foundation and Human Rights Watch. The realized at present division, in ever smaller units, of remnants of the Russian and than Soviet Empire, is assured by “rose-orange-tulip revolutions”, organized by the above mentioned “Foundations of Love”, helped by less visible, “making war by a deceit”, CIA/Mossad effectives. If we look at Palestine of today, which 50 years ago was a united country, we see how Missionaries of Eris/Jehovah have managed to make this tiny land continuously in turmoil, with its two parts separated by several hundreds of kilometers of ugly concrete wall 8 meter high.

The general notion of Jewry as “Eris Chosen People” sheds new light at major historical events of last two centuries. In particular the economical extraordinary development of Germany at the end of 19th century was possible, in a big measure, thanks to “Semitic” owners of German banks ([22]). United Germans, thanks to their banks become conscious of their economical and scientific superiority, and in their vanity of God Chosen Übermenschen, they began to fight with older Powers for the Living Space (Lebensraum), which they imagined that they deserve, as the prize for their civilization achievements. This quarrel for ownership of colonies has lead to two consecutive World Wars, which ended, after the lasting for four decades “cold war”, in imposition of the UNITED ERISLAND – it means of the tandem USA-Israel – as the “Sole Victor” at the end of 20th century.

N. The Eris-Mammon cabal

The mythical Eris is the goddess of disjunction, and thus her apostles – like the discussed earlier Jacques Derrida (see chapt. H) do not desist in efforts aimed at “deconstruction” of all natural national, tribal and even familial bindings. These bindings, by their sheer existence, are giving the sense of security and of “belonging” to every human individual. “Liberated” and atomized in this artificial way people must thus turn their attention towards substitutes giving them the feeling of safety and of meaning in life. Such substitute institutions, giving the artificial sense of security, (and of belonging to the “superior” social group), are at present Banks and Insurance Companies, not to speak about the ever more demanded “material goods”, artificially assuring rich men’s preservation and dominion.

The inscribed already in the last Commandment of Moses’ Decalogue (Ex. 20,17), reification of interpersonal relations, in heavily Judaised England of 17 century become so deep, that political theorist of these tempestous times, Thomas Hobbes imagined that cupiditas naturalis (the natural greed) is the manifestation of human strive for self-preservation! In short, by the reification ([23]), promoted by the Last Commandment of the Decalogue, we logically obtain the society in which the happiness is realized not by the intimate “being together” (sobornost’ in Orthodox Christian religion), but by an accumulation of material goods, which cupiditas already in Antiquity was considered as the religion of Mammon, the Aramean (old Syrian) deity of Wealth ([24]).

Eris thus, by separation of humans (and whole nations), into isolated monads, helps to establish the Kingdom of Artificial God called Mammon, the Money. This Mammon in turn, by the work of its effeminate “apostles” called bankers, is ever widening the gap in wealth between individuals and whole nations, thus increasing both the individual and collective sentiment of jealousy and of revenge of these economically (and culturally) downtrodden. Due to this necessary effect, which is the logical product of the Bible blessed practice of usury (see [6]), all mammonized, so called “OPEN” SOCIETIES (Gesellshaften in German) must come ever closer to the worldwide KINGDOM OF ERIS. This “unique god(dess) of Jewry” in the Bible is known under the term YHWH, “I am, who I am”.

O. The sociobiological problem of global “Taenia solium” implementation (and purgation)

Not only the positioning of Eris – as the “Unique G-d of Hebrews” – among Gods populating the ancient Greek Pantheon, may be of help in neutralizing this “god of vengeance” worldwide ambitions. The modern science of biology may also be of help, once we manage to place our “Children of Eris/Mammon/Jahveh” inside Augustinian ordo vivendi, it means on the “ladder of beings”. According to philosophers of Antiquity, all Living Nature – including human societies – has not the “flat” democratic, but the “vertical” hierarchical structure. The thriving at lowest level of organization, practically immobile plants feed themselves passively assimilating inorganic compounds, which they encounter at random (see ref. 5). Forming the higher level of organization animals, thanks to their senses and organs of locomotion, feed themselves with lower organized plants, which nutrition they find not “at random”, but by actively searching for it. This hierarchy is very well perceptible also inside the Kingdom of Animals, and big predators are neatly superior, in their senso-motorical skills, to phytophagous beasts, which serve as aliment for them.

The same holds in case of every healthy human society, where men (and women) of virtue are supposed to form the “guardians” class, fed and dressed by more flabby and prone to corruption “feeder” class of citizens (as imagined it Plato in his “Republic”). For the individual accumulation of wisdom needs years of possibly broad training, so both Plato and Spinoza argued that in state politics shall be accepted only persons of age over 50 years old.

In the Bible this ordo vivendi, called by ethologists “natural order of pecking”, has been inverted, as proudly declares it St. Paul “the elder will serve the younger”, pointing at imposture of “cunning Jacob”, by which this protoplast of Israelites have managed to kick out his elder brother Esau from their common family heritage. The situation, in which more mobile and perspicacious individuals are forced to serve these more flabby and slower in spirit, is the situation of classical parasitism, when species of lower internal organization feed themselves on these more sophisticated (and thus, in optics of ordo vivendi, more noble) ones. For example the very simple in its structure, and practically devoid of senses and of organs of locomotion, long intestinal tapeworm (taenia solium), once it manages to colonize the most virtuous hero, is able to live and multiply inside him in full tranquility, leading to this hero chronic hunger linked with his noticeable physical deterioration.

In modern society such blind “tapeworms” are surely our “blind and immobile” banks, which are indeed extremely simpleminded in organization of their business. Like in case of any other “vegetative” organism, the sole purpose of banker’s activity is to make subsequent bank branches in all places on the earth accessible to capital penetration. People living in countries infested with these monstrous worm-like, bank parasites, must of course lose their spontaneous strive, characteristic for all more complex animals, for the constant perfection of their senses, of their strength and of their associative faculties. The banking monster, by stealing (usuring) its host’s financial “aliments”, forces masses of people in “free to usury” countries to abandon their higher animal curiositas naturalis, for the sake of their artificially hypertrophied financial voracity, which indeed develops into a chronic “cupiditas naturalis” as observed it Hobbes already four centuries ago. This ARTIFICIAL GREED, ever more amplified by the Global Banking System, must lead to the ever more aggressive, competitive devastation of the Earth.

This sociobiological comparison, of Banker’s Associations (run predominantly by so called Chosen People), to a monstrous Taenia soluium, is indeed very instructive. On one hand it permits to imagine zoologically, what was in fact this described in the Bible “exodus” of Chosen People from Egypt. On the other hand recent “multicolor revolutions”, inside the former Soviet Empire, can be considered as examples of external “skin camouflages”, made by the Global Banking Solitary Worm, in order to “take into possession” countries, which for nearly whole 20th century have managed to live free of this Bible produced parasite! This is not everything. By pinpointing the source, wherefrom the corruption of both people and earth originates, we can start to think about this corruption limitation, of course in agreement with principles laid down by Aristotle in Antiquity.

In particular the short “Communist Manifesto”, written by (anti)Judeo-Christian philosophers Karl Marx and F. Engels in 1848, in its concise 10 point program proposes that not only Banks must be nationalized, but also the General Communication System, the Education, the Health, not to speak that Big Enterprises and Oversized Farms should remain under the state control. (Like it was practiced in antique Egypt or China, and like it is in case of agriculture in today’s European Union). The author from his youth remembers that the life in so called “communist” (in fact only socialist) countries was much more stimulating and optimistic 50 years ago than it is now, after Eastern Europe “liberation”, by the World Bank’s “emissaries”. (In Bulgaria and Russia population loses in last 15 years become comparable in numbers to losses of Russians during the 2nd World War!)

If someone likes to put the program sketched above into Biblical terms, we may say that ORDO VIVENDI NATURALIS has to be reestablished. The symbolizing vital forces of Nature Esau (the “animal” or “beast”, in Talmud understanding) should come back, and take away means of production from his idiot brother Jacob, moved only, like an ordinary blind worm, by his cupiditas naturalis ([25]).


 P. The Hebrew Word (“logos”), which transformed the surface of the Globe into a Sore

As we argued above, the uncontrolled hypertrophy of the “blind” banking system is surely the backbone of the present, incontestably lead by USA, sprawl of World’s industrious devastation. Ever more waste parts of the Globe’s look sore, like stricken by a particular kind of leprosy. The notion of leprosy appears also in the very context of the Holy Bible origin. Roman Jewish historian Joseph Flavius in his “Contra Apionem” quotes for example the Egyptian priest Manethon, living in 5th century BC, who in his chronicles suggested that their famous Exodus Jews have modeled on a known in Egyptian history event, dating from 12 century BC :

The pharaoh Amenophis, after the victory over Hyksos, rounded up 80 000 of leprous in the city of Avaris in the Delta of Nile. There these leprous organized themselves under the leadership of archpriest Ozarzif or Moses, fortified the city, but Egyptians conquered it, permitting leprous to leave the Egyptian soil.” ([26])

Why does this story of the Exodus of the City of Leprous – which “city” St. Augustin ([27]) took as a model of his Civitas Dei – recurrently appears in texts related to the history of Jews? Thirty years ago the author of this essay had a chance to visit a big leprozorium, located in Puri, in the state of Orissa in India. He learned there that bacteria of leprosy attack at first neurons conducting signals to human skin, and than also to extremities like fingers or noses. These, not stimulated by nervous system organs, remain insensible and immobilized, and thus quickly undergo atrophy, their tissues are rotting and finally they are dropping off, leaving on hands and faces cicatrizing with time wounds. The subsequent stage of development of this illness is less visible, for bacteria of leprosy attack neuronal cells inside the brain, heavily damaging them, cutting connections between diverse brain centers, so the ill person loses the sense of reality, begins to hallucinate and so on. Perhaps Moses, who heard the voice of his “Lord” at the desert, was in fact afflicted by this illness, which made him hallucinate that he will lead his Chosen People towards the land “flowing with milk and honey”.

The similar effect of the loss of neurons, connecting not stimulated brain centers, occurs when people (or any other cerebrated animals) are inhibited for a long time in their spontaneous movements. As we argued it already in chapter J, due to this “Lamarck’s effect” men trained since childhood to behave in agreement with exigencies of “Law of Moses”, must have substantial parts of their brains atrophied, and thus they are not able to see structures, which existence is evident for people grown without “Biblical” blinkers ([28]; see also Note concerning St. Paul in pt. J). This specific “spiritual leprosy” of community, which generation after generation become accustomed to a devoid of criticism reading and re-reading of the same “Holy Scripture”, was well known in Antiquity. The contemporary of Philo of Alexandria, stoic philosopher Seneca considered Jews as the “most criminal tribe” ([29]); another Roman writer Celsus, in his critics of both Jews and Christians, commenting Christian rites of worship of “the dead corpse”, remarked that “a new pestilence originated once again from Judea” ([30]). Even in medieval times, prior to the mass intoxication of Christians with the Bible translated into national languages, catholic Popes warned their subjects about misdeeds of the “blind tribe of Judah”.

This “spiritual leprosy” we can observe also in writings of Philo of Alexandria, who was relatively isolated from narrow-mindedness of Orthodox Judaism worshipped in not so distant Jerusalem. Philo studied only Septuaginta, the translated into Greek version of Old Testament. Nevertheless this “Hellenized” version of the Bible was sufficient to mould neuronal “wiring” of his mind in such a way that things normally perceived as meaningful become for him meaningless, while completely pathological reflections become “beacons” to be followed by everyone (see quotations [2] – [5]).

The source of ERROR, which thanks to Christians become dominant in all former Roman Empire, is located in the very first Commandment of the Decalogue (Ex. 20,3): “You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in the heaven above, or that is in the earth beneth”. This First Commandment become enlarged, in Deutoronomy 4, 14-19, into a lengthy description of all natural objects (males, females, beasts, birds, fishes, sun, moon, stars, etc.) which is forbidden to worship and to bend in front of them. If people are not aloud to admire the excellency of wonders of Nature, they are logically invited to consider these objects – as did it Philo – as “nearly nothingness” filling the universe (see [3] and chapt. D and J). These senselessly and at random moving objects are supposed to be transformed into something useful – or eradicated, as understood it in modern times Anglo-Saxons colonizing North America. (see [1]).

Due to such “First Commandment”, radiating like immutable “logos” from pages of Deuteronomy, only artifacts having utilitarian application are admitted in Judaism to be objects of fervent veneration, for these artifacts facilitate the “taking the earth into possession” promised by the Bible. The adulation of various utensils was in antique Israel so unashamed, that one of manuscripts found in Qumran practically consists of enumeration of ordinary household’s gear, each item preceded by the word “God’s”. Not exaggerating at all, we suggest that in case automobiles were known already in Antiquity, the object of worship of the Chosen People would be also GOD’S VECHICLE ([31]), providing an effortless transportation to “small deities”, as Philo called his co-believers.

The adornment, in Judaism, of utensils of ordinary household has made representatives of this religion, although widely despised for their voracious cupiditas naturalis, very useful helpers of every ruler trying to be “like others”, and thus dreaming of dwelling in apparent material comfort, secured by riches (and arms) of all kinds. This was the reason, for example, of the decision of King of Poland Kazimierz the Great, to open the country, in late 14th century, for rich Jewry flying from Germany at that time. Such pragmatic, utilitarian considerations were surely also behind the incomprehensible for laymen acceptation of Old Testament as the “spiritual beacon” of the expanding Christian faith, which was done during the Council of Nice in year 325, immediately after Christians sized power in the Roman Empire. But the Church, which out of greed of its leaders, accepted Abraham’s children cupiditas naturalis as the “beacon” directing this Church earthly adventures, quickly become sucked down – like the Jewry it despised – into the never ending pursuit of wealth. This Catholic (Common) Church predilection for riches automatically have lead to (the Eris-Discordia driven) separatist Protestant movements, than to bloody religious wars, than to Protestant massive participation in the development of capitalist cancer, and finally to the encompassing at present the whole Globe Transnational Religion of Mammon. The Germano-Jewish psychoanalyst Erich Fromm was really horrified, in the middle of 20th century, when he realized, soon after his arrival to USA, that Judeo-Christian elites of this “super” country rally dream of the “second creation”, of the whole Solar System, along pattern of world’s “improvement” outlined in the present essay on Philo’s of Alexandria theosophy.

Mimicking the famous exclamation of St. Paul “No salvation (of Christians) without ugliness of Christ’s assassination!”, we may say that there is NO HUMANITY SALVATION WITHOUT BIBLE ABJURATION. This is the program proposed already 18 centuries ago by Marcion, the son of bishop of Synope, but abandoned few centuries later thanks to efforts of ambitious cretins like this famous Tertulian, who believed the invented by St. Paul “logos” so much that he proudly announced credo quia absurdum (or ineptum) est. In other terms it means that God, which Tertulian believed in, is hidden in the logical rubbish. And once this LOGICAL RUBBISH took the place of Plotinian ABSOLUTE, it started to radiate downwards, creating subsequent, enumerated by Plotin, hipostases.

In this particular, Judeo-Christian ordo vivendi, the hypostasis, following the LOGOS of St. PAUL, became the SPIRIT OF JUDAISATION, known today the best as Calvinist “American Psyche”. This penetrating everywhere “Holy Spirit of Free Enterprise” creates on the earth below the LUMPENCULTURE of Junk Food eaters, Shopping Malls customers and consumers of the Rubbish Religion and Rubbish Science. Formed by this (lumpen)culture individuals create, by their industrious activities, the ultimate hypostasis of the “Absolute” in form of a GIGANTIC HEAP OF GARBAGE of the planetary dimension. This “New Creation” (Nowotwór – in Polish this means Global Tumor), is the END OF TIMES PROJECT of inspired by the Bible Judeo-American “solidarity” of bankers with lead by them masses.

Footnotes and references:

[1]  Pierre Thuiller “La grande implosion; le rapport sur l’effondrement de l’Occident en 2002-2005”, Fayard, Paris, 1995. Historian of science Pierre Thuiller was a member of staff of “La Recherche” scientific revue. During his stage at Paris in 1979, at Laboratoire d’évolution des etres organisées, directed by Pr Pierre-Paul Grassé, the author of this essay had the opportunity to make few interesting exchanges of view with Pierre Thuiller, who was very skeptic concerning the direction which took the modern science.

[2]  Ireneusz Kania “Peruurweru czyli dwa programy Jahve” [in] „Biblijne korzenie ochrony i niszczenia przyrody” (Biblical roots of protection and devastation of Nature), Biblioteka „Zielonych Brygad”, no. 8, Kraków 1994.

[3]  From chapter „On creation of world”, verse 33 [in] Filon Aleksandryjski “Pisma” (Writings), PAX, Warszawa 1986. All present in this text quotations of Philo Judeaus are retranslated into English from this Polish edition of Philo’s writings.

[4]  Jan Legowicz “Filozofia okresu Cesarstwa Rzymskiego”, PWN Warszawa 1962, pp. 80-81.

[5]  For example, the slowly growing from their spherical (or spheroid) seeds plants chemically “select” and assimilate chemical compounds, which they encounter “at random” in their environment: they uptake water (H2O) from the ground, CO2 from the air, the necessary for their auto-construction elements (K, Ca, etc.)  from the soil, and the heat (Q), which is necessary for photosynthesis, from the sun (or other, “accidentally” substituting the sun source of light). Once the process of photosynthesis is accomplished, we see how these previously relatively at random intermixed elements become arranged in a strict way, far away from their previous “accidental” distribution. Biosynthesis is thus the process of Creation of Information, making Order out of Chaos.

[6] . One of these fantastic stories was preserved in the Christian Bible under the title “Revelation” of St. John.

[7]  Since Philo’s times the lack of comprehension of the notion of “virtue” – which is essential for the understanding of Greco-Roman military culture – have become ever more common in the West, up to the point that in 20 century the famous English philosopher, Bertrand Russel complained that he does not understand why Socrates was so obsessed with this, devoid of any sense (for it has lead only to his suicide), “virtue”.

[8]  This information was given by the Polish edition of French “Science et Vie” scientific monthly.

[9]  Kevin Macdonald “The Culture of Critique; an Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish  Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements”, Calif. State Univ., Long Beach, 2002. On p. 204 Macdonald quotes the opinion of Caputo J.D. in “The Prayers and Tears of Jacques Derrida: Religion Without Religion” (Univ. of Indiana Press, 1997): “By presenting in the most loyal and literal way what Hegel says, Derrida shows… that Hegel’s denunciations of the Jew’s castrated heart is a heartless, hateful castration of the other”.

[10]  Protestants, in order to be as close as possible to “God’s light” emanating from Jewish Scriptures, decided to “purify” the Bible of texts shedding an unfavorable light at “wisdom” of Israeli Patriarchs and prophets. In particular Protestants ignore the “Book of Syrach”, in which we find remarks that “it is wiser to have less children but better educated, than to have them many, but of bad manners.” (A clear allusion to Patriarch Jacob, who had 12 children, two of which, Simon and Levi, turned into psychopathic gangsters.) The Book of Syrach also warns against “solidarity” between rich and poor, for “a wild donkey is the prey for lions, and the poor is the nourishment for rich”. This, present in Septuaguinta, Book of Syrach was removed from the Hebrew cannon of Bible by rabbi Ben Akiva, the most prominent supporter of Bar Kochba uprising in 2nd century, which uprising against the “Beast” of Rome put an end to antique Israel.

[11]  More details on this topic in article of Marek Glogoczowski “Globalization But No Dialogue of Civilizations Ahead” published in “World Affairs”, no 4, vol. 7, New Delhi 2003.

[12]  French journalist Maurice Joly in “Dialogue aux enfers entre Makiavel et Montesquieu”, published in Brussels in 1864, observed that “From all these revolutions (1789, 1830, 1848) arouse a cool commercial society, which took as a model the society of Jews”. The forbidden in France book of M. Joly, allegorically criticizing liberalo-democratic despotism of Napoleon III, forty years later become a model for “Protocols of Elders of Zion”.

[13]  As many authors observed it, imitating Jews Protestants gave to the term “godliness” the meaning of “accumulation of wealth”.

[14]  Karl Marx “Zur Judefrage”, 1844

[15]  French naturalist Jean Baptise de Lamarck formulated the Law of Biology in his “Philosophie zoologique” published at Paris in 1809. In this book he insisted that evolution of animals is a product of their own habits. The preponderances for these habits with time are becoming inherited, giving thus the stimulus for the development of completely new organs. For ex. in Lamarck’s opinion horns of sheep are result of sheep heritable habit of striking with forehead, which initially has lead to heritable over-secretions of periosteum in areas of frequent scull lesions, and finally to fully developed horns in places of frequent striking. Similar, lasting till our death (and thus in all evidence genetically acquired), over-secretions of peristeum we can observe also on our own feet in case of too long use of not comfortable plastic ski shoes.

[16]  More comments on St. Paul’s uncomplicated theology in author’s lengthy essay “Lord of Ignorance and its Opus Dei”, published in 2004 at

[17]  Noam Chomsky, Jean Piaget et al. “Théories de language, théories d’apprentissage. Colloque d’octobre 1975: débat entre Jean Piaget et Noam Chomsky”. Quotations in present the text are taken from Polish edition of these materials, published in 1995 under the title “Noama Chomsky’ego próba rewolucji naukowej” (Noam Chomsky’s Attempt of Scientific Revolution).

[18]  Details of discussion in 1981 with Pr. J.-P. Changeux are recalled in Marek Glogoczowski’s book on the subject of evolution of biosphere “Atrapy i paradoksy nowoczesnej biologii”, (Impostures and Paradoxes of Modern Biology; Theories of Differentiation and Dedifferentiation of Living Organisms) Kraków 1993.

[19]  This is the bold statement, summing-up achievements of modern molecular biology, made by Nobel Prize Winner, Jacques Monod in his super-publicized book “Le hasard et la nécessité” published in 1971.

[20]  A Swiss sociologist Willy Dietrich, who was a climbing partner of author of this essay in years 1970ies, used to repeat with disgust “Man is the most stupid of all animals. Not only he voluntarily enters cages prepared for him, but even locks himself inside with a key!

[21] John Strugnell quoted in James C. Vanderkom’s book “Manuscripts Found near Dead Sea”. (Polish edition Cyklady, Warszawa, 1996)

[22]  One of these German Jewish (Askenazi) bankers invented in 1860ies the very term “antisemitism”. This in all evidence in order to deflect the attention of numerous Judaism haters towards racial component of Jewish creed.

[23]  Reification means the treating as “things” of all living, surrounding us objects, including close friends. Very young children do not distinguish between living and not living objects they play with, and the same is observed in case of cats playing with mice they caught. The reification of women and servants in the 10th Commandment is an example of such a neoteny (“new youth”) of antique Decalogue writers.

[24]  In the Deuteronomy 26, 13 we find a remark that Abraham was of Aramean (Syrian) origin, and thus no wonder that directing him in his wanderings “unique God’ was Syrian Mammon, the same “deity”, which makes industrious Albanians of today wander around Europe, offering to rich bourgeois sexual services of their “sisters”.

[25]  Jacob’s cupidity has lead to desertification of overgrazed lands owned by this industrious Patriarch. During an ordinary draught his oversized family was forced thus to emigrate, out of hunger, to Egypt. This sinister fate was spared to Esau, dwelling in crude mountains near by.

[26]  Joseph Flavius “Contra Apionem” 1. I c. 41; also Eusebius: “Preparatio evangelica” 1. c. 13.

[27]  In “La doctrina christiana” (book two, XL 60) St. Augustin argues that Christians – as New Jews – have to imitate “old’ Jews, who prior to their Exodus “borrowed in order to never give back”, from their naive Egyptian neighbors, “(liturgical) vessels from gold and silver, and also cloths”. Subsequently these liturgical utensils “borrowed” Christians, from despised by them Jews, so today we see, during Catholic Mass, still the same, stolen three thousand years ago in Egypt, liturgical golden chalices and priest’s white chasubles!

[28]  This is a well known phenomenon linked with the mind development of all mammals: for example cats, which in the “critical period” of their growth are forced to see through blinkers with vertical holes, in their adult age are not able to see obstacles having the “horizontal’ structures, while kitten, grown during first three months after birth with blinkers permitting them to see only horizontal structures, in adult age do not recognize fences made of vertical bars!

[29]  Seneca quoted by St. Augustin in “Civitas dei” VI 11.

[30]  Roman Epicurean and Platonic writer Celsus quoted by Orygenes in “Contra Celsus

[31]  After writing this supposition the author realized that antique Jews in fact worshiped “God’s vehicle” in form of “Arch of Covenant”. This “arch” was a miniaturized, prepared for transportation in the desert, copy of Arch of God Ra, which Jews admired while it was travelling on Nile during antique Egyptian God of Sun festivities!

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Jedna z pro-słowiańskich redakcji poprosiła mnie o napisanie „krótkiego artykułu o polsko-rosyjskich wzajemnych pretensjach, o przyczynach polskich wystąpień przeciw Rosji, o tym jak w Polsce wygląda sprawa słowiańskiej współpracy i dlaczego Polska tak silnie się orientuje na współpracę z USA”. Starałem się z tego zadania wywiązać. I chyba warto rozpowszechniać poniższą opinię także w Polsce, w której nawet tygodnik „Przegląd” lęka się publikować me teksty.

Marek Głogoczowski – doktor filozofii politycznej Uniwersytetu Śląskiego.

Powyżej: Ilustracja do artykułu „Nowi krzyżowcy” („Novyje krestonoscy”) jaki ukazał się w białoruskim tygodniku Respublika, nr. 109 (4288), Mińsk, 15.06.2007.

Z mej młodości pamiętam, że Rosjanie zarzucają Polakom, że „Wasz polskij orieł vsiegda na zapad smotrit”. To psychologiczne uwarunkowanie „na zachód” szerokich rzesz polskiego społeczeństwa ma swe religijne uwarunkowanie. Już ponad tysiąc lat temu zachodni Słowianie znaleźli się w obrębie wpływów Watykanu, a wschodni przejęli prawosławie, związane z Bizancjum. W wygłoszonym w moskiewskim „Centrum Sacharowa” w 2016 roku wykładzie „Dlaczego Polacy nie lubią Rosjan”, mój dobry – aż do momentu „szokowej” zmiany ustroju w Polsce w 1990 roku – kolega, profesor historii Andrzej Paczkowskii przypomniał, iż w przeszłości nie zawsze panowała wrogość między katolicką szlachtą, a prawosławnymi bojarami. Mianowicie, po śmierci Iwana Groźnego (w roku 1600) „Polacy próbowali wykorzystać okres destabilizacji państwa rosyjskiego. Zaproponowali Moskwie unię personalną: była by to Konfederacja złożona z Wielkiego Księstwa Litewskiego, Królestwa Polskim oraz Państwa Rosyjskiego. Do Moskwy przyjechała delegacja, na czele której był prawosławny Polak – książę Sapieha. Część rosyjskiej elity wyrażała zgodę na taką Unię, jednak się domagała, by polski król przyjął prawosławie. To okazało się być niemożliwym.

(P.S. Od kompetentnej osoby z UW już się dowiedziałem, że Paczkowski trochę zmyślał: Sapieha nie był księciem,  czul sie nie Polakiem lecz Litwinem (w znaczeniu politycznym), a z prawosławiem pozegnał sie w wieku ok. 20 lat – został kalwinistą, a koło 30 – katolikiem. Co do reszty – zgoda)

Ta historia wskazuje, że to Watykan sprawujący „kontrolę dusz” w Rzeczpospolitej, stał za niemożnością połączenia się dwóch wielkich słowiańskich narodów. I do dzisiaj ten problem pozostaje nie rozwiązany. W książkowym opracowaniu na ten temat ,Andrzej de Lazariii pisze: Polaków i Rosjan (w swej masie oczywiście) w pierwszym rzędzie odróżnia podejście do indywidualizmu oraz do kolektywizmu (jak by tego nie nazwać wspólnotą, narodem, klasą czy gromadnością, sobornością). To już dawno zaważyli Rosjanie: Puszkin w „kiczowatym Lachu”, Dostojewski w „honorowym panie” i w innych obrazach „honornych Polaczków”.

Fiodor Dostojewski (który był ponoć polskiego pochodzenia) postrzegał Polaków jako zaciekłych wrogów Rosji, heroldów jej okcydentalizacji w duchu liberalnym. Pisał: „Wojna polska to wojna dwóch światów chrześcijańskich – to początek przyszłej wojny prawosławia z katolicyzmem, innymi słowy – wojny geniuszu rosyjskiego z cywilizacją europejską”; „Poczuję się szczęśliwym, kiedy wszystkie ludy przejdą pod panowanie Rosji”. Dostojewski reprezentował zatem myślenie stricte chrześcijańskie, powielające uduchowiony schemat postępowania wskazany przez św. Pawła w jego „Listach”: „ Jeden jest Pan, jedna wiara, jeden chrzest.” (Ef. 4: 1-6)… Trzeba bowiem, ażeby Chrystus królował, aż położy wszystkich nieprzyjaciół pod swoje stopy.” (1 Kor. 15:25)

Nie tylko prawosławni wielbią Chrystusa, Umęczonego Zbawcę oraz Zjednoczyciela Narodów. Po klęsce antyrosyjskiego Powstania Listopadowego w roku 1830 (powstania wspartego z ukrycia przez europejską masonerię, obawiającą się interwencji wojsk rosyjskich we Francji ogarniętej Rewolucją Lipcową), romantyczny poeta Adam Mickiewicz ogłosił, że to przegrana POLSKA JEST CHRYSTUSEM NARODÓWiii. Ten popularny przez ponad stulecie wśród Polaków pogląd, popierał współczesny Dostojewskiemu filozof i mesjanista Bronisław Trentowski, który Głosił koncepcję filozofii narodowej, filozofii wyrosłej na gruncie swoistych cech narodu polskiego i służącej narodowi w realizacji jego misji dziejowejWedług Trentowskiego „Ten kto zamierza żyć w Rosji niech wierzy w moskiewski rozum, niech nabiera azjatyckich pojęć (…) Lub gorzej, gorzej temu, kto nie przejmie duszy moskiewskiej i po polsku głupi! Zostanie taki sukinsyn, buntownik i powstaniec, wzięty w sołdaty albo zesłany na Sybir.iv.

Tak więc w okresie, kiedy to zaczęły powstawać w Europie państwa o charakterze narodowym, pojawiły się dwie bardzo rozbieżne koncepcje słowiaństwa, odpowiadające podziałowi na zachodnie i wschodnie chrześcijaństwo. I nie trudno zauważyć, że gdy po Pierwszej Wojnie Światowej upadły wielonarodowe monarchie, to kraje prawosławne zaczęły optować za z definicji „gromadnym” komunizmem, a katolickie za wychwalającym „indywidualistyczny” heroizm faszyzmem – by wskazać na Włochy, po części Polskę (przewrót majowy 1926), Hiszpanię, Chorwację i tak dalej. Przy czym, jak to na spotkaniach publicznych od 20 lat podkreślam, obie te formy ustrojowe, obecnie oficjalnie traktowane jako wstrętne i totalitarne, były społeczną reakcją na agresję przeżartego korupcją liberalnego ultrakapitalizmu, promieniującego na Kontynentalną Europę z imperiów anglosaskich, w szczególności ze Stanów Zjednoczonych.

Odnośnie postępowania tego ostatniego „pod Bogiem” Imperium, wielki portal kilka dni temu opublikował tekst „Dlaczego Zachód nie może strawić Rosji”, młodszego ode mnie o 20 lat Andre Vltchkav, czeskiego (ale naturalizowanego w USA), podróżnika oraz publicysty, który w bojowy, bardzo podobny do mojego sposób, opisał „mesjanistyczne ambicje” Zachodu pod przywództwem USA:

Jest coś głęboko patologicznego w psychice Zachodu. Nie potrafi on zaakceptować nic innego jak pełne i bezwarunkowe poddaństwo. Musi kontrolować, być odpowiedzialnym za wszystko to co się dzieje na szczycie; potrzebuje się czuć wyjątkowym. Nawet gdy morduje i rujnuje całą Planetę, to podkreśla swoje poczucie wyższości w stosunku do reszty świata. Ta wiara w wyjątkowość jest prawdziwą religią Zachodu, o wiele bardziej niż chrześcijaństwo które już od dekad nie odgrywało żadnej ważnej tutaj roli. (Amerykańska) wyjątkowość jest fanatyczna, fundamentalistyczna i nie do zakwestionowania, jej narracja jest jedyną dopuszczalną na świecie. … Jak we wszystkich religiach im bardziej absurdalna jest pseudo-rzeczywistość, tym bardziej brutalne i ekstremalne są metody używane do jej podtrzymywania. Dzisiaj setki tysięcy ‘akademików’, nauczycieli, dziennikarzy, psychologów i innych wysokopłatnych profesjonalistów, we wszystkich zakątkach świata, są zatrudnione przez Imperium dla tylko dwóch celów – gloryfikacji Imperium oraz dyskredytacji wszystkiego stojącego mu na drodze, odważającego się rzucić mu wyzwanie. Rosja jest najbardziej znienawidzonym adwersarzem Zachodu, podczas gdy Chiny bliski sojusznik Rosji, jest drugim takim.

I w tym, promieniującym z „miasta na wzgórzu”vi nad rzeką Potomac, mesjanistycznym świetle należy patrzeć na obecną rzeczywistość Wolnej Polski, szczególnie pod przywództwem partii o biblijnej nazwie „Prawo i Sprawiedliwość”. Otóż w imię tego „prawa i sprawiedliwości” mój młodszy kolega, były poseł z ramienia Samobrony, dr politologii Mateusz Piskorski już od 2 lat siedzi, na zlecenie CIA jak twierdzi rosyjski Sputniknews, bez sądu w warszawskim więzieniu – a to za zorganizowanie wyraźnie pro-socjalistycznej i pro-rosyjskiej, mini-partii „Zmiana”. Co więcej, jak gdyby w formie ironicznej kontynuacji głoszonej 170 lat temu przez Trentowskiego „filozofii narodowej, filozofii wyrosłej na gruncie swoistych cech narodu polskiego i służącej narodowi w realizacji jego misji dziejowej”, jesteśmy w trakcie tworzenia, przez rządzącą partię PIS (i jej „nadrząd” w USA) NOWEJ POLSKIEJ TOŻSAMOŚCI NARODOWEJ, którą starszy ode mnie o pięć lat krakowski filozof i historyk, Bronisław Łagowski opisał niedawno w następujący sposób („Przegląd” nr 11/2018, s. 13-14):

Jej celem jest nadanie Polsce „tożsamości antykomunistycznej”. Jak to się robi? Zacznijmy od końca: degraduje się nie żyjących generałów, a następnie plan przewiduje degradacje wszystkich oficerów wojska polskiego z czasów PRL … zmienia się nazwy ulic, które mogły by się kojarzyć z poprzednią „tożsamością”, niszczy pomniki przypominające wielką wojnę, zawiera sojusze z siłami, które były nam wrogie w czasie wojny, a dziś są dumne ze zbrodni jakie popełniły (chodzi o Ukraińską Powstańczą Armię – UPA) … Strach budzi nadrzeczywisty wymiar tych dążeń, gdzie prawda i fałsz, dobro i zło, szlachetność i podłość, symbole i rzeczy zostały ze sobą zmieszane rzekomo w w celu osiągnięcia nadzwyczajnego, wprost niebiańskiego dobra, jakim jest „zdobycie władzy nad polską duszą”, aby uczynić z niej duszę antykomunistyczną. O ten cel warto się bić … także krzywdzić ryczałtem i w nastroju amoku Polaków, którzy odtworzyli to państwo i odbudowali miasta po największej wojnie, jaka się przez Polskę przetoczyła. Przyjść w 1989 na gotowe i ogłosić, że zastało się zgliszcza – oto bezczelność PO-PIS jakiej staliniści mogliby pozazdrościć.

Oczywiście jest to posłusznie wykonywana, także przez powołany do pielęgnacji „narodowego ducha” watykański kler, „ideologiczeska podgotowka” do starcia z ziemi (a przynajmniej do wypchnięcia go z Europy), bratniego słowiańskiego narodu, który miał to nieszczęście, że jako pierwszy na świecie, w sposób bardzo skuteczny, aż prawie przez wiek cały kultywował i wspierał na świecie idee socjalistyczne, z definicji antyamerykańskie i antysyjonistyczne. Przy niemałym w tym udziale potomków polskiej szlachty czy nawet arystokracji, by wymienić tylko Feliksa Dzierżyńskiego czy Marszałka Obu Narodów, Konstantego Rokossowskiego. A jak zostanie przegrana, zaplanowana przez „Zachód” (by użyć eufemizmu Andre Vltchka) słowiańsko-słowiańska wojna, to mamy już przygotowany 170 lat temu filozoficzno-religijny plan „ratunkowy” pod nazwą POLSKA ZNOWU CHRYSTUSEM NARODÓW. I tak dalej, aż do Końca Świata, w chrześcijańskiej Biblii przecież zaplanowanego.



i . Członek Polskiej Akademii Nauk Andrzej Paczkowski był mym dobrym kolegą z polskiego Klubu Wysokogórskiego, z którym często się spotykałem, początkowo w latach 1960 w Tatrach i Warszawie, a następnie czy to w Paryżu czy w Genewie czy w Trento, w okresie mej emigracji z PRL-u w latach 1968-1982. Nasza bliska znajomość nagle się urwała w 1990 roku gdy Paczkowski poparł „szokowe reformy ekonomiczne” w Polsce, a następnie ujawnił się jako – skądinąd dobrze prosperujący w okresie PRL-u – współautor „Czarnej Księgi Komunizmu”, wyraźnie rozpowszechnianej w Europie w ramach „Kulturkampf CIA”.


iv  Трентовский Б. Изображения национальной души, написанные Соотечествен- ником. (Париж, 1847) // Польская и русская душа от А. Мицкевича и А. Пушкина… С. 71.

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PAN w Z-nem (30 Ru): «Я уничтожу мудрость мудрых, и разумение разумных отвергну »

Бизнес план HIDE (Гебрайского Интеллигентного Дизайна Эволюции) : «Я уничтожу мудрость мудрых, и разумение разумных отвергну »

Д-р Marek Głogoczowski – физик, геофизик и альпинист по образованию, позже писатель и опытный философ, активный сотрудник Европейской Рабочей Группы «Mut zur Ethik» в Швейцарии и Ассоциации «Славица» в Нитре, Словакия;также член Всеславянского Комитета в Праге;автор брошюры «Война Богов: Гелиос-Святовид против Яхве-Гефеста» (1995 год), опубликованнoй тоже в Словакии в 2003 году.

Текст, приведенный ниже, является своего рода кратким изложением недавнего интернет-спора «Ест ли Яхве бутафором индуистской Брахмы?».Автор обогатил его своими 20-летними замечаниями на тему «Библейское происхождение дарвиновских концепции эволюции». Разумеется, было бы интересно – для общей психически зрелой публики – чтобы распространить эти «антигебраистические» замечания на всех европейских языках, включая русский.

(РЅ. Один из моих польских друзей сделал перевод моей статьи через „Гугле“. И написал чтобы я был осторожный, ибо буду в меня бросать петарды. Так я перевод „Гугле“ как сумел улучшил; может кто-нибудь понят что-нибудь из этого что написано ниже )

2900 слов

Ersatz TMA (Technics, Money & Ass) ЕВРО-РЕЛИГИЯ – и Антидот к нему, подготовленный кардиналом Войтылой (Pope JPII 1978-2005)

В конце ноября 2017 года швейцарский кооператив «Mut zur Ethik» опубликовал на трех языках своих журналов « Парижское заявление:« Европа, в которую мы можем верить » ; то же самое «Парижское заявление» появилось через месяц в польском «Wnet» филохристианском журнале. Это «заявление», подписанное 12 профессиональными философами и политиками ЕС, в его 36 пунктах подчеркивает в частности : (пт. 2) « ложная Европа восхваляет себя как предшественника универсального сообщества, которое не является ни универсальным, ни сообществом»;(пт.4) «Самая большая угроза будущему Европы – это ни российский авантюризм, ни мусульманская иммиграция».(и пт. 24) «Работа обновления начинается с богословского самопознания.Универсалистические и универсализующие притязания ложной Европы показывают, что это эрзацкое религиозное предприятие,[...] крайне важно, чтобы мы секуляризировали европейскую общественную жизнь ».

12 авторов этого имеющего 5300 слов «Заявления» избегали назвать по собственному названию это «религиозное erzatz предприятие».Тем не менее, уже 40 лет назад, в эмигрантской польской «Культуре» в Париже, я определил эту глобальную светскую религию как тривиальный КультТЕХНИКИ,ДЕНЕГ и ЖОПЫ любящей Комфорт.Все эти «высшие ценности» были в значительной степени импортированы с армией США из-за Атлантического океанаiНедавно я написал об этом проблеме на английском языкеи моя Kollegin Gerda R. из Германии подтвердила, что я определил суть религиозного предприятия Western Ersatz: «Мне нравится ваша всемирная формула TMA (Technique, Money, Ass)». И Герда задала риторический вопрос:

Как получилось, что деньги победилы над духом?

К моему собственному удивлению, не так давно я обнаружил хорошее противоядие против широко распространенной этой «эрзац-религии» ТМА (на славянских языках это означает «тьма»). Оно состоит из коротких (менее 350 слов!) « 13 (из 37?) ФЕНОМЕНОЛОГИЧЕСКИХ ТЕЗИСОВ», возобновивших философию польского кардинала Кароля Войтылы. Эти «13 тезисов», которые цитируются в полном объеме в Приложении 2, были опубликованы на нескольких христианских языках н 
а странице 24 важного христианского ревю «
Chiesa Viva» в сентябре 2010 года.

Переиздание в Польше «Феноменологических тезисов Войтылы» получило противоположные оценки на сайтах большой посещаемости.Но что более важно,эти «13 Люциферические Тезисы» являются своего рода руководством для «работы обновления (которая) начинается с богословского самопознания», – как потребовал пт.24 «Парижского заявления».А именно, тезис №. 22 будущего Иоанна Павла II подчеркивает:«Принципы « диалога » и « ближний »это те, которые приводят к спасению христианства ». И Войтылы тезис №.15 дают тему для такого диалога: «Бог не является историческим существом, которое работает с человеком, и человек не сотрудничает с Богом, а действует только в сотрудничестве с другими людьми. Религия не берет свое начало от божественного откровения, а просто является результатом человеческого воображения … »

Как утверждает мой наставник по религиозным вопросам, профессор Włodzimierz Pawluczuk , оставшийся за пределами Вселенной, антропоморфный ТРАНСЦЕНДЕНТАЛЬНЫЙ Бог это идол исключительно иудаистов и западных христиан, в православном христианстве он имеет ИММАНЕНТНОЙ форму, оставаясь внутри компактных общин верующих. Я физиком по моему начальному образованию, и я уже несколько десятилетий назад заметил, что «оставаясь на небесах» несущественный Бог, не может передавать какую-либо инФОРМАцю кому бы то ни было: у такого воображаемого существа нет необходимых средств (бумага, камень, Святая Библия, звуковые и электромагнитные волны, и т. д.), чтобы сделать это. Только однажды я стал профессиональным философом, я узнал, что эта идея была известна уже Аристотелю: ФОРМА не может быть замечена (или иначе воспринимана) без ее материального субстрата.Следовательно, БЕЗТЕЛЕСНАЯ ФОРМА (или БОГ), сусчествующа за пределами (превосходящая) Вселенную, может быть тольковоображаемой ХИМЕРОЙii.

В свете феноменологии, имеем дело только с объектами, которые могут быть осознанно видны, термин «я есть» (YHWH), который Моисей якобы слышал из-за горящего куста, имел реальный смысл когнитивного НИЧЕГО. Этот факт хорошо заметен в «Посланиях» святого Павла, которой гордясь тем, что он был апостолом Мозаизма (религия Моисея) среди наивных христиан. В «1 Послании к Коринфянам» он в этих словах описывает совершенно нигилистическую программу своего «Бога»: «Я уничтожу мудрость мудрых, и разумение разумных отвергну ».Это намерение «полного и абсолютного разрушения», социального влияния всех людей, смело рассуждающих в логических терминах, Святой Павел впоследствии усилил аргументацию что «глупость (не существующего) Бога мудрее человеческой мудрости … слабости Бога ( небытия) сильнее человеческой силы ».Что мы можем сказать об этом« Еврее из Евреев, согласно Закону фарисею», которого тексты, загруженные такой «взятой с неба», паршивой информацию, составляют половину Нового Заветаiii?

2,5 тысячелетии КУЛЬТУРНОЙ ВОЙНЫ между «эллинистами» и «гебраистами»

Какова была отличительная особенность античных эллинистических и иудейских социальных систем?

Греческое слово «аристос» – самый лучший – на латыни означает «ОТИУМ», и все греческие философы высоко ценили аристократически, не заинтересованный повседневным бременем, образ жизни людей, которых идеалом был латинский virtusОппозиция OTIUM это NEG-OTIUM – самый худший – термин, описывающий людей вовлеченных в бизнес (купечество на итальянском языке это „negotio“, следовательно, эти известные сегодня «переговоры», негоцияцие). «Бог» бизнеса носит разговорное имя MAMMON. Хотя Святой Павел предупреждает против привязанности к деньгам (Тим. 6:10), в приведенных выше высказываниях он восхваляет ценности, полностью противоположные значениям, связанным с романо-греческим virtus (этот термин в античности означал личное мужество в сочетании с широким знанием): он гордится своей собственной «богоподобной» слабостью (которая сильнее человеческой силы), его «богоподобной» глупостью, его собственной нехваткой интеллекта и даже его собственной нехваткой мужества, которая сопровождала его « миссию к язычникам »(1 Кор, 2: 3).И каким «материальным чудом»он стал величайшим писателем христианства? Ответ на это дает стихотворение Шекспира, процитированное К. Марксом в «Силе денег», описывающее свойства ИСКУССТВЕННОГО БОГА, названного деньгами / золотом: «Золото?… блестящее, драгоценное золото?… Таким образом, многое из этого сделает из черного белого, из грязного справедливого, неправильного благородном, старого молодом, трусливого доблестном » и т. д.. Эти короткие стихи позволяют нам задуматься об интенсивности коррупции христианских епископов, которые каким-то образом согласились включить прославлявшие НИЧТОЖНОСТЬ, 13 «Послании» Павла в канонические книги Нового Завета, это в частности сделано в «бурлеском» – по словам Бенедикта XVI – Синоде 1300 экклезиастов в Ницце в 325 году нашей эры.

Перечисленные выше свойства трансцендентного «Всемогущего Бога Авраама, Иакова и Святого Павла» свидетельствуют о том, что иудейско-христианскую Библию, взятую в целом, следует читать как СВЯТОЮ КНИГУ МАММОНА. Это то, что ЛОГИКА – своего рода БОГ ФИЛОСОФОВiv – предлагает. Я признаю, что в возрасте от 45 лет, когдая впервые прочитал рассказ об Аврааме, который «покинул город Ур по зову Бога», я сразу же связал, что Авраам с его сексуально привлекательной женой–сестрой Сарой, двинулась в сторону богатых королевств Ближнего Востока, при «призыве Маммона».Это означает, что они руководствовались тем же «Богом», как этые многочисленные гастарбайтеры из Восточной Европы, и теперь ищут свою удачу в западных казино и борделяхv.

Абрам / Авраам со своей семьей жил первоначально в восточной части Месопотамии и, несомненно, имел интенсивные коммерческие контакты со старой индуистской культурой. Благодаря интернет-диалогу смоими французскими коллегами я недавно узнал, что самый важный в Старом Завете термин YHWH («Я есть кто я»соответствует индуистскому кредо « Ахам брахмасми » , (Я есмь Брахман) и он означает «Я – Бесконечная реальность». Согласно Википедии: « Это один из четырех махавакй, используемых для объяснения единства макрокосма и микрокосма». Более того, мифические «предки многих народов», Абрахам (рус. Авраам) и Сара , имеют имена, полученные от главных индуистских богов: Брахма и его жены Сарасвати. В Индии существовала также Кастовая система, которая стала образцом организации иврита : израильтяне считают себя брахманскими, избранными по Божьему народу, в то время как все остальные народы для них «неприкасаемые», оне должные подчинится или исчезнуть (Исая 60: 10-12, 61: 5-6) !

Это ничего особенного, поскольку люди и нации, начиная с появления сложных цивилизаций, имеют привычку «заимствовать» от других знаки отличия, имена и привычки, которые добавляют славу их собственному статусу. Но интерес в том, что это «я есть, кто я», который в иудаизме символизирует Вечного Трансцендентного Властелина Мира – Адона Олама , обладает способностью циркового жонглера:

« Властелин мира царствовалдо создания Имвсех творений; и когда по волеЕго был создан мир, Его именем стало Владыка.И после конца мира Он,розный,будет царствовать единовластно»

Что это? Не является ли концепция Адона Олама доказательством психического заболевания его изобретателей? Как можно царствовать над НИ ЧЁМ? Был ли вечный Господь Иудеев не сведущий, что из Ничего Он может создать только Ничто? С точки зрения ЛОГИКИ – а Логика Верховный Бог Зрелых Философов – Еврейский Адон Олам – это бутафор, имитация индуистской Брахмы, который в своем Тримурти (Троице) играет роль Вишну-Создателя живых существ, и Шивы-Терминатора их существования. Но только КРЕТИН мог вывести из жизненного цикла отдельных деревьев, что не только леса, но и всю природу можно было создать из Ничего и вернуть ее в Небытие! Конечно, старейшины Израиля утверждают, что Бог в своем всемогуществе способен преодолеть правила логического мышления – но эта способность их идола не отличают его от ОБЫЧНОГО КРЕТИНА.

Индуистский Брахма, « которого бесконечная реальность, представляет собой единство макрокосмоса и микрокосмоса », остается в полной оппозиции к Яхве, ака Адон Олам. Этот факт подтверждает наблюдение Тадеуша Зелинского, что эллинизм, представляющий собой OTIUM – значит САМОЮ ЛУЧШУЮ – арийскую (следовательно, aristoi, аристократическою) индоевропейскую культуру, остается в полной оппозиции к иудаизму, представляя собой культуру NEG-OTIUM (негоциантов) – НАИХУДШУЮ форму жизни (см. кровавую историю коммерческих «Заветов с Богом»!).

Эта „негоциантский” субкультура имеет свою модель тоже в Индии, в религии бизнесменов Джайнов: чтобы быть успешным человеком коммерции, надо большой дозы лицемерия, которую Джайны маскируют, возгласшанной ними защитой всех форм жизни ( вошь включая?). По крайней мере, джайны не верят в выглядящего как жонглер, Бога Создателя / Терминатора ; в их понимании Вселенная Вечна, как и их идолы, у которых бесстыдно обнажение их половые органы:

У хорошо образованных европейских философов 19-того века была сильная философская предвзятость к эллинизму, Мэтью Арнольд в «Культуре и анархии» (1869) хвалит «эллинистов,у которых свободный ум и свободный интеллект, устойчивый к склонностям и предрассудкам, связанный с воображением и эмоциями, открытый для всего совершенства, прошлого, настоящего и будущего.Это ум и интеллект гибкий и самокорректирующий, враг фанатизма, жесткости и односторонности».Такие широко мысляще люди, которые Аристотель назвал мегалопсихои, в цивилизации Англосаксов всегда болеевытеснены людми с ограниченным библейским образованным,микропсихои Арнольдом называемых«гебраистами, которые жертвуявсе другие стороны их бытия религиозной стороне …это приводит к узкому и извращенному росту их религиозной стороны и к неудаче в совершенстве ».Патологическое развитие человека такого типа восхваляется в Новом Завете Святым Павлом, который в «Послании к римлянам» с энтузиазмом подтверждает такое порочное предпочтениесво его Господа: «(жаднего микропсихос) Якова-Израильа я люблю, но(доблестного мегалопсихосИсава-Эдома я ненавижу “.

«Ум в гениталиях»ограничениеиудаистов,дарвинистов и сегодняшних джендеристов

К моему собственному удивлению, этая НЕГАТИВНАЯ – по мнениюшироко мыслящих людей – программа завоевания всего мира Эксклюзивной Микропсихой Нацией, вписана в официальную эмблему Израиля.В тексте с 2011 года«МОЗГ В КЛЕЩАХ ГЕНИТАЛИИ»я написал:

>СогласноВикипедии«Существует поразительное сходство между Звездой Давида и Янтрами тантрической науки Индии.… Еврейские каббалисты восприняли этот символ с полной совестью своего сексуального характера … Шестиугольная звезда (шаткона или звезда Давида) представляет собой союз Шива-Шакти, мужской и женской энергии».Встатье «СЕКСУАЛЬНЫЕ ПАГАНСКИЕ КОРНИ« ЗВЕЗДЫ ДАВИДА »(2004)Ванесса Кортес,писательницаЕженедельной Вселенной,вспоминает, чтотреугольник, направленный вверх по флагу Израиля, символизирует мужской пол (Δ – пенис,« Хрим », Шива ), а треугольник, указывающий вниз, символизирует женснский пол (∇ – вульва, «Ом», Шакти ). Этый взяти из Тантры, символ Израиля имеет«антимужский»аспект, обычно невидимый его энтузиастам. А именно «Тантра это Культ женского пола»,чтобы процитировать заглаве книги Андре ван Лизбете с 1995 года.

Учитывая этот «культ женского пола»я заметил в 2011 году:

>Уже в17векеизвестный философ еврейского происхожденияБарух Спиноза утверждал, что его соотечественники, в неуважанию имеюще поведение направлене на достиженије совершенства,проявляют«женское», истерическое отношение к миру (от «истера» по-гречески утроба).

>Если мы заменим в Священной Библии слово ГОСПОДИН, словом ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСКЕ ГЕНИТАЛИЕ, то вся история современной западной цивилизации станет похожей на марш гениталиян в направлению их «БОГА» во форме постоянно расширяющейся МАТРИЦЫ (∇)vi.

>Весь фрейдистский психоанализ насыщен откровенно генитальными ассоциациями, в том числе знаменитым фрейдистским анусом, суррогатом вульвы (∇) для гомосексуалистов.

> Тантро-сионистский «культ женского» обязательно навязывает МЯГКИЕ методы «Воевания без использования (видимой) силы» . Сегодня практически все более «жесткие» (мужские) социальные системы становятся извращенными посредством деликатных (женских) «розовых, тюльпановых, оранжевых » и т.д. революции, подробно описанных в книге Роберта Най « Мягкая сила » (2004).

И самое главное. Все важные победы в истории Израиля былиочень женственными «обманом, мы побеждаем» (“By a deceit we win”) – это слоган ЦРУ / Моссада: библейский Давид из безопасного расстояния выстреливает камень в голову Голиафа, а как он на момент потерял сознание, Давид отрезал ему голову его собственном мечом; во время войны эллинистов против гебраистов в древнем Израиле, местна героиня Джудит предательски соблазняет мужественного лидера Олоферна, и во время его сна отрезает ему голову его собственном мечом. Таким „женским“ способом деревнееврее победили над эллинистами в Израиле.

Эта последняя история, которою отмечают евреи во время празднеств Ханука, является своего рода предвосхищением истории ненавидящего ранних христиан Саула от Тарса: он внезапно почувствовал любовь к своим предыдущим врагам и подобно Джудит два столетия назад, он вошол со словами любви в их среду, где начал проповедовать свою (гебрайскую) евангелию « общего од грехов спасения методом БОЖЬЕГО АГНЦА – значит невинного Иисуса Христа – умучения ». И этом простом способом он одрезал, симболическу „голову“, всем еллинистическим – как утвержает Тадеуш Зиелински – изучениём „возвращающего людям зрениеvii Иисуса. Направлая таким образом, зарождающееся христианство, на путь систематического подавления всех умных людей, смелых рассуждать проблемы не в согласю с интеллектуалном террором „болных на паулинску катаракту“ амбицёзных епископов Церквии.

Гебраистский Интеллигентный Дизайн Эволюции (HIDE) и подготовлена нём пандемия раковых заболеваний

Хватит уродливых ассоциации, связанных с прогрессом «мягкой силы» зфеминизованного человечества.В своем недавнем письме мой корреспондент «Неrboris» замечает: «Идеи развиваются и прогрессируют, в том числе религиозные …».Это верно, но направление этого прогрессасистематическивозвращается работой „исключительных» учителей человечества (в настоящее время,в частности специалистов по гендерным вопросам, дарвинистов, фрейдистов и сионистов), которые пропагандируют единственный, генитальный / генетический, аспект существования человека / животногоСексуальное распространение, которое согласно «Книге Бытия»составляетсущность жизни зоона, согласно Аристотелю, является проявлением активности низшей, «растительной» души. Высшие формы живых существ руководствуются «животной», психомоторной душой, а зрелые люди, благодаря десятилетиям интенсивной когнитивной тренировки, действуют мотивированное Разумной Душой. Этот факт был темой тезис № 28 будущего папы Иоанна Павла II –и он был имплицитно подтвержден им в возрасте 76 лет в послании «Об эволюции», опубликованном в «L’Osservatore Romano», 22 октября 1996 года: «Как человек может создать свою душу так без труда? Потому что он не создал его ни с чем, а из существующего материи: животной души, эволюционировавшей филогенетически, которую он получил от своих родителей, его предков и обезьян, и он может только улучшить».

Улучшение? Святая Библия отрицает такую вещь, поскольку она ставит под сомнение само существование Бога – Внешнего Создателя Мира. Следовательно, «Гебрайский Интеллигентный Дизайн Эволюции» (HIDE в сокращении по англ.) энергично отрицает возможность такого САМОУЛУЧШЕНИЯ ДЕЯТЕЛЬНОСТЬЮ (см. книгу «Поведение – двигатель эволюции» от 1976 года Жана Пиажеона относится к ереси, известной в Церкви как Пелагианство,ав био-науках как ламаркизм.Поэтому кардинал Войтыла, однажды избранный (ЦРУ и германскими кардиналами, по данным народной польской разведки) на пост председателя Святейшего Престола, должен был изменитьviii свое поведение , чтобы соответствовать функции, для которую он был выбран: четыре месяца после нападения на него 13 мая 1981 года, он подписал энциклику «Laborem exercens», в которой он отказался от своих более ранних наивных снов о «спасению христианства, построенном на принципах «диалога между ближними». Во имя Невидимого Господаix, которой контролирует поведение ватиканских функционеров, он начал хвалить технический прогресс, неограниченную эксплуатацию ресурсов Земли и рост банковских учреждений, предположительно выгодных для благополучия человечестваxКороче говоря, самый высокий священник христианства превратился в апостола Цивилизации одержимой Технику, Деньгами и Жопой (ТМА по английски в аббр).

Где эта Цивилизация ТМА («Незнакомость» на славянских языках), пропитанная ивритскими «извращающими ценностями», нас ведёт? Здесь я ограничусь наблюдением Тадеуша Зелинскогов «Эллинизме и иудаизме» с 1927 года: выражение «Бог во дворе» в Ветхом Завете означают, что такие дома ждут ужасные вещи: смерть первородных сыновей, огонь, болезни и т.д. »Зная об этом Джон Струннелл, руководитель команды, которай в течение 30 лет изучала рукописи, найденные в Кумране на Мертвом море, публично заявил в 1990 году: «Иудаизм – это ужасная религия, которая не должна существовать».Во всех доказательствах редакция журнала Тель-Авива «Haaertz», который осмелился опубликоватьего заявление, согласилась с автором этих слов.

Какие ужасы, невидимые из-за доминирующим в настоящее время в науке « гебраистическим мышлением » (см. «5 SOLAS неодарвиновской веры» в добавлении 1) ждут нас в ближайшее время? Благодаря дискуссиям с профессором Збигневом Яворовскимглавой на протяжении нескольких десятилетий польской службы радиационной защиты, я узнал, что вопреки распространенным опасениям о массовых онкологических эпидемиях после чернобыльского пожара в мае 1986 года, статистический эффект облучения, вызванный этим пожаром был совершенно противоположным: у детей, родившихся в облученных районах, было значительно меньше заболеваемости новорожденных опухолом, чем у тех, котопрые родилисьдо этой аварии. Во всех доказательствах даже облучение средней интенсивности является «бодрящим» – а зачем оно УЛУЧШАЮТ, посредством био-реакции /I/RSA – функционирование иммунологической системы организма , подавляющей патологические клетки, подталкивающие их опухоль подобные переростки . (/ I / RSA = Иритация → Регенерация → Суперрегенерация → Ассоциация условных рефлексов, лучше противодействует последующим повреждениям организма. Подробнее в из 2013)

Тот же самой эффект имеет вакцинация «бодрящими» средствами ( так называемыми «адъювантами») возмагающими иммунологический ответНастоящая параноида «антивакцинации» должна ЛОГИЧЕСКИ привести, в ближайшие годыxi к пандемии новых цивилизационных болезни – и то не толькоопухоли новорожденных. (Распространена ли эта « гебрайская пандемия » антивакцинации  агентствами Deep State USA? Или только амбициозными, паразитирующими по общему невежеству, идиотами? ).

М.Г. Закопане, 23.01.20

Распространениев настоящее времявсемирного культа TMA (по русски ТДЖ : Техника-Денги-Жопа) произходит од имитации способа жизни главных героев Старого Завета (Technique – David, Money – Abraham, и Ass-like sedentary life style – Jacob)На эту тему, в 2007 году была опубликована, американским еврейским философом Дэвидом Гелертнером, книга «Американизм: четвертая большая западная религия». В 1993 году американский экологический математик из моего (в 1969-72 годах) Калифорнийского Университета в Berkeley, «unabomber» Тед Качиньский попытался убить Гелертнера.

ii Я заметил, что более внимательные читатели моих текстов согласились с моим феноменологическим аргументом: нематериальный, внешний по отношению к землянкам Бог, не может передавать им какую-либо информацию, требующу материальных средств коммуникации; напротив, люди «по-настоящему верующие» имели проблемы, чтобы признать тривиальность этого аргумента физика.

iii В «Галатам» 1: 11-17 св. Павел утверждает: « Евангелие, которое я проповедую вам, не является изобретением человекаНикто не дал их мне, никто не научил их меня; оне пришлы ко мне как прямое откровение от Иисуса Христа.… Но тот, кто меня разлучил до того, перед том как я родился, и призвал меня по его милости,радовался чтобы я рассказывал о его Сыне, и чтобы я мог проповедовать его среди язычников, я не собирался с плотью и кровью , и я не пошел в Иерусалим к тем, которые были апостолами передо мной … »

Каким способом это нежелание святого Павла, чтобы встречать других апостолов, связано с фразой Иисуса (Матфея 18:20): « Ибо, где двое или трое собраны во имя Мое, я среди них » ? Что бы мусульмане, которые не верят, что Иисус был распят, говорили о той Павловой проповеди ? И что бы сказал кардинал Войтыла, чей тезис но. 15 говорит: « Человек не сотрудничает с Богом, а действует только в сотрудничестве с другими людьми»? Не был ли Саул, псевдоним св. Павел, самым успешным – во всей человеческой истории – еврейским человеком Хуцпу, реализующим план HIDE (скрытия интенции) «Я уничтожу мудрость мудрых; и разумение разумных отвергну(и таком способом люди превратятся в) одно (безумне) стадо, которое будет весть один пастух, Давид»?

iv Как вспоминал Папа Бенедикт XVI в своей лекции в Университете Регенсбург в 2006 году, очень религиозный французский физик и философ Блейз Паскаль различал между « Богом Авраама, Исаака и Иакова », а Богом философов. В качестве достигнутого философа я подтверждаю, что наш « Бог » имеет имя ЛОГИКА – он несуществен, инвариантен во времени и пространстве, и он ИСТИННЫЙ СОЗДАТЕЛЬ новых концепций и новых поведении, позволяющих лучше «ухватить» реальность как вне нас, так и внутри нас. И, конечно же, люди, не подчиняющиеся ЗАКЛЮЧЕННЫМ ПРАВИЛАМ ЛОГИКИ, не достойны быть названными нашими ближними …

Cемейная карьера современного президента США Дрампф / Трамп и его сексуально привлекательной жены Мелании из Словении, напоминает историю успеха античного бизнеса «(Бога) Отца многих народов» Аврама / Абрахама и его жены-сестры Сары, работающей как «служебница божа для многих» в королевских дворах в Египте фараонов.

vi> Такие организации, как Институт Открытого Общества (IOS) Джорджа Сороса и его фииал Freedom House (герм.Freudehaus), намереваюсь – во имя Свободного Рынка – изменить мир на гигантский Бордель.Таким образом, они имитируют способ обогащениябиблейского Авраама, подталкивая, как мужчин, так иженщин, к рабству их «Libido dominandi» (Michael Jones, 2005). Как заметил американский сатирикДжордж Карлин(1937 – 2008) в Доме Mировой Cвободы, «Они держат вас зa ваше яйца». Это краткое описание свойств МАТЕРИ (∇), созданной Избранными людьми, которые специализируются надеконструкции (кастрации) естественных психомоторных потенций человека.

vii Бывший священник, профессор Людвик Костро из Гданьского университета, изучавший библейскую науку в Университете Sacro Cuore в Риме, сказал нам, что сообрaженные в евангелиях чудеса Иисуса, были «заимствованные» евангелистами из подобных чудес греческих богов ( которым поклонялись в соседнем Египте в форме единственного бога Сераписа). Это для того, чтобы Иисус выглядел более похожим на Бога: Иисус по образу Диониса заменил воду на вино и, подобно Эскулапию, он исцелял слепых и износили з мертвых тех, которые считались мертвыми.

viii После прочтения энциклики письма «Laborem exercens» папы JP II, французски социолог труда, Allain Tourraine, публично во времия Rencontres Intellectuelles Internationales в Женеве в 1984 году, назвал папскою идеологию НЕОИУДАИЗМОМ. Согласно Матфею Арнольду,иудейский образ узкого мышления представляет собой оппозицию широкому мышлению. Я из семьи, которая знала кардинала Войтылу, а его католические друзья в Кракове имели довольно широкие взгляды. Что случилось с ним в Ватикане? По всей видимости, импульс, чтобы сделать из него «воина» против «ереси коммунизма», папа получил 13 мая 1981 года по случаю годовщины «чуда Фатимы»: были  в пистолете Али Агки, только обезверживающие пули, предназначенное дать мафиозный «болезненный урок» папе? Возможно, что на операционном столе клиники «Gemelli», Войтыла имел выбор между долгою жизнью, полной интересных путешествий по всему миру, и его – в етой клинике – исчезновением, так как это было с другими «непослушными» мировыми лидерами: Джонем Кеннеди в 1963 году, з Мартинем Лютер Кинг в 1968 году, и з Папой Иоанн Павел I, всего за два месяца до инаугурации Войтылы Папом в октябре 1978 года? (Интересно, что еще один боец против «Империи Зла», американский президент Рональд Рейган получил в Вашингтоне, три месяца перед нападом на Войтылу, почти такой же сам «болезненный урок», и также был «реанимирован», в течение четырех часов, на операционном столе.) Что об этом знал итальянский судья Росарио Приори, который в 1990 годурасследовалнападение на папу? В статье, опубликованной в «La Stampa» в 2009 году, он сообщилчто «Wanda Poltawska, la grande amica di Giovanni Paolo II … является держателем самых страшных секретов этого понтификата, например, она много знает о нападении на площади Сан-Пьетро “.

ix «Бог Ветхого Завета невидим, и следовательно, идеальный правитель Израиля должен быть, как и в мафии, невидимым ». Это было мнение профессора антропологии и гематрии Andrzeja Wiercińskiego из Варшавы, который 25 лет назад помог автору завершить свою брошюру «Война богов». Только после смерти Верчинского в 2003 году автор узнал, что он еврей. « Невидимое» глубокое государство, правящее в США сегодня, является примером реализации такого бизнес-плана HIDE.

В энциклике JP II «Laborem exercens» (1981), которая стала «декларацией идей» многомиллионного движения польской «Солидарности», мы находим такое Откровение: ЧЕРЕЗ РАБОТУ человек должен … способствовать постоянному продвижению науки и техники … Выражение «покорить землю» имеет огромный диапазон.Это означает все ресурсы, которые содержит земля и которые через сознательную деятельность человека могут быть обнаружены и использованы для его целей …Прежде всего, ясно видеть, что капитал нельзя отделить от труда;никоим образом не может быть противопоставлено труду против капитала или капитала к труду, а тем более неспособным фактические люди, стоящие за этими концепциями, противостоять друг другу,Работа для человека хорошая, хорошая вещь для его человечества – потому что через человека работы не только трансформирует природу, приспосабливает ее к своим потребностям, но также достигает исполнения как человека и т. д.

xi С точки зрения Законов Биологии Ламарка (которые отвергает и Церков и Дарвинизмом здоминованные био-лабораториа), неограниченное принятие технических новшеств автоматически подавляет, особенно у молодежи, ей естественное психомоторное развитие. Это приводит к тому, что появилось цивилизационное заболевание (наследственное в более долгосрочной перспективе) своего рода аутизма люди, неспособных различать живые и неживые объекты, такие люди сохраняя свой детский эгоизм в своем совершеннолетнем возрасте.

Подобное «незревание» наблюдается также в микроскопическом масштабе при развитии обычных раковых образований, вытекающих из остатка не полностью дифференцированных клеток, которые сохранилы свой «эмбриональный» характер в различных тканей. В здоровых организмах такое «индивидуалистическое» поведение незрелых клеток подавляется иммунологической системой, которую дети развивают в раннем детстве. В стерилизации TMA/ТДЖ преобладанных народов исключается «грязь», которая действует как «адъюванты» (бодрящие гормональные агенты), стимулирующие созревание иммунной системы. В случае, если внутренняя иммунологическая система человека недостаточно сильна, она не может «научить» остаточные эмбриональные клетки отказаться от своего преобладания, чтобы «размножаться и потреблять» все питательные вещества, которые они находят. Такая ситуаця ведет к переросткам «эмбрионоподобных» опухолей, паразитирующих на здоровых тканях. И это то, что готовят, не только для наших детей, но тоже для нас самых, этые паразитирующие по элементарному человеческому невежеству, активисты настоящей «антивакцинационной» паранойи.


Добавление 1

Библейское происхождение Нео – на самом деле иудео – дарвиновской теории эволюции

Автор уже 40 лет назад занимался «научно-самоубийственными» усилиями по разработке и продвижению ЛАМАРКОВСКОЙ концепции эволюции . Это означает ЭВОЛЮЦИИ БИОСФЕРЫ, не через НЕЧАЯННЫЕ мутацие и ВНЕШНИЙ «естественный отбор», а СОБСТВЕННЫЕ, СПОНТАННЫЕ УСИЛИЯ ЖИВУЩИХ, позволяющие им улучшить контроль над окружающей их средой. Усилия автора до сих пор оказывали почти нулевой эффект, несмотря на помощь таких «старых авторитетов», как известный французский зоолог, профессор Пьер-Поль Грассе и Пиажетовская школа генетической эпистемологии в Женеве. Это не только авторский случай, работы его коллег ламаркистов в Женеве, MorrisStroun (умерший в 2007 году), и Philippe Anker , тоже австралийскogo исследователья Edward I. Steele , все еще испытывают проблемы в мире, в котором доминируют « Американизм: четвертая великая западная религия »:

По мнению автора, следующий надпись – ТОЛСТЫМИ буквами – должен быть опубликован над воступом и в религиозные семинарии и в био-научные институты NWO (New World Order):

«Я погублю мудрость мудрецов, и разум разумных отвергну »

(Св. Павел, 1 Кор. 1:19)

Ниже «5 SOLAS» нео – это означает иудео – дарвиновскую веру , все из них выведены из Священной Библии, без каких-либо других «греховных» сенсорных наблюдении:

1.Sola scriptura (neo) darwiniana admissibile est  только сочинения неодарвиновских писателей разрешенные внаучных школах

(Она изображена на лютеранской SOLASCRIPTURA , повторая «Божью мудрость» Святого Павла в 1 Коринфянам 4: 6 – «вы можете учиться у нас не идти дальше того, что написано» .)

2. Solus multipicatium esentia vitae est только умножение – это суть жизни

(Это взято из книги Бытие 1:22)

3. Soli geni characterindividuum determinantтолько гены определяют характер индивидуума

(Это взятое из1Кор. 15: 36-38 : « То, что высеете,это не тело(илисома),которое возникнет, но голое зерно ( семен ) … Бог дает каждому семени тело, которое он намеревается, для каждого семени подходящее для него тело », идея такого разделения присутствует уже в Книге Бытия 1: 11-12)

4. Soli incidentes species novus generantтолько нечайнно возникают новые виды

(Взято из «оракула Иеговы» урим-туммим или «свет и совершенство» нечайнных вариантов, Исход , 28: 30).

5. Sola selectia naturalis motor evolutionis estестественный отбор – это двигатель эволюции

(Это взято у лютеранской SOLA GRATIA: « Ибо по благодати вы были спасены через веру(…)это дар Божий не от дел » ( Еф.2 : 8-9, Рим 11: 6)

Эти 5 SOLAS НАУЧНОЙ ВЕРЫ указывают на то, что совокупность современных дарвиновских концепций эволюции была выведена из нескольких простых предложений, присутствующих как в Ветхом, так и в Новом Завете. Эти концепции когнитивно «пустые», точно так же, как феноменологически пустый термин YHWH, представляющий БОГА НИЧЕГО, химеру изобретенной пред тремя тысячелетиями нлет израильским священством, « любящим господство над всем, что движется на земле, в небе и в море “. Интересен тот факт, что профессор Пьер-Поль Грассе , автор книги «Эволюция живых организмов» (1977), уже в 1979 году сказал автору, что « неодарвинистская концепция эволюции – это об НИЧЕМ », только чтобы закрыть информацию о противэнтропическом, творческим характере живущего. Элементарная логика предполагает, что Гебраисты, как лидеры Человечества, доведут до этого человечества полной нищеты – и это не в столь отдаленном будущем.

Добавление 2

«13 феноменологическихтезисов» кардинала Кароля Войтылы(из лет 1969 и 1979)

Эти «люциферические» тезисы были опубликованы на нескольких христианских языках, на ревю «Chiesa Viva» с сентября 2010 года, которые было целиком посвящено теме « Кароль Войтыла блаженный? “- . Я цитирую из введения к главе « Его философия », на странице 24 этого ревю:

Книга «Человек и действие» – это главная философская работа кардинала Кароля Войтылы, который позже стал Папой Иоанном Павлом II.Она была опубликована в 1969 году на польском языке («Osoba i Czyn»).Автор хотел быть феноменологическим, и по этой причине он использовал «феноменологический метод», поуживая ту же «форму», что и Макс Шелер.Он написал, не пренебрегая классической философией, особенно томистской философией св. Фомы Аквинского, что он хотел бы ее занять.Феноменология подчеркивает изучение сознательного опыта.Он утверждает, что у человека есть доступ к вещам через интимный взгляд на бытие, как мы видим в нашем опыте, а именно на «явления», которые появляются в нашем сознании. Для этого так называемые «ценности» являются абсолютными и постоянными.

(Этые « ценности» , неназванные редактором «Chiesa viva», доктором теологии аббатом Luigi Villa, ограничаютса до одного, с именем ЛОГИКА. Она своего рода БОГОМ ФИЛОСОФОВ и оставаясь в междоусобице с «Богом Авраама Исаака и Иакова», которому поклонятся – хочет не хочет – христианские духовенство. М.Г.).

Luigi Villa продолжает (…) Однако в книге «Человек и действие» мы не находим «доказательств», а только сомнительные учения в форме «тезисов», основанных на типах и методах феноменологии.Ниже приведены некоторые из 37 «тезисов», извлеченных Германом Хумпертом из книги Войтылы «Человек и действие».

MG – «Osoba i czyn» был переведен на английский язык и опубликован на этом языке в 1979 году под названием «The Acting Person». Окончательная редакция этой книги была результатом продолжительного 4-летнего сотрудничества Войтылы с « яркой и жизнерадостной доктор Анной-Терезой Тименецкой ». Несмотря на возражения официальных лиц Ватикана , его книга была одобрена им как папой:

Тезис № 15Бог не является историческим существом, которое работает с человеком, и человек не сотрудничает с Богом, а действует только в сотрудничестве с другими людьми.Религия не берет свое начало от божественного откровения, а просто является результатом человеческого воображения.Католическая религия ничем не отличается от других культов.

Тезис № 16Божественное Откровение невозможно доказать.

Тезис № 17Единственное реальное значение Нового Завета находитса в философских объяснениях.

Тезис № 18Каждая божественная тайна должна быть рассматривана как вариация или нюанс системы чистой мысли.Традиционное догматическое христианство – одна из этих ошибочных систем.

Тезис № 21чисто человеческое сообщество, единое и универсальное;это истинная христианская церковь по смыслу Евангелия, понятая по-новому, совершенно противоположная существующей тоталитарной церкви.

Тезис № 22Принципы «диалога» и «ближней» – это те, которые приводят к спасению христианства, а не ОткровениеСоздания, Искупления или Универсального Суда.

Тезис № 24Спасение – самореализация человечества – не имеет вечного характера.Это не принесет смертному человеку никакого воскрешения тела.Наивная надежда вечной жизни – а также вера в Успение и возвращение Господа в Его теле – должны мыслиться только символически.

Тезис № 25В другом мире после смерти мы не будем вознаграждены за наши добрые дела и не наказаны за наши грехи.

Тезис № 27Даже те, кто помог миру стать более цивилизованным, умрут, и таким образом они обретут спасение.

Тезис № 28Как человек может так легко создать свою душу?Потому что он не создавал ей из ничего, а из существующей материи: животной души, эволюционированной филогенетически, которую он получил от своих родителей, своих предков и обезьян, и он может только улучшить.

Тезис № 32Нет причин беспокоиться о душах прерванных детей.Они безопасны, поскольку первородного греха нет.

Тезис № 33Не нужно креститься или использовать другие традиционные формы посвящения нехристиан или неверующих.Также нет необходимости преобразовывать последователей других религий.

Тезис № 35Человек – это видимый Бог.Видеть человека – видеть Бога.

Post Scriptum, феврал 2018


13 анти-иудаистических тезисов 666“Аверроэса (Аристотеля) и Войтылы

Мой корреспондент „Herboris” из Фрации нашел подобие„13 тезисов“ приписанных Карольови Войтыле в 2010 годе, з „13 тезисами“ исламского философа Аверроэса, осужденхых и отброшенхых, как „материалистическе“,церковью в Парижи в 1270 году.

Вот тезисы Аверроэса с конца ХII века:


1. Для всех людей существует только один численно идентичный интеллект.(M.Г.Ето немножко смешно, на нада помить, что в это время, дльа католической церковной власти, и Аверроэс и Аристотель это были „язычники“ которых нада было или подавлить или уничтожить. А в „Откровению“ св Иана, Римске Царство язычников это был ЗВЕР по имни « 666 ». Так то за св. Ианом, назвем „один численно идентичный интеллект язычников“ библейским числом 666. Так и мы все – з исключением гебраистов – интелектуальными зверями, здравомыслящими как сымпатичне наше правдиве ближние: не только псы и кочки, но тоже дольфины, медведе, обезьяне и слоне. А гебраисты, которые чувствуют себя „не зверями“ мы должны называтьсумасшедшими недолюдми“ – более в добавлени.)


2. Предложение: человек считает ложным или неправильным.(Думал-ли Аверроэс, о поведениях „ближних“ эму в Испании евреии и „надутых св Павлом“ христиан?)


3. Человек хочет и выбирает по необходимости. (это обясняет современна биохемия равития человеческих психомоторических потреблении, изменяющихсяс его веком и опытом.)


4. Все, что здесь происходит, зависит от необходимости небесных тел.(это наверно аристотелевская необходимость существования „первого мотора“, которой удерживает, работая против энтропической силы трении, вечне движение и небеских тел и земских сусчеств – особенно зверей любящих скакать по горах. Где затем такой мотор vis vitalis Вселенной? Он обязательно во всех фотосинтезирующих растениах, НЕГЭНТРОПИЧЕСКИ аккумулирующих энергию, которая в великой части остает (как угол, нефть и гас) в земной коре. Астрономы утверждают, что таких способных до поддержания жизни планет нашли уже 50 миллионов! И эта БИОЛОГИЧЕСКАЯ энергия возможно гарантирует что:


5. Мир вечен(в его циклических двинутях и переменах в нем материи – Аристотель)


6. Никогда не было первого человека.(а затем первородного греха нет – это тезис 32 Войтылы, которой имплицирует что „нет никакого спасения методойневинногоИсусаумучения“; этой антииудаистический тезис Аристотеля, очень в духе ламарковской эволюции и тезиса 28 Войтылы, импликующего ПОЛИГЕНИЗМ, близкою связь человеческого рода с родами других высших зверят.)


7. Душа (это vis vitalis), которая является формой человека как человека, гибнет одновременно с его телом.Аристотель)


8. После смерти душа, отделенная от тела, не может гореть огнем тела (ibidiem).


9. Свободная воля – это пассивная сила, не активная, которая движется необходимостью желания. (Платон и Аристотель, сегодня эта свободная воля интерпретирована как биохимия “желании растущих с их удовлетворением“)


10. Бог не знает единства. (Тотальный анти-авраамизм, антииаковизм и антипаулинизм, близкий учениям Исуса « Ибо, где двое или трое собраны во имя Мое, я среди них»)


11. Бог ничего не знает, кроме себя. (возможно Аверроэс уже чувствовал что не антропоморфический и не материальный Бог это вечне права математики, логики, физики и биологии?)


12. Действия человека не управляются Божественным Провидением.(см. Тезис 15 Войтылы)


13. Бог не может принести бессмертие или неподкупность смертной или телесной реальности. (Анти иудео-христианизм, см. Тезис 24 Войтылы)




PAN w Z-nem (30 Eng): Does the Tantra sign embody the sense of whole Euro-American Civilization?

Does the Tantra sign embody the sense of whole Euro-American Civilization?

Dr Marek Głogoczowski – a physicist, geophysicist and alpinist by training, later on a writer and an accomplished philosopher, an active collaborator of “Mut zur Ethik” European Working Group in Switzerland and of Association “Slavica” in Nitra, Slovakia; also a member of the All Slavs Committee in Prague; an author of a booklet “War of Gods: Helios-Swiatowid contra Jahveh-Hephaestus” (1995i), published in Slovakian in 2003ii.

The text below is a kind of a summary of a recent internet discussion “Is the Hebrew Jahveh die Attrappe of Hindu Brahma?”. The author enriched it with his, 20+ years old, remarks on „Biblical origin of Darwinian concepts of evolution”. Of course, it would be of interest – to the general, mentally mature publics – to widespread these „antihebraist” remarks in all European languages, Russian included. The author would be thankful for a financial support for such translations; at his age of 76 years old, it is difficult to do it – in particular in EU PL – with the pension of 450 euro/month. His banking account 92 1140 2004 0000 3202 7618 2247. Merci.

3100 words

The ersatz TMA (Technics, Money & Ass) EURO-RELIGION – and an Antidote to it, prepared by cardinal Wojtyla (Pope JPII 1978-2005)

At the end of November 2017 the Swiss “Mut zur Ethik” cooperative has published, in three languages of its journals, “The Paris Statement: “A Europe we can believe in”; the same “Paris statement” appeared a month later in Polish “Wnet” philo-Christian periodical. This “Statement”, signed by 12 EU professional philosophers and politicians, in its 36 points underline in particular (pt. 2) “the false Europe praises itself as the forerunner of a universal community that is neither universal nor a community”; (pt. 4) “The greatest threat to the future of Europe is neither Russian adventurism nor Muslim immigration”. (and pt. 24) “The work of renewal begins with theological self-knowledge. The universalist and universalizing pretensions of the false Europe reveal it to be an ersatz religious enterprise, […] it is imperative that we re-secularize European public life.”

12 authors of this counting 5300 words “Statement” avoided to call by a proper name this “erzatz religious enterprise”. Nevertheless, already 40 years ago, in the emigré Polish „Kultura” in Paris, I defined this Global Secular Religion as the trivial Cult of TECHNIQUE, of MONEY, and of an ASS loving Comfort. All these “supreme values” were in large extend imported, with US Army, from behind the Atlantic Oceaniii. Recently I wrote about this problem in Englishiv– and my Kollegin Gerda R. from Germany, confirmed me that I’ve defined the essence of Western Ersatz Religious Enterprise: „I like your world-wide TMA-formula (Technique, Money, Ass)”. And Gerda posed the rhetorical question:

How does it happend that money has taken over spirit?

To my own surprise, not so long ago I’ve discovered a good antidote against the widespread of this „ersatz religion” of TMA (in Slavic languages it means „DARKNESS”). It consists of short (less than 350 words!) „13 (out of 37?) PHENOMENOLOGICAL THESES”, resuming the philosophy of Polish cardinal Karol Wojtyla. These „13 theses”, which are quoted in full in Addendum 2, were published, in several Christian languages, on page 24 of an important Christian revue „Chiesa Viva” in September 2010.

Once republished in Poland, Wojtyla’s “Phenomenological Theses” got opposite appraisals at websites of large attendance. But what is more important, these „13 Luciferic Theses” form a kind of a guide for the “the work of renewal (which) begins with theological self-knowledge”, demanded in pt. 24 of „Paris Statement”. Namely the thesis no. 22 of the future John Paul II emphasizes The principles of “dialogue” and “neighbor”are those which lead to the salvation of Christianity”. And Wojtyla’s thesis no. 15 provide a theme for such a dialogue: God is not an historical being who works with man – and man does not cooperate with God, but only acts in cooperation with other men. Religion doesn’t take its origin from divine revelation, but is simply the result of human imagination…”

As argues my mentor in religious matters, professor Wlodzimierz Pawluczuk, the remaining beyond the Universe, anthropomorphic TRANSCENDENTAL God is worshiped solely by Judaists and Western Christians, in Orthodox Christianity it has an IMMANENT form, remaining inside compact communities of believers. As a physicist by my initial education, already decades ago I remarked that “remaining in Heaven” immaterial God, cannot pass whatever inFORMAtion to whomever: such an imaginary being has no necessary means (paper, stone, Holy Bible, sound and electromagnetic waves, etc), to do it. Only once I become a professional philosopher I learned that this idea was known already to Aristotle: the FORM cannot be seen (or otherwise perceived) without its MATERIAL substrate. Hence an Immaterial FORM (or GOD) remaining beyond (transcending) the Universe, can be only an imaginary Chimerav one.

In light of phenomenology, dealing only with objects which can be consciously seen, the term “I am” (YHWH), which Moses supposedly heard from behind the burning bush, had the real meaning of cognitive NOTHINGNESS. This fact is well perceptible in “Letters” of St Paul, proud of being apostle of Mosaism (the religion of Moses) among naive Christians. In “1 Letter to Corinthians” he describes, in following words, the utterly Nihilist Program of his “God”: I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I willthwart”. This intention of ‘the total and absolute destruction’, of social influence of all daring to reason in logical terms humans, St Paul subsequently reinforced arguing “for the foolishness of (non existing) God is wiser than human wisdom… the weakness of God (of nothingness) is stronger than human strength”. What do we have to say about this “Hebrew out of Hebrews, according to Law a Pharisee” which texts,loaded with such “taken from the skyvi” lousy information, constitute a half of the New Testament?

2,5  thousands of years of CULTURAL WAR between “Hellenists” and “Hebraists”

What was the differentia specifica between antique Hellenist and Judaist social systems?

The Greek word ‘aristos‘ – the best – in Latin means OTIUM, and all Greek philosophers praised the aristocratic, not interested with daily burdens, way of life of men of areté, in Latin virtus.An opposition to OTIUM is NEG-OTIUM – the worst – a term describing people involved in business (negotio in Italian, hence these famous today ‘negotiators’). The “god” of business bears the colloquial name of MAMMON. Although St Paul warns against an attachment to money (Tim. 6:10), in the quoted above statements he praises values totally opposite to these associated with Romano-Greek virtus (this term in Antiquity meant the personal courage combined with broad knowledge): he is proud of his own “God-like” weakness (which is stronger than human strength), of his “God-like” foolishness, of his own lack of intelligence, and even of his own lack of courage, which accompanied his “mission to gentiles” (1 Cor, 2:3). And by what “material miracle” did he become the Greatest Writer of Christianity? An answer to it provides the Shakespeare’s poem, quoted by K. Marx in „Power of Money”, describing properties of an ARTIFICIAL GOD named money/gold: “Gold? … glittering, precious gold? … Thus much of this will make black white, foul fair, wrong right, base noble, old young, coward valiant”. And so on. These short verses permit us to ponder at the intensity of corruption of Christian bishops, which somehow agreed to incorporate PRAISING NOTHINGNESS, 13 “Letters” of Paul into NT cannon, this in particular at the “burlesque” – according to Benedict XVI – Synod of 1300 ecclesiastics in Nice in 325 AD.

The enumerated above properties of transcendental „Almighty God of Abraham, of Jacob and of St Paul”, suggest that the Judeo-Christian Bible, taken as a whole, has to be read as THE HOLY BOOK OF MAMMON. This is what LOGIC – a kind of a GOD OF PHILOSOPHERSvii – suggests. I admit that at my age 45+ years old, when for the first time I read the story of Abraham, who “has left the city of Ur at the call of God”, I immediately associated that Abraham, with his sexually attractive wife-sister Sara, moved towards rich kingdoms of Middle East, at the “call of Mammon”. It means that they were guided by the same “God”, as these numerous gastarbeiters from Eastern Europe, searching today their luck in western casinos and brothelsviii.

Abram/Abraham with his family lived initially in eastern part of Mesopotamia, and surely had intense commercial contacts with the old Hindu culture. Thanks to the internet dialogue with my French colleagues, I learned recently that the most important in OT term YHWH (“I am Who I am”) corresponds to the Hindu credo “Aham brahmasmi, which means “I am the Infinite Reality”. According to Wikipedia “It is one of the four Mahavakyas used to explain the unity of macrocosm and microcosm.” Moreover, the mythical “ancestors of many nations”, Abraham and Sara, have names derived from principal Hindu gods: Brahma and his wife Saraswati. In India existed also the Caste System, which became a model of organization of Hebrews: Israelites consider themselves to be the Brahmin-like, chosen-by-God people, while all other nations are for them “untouchables”, to be subdued or eradicated (Is. 60:10-12; 61:5-6)!

This is nothing peculiar, for individuals and nations, since the advent of complex civilizations, have the habit of „borrowing” from others insignia, names and habits, which add glory to their own status. But of interest is that this „I am, who I am”, which in Judaism symbolizes the Everlasting Transcendental Lord of the World – Adon Olam, has an ability of a circus juggler:

Eternal master, who reigned supreme, before all of creation was drawn, When it was finished according to his will, Than „King” his name was proclaimed to be, When this our world shall be no more, In majesty he still shall reign

What’s this? Is not the Adon Olam concept the proof of mental illness of its inventors? How it is possible to reign over NOTHINGNESS? Was the eternal Lord of Jews not conscient that from Nothing he can Create only Nothingness? From the point of view of LOGIC – and Logic is the Supreme God of Mature Philosophers – the Hebrew Adon Olamist eine ATTRAPPE, a dummy of Hindu Brahma, who in his Trimurti (Trinity) plays the role of Vishnu-Creator of living beings, and of Shiva-Terminator of their existence. But only a CRETIN would infer, from the life cycle of individual trees, that not only forests, but the entire Nature was possible to create from Nothingness and to turn it back into Néant! Of course, Elders of Israel would argue that God in his omnipotence is able to overstep rules of logical reasoning – but this capacity makes their idol not different from an ORDINARY CRETIN.

The Hindu Brahma, “which infinite reality, represents the unity of macrocosmos and microcosmos” remains in a total opposition to Jahve, aka Adon Olam. This fact confirms Tadeusz Zielinski’s observation that Hellenism, representing OTIUM – the BEST – of Aryan (hence aristoi) Indo-European culture, remains in a total opposition to Judaism, representing the culture of NEGOTIATION – it means the WORST one (see the bloody history of COVENANTS with “God”!).

. This sub-culture has its model also in India, in a religion of businessminded Jains: to be a successful (wo)man of commerce, demands a big dose of hypocrisy, which Jains camouflage by worshiped by them protection of all forms of life (louse included?). At least Jains do not believe in juggler-like God Creator/Terminator; in their understanding the Universe is Eternal, like their idols, shamelesslyexposing their sexual organs:

Well educated European philosophers of 19th century had strong philo-Hellenist bias, Matthew Arnold in Culture and anarchy” (1869) praises “the Hellenist free mind and a free intellect, resistant to cant and prejudice, connected with imagination and emotion, open to all excellence, past, present, and future. It is mind and intellect flexible and self-correcting, the enemy of fanaticism, rigidity, and one-sidedness. Such broadminded people, by Aristotle called megalopsychoi, in Anglosaxon Civilization are pushed onto the margin by the Bible educated, narrow-minded micropsychoi, by Arnold calledHebraists, sacrificing all other sides of their being to the religious side …. it leads to a narrow and twisted growth of their religious side itself, and to a failure in perfection”. The pathological human development of this type is praised in NT by St Paul, who in “Letter to Romans” enthusiastically confirms this vicious preferency of his LORD: “(a greedy micropsychos) Jacob-Israel I love, but (the valiant megalopsychos) Esau-Edom I hate”.

The “Mind in Genitalia” limitation of Judaists, of Darwinians and of Genderists of today

To my own surprise, this NEGATIVE – in an opinion of broadminded people – program of World Conquest by the Exclusive Micropsychoi Nation, become inscribed into the official emblem of Israel. In a text from 2011MIND INSIDE GENITALIA”ixI wrote:

>According to WikipediaThere is a striking similarity between the Star of David and the Yantras of Tantric science of India. … Jewish cabbalists took this symbol with full conscience of its sexual character … The hexagonal star (shatkona or Star of David) represents the union of Shiva-Shakti, male-female energy”. In an article “SEX-CRAZED PAGAN ROOTS OF ‘STAR OF DAVID’” (2004) Vanessa Cortez, the staff writer of Weekly Universe, recalls that the triangle directed upwards on the flag of Israel symbolizes male sex (Δ – penis, ‘Hrim’, Shiva), while the triangle pointing downwards symbolizes female sex (∇ – vulva, ‘Om’, Shakti). This taken from Tantra symbol of Israel has anantivirile” aspect usually unseen by its enthusiasts. Namely “Tantra (Is) The Cult Of The Feminine”, to quote the title of André van Lisebeth’s work from 1995.

Considering this “Cult of the Feminine, I remarked in 2011:

>Already in in 17th century, a known philosopher of the Jewish origin, Baruch Spinoza claimed that his compatriots, having in disrespect the virtus-type behaviors, display “feminine” hysterical attitudes towards the world (from ‘hystera‘ in Greek the womb).

>If we substitute, in the Holy Bible, the word LORD by HUMAN GENITALIES, than the whole history of contemporary Western Civilization begins to look like the march of Genitalians towards their ‘GOD’ in a form of an ever expanding MATRIX (∇)x.

>The whole Freudian psychoanalysis is saturated with overtly genitalian associations, including the famous Freudian Anus, the surrogate of vagina (∇) for homosexuals.

>The Tantro-Zionist “cult of the feminine” necessarily imposes SOFT methods of “Conquest Without the Use of (visible) Force”. Today, practically all more “hard” (masculine) social systems become subverted by means of delicate (feminine) “rose, tulip, orange, etc.” revolutions, described in detail in Robert Nye’s book „Soft Power(2004).

And the most important. All important victories in Israel’s history had very feminine „by a deceit we win” CIA/Mossad character: the biblical David from a secure distance shots at Goliat, and than achieves him with his own sword; during the Hellenists against Hebraists war in ancient Israel, local heroine Judith treacherously seduces the victorious leader Holofernes and than kills him, during his sleep, with his own sword, assuring in this way the victory of Hebraists over “masculinized” Hellenists.

This last history, celebrated by Jews during Chanuka festivities, is a kind of a prefiguration of the history of hating early Christians Saul from Tarsus, who suddenly felt love towards his previous enemies. Like Judith two centuries earlier, he sneaked into their rangs, and preaching „the general salvation by Jesus of Nazareth crucifiction”, he has murdered the essence of Hellenist-type – according to Tadeusz Zielinski – Jesus teachings and actsxi. Directing thus the nascent Christianity into the road of systematic suppression of all individuals, daring to reason in terms wider than these dictated by micropsychoi Elders of Israel.

The Hebrew Intelligent Design of Evolution (HIDE) and the pandemia of cancer-like illnesses to be expected

Enough of ugly associations, linked with the „soft power” progression of Humanity. In his recent email my correspondent „Herboris” remarks „Ideas evolve and progress, including religious ones…”. That’s true, but the direction of this progress is systematicallyinversed by Exclusive Teachers of Humanity (today in particular by gender Liberals, Darwinians, Freudians and Zionists), promoting the only genitalian/genetical aspect of human/animal existence. The sexual proliferation, which according to the “Book of Genesis”, forms the essence of zoon’s life, according to Aristotle is a manifestation of activity of the lowest, ‘vegetal’ soul. Higher forms of living beings are driven by their ’animal’, psychomotorial soul, while mature humans, thanks to decades of intense cognitive training, act motivated by theirReasoning Soul. This fact was the theme of Thesis No. 28 of the future pope John Paul II, and it was implicitly confirmed by him at his age of 76, in a message “On Evolution”, published in “L’Osservatore Romano”, October 22 1996:How can man create his soul so easily? Because he did not create it from nothing, but from existing matter: the animal soul, evolved phylogenetically, which he received from his parents, his ancestors and the apes and he can only improve.”

Improve? The Holy Bible denies such thing, for it would put into question the very existence of God – External Creator of the World. Hence the Hebrew Inteligent Design of Evolution (HIDE in abbr.) vigorously denies the possibility of such IMPROVEMENT BY AN ACTIVITY (see the book Behavior – the Motor of Evolution” from 1976 of Jean Piaget, it relates the heresy known in the Church as Pelagianism, and in bio-sciences as Lamarckism.So cardinal Wojtyla, once elected (by CIA and German cardinals, according to People’s Poland intelligence) to the presidency of the Holy See, had to modifyxii his behavior, in order to fit to the function he was chosen for: only four months after an attack against him on May 13 1981, he signed the „Laborem exercens” encyclical letter in which he abandoned his earlier naive dreams aboutthe salvation of Christianity built on principles of “dialogue between neighbors”. In the name of the INVISIBLE LORDxiiicontrolling the behavior of Vatican functionaries, he started to praise the technical progress, the unlimited exploitation of Earth resources, and the growth of banking institutions supposedly beneficial to the wellbeing of humanityxiv. In short, the highest priest of Christianity turned into an apostle of Technique, of Money and of an Ass (TMA in abbr.) obsessed Civilization.

Where this TMA („Obscurity” in Slavic languages) Civilization, soaked with Hebrew “effeminizing values” is leading? Here I will limit myself to Tadeusz Zielinski‘s observation in „Hellenism and Judaism” from 1927: the expression „God in house” in Old Testament meant that horrible things await such household: the death of firstborn sons, the fire, illnesses and so on. Knowing about this John Strugnell, the head of the team, which for 30 years studied manuscripts found at Qumran at the Dead Sea, stated in public in 1990 „Judaism is a horrible religion, which should not exist”. In all evidence, the redaction of Tel Aviv’s journal „Haaertz”, which dared to publish this statement, agreed with author of these words.

Which horrors, unseen due to the dominant at present in science “Hebraist mindset” (see „5 solas of neo-Darwinian faith” in Addendum 1), are awaiting us soon? Thanks to discussions with the head, for several decades, of Polish Radiation Protection Service, professor Zbigniew Jaworowski, I learned that contrary to the widespread fears of mass cancer epidemics, after the Chernobyl fire in May 1986, the statistical effect of irradiations caused by this fire was completely opposite: children born in irradiated areas had significantly lower incidence of infant cancers, than these born prior to this accidentxv. In all evidence even the medium intensity irradiation is “invigorating” – and than IMPROVING,via bio-reaction /I/RSAxvi – the functioning of organism’s immunological system, suppressing pathological cells pushing for their tumor-like overgrowths. The same effect have vaccinations “invigorating” (by the mean of so-called „adjuvants”) immunological response. The present “antivaccination” paranoia (is it spread by Deep State USA agencies? Or only by ambitious, parasiting on common ignorance, idiots?), will lead LOGICALLY to the pandemic, already in oncoming yearsxvii, of not only infant cancers.

M.G. Zakopane, 23.01.2018

Addendum 1

The biblical origin of Neo – in fact Judeo – Darwinian Theory of Evolution

The author already 40 years ago engaged himself in „scientifically suicidal” effort to develop and to promote the LAMARCKIAN concept of evolution. It means the EVOLUTION of biosphere not by ACCIDENTAL mutations and by an EXTERNAL „natural selection”, but by ORGANISMS’ OWN SPONTANEOUS EFFORTS, permitting to improve their control of environment. Author’s efforts had, until now, nearly nul effect, despite the help of such „old authorities” like the famous French zoologist, professor Pierre-Paul Grassé, and the Piagetian School of Genetical Epistemology in Geneva. This is not only the author’s case, Lamarckist works of his colleagues in Geneva, Morris Stroun (deceased in 2007) and Philippe Anker, also of an Australian researcher Edward I. Steele, still have troubles to get accepted in the world dominated by „Americanism: the FourthBig Western Religion” :

In author’s opinion,the following inscription should be posted – in BOLD LETTERS – atentrances to Religious Seminaries and Bio-Science Institutes of NWO (New World Order):

I Will Destroy The Wisdom Of The Wise; The Intelligence Of Intelligent I WillFrustrate

(St Paul, 1Cor. 1:19)

Below are “5 SOLAS” of neo – it means Judeo – Darwinian faith, all of them deduced from the Holy Bible, without whatever other „sinful” sensory inputs:

1. Sola scriptura (neo)darwiniana admissibile est – neoDarwinian writings alone are acceptable in scientific schools

(It is modeled on Lutheran SOLA SCRIPTURA, repeating „God’s Wisdom”of St Paul in 1 Corinthians 4:6- „you may learn from us not to go beyond what is written”.)

2. Solus multiplicatium esentia vitae est – multiplication alone is the essence of life

(It is taken from the book of Genesis 1:22)

3. Soli geni character individuum determinant – genes alone determine the character of an individual

(It is taken from Corinthians 15:36-38 : „What you are sowing is not the body (or somawhich will arise, but the naked grain (germen)… The God gives to every seed the body he intends, for each seed an appropriate for it body”; the idea of such division is present already in Genesis. 1:11-12)

4. Soli incidentes species novus generant – by accidents alone new species arise

(Taken from the “Jehovah oracle” urim-tummim or “light and perfection” of hazardous choices, Exodus, 28: 30.)

5. Sola selectia naturalis motor evolutionis est natural selection alone is the motor of evolution

(It is taken from Lutheran SOLA GRATIA – „For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith (…) it is the gift of God not by works” - Eph. 2:8-9; Rom. 11:6)

These 5 SOLAS OF SCIENTIFIC MIND LIMITATION indicate that the totality of contemporary Darwinian concepts of evolution were  deduced from few simple sentences present in both Old and New Testament. Those concepts are cognitively “empty”, exactly like phenomenologically empty is term YHWH, representing GOD of NOTHINGNESS, a Chimera invented, three milleniums ago, by Israeli priesthood “loving the domination on everything which moves on the earth, in the sky and in the sea”. Of interest is that professor Pierre-Paul Grassé, author of „Evolution of Living Organisms” (1977), already in 1979 has told the author that „neoDarwinian concept of evolution is about NOTHING”. The elementary logic suggests that MANKIND LEAD BY NIHILIST NWO LEADERS, WILL NECESSARILY TURN INTO NEANT – and this not in so distant future.

Addendum 2

13 phenomenological theses” of cardinal Karol Wojtyla (1969 and 1979)

These „luciferic” theses were published in appearing in several Christian languages, revue „Chiesa Viva” from September 2010. This numero was entirely dedicated to the theme „Karol Wojtyla beatified?” – . I quote from the introduction to the chapter „His philosophy”, at page 24 of this revue:

The book, “Person and Action,” is the main philosophical work of Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, who later became Pope John Paul II. It was published in 1969, in Polish (“Osoba i Czyn”). The author wanted to be a phenomenologist, and for this reason he used the “phenomenological method,” using the same “mold” as that of Max Scheler. He wrote without neglecting the classical philosophy, especially the Thomistic philosphy of St. Thomas Aquinas, that he would have liked to upstage it. Phenomenology emphasizes the study of conscious experience. It asserts that one has access to things through an intimate view of being, as we see in our experience, namely the “phenomena” that appear in our consciousness. For this, the so-called “values” are absolute and constant.

(These « values », unnamed by the redactor of « Chiesa viva », Abbé Luigi Villa docteur en théologie, are limited to one, bearing the name of LOGIC, a kind of GOD OF PHILOSOPHERS, remaining in a feud with the « God of Abraham of Isaac and of Jacob » worshipped  – by their obligation – by Christian clergy – MG.)

Luigi Villa continues (…) However, in the book “Person and Action” we don’t find “proofs,” but only questionable teachings in the form of “theses” based on types and methods of phenomenology. The following are some of the 37 “theses,” extracted by Hermann Humpert, from the book of Wojtyla, “Person and Action”.

MG – The „Osoba i czyn” was translated into English, and published in this language in 1979 under the title „The Acting Person”. Its final redaction was an effect of lasting 4 yars collaboration of Wojtyla with „vibrant and vital Dr. Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka”. Despite objections of Vatican officials, this book was endorsed by him as a Pope:

Thesis No. 15 – God is not an historical being who works with man – and man does not cooperate with God, but only acts in cooperation with other men. Religion doesn’t take its origin from divine revelation, but is simply the result of human imagination. The Catholic religion is no different from other cults.

Thesis No. 16 – Divine Revelation is impossible to prove.

Thesis No. 17 – The only real significance of the New Testament is found in the philosophical explanations.

Thesis No. 18 – Each divine mystery is to be considered as a variation or nuance of a system of pure thought. Traditional dogmatic Christianity is one of these erroneous systems.

Thesis No. 21 – A purely human community, united and universal; this is the true Christian church according to the meaning of the Gospel, understood in a new way, quite contrary to the existing totalitarian church.

Thesis No. 22 – The principles of “dialogue” and “neighbor” are those which lead to the salvation of Christianity, not the Revelation of creation, Redemption, or the Universal Judgement.

Thesis No. 24 – Salvation – the self-realization of humanity – doesn’t have an eternal nature. It will not bring to mortal man any resurrection of the body. The naive hope of eternal life – and also the belief in the Assumption and the return of the Lord in His body – must be conceived only symbolically.

Thesis No. 25 – In the other world after death, we will not be rewarded for our good deeds, nor punished for our sins.

Thesis No. 27 – Even those who have helped the world become more civilized will die, and in this way, they will find salvation.

Thesis No. 28 – How can man create his soul so easily? Because he did not create it from nothing, but from existing matter: the animal soul, evolved phylogenetically, which he received from his parents, his ancestors and the apes and he can only improve.

Thesis No. 32 – There is no reason to worry for the souls of aborted babies. They are safe as original sin does not exist.

Thesis No. 33 – There is no need to be baptized or to use other traditional forms of initiation of non-Christians or non-believers. As well there is no need to convert followers of other religions.

Thesis No. 35 – Man is the visible God. To see man is to see God.



iii The spreading at present worldwide TMA values, are propagated in particular by principal heroes of OT: Technique – David, Money – Abraham, and Ass-like sedentary life style – Jacob. It exist a laudatory book on this topics published in 2007 by an American Jewish philosopher David Gelertner „Americanism: the Fourth Big Western Religion”. In 1993 an American ecology-minded mathematician from my (in years 1969-72) U.C. Berkeley, “unabomber” Ted Kaczynski attempted to kill Gelertner.

iv See my website

I’ve noticed that more ponderous readers of my texts agreed my phenomenological argument, that NON MATERIAL, external to Earthlings, GOD cannot pass to them whatever information, by a definition demanding material means of communication; to the contrary, these “truly believing” ones had troubles to admit the triviality of this argument of a physicist.

vi In „Galatians” 1:11-17 St Paul argues: „The Gospel I preach to you is no human invention. No man gave it to me, no man taught it to me; it came to me as a direct revelation from Jesus Christ.… But whenhe who had set me apart before I was born, and had called me through his grace,was pleased to reveal his Son to me, in order that I might preach him among the Gentiles, I did not confer with flesh and blood, nor did I go up to Jerusalem to these who were apostles before me…”

How does this reluctance of St Paul, to meet other apostles, relates to the phrase of Jesus (Mt 18:20): “For where two or three are gathered together in my Name, there am I in the midst of them.”? What would Muslims – which do not believe that Jesus was crucified – say about thisrevelation of Paul? And what would say cardinal Wojtyla, whose thesis no. 15 states: “man does not cooperate with God, but only acts in cooperation with other men”. Wasn’t Saul alias St Paul the most successful – in all Human History – Jewish Chutzpah warrior, realizing the HIDE plan “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; intelligence of intelligent I will thwart(speople will turn into sheeple, forming) one flock, lead by one shepherd, David”?

vii As recalled it pope Benedict XVI in his Lecture at the University of Regensburg in 2006, a very religious French physicist and philosopher Blaise Pascal distinguished between “the God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob” and the God of Philosophers. As an achieved philosopher I confirm that our “God” has the name of LOGIC – it is immaterial, invariant in time and space, and it is a TRUE CREATOR of new concepts andnew behaviors, permitting a better “grip” of the reality both outside us and inside us. And of course, people not obeying SACRED RULES OF LOGIC, are not dignified to be called our neighbors…

viii Somehow the family career of the actual president of USA Drumpf/Trump, and of his sexually attractive wife Melania from Slovenia, resembles the antique business success story of “(God)Father of many nations” Abram/Abraham & his wife-sister Sara, working as “God’s servant to many” at royal courts in Egypt of Pharaohs.

ix “The Origin (Genesis) of the Chosen People Super Species” (2011)

>Organizations like The Institute of Open Society (IOS) of George Soros, and its filia Freedom House (Germ.Freudehaus) are tempting – in the name of Free Market – to change the world into a gigantic Brothel. Thus they are imitating the way of enrichment of biblical Abraham by pushing, both males and females, into slavery of their „Libido dominandi” (Michael Jones, 2005). As wittingly remarked it American satirist George Carlin (1937 – 2008) in the Global Freedom House, “They hold you by your balls”. It is a concise description of properties of a MATRIX (∇) built by Chosen People, which specialize in deconstruction (castration) of natural human psychomotorical potencies.

xi A former priest, professor Ludwik Kostro from Gdansk University, who studied Biblical science at Sacro Cuore University at Rome, has told us that reported in Gospels miracles of Jesus, were “borrowed”, by evangelists, from similar miracles of Greek gods (worshiped in nearby Egypt in a form of unique god Serapis). This in order to make Jesus look more God-like: Jesus at the image of Dionysus changed water into wine, and like Aesculapius he was healing ill and raising from the dead those, which were considered dead.

xiiAfter reading the Encyclical letter “Laborem exercens” of pope JP II, the French sociologist of work, Allain Tourraine called publicly, at Rencontres Intellectuelles Internationales in Geneva in 1984, the papal ideology a NEOJUDAISM. According to Matthew Arnold, the Judaist mindset represents an opposition of broadminded thinking. I am from a family, which knew cardinal Wojtyla, and his catholic friends in Cracow had rather broadminded views. What has happen with him in Vatican? In all evidence an impulse, to make out of him a “warrior” against the “heresy of communism”, the pope received on May 13 1981, at the occasion of anniversary of “miracle of Fatima”: were bullets in Ali Agca’s gun only incapacitating ones, destined to give a mafia-style “painful lesson” to the pope? Had Wojtyla to choose – at the operating table of the “Gemelli” clinics – between the long life, full of interesting travels worldwide, and his own extinction like other “disobedient” world leaders: John Kennedy in 1963, Martin Luther King in 1968 and the Pope John Paul I, only two months prior to Wojtyla’s investiture in October 1978? (Of interest is that another fighter against the “Empire of Evil”, American president Ronald Reagan received nearly identical “painful lesson” three months earlier in Washington; he also was “reanimated” for four hours at the operating table there.) What had in mind the Italian judge Rosario Priori, who investigated, in 1990, once again the attack against the pope? In an article published in „La Stampa” in 2009, he stated that „Wanda Poltawska, la grande amica di Giovanni Paolo II … is a depositor of most terrible secrets of this pontificate, for example she knows a lot about the attack in piazza San Pietro”.

xiiiThe God of Old Testament is invisible, and hence the ideal ruler of Israel should be – like in Mafia – invisible too”. This was the opinion of professor of antropology and gematry, Andrzej Wiercinski from Warsaw, who 25 years ago has helped the author to complete his „War of Gods” brochure. Only after Wiercinski’s death in 2003, the author has learned that he was a Jew. The invisible” Deep State, ruling in USA today, is an example of a realization of such HIDE business plan.

xivIn JP II encyclical letter „Laborem exercens” (1981), which become “declaration of ideas” of multimillion movement of Polish “Solidarity”, we find such Revelation: THROUGH WORK man must … contribute to the continual advance of science and technology … The expression “subdue the earth” has an immense range. It means all the resources that the earth contains and which, through the conscious activity of man, can be discovered and used for his ends … We see clearly, first of all, that capital cannot be separated from labour; in no way can labour be opposed to capital or capital to labour, and still less can the actual people behind these concepts be opposed to each other,Work is a good thing for man, a good thing for his humanity-because through work man not only transforms nature, adapting it to his own needs, but he also achieves fulfillment as a human being, etc.

xv Zbigniew Jaworowski: „Radiation hormesis – A remedy for fear” (2010)

xvi /I/RSA = Irritation (for ex. Irradiation or vaccine injection) RegenerationSuperregenerationAssociation of a Conditioned Reflexes, better counteracting subsequent organism’s damages. More in „Living Beings (Zoon) – Creator of In-Formation” (2013)

xvii Loooking from the point of view of Laws of Biology (which are rejected both by the Church, and by Darwinism dominated Scientific Laboratories), the unlimited acceptance of technical innovations automatically suppresses, especially in youngsters, their natural psychomotorial development. It leads thus to a civilization disease being a kind of (hereditary in a longer term) autism of people unable to distinguish between living and not living objects, and retaining their childish egoism in their adult age. A similar “non maturation” is observed also at the micro scale, during the development of ordinary cancers, springing from the residue of non fully differentiated, retaining their “embrionic” character cells of various tissues. In healthy organisms such “individualist” behaviors of non matured cells are suppressed by immunological system, which children develop in early infancy. The sterilization of TMA dominated counties eliminates “filth”, which acts as “adjuvants” (invigorating hormetic agents) stimulating the immune system maturation. In case the human internal immunological system is not strong enough, it is not able to “teach” residual embrionic cells to abandon their preponderance to “multiply and consume” all nutritients they find. Leading thus to overgrowths of “embriono-like” tumors, parasiting on healthy tissues. And this is what are preparing, not only for our children, parasiting on elementary human ignorance, activists of the present „antivaccination” paranoia. 

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M.G. PAN w Z-nem (29 – 3 Discussions): on “Jewish Origin of Communism” and of “G-d of Israel as eine Attrappe of Brahma”

I got a number of letters concerning the „Jewish origin of success of Comunist Revolution in Russia”, which were inspired by my text “Is God of Israel eine Attrappe of Hindu Brahma?“. To make the discussion more centered on this topics, I invited to participate in it 27 ADULT (age 40+) INDIVIDUALS, principally these ones, which wrote to me just prior to Christmas 2017: 8 Poles, 6 Russians/Ukrainians, 4 Français (un s’est revelé Muslim du Proche Orient), 3 Slovaks, 1 German, 1 Austral English, 4 of female gender; 4 claiming to be of Jewish origin, 7-8 holders of US/Candian passeport or the like document. 13 of them took an active part in discussions, which resumés I emailed on Dec. 23, Dec. 25 and Dec. 27. I feel obligated to disclose texts of these, nearly “globalist” exchanges of views, to a larger audience of my friends and correspondents. 

Resumé of the First Discussion,  Dec. 23, 2017:

Herboris” (which turned to be the “Great Middle East” porte parole) wrote:

(…) je n’ai jamais accepté l’idée d’un complot judéo-bolchévique (chère à de nombreux négationnistes ou antisémites viscéraux, en tout cas anticommunistes) quand bien même Lénine (ou les autres membres du Politburo) serait 1/4 ou 1/8 juif ou 100% juif. (etc.)

(I never accepted the idea of a Judeo-Bolschevic conspiracy (which is dear to many negationists or visceral antisemites, and in particular in case of anticommunists), no matter if Lenin (or other members of Politbureau) were ¼, 1/8 or 100% Jews. /…/ In short, my simple personal hypothesis is that Jews were overrepresented in marxist movements due to the fact that they were finding in it, for the first time in their history, an answer different than the withdrawal (from contacts with other peoples) or supremacist or revangist goals.)

MG – I do agree with Herboris, I recall that I was baptized 75 years ago in montanious Zakopane; about my godmother you may read here:

Vineyard Saker (where from?)

First, it is true that MANY non-Jews played a key role in the very early Soviet regime, then Jews began to be more and more prominent (while other groups such as the nobility were overall becoming less influential) until Stalin when their numbers were lowered once again. 

Second, authors like Dikii, Solzhenitysn and others were not devoid of bias and they worked with very imperfect figures.

Third, having some state body with X number of people inside does not at all mean that each individual member accounts for 1/X% of its power – people have different positions and personalities.

What Putin was saying is that Jews accounted for 80% of the members of the original ruling elites of Bolshevik Russia.  I find his finding absolutely reasonable and I agree with his evaluation.

MG – As a Pole I do disagree, Poles of „szlachta” (gentry) decedence played an important role in installation of Lenin’s regime too. Moreover, 95-100 years ago, in early SU, Jews were not as dominant as they are dominant at present in RF. (The best example of this fact: the exposé of Vlad Putin during the opening of Chabad-Lubawitch Museum in Moscow in 2013)

Kosovo Serbia (from USA?)

Here is just the kind of book you need to sort these facts out. You will notice that what is being claimed is just cover-up. This book is hard to find but I was able to find it for you. Save it just in case. Privet!

(…) Make sure you go through it and find pages and pages of Jews in early Soviet Government. It is damning.

Dick Eastman (from USA?)

In 1918 Britain and America were intervening and the White Russians under Kalchak had not been defeated.  It was not clear that the first Polit Bureau would not be captured and executed in the coming months.  After the Allied Expeditonary forces were removed and the White Russians eliminated was a different matter.  So what did the Polit Bureau of 1920 and 1921 look like?

I quote from Wikipedia: The original members of the Politburo were Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin, Lev Kamenev and Nikolai Krestinsky. (Krestinsky was a son of a teacher form gentry like W. I. Lenin; Lenin did not know that one of his grandfathers converted from Judaism to Christianity in 1820, it means 50 years prior to Lenin’s birth!) In 1921 the well educated as a lawyer, Krestinski left Politbureau. This in order to become an ambassador in Germany, which was vital for young SU. Krestinski was sentenced to death in 1938, like two other Jewish members of Politb.Kamenev and Zinoviev (this last one supplanted Krestinski in Politb. in 1921).

Peter Myers (from Australia)

Peter wrote, among others:

(1) Within the Politburo, Jews predominated in the early years of the Soviet Union: this single fact shows that Jews created the Soviet Union.

MG – But there was one person, not belonging neither to Politb. nor CC (Council of Commissairs), which IN PRACTICE had more to say on INTERNAL LIFE of young SU than all Jews (and hidden Jews) in Politb. and CC together, including Trotski (who become relegated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of World‘s Revolution). This person was Felix Dzierzhynski from impoverished Polish gentry, who apart of fighting succesfully with natural in SU corruption and sabotage, has ordered 1300 catholic priests to leave Russia, mainly for Poland, sparing them gulag’s adventure. He ordered also tenths of potentially hostile to communism intellectuals to do the same (among them this „paulinized mentecaptus” Nicolai Bierdiaev).

At the same time Dzierzhynski organized a decent life and education for more than million of parentless „bezprizornyje” children left after the civil war. And the vice-chief – and after death of Dzierzhynski, the chief of Tcheka – was comte Vyacheslav Menzhynski, of Polish origin too, who “personally conducted the wrecking of the Russian banks, a maneuver that deprived all opponents of Bolshevikism of their financial means of warfare.” Menzhynski knew 20 languages, nearly 3 times more than I do! As maintains it dr Jan Ciechanowicz from Soviet Lithuania, in years 1920 the internal language of Tcheka was Polish, Lenin knew this language and his wife Nadiezhda Krupska (fom Polish russified gentry) has forced him to baptize second time, in a catholic rite, in order to marry her in a catholic church! (By the way, Krupska for more than 20 years played the role of Minister of Education, imposing the totalitarian schooling system copied from Plato’s “Republics”!) The book on this topics has the title:

(2) In contrary of Peter Myers assertion that „Jews created the Soviet Union” and „Communism was a Jewish idea”, the baptized at age of 6, Karl Marx entirely negated, in his works, the so-called „Jewish approach to the life”(see the cocluding part of his „On the Jewish Question” from 1844). In his philosophy he relied in praticular (1) on unreligious Greek philosopher Epicurus (the theme of Marx’s doctor’s thesis), (2) on Hegel‘s concepts of history, (3) on works of his German friend Frederich Engels, thanks to whom he and his works survived, and (4) on Polish catholic „prometeist philosopher of practice”, comte August Cieszkowski, a member of Prussian Parliament from the Poznan county.

(3) As the remark of Peter „Bertrand Russell attested the Jewish role in creating Bolshevism, in a letter he wrote in 1920 just after visiting the USSR”, I wrote something like this:

It is an interesting question in itself, why intellectuals of Anglosaxon descendence, as well as publishers located principally in England and US (see above), are putting so much stress on JEWISH ORIGIN OF COMMUNIST REGIMES. As a philosopher I have to recall that according to a very religious Swedish philosopher Swedeborg „people see what they are themselves”. And during my graduate studies (of geophysics) at UC Berkeley, USA 48-45 years ago, I observed that (ELITE) ANGLOSAXONS ARE JEWS MORE THAN JEWS. This my observation was reinforced by an article, which I received a dozen years ago from Allain de Benoist (from French aristocracy of course). This article, written in 1920ies, was demonstrating up to which point the English aristocracy was intermaried with Jews (and Jewess). Ad it is since the biblical story of slaughter of „3000 thousands of brothers and sons”, by Moses Levies under Mt. Sinai, Anglosaxon leaders of Judeo-Christian Civilization, reading and re-reading the OT, acquired a (hereditary?) habit to PROJECT THEIR OWN CRIMES ONTO PEOPLE, WHICH THEY INTEND TO DENIGRATE (or even EXTERMINATE). I suspect that this was the case of Bertrand Russel, who during his visit to Soviet Union in early 1920, saw so many SEMITIC FACES among the rulig elite there.

 Merry (7526/2017) Christmas anyway

Profitting from the ccasion of this Christian festivity, I recall the following a) my cousin, a retired mountain guide from „Goralenvolk”, maintains that Jesus from Nazareth was a communist; b) Dzierzhynski during his youth wanted to become a catholic priest; c) Talmud pretends that Jesus was a son of Roman officer of a Greek descend; d) Polish historian from Petersburg University, Tadeusz Zielinski in a book „Hellenism and Judaism” (1927) pretends that Jesus represented Hellenic culture among narrowminded Jews (vide St. Paul). Zielinski left SU in 1918, but returned there in 1920-22 to work at Petrograd’s University, Jewish Russian poet Osip Mandelstam was his student at that time:

In order not to be without a visible support, I copy once more a collective photograph of (according to Bertrand Russel) PERCEPTIBLY SEMITIC FACES of Soviet Governement in January 1918. And the national and social composition of this governement, in the period between October 1917 – January 1918 is copied below: 

(-) Председатель Совета народных комиссаров Владимир Ульянов (Ленин)

  • Нарком по внутренним делам А. И. Рыков (from farmer’s family; executed in 1938)
  • Нарком земледелия В. П. Милютин (from teacher’s family; executed in 1937)
  • (-) Нарком труда А. Г. Шляпников (from “old orthodox Christian” family; executed in 1937)
  • Наркомат по военным и морским делам — комитет, в составе:
  •  В. А. Овсеенко (Антонов) (?)
  •  Н. В. Крыленко (from inteligentsia; executed in 1938)
  • (-)  П. Е. Дыбенко (from Ukrainian Cossac’s family; executed in 1938)
  • Нарком по делам торговли и промышленности В. П. Ногин (from poor bourgeois family)
  • Нарком народного просвещения А. В. Луначарский (from mixed Russian intelligentsia-aristocracy family)
  • (-) Нарком финансов И. И. Скворцов (Степанов) (from worker’s family)
  • (-) Нарком по иностранным делам Л. Д. Бронштейн (Троцкий) (Bronstein/Trotski)
  • Нарком юстиции Г. И. Оппоков (Ломов) (from gentry; executed in 1938)
  • Нарком по делам продовольствия И. А. Теодорович (from Polish gentry; executed in 1937)
  • Нарком почт и телеграфов Н. П. Авилов (Глебов) (from craftsman family; executed in 1937)
  • (-) Нарком по делам национальностей И. В. Джугашвили (Сталин) (from Georgian craftsman family)
  • Пост народного комиссара по делам железнодорожным остался временно не замещенным.
  • Исаак Захарович Штейнберг (Steinberg, from Jewish merchand family; in 1923 he left SU and subsequently lived in Germany, England and Australia)Борис Давидович Камков (настоящая фамилия Кац; from Jewish intelligentsia; executed in 1937)
  • Владимир Дмитриевич Бонч-Бруевич (from Polish-Lithuanian aristocracy)
  • Владимир Евгеньевич Трутовский (from Russian gentry; executed in 1937)
  • Прош Перчевич Прошьян (Прошян) (from Armenian intelligentsia)
  • Александра Михайловна Коллонтай (урождённая — Домонтович; from Polish-Russian aristocracy)
  • Кокшарова, Елизавета Константиновна (?)
  • Николай Ильич Подвойский  (son of Ukrainian orthodox priest)
  • Николай Петрович Горбунов (from Russian inteligentsia; executed in 1938)
  • Владимир Иванович Невский (настоящее имя Феодосий Иванович Кривобоков (Кривобок) (from rich merchand family, probably Jewish; executed in 1937) 
  • Александр Васильевич Шотман (Schottmann, from Finnish worker’s family; executed in 1937)
  • Георгий (Ю́рий) Васильевич Чичерин (from Baltic German aristocracy)

Resumé of the Second Discussion,  Dec. 26:

American exceptionalism is an ideology holding the United States as unique among nations in positive or negative connotations, with respect to its ideals of democracy and personal freedom … “American Exceptionalism” is purported to have originated in the Soviet regime of Joseph Stalin as a means to condemn those who suggested the U.S. was impervious to communist ideals. (from Wikipedia)
The “Polish Christmas” is going to be finished, and it is the time to sum up the dicussion of 26 “chosen by their internet activity” participants. I invited to participate in its closing up two Acting Persons, from whom I got – just after forming this group – Christmas greetings. They are Gilad Atzmon (a political refugee from Israel according to him), and Jesuit priest Leszek Balczewski, an elder colleague of mine during our physics studies, 57-52 years ago at UJ Kraków
The Principal question to answer (during this part of discussion) was : Hi Marek, what do you mean you got this list (of Jewish names of practically ALL Russian Elite, both 100 yrs ago and today)  from Russia Today???
(I purposefully wrote “Russia Today” for Nina Sidorova (the sender of this list) has e-address, indicating that she writes from – virtual as it turned up – Russia Today.
Yesterday, Dec. 25 she wrote to my “comrade in arms’ Israel Shamir:
Mr. Shamir, The Article that Marek sent to you stated the truth! I am, Ms. Nina Sidorova, sent this article to Marek.
The Satanists- Fascists- Jews are hiding under taking by them false Russian last names since 2018 when they were allowed to change their last names after Jewish criminal Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. (I understood that she had in mind the year 1918) … The Satanic Fascist Pedophile Jewry must be destroyed! If would want to survive, the Judo- Satans must be destroyed!   These animals committed genocide of Russian people and other people in Russia, and now these animals commit genocide of many other nations on the world, including Palestinians and Americans.
It turned that “Nina S. from California” publishes her texts at surely Russian Today website (which “Christian Orthodox” website specializes in such historical  revelations:

Рабство в СССР – теория и практика. Голодомор как инструмент большой политики)

In the above marked “Important!” article, Nina has described her personal adventures with the US higher education system in 1990ies; from it it turns that in all evidence, she is in a posession of at least “green card” of a resident of California.
Moreover, she admits in it that the bulk of information about the Jewish criminal Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, she got from an American politician David Duke. It happened that in May 2004 in Kiev hotel “Sport” I ate a breakfest with this renomed David, demanded to do it by my “comrade in arms” Israel Shamir, to be a kind of his “chaperon”.
Later on the same day, at the Kiev MAUP Academy, we heared an impressive speech of this White American Antisupremacist, and I was forced to stand up for a whole minute in order to commemorate 6 million od victims of Hlodomor at Soviet Ukraine in early years 1930 – this of course due to genocidal projects of Jewish Bolshevik criminals. For I was sitting in the first row in front of a speaker, I wanted then to stand up and to demand an another minute of silence to commemorate the disappearance, in 19 century, of millions of Native American Indians, exterminated by ANGLOSAXON forefathers of David Duke.
In all evidence the presented to us, by Nina Sidorova, shoddy FULL LIST OF JEWS WHICH CHANGED THEIR NAMES was prepared by the same “Russkaja Pravoslavnaja Cerkov Zagranicej”, which has informed David Duke about the Hlodomor at Ukraine in 1930ies. A closer research has indicated that the symbolical “Patriarch” of this “Russian Orthodox Church in USA” in 1930ies was an American Media Mogul Hearst (probably of Jewish origin).
Below I copied, for the post-Christmas relaxation, a part of Adendum to my article from 2015, in which I demonstrated that at the beginning of 1930ies it was in USA where official US Census Bureau indicated the disapearance of about 7 million of workless Americans. Here are precise tables:

a) The diminishment of USA population (principally children, which were the most affected by the hunger) during the Geat Depression of 1930-32:

b) The absence of diminishment of overall Soviet population during the IMAGINARY HLODOMOR in EASTERN UKRAINE (its Ukrainian  population, during the census of 1937, massively declared itself to be Russian):

c) The population of Soviet “gulags” never was greater than 1% of total Soviet population, the mortality in these “reeducational camps” was negligible, except the initial period of WW2, when the food, comfort and medical service was scarce; also the number of death sentences during Stalin purges 1937-39 was about 180 thousand, and not 3 millions as claimed it Solzenitzyn:

The Resumé of the Third Discussion,  Dec. 27- 29 :

The unexpected introduction

Thanks to the member of PAN w Z-nem, Bruno Chapinski from Florida, I received an interesting report in National Geographic Magazine – The Revolution in Russia – Vol. XVIII No.5 MAY 1907, by William Eleroy Curtis. Among other details it provides the exact composition of the first Russian Parliament (Douma) of 1905. Among its 450 members there were 51 Poles and only 13 Jews.

As the situation on Universities in 1905 was concerned, Curtis writes:

The students in the universities are debarred because they are all revolutionists. A recent canvass of the University of Odessa illustrates the political sentiments of the students:

Social Democrats…………… 777

Social Revolutionists……… 712

Octoberists……………………. 317

Constitutional Democrats… 167

Labor Reformers…………….. 167

Total against government…. 1,823

Total for government……….. 317

In some of the universities the students are unanimous against the government. Everyone of them is a revolutionist, and because they insist upon holding revolutionary meetings, making revolutionary speeches, and singing revolutionary songs in the buildings and on the campus, the government has closed all of the nine universities in Russia.

(Please remember that at that time Jews formed a MINORITY at Universities, a fact known from Poland, where Jews were at lest 3 times more numerous than in the rest of the Empire). Concerning directly Jews this author writes:

THE VENGEANCE OF THE JEWS Perhaps these reforms are the cause of the present tranquillity, because the revolutionary leaders nearly all belong to the Jewish race and the most effective revolutionary agency is the Jewish Blind. which has its headquarters at Bialystok (Poland), where the massacre occurred last June. The government has suffered more from that race than from all of its other subjects combined. Whenever a desperate deed is committed it is always done by a Jew, and there is scarcely one loyal member of that race in the entire Empire … I might enumerate a hundred other revolutionary leaders and everyone of them would be a Jew. … Every deed of that kind is done by Jews, and the massacres that have shocked the uni verse, and occurred so frequently that the name “pogrom” was invented to describe them, were organized and managed by the exasperated police authorities in retaliation for crimes committed by the Jewish revolutionists.

These 110 years old observations are valid also today, and this not only in the Middle East. But except robberies and murders at big scale, which are amply documented already in OT, were/are Jews able to collaborate in a construction of such enormous, technics saturated Machine in a form of USSR? Or they were principally specialized in furnishing 1/3 of Soviet gulag’s guardians and 1/3 of these gulags inmates?

Let us return to the principal subject.

For the New Year 2018 is approaching rapidly, so I propose to everybody with conflicting worldviews (also concerning the “Flat Earth” hypothesis), to accept few words born from ideas professed by thinkers not linked with the “Heavenly Jerusalem”, but  with the earthly, antique Dolphi mountain shrine:

Recollection of the HELLENIST PROGRAM for the Oncoming Year 7526/2018

Ancient Israel (like Usrael Today) was (is) the exact opposite of Hellas

– Tad. Zielinski, The Religion of Ancient Greece (1918)

1. (Acquired) Ignorance is the source of OBJECTIVE EVIL (Socrates).

2. Promoters of Ignorance we have to treat like colonizing us parasites (vide Felix Dziershynski vs. Nicolai Berdyaev in 1922).

3. The program of sanitation of Christian (et al.) Minds was published on p. 24 of “Chiesa Viva”, Sept. 2010 in “13 Phenomenological theses” of John Paul II.

As my worldview is considered, I do believe that there is ONE UNITARIAN GOD, called LOGICS, which laws are Invariant in Time and Space in the Universe. And that the forbidden by the Church for nearly 1000 years Aristotle was ITS APOSTLE. Its opposition, called MISOLOGOS, become personified by Hating The Logical Reasoning  Saul from Tarsus, which HUMANOID (a man-looking being, not yet fully equipped with the associative cortex) made a career among Christians under the name of St. Paul. This fake „13 apostle” of Crucified Christ, with time become the true Godfather of the so called New World Order. His KILLING Logical Reasoning5 SOLAS”, embraced by Protestants, made of this Hebrew of Hebrews, by a law a Pharisee, the MOST CRIMINAL BIPED, which ever walked on the Planet Earth. This in agreement with an observation of Socrates that people are good by their nature, and that they are becoming evil due to the IGNORANCE they willingly accept(Original Sin does not exist! The thesis 32 of JPII.

From these statements it is LOGICAL that the belief in TRANSCENDENTAL (remaining outside the Universe) Immaterial God Creator is EVIL (thesis no. 18 of JPII). Such a chimeric being, not having (demanded by Aristotle) material means, which are necessary to transmit an INFORMATION to its supposed creatures, by its necessary inaction (thesis no. 25) stimulates human IGNORANCE – thus making „his – it means its – children” prone to follow attracting them Artificial Lights of Technics, of Money and of Ass centered, completely Infantilized Civilization. Such man-invented ”God” (thesis no. 15) become the Creator of ever more sterile J-Ch. Civilisation of Haters of Eros-driven Living Nature.

As I was taught by a competent in religious affairs professor Vladymir Pawluczuk, Judaism and Western Christianity is based on belief in a Transcendental God, Eastern Christianity is centered on an Immanent (existing only inside living beings) One, while Muslims told me that their Allah has both forms. Pawluczuk is a convinced Marxist from Orthodox Polesie. I heard him saying in public that „Marxism differs by only a thin hair from Confucianism”. Both philosophies are „godless”, both leave to able students an open way to highest posts in respective regimes, both are cherishing the value of a community, trying to suppress antisocial behaviors of egoist individuals.

It is true that (in the discussion emailed Dec. 26)  I’ve PROVOCATIVELY wrote, instead of “today’s Russia, RUSSIA TODAY’. I did this in order to underline the GREATNESS of TODAY’S MUTATION OF RUSSIA – which enormous country very quickly turns into a copy of USA today (in small letters).

Where is the MOTOR of this RAPID MUTATION? In this respect Nina, with her hysterical tone – is right: it is the Jewish Chabad Lubavitch Sect (which was banned from Soviet Union after the “Jewish criminal Bolshevik Revolution”). This sect was welcomed in Russia by Vlad Put(a)in and his advisor (from USA) Berl Lazar. In 2004 at MAUP in Kiev we heared Edward Hodos (the head of Liberal Jewish Community in Charkov) explaining to us, up to which point, the detailed plans of dismantling of the Soviet industry were prepared in Chabad Lubawitch headquarters, at Brooklyn in New York. (Plans to end up with communism in Eastern Europe were prepared in Vatican too, during meetings of Pope John Paul II with the head of CIA William Cassey). 

And I have a very precise opinion about the role, which is playing the “cigarette baron” Miropolite Kyrill Gundyev in RUSSIA TODAY (in Capital Letters) assuring the Mental Transformation of Russian People under the supervision of Russian Orthodox Church. What this “mental transformation” is about? An answer to it has furnished, exactly hundred years ago, V.I. Lenin (whose father Ulianov, according to S. Kosiewski at “Sowa” website, has bought the title of a nobleman). This “картавый балагур” (“a messy joker?”) has expressed himself very clearly:

Or the (October) revolution wins over the louse, or louse win over the revolution

It means that not only Nina Sidorova and her “mental tutor” David Duke, but also these ones, indicated above in BOLD, prominent names of Today’s Russia, are engaged in a process of changing Eastern part of Europe into a fertile pasture for the Exceptional Louse People.


On Dec. 28 « Herboris » enriched the Dec. 27 Discussion with the following letrel:


I am “unilaterally” taking the liberty to remove the Vineyard Saker from the list of recipients as I understand that he may have eventually got “drunk” by such a discussion. May he enjoy in peace happy moments among his grapevines, far from this battlefield…

Since some of you may not know, let me say first that I hail from that bloody region dubbed Middle East, or, better said, to the extended so-called “Great Middle East” according to the remodelled definition by George Bush and Aunt Condie…

What I wish to point out here is that Palestinians (as mentioned in one of the messages – by Ms. Nina Sidorova, if I mistake not) do not stand in the way of USraelis for the same reason as activists as her, or people like David Duke.

For most far-right organisations, Usraelis have (not less than) just killed their God… This may sound absurd in the first instance, as, logically, there would not have been any Christianity should Judaism and its Old Testament scriptures had not existed, would it? The roots of the so-called anti-Semitism (or name it as you may like: “hatred towards Jews”…) are to be found there and whence the historic struggle for power between Jews and the Catholic Church.

1-Example: in France, Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the far-right party, was critical of Jews and even Usrael (although one day he revealed that he was “a great friend of Israel”…). Like Duke and others, he never forgot to mention Palestinians to support his arguments. Then came a day when her daughter inherited the throne. Surprisingly, she almost made a U-turn (let us say a 180 degree turn) regarding the policy of her father’s national party towards USrael. IN her view, Usraelis likely appeared closer to her “Judaeo-Christian” identity than Palestinians…

Anyway, Palestinians don’t blame the Yahood (this is the name for “Jews” in Arabic, synonym, in their daily speak, of “Usraelis”) for killing a God, first of all because they do not believe in Jesus as a God but as a simple man as their own prophet… The same goes for redemption, crucifixion (MG – see the thesis no. 22 of JPII), but also for other complex reasons (please read or re-read their book)…

2-Example: see how the present-day Palestinian president (M. Abbas) has been defending for decades now, the relevancy of endless “Middle East “Peace” Talks”…. “Change the “sponsor”" now? So what ?…

I believe that champions of “October 1917 as a Jewish conspiracy” would be more credible should that Revolution had taken place after 1948. Wouldn’t have we been able then to see if, yes or no, leaders of the late-lamented Soviet Union, blindly ended lining up with USrael on any occasion, out of mere “Jewish” atavism? Indeed, isn’t what one can see today in the “West” among progressive (including marxist) intellectuals ? Each time USrael’ security is supposedly put into question or jeopardised, one can see them occupying the media tot defend the “right of USrael” to live in peace.

Unfortunately, Trostky (Jewish) passed away before the fateful above year. It would have been interesting to see what would have been his position in this respect (not that of the sects that mushroomed all over the world after his death): the same as Lenin’s followers ? Only God can tell…

In sum, you may warn against the great Soviet Revolution as a Jewish plot (and even expect a Second “Bolshevik” Revolution [don't laugh] on behalf of the Democratic Party in the US…), in the name of the Catholic Church or whatever you want, but please, I beg of you…, do not mention Palestinians. This is because the collapse (sorry, the destruction) of the Soviet Union represents the second greatest catastrophe for them, as an unprecedented article published in a French highly popular Jewish-Bolshevik tribune (the equivalent of Alex Jones in the USA) shows:

In French here. In Dr Lejzer Zamenohf (a Polish Jew)’s favourite language there. Select other relevant languages (Russian-Ukrainian, Polish, etc.) from the same URL.

Thank you for your kind attention.


(During editing, Dec. 27 evening, the above Resumé, I received an sms send by one of Polish-Tatar philocommunist colleague included into the “discussion list” above:The Suez Canal 160 km without any (imposed by Earth’s surface curvature) bending of its water surface”. As a holder of the M.A. in Geophysics, got at Berkeley on Dec. 19, 1970, I have a funny association concerning this recent “Flat Earth” discovery.

Namely, enthusiasts of the ”Flat Earth Mission Galactic Freedom are ignorant that already in 3rd century BC, Greek geometers in Egypt, measuring (with use of gnomons of equal height) the inclination of Sun at noon, in points distant roughly 160 km along flowing South-North Nile, have calculated, using Thales theorem, the radius of the  Earth. Their result differs only 1 pct. from contemporary measurements. In case water table of 160 km long Suez Canal, which is practically perpendicular to Nile, is ideally flat – as claim it missionaries of the FEMGF - the Earth must have the shape of an East-West oriented cylinder. This especially in the vicinity of the Holy Land, where so many wonderfull – like this Purim one – miracles have happen in the past. This recent discovery, of the Mission of Galactic Freedom, fits very well the prodigeous history of “the New Israel” in the New World called (together with its Middle-East metastasis) USrael. To point only at the Moon 1969 early USrael’s landing, with their lunar vehicle having rubber tyres. In all evidence these tyres were sturdy enough not to break into pieces in temperatures less than -150 degrees Celsius!

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PAN w Z-nem (29 Ang A): 2 Comments + Addenda + Conclusions to „ Is God of Israel eine ATRAPPE of Hindu BRAHMA?

2 Ultimate Comments + Addenda + Conclusions to „ Is God of Israel eine ATRAPPE of Hindu BRAHMA – Creator of Universe?”

Ultimate Comments to „a really a mazy interwoven topic”

1500 words

Herboris”, the initiator of an emailed discussion „Is G-d of Israel eine Atrappe of Hindu Brahma?” has commented my recent „Addenda and Conclusions” text (below), in a longer e-letter, from which I copied these remarks:

Marek and happy folks,

[[ M.G. - HAPPY FOLKS are these, like this old Socrates, which FEEL FREE to reflect what is good and what is evil; by a contrast, UNHAPPY ones are those like this Russian MENTECAPTUS ( "seized by the mind"Nikolai Berdyaev, which felt compulsion to suppress in himself the greatest jewel of a Mature Man (and Woman), namely their Aristotelian RATIONAL SOULin his „Philosophy of Freedom” (1911) he annouced the following Principle of Christian Imbecility: „Christian gnosis demands an act of selfrenunciation, of renunciation of gnostic pride, of pretention to reason in rational terms”. Thanks to such deconstructions” of minds, we got these ubuesque, both Christian and Darwinian „5 SOLAS”, outlineded in the Principal text ]]

Herboris” continued:

Thanks a lot for these great updates underpinned by a compilation work I cannot conceive of (its complexity)…  I gather you did not yet receive “serious comments” as you put it, because it is really a mazy interwoven topic. Few people, including scholars, can encompass so many fields of knowledge as you: the knowledge of religions, their history and their interactions through that bloody History. (…) going back to the parallel between Judaism and Hinduism, you now have mentioned the following core points:

- The linguistic Brahma/Abraham similarities

- The Castes system that the Hebrews would have applied to themselves (The Jewish people as the Brahmin-like chosen-by-God people);

- How God described himself to Moses the Vedas-like way (“I am Who I am”)

You should not also forget the question (obsession for) of Purity (in Leviticus, among others) that is a significant trait of Judaism as a special religion. Jesus rejected most of these rules … As for Muhammad, let’s point out here that he adopted some of these jewish rules (regarding pork, purity before praying and so on).So, the new revolutionary revelation here is that the Purity rules of the Hebrews may have been a culturally adopted (once again) version of one of the Hindu codex, the Manu one… Check by yourself and you will be amazed….

M.G. – In my opinion this Purity has its origin in Hindu Jainism, and in a textWhy do Jain people relatively have more money? (1% Jains contribute 24% of GDP of India!), I found an explanation of their economic success, similar to the one in case of rich Jews. Already years ago I’ve read that Jains are pretty hypocritical, they are afraid to kill an ant while walking, while in relations with the less opulent they follow the pattern described in a Book of Sirach, chapter 13.  Come Carpentier de Gourdon has more to say on this topics.

But there is one, very VISIBLE link between Judaism and scenes of sexual love embellishing not only famous Hindu medieval temples but also modest Nepalese pagodas. Already since several years I am underlining the influence of TANTRA effeminizing symbols onto medieval cabbalistic thinkers. In a lengthy text MIND INSIDE GENITALIA -The Origin (Genesis) of the Chosen People Super Species (from 2011) I remarked:

>Indeed, according to the Tantra, the triangle directed upwards on the flag of Israel symbolizes male sex (Δ – penis, ‘Hrim’, Shiva), while the triangle pointing downwards symbolizes female sex (∇ – vulva, ‘Om’, Shakti). These Hindu Tantra symbols, wholeheartedly accepted by medieval, obligatorily male, cabbalists – and than by Jews in general and Zionists in particular – have one troubling aspect, usually unseen by enthusiasts of the flag of Israel. Namely Tantra (Is) The Cult Of  The Feminine. (…) In an email, which I received on November 5, 2011, Israel Shamir, in an article titled “Unmanning the Man wrote:

The great conspiratorial mind and modern Russian prophet Alexandre Dugin declared that there is an ancient female conspiracy that aims to return us to a Matriarchy. … I think the reality is worse than Dugin’s wildest conspiracy. There is an understanding between the holders of power that feminised men are easier to control. Unmanning men is a linchpin in the reprogramming of mankind into an obedient herd, because strong men are unpredictable. Strong men are prone to rebellion, ready for sacrifice and primed for action. It is no coincidence that the enemies of Empire are all masculine males, be they Qaddafi, Castro, Chavez, Lukashenko, Putin – or Julian Assange. It appears the men have been targeted for elimination; the working ants need no sex.”

And I continued in a sub-chapter There is no God but Genitalia, and (etc…)”:

>It is worth to observe that if we substitute, in the Holy Bible texts, the word LORD by HUMAN GENITALIES, than the whole history of Western Civilization becomes easy to interpret as the march of MALE GENITALIANS (Δ) towards their ‘beloved GOD’ in a form of an ever expanding MATRIX (∇)Here are examples:

(see points 1 – 5)

>6.      Organizations like The Institute of Open Society (IOS) of George Soros, and its filia Freedom House (Germ. Freudehaus) are trying – in the name of Free Market – to change the world into a gigantic Brothel. (“Americanism is the ideology of intellectual prostitution” – it is not the opinion of only John Swinton and Zbigniew Jankowski.) [[ According to priest philosopher Jozef Tischner, who frequently visited Vatican during the Wojtyla (JP II) papacy, at the Holy See practically no one believes in God, so highest officials there, including Popes, must feel like intellectual prostitutes, making official speeches and writing their pious encyclical letters…]]

>7.     The Freudian psychoanalysis, typical for so-called ‘Jewish mindset’, is saturated with overtly genitalian associations, (…) including the famous Freudian Anus, the surrogate of vagina (∇) for homosexuals.

>8.      In the Global Freedom House (Germ. Freudehaus), as wittingly observed it American satirist George Carlin (1937 – 2008) “They hold you by your balls). It is a concise description of properties of MATRIX (∇) built by Chosen People, which specialize in deconstruction (castration) of natural human psychomotorical potencies.

>9.      The Tantro-bourgeois-Zionist “cult of the feminine” necessarily imposes SOFT methods of “Conquest Without the Use of Force”. (…) Today practically all more “hard” social systems become subverted by a means of delicate “rose, tulip, orange, jasmine, etc.” revolutions described in detail in the book of Robert Nye titled  Soft Power.

[[ 9A. Numerous in OT scenes of violence, have very feminine „by a deceit we win” character: biblical David from a secure distance shots at Goliat, Judith seduces Holofernes and than kills him with his own sword during his sleep, Moses brother Aaron organizes the cult of Golden Calf in order to select, for treacherous murder during the night, all these which doubt in veracity of Stone Tablets with Decalogue, etc. Also today, delicate ladies, hidden in bunkers of Nevada, by precise movements of joysticks, are killing, using drones, not expecting anything Moslem warriors in distant Pakistan, Yemen, and so on. ]]

That’s enough of ugly associations, linked with the „soft power” progression of Humanity, expanding like this man-machine monster called GOLEM. In his recent email „Herboris” remarks „Ideas evolve and progress, including religious ones…”. That’s true, but the direction of the progress may quickly be reversed, in case „blessed by G-d” teachers (Freudians and Darwinians in particular) are promoting only the genitalian/genetical aspect of human/animal life. Proliferation, according to Aristotle, is the product of lowest, so called ‘vegetal’ soul, the development of higher types of spirituality – the animal psychomotorial soul, and especialy the despised by Berdyaev Reasoning Soul, demands of panoply of activities, which are necessary to grow a Mature Person. (Concerning the Addendum 2 below, I bet that in advertized as a „phenomenological”, book „Person and Action” of Karol Wojtyla, there is NOT A SINGLE WORD about this elementary ZOOLOGICAL phenomenon, demanding a necessary cognitive ACTIVITY, in order to achieve the PERSONAL mental adulthood.)

The origin of this essential negligence resides in a fact that the so called G-d of Israel is a Sworn Enemy of mentally mature individuals: the younger (sedentary, effeminized Jacob) I (G-d) love, the older (masculinized, loving to wander in Nature) Esau I hate“, as proudly announced it St. Paul. Using the Platonian analogy of the “organism” of a society, with our own organism, it is of interest to inter-ligare (inteligently associate) the fact that the „color (literally – see for ex. melanoma!) revolutions” of young, so-called ‘embrional’ cells inside our body, which cells are not sufficiently „trained” to collaborate with others inside our tissues, used to lead to the growth, inside us, of an Ordinary Cancer ( especially in coditions of the deficiency of endogenous immunological system). In case of the “body” of a HUMAN SOCIETY, a similar CANCER-LIKE PATHOLOGY is observed, at the planetary scale, in form of this Colorfull Technics, Money and Ass (∇) worshipping GOLEM-like Civilization. (Details ina slightly satirical DECLARATION OF RIGHTS of Human Embryonal Society from 1993.)

That’s enough as an Introduction to this „really a mazy interwoven topic”, as „Herboris” commented my concise „G-d of Israel as eine Atrappe of Brahma” opus. To make more elegant the assimilation of „Addenda and Conclusionsbelow, I composed a short „Invocation”. It is modelled at the St. Tobias hymen of glory of New Jerusalem, while the „dancing elephants” are from walls of Black Pagoda in Karnak, ornamented with sophisticated upside down sexual positions, and the notion of „EROS – the Creator of Universe” I took from the dialogue „Symposium” of Plato:


Trees of Thy sacred groves resound with songs of exultation,

all elephants and humans, dancing at murals of Thy temples, sing Alleluia!

Let blessed be the Brahma/Eros the Creator of Everlasting Universe!

And the blessed (with bio-potency) are blessing the name of their Creator,

for ever and ever cursed be the Thy Atrappe, the G-d of Israel, in Trinity of Technics, Money and Ass. Amen

Polish original at; [[ comments added ]]


The translation into Polish of my last month „Dialogue – not-yet-in-a-Hell – between Bruno, Herboris and Markglogg” was published at 4 websites of small to big attendance. This my text had 2580 views in 2 days at – and practically no serious comments to it appeared at that time. In all evidence its readers were too scary to discuss such tabooed topics. So following the Thesis No. 22 The principles of “dialogue” and “neighbor” are those which lead to the salvation of Christianity, deduced from “Person and Act” of St. Karol Wojtyla, I decided to address the Addendum below – prior to its emailing to frequently unknown to me corresponders – only to known by me personally handful of scholars and friends (+ “Herboris” of course, who has contributed to the above Ultimate Comentary).

2400 words of Addenda

Addendum 2

13 LUCYFERIAN THESES” of Karol Wojtyla from years 1969-79

These „13 Theses” were published, in several Christian languages, in a revue “Chiesa viva” of September 2010, by Abbé Luigi Villa Docteur en théologie, trying to demonstrate Masonic influences in the Church. He did it out of « the 37 “theses” extracted by Hermann Humpert, from the book of Wojtyla, “Person and Action” (1969) » In practice these „lucferic” theses were drawn from the English translation of this book made by Andrzej Potocki from Kraków, and realized with the collaboration of dr Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, applying the Husserlian “phenomenomenological method” to this work. It has the title „The Acting Person”, and was officially endorsed by Pope John Paul II in 1979.

Here are these 13 THESES published in 2010 in p. 24:

Thesis No. 15 – God is not an historical being who works with man – and man does not cooperate with God, but only acts in cooperation with other men. Religion doesn’t take its origin from divine revelation, but is simply the result of human imagination. The Catholic religion is no different from other cults.

Thesis No. 16 – Divine Revelation is impossible to prove.

Thesis No. 17 – The only real significance of the New Testament is found in the philosophical explanations.

Thesis No. 18 – Each divine mystery is to be considered as a variation or nuance of a system of pure thought. Traditional dogmatic Christianity is one of these erroneous systems.

Thesis No. 21 – A purely human community, united and universal; this is the true Christian church according to the meaning of the Gospel, understood in a new way, quite contrary to the existing totalitarian church.

Thesis No. 22 – The principles of “dialogue” and “neighbor” are those which lead to the salvation of Christianity, not the Revelation of creation, Redemption, or the Universal Judgement.

Thesis No. 24 – Salvation – the self-realization of humanity – doesn’t have an eternal nature. It will not bring to mortal man any resurrection of the body. The naive hope of eternal life – and also the belief in the Assumption and the return of the Lord in His body – must be conceived only symbolically.

Thesis No. 25 – In the other world after death, we will not be rewarded for our good deeds, nor punished for our sins.

Thesis No. 27 – Even those who have helped the world become more civilized will die, and in this way, they will find salvation.

Thesis No. 28 – How can man create his soul so easily? Because he did not create it from nothing, but from existing matter: the animal soul, evolved phylogenetically, which he received from his parents, his ancestors and the apes and he can only improve.

Thesis No. 32 – There is no reason to worry for the souls of aborted babies. They are safe as original sin does not exist.

Thesis No. 33 – There is no need to be baptized or to use other traditional forms of initiation of non-Christians or non-believers. As well there is no need to convert followers of other religions.

Thesis No. 35 – Man is the visible God. To see man is to see God.

[[ Please notice: 1/ The most annoying “true Christians”, thesis no. 35 is a repetition of statement of Jesus in Gospel of John 10:35 « Has it not been written in your Law, I SAID, YOU ARE GODS? » - this statement sheds, indeed, an ILLUMINATING LIGHT at all these “13 satanic verses”, as someone called these writings at “Marucha” website; 2/ The absence of Original Sin, of (criminogenous by its nature) Redemption of Sins, of Universal Judgment and so on, characterizes Islam, which according to Roger Garaudy is the realization in practice of ideas outlined by Jesus of Nazareth, who prematurely died. ]]

I admit that these „Luciferic Theses” look sympathetically to me, finally I am a professional philosopher-naturalist – thus by a definition a phenomenologist. And probably due to the « dialogue between – divided by an Ocean – neighbors » (see Thesis 22) of Wojtyla and Tymieniecka, these theses become an example of a sober thinking both of the Polish Pope, and of the environment in which he was grown in Kraków. These „theses” are thus improving my humor – seriously damaged by the encyclical letter „Laborem exercens” from 1981 – for I am from a family, which knew Wojtyla personally. But something evil has happened with the newly nominated Pope after an attack against him on May 13 1981, cardinal Ratzinger argued that he has substantially changed after it. About this at the end of Addendum 3.

Addendum 3

Results of attempts to construct the „Heavenly Jerusalem” on the Earth

 This year, at the end of October my “comrade in armsIzrael Shamir has visited me in Gdansk. He was on a journey between Tel Aviv, Stockholm and Paris, where he was supposed to meet his editor. As his (2nd) wife made her master degree on the theme of the painting „Last Judgment” of Hans Memling, which famous painting is exposed at the Gdansk National Museum, we arranged for him an opening of the Museum on October 31, a day prior to All Saints holiday.

Unfortunately we were not able to see this masterpiece, for it was already covered with protecting it black sheet, for the oncoming renovation of the Museum. So we had to be satisfied with watching of its copy in the Church of St. Mary. and also with a booklet describing this painting history, which we received from the director of the Museum. I learned from it that this painting was made in Flemish Brugia at the demand of already “globalist” Florentine bankers Angelo Tani and Tomasso Potinari. And on the upper part of left wing of this painting – really impressing by the number of naked, not yet deformed by Benefactions of Civilization figures – was painted „the entrance to Heaven” (or rather to paradise, as suggest it authors of the booklet which we received).

This entrance was painted in a form of a “heavily ornamented Gothic gate symbolizing “God’s city” the Heavenly Jerusalem« its gates will be rebuilt with safire and emerals, all her walls from precious stones. Towers of Jerusalem will be build from gold, and protecting embankments from pure gold »(Tb 13:17).

As this Bible inspired painting is considered, it is worth to recall, that theses 24 and 25, apparently deduced fromActing Person of Karol Wojtyla, suggest that:

Salvation – the self-realization of humanity – doesn’t have an eternal nature. It will not bring to mortal man any resurrection of the body. The naive hope of eternal life – and also the belief in the Assumption and the return of the Lord in His body – must be conceived only symbolically. In the other world after death, we will not be rewarded for our good deeds, nor punished for our sins.

It means that according to the “deep” thought of John Paul II, the „Last Judgment” does not represent how affairs of life and death are in their ESSENCE. Instead of it, it informs us about artificially generated, by Fathers of the Church and preceding them Jewish prophets, FAKE HOPES of Eternal Wellbeing of individuals and nations grown in “religious fumes”, which “didn’t took their origin from divine revelation, but were simply the result of human imagination” (Thesis no. 15). In particular, not only the sponsoring this painting, Christian Florentine bankers were dreaming about their post-mortem eternal life in a such “city of eternal happiness”. Also Jews from the Neutrei Karta (literally „Guardians of the City”) sect, quoted by Brunon Drweski in the principal text of “Jahveh as eine Atrappe of Brahma”,are still dreaming about such their post-mortem radious future.

This subject I will try to enlighten more largely as a person, which “ate the bread not only from one oven”. Namely, in the booklet we received at Gdansk Museum, I found the following prophecy of Tobias 13:20, who in such vivid terms imagined the Heavenly Jerusalem rebuilt on the earth:

Gates of Jerusalem will resound with songs of exultation,

and all her houses will sing Alleluia!

Let blessed be the God of Israel,

And the blessed will bless the name of Lord.

for ever and ever, Amen.

[[ It looks somewhat bizarre this “animation”, by Tobias, of inanimate buildings. I wrote about this mental pathology, of both Jews and “paulinized” Christians, in the main text of “On The Origin (GENESIS) of Judaism”. This psychological fact had – and has – tremendous consequences for our common life. ]]

Speaking prosaically, in a Heavenly Jerusalem the “life” should be interesting like the one during Sundays in Polish churches, in which believers enthusiastically sing “We want God”. And already as a teenager I realized that Christian messes are BORING. Only a decade later I found myself in a “country under God” (opinion of Noam Chomsky) bearing the name of United States of America. And soon I realized that common people there are living even in more BORING manner, venerating their LORD not so much at Saturdays or Sundays, but during at least 8 hours during work days, LABORIUSLY SITTING at their offices. This in particular in New York, in which “city of American God”, paraphrasing the hymen of Tobias:

Its skyscrapers resound with songs of exultation,

and all its warehouses sing Alleluia!

Let blessed be the God of Israel,

And the blessed (with Money) are blessing the name of MAMMON,

for ever and ever, Amen.”

(Please remember that “Money is the jealous God of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist” – Karl Marx in 1844.)

Let’s return to the Gothic Entrance to the Heaven at the „Last Judgment” of Memling. Religious people (me too in my infancy) are praying „May your kingdom come, and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” It is thus normal that they are trying to rebuilt, on this earth, the wholly urbanized Heavenly Paradise, which remains totally isolated from Nature, which is hardly visible, under the staircase to Heaven, at the “Last Judgment”. This is the task of MASONS, without their LABOR (work) it is not possible to built cities full of comfort. And the modern Testimony of such filo-masonic work is with no doubt the encyclical letter “Laborem exercens” published by Polish Pope only four months after the attack against him on May 13 1981. In this writing, which become “declaration of ideas” of multimillion movement of Polish “Solidarity”, we find such Revelation:

(In “Blessing”) THROUGH WORK man must earn his daily bread and contribute to the continual advance of science and technology … Man is made to be in the visible universe an image and likeness of God himself, and he is placed in it in order to subdue the earth … (Than in Chpt. II-4) The expression “subdue the earth” has an immense range. It means all the resources that the earth (and indirectly the visible world) contains and which, through the conscious activity of man, can be discoveredand used for his ends. … (in III-13) … we see clearly, first of all, that capital cannot be separated from labour; in no way can labour be opposed to capital or capital to labour, and still less can the actual people behind these concepts be opposed to each other, (For, as it is explained in II-9) Work is a good thing for man-a good thing for his humanity-because through work man not only transforms nature, adapting it to his own needs, but he also achieves fulfillment as a human being and indeed, in a sense, becomes “more a human being”.

In „Laborem exercens” we have thus an appraisal of Solidarity of Owners of Capital with forces of Labor, which is multiplying this Capital. (See for ex. how this „solidarity” of Owners and Proletarians is described in a Book of Sirach chpt. 13). In the “Genesis” the model of such Solidarity provides the FAMILY CORPORATION of enterprising Abra/ha/m – the „Lord’s pimp” – and of owned by him Sarah, a sexually attractive „ laborious servant of her Lord”. [[ It is worth to notice that this famous „family team”, which „left Ur at the call of Mammon (Gen 12:1-3)”, has imitated the behavior of old Hindu “teams” of Brahmins and their servants, successfully combining the TOIL of LABOR with the JOY of LOVE! On the picture below are scenes of “heavenly happiness”, carved on walls of hidden in Indian forests Kadjuraho Temple, which scenes substantially correspond to the happiness which attends “chosenin the Heavenly Jerusalem of Jews.We may imagine that the Hindu “master copy” of Tobias hymen at the glory of eternal happiness in Heaven (dreamed of in particular by Moslems), was as follow:

Trees of Thy sacred groves resound with songs of exultation,

and humans and elephants, dancing at murals of Thy temples, sing Alleluia!

Let blessed be the Brahma/Eros the Creator of Everlasting Universe!

And the blessed (with bio-potency) are blessing the name of their Creator,

for ever and ever cursed be the Thy Atrappe, the G-d of Israel, in Trinity of Technics, Money and Ass. Amen

(It is precisely this culture of hardly despoiling the Earth BRAHMAN EROS, which Moses, armed with Stone Tablets, assuring the ownership of the Earth by bio-impotent TECHNÉ/MAMMON worshipers, ordained to destroy:And ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves with fire, and ye shall hew down the graven images of their (erotic) gods”De 12:3) ]]

In year 1984 I heared Allain Tourraine, the French sociologist of work, arguing in public that the philo-masonic ideology of „Laborem exercens” has the character of NEOJUDAISM. And such attitude SHOULD NOT EXIST according to John Strugnell, quoted in „Haaertz” journal in Tel Aviv in 1990. Speaking in plain language, this famous encyclical letter, of the close friend of my family, reinforced the sprawl of the Planetary Civilization venerating the Trinity of Technics, of Money, and of an Ass (in Russian Zhopa), about which desires ever more intensely rotates the life of „humanized by work” Humanity.

And what we, OLD PEOPLE have to do in this scarcely elegant socio-religious realm? First, following Socrates, we have to clean our minds from polluting them “pious religious ideas”. I repeat once more. The encyclical letter „Laborem exercens” is a HYMEN AT THE GLORY OF GOLEM, the Man-Machine, which was constructed by rabbis centuries ago. This in order to attain with its help, the desired by God of Israel „dominion over the earth and over everything which moves upon it”. With time this Jewish Golem began to live with its own life, destroying on its way also its worshippers.

For example, thanks to produced by the WTC (Wealth-Technics-Comfort) Civilization tools, in treacherous attacks (recalling the behavior of the biblical David) were shot, with disabling bullets, not only Pope Karol Wojtyla on May 13, 1981 in Vatican, but also President Ronald Reagan three months earlier in Washington. This, in all evidence, in order to „convince them with Love”, during lasting several hours hospitalization and „removal (of not existing) bullets”, to collaborate with the Deep State USA in the LABOR of dismantling of the „Empire of Evil” in Eastern Europe. And this is probably the reason of the appearance of signature of John Paul II at the discussed above encyclical „bull”, published by Vatican only four months after this mafia-style „teaching”. (I never dared to ask, the 96 years old at present dr Wanda Poltawska, what Italian judge Rosario Priore had in mind in 2009, when he revealed in the press that Wanda Poltawska, la grande amica di Giovanni Paolo II … is a depositor of most terrible secrets of this pontificate, for example she knows a lot about the attack in piazza San Pietro.)


13 “SATANIC VERSES” published in Chiesa viva, are IMPLICITLY present in “The Acting Person”of JPII

1350 words

I’ve managed to find, in internet, the text of Chapter One, Three and Seven of “The Acting Person”. I looked through this amass of roughly fifty thousand words very sceptically, but even during this very concise research, at the beginnimg of Chapter Three I found such statement:

“Only the one who has possession of himself and is simultaneously his own sole and exclusive possession can be a person. (In a different order of things, the person as a creature may be seen as “belonging to God,” but this relation does not eliminate or overshadow that inner relation of self-possession or self-ownership which is essential for the person. It is not without reason then that medieval philosophers expressed this relationship in the phrase, persona est sui iuris.)”

What does it means ” a different order of things”? “The Acting Person” was published in 1979 in Analecta Husserliana, The Yearbook of Phenomenological Research. In Wikipedia we read that “Phenomenology, in Husserl’s conception, is primarily concerned with the systematic reflection on and study of the structures of consciousness and the phenomena that appear in acts of consciousness.” In simple words, in Analecta Husserliana are published works dealig only with events which were Consciously Seen.

Of course nobody have Consciously seen God, thus the statement the “the World has been created by God, we are creatures belonging to God, the God has the power to judge us“, etc. belong to a different order of things,which are not prone to be published in Analecta Husserliana. Hence the existence of a not perceptible (having chimerical nature, according to Kazimierz Lyszczynski) God does not eliminate or overshadow that inner relation of self-possession or self-ownership.(Please notice that this statement is brackets is preceded by a remark “/a Person/ can be only the one who has possession of himself, etc.”

At this point I agree with the double (Wojtyla-Tymieniecka) author of “The Acting Person”. For people of STRONG PERSONALITY all Christian Dogmas and Old Testamental myths are shoddy utylitarian inventions. This is exactly what 13 LUCIFERIAN THESES OF “DEEP” JOHN PAUL II are suggesting.

I will use, as an example, the Thesis No. 17The only real significance of the New Testament is found in the philosophical explanations.

- What is the most important in NT? Obviously the Passion of Christ. Its 14 Stations of the Way of the Cross are present in every Western Church.

- And what ACTIONS of the PERSON CHRIST represent these stations? They are the testimony of HIS INACTION, as a humble „Lamb of Godwho takes away sins of the (criminal in conjecture) world.”

- Where from this revelation? It is an extrapolation of practices at Jerusalem’s Temple, which consisted of bleeding and than incinerating of „God’s lambs” (as well as cows, goats and even pigeons and chicken). At these innocent domestic animals were put sins and even more serious crimes, of donors paying for such imbecilist „whitewashing” of their consciousneses. (These antique rites are preserved, as “capparors” festivities, among aboriginal Jews.)

Looking PHILOSOPHICALLY (thesis no. 17) at these barbarian rituals, of which 14 stations of the “Way of the Cross” in churches are remembrance, we see, phenomenologically, the socially successful OBLITERATION of CRIMES of DONORS funding images of such cruel scenes. These thousands of new churches, built in Poland during the papacy of John Paul II, have successfully masked the Robbery, during 26 years of his papacy, of Poland’s national riches by “foreign & domestic investors”; the same in Russia, where the rebuilt in Moscow enormous Church of Christ the Savior (of Criminals) has covered, in large extend, crimes of (predominantly Jewish) Hyper Oligarchy, sucking vital forces of the post-socialist Russia.

(There were also humorous situations, linked with this “Christian habit of crimes redemption”. The painting “Last Judgment” of Hans Memling, was paid by bankers-gangsters from Florence, hoping that by its donation to the local cathedral, they will “buy for themselves” the everlasting redemption of their sins. But during this painting transportation it was intercepted at high sea by Dantzig’s Hanseatic pirates, and it found its haven in Gdansk church of Virgin Mary. Contributing thus to the more than 5 centuries of glory of Danzig/Gdansk kaper Paul Benke, whose crimes of a ruthless pirate were obviously forgiven…)

In Chapter Seven of “Acting by writing) Person” I found the sole – in all three chapters which I looked through – reference to Gospels, recalling the Commandment “you will love your neighbor, as you love yourself” (which commandment is present already in Torah). Such commandment touches us with its “sweet love of a neighbor” appearance, but philosophically looking it’s realm is much less sweet.

- First. In a Plato’s dialogue “Symposium” the priestess Diotima explains to Socrates that the love of oneself is impossible: love is a kind of desire (“appetite” – this world appears several times in texts of both versions of “Person & Act”), and it is not possible to desire something which one already posses – it particular one’s Self. Thus “the love of a neighbor as one loves himself” is an empty wording, like the bulk of the contents of Wojtyla’s book.

- Second. The “self love” in its common sense means EGOISM. In Plato’s dialogue “Phaedrus” Socrates wittingly remarks that“As wolves lovelambs, so lovers love their loves.” simply such an egoistic Lover wants to suck out from his beloved as much pleasures as possible. The WILL TO DOMINATE THE WORLD, at the image of these “loving lambs wolves”, permeates all Judaism, in particular Talmud is filled with appraisals of such “love relation” between God’s chosen and goim. The Most important Commandment, which wasput into lips of Jesus of Nazareth, states You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart andwith all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself”.As I remarked it in „God loves the Greedy and the Corrupt”, this statement nearly automatically reduces itself intoYou will love your God as you love yourself”, which is the declaration of the LOVE of EGOISM, considered to be GOD by Bible writers. It is thus not so surprising that in “the country under God” (USA in opinion of Noam Chomsky) THE SELFISHNESS BECOME VIRTUE – as noticed it Jewish writer of Russian origin Ayn Rand. And this “God of Israel” promoted Selfishness, inexorably leads to the TOTAL DEVASTATION OF THE EARTH BY MEN-MACHINES FORMING THE MONSTROUS, EVER SELF IMPROVING GOLEM.

How, in this Phenomenological Reality, shall ACT (MATURE) INDIVIDUALS?

I recall the Thesis No. 22 -The salvation of Christianity does not residein the Revelation of creation, Redemption, or the Universal Judgement, but in applicationof principles of “dialogue” and “neighbor” (whoshould be LOVED in a manner not overstepping the Kantian cathegorical imperativeyou can do everything to your neighbor, on the condition that you accept that he will do the same to you!)

Simply these “13 out of 37” theses, which Abbé Luigi Villa published at page 24 of “Chiesa viva”, have to be taken at serious, and “proclaimed from the housetops, as Jesus of Nazareth demanded of his followers. This was, in all evidence, the intention of their writer(s). In my not-so-humble opinion, under the invented name of Herman Humpert is (are?) hidden very competent in affairs of modern Science & Religion scholar(s), probably Jesuit(s), associated with “Chiesa viva”.

Why? It is not by accident the thesis no. 27 treats with ironythose (like the author of “Laborem exercens”) who have helped the world become more civilized will die, and in this way they will find salvation”. And the subsequent thesis 28 nearly overtly advocates, the despised both by “Paulinist” Church and the (Judeo)Darwinian Science, Lamarcko-Piagetian concept of SELF-CREATION of HUMAN SOUL. This achieved by incessant COGNITIVE ACTIONS, repeated generation after generation: “(Man-God)did not create it (his cognitive faculty) from nothing, but from existing matter: the animal soul, evolved phylogenetically, which he received from his parents, his ancestors and the apes and he can only improveit (or lose it in case of abandon of its training).

As the confirmation of this fact, in thesis no. 24 we find the following warningSalvation – the self-realization of humanity – doesn’t have an eternal nature.”For Lamarckians it is evident that the built by bio-robots forming the GOLEM, the New Jerusalem saturated with Technics, Money and Ass pleasing devices, automatically provokes the shrinking of ever more inactivated AUTONOMOUS HUMAN SOUL. Turning living in such easy conditions people into completely mindless worshipers of Triple Faced (Technics, Money, Ass) God of Israel, the ATRAPA of true BRAHMA, Creator of Living Universe. With all, cancer-like consequences of this ZOOLOGICAL fact.

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“Słowo o przyjacielu” – rzecz o Andrzeju Mrozie w paryskiej “Kulturze” 1972

Ot, ma progenitura (27 lat) oraz znajomi obu płci zażądali pisemnego raportu z mych przygód górskich. Od już 20 lat nie bardzo się z tym spieszę, ale aby choć trochę zaspokoić ich ciekawość, zacznę od wspomnienia o koledze, który ok. 50 lat temu bardzo wpłynął na mą karierę życiową. Otóż Andrzej Mróz, gdy mu w lecie roku 1969 w Chamonix mówiłem, że mam propozycję pracy, jako geofizyk, na Uniwersytecie Kopenhaskim, a jednocześnie przyszło do mnie zawiadomienie, że i na Uniwersytecie Kalifornijskim w Berkeley mogę otrzymać niewielkie stypendium doktorskie w zakresie tej geofizyki, to stwierdził bez namysłu – “co będziesz robił w Danii, w której gór nie ma, jedź do Berkeley, to czołowy na świecie ośrodek uniwersytecki“.

No i pojechałem, i wyszło to co wyszło, można to sobie znaleźć w Wikipedii pod zrobionym przez kogoś hasłem z mym nazwiskiem. By jednak spełnić życzenia tych, co chcą coś ode mnie o górach, to przypominam me krótkie wspomnienie, o bio-przyczynie mych profesjonalnych “zawirowań”, opublikowane w paryskiej “Kulturze” po śmierci Andrzeja Mroza w zejściu z Aiguile Noire de Peuterey (w nocy, bo się bardzo spieszył, by nie spóźnić się na odlot wyprawy francuskiej na Nevado Huarascaran w Kordyliera Blanca.

To wspomnienie jest godne uwagi dla wszystkich tych “obłąkanych górami” i niezbyt pasujących do życia “współczesnych płazów, interesujących się tylko komfortem i bezpieczeństwem własnego siedzenia” jak to w młodości zauważyłem, w szczególności w USA.

O Andrzeju Mrozie znalazłem bardzo ciekawe wspomnienie nie żyjącego już Jano Kurczaba (nb. z którym w 1973 przeszedłem Filar Walkera na Grand Jorasse). No i oczywiście jest do zdobycia przez internet świetna książka “Cudowna, cudowna historia“, napisana przez syna Andrzeja, Kristofa przy współpracy Ludwiki Włodek i wydana jednocześnie we francuskim i polskim języku.

A oto skany mego “Słowa o przyjacielu” opublikowanego w paryskiej “Kulturze” w listopadzie 1972 roku:

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PAN w Z-nem (29 PL-A): Załączniki do tekstu „Bóg Izraela to ATRAPA hinduskiego BRAHMA – Stworzyciela Wszechświata

Załącznik (Addendum) 2:

13 LUCYFERYCZNYCH TEZ” Karola Wojtyły z lat 1969-79

Poniższe „TEZY” zostały opublikowane w 2010 roku, przez doszukującego się wpływów masońskich w Kościele, księdza Luigi Villana podstawie autoryzowanego w roku 1979, przez Karola Wojtyłę już jako papieża, tłumaczenia jego książki „Osoba i czyn” z roku 1969, na język angielski pod tytułem „The Acting Person”.

Według z roku 2012:

Teza 15:

Bóg nie jest historycznym bytem, który współpracuje z ludźmi, ani też człowiek nie współpracuje z Bogiem, lecz wyłącznie z innymi ludźmi. Religia nie ma swych źródeł w boskim objawieniu, lecz jest rezultatem wyobraźni człowieka. Religia katolicka nie różni się [pod tym względem] od innych kultów.

Teza 16:
Objawienie Boże jest niemożliwe do udowodnienia.

Teza 17:
Jedyne realne wytłumaczenie treści Nowego Testamentu nosi charakter filozoficzny.

Teza 18:
Każdą bożą tajemnicę należy uważać za czysty wytwór ludzkiej myśli. To samo dotyczy tradycyjnej chrześcijańskiej dogmatyki, będącej jednym z tych błędnych systemów.

Teza 21:
Czysto ludzka wspólnota, powszechna i solidarna – oto prawdziwy Kościół Chrześcijański, zgodny z Ewangelią odczytaną na nowy sposób, przeciwny dotychczasowemu totalitarnemu Kościołowi.

Teza 22:
Drogą do uratowania chrześcijaństwa nie jest Objawienie Stworzenia, Odkupienie lub Sąd Ostateczny, ale słowa „dialog” i „bliźni”.

Teza 24:
Zbawienie – samorealizacja ludzkości – nie ma wiecznej natury. Nie przyniesie ono człowiekowi żadnego cielesnego zmartwychwstania. Naiwną wiarę w życie wieczne, w zmartwychwstanie, czy cielesny powrót Zbawiciela na Ziemię, należy rozważać wyłącznie symbolicznie.

Teza 25:
Na drugim świecie, po śmierci, nie będziemy nagradzani za dobre uczynki, ani nawet karani za grzechy.

Teza 28:
Dlaczego człowiek z taką łatwością stworzył sobie duszę? Ponieważ nie została stworzona z niczego, lecz z istniejącej materii: w zwierzęcej duszy rozwijało się filogenetycznie to, co otrzymała ona od swych rodziców, przodków, od małp i [w tym procesie] mogła się jedynie ulepszać.

Teza 32:
Nie ma powodu, aby troszczyć się o dusze poronionych dzieci. Będą zbawione, gdyż grzech pierworodny nie istnieje.

Teza 33:
Nie ma powodu, aby chrzcić lub stosować inne tradycyjne formy dołączania nie-chrześcijan lub niewierzących do Kościoła, ani nawracać wyznawców innych religii.

Teza 35:
Człowiek jest Bogiem widzialnym. Widzieć człowieka – to widzieć Boga.


Jeden z komentatorów („Kapsel” @74) powyższych 13 TEZ nazwał „szatańskimi wersetami”. I znana jest przyczyna dla której nabrały one takiego „lucyferiańskiego” charakteru. Omawiając te „Tezy”, opublikowane w języku francuskim oraz angielskim, na str. 24 miesięcznika “Chiesa viva” z września 2010, ksiądz Luigi Villa Docteur en théologieuczciwie dodał że, cytuję „żywiołowa doktor Anna-Teresa Tymi eniecka, dzięki jej współpracy z wydaniem angielskim przez 4 lata, była w stanie zrealizować naprawdę ogromne przedsięwzięcie: uwolnić umysł Karola w celu przekazania tego, co naprawdę chciał wyrazić, a co nie było w pełni zrealizowane w oryginalnej pracy” (patrz komentarz @195). A zatem powyższe Tezy są wynikiem współpracy z przyszłym Ojcem Świętym jego bliskiej znajomej, też z Krakowa. I chyba z tego powodu są one przykładem trzeźwości myślenia, zarówno Papieża Polaka jak i środowiska, w którym się on obracał. Te „tezy” poprawiają zatem mój humor (wyraźnie popsuty encykliką „Laborem exercens” z roku 1981), jako że pochodzę rodziny, która Wojtyłę znała osobiście. Coś się jednak złego stało z Karolem Wojtyłą po zamachu nań 13 maja 1981 roku, kardynał Ratzinger utrzymywał, że wtedy się on zasadniczo zmienił. O tym pod koniec Addendum 3.

Addendum 3:

Proza prób realizacji „Niebiańskiego Jeruzalem” w dzisiejszym Świecie

Pod koniec października br. odwiedził mnie, w Gdańsku, mój “comrade in armsIzrael Szamir, od kilku lat mieszkający znowu w ojczystej dla niego Rossiji, będący “w przelocie” miedzy Tel Awiwem, Sztokholmem oraz Paryżem, gdzie miał spotkać się ze swym wydawcą. Ponieważ jego (2) żona napisała pracę magisterską na temat obrazu “Sąd Ostateczny” Hansa Memlinga, którego oryginał znajduje się w Muzeum Narodowym w Gdańsku, więc specjalnie dla niego załatwiliśmy otwarcie Muzeum w przeddzień święta 1 listopada.

Z oglądania sławnego obrazu nic jednak nie wyszło, został on bowiem już 30 października szczelnie zapakowany przed mającym się rozpocząć wkrótce remontem Muzeum. Zadowoliliśmy się zatem oglądaniem jego kopii w kościele NMP w Gdańsku, a z otrzymanej od dyrektora Muzeum książeczki się dowiedziałem, że obraz został namalowany we flamandzkiej Bruggi na zamówienie już wtedy „globalistycznych” florenckich bankierów, Tomasso Potinari oraz Angelo Tani. I na prawym skrzydle tego obrazu – iście imponującego liczbą nagich, nie zdeformowanych jeszcze przez Dobrodziejstwa Cywilizacji postaci – w górnej jego części zostało namalowane “wejście do Nieba” (a raczej do Raju, jak zauważają autorki otrzymanego przez nas opracowania). Zostało ono namalowane w formie “bogato zdobionej gotyckiej bramy, symbolizującej Miasto Boże – Niebiańską Jerozolimę … (jej bramy) będą odbudowane z szafiru i szmaragdu, w wszystkie jej mury z drogich kamieni.Wieże Jerozolimy będą zbudowane ze złota, a wały ochronne ze szczerego złota itd.” (Tb 13:17).

I w tym miejscu warto przypomnieć, co z książki „Osoba i czyn” Karola Wojtyły, wydanej w języku angielskim pod tytułem „Acting Person” w roku 1979, wydedukował ks. Luigi Villa w roku 2010. Otóż Tezy 24 i 25 polskiego papieża są następujące:

Zbawienie – samorealizacja ludzkości – nie ma wiecznej natury. Nie przyniesie ono człowiekowi żadnego cielesnego zmartwychwstania. Naiwną wiarę w życie wieczne, w zmartwychwstanie, czy cielesny powrót Zbawiciela na Ziemię, należy rozważać wyłącznie symbolicznie. Na drugim świecie, po śmierci, nie będziemy nagradzani za dobre uczynki, ani nawet karani za grzechy.

Czyli według św. Jana Pawła II „Sąd Ostateczny” przedstawia nie tyle, jak sprawy życia i śmierci mają się w ISTOCIE, ale bardzo szczegółowo informuje nas o sztucznie wygenerowanych przez Ojców Kościoła NADZIEJACH na Wieczną Lepszą Przyszłość ludzi oraz ludów wychowywanych w „religijnych oparach” nie mających swych źródeł w boskim objawieniu, lecz będących rezultatem wyobraźni człowieka” (Teza 15 JPII). W szczególności o pośmiertnym pobycie w takim to „mieście szczęścia” marzyli nie tylko sponsorujący ten obraz chrześcijańscy bankierzy z Florencji przed 400 laty, ale wciąż marzą liczni na terenie USA żydzi z Neutrei Karta(dosł. „strażnicy miasta”), cytowani przez Brunona Drweskiego w tekście głównym pt. „Jahwe to Atrapa hinduskiego Brahmy – Stworzyciela Wszechświata”

I tę sprawę spróbuję, jako człowiek o dużym doświadczeniu życiowym, który „z niejednego już pieca chleb jadł”, cokolwiek szerzej – czyli dosłownie po „lucyferiańsku” – naświetlić. Chodzi mi o tych wszystkich, którzy swym cnotliwym życiem, samo-skazywali się na pośmiertny pobyt w Niebie (lub do tego Nieba usiłowali się „wkupić” fundując obrazy jak ten, którego fragment jest tutaj reprodukowany). Według cytowanego powyżej proroka Tobiasza (13:18):

Bramy Jerozolimy rozbrzmiewać będą pieśniami wesela,
a wszystkie jej domy zawołają:
“Alleluja, niech będzie uwielbiony Bóg Izraela!”
I błogosławieni będą błogosławić Imię święte
na wieki i na zawsze».

Czyli mówiąc prozaicznie, w Niebiańskim Jeruzalem będzie się „żyło” równie interesująco jak w niedzielę we współczesnym polskim kościele, przepełnionym pieśnią „my chcemy Boga”, którą pamiętam ze stalinowskiej mej młodości. Już wtedy, w wieku lat kilkunastu stwierdziłem, że msze w kościele są po prostu NUDNE. Zaledwie w dekadę po tym, jak przestałem chodzić do kościoła, znalazłem się w „kraju pod bogiem Izraela” (opinia Noama Chomsky’ego) o nazwie Stany Zjednoczone AP i dość szybko tam zauważyłem, że się tam żyje – choć zajmując się nie tyle śpiewem tylko wymagającą DYNAMICZNEGO SIEDZENIA monotonną pracą – też wyjątkowo NUDNO. Czemu udało mi się dawać publiczny wyraz, w latach 1970-tych, na łamach paryskiej „Kultury”:

Wróćmy zatem do GOTYCKIEJ BRAMY DO NIEBA uwidocznionej na obrazie Memlinga. Ponieważ ludzie religijni starają się aby było „jak w Niebie tak i na Ziemi”, więc naszkicowany na tym obrazie zurbanizowany raj, odizolowany od Przyrody śladowo obecnej u podnóża „schodów do Nieba”, starają się oni jakoś odtworzyć na Ziemskim Padole. I to jest praktyczne zadanie dla MASONÓW czyli Murarzy, bo bez ich pracy zwanej LABOR, żadnego Nowego Jeruzalem nie da się zbudować. Zaś Nowoczesnym Świadectwem takiej filo-masońskiej pracy, jest bez wątpienia encyklika „Laborem exercens”, ogłoszona przez Jana Pawła II zaledwie w 4 miesiące po morderczym nań zamachu 13 maja 1981. W tej książeczce, która stała się „deklaracją ideową” wielomilionowego ruchu „Solidarność”, już w jej wstępie czytamy, że

poprzez pracę ma się (człowiek) przyczyniać do ciągłego rozwoju nauki i techniki, … stworzony bowiem na obraz i podobieństwo Boga Samego aby ziemię czynić sobie poddaną (por. Rdz 1, 28). … Słowa o ‘czynieniu sobie ziemi poddaną’ posiadają ogromną nośność. Wskazują na wszystkie zasoby,które ziemia (a pośrednio świat widzialny) kryje w sobie, a które przy pomocy świadomego działania człowieka mogą być odkryte i celowo wykorzystywane przez niego”. …I dalej, w rozdziale “Ekonomizm i materializm: nie można oddzielać „kapitału” od pracy — i w żaden też sposób nie można przeciwstawić pracy kapitałowi ani kapitału pracy, ani tym bardziej — jak o tym będzie mowa poniżej — przeciwstawiać sobie konkretnych ludzi, stojących za tymi pojęciami. … Praca jest dobrem człowieka — dobrem jego człowieczeństwa — przez pracę bowiem człowiek nie tylko przekształca przyrodę, dostosowując ją do swoich potrzeb, ale także urzeczywistnia siebie jako człowiek, a także poniekąd bardziej „staje się człowiekiem”.

[[ PS. Uściślam myśl Papieża. Otóż za pojęciem Kapitał stoją Kapitaliści – czyli ludzie super-bogaci – a za Pracą Biedni, swą działalnością pragnący „wejść w łaski” Kapitału. W tej sytuacji warto przypomnieć, najwyraźniej „zapomnianą” przez papieża, podobnie jak przez protestantów u których ta GRECKA Mądrość Syracha (ks. 13) została z Biblii wycięta: „Jakiż pokój być może między bogatym a ubogim? Dziki osioł na pustyni jest żerem dla lwów, a biedni są łupem dla bogatego.” Judaizm w swym założeniu polega na podziale ludzi na kasty Bogiem (Pieniądzem oraz Dekalogiem) chronionych BOGACZY oraz PARIASÓW będących „strawą” dla BOGOPODOBNYCH NADLUDZI. I omawiana „Laborem exercens” – podobnie jaki „krzyż Pański”, który papież ze sobą nosi – są banalnymi narzędziami wzmacniającymi ten plugawy „mojżeszowy porządek” rzeczy. ]]

A zatem mamy w rzeczonej encyklice pochwałę Solidaryzmu Kapitału i Pracy, dla którego biblijnym wzorem jest pracowite zachowanie się RODZINNEGO tandemu Abr/ah/ame i Sary, „bożego stręczyciela” i jego atrakcyjnej „pracownicy bożej”. W Nowym Świecie na tej “abrahamicznej” Zasadzie została zbudowana Wszechmoc Stanów Zjednoczonych AP, „Amerykanizm to ideologia intelektualnej prostytucji”, jak to zauważają co odważniejsi, spychani na margines publicyści, w Polsce Zbigniew Jankowski. Poniżej powtarzam zdjęciebudującego” przykładu, jak Solidarnie związana z Kapitałem Praca „uczłowieczyła” skrawek Nowego Świata, zwany Manhattanem, w ciągu zaledwie 2 wieków zamieniając go w coś, co ludziom religijnym – a zwłaszcza Żydom, których w tym miejscu jest prawie dwu milionowe skupisko – przypomina Nowe Jeruzalem, w którym „ludzie bardziej stają się ludźmi”:

Otóż w roku 1984 byłem świadkiem, jak francuski socjolog pracy Allain Tourraine nazwał emanującą z encykliki „Laborem exercens” ideologię NEOJUDAIZMEM. Czyli prądem – a raczej trądem – umysłowym, „który nie powinien istnieć”, by przypomnieć słowa Johna Strugnella, zacytowane przez dziennik Haaertz w Tel Awiwie w roku 1990. Mówiąc prosto, ta oparta na PRAKTYCZNYCH WSKAZANIACH Pisma Świętego, sławna encyklika bliskiego znajomego mej rodziny, to nic innego jak „cegła poznawcza” wzmacniająca budowlę Ogólnoświatowej Cywilizacji TPD, opartej na kulcie Techniki, Pieniądza oraz Dupy, wokół której życie Uczłowieczonych Pracą Narodów coraz intensywniej się rozkręca. A zatem w świetle mego LUCYFERYCZNEGO spojrzenia, ten wielotysięczny Marsz Młodych 11.11. 2017 w Warszawie, przebiegający pod hasłem „My chcemy Boga!”, zaczyna być całkowicie zrozumiały: według Tezy 15 JPII, „Bóg” – czy „Chrystus Król” – to tylko wyobraźniowy symbol Cywilizacji, którą dziś, w Wolnej do Pracy Polsce, budują błogosławieni przez JPII Bankierzy oraz Masoni. A ci Młodzi Antykomuniści, maszerujący pod białoczerwonymi sztandarami kilka dni temu, to nic innego jak przygotowujący się do Pracy, w sposób odpowiednio Du.. uduchowiony, czciciele Boga-Stwórcy TPD Cywilizacji! (Osobom mało gramotnym przypominam, że „PIENIĄDZ TO ŻARLIWY BÓG IZRAELA przed którym wszyscy inni bogowie człowieka muszą się ugiąć” – Karol Marks na przedostatniej stronie eseju „W Kwestii żydowskiej” z roku 1844.)

I co my STARZY, w tej banalnej sytuacji religijno-społecznej mamy robić? Jeszcze raz powtórzę, że papieski Laborem exercens” to nic innego jak HYMN POCHWALNY KU CZCI GOLEMA, Maszyno-Człowieka wynalezionego przez jakichś tam rabinów w celu osiągnięcia, przy jego pomocy, nakazanego im przez Boga „panowania nad ziemią”. I ten żydowski GOLEM zaczął żyć własnym zmechanizowanym życiem, miażdżąc na swej drodze także swych Czcicieli: za pomocą wyprodukowanej przez Cywilizację TPD urządzeń skrytobójczo (jak biblijny Dawid) strzelano bowiem, obezwładniającymi kulami, i do Karola Wojtyły 13 maja 1981 na placu św. Piotra w Rzymie i do Ronalda Reagana 3 miesiące wcześniej przed hotelem Hilton w Waszyngtonie. A to wyraźnie po to, by w trakcie trwających, w obu wypadkach, kilkugodzinnych operacji „usuwania (nie istniejących) kul”, przekonywać ich „z miłością” do współdziałania z Niewidzialnym Panem Świata (obecnie znanym jako Deep State), w zbożnym dziele likwidacji „Imperium Zła” na Wschodzie Europy. I stąd zapewne ten podpis JPII pod wzmiankowanym powyżej gniotem poznawczym, opublikowanym przez Watykan zaledwie w 4 miesiące po tej mafijnej „przyuczce”. (Przyznaję, że nigdy nie ośmieliłem się zapytać 96-letnią obecnie dr Wandę Półtawską, co miał na myśli włoski sędzia Rosario Priore, który prowadził dochodzenie w sprawie zamachu na papieża w 1981 roku i który publicznie stwierdził, że „ Wanda Półtawska nie tylko prowadziła prywatną korespondencję z Janem Pawłem II, ale także znała najbardziej straszliwą tajemnicę tego pontyfikatu“.)

By w jakiś sposób poprawić humor ewentualnym czytelnikom powyższego „lucyferycznego” addendum, załączam wykonaną jako antidotum na zatrucie ideami „Laborem exercens”, satyrkę n.t. „uczłowieczających celów” motywowanej Pieniądzem, prostytucjo-podobnej pracy, powstałąjuż ćwierć wieku temu, w okresie gdy współpracowałem z „Zielonymi Brygadami” w Krakowie:

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PAN w Z-nem (29 PL): Czy żydowski JAHWE to ATRAPA hinduskiego BRAHMA – Stworzyciela Wszechświata?

Przekład z języka angielskiego artykułu pt.:

Bruno”, „Herboris”, ”Markglogg” & Paul Bennet on THE ORIGIN (GENESIS) of Judaism, of Christian Pharisaism, Protestantism and Darwin’s Concept of Evolution, and finally of GOLEM-like sprawl of WTC Civilization

W ostatnich miesiącach uczestniczyłem w kilku dyskusjach na tematy ogólnie traktowane jako tabu. Myślę, że warto rozpowszechnić rezultaty tych mini dialogówwśród mych przyjaciół oraz korespondentów.

[[ tak zaznaczono uwagi dodane do oryginalnego tekstu w j. angielskim ]]

2700 words/słów

1. Markglogg o Ofierze Założycielskiej Judaizmu i “Bruno” o zrozumieniu współczuciaprzez sektę Neutrei Karta

Mój młodszy kolega z Paryża, dr Bruno Drweski (islamolog, filokomunista) włączył mnie do dyskusji ze swym kolegą Herboris zainteresowanego pytaniem, dlaczego Stary Testament (wychwalający MĄDROŚĆ Dekalogu) zawiera detale co najmniej 1 miliona 821 morderstw, dokonanych przez Naród przez Boga Wybrany, na jego drodze do Ziemi Obiecanej. Drweski, który posiada kontakty z antysyjonistyczną żydowską sektą Neutrei Karta, poinformował nas, że (tłumaczę z francuskiego):

Rabini, o których mówię, powiedzieli mi co następuje: Te masakry nigdy się nie zdarzyły. To są tylko metaforyczne masakry. Narody przeznaczone do eksterminacji stanowią naszą ukrytą twarz. Te morderstwa winne być odczytywane jak wielki koraniczny dżihad przeciw naszym wewnętrznym popędom, które są metaforycznie opisane jako zewnętrzny etniczny wróg. … W ten sam sposób Jeruzalem, o którym mówi biblia nie znajduje się w ziemskiej Palestynie, ale w niebiańskiej Palestynie.

Do tej internetowej dyskusji został załączony tekst z wyliczający co bardziej bezsensowne z tych starotestamentowych potworności. Zauważyłem, że Mord Założycielski Judaizmu, kry został dokonany pod górą Synaj, został w tym wykazie pominięty.

Trzeba tutaj zauważyć, że w wersji angielskiej NIV określenie „wyście wyświęcili siebie samych dla Pana” jest tłumaczone jako “You have been set apart to the LORD”, co po hebrajsku oznacza pharizei, staliście się FARYZEUSZAMI, żyjącymi oddzielnie.

[[ W świetle powyższego Świadectwa, zgodnie z zapowiedzią Jezusa nie sądźcie, że nie będziecie sądzeni!, podjąłem się roli Advocatus Christi broniącego, przed oskarżeniami o bezbożność, tych beztroskich 3 tysięcy braci i synówbiblijnych Lewitów pomordowanych pod góra Synaj. ]]

Jakież bowiem jest znaczenie tego WSTRĘTNEGO biblijnego opowiadania? Jeśli je zinterpretujemy w sposób proponowany przez Neutrei Karta, to odkryjemy że Lewici – których klan był prototypem późniejszej sekty trzymających się osobno” faryzeuszy – pod górą Synaj zamordowali w sobie swą NATURALNĄ JURNOŚĆ ORAZ INTELIGENCJĘ. Antyczny Bóg, symbolizujący te wartości ZOON – to znaczy po grecku ŻYWINY – był czczony w Egipcie w formie byka Apisa, którego posągi pokrywano złotem. A to w celu podkreślenia SZLACHETNOŚCI jego się zachowania. Ten Święty Byk był także inkarnacją Ozyrysa, boga-człowieka, [[który pod koniec czasów antycznych przyjął nazwę SerApisa, często czczonego w formie pozłacanych posążkówNAGIEGO BOGA ludzkiej pomyślności, z koszem obfitościpłodów Ziemi na głowie ]].

Mojżeszowi Lewici, a za nimi i skretynizowani chrześcijanie, zniszczyli ten popularny w starożytności symbol LUDZKIEGO ZOOLOGICZNEGO DĄŻENIA DO DOSKONAŁOŚCI, zarówno fizycznej jak i umysłowej:

Odnośnie tych, jakżesz licznych zbrodni opisanych w ST, „Brunoargumentował Podobnie jak robią to rabini Neutrei Karta, ja myślę że nawet Stary Testament winien być czytany na tych dwóch poziomach, jednym jahwicznymplemiennej eksterminacji, oraz drugim elohimistycznym”, który jest uniwersalnie wysublimowany”.

Wysublimowany poziom Starego Testamentu jest dobrze znany: w tej OBŻYDLIWEJ historii masowego mordu pod górą Synaj, Lewici nie tylko zabili w sobietendencje do beztroskiej wspólnej zabawy (wg protestantów pomordowani robili to, wzorem ich Boga,bez odzienia, zachowując się jak współcześni nudyści). Jednocześnie ci Lewici zrzucili także, na swych nie zainteresowanych zbieraniem bogactw krewnych, ich własny grzech OBŁĄKAŃCZEJ CHCIWOŚCI: wskutek żydowskiego cudu bożego” – potocznie zwanego hucpą – Złoty Cielec stał się Światowym Symbolem opętanych żądzą bogacenia się osób, podczas gdy wszelka cnota oraz współczucie przeniosły się na błogosławiony bogiem Izraelagang mojżeszowych psychopatów.

[[ To właśnie o takim Zbrodniczym Ojcu Izraelitów mówił Jezus w jerozolimskiej świątyni, iż „od początku był on zabójcą i w prawdzie nie wytrwał, bo prawdy w nim nie ma.Jan 8:44; jeśli chodzi o zarządzane przez boga-Mojżesza kradzieże, to warto przypomnieć historię złupienia przez Żydów Egiptu – Exodus 12:35-36; według św. Augustyna, te „pożyczone” od naiwnych Egipcjan sakralne szaty oraz złote i srebrne kielichy, do dziś dnia służą jako liturgiczne akcesoria chrześcijańskiej Mszy Św. – patrz De la doctrina Christiana, liber secundus, 60-61 ]]

Dekalog zatem winien być traktowany jako ATRAPA cnotliwego się zachowania, maskująca HIPOKRYZJĘ „mojżeszowego” Ludu Bożego. (Catholic Church w Austin, Teksas nawet wymienia, za Talmudem, aż 7 rodzajów klasycznego zachowania się żydowskich hipokrytów zwanych faryzeuszami). Nadnaturalna MOC trzymającego się oddzielniemozaistycznego kleru, polegała na wyrytych Ręką Boga na Kamiennych Tablicach, 10 PRZYKAZANIACH. Uzbrojeni w te Tablice Bożej Mądrości, trzymane w innym produkcie Świętej Techniki, zwanym Arką Przymierza, biblijni Żydzi [[ stanowiący wzór dla zachowania się współczesnych Anglo-Amerykanów ]] czuli się być USPRAWIEDLIWIENI by zniewalać bądź eksterminowaćwszystkie narody, które się znalazły na ich drodze do Ziemi Obiecanej. Ta przyszła Ziemia Święta była wyobrażana sobie przez nich jako kopia Niebiańskiego Jeruzalem, Heavenly Jerusalem napełnionego światłem nawet w nocy, z jego Murami oraz Ulicami [Wall Street(s)] wyłożonymi złotem oraz drogimi kamieniami, symbolizującymi SZLACHETNOŚĆ jego mieszkańców (Addendum 3).

2. Herboriso hinduistycznym pochodzeniu żydowskiej religii narodowego wybraństwa

O tym Wrogim Naturze pochodzeniu judaizmu napisałem do „Herborisataki oto email/letrel:

Co ja zarzucam najbardziej judaizmowi – podobnie jak i paulińskiemu chrześcijaństwu – to agresywną ANTYZOOLOGIĘ obu tych abrahamicznych religii. Jest to differentia specifica pomiędzy religiami zwanymi ANIMISTYCZNYMI (od zwierząt zwanych animals) i religiami ANTYANIMISTYCZNYMI, do których należą wszystkie oparte na żydochrześcijańskiej Biblii wierzenia. To już bowiem w starożytności filozof Celsus dostrzegł, że chrześcijanie WIERZĄ W TRUPA (widocznego na krzyżu); pośród manuskryptów znalezionych w Qumran nad Morzem Martwym znajduje się jeden złożony z psychopatycznego wyszczególniania zrobionych przez ludzi narzędzi, wszystkie one poprzedzone przymiotnikiem boże(pismo, miasto, świecznik, kielichy, skrzynia, namiot, itd., itd.) Manuskrypty tego rodzaju stanowią świadectwo, że już Żydzi antyczni mieli obsesję CUDOWNOŚCI PRODUKTÓWTECHNÉ” (po starogrecku kuchennych prac). W przeciwieństwie do tychwartości faryzejskich, przywiązanie się do techné” było traktowane z odrazą jako niewieścienie tylko przez starożytnych Greków, ale także przez nowożytnego filozofa pochodzenia żydowskiego, Barucha Spinozę, który utrzymywał, że jego współplemieńcy reprezentują zniewieściały rys ludzkiego się zachowania. Sumując, ja myślę, podobnie jak John Strugnell, wieloletni kierownik zespołu odczytującego rękopisy znalezione w Qumran, że Judaizm to jest potworna religia, która nie powinna istnieć

I podałem link do mego, liczącego już 22 lata eseju


wprowadzenie, w jęz. angielskim, do Wojny Bogów : Eros kontra Jahwe-Labor

. (W tym mini-eseju wskazałem, między innymi, że darwinowski koncept Ewolucji został wyprowadzony ze starotestamentowej, pełnej potworności opowieści O POWSTANIU – wybranego przez BogaSUPERGATUNKU NADLUDZI.)

Herboris” (który mi napisał, iż jest żydowskiego pochodzenia) zgodził się z tymi mymi argumentami. Co więcej, podzielił się z nami bardzo interesującą hipotezą, bazującą na fakcie, że nie tylko imię ‘Abraham’ sugeruje jego pochodzenie od hinduskiego Brahma, ale także imię żony-siostry Abrahama Sara, jest skróceniem imienia głównej hinduskiej bogini Saraswati, żony Brahma, która w pewnych opowiadaniach też udaje jego siostrę.W swej hipotezie roboczej Herboris zauważył:

Określenie ‘Naród Wybrany’ zostało po prostu wyprowadzone z hinduskiego społeczno-boskiego systemu kastowego. I [[ mający inklinacje komercyjne ]] Hebrajczycy, zamieszkujący przed ich migracją, na północny-wschód od Eufratu, z pewnością mieli szerokie kontakty ze światem hinduskim. I wtedy zadecydowali, że to oni będą „czystymi braminami”, którzy będą panować nad poganami pochodzącymi z innych narodów. (Brahma stał się Jahwe i Abraham zadecydował to samo.) Inne narody otrzymały status niedotykalnych (…) Żydzi będą Kastą Najwyższą, narodem wybranym przez boga by przywodzić ludzkości. (…) I co istotniejsze, credo hinduizmu: “Aham-Brahmasmi” (Ja Jestem Brahmanem) pokrywa się z głosem « Ja Jestem », który usłyszał Mojżesz zza Gorejącego Krzaka. 

Proste? Czyż nie tak?

Ja dodałem do tej hipotezy, że [[ zgodnie z praktykowaną współcześnie zarówno przez Mossad jaki CIA zasadą „by a deception we make war” ]] żydowska Elita już od tysiącleci ma zwyczaj ubierać sięw szaty oraz skórywypożyczone od kultur, które Żydzi, w trakcie ich historii, zamierzali opanować:

- Nie tylko Abraham zakrył swą wstrętną osobowość wędrownego sutenera, za pomocą szlachetnej zewnętrznej skóryBrahmy, hinduskiego Stworzyciela Wszechświata, ale i jego wnuk Jakub (co oznacza idący zanarodzonym przed nim Ezawem), ukrył swoją raczej głupkowatą osobowość, okrywając się skórą koźlęcia, przypominającą bogato owłosioną postać swego brata. A to w tym celu, by wyłudzić, od ich Ślepego Ojca Izaaka, błogosławieństwo przeznaczone dla pierworodnego syna.

- Idąc za tymi rodzinnymiprzykładami, nienawidzący chrześcijan Szaweł z Tarsu zakrył swą, przeklinaną przez Jezusa, osobowość faryzeusza (według Talmudu 6-go i 7-go rodzaju) za pomocą rzymskiego imienia Paulus (mały, także w znaczeniu paurolo – trwożliwy). A to w tym celu by wślizgnąć się w szeregi wczesnych chrześcijan, prezentując się jako Najbardziej Żarliwy Apostoł powstałego z martwychBoga Zbawiciela.


Jakich dobrodziejstw doznały narody nawiedzane przez mających inklinację do faryzeizmu Żydów, zwłaszcza tych, którzy zwykli kamuflować swą prawdziwą osobowość za pomocą póz wypożyczonych z zachowań sławnych pogańskich bogów oraz filozofów? W ST mamy historię siostry-żony Abr/ah/amaSary, imitującej hinduską boginię Saraswati, która czyniła życie ludzi pełne poezji oraz czaru. Jednak w przypadku Sary jej klientela wkrótce się zorientowała, że zaraziła ona ich kobiety chorobą przypominającą rzeżączkę [[ WB s. 8 ]]. Ta starotestamentowa historia jest rodzajem PREFIGURACJI nowotestamentowej historii św. Pawła, któryubrał sięw podstawowe koncepcje filozofii hellenistycznej, i którego posługa dla chrześcijan spowodowała pojawienie się społecznej choroby, opisanej medycznym terminem kretynizm.

Problem chrześcijańskiego kretynizmu został nagłośniony przez filozofów Oświecenia, w szczególności Voltera. Mianowicie narzucanie ludziom chrześcijańskiej wiary, automatycznie spowalnia dojrzewanie zdolności asocjacyjnych u dorastającej młodzieży i stąd nawet dorośli pozostają w stanie dziecięcej ignorancji – określanej mianem neotenii – ocenianej przez Greków, a w szczególności przez Sokratesa,jako OBIEKTYWNE ZŁO. Bajka, z pierwszych stron Księgi Genesis, o Grzechu Pierworodnym stała się Kamieniem Węgielnym nauk Kościoła o Odkupieniu oraz o Życiu Wiecznym. Jednak pod koniec XX wieku została ona zakwestionowana przez kardynała Karola Wojtyłę, który w książce Osoba i czyn” z roku 1969 otwarcie przyznał, ze Grzech Pierworodny nie istnieje(patrz Addendum 2).Którą to herezję Wojtyła implikacyjnie potwierdził, już jako papież, w roku 1996.

W świetle tej „papieskiej herezji”dumne stwierdzenie św. Pawła „Bo jak przez nieposłuszeństwo jednego człowieka [Adama] wielu stało się grzesznikami, tak też przez posłuszeństwo jednego [Jezusa] wielu dostąpi usprawiedliwienia” (Rzym.5:18-19) objawia się jako POZORACJA, ATRAPA rzeczywistości, także tej eschatologicznej. Jak to podkreślono w dzienniku Le monde, „Bez pojęcia dziedzicznej winy, związanego z «pierwszym człowiekiem», Adamem, centralne dogmaty wiary chrześcijańskiej, jak grzech pierworodny i Odkupienie, są niezrozumiałe” (wydanie z 25 października 1996, s. 17).

Co zatem jest ukryte, za tą ATRAPĄ ZBAWIENIA, w formie Krzyża wiszącego obecnie nad wejściem do polskiego Sejmu?

3. Paul Bennet oraz „Markglogg” dyskutują na temat działalności Ojca kłamstwaw Kościele oraz w Instytucjach Naukowych

Na temat umysłowego upośledzenia, wynikającego z oczarowania się Listamiśw. Pawła, otrzymałem ostatnio email od mojego comrade in armsIzraela Szamira [[ który przeszedł z judaizmu na prawosławie kilkanaście już lat temu ]]. Zawierał on artykuł pióra Paula Benneta, napisany z okazji 500 rocznicy, wywieszenia przez Marcina Lutra, jego 95 tez w dniu 31 października 1917. Był to pierwszy Halloween, Szatan dokonał wtedy swego dzieła, rozbijając Kościół Zachodni (). Jest to pochodzenie Ojca Protestantyzmu. On (Marcin Luter) chętnie przyznaje, że otrzymał zezwolenie na stworzenie Sola Scriptura od Ojca Kłamstw.

Dzięki pismom polskich protestantów odkryłem, że 5 solas Marcina Lutra zostały całkowicie zbudowane na naukach tego 13-go, samozwańczego apostoła zwanego Pawłem (patrz Addendum 1). Co więcej, jako lamarcko-piagetowski specjalista od GENEZY TWÓRCZOŚCI ZOON (ludzi doń włączając) odkryłem, że 5 SOLASdominującego obecnie w nauce NEODARWINIZMU, są banalnymi mutacjami przystosowawczymi protestanckiego (nie)zrozumienia Zjawiska Życia:

Oto te PIĘĆ ZASAD obowiązkowego Ograniczeniu Rozumu w Naukach o Życiu:

Otóż przedsiębiorczy Karol Darwin wypożyczyłkoncept Ewolucji z Philosophie zoologique” J.-B. Lamarcka, opublikowanej dokładnie pół wieku wcześniej niż jego Origin of Species. Jednak zgodnie z jego ANGLIKAŃSKIM (nie)zrozumieniem, na czym polega życie, oczyścił swą teorię z postulowanego przez Lamarcka spontanicznego dążenia istot ożywionych do doskonalenia swych zachowań oraz form. Ta darwinowska wiara, obecnie traktowana jako dogmat w laboratoriach gen-tech, jest echem super-judaistycznej wiary św. Pawła, że człowiek, wskutek jego Grzechu Pierworodnego, nie jest zdolnym, poprzez własne wysiłki, poprawić swój status w oczach Boga Izraela (patrz 5 SOLAS M. Lutra). W tej sprawie ewolucyjne koncepty Lamarcka zderzyły się CZOŁOWO z monogenicznymżydo-chrześcijańskim konceptem Ludzkości dotkniętej dziedzicznym Grzechem Pierworodnym. (Jak już wskazywaliśmy powyżej, Jan Paweł II, ze swym iluzorycznym spirytualistycznym ewolucjonizmem, był ukrytym wyznawcą zabronionego przez Naukę” lamarkizmu, implikującego że Bóg Stworzyciel jest obecny nawet w najmniejszej żywej komórce – patrz współczesne koncepcje Jeana Piageta na ten temat.)

Ukryta rewolta przeciw wczesnochrześcijańskiemu Ojcu kłamstwa, utrzymującemu w swych Listach do pogan, że Jezus na krzyżu gwarantuje zbawienie Weń wierzących, trwała w Kościele Katolickim także po śmierci Jana Pawła II. W szczególności profesor Tomasz Węcławski (były bliski współpracownik, w Watykańskiej Komisji do Granicznych Problemów Chrześcijaństwa, kardynała Ratzingera, przez pewien czas zatrudnionego jako papież Benedykt XVI), utrzymuje, że taka oto wersja wydarzeń sprzed 2 tysięcy lat jest zasadna:

Jezus to radykalny reformator religijny, twórca millenarystycznego ruchu, głoszącego rychłe nadejście Królestwa Bożego. Jezus opiera swe nauki na dwóch filarach – niezwykle bliskiej relacji z Bogiem i przebudowie istniejącej hierarchii społeczno-religijnej. Jezus doznaje jednak porażki: pada ofiarą oczekiwań mesjanistycznych, co prowadzi do odrzucenia przez elity i skazania na śmierć. Jednak najdotkliwsza (…) klęska Jezusa dokonuje się już po ukrzyżowaniu – jest nią reinterpretacja jego klęski jako ofiary. Ta Klęska Jezusa dokonuje się w reinterpretacji jego własnej śmierci, a za nią także obrazu Boga nie w tym kierunku, który on sam wskazywał swoją postawą, słowami i działaniem, ale w kierunku przeniesienia i na niego samego, i na obraz Boga oczekiwań, które on sam albo wprost odrzucał, albo rozumiał gruntownie inaczej.

( Węcławski dokonał oficjalnego aktu apostazji od KK 7 grudnia 2007 roku.)

Mówiąc krótko, według Ewangelii Jezus chciał ZBAWIĆ normalnych Żydów od KLESZCZY POZNAWCZYCH HIPOKRYTÓW rządzących w Izraelu za jego czasów. Ale dzięki misji do pogan św. Pawła, haniebna śmierć Jezusa na krzyżu stała się religijnym narzedziem, zezwalającym tejże Sekcie Hipokrytów Izraela narzucenie swej władzy praktycznie połowie ludności naszej planety! Ironicznie możemy powiedzieć, że ten wciąż podróżujący św. Paweł (faryzeusz 6-go oraz 7-go rodzaju) miał także 8-mą, nie wyszczególnioną w Talmudzie cechę „faryzeuszy, obłudników, Którzy obchodzą morze i ziemię, żeby pozyskać jednego współwyznawcę. A gdy się nim stanie, czynią go dwakroć bardziej winnym piekła niż oni sami.(Mt 23:15).

Do czego, zbudowana na Ofierze Założycielskiej pod górą Synaj, Cywilizacja Mozaizmu zmierza?

Dla kogoś znającego komercyjne metody podboju świata, mit Grzechu Pierworodnego został prozaicznie wymyślony przez antyczne kapłaństwo, zachowujące się jak pozbawieni skrupułów lekarze-biznesmeni, wmawiający ich klienteli, że jest chora na wyimaginowane choroby. I oczywiście te choroby, które lekarze trzymający się oddzielnie” (farisei) deklarują się leczyć, z czasem stają się coraz bardziej dotkliwe. Według Księgi Genezy, dziedziczną chorobą, którą należy u ludzi zwalczać, jest nasz ZOOLOGICZNY PĘD do poznania otoczenia, bo każdy człowiek chce wiedzieć, z natury(Arystoteles). Bowiem w sprzeczności z planami Boga Izraela, dzięki tej, nabywanej w sposób zoologiczny (przez doświadczenie) i z wiekiem udoskonalanej przez kolejne doświadczenia życiowe wiedzy, jesteśmy w stanie neutralizować oraz dominować, ciągle zagrażające naszemu bytowi zewnętrzne zagrożenia, nie potrzebując do tego celu pomocy ze strony wyżej wzmiankowanych trzymających się osobno lekarzy ludzkości. Żydowski, a za nim imitujący go chrześcijański kler, systematycznie zaduszając u wiernych ich BOSKĄ cechę inteligencji, w sposób automatyczny prowadzi do uzależniania się podległej mu ludności od urządzeń technéo charakterze narkotyków, dających zdominowanym przez te narkotyki techné [[ patrz „Wykład na temat rozwoju potrzeb” z 1983 roku ]] masom uczucie wychwalanego, przez Boga Izraela, panowanie nad Ziemią.

W ten sposób, poprzez kolejne etapy ewolucyjne, osiągnięto praktyczne wytępienie na Ziemi kultów Naturalnych Bogów, według Epikura stanowiących dla ludzi wzorce dla się ich w świecie zachowania. Także wzorce ludzkich zachowań mające postacie zwierząt, jak ten egipski Apis czy hinduski Hanuman. Zostały one zastąpione przez ich SZTUCZNE IMITACJE zwane ATRAPAMI, [[ jak chociażby ta z wiszącym na niej trupem, mającym być wzorcem dla zachowania się chrześcijan! ]]. Nic zatem dziwnego, że w społeczeństwach, w których bardziej spostrzegawczy ludzie zostali uciszeni – czy wręcz pozabijani, jak ten Jezus z Nazaretu – zaczął rozkwitać kult technicznych dóbrdających ich posiadaczom zewnętrzne pozory NADLUDZKIEJ SIŁY ORAZ DOMINACJI. Nie jest tutaj miejsce, by szerzej się rozwodzić nad tym patologicznym zjawiskiem, ale na temat tej choroby technomanii warto przeczytać artykuł Samuela Butlera z roku 1863, zatytułowany Darwin wśród Maszyn. Ten angielski pisarz-lamarckista przewiduje w nim, że TECHNÉ stanie się czymś w rodzaju wciąż samo-udoskonalającego się GOLEMA, wymyślonego przez kabalistów już wieki temu. Ta, początkowo dla jej twórców pożyteczna, monstrualna Człowieko-Maszyna, z czasem się usamodzielniła i zaczęła niszczyć wszystko wokół niej, bo jej wynalazcy zapomnieli hasła koniecznego by ją zatrzymać.

I to jest prozaiczna RELIGIJNA GENEZA wciąż rozrastającej się, jak RAK ŚWIATA, Cywilizacji TPD (Technika-Pieniądz-Dupa o komforcie marząca). Jej Pierwszy Motor (czyli arystotelesowski Bóg) jest ukryty we wnętrzu coraz szczelniej załadowanych złotem i drogimi kamieniami, wciąż wspanialszych Banków, w których światło nigdy nie gaśnie i w których liczniki bożych procentównigdy nie świętują jakichś sabatów. Bo właśnie te MASOŃSKIE BUDOWLE są dokładną realizacją wymarzonego przez Neutrei Karta Heavenly Jerusalem. (Adendum 3)

Addendum 1

Sławne SOLAS Marcina Lutra zostały utworzone na podstawie nauk faryzeusza Pawła, który w imieniu swego Boga-Atrapy zapowiedział, iż „Wytracę mądrość mędrców, a inteligencję inteligentnych zniweczę” – 1 Koryntian 1:19-21,25:

SOLI DEO GLORIA warto uściślić, wskazując za św. Pawłem, jakiemu „bogu” winno się służyć: SOLUS LABORTYLKO PRACA, na wzór bezmyślnych robotów, jest esencją życia człowieka — nakazywaliśmy wam tak: Kto nie chce pracować, niech też nie je! Słyszymy bowiem, że niektórzy wśród was postępują wbrew porządkowi: wcale nie pracują, lecz zajmują się rzeczami niepotrzebnymi.św. Paweł, samozwańczy ApostołTes 3:10-11;

Adendum 2 oraz 3

ze względu na ich rozległość

pojawią się jako osobne emaile/letrele na Waszych Ekranach Kontaktu z Bogiem Izraela/Techné

(Kopie listów, po francusku, nt. hinduistycznego pochodzenia Religii Żydów, znajdują się w Addendum 4 do wersji  angielskiej powyższego tekstu)

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PAN w Z-nem (29): “Bruno”, „Herboris”, ”Markglogg” & Paul Bennet on THE ORIGIN (GENESIS) of Judaism, etc.


Bruno”, „Herboris”, ”Markglogg” & Paul Bennet on THE ORIGIN (GENESIS) of Judaism, of Christian Pharisaism, Protestantism and Darwin’s Concept of Evolution, and finally of Golem-like sprawl of WTC Civilization.

Last month I participated in several exchanges of views on generally tabooed topics. I found it of interest to share results of these “mini dialogues” with my friends and correspondents.

2500 words

1. “Bruno” on Neutrei Karta concept of compassion, and“Herboris” on Hindu origin of Judaist religion

My younger colleague from Paris, dr Bruno Drweski (islamologue, philocommunist) has involved me into discussion with his “Herboris” friend, questioning why the Old Testament (praising the WISDOM of The Decalogue – MG) contains details of at least 1 million 821 murders committed by God’s Chosen People. Drweski, who has contacts with anti-Zionist Neutrei Karta movement, has informed us that (I translate from French):

Rabbis, about which I speak, have told me this:

These massacres never happened. They are metaphorical massacres. People designed to be exterminated are the other face of us ourselves. These massacres have to be read like great Koranic jihad, the fight against internal pulsations, which are metaphorically described as an external ethnic enemy… In the same way the Jerusalem, about which speaks the Bible is not in Palestine, it is the Heavenly Palestine.

To this e-discussion was attached a text of Roger Garaudy enumerating the most cruel of these OT atrocities. I noticed that the “Funding Mosaic Religion Massacre”, under the mount Sinai, was omitted in it:

What is the meaning of this super-ugly story? If we interpret it in a manner proposed by Neutrei Karta, we discover that Levies – which clan become a prototype of Pharisee – literally it means in Hebrew “set apart” – Sect, under Mt Sinai killed in themselves their NATURAL VIRILITY AND INTELLIGENCE. The antique God, symbolizing these qualities of ZOON – it means ANIMALS in Greek – was worshiped in Egypt in a form of a bull Apis, usually decorated with gold and precious stones in order to underline its nobility. This Holy Animal was also an incarnation of Osiris, a God-Man. Levies, lead by Moses, destroyed this popular in Eastern Mediterranean symbol of “human animal virility”.

Bruno” argues that “And, as do it rabbis of Neutrei Karta (antizionist), I think that even the Old Testament should be read at these two levels, one “Yahvic” of tribal extermination, and another “Elohimist” which is universally sublime (…)”

The “universally sublime” level of Old Testament is well known to all of us: in the odious story of God-Moses ordered, mass murder under Mt Sinai, Levies not only “killed in themselves” their animal tendencies for joy of playing (naked – as suggest it Protestants) together, but have thrown, on their not interested in gathering of riches kins, their own sin of insatiable greed: by “God’s miracle” the Golden Calf become the symbol of greed affected people, while all virtue and compassion went to “blessed by God” Levies clan of psychopathic murders and thieves. (See the story of plunder of Egyptians – Exodus 12:35-36; the Decalogue should thus be seen as a manifest of Mosaic HYPOCRISY;the Catholic Church in Austin, Texas even enumerated, after Talmud, 7 kinds of classical Pharisee behavior.)

The Supernatural STRENGTH, of “set apart” (pharisee) Mosaic priesthood, consisted from ENGRAVED IN STONE GOD’S-HAND-MADE COMMANDMENTS. Armed with these Stone Tablets, hold in another product of the Holy Technics, called the Arch of Alliance, Levies felt themselves JUSTIFIED to “subdue or eradicate” all nations on their way towards the Promised Land. This future Holy Land was imagined by them to be the copy of the Heavenly Jerusalem, illuminated all the time, with its Walls and Streets covered with gold and precious stones, symbolizing the righteousness of its inhabitants.

On this COUNTER NATURE ORIGIN OF JUDAISM I wrote to “Herboris”:

What I am reproaching the most to Judaism – as well as to “paulinist” Christianity – it is the aggressive ANTIZOOLOGY of both these Abra/ha/mic religions. It is the differentia specifica between religions called ANIMIST (from living ANIMAL – “666”) and INANIMIST ones, to which belong all Judeo-Christian Bible centered religions. Already in antiquity the philosopher Celsus argued that Christians believe in a DEAD CORPSE (visible on a Cross); among manuscripts found at Qumran there is one consisting of psychopathic enumeration of man-made tools, all of them preceded by an adjective “God’s” (scripture, chandelier, tent, city, chalice, box, etc., etc.) Manuscripts of this type testify that already antique Jews were obsessed by the DIVINITY OF INANIMATE PRODUCTS OF “TECHNÉ”. (in Greek “kitchen work”). In opposition to these “Pharisee values”, the attachment to “techné” was considered with disgust as “feminine”, not only by antique Greeks, but also by a modern philosopher of Jewish origin, Baruch Spinoza, who argued that his compatriots represent the feminine side of human behavior. Summing up, I think, like John Strugnell a long term head of the team deciphering manuscripts found at Qumran that „Judaism is a horrible religion which should not exist”. (…)

And I added a link to my 22 years old, short essay:


An Introduction in English to “The War of Gods: Eros contra Yahveh/Labor”

(In this essay I pointed out, among others, that the Darwinian concept of Evolution was derived from the Old Testament horror story of the Origin of Chosen Species)

Herboris” (who wrote me that he is of Jewish origin), agreed with these my arguments. Moreover, he shared with us a very interesting hypothesis, based on the fact that the name ‘Abraham’ shows its descendency from Hindu Brahma, and that the name of Abraham’s wife-sister Sara is an abbreviation of Saraswati, the wife of Brahma, which in some anecdotes passed as his sister. In his “work hypothesis” Herboris wrote:

The term of ‘Chosen People’ was simply derived from Hindu social-divine Caste order. And Hebrews, installed 4000 years ago at North-East of Euphrates, prior to their migration, surely had large contacts with the Hindu world. They then decided that they will be “pure” Brahmans which will dominate Gentiles consisting from other nations. (Brahma become Yahveh and Abraham decided the same). Other people got the status of untouchables … Jews would be the Superior Caste, a Nation chosen by God to guide the humanity.

Simple? Isn’t it?

I added to this hypothesis that the Jewish Elite since millenniums had the habit to “dress themselves” into cloths and “skins” borrowed from other cultures and personalities:

- Not only Abram “covered” his odious selfhood of an enterprising pimp, with noble “outer skin” of Brahma the Hindu Creator of Universe, but also his Grandson Jacob (it means “going after” the firstborn Esau) hided his rather dumb personality, dressing himself into a kid’s skin, imitating his brother’s hairy appearance. This in order to extort from his Blind Father Isaac benedictions destined for Esau.

- Following these examples, the hating Christians Saul from Tarsus covered his, despised by Jesus personality of a Pharisee (of the 6th and 7th kind, according to Talmud) with the Roman name Paulus (small, also in a meaning paurolo – fearful). This in order to sneak into rangs of early Christians, presenting himself as the Most Virtuous Apostle of the “raised from the dead” Christ.


W hat kind of benefices realized nations visited by Jews, which used to camouflage their true selfhood by noble appearances, “borrowed” from principal gentile Gods and/or Philosophers? In the OT we have the story of the sister-wife of Abr/ah/m, Sara, imitating Hindou goddes Saraswati, which with her artistic skills was making the life of people full of poesy and charm. But in case of Sara its customers soon discovered that she had infected their women with a disease resembling gonorrhea… This OT history is a kind of a prefiguration of the NT history of St. Paul, who „dressed” himself with base concepts of Hellenistic philosophy, and who’s services to Christians resulted in an appearance of a mental slowness described by a medical term ofcretinity

The problem of “Christian Cretinism” was raised by philosophers of Enlightenment, in particular Voltaire. Namely the imposition of Christian faith automatically slows down the maturation of associative faculties of growing up youth, and thus even adults remain in the state of childish ignorance – called neoteny – judged as an Objective Evil already by Greeks, in particular by Socrates. The “Genesis” fable of the Original Sin, which become the CORNER STONE of Church teaching about Redemption and Eternal Life, at the end of 20 century become questioned by cardinal Karol Wojtyla in his book „Osoba i czyn” (1969). In it he overtly admits „Original Sin does not existwhich „heresy” he subsequently „implicitly confirmed”, as a Pope, in 1996.

In light of this „papal heresy” , the bold assertion of St. Paul (Rom 5:18-19) „For as by one man’s [Adam's] disobedience many were made sinners, so by one man’s [Jesus'] obedience many will be made righteous.” reveals itself to be the DUMMY one, ATRAPA as we say it in Polish. Results of the papal negation of the existence of Original Sin, the editor of „Le Monde”, Oct. 25 1996, p. 17 summed as follow: „Without the notion of hereditary guilt, linked with the « first man Adam », central dogmas of Christian faith, like original sin and Redemption remain incomprehensible”.

What is hidden behind this ATRAPA of SALVATION, in form of the Holy Cross, decorating at present also the Chamber of Polish Parliament?

2.Paul Bennet and „Markglogg” musings on the „The Father of Lie” presence in Church and in Scientific Institutions

On the topics of mental infirmity, originating from enchantment with St. Paul’s „Letters”, I got recently an email from my “comrade in arms” Israel Shamir, containing an article written by Paul Bennet at the occasion of “500 anniversary of posting by Martin Luther of his 95 theses on October 31, 1517. It was the first Halloween, Satan has made it his day in celebration of the splintering of the Western Church (…) That is the pedigree of the Father of Protestantism. He readily admits he obtained his authority to create Sola Scriptura from the Father of Lies.

Thanks to writings of Polish Protestants I realized that “5 SOLAS” of Martin Luther are entirely constructed on teachings of this 13th, self-appointed Apostle named Paul (see Addendum 1). Moreover, as a Lamarcko-Piagetian specialist in ORIGIN OF CREATIVITY OF ZOON (humans included), I discovered that “5 SOLAS”, of dominant at present in Science NEODARWINISM, are “adaptivemutations” of Protestant (mis)understanding of the Phenomenon of Life:

Here are these FIVE SOLAS(of obligatory limitations of Reason) of Judeo-Darwinian Mindset:

1.Sola scriptura (neo)darwiniana admissibile estneoDarwinian writings alone are acceptable in scientific schools

2. Solus multiplicatium esentia vitae estmultiplication alone is the essence of  life

3. Soli geni character individuum determinantgenes alone determine the character of an individual, the activity of animals has no meaning for their evolution

4. Soli incidentes species novus generantby accidents alone new species arise

5. Sola selectia naturalis motor evolutionis estnatural selection alone is the motor of evolution

It is known (to historians of science) that Charles Darwin “borrowed” the concept of Evolution of Life Forms from Lamarck’s “Philosophie zoologique”, published half a century earlier than “Origin of Species. But in agreement with his ANGLICAN understanding what the life is about, he purged it from Lamarck postulated „zoon’s spontaneous drive for perfection of its behaviors and forms”. This Darwinian belief, at present obligatory as a Dogma in gen-tech laboratories, is an echo of St. Paul’s Judaic belief that due to the Original Sin, man cannot himself, by his own efforts, improve his status in eyes of God (see Luther’s 5 solas). In this domain Lamarckian concepts, also of human evolution, clashed with Judeo-Christian „monogenic” concept of Original Sin afflicted humanity. (As we recalled it above, the Pope John Paul II, with his „delusionary spiritualist ewolutionism”, was a concealed follower of „forbidden by Science” Lamarckism, implying that God Creator is present even in a smallest living cell! – See Jean Piaget opinion on this taboo topics.)

The concealed revolt against „Father of Lies”, claiming in his „Letters” that „Jesus on the cross, assures the salvation of believing in Him”, lasted in the Catholic Church even after the death of John Paul II. In particular professor Tomasz Weclawski (a former close collaborator, in Vatican’s Commission on Border Problems of Christianity, of cardinal Ratzinger, who for a certain time was a Pope” Benedict XVI), explained his official apostasy from the Church, on on December 7, 2007, in these words:

Jesus fails in his mission: he is becoming a victim of messianic expectations, which leads to his rejection by elites and to his condemnation for death. But in the opinion of Weclawski, the most painful defeat of Jesus happens after his crucifixion, – it is the reinterpretation of his defeat as a sacrifice. The defeat of Jesus consists in reinterpretation of his own death, and with it also of the image of God, not in the direction, which he was showing with his doings and words, but in the direction of transposition on his person, and on the image of God, of expectations which he himself or directly discarded, or understood in a complete different way”.)

In short, according to Gospels, Jesus wanted to SAVE normal Jews from CLAWS OF HYPOCRITES ruling in Israel at his time. But thanks to “mission to gentiles” of St. Paul, Jesus’ dishonorable death on a cross become a “religious tool” permitting the imposition, of the Sect of Hypocrites of Israel, as rulers of practically half of the planetary population! Ironically we may say that this ever traveling St. Paul (a Pharisee of the 6th and 7th kind) had also the 8th, not enumerated in Talmud, preponderance “to cross land and sea to make one convert, and then turning that person into twice the child of hell he was himself” (Mt 23:15).

For someone acquainted with methods of commerce, the myth of Original Sin was prosaically invented by antique priesthood, behaving like fraudulent medical doctors, persuading their clients of being affected by imaginary diseases. And of course, illnesses, which these „set apart God’s doctors” are promising tho heal, are becoming, with time, ever more serious.In this SOFT MANNER, via consecutive evolutionary steps, we got the practical eradication on the Earth of cults of Natural Gods, be it in Animal Shape, like this Egyptian Apis or Hindu Hanuman. They become substituted by their “TECHNÉ” IMITATIONS, called ATRAPY, DUMMIES. No wonder thus that in societies, where perspicacious people were put into silence – or simply killed like Jesus of Nazareth – began to flourish the Cult Of Industry, providing populace with technical “goods”, giving to their users external appearances of SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH. On this topics is worth to quoteSamuel Butler‘s article “Darwin among the Machines” from 1863. He predicts in it thatTECHNÉ will become a kind of Self Perfectioning ItselfGOLEM, invented by cabbalists hundreds years ago. This,originally useful, monstrous Man-Machine ultimately destroys everything around, for its inventors forgot the password necessary to arrest its march.

And this is a very prosaic origin of our ever-expanding WTC (Wealth-Technics-Comfort obsessed) Totally Effeminized Civilization. Its PRIME MOTOR is hidden in illuminated day and night, and loaded “with gold and precious stones”, ever more sophisticated Banks,being the realization, on Earth, of dreamed-of by Neutrei Karta Heavenly Jerusalem.

To read more interesting things on this topics, see:

God Loves the Greedy and the Corrupt (1995) –

An Introduction in English to

The War of Gods: Eros contra Jahveh/Labor”.

 Addenda 1 – 4:

1. 5 SOLAS OF PROTESTANT FAITH, proposed by Martin Luther inspired, according to Paul Bennet, by hellish „Father of Lie”:

SOLA SCRIPTURA — „Brothers, I have applied these things (…) for your benefit, so that you may learn from us not to go beyond what is written”. (In Hebrew sacral books, my Epistles including) – St. Paul a self-appointed apostle1 Cor 4:6;

SOLA FIDE – “Yet, we know that people don’t receive God’s approval because of their own efforts to live according to a set of standards, but only by believing in Jesus Christ.St. Paul a self-appointed apostleGal 2:16;

SOLUS CHRISTUSFor there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ JesusSt. Paul a self-appointed apostle – I Tim 2:5;

SOLA GRATIA — “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God,not by works [...] And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace.” – St. Paul a self-appointed apostle – Eph 2:8.9; Rom 11:6;

SOLO DEO GLORIAYou shall worship the Lord your God, and him only you shall serve” – Mt 4:10, this demand is understand, in particular by Protestants, as a following order from God:

SOLUS LABOR — ONLY WORK, like robots, is the essence of human life: “this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat … no busybodies among youSt. Paul a self-appointed apostleThes 3:10-11;

(According to „Herboris”, un diabolique “”hadith“ dit carrément que l’Enfer s’appelle Paul– one of stories of prophet Muhammad overtly states that the hell has the name of Paul).



2. Subject: [shamireaders] Luther by Paul Bennet

Martin Luther posted his Ninety-Five Theses on October 31, 1517. It was the first Halloween. Satan has made it his day in celebration of the splintering of the Western Church.

Martin Luther (Augustinian friar) was famously outraged at the sale of indulgences b y Johann Tetzel (Dominican friar), who was raising money for the ongoing reconstruction of St. Peter’s Basilica. Martin Luther was one of those guys who said, “If I don’t understand something, then it must be stupid.” He soon began condemning priestly celibacy (he married a 26-year-old Cistercian nun), holy pilgrimages, the veneration of saints and sacred images, and the doctrine of infallibility of popes and general church councils. Luther also jettisoned the old sacramental rites, except Baptism and the Eucharist. His companion heretics immediately stripped away even these last holdouts (in everything but name) and then began to quarrel among themselves.

Of course, once you dump the Sacraments, you don’t need priests. Protestantism is priestless Christianity. Once you dump the priests, you no longer need monasteries, so all that land was seized by the rich and turned into their own private hunting grounds (eg . Nottingham Forest). But it was the monks who had taken care of the poor, so without monasteries they had to create workhouses (eg. Oliver Twist). Luther was a tool for elites, giving them the excuse they needed to ignore Papal demands of fair wages and sanitary housing conditions. They seized Church property (creating the welfare state) and then they displaced traditional farmers (crowding them into cities). Luther spawned the “Reverend” Thomas Robert Malthus (FRS) and his deranged solutions for the Chicken Little crises promoted by the emerging mass media. In his later works, notably On the Jews and Their Lies, Luther expressed antagonistic views toward Jews, writing that Jewish synagogues and homes should be destroyed, their money confiscated, and liberty curtailed. This anti-Semitic strain continues in Protestantism, with most heresies beginning with the attempt to divide Christ from His Jewish roots.

In the 153 3 Against The Mass and Ordination of Priests, Luther claims he formed his Sola Scriptura anti-clerical philosophy through conversations with the devil. Luther accepts the authority of the devil, and claims to be clever enough to pump him for information and determine the truth from the lies: “He is a liar, that is true. But he can tell lies better than a bad liar can. For he quotes a truth in his own favor, which you cannot deny, and supports his lies with it, so that you cannot defend yourself.”

The discussion with the devil covers exactly eleven pages of the Wittenberg edition.

The devil tells Luther that he has no faith: “You know that you did not believe properly in Christ, and that concerning faith you have been as good as a Turk. For the Turk, yes, even I, with all the devils, also believe all that is written about Christ (James II), that is, how He was born, died, ascended into heaven. Yet none of us rejoice or trust in Him as in a Savior. But we fear Him as a severe Judge. Such a faith you also had, and no other, when you were ordained and said Mass; and all the others, both the ordaining Bishop, and those whom he ordained, also believed the same.”

The devil explains to Luther why saying Private Mass is idolatry: “Listen, listen, you learned man, do you know that for fifteen years you have almost daily said Mass privately? How will it be if, in such Masses, you have merely been practicing idolatry, and have adored, and held up for the adoration of others, not the Body and Blood of Christ, but merely bread and wine?”

The devil then gives several further reasons against Private Mass. At the end of the second reason Luther exclaims, “What an ordination and consecration is that! Christ knows nothing of such an ordination. That is certain.”

Finally, Luther admits that all this is going to make him look like a fool. “Here the Holy Papists will make fun of me, and will say, ‘Are you the great Doctor, and don’t know how to answer the Devil? Do you not know that he is a liar?’”

That is the pedigree of the Father of Protestantism. He readily admits he obtained his authority to create Sola Scriptura from the Father of Lies. This is the same source that tells us to avoid Mass, Mary, and the Saints.

The Church forbids us to speak to demons for this very reason. Furthermore, She is justifiably wary about twisted bible translations. If you put your faith into the hands of a demon, you will be used and abused. If you put your faith into a book, your faith might fall victim to the translator. Luther fell victim to a demon and then victimized humanity with bad bible translations.

Martin Luther’s anti-clericalism tells us to always pray directly to God – no other person will do. We must not ask the Angels for guidance, nor the saints, nor the Blessed Mother in Heaven. However, it is always more humble to ask for help from a subordinate than the main man. We might, for example, thank our Guardian Angel for his help. We might ask St Michael to defend us in battle. We might ask for some special guidance from a saint or our Blessed Dead. We pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. We ask the Mother of God to intercede for us when we say the Hail Mary.

The Old Testament was included in the bible by Catholics to provide context for Gentile readers. The New Testament is the guide for Christians, but since most Protestants start from the beginning (Genesis) and never get to the New Testament, they think like Jews, not Christians. The original Protestants called themselves “the New Jews”, attempting to return to the days before God’s Church (who they protest against).

Today’s 40,000 Protestant denominations are guilty of Bibliolatry, worshiping a creation of Catholic bishops and theologians as though it were God Himself. Of course, God would never lie to us, but we often misinterpret Him. That’s why bible interpretation can be dangerous. Today’s 40,000 Protestant denominations all disagree among themselves about some bible interpretations, thanks to Luther and his unbiblical philosophy of “Sola Scriptura”.

The Protestants demanded that Churches be stripped of everything beautiful, they demanded that Christians dress like Old Testament Jews, and they demanded that Christians give up all joyful acts of kindness and celebration. Protestant rhetoric attacked all Christian acts that were graceful and kind, including the much-maligned “Christian works” (as in “work out your salvation with fear and trembling”) which, over the years, has been deliberately conflated with Enlightenment “Will To Power” Nietzschean Autosalvation. If you can save yourself using wit and charm (or rabbinical logic, or kabbalic magic) then who needs Christ, His Church or His priesthood?

In order to throw out the priests you must throw out the sacraments. When you throw out the sacraments you lose your supernatural faith. When you lose your supernatural faith, you lose everything our society was founded upon. You lose respect for marriage, respect for life, respect for ecclesiastical authority. What do you get instead? The State takes the place of God. State sponsored marriage legalizes divorce. State sponsored medicine pushes transgender/birth control/abortion. State sponsored religion creates witches. State sponsored education creates mindless drones for the State.

Welcome to the Order of Luther.

Regards, Paul Bennett


3. From exchange of emails “Herboris”- Bruno – “markglogg”:


Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 1:24 PM

To:Marek Glogoczowski ; Bruno DRWESKI

Subject: Fw: [INDE] Re: la violence insupportable de la torah …Yahweh contre Elohim ? (en langue grec YAHVEH contre EROS)

Aussi et surtout:

Merci Marek. Tous ces “recoupements” sont fascinants par leur convergence… Il faut décidément que je me mette à étudier le polonais et le slovaque.

Je suppose que vous ou Bruno connaissez déjà un chercheur égyptien “”"complotiste”"” (mais savant en tout cas) qui inscrit apparemment son travail (“L’Egypte n’a connu ni pharaons ni Israélites”, et autres) dans la lignée de ceux de Kamal Salibi (it’s not me, my God !)(“La Bible nous vient d’Arabie”); Israel Finkelstein et Neil Silberman (La Bible déterrée);  Ze’ev Herzog (“Déconstruire la muraille de Jéricho)…

Entre autres:

The Zionist paradigm is founded on the distorted story of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt and their persecution by the Assyrians and Captivity by Babylonians, but the truth is that the Israelites never set foot in Egypt or Palestine. Actually they never left Ancient Arabia and North Yemen, their origin land, before the Babylonian Captivity”


Bien à vous.

—– Original Message —–

From:Marek Glogoczowski

To:Herboris ; Bruno DRWESKI

Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 8:04 PM

Subject: Re: [INDE] Re: la violence insupportable de la torah …Yahweh contre Elohim ? (en langue grec YAHVEH contre EROS)

Je cite:

Surtout, une hypothèse révolutionnaire que je voudrais vérifier, si j’avais le temps, est que la notion de “Peuple Elu” est tout simplement dérivée de l’ordre socio-divin des Castes. Les Hébreux (installés il y a 4000 ans au Nord-Est de l’Euphrate, je crois, avant leur migration – et donc avec une bonne Surface de Contact avec le monde hindouiste) ont décidé qu’ils seraient des Juifs brahmanes “purs” qui domineraient (Brahma devenu Yahvé et Abraham en ayant décidé ainsi) les Goys que sont les autres peuples. Ces derniers auraient acquis le statut de la caste des Intouchables. Et il y aurait les deux autres castes intermédiaires plus ou moins assimilée mais eux, les Juifs seraient et resteraient la Caste supérieure, le Peuple choisi par Dieu pour guider l’Humanité.

C-est une excellente hypothèse indirectement confirmé par le fait noté dans l’histoire de l’ Exode, quand les Juifs pacifiques, guidés par Mois, ont dépouillée les Egyptiens:

Exode 3:22 

Chaque femme demandera à sa voisine et à celle qui demeure dans sa maison des vases d’argent, des vases d’or, et des vêtements, que vous mettrez sur vos fils et vos filles. Et vous dépouillerez les Egyptiens.

Exode 11:2

Parle au peuple, pour que chacun demande à son voisin et chacune à sa voisine des vases d’argent et des vases d’or.

Exode 12:35-36

Les enfants d’Israël firent ce que Moïse avait dit, et ils demandèrent aux Egyptiens des vases d’argent, des vases d’or et des vêtements. L’Eternel fit trouver grâce au peuple aux yeux des Egyptiens, qui se rendirent à leur demande. Et ils dépouillèrent les Egyptiens.…

D’après St Augustin dans “De doctrina christiana” (liber secundus XL-XLI)  ces vêtements, ainsi que des vases d’argent et des vases (calices) d’or, étaient les ustensiles sacrés, utylisés par les Egyptiens pendant leurs cérémonies religieux – St. Augustin est fier que ces vêtements blanc (ornâtes) et calices en or et agent, ont trouvé ensuite leur application pendant la messe dans les Eglises chrétiennes …

Aussi l’Arche d’Alliance est la copie “terrestre” du bateau sacré égyptien  dans lequel le dieu RA se promenait sur Nile pendant les fêtes. Chez chrétiens cette arche se transformait en tabernacle, “la tente sacrée”, point central doré dans lequel les ecclésiastiques gardent la hostie symbolisant le dieu Christus.

Donc IL EST TRES PROBABLE QUE L’IDEE DU PEUPLE ELU A ÉTÉ “EMPRUNTÉ”, PAR LES MOSAISTES, CHEZ LES HINDOUS, en faisant d’elle le moteur du devoir D’EGOISME SACRE des Juifs, des Chrétiens et des Musulmans, visant la “domination – ou l’éradication” – sur la Terre des tous les êtres “impurs”, par le Hindous appelés “intouchables”, par les Juifs “goyim”, et par les musulmans “infidèles”…

Une excellente explication de la histoire de l’humanité depuis l’invention de l’écriture littérale!


Le 18/09/2017, à 11:09, Herboris a écrit :

“Par ailleurs. beaucoup de récits bibliques sont des copies des récits mésopotamiens ou ougaritiques pré-existant que les archéologues retrouvent par étapes […]“

Mieux, hindouistes. Pour quasiment la même époque que celle de la rédaction des épopées bibliques, on retrouve dans les textes sacrés de l’Inde:

-un dieu qui s’appelle Brahma (devenu Abram puis Abraham) dans l’A.T. et qui porte la Barbe…;

-sa compagne qui s’appelle Saraswati (devenu Sara dans la Bible) [il y a aussi une anecdote incestueuse qui rappelle que Abraham a fait passer sa femme pour sa sœoeur aussi…]  

-le Déluge


-etc., etc.

Plus grave encore:

-le “Je Suis” du Buisson Ardent correspond exactement au credo hindouiste: “Aham Brahmasmi” (Je Suis le Brahman)”

-Si les 25 millions de morts de la Bible sont en fait métaphoriques, nous sommes donc bien en pleine “illusion” (Maya) voulue par Dieu. La seule Réalité, c’est le Soi Universel. Les dieux mangent les hommes (sacrifices pour Brahma). Avec un peu de sagesse, ils comprennent le pourquoi des choses (l’Illusion et la nécessité des sacrifices). C’est alors qu’ils deviennent libres du monde causal en rejoignant le Soi.

4. The article, which gave an impuls to the above discussion:

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